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Consciousness: Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align

with Contact

By Joanna L. Ross

Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness: Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align

with Contact
By Joanna L. Ross

Published 2016 by Universal Unity Publishing. Copyright Joanna L. Ross

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The author of this book does not dispense medical advice nor prescribe any techniques as
a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the use of a physician, either
directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general
nature to help you to achieve a healthy mindset. In the event that you use any of the
information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the authors and
publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.

Chris Mariotti
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Editing by Jennifer Marie Dubon

Printed in the United States.

ISBN: 978-1519514714

Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness:
Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact

By Joanna L. Ross

In Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness ~ Profound Ways to Awaken Your Potential and
Align with Future ContactA Path to Universal Unity, author Joanna L. Ross takes us to
the next step of human evolution and experience as she discusses this topic that is so near
and dear to her own heart. Joannas insights are based on research, on channeled materials,
and on her own direct experience. They are presented in an exciting way as she extends to
you, her reader, her deep understanding and profound wisdom regarding a whole array of
topics, such as planetary ascension, the energetic planetary shift we are currently
experiencing, first landings, and first contacts with interdimensional and extraterrestrial
species, and how to awaken without fear. Joanna has taken a bold step with this book;
anyone who reads it will be sure to reach for more.

I have known Joanna L. Ross professionally and personally for many years, and have
watched her unfold as a seeker, a leader, a teacher, and I am overjoyed to see her progress
to author and world-changer.

~Sandy Anastasi, psychic channel, intuitive astrologer, and soul coach

Are you ready to awaken to your highest potential? As human beings comprised of light
energy, its time to connect with our higher self and align our mind, body and spirit with
the global consciousness as we prepare for new experiences on a planetary level.

In her book, Fifth-Dimensional ConsciousnessProfound Ways to Awaken Your Potential
and Align with Future ContactA Path to Universal Unity, author and teacher Joanna L.
Ross shares her personal journey of awakening along with the path of evolution for
humanity and the evolution of Gaia herself. Joannas book takes you on her journey of
self-exploration, introspection, awakening, and profound awareness and communication
with the universe.

Ask yourself, what synchronicity has led me to this book and then open and allow yourself
to explore the greater mysteries

~Kala Ambrose, award winning author, wisdom teacher, and host of the
Explore Your Spirit with Kala show

Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness by Joanna L. Ross is a must read for the spiritual

traveler and anyone seeking true insight into the collective consciousness. With great
insight, research, and personal experience, Joanna inspires the reader to seek a higher
vibrational frequency and access a deeper level of awareness by skillfully demonstrating
her own. I loved reading this book, but even more importantly, I loved the way I felt after I

~Marguerite Manning, Llewellyn Worldwide best-selling author of Cosmic Karma,
Understanding Your Contract with the Universe

We are multidimensional aspects of All That Is. Like the specks of star dust that light
the cosmos, we all contain the vibration and the essence of Source. In various genetic
forms, colors, physical dispositions, and vibrational frequencies, we all mirror back to the
Creator our unique expression and creative potential. Diverse, divine, and infinitely
profound, this is the journey of Gaia and her people who experience the profundity of
Creation as we ascend into a new vibrational bedding within the cosmos.

We are pieces of this glorious universal puzzle, all valued, all valid, all required. And so
the journey has begun. In oneness, in love and light, we stand.

~Joanna L. Ross


The process of ascension allows us to expand our understanding and not only link with All
That Is, but also remember our link and entanglement with all others within the universe
we experience. This process opens our potential for greater and expanded experiences that
enliven our consciousness to heightened states. It is in these heightened states that we fully
remember our divine encoding, the essence from which we came bursting into this
experience with hope, reverence, and the promise of an awakening that would reverberate
throughout Creation. This experience would not have been the journey it has been without
these divine souls:

~ Eric R. Perez ~ for your continued positivity and support in all my dreams.
~ Joshua, Hannah, Zachary ~ for your infinite energy that inspires me, empowers me, and
enlightens me in ways that only children can. I will always seek answers to expand upon
your insatiable curiosity, and gifted light. Your souls have changed me. THANK YOU.
~ Chris Mariotti ~ for taking all of my concepts and ideas, and creating the portal that
inspires so many around the world. You are amazing. THANK YOU!
~ Wendy Kennedy and the Ps! ~ for your unconditional support and guidance as I
navigate the energetic shifting and exploration through unchartered territory. I have gained
immeasurable confidence from your teachings and would not be able to put my
experiences into words, if it had not been for your loving encouragement to embrace my
Divine essence. Deepest gratitude for your validations and expertise.
~ Sandy Anastasi ~ a colleague, friend, and my first spiritual teacher. Thank you for your
constant encouragement and inspiration for your commitment to bringing awareness and
light to our planet.
~ Kala Ambrose ~ a colleague, friend, and one of the most amazing women in this
incredible arena. You are a maverick and leader for the light you inspire. Thank you for
cheering me on as my path has unfolded.

~ My Earth Family ~ Deepest gratitude to my parents, Ken and MariLynn for their Divine
timing and creating the life that I exist within. You have offered the most profound life
lessons and work ethic, and your integrity has always inspired me to reach for the stars;
for that, I am eternally grateful. To my beautiful sisters, Gina and Tania, for giving me the
opportunity to learn, gain wisdom, and grow just as you have. You are pure within your
hearts, and I feel grateful to have you in my life. Never stop seeking the answers you
crave, for your light is so profound and others will be blessed by it. Thank you!

And of course, the most profound realization on this journey is the intimate discovery,
entanglement, and newly awakened gratitude to Creation, God, Source, and All That Is,
for the impeccable design and benevolence in all that you do. Without the loving lifeline
that you have sent to assist me, I would not be here today. With the all the magic, light,
deepest gratitude, and love I am able to offer, THANK YOU.

Celestial Gratitude

I am in the deepest state of gratitude in every hour of every day for the myriad of beings,
my celestial family, friends, councils that I work with in other realms, for their
unconditional support, energetic work, and guidance and ever-lighted presence with my
excitement and passion.

I offer my appreciation to my spirit guides, the angelic realm, elementals, and my Higher
Self, which continually envelope me in love and guidance, and forever offer me the
synchronistic opportunities to further my growth and offerings to humanity.

Throughout all the times that I have strayed, you have steered me gently to the path that I
was destined to be on.

To all beings who seek the light within ~

May we all walk united and step forward in love.


This book and all information within has been gifted by my higher self after years of
dedication to the ascension process, global enlightenment, and a passion for universal
knowledge. Amid all my research and teachings, nothing has proven to be more valuable
than my role as a mother to three gorgeous, intuitive children. It is because of the lessons
they teach me every day that this book is dedicated to Joshua, Hannah, and Zachary. It is
this fine balance of earthly experience and what unfolds as one expands that brings the
element of Heaven to Earth, which has been a primary reason for incarnating in these
exciting times.

Thank you for the unique and loving experiences with my extensive universal family,
which have inspired me beyond all earthly words. To create the experiences and insights
that I have gained in your instruction has been unexplainable and profound.

The constant and benevolent energetic work you massage into every aspect of my life
along with your guidance, love, and wisdomhas brought me from fearful, worried, and
disconnected to an awakened and engaged spirit essence with dedication to expand and
learn in the many ways you have taught. Deepest gratitude to you all, the Pleiadians, the
many beings from Sirius, Tecarians, Alpha Centauri, the energetic family from Arcturus,
Cassiopeia, Orion, and the myriad of other watchful and dedicated beings of Light that
serve in commitment and love for all of humanity. Thank you for your service, love,
wisdom, and light.

Table of Contents

Preface 12
Introduction 16
Chapter 1 20
Chapter 2 108
Chapter 3 139
Chapter 4 160
Chapter 5 182
Chapter 6 203
Chapter 7 214
Chapter 8 235
Conclusion 245
Practical Tips 250
Suggested Reading 252
About the Author 254

Wisdom of the Ages
We are ALL that we seek.
~ Higher Dimensional Light Being, Arcturus


The writings herein are offered in my greatest excitement and passion for the
potential that humanity has to move beyond limitation in very profound ways. Through
my own personal experiences, ascension study, and years of metaphysical and esoteric
research, I have moved through various stages of enlightenment and awareness that can
serve as somewhat of an ascension playbook for those who desire to tap into topics
related to our multi-dimensional aspects, ascension, and the esoteric, and specifically for
those who desire to heed the call of our profound spirit within.
I will walk the reader through various key aspects of the process of our everchanging planetary environment, the physical changes and symptoms that follow with a
planetary shift, how to maximize and enhance ascension activation and multidimensional
communication, and how to really propel the entanglement and intimacy with Creation,
Source, and all life that we embody. Many great shifts have occurred since Gaia has been
set upon her path to ascend, and through every subtle and profound shift, many have
moved through life in a slumber, disconnected from what is truly going on. My hope in
writing and expressing the knowledge I have gained, and the wisdom I have remembered,
is that those who find themselves seeking the deeper answers to lifes stirring questions
know that their ability to transform their life from ordinary to extraordinary is entirely
possible in the new realm that we are all co-creating.
The creating of a new vibrational realm would appear to be the work of geniuses
or celestial Merlins, which in many respects it is, but the creative genius that each of us
carry within is also a part of the tremendous process Gaia has been involved with for
many years now. As we enter into the fifth-dimensional frequency, we will have learned
many lessons and themes that can allow humanity the opportunity to truly test what we are
made of, and fall in alignment with the masters as we were always meant to. Expanded
knowledge and wisdom from the lessons that fear and limitation have taught us, will allow
the chains of darkness to fall away into the storybooks of the 3rd dimensional humans we
used to be, and step up into the new illuminated galactic human of the now moment in
The path of ascension can offer many things to humanity, but one gift that is
unparalleled is that we understand for the first time in Earths history that we are far from
stuck, limited, or average. Regardless of what swirls around us in the media, or what has
been taught in our schools or social structures, we have altered the portal of potential just
enough for the magical evidence of our innate power to show us that we are true masters
in Creation, just as any advanced celestial may be. We are literally changing the face of
Gaia, with every new powerful thought, powerful intention, and kind and loving act, for
the resonance of this immense frequency cannot be denied, and our access to the highest
realm to which our creative abilities can carry us will be offered to those who are ready to
step up into the shoes of the evolving human.
About eight years ago, in a seemingly normal suburban life, I was propelled onto
this path of ascension while being thrust through many personal challenges. In one of my

daily meditations, I connected for the first time with my profound spirit guides in what I
call my benevolent call to service. This experience was life-altering and allowed me to
sense the invisible world of universal energy that has truly had me hooked ever since. I
look back now and can see how even the most challenging of experiences were necessary
for me to gain the level of understanding and awareness that I needed. For every turn,
every choice, and every misguided action had to be taken for me to feel the sense of
liberation I felt when the hand of spirit showed me the potential of who I was. This
wisdom and spirit essence resides with every human being in Creation, and realizing that I
could feel and learn what I did in that one experience, I made it my lifes work to assist
whoever allowed themselves to find their way to my offerings.
Every person on this planet now has agreed to be here in this amazing time. Each
person also carries with them a life theme and a higher purpose, or reason for choosing
this earthly experience. These greater life questions allow us to tap into the depths of our
innate power and know that there are no accidents; it is no coincidence that you are where
you are. There is divine design to it all, and if we understand our part in this reality game,
if we understand the basics of Universal energy and our ability to tap into it in order to
manifest anything we desire, then we could all have the magical life that reveals gifts of
angelic offerings at every turn. This is all entirely possible in the New Earth potential that
we are now living in.
This path of awakening has brought me to a heightened level of knowingness and
faith in our glorious universe, and the magical surprises that it holds are truly breathtaking.
Profound knowingness is an attribute of ascension, as one must dive deep within the
darkest aspects of who we are to unveil the gem we all hold at the core of our being. These
ascension and awakening experiences can provide you with a profound sense of
knowingness, and with knowingness comes self-clarity. This in itself, my friends, is worth
celebrating. When you experience energetic synchronicities that are offered while you set
the course of enlightenment, you will be magically aligned with many other higherresonating beings, energies, and elements, all of which have your highest and best interest
at heart; for in your expansion is expansion for the whole, and these are just some of the
energetic portals that open when you commit to self-discovery.
We can live in harmony with Creation, with Gaia, and one another, for the process
of ascension allows us to peek through the window of the inner self, and to reflect and
realign so our outer reality can shift with the love that will be discovered within. This is
how planetary ascension can allow those who are ready to tap into the infinite potential to
experience cosmic adventures and expanded personal discoveries.
This book will assist you not only in your process of evolution, but also in finding
your true authentic self. With the myriad of spiritual coaching and soul-searching offerings
now available, it can seem daunting to decide where to start. Just know that any inner
reflective work that you do, regardless of how it may be labeled, is definitively ascension
work. With the various names, topics, and paths that ascension can offer, and the
terminology that now saturates the internet world, inner spiritual work can feel like a wild
chase. It really makes no difference what name you give your inner work; just know that if
this is your divine timing to awaken, your soul will trigger you in any way it can to inspire
change and expansion. You can be taken on an infinite number of paths, and be motivated

