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Telephone: 5985 2864

Email Address: tootgarook.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Issue 20

14th July, 2016

Saturday 23rd h July
Tootgarook Market 4B + 4F rostered
24 29 July Ski Camp @ Mt Buller
Thursday 4th August
House Athletics
Friday 12th August
Whole School Incursion Fair Dinkum Musical
Wednesday 18 Friday 20 August Grade 3 + 4 Somers Camp

16TH 18TH November 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all members of our wonderful school
community for the start of Term 3. I hope everyone had a restful and
relaxing break, with a chance to recharge for another busy Term ahead
at Tootgarook.
Some major events to look forward to over the course of the Term
include our Annual Snowsports Camp in late August, Years 3 & 4 Camp
to Somers, 'FAIR DINKUM' the musical in celebration of BOOKWEEK,
Art and Cultural Festival and the Rio Olympics.
Stay tuned for more information in the Newsletter about these events over the coming weeks.

Student Safety Please take the time to regularly remind your child/ren about safety, especially
when going to and from school. Here are the important points to mention:
- Do not to talk to strangers and never accept a ride from a stranger, or accept lollies or gifts from a
- Immediately report any issue or problem you may have when going to or
from school, to your mum, dad, or to your teacher, the Principal, Assistant
Principal or office staff.
- Always get permission from mum or dad before going to play with a friend
after school and always let mum and dad know where you will be and what
time you will be home.
We advise that, wherever possible, children should travel to or from school with an adult or with their
friends, rather than travel alone.

Thankyou to our market helpers on Saturday 25th June Peta Ross, Cindy Penzo, Mick
Giarrusso, Belinda Brundell, Scott Gathercole, Amanda Reeve, Jake Meyer, Nathan
Opie, Cherie Lizio, Robert Magnano, Carol Bavage. Our next market is Saturday July 23rd
with 4B + 4F rostered on.

Students will be presented with certificates at next Thursday afternoons assembly.

Prep R Mrs Read James Breckon for your fabulous contributions to our THRASS lesson this week. Well
Prep S Miss Staley - Kira Hammond - For taking her time to complete her handwriting work with care. Keep
up the fantastic effort Kira!
1A Miss Arnold Billy Wyhoon - Billy has shown initiative when helping others to make our passports this
week. Billy asked others if they needed help without being asked by the teacher. Great Job Billy!
1P Miss Perkins Jemma Underwood - Jemma is working really hard in the classroom to improve her time
management skills and make sure she finishes her work within the set time. Well Done Jemma!
2B Mrs Baird Tom Holbery for his improved participation skills. It is great to see Tom sharing and giving
his opinions.
Lily Gaul for her reliable and diligent work habits and for always doing her best.
2J - Mrs Johnstone Bradley Holliss for trying his best in all school activities. Keep up the good work!
3B Mrs Bos Mila Hartley for starting term 3 with a bang! Mila has been a switched on learner in all
aspects of school. Keep it up!
3W Ms Walton Grace Bell for the effort she is making with her organisational skills. Keep it up Grace!
4B Miss Broomfield
4F Miss Kain Nash Penzo for completing extra work than required at home and doing an outstanding job!
Very impressive Nash!
4/5K Mr Kitchin Nakeeta Buck you have come back to school with a fantastic attitude! It is great to see
you so enthusiastic, keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing a great semester 2 from you.
5/6M Ms Hone Hunter Nicholas for being a good help for Miss Hone and showing responsibility in his
school role as bin monitor and for his maths work on time working hard to complete all set tasks. Well done
5/6Q Miss Quintin Its terrific to see you start Term 3 with a big smile Lily Buck. I can see that you are
trying hard to contribute to our classroom discussions by sharing your thoughts and opinions. Keep it up!
Art / Craft Miss Davey Music - Mrs Young
P.E. Miss Daley Travis Southon 4F for trying hard in PE and being an excellent teachers assistant! Well
done Travis, keep up the good work.

Art room wish list:

clean take away containers and meat trays
clean yoghurt containers
hard back books.

Today Tootgarook Primary School celebrated our 100th day at school this year. (Yes,
the year is officially half over!) In the SLC lots of games were played targeting 100
utilising mathematical concepts and in the PLC children rotated through activities in
multi-age groups to celebrate and reinforce understanding of the value of 100.
Now who said, Let the count-down until the end of the year begin?

The Book club brochure has been
distributed to all students
(spare copies are available
at the office or please see Jackies).
Some of the books are
to $2 and the timestables posters are $1.
Orders will need to in by
Friday 22nd July and the
books will be delivered to
the children as soon as they
become available.