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1.The second potentiometer of this electric command system is located in the steering gear.

moves this potentiometer ?

2.From the sample diagrams shown, choose the correct voltage waveform measured across the load.

3.In these integrator circuits the air flow through the restrictor and the current through the resistance

4.A 3-phase 60 cycle motor delivers 35 KW to a pump (shaft output). What is the torque if the RPM is
1176 RPM ?
5.A star connected induction motor operates on 220 V with power factor 0.7 and efficiency of 82 %. Its
output is 5 KW. What is the phase, current and voltage?
6.A six pole asynchronous motor is fed from a 60 Hz circuit and has a slip of 5 %. What is the motor
speed ?
7.A six-pole asynchronous motor is connected to a power supply with a frequency of 50 Hz. If the rotor
bar frequency is 2.3 Hz, what will be the speed of the motor ?

8.Here 'S' is the support point in the middle of pivoting arm 'AB'. For a given increase in water level
the valve is opened by the same distance, therefore the amplification is 1. What will happen if b = 2 x

9.Most conductive materials such as copper, aluminium, iron, nickel...........

10.How is the set pressure (opening pressure) adjusted on the cylinder head safety valve of a diesel
11.Two 3 phase alternators are operated in parallel. The total load of the system is 1050 kW with power
factor 0.75 lagging. If alternator No 1 is carrying 700 kW at 0.8 power factor lagging ...............

12.Which of these formulas is used to calculate capacitive reactance (Xc) ?

13.What is a high-pass filter ?

14.What does this symbol represent?

15.An ideal operational amplifier is characterised by.....

16.Indicate the correct characteristic of the amplifier "A".

17.What will be the binary output at E ?

18.What will be the binary output at A ?

19.What is the function of the circuit shown here ?

20.What control equipment drawing is shown here ?

21.Fitting a restriction R1 in the supply to the proportional feedback of this PID controller ensures that
for an initial small variation on the input, the initial response on the output will be ......

22.Item No 2 of this Wheatstone Bridge is .....

23.The resistance characteristic of Platinum is linear. The resistance characteristic of Nickel is

non-linear. How can the characteristic of Nickel be made linear ?

24.The function of this measuring system is to ....

25.The three conductor system used by Wheatstone Bridge lay-outs is intended to provide ....

26.How is the differentiating action of this PID controller obtained ?

27.In the output characteristics (right) of this controller, which response lines are clearly shown ?

28.For which kind of controller are the input and output characteristics shown here

29.What is the difference in function between these electrical and the pneumatic integrators ?

30.For which control instrument are these the input (left) and the output or response (right)
characteristics ?

31.The potential of this thermocouple bridge is zero if all connections are kept at the same
temperature. Why is the indication of the potentiometer zero ?

32.Which resistor determines the proportional band on this electronic proportional integrating
controller ?

33.In this drawing, the triangle marked "A" represents ..............

34.For which type of controller are the input and output characteristics shown here ?

35.These graphs are, left, the step input and, right, the output response of a controller. What
characteristics are shown ?

36.States the object of derivative control.

37.If the prime mover of an alternator is a diesel engine, what should the Reverse Power Relay's pick
up setting be ?
38.The pick up and the time settings of reverse power relays are adjustable. If the prime mover of the
alternator is a steam turbine what is the trip level setting ?
39.Alternator (A) 100 kVA runs parallel with alternator (B) 125 kVA, both are 3 phase, 240 V, 60 Hz.
The load of A is 60 kW, 90% power factor and the load of B is 80 kW, 70 % power factor. What is the
total load ?
40.For this PID controller to act only as a P (proportional) controller, what should be the arrangement
of restricting valves R1 and R2 ?