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Name: Corinne Cal,

Elvis Chi, Carlos Nah


Subject Area/Grade Level:

Specific Objectives:

Prior knowledge:

Date: 17th 2014

Week: 13

Duration: 1 week
Time: 80 min
Sessions: 2

Biology/ 3rd Form

The flow of energy within a food chain and food web
Feeding relationships between organisms
Upon the completion of the lesson, students should be
able to:
1. Describe the pyramids of numbers and
The sun is the ultimate source of energy on Earth
The energy level in the environment decreases as
you go up the food chain.
the amount of producers in an ecosystem
determine the length of a food chain

Content/ Concept(s):
Photosynthesis: process by which plants capture
the suns energy
Biomass is biological material derived from living,
or recently living organisms. It most often refers to
plants or plant-based materials which are
specifically called lignocellulosic biomass.

Pyramid of numbers

Pyramid of energy


critical thinking, research, defining terms, observing,

recording, measurement and manipulation


Appreciation for the natural environment, willingness to

preserve the natural environment, and positive image
Discussion, quiz, assignment,
Text book
Text book: Biology for CxC


Whole Group: discussions


Week 13
The teacher will explain what a pyramid of
numbers and energy is. Several examples of these
pyramids will be given so the students are able to
understand each and compare each.
Students will be given 6 examination type
questions to answer on the topic of the floe of
energy through food chains and food webs