in directions that you never would have dreamed, and all of this is to answer the call of the
soul and fulfill what has been written in your pre-life agreement.
We will unveil the various terms, phases, and symptoms of the incredible process
called ascension and, in this, offer peace of mind to those who may be just about to
embark upon on their path of self-discovery. All of this inner work, the unveiling of your
true authentic self, is really allowing the illumination of your spirit essence to be seen by
Creation. We have agreed to be here in these special times, so that we can offer our
unique, creative expression in our path to remembrance. We all hold within us the keys to
mastery and enlightenment, and it is our birthright to tap into the infinite possibilities to
bring forth the experiences we truly desire to experience. Mastery is not held or assigned
to the special few. You can create mastery with every moment by choosing to align with
your highest vibrations. This act empowers your inner glory to entangle with all of
Creation. Shine and bring forth your inner light, for it is in this offering that the world as a
whole can be changed. Your inner light, in all its perfection, may just be the inspiration
that lights the way for others. Your authenticity is your unique creative expression, and it
is your key that will unlock the gifts, the treasures, and the experiences that bring you in
alignment with your divine soul blueprint.
As you gain confidence, insight, and a greater expanded point of view, the world
and the reality you exist within shift and change with you. Our reality mirrors what we
allow ourselves to experience, and the greater awareness we have, the more profound
potential we create. Our reality is not rigid or immovableit is pliable, malleable, and can
offer whatever we desire to create. In your path of spiritual awakening, you will begin to
experience the results of conscious creating, intentional living, and a heightened sense of
awarenessas well as all the beautiful offerings that it provides. In every moment, we
have the potential to shift what we experience, and these moment-to-moment lessons
allow us to expand in infinite ways. Whether your desires are to create wealth, health,
intimacy, wisdom, or a greater knowledge of your role and purpose upon this planet and
within this cosmos, any path of inner work and self-discovery is key to kick-start the
magical unfolding that is you. This is why ascension work and spiritual mastery is an
infinite path, and the soul will forever be the catalyst that propels us into seeking the
answers it inherently craves.
Ascension not only allows for profound self-clarity, knowingness, and direction
but also ignites a deeper understanding for our existence from a grander point-of-view. We
begin to relate all aspects of our life with profound inclusivity. Like putting the pieces to
the puzzle together, piece by piece, we are all interconnected and linked at a quantum level
in what we call oneness. Our universe, our world, and the potential of humanity are
attributes within the story of ascension and self-discovery, for we are woven within it all.
We are remembering, dear lighted ones, that we are divinely entangled, enmeshed, and
interwoven with all of Creation, and everything within it. Nothing is left out of ascension
and self-discovery, and as we absorb and imbue such concepts of inclusivity, we drop the
borders, boundaries, and judgements that can prevent us from co-creating an illuminated
New Earth that resonates and offers unlimited possibilities for all.
In asking the questions Why does life unfold as it does? and How can I better
tap into this experience to create what I truly desire and deserve? you will ignite the

spark that sets in motion divine synchronicity. The more you seek, expand, and inquire,
the further you move yourself upon a path that will escalate your experiences to refine
your ever-changing personal frequency. All of these gifts, experiences, and selfdiscoveries are available to you, as your divine potential. Should you desire to stake your
claim for higher vibrational living, or more intimate connections with all life-forms, then
anything you desire to know, be, and experience will be offered to you to create. For every
being within Creation is offered the same potential, yet most of humanity is simply
unaware of it. The pages that follow will allow you to view ascension from a myriad of
angles and, more specifically, from someone who has been studying and practicing for a
number of years. I offer the tips, hints, trials, and triumphs that have provided me with a
transformative experience in vibrational living. If I can move through what I did, it is
possible for others to create their own sense of brilliance and unlimited potential; this is
why I am so passionate to offer all that I have learned in this incredible unveiling.
There have been many gifts and secrets left unshared for far too long upon this
planet, and Gaia has waited a long time for humanity to tune in to her pleas and rumblings.
We have lived in a state of grave imbalance with nature and her callings, and now, in these
powerfully ascending energies, we are offered the opportunity to change everything we
have ever known so that we can create peace, harmony, and balance for a once-sleeping
humanity. These writings are my own personal offerings, and I give them with purity of
heart to express what I know to be true about personal awakening, challenge, soul
purpose, multidimensional understanding and enhancement, New Earth, fifth-dimensional
living, our benevolent celestial teams, Source, re-igniting engagement, intimacy, passion,
and ecstasy, for all of this is the potential that humanity is now remembering, and it is the
path of ascension.
What lies ahead, dear lighted ones, in this moment of now that we are co-creating,
is truly breathtaking, and I am passionate to share all that I have learned, gained, and
experienced on this profound journey. We are about to embark upon a new mission, one
that promises many surprises, triumphs, and incredible discoveries for anyone who
chooses to climb aboard, because what lies ahead is the discovery of how utterly profound
you truly are. In all that ascension may open to you, know your worthiness to create such
brilliance, for when you tap in to the unconditional love that resides within you, you will
be forever changed. This is my unique expression and gift that I offer, in gratitude and
reverence for what ascension has given me.
~ Namaste


As a collective consciousness, we have lived in a state of constant and relentless
struggles between the ego aspect of who we are and the higher calling that begs to be
heard. Our true calling, our life purpose, our destined path is about to unfold with every
soulful whisper and synchronicity that befalls us. For many lifetimes, we have been led
astray with the limiting conditionings and social structures that have kept us in a state of
spiritual laziness and intuitive slumber. In such states of limitation and unawareness, life
literally passes us by. Lifetime after lifetime, we gain wisdom and insight, and yet, unlike
in any lifetime other than this vibrational frequency right now, we are offered the potential
to ascend into a fifth-dimensional resonance.
To ascendto move beyond limitation, fear, doubt, worry, judgement, and any
other dark belief and emotionwe need to go within and reflect upon what we believe to
be true about who we are, the world we live in, and what our potential to create brilliance
truly is. Rarely do we capture the grander lessons that our soul has carved out for us, and
we continue to return to a similar life experience and live out similar themes, until now.
With the profound ascension energies, potential, and support that are enveloping Gaia
right now, there has never been a more perfect state for laying the groundwork to
experience a magical existence. In previous years and lifetimes, our understanding of
ascension meant that we had to die to achieve such heightened vibrational states of
potential. That is no longer the case. In these amazing times of awakening, we have been
given the opportunity to tap in to these life-altering processes to ignite the latent talent and
Divine spark that has been swimming within us from our first incarnation upon this
glorious planet.
In every earthly mission, we have set course on various themes and lesson plans
to achieve a greater state of knowing, or awareness, than we had the lifetime before. Each
lifetime bringing us greater experience, greater expanded sense of self, and, ultimately, the
state of angelic bliss that we all envision will one day be offered. As farfetched as this may
sound, we no longer have to incur hundreds of lifetimes to achieve vibrational bliss; we
can create it in this lifetime. Where you sit right now, regardless of what corner of the
world you live in, the current ascension energies and the infinite celestial, angelic, and
spiritual help that envelopes you as these words are written are offering up the prime
playing field for you to achieve an expanded state and heightened frequency. The question
is, how do you attain enlightenment, and what does planetary ascension mean to you, to
Gaia, and to the future of humanity?
This book offers many paths that can detail what an understanding of that
ascension is, and before we can look at it from an individual point of view, we must
expand our understanding and look at it from the planetary level, remembering that all
beings are perfectly designed by Source. The galaxy that Earth sits within, the Universe,
and the multiverse are all intimately involved with All That Is, and vice versa, and if this
is the case, then so too is Gaia. When we talk about ascension, we are talking about the
alteration of energy at the quantum level, so every cell, molecule, and smallest of aspect

that we perceive to fit within the whole is altered as we focus upon it. As one small shift
occurs, so too does the All, for all within existence is intimately connected.
In the many challenges and struggles that have occurred for humanity and Gaia,
there has been an overriding agenda to bring greater light, awareness, and potential to
Gaia and humanity. The divine plan for planetary ascension is one of profound
proportions. Many councils, celestial groups, and higher realm beings have been called in
to assist in the process of which is now being termed the event of the cosmos. This
unique event of planetary ascension does not occur overnight, and it will undoubtedly be
taught throughout the universe, for eons to come. Collectively expanding a thirddimensional resonance to a fifth-dimensional state will not only captivate the attention of a
myriad of beings, but also allow for the potential within our multiverse to bring up its
vibration as we do. If we truly understand the immensity of this task, and how an occupied
planet can ascend from a somewhat slumbering third-dimensional frequency to a glowing
fifth-dimensional potential, it puts in perspective the orchestration and divine benevolence
involved at every stage of this profound process. This is mind-boggling in and of its own.
In benevolent desire to see humanity ascend beyond how it has been operating for
thousands of earthly revolutions, it is timely for Gaias dimensional frequency to transition
and offer a new potential for those ready to climb aboard this incredible mission. In
accomplishing such a profound planetary task, there is much that needs to be done at
every level, and this is why so many people have been awakening at such alarming rates
over the past few years. There are many soul blueprints being activated to allow for the
highest number of people, and for the potential to expand and move with Gaia to this new
accelerated reality.
Gaias ascension has been in the works for many years now, and if we look back
on the various changes in every sector of our reality and the shifts in our collective
consciousness, it is obvious that there has been great movement and strides forward, even
if by the few. For true change no longer requires that we obtain the majority rule. We can
experience a new unlimited reality if we know how to manifest it, and we can do this
within our own inner reflection work and desire to experience higher vibrational living.
The problem that humanity has experienced is that it seems only a lucky few have held the
keys to our success under the veil of fear and limitation. The secrets of universal laws
and human potential were never taught in schools or open arenas. We are unable to move
beyond if we are never taught the wisdom or given the tools to do so, and this is why we
have returned again and again to live out a similar story of limited expression, and a rather
stagnant rate of progression and evolution. The power has remained with the chosen few
in parliament, or government, and other social structures, and although our progress has
been limited, in 2012, even the staunchest disbelievers knew something was shifting.
There was a quickening that year, and even those who had little interest in spiritual
awakening felt that 2012 was a pivotal year for heightened potential. Many of the
interstellar and interdimensional restrictions and bans for outside help were lifted, and the
new dawn for future Earth offered many UFO or light ship sightings. Prior to that, Earth
had been left to its own devices in many ways, and because it is a planet of free will and
choice, there was not a lot that celestial and higher-resonating beings could do to help
move humanity in a more positive and loving manner.

Gaia was placed on a path of ascension, and nothing will deter the process of this
universal plan from completing its cycle. The universe and other universes are probably
structured in similar ways, with a series of infinitely woven energetic systems, various
levels of vibrational consciousness, and overriding themes that can be experienced, all
lovingly cradled under the auspices of the Creative Source. As one universe, galaxy, or
planet is in need of enlightenment, or a return to its core potential, then a benevolent plan
is set forth within the myriad councils, beings, and groups assigned responsibility for that
system. Energetic and quantum systems are threaded together by the rules and themes that
purposeful design was meant to explore.
This is one of the many universal truths that has been held from humanity for
many centuries, and ascension can allow us to open up in remembrance. Our spiritual
nature can expand into any area of interest because we hold the information and data
within; it merely aligns to that frequency, and opening up at the heart level allows the
information to come forth. We are co-creating the new frequency that Gaia will slip into,
allowing us to manifest the lifestyle that many of us have intuitively known is entirely
possible. We are not alone, and we never have been. It would be limited of us to think that
we are somehow the only life-supporting planet in our universe, or galaxy, and if we allow
our awareness to expand and ourselves to consider various levels of consciousness,
vibrational existences, and life-forms, we may then begin to see what infinite possibilities
can be offered to us.
Evolution, ascension, and expansion all refer to the ability to tap into what may be
possible and allow our consciousness to move into new potentials. These concepts allow
us to grow and extend our understanding in new ways, thus creating new energy to be
activated, altering our entire physical and energetic body. We are not silent within the
cosmos. Every thought we think and action we take reverberates throughout our universe,
and if we allow our vibration to be profound, loving, clear, and enlightened, then the
energetic streams that resonate to Creation will be equally profound. We allow ourselves
to become alive, and entangled with All That Is and the life within it, in a whole new way.
We are multidimensional energetic beings. Ascension is the movement of what we are
within our greater cosmos and the infinite, beyond what we ever thought possible. As
humanity awakens to its place within the cosmos and its power to ride alongside other
ascended planets, like the Pleiades, we can begin to rebuild the corrupt systems and social
structures that have held us back for so very long. It is in these awakening discoveries that
all beings will find their authentic voices and sing the song of the soul, allowing the spirit
to bloom and rise again. With every thought, word, and deed, we co-create the New Earth
glow that we all deserve to experience.
Join me on this ascension journey as we discover what personal and planetary
ascension is really about and how to use the innate abilities that we all carry within to
assist in creating new potentials upon Earth. We will tap into the multidimensional aspects
of this reality and what being a multidimensional spirit essence means in everyday life.
We will gain an expanded view and understanding for our planet, the galaxy that cradles
us, and the universe that carries us all as we learn to tap into the benevolence that swims
around us in every moment. Ascension and awakening bring us from one state of
awareness to another, and in these expansions, personal offerings through experience, and
study into the gifts of our energetic universe, you will see that there are great treasures and

gifts for all who desire to tap into them.

