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Soneri Bank Limited

Soneri Bank Limited was formally incorporated on

September 28, 1991. The first Branch commenced
operations in Lahore on April 16, 1992, followed by
the launch of Karachi's first Branch on May 09,
1992. The bank currently operates 246 branches,
spread all over Pakistan including the Northern
Areas of the country. The bank's expansion policy is
based on the principle of maintaining a balance
between the urban and rural areas. Expansion of
branches is based on a policy of maintaining a
balance between the urban and rural areas with a
view to offering services even in the remote areas
of Pakistan. Pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere
has been provided in the branches which are all
fully air-conditioned and computerized.
The essence Soneri Bank business philosophy is to
cater to the banking requirements of small &
medium sized entrepreneurs, providing them
qualitative & competitive services with emphasis
on encouraging exports. Nearly forty percent of our
credit portfolio is related to export financing and
credit decisions are taken within 48 hours
Mission Statement:

To develop Soneri Bank Ltd into an aggressive and

dynamics financial institution having the
capabilities to provide personalized service to
customer with cutting edge technology and a wide
range of products and during the process to ensure
maximum return on assets with the ultimate goal
of serving the Economy and society.

"We have more time for you"
Progress to Date:
Soneri Bank Ltd was incorporated in 1991 as a
public Ltd company with paid up capital of Rs: 300
Million. Over the last 16 years it has achieved a
sustained growth with a network of 90 branches
across country. The equity stand at PKR 7.6 Billion
and total asset stand at PKR 88 Billion at the first
quarter of year 2009.
Core Values

are Customer-centric
have High Moral Standards
take Ownership
are Proactive


S. No.

Name of the Director


Mr. Alauddin Feerasta

President & CEO

Mr. Mohammad Aftab Manzoor


Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta


Mr. Muhammad Rashid Zahir


Mr. Amar Zafar Khan


Mr. Syed Ali Zafar

Mr. Manzoor Ahmed
Director (NIT Nominee)
Mr. Shahid Anwar
Director (NIT Nominee)

Code of Conduct for Employees

The members of the Board of Directors of Soneri
Bank Limited ((after this, in this document)
referred to as "Bank") admit/recognize/respond to
and accept the extent and/the range and extent of
their duties as Directors. They also recognize their

responsibility to carry out their duties in an

honest, careful and professional manner and within
the extent of/the range of their authority as
explain in detail in the Companies Rule, 1984 ("the
Rule"), Code of (related to big business) Authority
and control - 2012 ("CCG") as well as in the Written
note and Articles of Association of the Bank.
The Directors are trusted with and are responsible
for the oversight of the behavior and management
of business affairs of the Bank by the Management,
in an honest, fair, careful and (honest and right)
manner. As Directors, they are needed/demanded
to act within the bounds of the authority
gave/discussed upon them and with the duty to
make and (do/put into law) smart choices (based
on learning things) and policies in the best interest
of the Bank.
The Board of Directors has adopted the following
Code of Conduct ("Code") and Directors are
expected to stick to the standards of care, loyalty,
good faith and the avoidance of conflicts of
interest that follow.
1. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations
Directors are needed/demanded to watch (for
changes, unusual things, etc.) the affairs of the
Bank and look (for) promise from the management
that these are being carried out cautiously and

wisely in line with the existing laws, rules and

2. Formulation of Policies
Directors will review and approve (success plans)
and overall business policies for smooth running of
the Bank as put forward by the management.
Policies will also be made for areas
needing/ordering policy making for teaching best
practices as per the judgment exercised by the
3. Ethical Conduct
Directors will act for the Bank with (acting
maturely and honestly while doing an excellent
job), honesty and (honest and good human quality
or completeness) as well as high moral and (honest
and right) standards.
4. Fiduciary Obligations
Directors will exercise their powers and carry out
their (related to trusting someone with something
valuable) duties with a sense of unemotional and
factual judgment and independence in the best
interests of the Bank.
Code of Conduct for Directors
5. Protecting Shareholders' Interest

