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excelncia em educao






Debora Toledo

Data: 26/03/2011


Valor da Prova:

50 pontos

Assinatura do responsvel:

Orientaes gerais:
1) Nmero de questes desta prova: 13
2) Valor das questes:
Abertas (5): 6,0 pontos cada. Fechadas (8): 2,5 pontos cada.
3) Provas feitas a lpis ou com uso de corretivo no tm direito reviso.
4) Aluno que usar de meio ilcito na realizao desta prova ter nota zerada e
conceituao comprometida.
5) Tpicos desta prova:
- Imperative
- Quantity adverbs ( a lot of- much many)
- There to be

1 Questo: Leia a tirinha abaixo:

A frase do primeiro quadrinho, na negativa, ficaria:

a) Not clean your feet.
b) Clean not your feet.
c) Dont clean your feet.
d) Doesnt clean your feet.
e) Clean dont your feet

Nota =

2 Questo: Baseado no uso da forma do imperativo, marque a alternativa incorreta:

a) Dont talk to me!
b) Stop the car!
c) Dont walk on the grass!
d) To drink water!
e) Do the homework!

Nota =

1 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 1

3 Questo: Qual das frases abaixo representa um convite?

a) Dont go home.
b) Go home.
c) Lets go home.
d) Dont lets go home.
e) Go not home

Nota =

4 Questo: Assinale a opo que completa as frases seguintes:

I) In London, ................ a lot of museums.
II) Are there many animals in the house? No, . only one.
III) a little girl in the room?
a) I. there are; II. There is; III. Are there
b) I. there are; II. There isnt; III. There is
c) I. there are; II. There is; III. Is there
d) I. there are; II. There isnt; III. Is there
e) I. there are; II Is there; There is

Nota =

5 Questo: Os significados das palavras lettuce, beetroot, cabbage so, nessa ordem:
a) repolho, beterraba e cebola
b) alface, beterraba e pepino
c) pepino, repolho e cenoura
d) alface, beterraba e repolho
e) alface, repolho e beterraba

Nota =

Leia o texto abaixo para responder s questes 6, 7 e 8:

Sandra Rosa is a good student. She lives with her mother in her home town. Her house is
near the beach. It is a beautiful house. There is a big swimming pool.
Beside her house there is a bakery. Between the bakery and the drugstore there is
restaurant. Sandra isnt at home now. She is in the restaurant because she is very hungry. She
loves vegetables.
Waiter: Good evening!
Sandra: Good evening. The menu, please.
Waiter: Here it is.
Some time later...
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Sandra: Yes. Baked potato with carrots. Is there any juice here?
Waiter: Yes. Tomato juice.
Sandra: Are there good desserts here?
Waiter: Yes. There are delicious cakes in our restaurant.
To live: viver

Beach: praia

Swimming pool: piscina

6 Questo: Where is Sandras house?

a) Its near the school.
b) Its near the beach.
c) Its near the mall.
d) Its near the supermarket.
e) Its beside the beach

Nota =

1 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 2

7 Questo: Assinale a alternativa incorreta:

a) H uma padaria ao lado da casa de Sandra.
b) H um restaurante entre a padaria e o aougue.
c) Sandra est no restaurante porque est com muita fome.
d) Sandra pediu batata assada com cenouras.
e) Sandra ama legumes.

Nota =

8 Questo: Assinale a alternativa incorreta:

a) No h sobremesas no restaurante.
b) Sandra mora com sua me em uma casa bonita.
c) H uma piscina grande na casa de Sandra.
d) Sandra mora em sua cidade natal.
e) H suco de tomate no restaurante

Nota =

9 Questo: Escolha o verbo que melhor completa cada frase da receita e escreva-o no
to put to take to cut to cook
Nota =

1 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 3

10 Questo: Este um lugar famoso em Londres chamado Piccadilly Circus. A foto foi tirada
em 1896. Observe-a e complete as frases com there was, there wasnt, there were ou there

a) ______________________ some old buildings.

b) ______________________ traffic lights.

Nota =

c) ______________________ lot of traffic.

d) _______________________a flag on top of the building on the left.
e) ________________________ many horse-drawn carriages.
f) ________________________ a double-decker bus.
Old buildings: prdios velhos
Traffic: trnsito
Left: esquerda
carruagens puxadas por cavalos

Traffic lights: semforos

Flag: bandeira
Double-deck bus: nibus de dois andares

Horse-drawn carriages:

11 Questo: Complete as frases com How much ou How many.

a) _____________________books are there in your bag?
b) _____________________ money do you spend every week?
c) _____________________ friends does Linda have?
d) _____________________sugar do we need?
e) _____________________tomatoes are there in the fridge?

Nota =

f) _____________________milk did you drink yesterday?

1 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 4

12 Questo: Complete as frases com much ou many.

a) She invites ________________ friends to her birthday party.
b) Do you have ________________ notebooks? Yes, I have ten.
c) There isn't ________________water in the fridge.
d) There werent ________________ flour in this bottle.
e) There aren't ____________________ hotels in this town.
f) Does your father drink ________________ coffee?

Nota =

13 Questo: Leia o texto abaixo:

Brian's Family.
My Family lives in New York city. There are six members in my family. My mother, father,
my youngest brother, Ted, and I live in a house. It is not big but it is very comfortable. My married
brother and sister live in different houses.
New York is the largest city in New York State and in the United States. It is located in
southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson River; a major financial and cultural centre.
My father works in an office. He is an accountant. My mother does not work. She takes care
of the house. She always wakes up at 6:30 to prepare breakfast. My father and brother, Ted,
never wake up before 7. Ted, who is a student at the department of economics, usually takes the
bus to University. My father goes downtown on foot. He works hard all day. He takes one hour for
lunch. He usually eats in a cafeteria near his office. Ted prefers having a sandwich for lunch.
In the evening, my family meets in the living room. They watch TV while they have dinner.
After that, my father retires to his bedroom to read a newspaper before he sleeps. My brother
usually listens to music before he goes to bed. My mother generally washes and dries the dishes,
watches her daily film then goes to bed by 11 p.m.
Vocabulary: married: casado; largest: maior; accountant: contador; to take care: cuidar; to meet:
encontrar; lunch: almoo; dinner: jantar; to eat: comer.
Nota =
Responda em Ingls:
a) How many people are there in Brians family?
b) What is Brians father?
c) What is Brians mother?

Responda em Portugus:
a) Como a casa de Brian?
b) Onde fica a cantina onde o pai de Brian almoa?
c) O que a famlia costuma fazer quando se encontra noite?

1 P.P. / Ingls / Dbora / 7 / pg : 5