The 2010


South African Council for Project and Construction management Professions

Department: Public Works REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

Programme of events

08:00 TO 08:55
Registration a time when everyone thought the economic crisis was over. Speaker: Dr Charles Martin, Bureau for Economic Research (BER) chain; the regulated professional environment; future prospects for a responsive professional who forms a positive link between the client and the contractor; the challenges and opportunities for the professional of the future. Speaker: Christopher Campbell, President of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)

09:00 TO 09:10
Welcome by Programme Directors: Bridgette Gasa, President CIOB Africa Ronnie Khoza, CEO, cidb Leaders’ Remarks – setting the tone for the summit: Prof. Raymond Nkado, Chairperson, cidb Prof. Li Shirong, President, CIOB International

12:15 TO 12:55
Presentation III: Intensive care for rural development: Management by statistics; a proposed framework to reform the entire rural development sector from a liability to affluence. Using water and infrastructure developments for upliftment, development and sustainability of rural areas with specific reference to solutions for current indigents and their participation towards economic activity. Speaker: Dr K Gast, Chairman of the GAST Group, Absorbatox Pharmaceuticals and various trusts and NPOs

14:50 TO 15:35
Presentation V: Sustainable development agenda pertaining to infrastructure development in Africa. Mitigating climate change and applying micro-climate studies in planning and designing high-density public housing developments, offering a greener environment for healthy communities. Speaker: Prof. George Ofori, Department of Building, University of Singapore

10:20 TO 10:50
Keynote Presentation I: ESKOM’s Investment Programme – a practical approach to energy generation in support of the future of South Africa’s infrastructure development and the country’s economy. The speaker will provide an indepth analysis and breakdown of ESKOM’s infrastructure investment strategy and plan for the medium- to long-term period. Speaker: Andrew Etzinger, General Manager: Business Strategy and Integration, Eskom

15:40 TO 16:05
Networking Tea Break

13:00 TO 13:55
Networking Lunch

16:10 TO 16:55
Presentation VI: Maintenance and sustainability of state infrastructure and how this should be used to support contractor development. Speaker: Dr Rodney Milford

14:00 TO 14:45
Presentation IV: This address will provide insight in the role played by the registered professionals in driving a new paradigm shift in designing relevant infrastructure that resonates with the needs of a demanding and transforming society, providing cost-effective/ value-for-money options, while maintaining excellent quality standards in the construction value

17:00 TO 17:30
Excellence in Construction Awards Ceremony

10:50 TO 11:15
Networking Tea Break

11:20 TO 11:30
Sponsor’s Message

17:35 TO 19:00
Networking opportunity with cash bar

11:35 TO 12:10
Presentation II: The speaker will paint a picture of how the international forces, especially the recent economic crisis, have affected the South African construction industry; analyse the current and future scenario of a secondary wave of the economic crisis; and how the industry is likely to be affected at

Programme of events

08:00 TO 08:55

11:50 TO 12:15
Keynote Presentation II: Overview of Sino-Africa partnerships and access to funds from China. Speaker: Prof. Li Shirong, President, CIOB International and President, CIOB China

environmental rating system in South Africa.
Speaker: Jason Buch, Technical Manager, Green Building Council of South Africa

09:00 TO 09:10
Welcome by programme directors: Bridgette Gasa, President, CIOB Africa Ronnie Khoza, CEO, cidb

14:45 TO 15:30
Discussion Perspectives and advice from local and global industry leaders. Leaders in the South African construction industry share their viewpoints on the challenges faced within the sector, and shed light on unexplored opportunities. Moderator: Bob Hindle Panellists: Shaun Webber, NMC Michael van Rooyen, managing director, Group Five Building Additional panellists to be confirmed.

09:10 TO 10:15
Leaders’ Remarks: Hon. Minister Geoff Doidge, Minister of Public Works Cecil Rose, Deputy Chairperson, cidb Michael Brown, Deputy CE, CIOB International

12:15 TO 13:00
Keynote Presentation III: Navigating the changing marketplace: The economic perspective of the construction industry in Southern Africa. Speaker: Henk Langenhoven, SAFCEC

10:15 TO 11:20
Keynote presentation I: The role of the public sector in driving building programmes: Alternative delivery models for speedy infrastructure delivery. Speaker: Dr Ron Watermeyer, Director, Soderlund and Schutte

13:00 TO 14:00
Networking Lunch

14:00 TO 14:40
Presentation IV: The Green Building Council of South Africa and the Green Star SA Environmental Rating System for Buildings. The speaker will address the audience on the work of the GBCSA and its approach to the establishment and implementation of the Green Star SA

15:30 TO 15:55
Networking Tea Break

16:00 TO 16:30

11:20 TO 11:45
Networking Tea Break

Inputs and open discussion on regional cooperation as a strategic development focus of the future: Challenges, successes, comments and questions based on experiences from developing countries. Main topics for open discussion coordinated from various participants before the summit. Representatives from developing countries are encouraged to substantiate their inputs at the summit. This discussion will form the basis for the next Construction Summit in 2011.

Closing Remarks: Bridgette Gasa, president, CIOB Africa Ronnie Khoza, CEO, cidb


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