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ALMP: Alerian MLP ETF Stock Analysis

Alerian MLP ETF has sought investment results that match the price and yield performance of
the core index the Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index.
This is a ruled based, float adjusted index to provide investors with the means of tracking US
energy infrastructure MLP (Master Limited Partnership) asset class. Index comprises 25 energy
infrastructure MLPs. Fund invests a majority of its assets in securities.
Analysis of Index
The ALPS Alerian MLP ETF (NYSEARCA: AMLP) is the largest in terms of market cap and
AMLP shares have been steadily increasing in direct contrast to negative market sentiment.
Short interest dramatically rose in 2015 to fall off by early 2016. Institutional investors may no
longer hold MLPs will fall further reports Yahoo Finance.
With the inception of ALPS Alerian MLP ETF on August 25, 2010, performance of Alerian
MLP Infrastructure Index is tracked. ETF holds large and mid cap energy stocks such as LPs.
Holdings in companies related to energy securities are weighted on market capitalisation.
ETF and its energy investments have not performed well. While dividends continue to provide
top interest rates, underperformance in other sectors has married investment.
Quarterly dividend paying ETF is structure with 100 percent of the holding classified as common
equity shares. Market share of these caps is around 53 percent for mid cap, 30-31 percent for
large cap, 16.32 percent small cap and o.01 other, according to mist estimates.
ETF currently has 24 holdings, one institutional money market and small amount of cash and
equivalents posited as debt balance.
Contrarian investors would profit from taking a look at the MLP sector. Master Limited
Partnerships can prove profitable if you seek returns from rebound and spread the bet across
companies in the sector through ETF purchase.
Rather than taking a company specific bet, it's better to spread the profits over a section and earn
majority of cash flow from transportation, storage and processing of energy commodities.
The plus point of the MLP structure is that it prevents double taxation. Profits are only taxed at
individual shareholder level. MLP alone does not pay income tax.

Analysts advice that rather than owning a basket of stocks through an ETF, it may be better to
invest individually or across a gamut of reasonably profitable companies. This is why ALP
Alerian MLP ETF is a wise bet for experienced investors who know how to bring about the
perfect results with moderate risk.
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