Answer the Future :Contents
I. Introduction
II. General Cocept of Wind power
IV.General Parts
V. Limitations
VI.Future of Wind Power(MARS)
VII.Advantages of MARS
VIII.Wind Data
IX. Innovative Wind Turbines
X. Top Five countries in World

Conversion Energy
10 – Wind Energy
Halina Pawlak-Kruczek
2011 Technical University of Wrocław




II.General Concept Wind Power.

1.Electricity Basic Need.

• Wind sytems are due to Movement of
atmospheric air masses which inturn

2.Currently conventional energy resoures
available last till next 50 years or So.

result of differnce in Solar heating.
• Energy contained in wind is it’s Kinetic

3.We need take immediate action
considering future energy demands,also
take care about pollution .




Rotor Blades P(watts) = 0.. General Part of Wind Turbine •Suppose wind blades enclosing area of 100 m^2 cutting wind of 10 m/s then energy generated by it is Simple Wind turbine consist of : 1.Limitations of Windturbines  Constructing and installing of Conventional windmill is time consuming and expensive.Generator A=Area enclosed by Wind Blades.18/07/2011 III.5 pAV^3 joules per second 2. mountain area 8 2 .  High maintanenace cost. Colour Localization Green Extremaly beneficial Yelow Beneficial Orange Quite beneficial Red Negative Brown Extremaly negative Black Off site site.  They catch low speed wind at 200 m to 300 m.Shaft Where p=Density of air.Formulas IV. V=Velocity of Air 5 V. 3.  Noise Pollution.

4 t Mass of complete plant 11 ok. 4.0 Region 3 middle part of Polski.łódzkiego. Rotatory speed of rotor Number of blades 60 obr.6 m/s Rated power 37. provinces from szczecińskie to krosnieńskie 750 – 1000 4.7 m Rotor diameter 12 m Rotor diameter 24.firma NORDTA.18/07/2011 It was appointed at the height of a 20 m above ground level and calculated for the wind speed velocity of 4 . ESP Zarnowiec 12 3 .16 m / s in the area free of trees and superstructure.5. part of ciechanowskie 1250-2250 5-6 Region 2 poznańskie. of which about 300 MW of Europe.5 m/s Year avarage wind speed 5./min Rotatory speed of rotor 3 szt. approximately 210 MW. v = 4-16 m/s) Year avarage wind speed H = 20m kWh/m2 m/s Region 1 coast.5 kVA Rated power 150 kW Hight of rotor 12 m Hight of rotor 32.0 .WE-12 W. warszawskiego i szczecińskiego 1000-1250 4.5 . 38 obr.5 9 Plant type. including Denmark. Dania ok./min Start speed of power plant 4 m/s Start speed of power plant 4 m/s Unregulative speed 18 m/s Unregulative speed 25 m/s annual productivity of electrical power 24 000 kWh annual productivity of electrical power 250 000 kWh Time of usage installed power 640 godzin Time of usage installed power 1660 godzin Mass of complete plant Localization Rzezawa k/Bochni.S. ciechanowskie. PREBUD 13. part of bydgoskiego. 16 t Localization Lisewo k/Żarnowca. while in the U. World year avarage wind speed is determined at the height of a 20 m (current velocity measurements were performed in the wind stations IMGW przewaĹźnie at an altitude of 10 m). Regions • Energy potentail of wind ( H = 20m.6 m Outline of the rotor surface 47. installed capacity was about 1400 MW 10 Plant type NTK 150 XLR .NK.4.5 m2 113 m2 Outline of the rotor surface Number of blades 3 szt. constuction IBMER Year avarage wind speed In 1988 the installed capacity wind turbines operating in the world was about 1700 MW. suwalskie.

162 87 Stockholm Manufacturer: Kvaerner Turbin AB Project: WTS80-3 / 1 (prototype) • Location: Näsudden (one of the islands of Gotland in the Baltic Sea) The turbine was installed in November and 1992 and the technical studies in March 1993 and past the operation.18/07/2011 Owner: Vattenfall AB. 3000 kW Optimal current 14 m / s height of tower 78 m Current calls off 25 m / s Rotor diameter â Food 80 m abbot World Number 2 weight 162.Future of Wind Power MARS a) Working "There is enough energy in high altitude winds to power civilization 100 times over. we're going to learn to tap into the power of winds and use it to run civilization. This MARS turbine Capures wind at higher speed which found at higher altitude 1000 m. 4 . and sooner or later.” This is Future Wind Mill called Magnen Air rotor System. Specifications: • • • • • horizontal design Current wind 6 m / s Power max.000 kg elevation angle 8 deg abbot Airlines 13 14 VI.

    VII.  They desigend for no maintainace.18/07/2011 b) Parts of MARS c) Inside MARS   Blades:Blimp itself.  Placed closer to Demand centers. Blimp made by Bullet Proof Material.  Generator  Tether : Transmission cable itself act as tension cable to hold MARS.Wind Data(Capacity incresed with Height) Easy deploy anywhere and move.  Rotors operated in between 2 m/s to 28m/s wind speed. Magnus Effect : Due to Stay Vertical at high Wind speed.    5 . VIII. Inner part is coated with Myler this will prevent hellium gas from esacpe. Lined with coating that protects it from UV and abrasion.Advantags of MARS MARS envelope made by Vectran material. Time Avaraged output much closer to rated capacity. Less expensive per unit of Electricity.

Wind Turbines c) Some Applications of MARS 6 .18/07/2011 Hight comparision b) MARS Vs.

18/07/2011 Economical Aspect of Mars Economics of Convention WT Final pricing is yet to be determined on the 10kW MARS unit.com   7 . IX) Innovative Wind mills a)Kite Generation www.windstuffnow.00 dollars per watt.US www. We are aiming to have Magenn's target list price between $4.kitegen. (Please Note: this price is subject to change).5 dollars to $7.com b) VAWT Vertical Axis Wind Tubine 17 m diameter VAWT at New Mexico.

 Energy Efficiency: Need for Future. : 16819 MW 3.com kitefen.S. India : 7850 MW 5. Germany : 22247 MW 2. Referances        Windstuffnow. China : 5899 MW Answer of Future (Conclusion)  Renewble energy : Power for Sustainable future.S.Top Five Countries in Windpower 1. 8 .18/07/2011 X.Energy dept.com U.com International Renewbal Energy Agency Peswiki.discovery. U. Renewble energy by Godfrey Boyle. Spain : 15145 MW 4.com dsc.