As New Earth awaits, dear lighted ones, join me in this exciting and profound
journey as we better understand the true nature of our reality and why we are here in these
accelerating times. There is much to unfold and discover on this path of ascension, and as
we open to the unlimited potential that awaits humanity, we offer gratitude and celebration
to the teams of beings and celestial family who have waited in the wings for many
generations. As we expand into illuminated galactic humans, we not only open the
gateway and portal to the initiation of sacred information that is stored within, but also
create new potentials for communion with our greater cosmic family as we take our
rightful place within the universal family of light.

Chapter I
A New Human for a New Earth: Initiation into Light

When one awakens, its the first initiation into a lighter way of being; this is
usually when deeper questions start to be asked. We can be triggered into awakening in an
infinite number of ways, but know that at the core level of who we are as spirit beings,
awakening to our inner light is encoded within us all. Awakening occurs when we take
notice of or become aware of things that used to seem invisible to us. We may even begin
to notice that our behavior and how we define life feels outdated, or negative, and fearbased. The growing awareness that we feel different brings up the energetic challenges
that arise from old energy belief systems, and thus creates the deeper desire to seek
answers to our ever-changing reality and sense of being. As a result of daily frustrations or
disharmony, we begin to seek. Some seek answers within books, classes, and group work,
and others may be content to let the stirrings go unanswered. When I started this path
more than eight years ago, there was not a lot of information on the experiences unfolding,
and unless I was willing to spend days at the computer searching for one place with all the
myriad of paths that ascension can take you down, searching for answers became
frustrating. Little did I know that going within was exactly where I needed to start, to
allow the higher answers to unfold to me.
Whatever the drama or trigger that has allowed you to initiate your own inner
reflection, know that your decision to create deeper insights for yourself is celebrated by
many beings throughout Creation. We truly are higher-consciousness beings. We all have
the ability to tap into higher states of awareness for answers to the dilemmas that hold us
back from living a fulfilling and loving life. To alter your life in any way, you need to
discern what direction you desire to travel in. What do you visualize in your life, and what
must be altered and shifted to experience it? Creating a better future for yourself, and
being an active part in co-creating a balanced and harmonious Gaia, means that you must
go within and clarify who you are, and what you believe to be true about who you are.
What beliefs do we hold about our world, our galaxy, and the potentials that lie
within ourselves and all of Creation? As we unveil these beliefs and desires, we are set on
a path of self-discovery that, if taken, will show us the portal to anything you desire to
experience. What do we truly desire to experience and why? Have our inner voices been
directing us in answering the call of our life purpose? Are we finally aligning with the
vibration we desire and the vibration that we are all worthy of experiencing as divine
beings of light?
Self-reflection is crucial for those seeking greater insight, and as the word
insight directs us, we need to see within or look in with inner sight, perceptions, and
understandings. Self-reflection is constant throughout any expansive process. The
exhilarating path of transformation can bring you time and again into the ever-changing
landscape of who you truly are. Layer upon layer, you move beyond what you were and
create new potentials to embark upon. As you seek answers within, you will experience an
energetic or physical response to what is being revealed. You may experience the gut

feeling that the information or sensation is familiar or intriguing, and thus bring about a
manifestation that creates the change in your path. Initiation into heightened states of
awareness requires reflective time to honor the questions, contemplations, and seeking,
and then to absorb, digest, and integrate what you discover. This is why ascension is not
manifested in one class or one book; it is a process that moves and grows as you do.
Reflective dialogue may look like this: How can I gain greater meaning and
intimacy in my life now? How can I create an abundant life with positive and inspiring
people who encourage creative and expanded learning and play? How can I enlighten
my life experience and my thoughts, and how do I engage with others? How can I be an
inspiring example for my family and deepen my love with others? How can I alter what I
believe about time, space, and human potential so that I can experience a magical life?
Why do I feel like things are changing, shifting, or speeding up all around me? Is this
moment of now allowing me to be the brilliant aspect of creation that I know I was born to
be, and that I agreed to be? My life may appear to look perfect, but why do I not feel
fulfilled and peaceful or emotionally engaged with anyone?
These are examples of self-discovery in motion, and many are finding themselves
asking similar questions in these accelerating times. The act of seeking marks the
initiation to your path of awakening, which can ultimately lead to ascension. Its your first
hint that life should be better and richer, with greater intimate experiences that make us
feel fulfilled and excited on many levels. Life should be loving, intimate, full, honest, and
exciting in every way. Life should be creative, joyful, inspiring, harmonious, peaceful, and
enlightening. If life is any other way, it is because we have allowed ourselves to buy into,
accept, and integrate limiting and/or negative beliefs. Limitation is steeped in fear, and
they have been used for centuries to keep the veil of illusion upon humanity.
We have been shrouded in fear about everything and anything, and at least now
we know how negative beliefs and emotions affect our physical body; we can only
imagine what it does to our energetic cosmos, Gaia, and all things within her care. Fearful
beliefs are the catalyst to limiting emotional behaviors, such as worry, negative selfdialogue, negative definitions, physical and emotional stress, control, aggression, and so
on. To resolve our issues with fear, we need to have the courage within to bring all that
haunts us to the surface, for we know once it is examined, acknowledged, and embraced, it
can be released for good. Fear clouds the infinite potential of what has always been
entirely possible for us to experience. The question is, when Spirit beckons you to seek, to
step forth upon the infinite path to unknown possibilities, will you stand back in fear and
inaction, or will you let go and surrender to what has been your birthright all along?
The conditionings of our society, or what we have been brought up to believe to
be true, has not prepared, or even allowed us, to believe in expanded notions of other lifeforms outside what is scientifically proven upon our planet, let alone life-forms in other
frequencies. What could our children create if they knew, without a second of doubt
residing within them, that our existence is unlimited and infinite, and the potential to
experience more than what is taught in textbooks, is entirely possible? Higher living and
an expanded mindset involve taking all that you know and allowing yourself to go beyond
it. If you are awakening now, in this planetary activation into a heightened frequency, you
have the potential to stake your claim and really create a powerful, creative, abundant, and

intimate life that swirls with excitement and miraclesbecause you know that it is
possible. Step aside from the normal stream of traffic and truly open to your profound
potential. You dont have to take a path that simply doesnt fit. You have the ability to
create a new powerful life in every thought, every belief, and every action you take. How
you align your energetic frequency in this moment of now will directly equal what you
experience, always.
Our innate abilities to manifest and create are within us right now. We were all
born with the same tools of Creation. We are linked at the energetic level within all of
Creation, and it is in this that we truly are one in this co-creative process. In this moment,
we are powerful. In this moment, we do know the answers to the questions that stir within,
and in this moment, were immensely creative and wondrous beings of light. When was
the last time someone told you that you owned this level of power? A New Earth glow of
expanded beings takes not only acknowledgement, but also ownership of this of power,
because you cannot experience what you are not the vibration of, and to be this requires
that we know it is possible for us in this lifetime. This is the potential of and frequency
requirement to experience a fifth-dimensional New Earth realm.
We have all come here on agreement for a myriad of reasons and lessons;
however, this gorgeous planet is shifting to a new level of resonance to bring the highest
aspects of Heaven down to Earth, for all to live in peace and harmony with all species,
including planetary and intergalactic beings. It is a cosmic agenda, and many beings from
many varying systems and vibrational frequencies are in constant alignment with Gaias
success. We have chosen, at our higher levels of consciousness, to be here at this time of
great acceleration because we knew the profundity of the potential to experience and be a
part of Gaias Rebirthing into a fifth-dimensional frequency. It is Gaias turn, and as
divinely planned, she will return to her brilliance and stand boldly once again in this
magical corner of the universal sky and announce her presence among the awakened. The
initiation of oneself is the initiation into the awareness of oneness within the whole, and
the potentials we carry with every new higher-vibrational belief, thought, and
There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. We create everything we
experience. I do not mean this metaphorically. This statement is meant to be taken
literally. This physical reality is merely an illusion, and as many are now awakening, we
understand that this planet offers choices in experience that few planets can offer. We live
within certain Creation rulesas other planets, realms, and star systems doand each
planet exists within its own specific set of rules. We co-create experiential consciousness,
our collective consciousness, just as we co-create Gaia as she sits right now. We are an
energetic collective body upon Earth, and everything we do, think, or act upon has an
effect on the whole. We create our perceptions based on what we believe and have been
conditioned to believe; in the lessons we chose to experience in this reality, we created
earthly themes for us to transcend in our lifetime.
On this planet, we have agreed to experience some of the rules that govern this
reality, and in these rules, we know our potential to learn and expand from them. Earthly
rules such as free will, gravity, spiritual forgetfulness, imagination, and unlimited
potential, to name a few. As powerful a tool as free will is, it can be two-sided: humanity

can become stuck in forgetfulness and devolution. This is why cosmic, celestial, and
intergalactic beings and councils have been called upon to assist in Earths awakening, and
up until 2012, they had strict rules of engagement with humanity that limited their contact
with us.
2012 was one of many important cosmic transitions that opened the door for
expansion to Earth, and to those who desire to tap into the ascension energies. Along with
the energetic and planetary shift that occurred, otherworldly beings began to receive
approval to connect with us in more open ways. There were many historical events that
sent out a call for help to realign and rebalance the state we brought Gaia to. This
energetic call was received by Source or God, and in such a loving and benevolent system
of light, there is never a planet that goes unnoticed and unattended to. The call was heard,
and a cosmic plan for Gaias ascension was set in place.
Since the First World War, it has been obvious that this powerful tool of free
will, this luxury that we have been granted from Creation, has been seen as a free ride
for those of lower vibrations, and there are some that use this tool to control and
undermine a planet that has the potential for a peaceful and abundant future. In many
countries, those in leadership positions have been close to bringing Gaia to oblivion. This
has obviously caught the attention of many beings throughout our Universe to step in with
loving and benevolent action to become more openly involved in Gaias evolution.
Near destruction and nuclear irresponsibility is not an option, and those who can
will step in, as they have proven on numerous occasions, and will stop and disengage
large-scale destruction devices and agendas. This level of disregard for human and cosmic
life will not be tolerated, for what most fail to understand is that we are all connected, and
if such a horrific nuclear event was to occur, it not only would destroy human and
planetary life at this level, but would also have the potential to ripple throughout Creation
on the multiverse level, affecting life and cosmic stability in many realms. We are divinely
protected; however, because we live within the rules of free will, there must be a
resolution for those who strongly desire an enlightened way of life, and for those who
choose to remain in a state of disrespect and naivet. As planetary ascension continues, the
difference in vibrational resonance will be too great for opposing frequencies to coexist
long term.
Since the inception of the earliest of civilizations on Earth, Gaia has been
protected by the highest of light-beings in our Universe, mandated directly from Source.
Throughout time, humanity has waged many wars in the name of greed, power, and
control over her lush land and resources. Look at the news right now and you will see
countless media articles that, in a feeding frenzy, engage in, support, and encourage the
nonstop tug-of-war that is played out every minute upon Gaia. We are in constant
struggles about religion, land, resources, beliefs, social status, and on and on. We continue
to incarnate in this realm to allow us to work through these limitations and rise above,
because we have seen every battle, every struggle play out, and we know that it never
resolves the fear that brought the pain on. Regardless of what star system we play out the
countless dramas, roles, and blueprints, each incarnation of our soul sets forth the desire
and potential to advance and evolve. These earthly experiences are most profound in their
ability to offer to us to awaken into what was outlined in our souls blueprint as a potential

