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Working with El Corazons Layered Image Presets.

Lorraine Berry trading as Mihrelle

The hole in V7s chest is produced by using Daz3Ds layered image presets. Layered image presets
work by overlaying image maps over existing surfaces, they dont alter the actual surface settings.
As a result there are a couple of surface settings that need adjusting by hand.

Using with Iray : Translucency

Because of the way iray works when you apply the hole to V7s chest, the inside of the hole renders
with the translucency colour, which in V7s case is bright red. This can also cause seam issues with
the torso. The simplest way round both these problems is to adjust the skin translucency colour to
black, skin may look dull and lifeless as a result but after all we are rendering the undead here so this
is a plus - do this as follows :

1. Load the Iray Layered Image Preset for the

torso. Note These presets take time to load.
The preview will look strange but it will
render correctly.
2. Click on the Surfaces tab (if its not already
opened, you can open it by clicking along the
top menu Windows>Panes(Tabs)>Surfaces)
3. Click on Skin-Lips-Nails, this should then
select all the relevant surfaces and highlight
them in yellow.

Scroll down to Translucency Color, click on it

and change to black

Using with Iray : Glowing Veins in Arms or Face

If you want the veins in V7s face and arms to glow, then you need to set the emission colour and
luminance by hand the necessary images will be preloaded with the layered image preset.
1. If working with the face, then first load the V7 makeup selection of your choice, then

2. Load the Iray Layered Image Preset for the arms or face
3. Select V7s/G3Fs face or arms, do this by clicking on the Surface selection tool (across the
top) then click on the face or arms as desired

4. In the surfaces tab, scroll down to emission color, change it to the color of your choice,
I chose the bright orange. Set luminance to a really high setting, I initially set it on 25000 but
the final setting for the promos was 50000 (yes thats 50 thousand ! and Ive heard of
luminance settings going much higher!)

5. The whole arm or face will light up in the preview, but it will render correctly

Using with 3Delight

The only setting that should need adjusting here is the ambient colour to get the glowing veins.
1. Load the preset for arms and/or face (do this after youve applied V7/G2Fs makeup of
2. Select the arms/face using the surface selection tool (see above)
3. Click on the surfaces tab, set the ambient colour to the glow of your choice (the mask will
be preloaded with the preset)
4. Set Ambient Strength to 100% or whatever is suitable for your scene. Note the glow wont
show in the preview but will show when rendered.

Have Fun and thank you for your interest in this product