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Answ er Ke y to Re ading Str a tegi e s

Unit 1 , page 8
Using background knowledge
Answers will vary.

Unit 2 , page s 22 and 23

Summariz ing the point of a stor y
Answers will vary. Students should justify their choices.

Unit 3 , page 32
Gue s sing meaning from conte x t
1. a
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. b
6. b
7. a
8. c

Unit 4 , page 46
Per sonal iz ing
Answers will vary.

Unit 5 , page 56
Rec a l ling main ide a s
Answers will vary. Possible answers:
1. If certain situations fill you with dread, you may have a phobia.
2. People find them difficult to understand.
3. Phobias are fears, usually unrelated to real dangers, that can get in the way of normal living.
4. People can develop fears of almost everything, such as the fear of spiders, numbers, or flying. The list is
5. You can try relaxation techniques.
6. You should talk to a doctor.

Unit 6 , page 68
D e termining points o f vi ew
Answers will vary. Possible answers:

Summit 2

M. White: Someone from the hotel staff stole the equipment. The hotel is completely responsible for
paying for the loss and will continue to be so if it happens again in the future.
C. Elliott: He has no opinion about who stole the equipment, but he agrees that the hotel should take
responsibility for paying for the loss. However, he feels that M. White is responsible for being more careful
about such equipment in the future.
M. Rogers: He probably doesnt think someone from the staff stole the equipment since the hotel
doesnt offer to cover the loss from the beginning. They probably thought it was a burglar. He doesnt
feel the hotel is responsible for paying for the loss. He thinks the situation was handled properly. He will
probably continue to believe that the guest is partially responsible for losses in the future.

Unit 7 , page 80
Summariz ing
Answers will vary. Possible answers:
1. Organizing your workspace will help you save the time you spend looking for things you need.
2. Developing a regular schedule will make it easier for you to stay focused.
3. Making a list of things you want to complete and crossing them off as you finish will help you stay focused.
4. Making a dull task more difficult will help you better focus.
5. You should let everyone know that at a certain time of day you are working alone and are not available.
6. Because the Internet and e-mail can be distracting, you should turn them off while working.
7. Taking a short break to relax will help you re-center your attention.

Unit 8 , page 92
Per sonal iz ing
Answers will vary.

Unit 9 , page 106

Applying concepts f rom the re al world
Answers will vary. Possible answers:
Renewable sources of energy: heat energy from geothermal systems and solar collectors, energy used for
lighting from wind generators
Products that are commonly recycled: plastic bottles and jars, cardboard, household paper, cans, glass
bottles and jars, newspapers and magazines
Ways that people try to conserve resources: cover pots when boiling water, use microwave ovens and
pressure cookers, use energy-efficient appliances, use cold water in the washing machine, wash full
loads instead of small loads, turn off the computer when its not in use, use fluorescent light bulbs
instead of incandescent bulbs, collect rainwater
Ways that people try to reduce consumption: take showers instead of baths, turn off the water
when brushing teeth or shaving, hang clothes to dry outside instead of using a dryer, use
skylights to give better light during the day, filter and reuse water, walk or bike or use public
transportation instead of driving

Summit 2

Unit 10 , page 116

Identi f ying supporting arguments
Answers will vary. Possible answers:
Arguments for glob aliz ation
Benefits that have already occurred

Arguments against glob a liz ation

Problems that have already occurred

reduced poverty, improved education, longer

life expectancy
Benefits that will occur in the future

widening gap between rich and poor, only a

few developing countries have benefited
from globalization
Problems that will occur in the future

small businesses will be able to promote their

goods worldwide

small businesses will have to compete with largescale manufacturers and superstores

Summit 2