to create and manifest for our highest and most expanded state. Awakening into this
planetary shift, the collective consciousness can now experience how altering what we
believe and letting go of the fear sets the stage to lighten our step upon this planet. We can
choose to live from a state of love, harmony, and peace because we know that these
changes alone can manifest a new life experience and contribute to a harmonious and
peaceful planet, open to cosmic invitations of love and light.
For centuries, even hundreds of thousands of years, humanity has learned to
navigate the rules offered here; and from the many tragedies we have caused, we know
innately that to survive long-term upon Gaia, we need to better understand who we truly
are, why we are here, and what our place is within the greater cosmic puzzle. In reflecting
upon some of these key points, we can begin to bring balance to our social structures and
use the power of free will to create a reality with infinite potential. Awakening is the
remembrance of our ability to use free will and realign with Source, truly creating
something brilliant. In this powerful awakening, we understand that we can choose to let
go of fear and intend a purposeful life with love and balance at the center of all we do.
We are here, in this time, to create a profound shift of light essence, and as we
transmute fear into love and darkness into light, we co-create the frequencies whereon
New Earth will reside. In this final bold stand, we are shedding the veil of darkness,
limitation, and fear. Many of us as a collective are moving into the potential that is the
primary reason for us incarnating upon Gaia. Ascension is a potential that excites many of
us. We are here to create this shift now as a collective because intuitively we know all
power resides where it always has, and what songs of celebration would ring through the
cosmos as we transmute such earthly pains, imbalance, personal darkness, and limitation!
Even if we live in the poorest, most desolate location on our planet, we have the
potential to ascend and reengage with Source and Creation. We are energetic,
multidimensional beings, and we will infinitely be enmeshed with All That Is, Gaia, and
all other life-forms within the Universe. We have been taught that if it is not scientifically
proven or accepted by the masses, or even if it is not seen, it cannot exist. The energies of
planetary ascension have been changing these limiting beliefs, and now more than ever,
each day, people are awakening to the magical occurrences that are a direct manifestation
of what we align ourselves to.
There is no escaping our energetic connection and link to our reality and Creation.
Once we are triggered into self-discovery and self-reflection, we will be shown in a
myriad of ways that this is so. As the miracles unfold, ones state of being becomes
expanded and lighter, and knowingness replaces limitation and doubt. As a human
collective, we tap into the understanding of the ancient systems of knowledge and
wisdom, as we are being reborn with fresh eyes to see and sense the potential within. In
many ways, and like all alchemical processes, the aspect that we are is transcending into a
new heightened state of light resonance. If you are aware of what may be possible, then
you can begin the process of how to align with what you truly desire. In this recognition of
possibilities and potentials, we shift into ownership of what we are responsible for. There
is nothing that we do not create, at any level, and in this power of ownership, we take back
the power of what unfolds in our own lives and in our souls evolution. We can embrace
who we are, in all of our faults and past errors, and allow the remembrance to fall back in

love with Creation, Gaia, nature, and ourselves so that we may align once again with our
Higher Selves and Source to allow the co-creation of a new fifth-dimensional existence
and future potential. That very much relies on what we do in every now moment.
What has this life allowed you to learn? What does this planetary experience teach
you? How do you envision your perfectly balanced world? And in what you see and
experience, can you change, alter, or shift so that what is being mirrored back to you is a
reflection of love and light? These are all questions that can propel self-clarity and
moments of inspiration and insight for expanded thought and enlightenment. Remember,
dear lighted ones, self-reflection and self-discovery is not about blame; it is about owning
what state you resonate at, and allowing yourself the acknowledgement, love, and ability
to move toward higher frequencies. We have the innate power to create anything;
however, we cannot change what we do not own. Be bold and be clear about what you
desire, and start aligning to the essence, to the vibrations that bring you excitement, joy,
and love. Sound easy? The process of ascension is mechanically a simplistic one, but it
does require that we be honest and thorough in all that we fear. Ask yourself tough
questions and face them head on, for only good can come from being honest in the light of
change and ascension. This will unveil more of who you are as you discover new truths
about yourself as well as the strength and wisdom that swelled within you from the
moment you took your first breath.
You have a grand opportunity to ask, seek, inquire, and heed the lessons being
mirrored to you for greater insight, greater expansion, and your ultimate evolution. We
have been incarnated on this planet to learn these truly powerful lessons, and its our
choice to go beyond what we have been told, transcend what we have been taught, and
create the life we truly deserve. All that we experience is by our own perfectly designed
plan, and in this age of awakening, many souls will manifest events or circumstances to
stir their senses in every way and awaken to the gifts within. It is in these soul stirrings
that we create a world that can shine boldly with our celestial family among the stars. We
are unveiling our true natural selves, our most authentic version of who we desire
ourselves to be, and it can be felt as we reflect and integrate new levels of awareness and
states of being.
What this physical reality mirrors to us at every moment can allow us to alter our
path and fine-tune our skills as the powerful multidimensional creators that we are. This
awakening, this consciousness shift, allows more and more people come together at a
similar vibrational resonance and create the new systems and structures that will see
humankind raise the light quotient levels of which have never been seen before in our
galaxy. We have come from such levels of darkness, limitation, and strife, but the truth is
that we will rise above to create change, light, balance, abundance, harmony, and a more
entangled experience with all of Creation.

Why Ascension and Why Now?

Why change? Why all this talk about awakening and ascension, and why now?

For those who work with light and focus on positive intent and action, we know there have
been powerful surges of energy gifted to Gaia. These surges propel those already
awakened to step it up, so that those around us can also create the potential for
awakening. Remember, we are energy beings, and we can all sense when those we love
are moving through powerful life changes. Light is infinite and profound, for it is the
essence of love and has no boundaries or limits. Love is the most powerful vibration in the
Universe, and as we allow our own inner light to be set free, we step up the frequency for
those around us. Even if many choose not to be moved on the path of awakening, the light
you emit touches and changes all within your reality, whether you know it or not. There is
still much work ahead of us to create the vibrations and energetic portals for mass
ascension, and as all possibilities are a reality on some level, many will simply choose to
sit idly by. Our individual intent is unique to each being, and as we return Gaia to her
natural brilliance, even the few lighted ones can have a profound effect on darkness due to
the overwhelming benevolence and the effects of love. For life to continue on this planet,
celestial intervention has been assigned from the most-high auspices to assist in our
ascension and expansion, as well as to help us better understand our innate and infinite
potential as spirit essence. These celestial interventions and support that we have been
given offer the highest opportunity for Gaias success in co-creating a harmonious and
life-sustaining planet.
Spiritual awakening and awareness teach us that our experience here is not a
matter of how to manifest more money and buy more things, although this is still a viable
earthly experience, our key lessons encompass the ability to aid in Gaias greater plan and
reengage with life and one another. As we tap into the understandings of Universal law,
we gain the ability to manifest anything, and with a greater understanding of Source, and
our intimate link with it, we can expand to manifest our higher purpose and live with
spiritual intent and oneness. At the end of this earthly experience, possessions, titles, and
even material gains cannot be taken with us into higher-consciousness states. These
attributes of our earthly experience and time here are used within the experience, which
itself enhances and refines the souls evolutionary desire and intent. As one awakens, the
greater question then becomes: How may I serve in the evolutionary story for Gaia and
humanity while I also answer my souls calling? What we are moving through is an
immense transformation to change our entire societal belief system. We can now learn to
align with the higher aspects of who we are and expand our understanding about our
multidimensional selves, and the potential that these discoveries hold for us. In our
expanded knowing, we can allow innovative concepts that create a healthy, balanced
planet for generations to come, to seep into our consciousness, thereby celebrating our
place among the cosmos and our star families. Living in peace with nature, Gaia, and all
of existence is the great theme we are all awakening to remember, acknowledge, embrace,
and cultivate into our newfound benevolent behavior as ascension energies and celestial
support are offered and supported right now.
It is apparent that in all corners of this planet, this patient and loving spirit we call
Gaia has undergone tremendous challenges and change, and we are required to set it right.
We have played this game of incessant greed and control that has seen humanity on the
brink of destruction several times over its lifetime. Creations desire to see humanity
experience joy, bliss, and unconditional love for her home, nature, and one another has

been the catalyst to Gaias ascension plan. There has been a tremendous disconnect with
nature and the human potential for generations, and this behavior has allowed for little
balance in the name of oneness and in Gaias health within Creation. It is now time for
those who desire to give back to transform lower vibrational energies into lighted pockets
of potential. We do this by expanding our awareness and tapping into our spirit essence
and potential as we lay to rest dark and negative constraints, restrictions, and beliefs that
have suffocated humanity for so very long.
What is evolution if everything within it does not change? Another primary tenant
of Universal Law is that everything must change, and in our planetary evolution, we are
now ready to break free and create new ways, new systems, and new ideas that can
provide us with a new perspective to expand our level of awareness. Not all beings now
upon Gaia will create the personal resonance to come along in this ascension journey this
time around. Not all beings will create the opportunities for themselves to tap into their
higher aspects, or benevolent potential, and that is okay. For the light of the few can be
powerful enough to bring those who desire change, enlightenment, and a loving and
unlimited home to come along for the ride. This is how powerful light and love truly are.
Evolution is automatic for those who desire to awaken. It brings the energetic opportunity
for new systems and concepts to be seen because we have allowed ourselves an expanded
perspective able to tap into its vibration. This is really how the Law of Manifestation or
the Law of Attraction works. We are vibrationally aligning ourselves to the reality we
desire and thus allowing it to be shown and created from these intentions, desires, and new
ways of behaving as a collective. We manifest the reality that we experience in every
moment, and it is no different at the collective level.
This quantum web we swim within allows all energy to disperse and finds its
energetic match or home, and for those who are ready to tap into it, it will be the
experience of a lifetime; thus, bringing light where there once was dark, and hope where
there was dismay. These acts can ultimately bring our Universe together with the
inspiration that this loving entanglement creates. Awakening allows us to let go of
separation and denial to bring forth the expansion and enlightenment in every area of our
existence, for we have much room to evolve toward a future on our gorgeous Gaia.

Change Can Occur NOW!

When we look at the assistance and change required in the world as a whole, it
can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming. This is why I no longer watch TV news or
most programmed television, nor do I listen to the news on the radio. There is much being
fed to us at every level of our awareness that is dark and dismal, and can allow us to sit in
a state of numbness if we let it. It has been a perpetual story of powerful nations, political
agendas, and even religious order, to maintain control and maintain its hold on the reins of
fear. We can choose to create higher vibrational thoughts, which create higher vibrational
potentials and can allow us to move away from the concept of needing others to speak or
act on our behalf; and as individuals, a group, or planetary collective, the voice of a few

can rise above for greater change. We are as powerful and infinite as the highest beings in
the Universe, and Gaias imbalance has been the alarm signaling for many that change is
needed now. This is the potential that you have, and all the power you need resides within
you to live your path to your fullest and highest self.
I am here to tell you that if you surround yourself with energy that emits fear, and
you focus on the level of existence that keeps one feeling lost, alone, or drenched in worry
and stress, then that energy seeps into your life at every level and will manifest to show
you how misaligned you are to your highest and best. For your soul will never stop
sending you signals for change, and if awakening is something your soul is calling for,
then turn off the news and the shows that emit negativity. Cancel your newspaper
subscription, and rise above what is being offered by the mainstream media. If it feels bad,
it probably is. We are awakening in a time when the collective desire to create inspiring
resolve to our worlds most challenging issues is breaking through the veil of stagnancy.
The more we take a stand and act in bold light to alter what we experience; the greater
chance we have to survive here for as long as Gaia will have us.
Children being born now are a perfect example of the potential humanity has to
create profound change and enlightened systems. They innately know how to use what
they were born with. They question in ways we simply didnt do, and because there is a
sense of wonder still resonant in them, potential resides within their creative play and their
intent to see beyond the limitations we walk with. I remember that many times when I
spoke out and questioned what I was taught or spoke in reverence for what I knew to be
true within my heart, I felt judgment and segregation from those who knew only what they
were taught, and those reactions were enough for me to hide many of my true thoughts
and feelings within. We see many examples of our collective consciousness expanding to
allow for more enlightened dialogue and ecologically sound resolve, and we can even see
social media expanding in small ways to bring the concept of alien life form to the
forefront. Most of our existing social structures have changed very little and the structured
educational systems and religious establishments have left little room for those desiring
change. We are beginning to see a shift, though, and in the years to come, all areas within
our society will see human potential and Universal unity, inspired in many arenas to lay
the groundwork for Earth to open into its galactic role among our celestial star families.
Understanding and interpreting how we feel is integral in navigating our way to
the light. Light, love, freedom, and wisdom are found right here, right now, but we have to
seek the truth about our deep-seated beliefs that literally create what we perceive.
Wisdom, love, light, and the ability to rise up are within. It always has been and it always
will be, for we are beings of spirit essence and we are eternally tapped into Creation. If we
utilize this powerful knowingness and this aspect of now, then we have no need to look
elsewhere for the answers. The promising future of Gaia will endure the changes to bring
us to a world with little need for rulers and power-hungry leaders, for we will know that
we are the masters over our domain. For we are ultimately the masters of our destiny, and
in these planetary ascension energies, we have the prime playing field to remember our
intuitive insights, innate brilliance, and wisdom. These gifts will help us consciously
create life with immense purpose, connection, intimacy, depth, fulfillment, harmony, joy,
and infinite possibilities. This is truly how we were meant to experience this reality, and
somehow, somewhere along the way, we got lost in the murk of darkness and fear and

