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Erika Cruz

Bob Banta
Intro To Human Sexuality

July 28, y

Reporting on 50 Shades of
Watch a film with a central message/theme that relates to
something we have studied in this course, then write an essay describing the
course concepts and how they are illustrated by the film. Here are JUST A
FEW examples of appropriate films and the topics they address:
This movie depicts the acts talked about in chapter 16, Atypical Sexual
Behavior. To define atypical sexual behavior is to behave in a way that is
uncommon and unusual in comparison to most people who are in our society.
We can use the word paraphilia as well to express this way of sexuality. There
are many types of paraphilia or atypical sexual behavior and to name the
couple that we see used in the film Fifty Shades of Gray we can see Sadism
and masochism practiced. There are of course many other types of this
sexual behavior such as fetishes, transvestite fetishism, autoerotic asphyxia,
klismophilia, coprophilia, urophilia, exhibitionism, zoophila, and many more.
Sadism is a type of sexual behavior in which one gives their partner physical
and or psychological pain to gain pleasure for themselves or the other. On

the other hand masochism is the act of receiving arousal from getting
physical or psychological pain. Both of these are behaviors are shown of the
main character Christian Grey. He finds a girl he had interest in and he goes
after her.
The characteristics that Mr. Christian Gray had shown of having his
interests were things like taking control. He wanted to control the situation
between him and Anastasia. He sent her gifts, set times, and told her what
she must do. This characteristic is one of a the dominant trait that shows
Sadistic behavior.
To make it clear, these two behaviors should be ones that are to be
consented by both parties. There is a fine line between this kind of fetish and
abuse. Abuse is psychological and physical affliction of pain without consent
and can cause distress and disturbances in a relationship of between two
people. When two wish to act on this behavior, they are doing this because
they want to. Regardless of the behavior involving consent or force, they are
both considered to being dangerous and can be taken as far as death. One of
the main reasons that the movie was conflicting was that Christian wished to
get his lover Anastasia Steele to consent to being a part of his sexual
behaviors. Throughout the movie, Christian keeps breaking his own rules. He
went as far as making her sign a large consent form of which was disturbing
for her to even read. She felt as though it was a form of abuse and did not
feel like they should do anything but be in a normal relationship. This made
Christian uncomfortable but they both soon tried to make each other happy.

Anastasia tried to understand his sexual lifestyle by trying bondage with a tie
and other mild forms. Christian tried her way with sleeping in the same bed
and going out into public places with her.
These behaviors are some times linked to childhood by the use of
punishment of sexuality or getting spanked. Getting spanked as a
punishment can actually cause a boy to get an erection or a girl to lubricate.
These small things can lead to lifelong behaviors and interests. Anastasia
asked Christian about why he had such interest in these types of behaviors
and why he could not just be in a regular relationship. He replied by
explaining that he was treated this way by a family friend while he was
younger and from there things had escalated to a point from which he
started the dominant role. He loved his lifestyle and it was something he was
used to as well as comfortable with. This shows the reasoning why he was
initially drawn to Ms. Steele. When they met she was clumsy, awkward,
simple younger, and he felt he had a lot of power over her. He tested his
power by asking her questions and seeing how their interactions went along.
By her timid personality, he decided that she was a good match for him. He
meets up with her at the work as he drops hints about his wishes by buying
cable ties, masking tape, and rope.
As the movie and textbook Our Sexuality point out, there are different
variations of sadism and masochism. This ranges from mild types to the
more extreme. We may be able to personally experience the small bite
during sexual engagement and pulling hair. Some extreme types include

burning, anal fisting, and piercing ones body. These behaviors do not show
or tell one about a persons life outside of their sexuality. A lot of people who
enjoy these practices do not suffer from any kind of mental illness. They
simply enjoy these types of activities. This is an example of Christians
atypical behaviors versus his successful business.

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