Directors will act to protect the interests of

shareholders through their oversight role on the
overall conduct of business and operations by the
management and while doing so Directors are
expected to act independently.
6. Confidentiality
Directors will respect the very private nature of
information relating to the affairs of the Bank
received in the course of their service as Directors.
All such information that may be classified or
treated as private should not be shared, published,
discussed or told (to people) by any Director,
except when approved or legally demanded to do
7. Conflict of Interest
Directors will tell people about any personal
interest that they may have (related to thinking
about) any matters that may come before the
Board and completely avoid discussion, voting or
otherwise influencing a decision on any matter in
which the concerned Director has or may have any
8. Insider Trading
Directors will not deal directly or indirectly in the
securities of the Bank whether on their own
account or their relative's account, if they are in
possession of any unpublished price sensitive

information about the Bank. Directors who are in

possession of any unpublished price sensitive
information will not communicate directly or
indirectly the said information to others who trade
on such information.
9. Protecting Bank's Valuable things
Directors are expected to oversee the
Management's control on Bank's physical valuable
things. In this way the Directors are demanded to
do policy making on securing/making sure of that
the valuable things of the Bank are protected from
being (used in a wrong or bad way) and that the
Bank will invest in Valuable things that are
demanded for the purpose of conducting the
10. False or Misleading Statements
Directors will not make a statement or spread
around information, which is sneaky and false or
false and is likely to cause sale or (instance of
buying something for money) of securities by any
other person or is likely to have any effect of the
market price of the Bank's shares.
11. Priority to Bank's Interests
Directors will be demanded to make sure that the
Bank's interests take priority over all other

Code of Conduct for Directors

12. Reputation of the Bank
Directors will act in a manner that will improve
and maintain the reputation of the Bank.
13. Compliance Culture
Directors will help create and maintain a culture of
high (honest and right) standards and loyalty
to/promise to (follow the law/doing as you're told)
of all related Laws, Rules and Rules in the Bank.
Board of Directors may update or change this
Code as it thinks of/considers fit to keep it up to
date and in agreement/harmony with all those
changes as introduced by the (devices that control
things/groups of people that ensure rules are
followed) from time to time.
This Code is adopted for (following the law/doing
as you're told) by the Directors after getting
approval of the Board in its meeting held on 24
January 2013 at Karachi and will come into effect

Management Team

01 Mr. Mohammad Aftab Manzoor

Chief Executive Officer

President &

02 Mr. Amin A. Feerasta

Operating Officer
03 Mr. Abdul Aleem Qureshi
Commercial and Retail Banking
04 Mr. Shahid Abdullah
Capital Markets, FI and PRI

Head of
Head of Treasury,

05 Mr. Iqbal Zaidi

and Controls

Head of Compliance

06 Ms. Anita Lalani


Head of Human

07 Mr. Ali Hassan Shah

08 Ms. Anjum Hai

Head of Operations
Chief Financial Officer

09 Mr. Mubarik Ali

Country Credit Head

10 Mr. Syed Asim Ali

Head of Audit

11 Mr. Ahmed Saqib Asad

12 Mr. Muhammad Qaisar
Investment Banking
Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Anjum Hai

Company Secretary
Mr. Muhammad Altaf Butt

Shareholders Information

Chief Information
Head of Corporate &


Rupali Polyester Limited

Rupali Foods (Pvt) Limited
Rupafil Limited
Rupafil PowerGen (Pvt) Limited
Spintex Limited
Rupali Nylon (Pvt.) Limited
Rupafab Limited


Refer our Annual Accounts as of December 31, 201

Categories of Shareholders

No. of Shareholders
Shares Held

Directors, Chief Executive Officer and their

Spouses and minor Children

Mr. Alauddin Feerasta


Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta 1



Mr. Amar Zafar Khan 1

Mr. Muhammad Rashid Zahir
Mr. Syed Ali Zafar 1




Mr. Mohammad Aftab Manzoor



Mrs. Aziza A. Feerasta

W/o Mr. Alauddin Feerasta 1 5,401 0.0005
Mrs. Amyna N. Feerasta
w/o Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta 1 7,021 0.0006
8 10,118,300 0.9178

Associated Companies undertakings and related

Trustees Alauddin Feerasta Trust 2 387,386,560
Trustees Feerasta Senior Trust 2 128,006,009
Trustees Alnu Trust 2 64,067,005 5.8113
Executives 14 45,877 0.0042
National Bank of Pakistan Trustee Department,
NIT and ICP 8 145,033,966 13.1554
Banks Development Financial institutions, Non
Banking Financial institutions. 9 49,776,221 4.5150
Insurance Companies




Mutual Funds
MCB Pakistan Stock Market Fund 1 460,500 0.0418
NIT-Equity Market Opportunity Fund 1 280,000
AKD Index Tracker Fund 1 69,447 0.0063
Pakistan Capital Market Fund 1 40,000 0.0036
Safeway Mutual Fund Limited 1 6,820 0.0006
TRI Star Mutual Fund Limited 1 276 0.0000
Joint Stock Companies 57 107,837,890 9.7815
Foreign Companies 10 49,181,791 4.4611

General Public:
a) Local 7,042 133,847,329 12.1407
b) Foreign 1,201 12,637,679 1.1463