allowed the taste of power and greed to steal the spotlight from spiritual evolution. Living
life through the auspices of our heart center, and paying more attention to how we
intuitively feel is the energetic guidance system to paths that create lasting and loving
Each one of us carries the ability and the profound potential to create positive
shifts in our reality right now. This you, the one sitting here right now reading these
words, knows somewhere within that you have unlimited intuitive potential to create the
next powerful moment by consciously creating powerful thoughts, intentions, and beliefs.
Even if you may not agree, desire change, or even believe that what may be offered here is
possible, the words I write come with encoded fragments to tap into any aspect within that
may be open to this potential. Some of what is written will resonate, steep within you, and
even possibly bring forth the memories that will allow you to release and rise up in
vibration, but it is all a way for Creation to speak through those who carry the resonance,
to offer its call for change and benevolent love.
We have always carried the ability to create, change, evolve, alter, and raise our
core resonance to expand into higher realm potentials. For you are always supported in
your strongest held beliefs, and what you perceive to be true in this reality is based on
your beliefs, which thus create the reality you experience around you. The question is:
What do you believe to be true about all aspects of your life? Ask yourself the questions
that will allow you to purge limited and outdated beliefs so that you can open the door to
expanded perceptions and allow profound potentials to flow to you. More examples of
self-reflecting questions are: What do I believe to be true about who I am? What do I
desire to manifest, create, and experience, and what beliefs need to be altered to
experience these things? Be still, dear lighted ones, and review all aspects of your life so
that you can start redefining yourself in bold and powerful ways. Release all mismatched
vibrational beliefs and transform your inner knowingness to align with the new,
redesigned, higher vibrating definitions and beliefs for a new profound you.
As we continue to gain greater understanding about the concept of time, we can
alter how we behave in relation to this in our everyday life. The only time that ever really
exists is now. There is no greater time to create change than this moment, and if all we
ever do is live every moment in the now, this alone will trigger divine activations for
change for greater potential. For it allows us to let go of worry about future issues, or
shame for the past we have experienced, and live fully in the present. Living in the now is
a crucial concept for ascension path work.
I dont mean for this to sound like an abstract segment of time that is difficult to
comprehend. Living in the now means that you must consciously create your frequency
moment-for-moment. Do not make now any more than it is. Now literally means that in
this moment you have the power to shift a belief to meet a higher-resonating vibration,
which creates higher-vibrating experiences. Living a happy, peaceful, and loving life
means that moment-to-moment we choose the frequency that creates it. If we consciously
choose our thoughts and actions, and redefine our beliefs to create profoundly positive
potentials, we shift the reality we experience to match our most authentic version of who
we were meant to be. Change starts with self-reflection and the unveiling of deep-seated
beliefs and definitions that may not be that subtle when you begin your journey. If you

commit to altering your behavior to match a more powerful and profound sense of self,
you will experience your reality shifting into newly heightened vibrations. Align with
what allows you to feel true to yourself, centered, and loving, and create your life with
heart-based intention. This means to express yourself from your heart center.
Sometimes when we desire change, we tend to get suffocated by the complexity,
or time, or challenge of what lies ahead of us. Change can literally occur right now, and
right now you can create your own success if you take just one belief at a time and live
through your heart center in the moment of now.
We do not need to create elaborate systems and processes for enlightenment to
occur, for the mechanics of ascension are truly simple. Live every moment, this now
moment, from your heart center, and express the love from this center through you in
every way you can. At first those around you will sense that this change is all an act, for
it may feel as if it requires effort and faking it until you make it, but the more you allow
yourself to feel again and be directed by your heart, the more the natural flow of Source
and existence will return to you synchronistically. This process alone will allow for
outdated belief systems to surface so that you may acknowledge and redefine, because as
we move further into accelerated energies, those things in your life that simply no longer
fit will become clear. Love brings out the darkness in us all for healing and transformation,
and this suppression or ignoring of the darkness must be faced head on. Sometimes we
may feel that it is safer, less traumatic if we just pretend that the inner whispers are not
real, but at some point, those vibrations that no longer fit will rear their heads until they
are resolved and healed. This is an aspect of human evolution that we cannot ignore. This
process is what allows us to expand, for there are powerful lessons of love in each one,
and we are worthy of the transformational potential of each.
We have all been there, and we all have stories of hanging on to something that no
longer served us, which, in the end, we truly desired to release so that we could move on.
Just know, dear lighted ones, if you are prompted to seek within and resolve a painful or
negative issue, then you are fully equipped to heal and release it. There are no superfluous
experiences in Creation, and you are more powerful than you know. Redesign all aspects
of your life and who you are, your beliefs, and your potential, so that a new reality
manifests itself before you.
You will always manifest what is right for you, in every moment. As you read
this, there are energetic vibrations being activated within you, and any imprint that your
soul has, a like frequency will open the portal to create easier access to ideas and
inspirations for your higher path. This quantum energetic process allows us to further link,
grow, and enmesh within the soul story that you designed before you incarnated here. We
are always given cues, clues, and gifts to enhance our potential for greater intentional
living, if we are open and aware enough to tap into it. Simple expansion exercises such as
reading books like this can activate the synchronicity in your life and trigger you in new
directions, or create heightened beliefs, for this is how life unfolds if you allow it. It is all
an energetic dance set forth by Source and our own desire to remember our innate
brilliance to create a beautifully meaningful life. The Universal web of consciousness
works in this way, and the discovery that we are an integral aspect of it is the jewel of
belonging that allows us to feel the intimacy we have been longing for.

As you open up and align with the greater possibilities, the greater aspects of who
you are and all that you are connected to, all of the like vibrations of this new train of
thought, awareness, or potential will find you or link to you. The choice is ours to walk
through the door and act in accordance with our highest and best, and align with these
potentials to create the ability to allow them in. It is the greatest gift that free will offers to
us in this profoundly unique experience. We have the choice to create our reality, or
manifest anything we desire. The choice to intend loving thoughts and actions, along with
a peaceful and compassionate presence, will create mirrored reflections that resonate a
matching frequency to you, and these potentials are all possible because we have free will.
Choosing to act upon whatever we desire with positive intent, and creating the spiral rise
up in vibration with each shift, can also be referred to as intentional living. These timely
Ascension energies support every positive and enlightened choice you make to know more
about who you are and to tune into your true potential. In every now moment, you can
choose to create your highest path, and you are worthy of experiencing it.
Now, in this moment, is when all change occurs! Right here, right now! And so
we begin. In this focus of our now, many of us are awakening to this powerful
remembrance of who we are as spiritual energetic beings. We are powerful energetic
beings who can create something from nothing. All things in Creation first started from an
energetic form, or thought. We are becoming aware of, sensing, and experiencing our
connection and our existence within the greater aspects of All That Is. At the unseen level,
this is where the stirrings of change have been giventhe energetic level first. This is a
grand and an immense aspect of life that has never been taught in schools or empowered
by our political or social leaders, but is now stirring within the collective, and many are
ready to come into their own light. We have held these innate powers at bay, because for
some of us, to stand alone and be different when so many seem to be unaware of waves
moving across the planet, is sometimes too challenging to face. Our innate power to know
things, sense things, and somehow understand what is not yet written or proven can be
daunting to admit.
These energetic abilities are an aspect of who we are so that we may imbue
ourselves into the grander quantum soup of Creation, and like a symbiotic melding of
divine love, we flow and act in accordance with the divine story for Gaia and our own
higher will. To become intimate with all of Creation in such an energetic way is
entanglement. To sense and to feelfrom the heart levelour way through every
experience with all that we are enmeshed with so that we heed the call of spirit and unite
as a greater cosmic family of loving involvement with Source. This allows us greater
understanding, compassion, and respect, and deep reverence for all that we discover
because we know that we are an aspect of it. These are the potentials of how humanity can
awaken into full loving, conscious states of oneness with all that we exist within, and it is
truly a magnificent experience. With newfound knowingness and awareness, we begin
to feel the tug from deep within that inspires us to act and seek further, and to live in a
higher state of connectedness with all things from that moment forth. Our higher
understandings begin to fluidly become available to us, the more we open to our authentic
potential and enmesh ourselves more expansively with all we exist within, the greater
level of oneness as we imbue the collective vibration of I AM THAT I AM presence.
In these pages, I have passionately expressed who I am as a newly discovered

spirit, and I offer all that I have learned, remembered, and discovered along the way in my
commitment and passion to move beyond all darkness and limitation into an ascended
state of being. In this process, I have discovered that my soul blueprint is far grander than
I could have ever imagined. This path will ultimately allow me to not only prepare for
conscious contact, but to set the stage for others who are excited about this potential in this
Preparing for contact in a fifth-dimensional New Earth requires that we shift our
individual states and assist Gaia, so that there is a viable vibrational match for this to take
place. Personal and planetary ascension are a vast array of many things, but at the core,
they are about expanding and evolving from a limited to an unlimited and loving state of
being. To remember our true human potential is to explore our most authentic self and
flow into a more spirited vibration with All That Is. Becoming our fuller,
multidimensional self, is also at the core of almost all self-help work. So many wonderful
light-workers, soul coaches, life coaches, and spiritual leaders, whom we see emerging
every day, are unique expressions of the same one passionate principle: to assist our
unique expression and gifts as a reflection for others to explore their highest potential in
spirit. Ascension is the result of all the layers of darkness that one has worked through and
discarded, to evolve as a lighter illuminated human. I offer my personal and unique
expression based on all that I feel within my heart, and I provide this and my platform,
Universal Unity, to those seeking to expand their awareness, enlighten their heart, and
move just a little closer to the divine. Ascension, New Earth, and the promise of unlimited
human potential are the reasons we are here, and to experience the profundity when we
awaken to it.
Ascension is living in the potential you create by shifting your core vibration to fit
what you desire to experience in the most enlightened and powerful way. I say this same
statement over and over, so that at some level, it will seep into the cells that require this
knowingness. Ascension and enlightenment seem to create emotional defensiveness or
confusion, which I believe stems from perceptions based on man-made, organized, and
biased religions. Even if one is not practicing a specific religion, these concepts conjure
emotions based on what we believe to be true about them. This book will hopefully bring
many of the obstacles and misunderstandings to light so that the love can begin to heal
what has been out of alignment in these areas.
Insight, awareness, and enlightenment can be found within, for the religion we
know today is a construct created by man. Most of the profound masters who have walked
this planet in light of Source, God, and human evolution did not need the constructs of
structures, fear, or control to bring to light the potentials held within. We are now
awakening to the many mistruths and inaccuracies that have been steeped in outdated and
somewhat oppressive constructs. I have shifted in so many ways, and some personal
experiences that I have encountered with my spirit guides and my celestial team in higher
states of consciousness are truly miraculous. I have shifted my understandings and beliefs
about religion, human behavior, and human potential in such a way that I am literally a
new person every day. The light ships that hover in the sky above my neighborhood, along
with the constant spirit dialogue and enmeshment, remind me moment-to-moment that we
are here to express ourselves as a reflection of the love that Source has for us, and when
we awaken to this, there are no limits or boundaries to what anyone can experience.

