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Writing in a formal style

1. A variety of people really dont like it, but diverse people think nuclear power is a good way to
get a lot of energy for lights, air-con, fridges, etc. [BAD]
2. Although many people strongly disagree, more and more people think that nuclear power is the
only way to make enough power for modern cities. [OK]
3. While it remains a thoroughly contentious issue, there is an increasing body of opinion that
regards nuclear power as the only realistic means by which to produce the power required by
modern societies. [NICE]

A. More and more people agree that fixing global warming needs the government to work together
with other groups who are not the government. Governments have to make laws to punish
businesses who dont try to help. If a business just does anything it wants, it should pay a lot of cash
to make it follow the law.

A. There is increasing consensus that tackling the issue of global warming requires extensive
collaboration between all levels of governmental and non-governmental organisations. In particular
there is a need for governments to enshrine in law, strict punitive measures to discourage businesses
from sidestepping their environmental responsibilities. Businesses which exceed legally-established
carbon emission thresholds for example, could be fined in order to encourage compliance with these