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16 THURSDAY, February 23, 2012

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Peters Project ... two years on

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Project keeps
pressure on

Vicki Jellie and Alan Simpson,

from Peters Project.
120221AS24 Picture: AARON


VICKI Jellie is keen to tell people

where the money donated for
Peters Project is.
The founder of the Peters
Project campaign to improve
cancer care in the south-west,
Mrs Jellie said more than
$427,000 had been raised so far
by amazing community support
for the cause.
She said the money was held
in trust accounts and would be
distributed by the Peters Project
board when the campaign for
radiotherapy services and an
integrated cancer care centre had
gained firm plans.
Mrs Jellie said the Peters
Project board and its wider
committee was working with
South West Healthcare and St
John of God on a submission to
the state health department for
better cancer care services for the
Peters Project has liaised with
the two hospitals so its submission to the state government
would give a clear direction on
what new cancer care services
were needed in the region.

Peters Project member Alan

Simpson said the state government had indicated that if there
were a variety of requests for
improved cancer care, a decision
would take time.
Peters Project has sought to
avoid that by consulting with the
two hospitals to provide a clear
direction on what was needed.
Mrs Jellie said the collaborative approach meant the government had no reason to question
the need for improved cancer care
All the questions will have
been answered and so a
decision and announcement must
be made, she said.
A health department investigation suggested last month that a
south-west cancer centre would
be viable within four years, based
on current population and cancer
diagnosis trends.
Mrs Jellie said the south-west
had already waited too long for
radiotherapy services and an
integrated cancer care centre.
Their (the state governments)
three years for a radiotherapy
facility to be operational is
quickly running out, she said.

That three-year promise was

made in December, 2010.
While Peters Project continues
to lobby the government, it is also
aware of its responsibilities to be
transparent about how it is using
the funds raised.
As part of those responsibilities, an $8000 cash pool
from the fund was recently
allocated to fund the studies
of three Warrnambool health
professionals who work in cancerrelated care.
Each year we are bound by
the Australian Tax Office to
use a percentage of the interest
earned on the funds to be used or
donated to cancer care services,
Mrs Jellie said.
So the scholarships are
fulfilling this requirement for the
2010-2011 tax year.
No administration fees or
costs are taken from those funds
donated Peters Project is
voluntarily managed by the committee with advice of a generous
local accountant and law firm,
and other businesses in support.
Donations to Peters Project
can be made at the National
Australia Bank, Warrnambool.

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