It was a little more than eight years ago when my path took many profound shifts,
and at the time, I never imagined I would be writing about preparing humanity for open
contact. I have excitedly answered the call of my soul, and even though challenges,
hurdles, and even some very dark moments surfaced over my desire to experience
unlimited potential, I knew that at my highest state, I would be strong enough to move
beyond whatever unfolded. By understanding Universal Energy and Universal Law, one
can alter and shift vibrations to alter the path at any point. I also am encouraged and
uplifted every moment I tap into the energy of the myriad higher beings involved in
helping me on this path. It is in their loving and benevolent support that I am further
inspired to carry on, regardless of how shaky the ground appears. Persevere young one, it
will be worth your efforts, would resonate in a spirited energetic tone, and I breathed in
their wisdom and love and carried on.
Ascension path work seems to always pull me further into an understanding of
myself, and of the Universe in which we all live. I am committed to experience my most
expanded self and enlightened potential, and although the full details of my soul blueprint
have not fully been revealed, I know with certainty, surety, and boldness that I designed it
and agreed to do whatever I can to fulfill it. The more expanded experiences I tap into, the
more alive and in love with Creation I feel. In every moment, I seek new opportunities to
rediscover myself, because I know they will lead me to a greater understanding of the love
and benevolence that Source and the infinite have for humanity.
Upon these pages are ideas and concepts that offer the potential to enlighten,
entertain, and inspire you to rekindle your own quest for higher truth, deeper meaning,
inclusivity, intimacy, fulfillment, and remembrance of your higher multidimensional
profundity. For in these states of remembrance you truly experience joyful living, blissful
living, and, above all, unconditional love for yourself and others, so that what has alluded
or confined you can be released and set free. The life you truly desire can now be attained
and experienced as fluidly and as naturally as breathing.
As we access greater levels of awareness of all that we are, we begin to clearly
understand that there are much greater divine plans and orchestration occurring at every
level of existence. This understanding of our place and unique position within this grand
aspect, or energetic puzzle of creation, is essential for expansion. For we cannot
experience what we are not the vibration of, and to be a valued part of the greater
collective, we must know without doubt or hesitation that it exists within us and we exist
within it. These subtle changes in how we define our reality and the beliefs we carry about
our reality can allow us to better prepare for the coming together, the galactic ascension
that occurs when any planet rises in immense energetic ways, as Gaia is doing now. We
are a unique aspect of this infinite collective community, and our family reaches further
than we have ever been told. The likes of the ascension shift Gaia is moving through now
have never been seen or experienced anywhere. So its time to get aligned, dear lighted
ones, because we are in for one heck of a ride. As my ascension story unfolds before you,
please feel free to tap into the energetic promptings that will be offered to you by your
energetic teams. It is no accident or coincidence that you have found your way to this
material, and now may be your time to tap into the energetic portal that offers great
change and potential if you so desire it. Join me in this journey of awakening, expansion,
ascension, self-discovery, and remembrance as we tap into this magnificent, magical, and

even miraculous multiverse that we all coexist and co-create within, together as one.
I feel, as many others do, that the time has come for humanity to step out of the
dark and rise up into a new enlightened potential. Humanity has seemingly been held back
by a veil of limitation and darkness for thousands upon thousands of years. This veil has
shrouded our perception of some of humanitys most ancient mysteries, our ancestral
truths, and, most profoundly, our infinite potential. The year of 2012 was a powerful
turning point in Gaias energetic path to ascension. For a number of years, since roughly
1987, there was a rather slow but steady awakening that lifted Gaias core frequency.
Many, having sensed these offerings from the divine, took advantage of its catalytic
potential. In recent years, however, there has been a quickening due to the number of
people opening, awakening, seeking, and remembering their divine spirit potential.
Planetary ascension is much like an immense energetic wave that builds and culminates to
create heightened potential for those who are ready for change. This energetic movement
has gained momentum, and it is changing the face of Gaia, her people, and the cosmos at
For the first time in centuries, a real shift is occurringa profound alteration in
our consciousness as a global family. The subtleties are seeping into the fabric of who we
are, allowing us to not only see, but also experience a fraction of our innate potential,
enabling us to live blissfully, abundantly, and in health, happiness, and communion with
all species and creatures upon Gaia. What a possibility for Gaia and her people! We have
incarnated within what has been known throughout the cosmos as a very dense realm, and
as we have sat by with great indifference while various governing bodies oozed
corruption, the very idea of humanity becoming self-organizing or harmonic and abundant
has remained a promising possibility. Ascension energies are creating a movement for
change sufficient for many to awaken to the desire to seek greater understanding on
concepts of self-empowerment, self-confidence, and the potential to experience balanced
socioeconomic systems. At the collective conscious level, humanity has decided to rise
above the darkened state of limitation that have held our belief systems captive. These
amazingly subtle energetic movements are enough to awaken many into creating
something truly magical and spectacular for Gaia and humanity.
Now that planetary ascension is upon us, there are increasing wonderful resources
being created with the conscious intention to focus on how to live more fully in the
now so that we can reap the benefits of a blissful life. In living in the now, we are
connecting with our ability to flow into the presence and the essence of pure knowingness
and light. Enhancing, expanding, and exploring the infinite aspects of consciousness is the
mastery of reflecting all energetic experiences, downloads, and symbolism in the now.
This divine stream of energetic fluiditythis infinite web of knowledge, wisdom,
abundance, joy, bliss, and so much moreis accessed in the presence of the now, and we
can reflect upon what is being mirrored to us in these experiences that can further awaken
the wisdom and light within. We can alter and shift any situation for a more profound
experience, as we bring all experiences in the now and reflect upon what the experience is
allowing us to see, feel, and explore. It is in the act of seeking that expansion occurs, for it
drives a personal resolve to be more than we were a moment ago. With expansion comes

What is Ascension?

The process of ascension occurs at the subtlest of levels within our existence. It
can occur subliminally, physically, and on every level that we exist within. In the life plan
of Gaia, it was determined that she, too, had the choice of evolutionary expansion, and for
billions of years, she has experienced many diverse plans. If we look at this from the
expanded point of view, every galaxy has its own purpose for existence. Each galaxy has
its own set of planets that house a specific and vast array of experiential properties that
then energetically relay back, or mirror, All That Is and the rest of the Universe at large.
This can then be expanded to the multiverse level as well, layers upon layers or existence,
and each layer with its own rules, experiences, and laws. All planets, galaxies, and
universes, along with the multiverse, are an infinite energetic woven blanket within
Creation, and we can use spiritual logic to infer that all of it has a level of consciousness.
Gaia is alive and she offers her own unique expression to Creation, as does
everything in existence. Her call to move from an imbalanced, unhealthy state has been
heard, and her ascension was set in motion many years ago.
In the grander picture of Creation, there are varying differences, similarities, and
diversities within every system of existence, all to allow for precise evolutionary
experiences, which ultimately feed back into the collective whole. Any and all experiences
affect the whole, the One, the All That Is, and if there is great imbalance to the
evolutionary expression in one link in the chain of Creation, then the Divine is called in
for resolve.
Ascension can be triggered in a myriad of ways, and whatever it is that triggers
our expansion and self-discovery process is exactly within what we have designed at
higher levels. Expansion occurs in all ways, and we are now able to consciously tune in
to our innate senses and feel linked and entangled with Creation and our ever-expanding
universe. The awakening process triggers us to gain greater understanding of our
entanglement between all multidimensional aspects of who we are and what we exist
within and how to tap into these fields of energetic life for a more fulfilling experience.
We are more than this physical body, and we live within an energetic existence that moves
with us and through us, beckoning us to tune in. Awareness is expansion, awareness is
consciousness, and humanity will evolve in profound ways as we open up to these
intelligent waves and layers of consciousness. The more we are inspired to expand our
awareness, the more aware we become of who we are in this grand benevolent operation
of wisdom, intelligence, love, and grace. What occurs within us, in relation to the universe
as a whole, is interconnected and enmeshed.
We are the consciousness of Gaia and our cosmos. As we expand, so too does all
within it. With conscious intention, open yourself up to sensing all life around you at a
deeper level: turn off the noise, listen, and sense your way into peace, harmony, and
balance once again. Life around us is changing, because we as a collective are changing,
and desiring more from this life. The more you tune in to these energetic subtleties, the

more you will experience your reality changing before you. Those of us who have been on
the path of ascension for some time now can physically feel the changes as energy surges
and cosmic alignments occur. We have attuned the physical vessel to hone itself and move
with the energetic alterations and shifts. Physical symptoms of ascension energies and
intensified streams, which many are now experiencing, can be smoothed out as we allow
all dis-ease to be brought to the surface for release and healing. As humanity changes,
shifts, and alters the energetic states we believe to be true, all that we touch within our
physical reality will follow suit. We are intimately entangled with everything, there is
nothing that is left out of the ascension and expansion process.
The process of ascension and expansion allows us to ever so slightly alter our
beliefs and perceptions about all that we believe to be true. This is the how aspect of
expansion. For instance, we can reflect upon the tools we understand to be time and
space, and how they are key attributes of our existence that will change dramatically as
science catches up to what esoteric teachers have been teaching for centuries. We are now
experiencing the sense that time is really an illusion and it is speeding up in ways that we
cant physically keep up with any longer. As we let go and surrender our need to control
certain illusions of our daily lives, we can slip fluidly into all aspects of the universal
pattern and layers of energetic webbing, now understood as the multiverse we all exist
Ascension can occur or be triggered by any event, and sometimes a lifethreatening event can be the catalyst for profound life changes. Even in our earliest of
scriptures, there are countless stories of people altering their beliefs or even body
chemistry after dramatic, life-altering, or life-threatening events, which bring newfound
awareness for a change in behavior. From the ancient scriptures concerning illuminated
beingsor golden, glowing beingsascending from the physical form, there have been
examples of those who have chosen to use their innate power and free will to alter their
reality experience. There are countless stories of humans who have been completely
transformed by a life-altering event, and in the process have gained insight, wisdom, and
even ancient knowledge and creative intelligence, which were previously absent or
believed to be unattainable. These experiences are all examples of ascension and
expansion of awareness in those who heed the call of their higher aspects, spirit guides,
and celestial teams for human advancement in universal love and understanding.
These accounts give us the knowledge that our reality is much more flexible and
pliable than we ever believed. Experiences and situations of transformation are not only
for the chosen few, but are innately available to us all, and we do not need a lifethreatening situation to spur us into ascension or heightened awareness. Awareness of All
That Is, our cosmic heritage, and our place among the star families is our birthright. We
can choose to act in free will to tap into all that our beloved Gaia is moving through in her
divine plan of ascension, and create such miracles for ourselves in our awareness to what
is already right here. These truly are transformative times.
Ascension can occur in simple yet profound ways. I have purposely written from
the basis of what I know to be true from the experiences and teachings I have learned and
remembered. This book will not contain statistics or confirmations from books already
written. The ascension and consciousness expansion is really about moving away from our

desire to have our lives dictated by scientific proof, or mass agreement, and to remember
the innate brilliance we all have, as well as to feel what is true, right, and aligned with the
life we desire. To connect with these intuitive promptings, we need to first acknowledge
that we own these skills and embrace all other aspects of the whole self that has been
forgotten for so very long. If what you read feels innately true for you, then you will
benefit from what is laid out before you. If you tune in to how you feel, what excites you,
and what brings fear to the surface, then you can more acutely tune in to what the universe
offers to you to reflect upon and alter.
With the power you have within, discern the spiritual truths for you and then
apply them to your daily life as you see fit. One must be willing to go the distance. Tune
in, listen, and reflect upon how your body reacts to certain pieces of information and
sensings. These acts will guide you through your own story of self-discovery. Once you
are able to tune in and discern, you must integrate this newfound knowledge into everyday
life. For this is what expands the whole in the most profound way. Energetically this
process affects the whole, but true change comes from reflection, understanding, and
integration. Some of what you read here, and in other like vibrational material, may spawn
negative reactions, discomfort, or even fear. To resolve these triggers, one must be
willing to reflect upon and bring to surface the deep-rooted beliefs that trigger negative
responses. Self-discovery inspires you to dig deeper and expand upon who you are in a
more loving, accepting, open-minded and compassionate way, so that you are able to
enjoy, appreciate, and move through life in an enlightened manner.
Whatever the triggers for an expanded mindset may be, know that every change
transforms the whole. As we alter and shift our ability to think and behave differently with
greater freedom, higher ideals, and greater connection with our multidimensional aspects
and Creation, we increase our core vibration to align with our innate spirit essence. As we
open up and align to higher vibrations, we change all that we exist within, so if living a
more fulfilling and loving life is truly important for you, pay attention to what is triggered
within you as you move through this book, and dont be afraid to face whatever arises, for
your team and your higher self will never gift you with something you are unable to
resolve and triumph over.
We gain greater ability to understand what makes humanity unique through an
expanded acceptance of what makes humans human. We exist as a physical, spiritual
energetic essence, in partnership with the guidance, benevolence, and wisdom of the
higher self, soul, and over-soul, and we are fully entangled and enmeshed within the body
of existence to serve the evolutionary process that is reflected back to Source and All That
Is. This is what is meant by we are all connected and we are all one. Although it may
appear that we are separate beings, we are ultimately connected in a more profoundly
refined and energetic manner. At the core of who we are cellularly, we are as one, and as
one being ascends, expands, and aligns with ones higher self, all within Creation has
shifted with this change. This is why any change you make affects the all, and why the
wave of awakening feels the way it does. There is a wave of humanity awakening and
tapping into the expanse of loving cosmic offers for Gaias potential to be raised, and we
can sense it, see it, and feel it moving through us if we allow it.

