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1.Which bearing half will receive the greatest load in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?

2.One result of operating diesel engine at light load with excessively low cooling water temperature
3.As the designated rudder angle is being achieved, as a result of the original command input, the
steering gear follow up mechanism is?
4.Which of the following clearance readings should be taken and recorded in drydock?
5.If the main propulsion diesel engine governor works irregularly with a jerking motion, a possible
cause can be..
6.What is part No 4 shown in this drawing of a pneumatic amplifier ?

7.How can the output pressure Pu of this pneumatic amplifier be initially adjusted ?

8.What is item No 3 shown of this pneumatic amplifier ?

9.Via which air passage is the nozzle back pressure from the nozzle/flapper admitted for this
pneumatic amplifier ?

10.Where is the output pressure Pu taken from this pneumatic amplifier shown here ?

11.This is an actual lay-out drawing of a pneumatic amplifier block. Where is the 5 bar supply air
admitted ?

12.Main engine room control console alarms are to be of the self monitoring type, meaning that the
open circuit to a particular alarm circuit will....
13.What is the function of valve V in relation to the outlet pressure Pu of this pneumatic amplifier att.No.7
14.The revolutions on the turbocharger have increased during the night with unmanned engine. Could
this be caused by:
15.On which part of the Pneumatic Amplifier is the nozzle back pressure of the nozzle/flapper acting ?

16.Adjustments to the compensating needle valve in a hydraulic governor should be made with the
engine at....
17.What factors influence the vacuum (vacuum %) inside the shell of a fresh water generator ?

18.How is it ensured that the flow of the scavenge air is directed symmetrically through the cylinder ?

19.In 2-stroke diesel engine, the mean effective pressure (mep) in each cylinder is 11 bar when
running at 120 rev/min. If the diameter of the cylinders is 700 mm and the stroke 1050mm, calculate
the cylinder power.
20.A vessel has a propeller with 3632 mm pitch and makes 112 RPM. If the sea speed is 12.6 knots,
what is the slip ?
21.A ship's main engine runs at 112 RPM. The slip that day was 7.2 %. If the ship's speed that day
was 13.62 knots, what is the pitch of the propeller ?
22.A ship's propeller is 4882 mm in diameter with pitch of 4124 mm. The engine RPM is 118.
Assuming no slip what is the ship's speed?
23.The use of a steam trap has a beneficial influence on the thermal balance of the heat exchanger
fitted before that trap. This is because .....

24.What is the purpose of part number 2 ?

25.Total Base Number ( TBN ) is important as a measure of neutralizing ability against strong Acids.
What will You do if this TBN base number is reduced to a low level?
26.The solenoid valves in the fuel oil supply line to an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, are
automatically closed by?

27.The flow through this heat exchanger is determined by the "Reynolds number". Depending on
certain factors, this allows the system designer to select either...

28.What method is employed in the design of waste heat boilers to obtain maximum heat transfer while
maintaining low overall weight ?
29.To find the indicated power developed in the cylinder the indicator card is used to determine the ....

30.The basic type of reversing air starting system that can be used only on two-stroke, ported, direct
coupled, propulsion Diesel engines is the .....
31.Which of the following is a record of the pressure existing in the cylinder at various positions of the
piston throughout the engine cycle ?
32.Thermal efficiency refers to heat engines and is the ratio of .........
33.An engine develops 13700 IHP and the BHP is 11200. What is the mechanical efficiency?
34.A ship makes an observed speed of 16,7 knots. The engine speed is 17.3 knots. What is the
propeller slip ?
35.A refrigeration system contaminated with moisture can be affected by?
36.in a pneumatic automation system, unit producing a signal to govern the position of the controller of
the measured variable, relative to the value of the measured variable, is said to have?

37.which of the following conditions may need to be reduced when operating a large, low-speed, main
propulsion, diesel engine at low loads?
38.Which of the following actions should be taken during the each watch when the auxiliary boiler is in
39.In a diesel engine cooling water system, a pH of 6,0 indicates a/an

40.In this electrical amplifier drawing, what takes the place of the flapper/nozzle unit used by the
pneumatic control unit with amplifier ?

41.Something is wrong with the controller setting of this water level control system. Suppose the
Proportional Band is 12.5 %, to what value would you reset it ?

42.This characteristic shows output pressure of a pneumatic controller controlling water level. The
level is fluctuating. What is wrong with the setting of the controller.?

43.Excessive vibration from an auxiliary boiler could be caused by

44.Two solenoid control valves are required on large automatic auxiliary boilers, and will
simultaneously shut off the fuel in the event of ?
45.The function of the hydraulic telemotor transmitter used in an electro-hydraulic steering gear
system is to
46.A reciprocating air compressor is running roughly and vibrating excessively, indicating that the:
47.Which of the listed governor characteristics will greatly affect the load sharing relationship between
paralleled diesel generators?

48.Which of the listed operations will cause automatically controlled refrigeration compressor to
49.The best way for determining the amount of eccentricity or offset misalignment between the
disconnected propeller shaft coupling flange and the reduction gear output flange is by using a ...

50.Why is this connecting rod eye split obliquely?

51.A pulsating flame, accompanied by a burner developing black smoke in a auxiliary boiler, is an
indication that the