Ascension and the Bigger Picture

We can use our beliefs about this physical reality to explore the potential of a
grander point of view. You cannot know what your beliefs are without asking yourself the
tough questions and reflecting upon what is going on within you. What do I believe life
truly means for me? How do I fit within this grander picture of existence as a whole? Was
Earth created by an accidental bang or is there a more precisely orchestrated design? Are
we all merely existing by accident upon a planet floating alone within the cosmos, or is
there a divinely structured plan that we will awaken to and take active part in co-creating?
How do I know I am living my highest potential, and how can I tap into creating greater
entanglement and flow in this life? We can now understand, as we open to the magical
essence of consciousness, that this physical reality and some of the constructs we exist
within are really an illusion, and all of our experiences, on any realm and in any star
system, are for the energetic experience of that part we play. Once we move beyond
what is really at play here, we can use our inner wisdom, universal law, universal energy,
and divinely offered synchronicity to truly create the life experience we ache for, and thus
add to the holographic nature of Creation.
The ascension process can allow us to naturally slip into this magical flow of the
universal stream of the infinite All That Is and the Source of the infinite. As we slip into
the natural flow of life, and let go of mundane struggles and self-loathing beliefs, we begin
to flow in the elegant dance with creation in magical ways. This can only occur as we shift
our beliefs about what is possible and surrender to what has always been within. Trusting
what is within and our link with Creation was an attribute gifted to us the moment we
were conceived, and it will open us to the true historical heritage of humanity and Earth.
There are profound creative potentials that humanity is capable of, and in the coming
years, we will see this as all aspects of our social structures and scientific innovativeness
move into the embodiment of humanitys understanding of consciousness and the
unseen. We have seen tremendous awakening in the acceleration since 2012, and more
and more groups and pockets of light are sprinkled all over the planet to assist with the
amping up of the collective vibration for such social changes to occur. All of these
timely evolutionary shifts will lay the groundwork to ready the collective vibration for the
eventuality of open contact with our celestial friends and family. Human evolution is
about expanding all that we are and exploring all that we can be in all ways. Evolution,
ascension, expansion, unconditional love, and benevolence are about inclusivity and
oneness with the all.
Global consciousness awakening is no accident. The divine plan for Gaia will
allow for all to create for themselves the potential to expand to a new way of living. We
even see the intuitive brilliance in the genetic change in children born in recent years, and
all new sparks and triggers that awaken more in the coming years, will add to the
culmination of the planetary energetic story of Gaias ascension. We are sitting in the
middle of a most profound global acceleration, and it is all by divine design. This process
of accumulation of positive, loving energy; infinite potential. The seeking of light
behaviors will enmesh in such an entangled way, and in every layer, that planetary

ascension to a fifth-dimensional frequency will be the result. The scales were tipped in
favor of ascension, and there were enough of us desiring, seeking, and acting with light
within, that a profound energetic surge propelled us in a new, fresh way since 2012. The
catalyst, climax, and pinnacle of planetary ascension are gracefully swimming around us
now, and it is free will that can enable you to tap into it. We are worthy of so much more
than we have been told about or allowed ourselves to believe and achieve; and for
centuries, we have lived in devolution in many ways. That has all changed, dear lighted
ones, and we are imbuing a new sense of hope and potential for what lies ahead as we
create brilliance in this now moment. The question of the millennia is: How will this all
unfold, and are you ready to tap into the potential within?
In asking ourselves the deeper questions that are infinitely inspired by our evercurious soul and spirit, we literally open ourselves up for miraculous events to drift in, gift
us, and become the essence of our true natural selves. This magical unfolding of our
authenticity is the true essence of who we are and why we chose to incarnate at this time.
These simple yet profound energetic shifts are sparked by the desire and intent of seeking
answers and ideas that will allow the soul to experience peace, joy, and harmony thereby
allowing us to be who we truly desire to be. It is the ultimate brave act for humanity to
seek the answers within that allows us to rise above. The further we go within, the higher
we will rise above. A world that has balanced in the belly of chaos for so long requires its
collective life to stand boldly in love and knowingness for what is within. If all other
beings in Creation know of our potential, then why can we not see what has always been
within? As within, so without. ~Ancient Proverb
Ascension allows us to understand our greater place among the universe, together
with our ability to create and to gain a clearer sense of who we are as a species, with each
incremental shedding of limitation and negativity. We can tap into the true nature of what
we are capable of and the energetic shift of even one person adds to the overall scheme of
human evolution, creating a jewel among the stars in our beloved Gaia. There has been
great disconnect between humanity, nature, Gaia, Creation, and Source. The old and
limiting beliefs that we are separate, alone, unintelligent, and not of divine blood have
bred great disconnection through every aspect of our existence. This disconnect between
our physical existence and our potential existence as expanded spiritual beings has led us
to the economic and social problems that exist now. Fear breeds limitation, hate, darkness,
and separation, and it is why our planet, the species living upon Gaia, and every being
upon her are now aware of the drastic and alarming damage, imbalance, and extinction.
We have forgotten our role and our responsibility in stewardship, or ambassadorial
intention between nature, wildlife, and, ultimately, the love we have for self, our potential,
and Source. These relationships are all entangled and connected, and should one aspect of
this chain be darkened with disease, the entire system fails.
The last two sentences are so powerful and profound that they need to be stressed
for one to master the understanding of what humanity is awakening to. Humanity is
awakening to the state of mind, and the way one behaves upon Gaia is one of stewardship
and honor. Honoring our world, her offerings, and even the ancestral wisdom that seeps
from the grids into our consciousness that begs for expansion. What we experience in our
world at all levels is a reflection of what goes on within the collective upon Gaia. I need to
stress the importance of this next sentence: When the urge within inspires you to seek, to

explore, to expand, you must do so. Heed the call of your spirit as it beckons you to ask.
The earth that we walk upon requires that we all step up and act in a loving and united
way, and this cannot occur until we all seek the answers within. As we resolve the inner
conflictsthe inner feelings of lack, doubt, fear, and self-loathingwe are free to emit
the purity of love and light to all we desire and all that we ache to experience.
Understanding universal energy allows the link in the chain to be strengthened to carry the
intensity and the speed at which our planet is moving. In these times of expansion within
the divine plan, there are agendas and timelines (linearly speaking, for all to understand);
these agendas must be deployed and completed because the future of Earth and humanity
relies on it.
For many years I have sensed that an underlying planthe highest divine plan set
out for planet Earth and her foretellingis under intense review on a moment-by-moment
basis by many beings. There are countless beings around the universe assisting, watching,
learning, and being actively involved in the unfolding of Gaias ascension plan. What
occurs here during Gaias ascension is similar to what has happened on other planets that
have ascended because other planets within our universe traverse a similar path. I have felt
that there are set timelines (in accordance with what we know of time) for these
profound changes to occur, and some of these changes will be felt while some will not.
Greater expansion and oneness, the way we begin to care for our planet and for one
another, are key to bringing universal unity to the hearts of all beings. This is why we will
see clusters or groups of innovative mavericks who will take great leaps of courage for
great advancements in this way. It is our innate knowingness of the true potential of
humanity to step outside limitation and create brilliance in unity and love. All of these
compassionate and benevolent behaviors activate Gaias grids, thus allowing a more
refined ascension energy to be offered. Inspirations and new creative concepts all vibrate
at specific frequency levels, and when the collective is ready for fresh ideas, there will be
those who open to receive it.
The unification with our higher self, our multidimensional self, the
multiverse, and All That Is has been humanitys need and desire for so long. This
disconnect between all beings and our universe is the catalyst for those who may not
consciously recognize that feelings of lack, displacement, unfulfilling roles, and not
belonging are energetic knowingness and bleed through of spirit desiring greater
entanglement to Source and all within Creation. There is so much more within our reality,
and we let so much slip by our every day without even noticing the gifts we are being
offered by Gaia. We have shut ourselves off from experiencing profound bliss because we
fear what love and compassion truly allow us to feel. I believe we fear this because it
changes all that we have known ourselves to be since the conception of humanity. How
uncanny it is that we fear the power we have within and how unlimited our love can really
Understanding the core issues of humanitys challenges can allow us to bring light
to the struggles and create greater harmony and peace for all. There is an energetic longing
for spirit; knowledge of greater light; and the connection, link, and entanglement we have
for our divine and authentic self, and all of nature. We experience spiritual freedom and
ecstasy in our dream-times and higher consciousness states, where we are awake to our
connection with All That Is. One of the rules we agreed to in entering this incarnational

realm was that we had to forget our link with the divine, so that the greatest aspect of
growth could occur. This is also why I believe we have become addicted to our personal
electronic devices. These tools and devices are used to create the faade that we belong or
are linked and connected with somethingsomeonegreater than we know or see. Just as
children act out when their core needs are not being met, humanity acts out when the
realization hits that our sense of belonging and the desire to be loved and needed continues
to be unfulfilled.
We can take this concept one step further and say that all of our societys fearbased decisions in global political and socioeconomic actions are the symptom and byproduct of our lack of self-love, belonging, and connection with All That Is and Creation.
Fear breeds all negative emotional behaviorssuch as control, aggression, greed, and
powerand all for the desire to feed the immense feelings of spiritual loneliness. In our
dream time and meditative time, these higher-consciousness states allow us to link back in
with Source, our celestial teams, and our angelic family, and unconditional love pours
forth. In such heightened states, we experience deep love, freedom, and bliss; and in our
waking state, limitation confines us in profound ways and we manifest the symptoms of
our loneliness in many ways. Our most challenging lesson, and the big question of our
age, will see humanity confront our sense of belonging and our ability to be
unconditionally loved, not only by the universe and all of its creatures, but also by
ourselves, and by Source. Will Earth and her inhabitants dig deep enough to grow beyond
the density and limitation that this realm offers? Will this help us see that our sense of
belonging was lost in the act of forgetting who we truly are?
When we break down all of our global issues and bring them back to the self,
what we perceive and experience in our external reality is really a mirror of what is going
on internally at some level. Everything is within, and our consciousness is merely focusing
so profoundly on this reality that it creates the illusion of a physical body, space, home,
and so on. This is how profound of creators we truly are, and if we know this, if we really
get this, the potential of what we are able to create is really unlimited. We can start to
recreate what we believe to be a new global community, and belonging for all as we grow
in our knowledge of our unlimited potential. We instill love, entanglement, and belonging,
which ultimately allows for the co-creation of new profound and powerful meanings for
who we design ourselves to be at heightened levels of awareness. With knowledge comes
awareness, and, as stated earlier, awareness is consciousness. Consciousness is truly our
tool for experiencing anything we desire to manifest in any way, so tune in, dear lighted
ones, because you truly deserve to feel unconditionally loved and reconnected with all
life-forms and Source once again.
The moment you become aware of your innate power to createof the tool that is
your consciousnessis the moment your entire reality shifts before you. When you truly
get that you are more powerful than you ever dreamed, your whole sense of self is
shifted to a new state of awareness. You sense that you are a new person, and the sensation
of awakening becomes the doorway to everything. When you feel that you are no longer
who you were just a moment ago, you desire to seek more, because it feels so good to feel
renewed, alive, and beating within the heart of Creation once again. This is why it is called
awakening: you offer to yourself the higher possibilities and potential you have always
carried within you, and you are now free to act, do, and be exactly as your spirit desires.

This is truly self-empowering, and to know that the door to your unlimited potential lies
within you, all you need to do is to tune in to it and expand your awareness into the
profundity that is yours to experience. In these awakenings, the physical body is releasing
blocked negative energy from fears and limitation, the cellular and auric systems are
accelerating, and a sensation of speeding up or enlightening can result from your
expansion and awareness work. You are literally amping up your personal frequency, and
what resonates at a faster state resonates at a lighter state.
This change, this shift, in these moments of awakening, is the center point of
ascension for many. This feeling, the profound shift of awakening, is like no other, and
this is so because we have reconnected at the energetic level of our more expanded
potential with Source. This is how the process of awakening and ascension can really pull
us deeper within, to go further and uncover more of the beauty of who we truly are,
because it reveals our innate power to create and be more of our true natural self. It is a
process of evolution, of change, and when you shift from what you thought you knew
about your existence and the world, the universe within you opens up in profound and lifealtering ways. You literally wake up, or awaken to a new life experience, and you then
enter into new states of higher-vibrating energetic patterns, with the potential of
enmeshing with other higher-vibrating patterns within Creation. That split second of
recognition is what can literally shift you to a new higher-resonating reality where all
things are possible and youre no longer the same person you were a moment before.
In this moment, we have the ability to alter our vibrational state by altering our
beliefs, our perceptions, and how we define our reality in each moment. Then and only
then does our reality change and adjust to our newfound input to higher-vibrational
patterns, and then life simply flows. The natural fluidity of life can really be that simple.
Simply flowing into who you are, as a powerful energetic being, means shifting yourself
into the vibration of what your soul and spirit desires for you. Trusting the intuitive clues,
cues, and signs that your guides and teams send you, and acting upon what excites you,
will help you move through a higher-vibrating reality. We are always being offered clues,
cues, and hints to tap into, and if we are not quieting ourselves long enough to hear the
call, we get stuck in the cycle of unawareness, devolution, and stagnancy. Awakening
provides the portal for us to continually seek the infinite potentials and possibilities that lie
within all of us right now, and if we do this, we experience the bliss that comes from this
level of trust and allowance.
Naturally and seamlessly, just like the flow of a lazy river on a spring morning,
we can slip into this essence of life and the universal flow of Creation. Our lives can
seamlessly unfold in magically profound and infinite ways because we carry a deep-seated
trust that we are entangled and loved, and that we belong to a much grander scheme within
Creation. Trusting in the cues and clues offered by our higher-knowing teams, and
knowing that Creation will always support us, is our remembrance into ascension. Nature
does not doubt where life should bloom, and the river does not question which direction to
flow. It just flows. Creation is the ebb and flow of each moment of change, for that is its
primary role. Unconditionally love and accept all within Creation and know that there is
purpose and value to it all; see how magically life unfolds to support this powerful belief.
All things within Creations womb are released for the following purposes: to change, to
evolve, to expand and explore all that Creation has to offer, and then to mirror back to

Source the reflection of that experience in myriad ways. We will always have choice,
however, and we are not held to any one life plan. We have the power to choose, create,
and alter our path at any time. Even beings who have had the most profoundly negative
and limited lives have the choice and free will to alter their path and align with the spirit
aspect within and ultimately merge with their higher selves. Anything is possible.
Spirit alignment, which occurs through our expanded awareness, raises our
personal vibration, and is thus considered the process of ascension. We evolve with greater
self-love that brings us in pure alignment with Source. The Source essence within us is the
spirit aspect of who we are, and awakening and ascension bring us closer into alignment
with Source. I also believe that in the process of evolution, there is an ultimate awareness
and acceptance to embrace what we ascend back to Source. In order to return to the state
to which we came, just as if we were returning home from a long and challenging trip, we
all feel the intuitive pull to return to our natural spirit essence and divine state. As we
recognize the natural offerings, the ebbs and flows of the universe surrounding us, we
discover that we can accomplish more by flowing with it, trusting it, and allowing our
spirit the freedom it desires. All that is within Creation is offered with profound love and
care, and a level of benevolence that is unparalleled by anything. If we do not allow
ourselves to open to it, to align to it, then we truly have no way of understanding our true
and highest potential. Our role is to merely tap into what is being offered. This attunement
of being in connection and communion with all life around us, and living in natural unison
of co-creation, is what we are all seeking at the natural core of who we are. Most are
merely not conscious of these vibrational offerings to know how truly divine it all is.
We are surrounded by this incredible holographic ebb and flow of universal
energy, and we are continually being sent infinite levels of love, information, wisdom, and
data to use and benefit from. We have the ability at any moment to tap into and create
something from nothing by better understanding how powerful we truly are. I can say
these things with profound knowingness because I have gone from many states of
sleepiness to awakened states, so these are not fanciful words of inspiration. This is all
possible. When we understand the universal mechanics of energy that we exist and coexist
within, we can then create intentional living that alters, shifts, and aligns us to better
manifest and transmit higher frequencies, which as a result allows us to soar into new
higher-resonating realms. The question now is: Are you aware of how divine you truly are
and how you can align to higher fields of resonance? Are you in tune with your innate
potential and how perfectly you coexist within this universal web? How can we expand
our senses to allow us to create the life we desire and experience a healthier Gaia and
human species? How can we align to prepare ourselves for the ascended new fifthdimensional earth and the imminent future contact and celebration with our celestial

Understanding Your Innate Abilities

As we chose to incarnate into this physical reality, we knew at the higher level

that there were certain rules of this particular experiential game that we would have to
adhere to. For example, one of the rules of our earthly incarnation is the understanding
that gravity will allow us to remain physically grounded. We also understand that our
creation of time allows us to experience the illusion of linear events, which appear to
occur in a past, present, and future expression. As stated earlier, each realm of existence
offers specific rules and tools that assist us in creating the experience that we chose to
move through. We use these tools and rules in various ways within our everyday life, and
as we better understand our spirit essence within these potentials, we can ascend from
what is into what can be. We allow ourselves to move with greater fluidity and let go of
structure and rigidity, allowing limitation to fall away. Our desire to move beyond the
limitations this realm offers is intriguing and why many of us incarnate over and over, for
its lessons are allowing us this potential to ascend and move beyond the illusory
As we let go of our need to control the linear mindset, we float quite naturally into
a multidimensional mindset that can allow us to experience, or energetically sense, any
timeline in this same moment of now. All of the experiences we have ever lived are
occurring right now, so it can be said that we have the ability to tap into any timeline, if
we choose, at will. The expansion into more of our multidimensional aspects gives us the
ability to better understand who we are at the greater energetic level. The innate aspect of
who we are allows us to feel, sense, and experience life through the eyes of spirit. We can
experience the essence of travelling interdimensionally, or shifting from one reality to
another instantaneously, if it serves us to do so. The key thing to remember about parallel
reality experiences is that an alternate reality impression, vision, or imprint will not seep
into our awareness/consciousness unless its doing so will serve us. Our higher selves will
offer up this experience to allow us to learn what vibration we are mirroring or what
experience we can alter to gain greater perspective for what we are experiencing in the
here and now. The most profound level of power that we haveto create and emitis
found in the power of now, so if we are bringing forth another time frequency, it would
require us to reflect upon what vibration we are triggering and thus realign to a more
powerful station. The more we understand our realitythe here and now, and the laws
that govern itthe more adept we become at letting go of the ones that no longer serve us.
Understanding the primary tenants of universal law provides us with a more
heightened sense of creativity than we ever thought possible. These powerful Creation
laws, or universal laws, were taught secretively by shamans and high priestesses in the
mystery schools, and in many ancient tribes. Because of the power that many gained in
light of these powerful understandings, many of those in political and governing positions
became intimidated by what potentials could be experienced by those of divine training.
The fear of losing control, wealth, status, and recognition was the key catalyst that caused
many of our ancient wisdom teachings, treasures, and abilities being limited to the few
who would serve those in charge. Limitation and control over belief systems, spiritual
practices, and teachings lead to many wars, and the cosmic knowledge that was gifted by
many of our star families was banned, destroyed, contained, and even obstructed.
Awakening allows us to remember the wisdoms and teachings without having to
refer back to our ancient ways or books. We align, trust, allow, and open in the nowto
create the vibration that can shift us to the information we need in the now. The grids and

energetic triggers will activate the knowledge from within, the Akashic atonements will
resurface, and the masters of other earthly frequencies, or timelines, will rise to bring Gaia
into a new realm. Universal laws involve in-depth knowledge and understanding of
Creation, energy, and the unlimited potential that we have to create because we are
directly encoded with the divine spark. One must complete certain levels of inner work,
commitment, and reverence before unleashing these profound potentials, for one must
resonate at the vibration of benevolence to be offered such energetic activations and
furthering ascension initiations. Much war has been caused, and many cities and peoples
have been destroyed, because of the power that many desire. The universal laws are not to
be trifled with and they are only for the serving of the greater good as Source sees fit. To
live in loving communion with our world, one another, and all within existence are the
primary attributes of any secret knowledge, and to create our own unique expression under
these laws in a respectful, loving, and benevolent way is always held in the highest of
regard first. The more aware we are of our higher potential, the more we are able to tap
into the synchronicity and brilliance of our universe. It is the reason why we are ascending
into the illuminated galactic human.

How Grand You Are!

We have aspects of who we are that are not seen and are even less understood by
most. As all things in the universe are energetic, we too are patterns of energy, and we
obtain various energetic aspects to maintain our connection with All That Is and the
universe. We have a soul, and we have a spirit essence, which is the personality of the self
that you incarnated under. This personality self along with the higher self, soul, and oversoul, and even soul families, all align at incarnation and all assist the process of designing
a plan for the life one steps into. This blueprint, or incarnational contract, that you have
designed for yourself includes myriad themes you will explore, along with what help and
assistance you will need and from whom. There are grand and intricate timings within any
life blueprint, and we are assigned guides and teams of beings with varying skills,
attributes, and frequencies to assist in fulfilling our life plan. Although these beings may
shift and change based on our progress, we are never without divine guidance.
The innate aspect of our multidimensional whole self is what we call our intuitive,
or our divine, energetic essence. Our intuitive abilities are divine, and as we move beyond
the limitation of the 3D realm, we allow these somewhat shunned skills to resurface and
serve us in profound new ways. All higher-realm beings exist in the knowingness of
energetic discernment. Communication is used in forms of tones, colors, light, telepathy,
pictographs, and so on. For humanity to ascend from the lower-vibrational realm, we must
move beyond the limitation in our understanding about how to entangle and communicate
as higher-frequency beings. We can intuitively feel when we are going with the flow,
and when we have something occur with perfect timing or with synchronicity that is
beyond any rational mindset. I have had more of these situations happen than I can count,
and all are the divine inner workings of our profound universe. We merely need to trust

the flow of who we were designed to be. We are spiritually profound beings having a
physical experience in an ever-expanding and awakening cosmic family.
There are myriad energetic parties, councils, groups, and spirit beings that align
and benevolently commune for the planning, designing, and unfolding of your specific
blueprint; and how this blueprint will co-create with the greater blueprint for Gaia, the
galaxy, and so on is the work of the divine. This is why I can say without a doubt that
there is grand orchestration at every levelbecause I have experienced the unexplainable
in so many ways, and I know such magical experiences are in the hands of the divine. And
so, in celebration and excitement, as we allow, as we trust, and as we surrender to the
elegance of these miracles, the potential and possibilities of the higher realms of existence
can solidify and unfold before our very eyes because we understand that our innate
abilities can create something from nothing, just as the masters have done.
As you awaken, you will experience seemingly accidental or coincidental events
that occur with extreme precision and orchestration. This is really a working relationship
and entanglement between our divine aspect, the innate, our physical vessel, the higher
self, the soul, the over-soul, and so on, all the way to Source. We belong to a much greater
family, one filled with profound multidimensional beings that have our highest and best
interest at heart in all ways. The Merkabah has been termed as our angelic essence, our
energetic body, or vehicle to experience our expanded selves. Its a brilliant body of
energy patterns, a reverberation of what you emit, what you design within your DNA and
cellular makeup, and how it connects and relates to the universe around and within you.
Its an electromagnetic field of angelic consciousness, and we have the ability to activate
all of these aspects of who we are so that we can vibrate in unison with all of Creation, to
create and manifest. Divinely structured energetic systems that we exist within, as we are
all energetic expressions of infinite potential and consciousness, enmeshed with it all.
Theres no accidental notion to our design. Even those who may be perceived as
having been born with extreme challenges have all chosen such themes for varying
reasons, and these challenges were all chosen at the will of their soul: the spirit self that
they are when they achieve higher consciousness states. For every soul is linked with
Source, and each soul thread has the overriding desire to carry out benevolence in the
grander scheme of Creation. Life planning is done with all energetic circumstances taken
into account at every level, and what the soul desires for any particular incarnational realm
experience. The Merkabah is the divine body through which we commune with the
energetic realm; it expands as we expand. It is said to be our energetic vehicle for the
potential to expand and experience in the most angelic essence. It really does not matter
what you call it; just know that it is your ticket to true inner understanding of the power
you hold within to create and manifest within this energetic realm, and it is your angelic
The greater aspects of who we are may not be seen, but they are felt and
experienced. When we experience inspiration, gut instincts, or life-altering sensings, this
is energetic language occurring instantaneously so that we may better navigate within this
energetic existence. Ascension has taught me many wonderful things, the most prevalent
being that the universe and Creation itself are benevolent. The brilliance within our ability
to manifest within this experience gives us the opportunity to create, to know, and expand

upon the unconditional love and support we receive; even in our darkest of treacherous
moments, we are benevolently loved and supported with nonjudgmental hearts throughout
Unconditional love is the ultimate lesson for humanity. We must awaken to the
benevolence and communion between all life within the universe. May we all attain the
awareness that living holistically and harmoniously is possible. This is a way for us to stay
in balance, a state of homeostasis, creating that level playing field for us in each moment,
which is our ultimate lesson and task at hand. We have all seen and experienced the
imbalance and sensation of being out of sync, or too busy to stop, listen, and take in
what Gaia and Creation have offered. However, it is in these allowances and lessons that
we can truly appreciate what is coming in these final phases of planetary ascension. The
sensings will be gifted from even higher states, and even higher-resonating beings, and we
must be energetically ready and prepared for what will unfold in the coming years upon
Gaia. Wake up, dear lighted ones, and get your tickets, for the train heading to Wonderland
is boarding.

Power of Wholeness and Belonging

We have the opportunity in each moment to create the doorway to truth if we stop
and listen to what stirs within us. These stirrings are calls from our higher self, the greater
soul aspect, and divine beings that send energetic cues that offer the potential to seek
deeper truths, expanded self-exploration and discovery. To understand this wholeness,
we must first awaken and experience the universal belonging within. That is the paradox
of life: creating the wonderland within, so that we can experience it in the illusory external
world; to do this, we must seek the darkest, deepest aspects of the whole self and discover
the truth about why we are here. The innate aspects of who we are and what we have been
gifted with were designed this way so that humanity could rise from the density of
limitation and alter personal frequency for evolutionary purposes. We have the ability to
choose and exercise free will to create as the highest-realm beings are able to create, and
this is the greatest gift we take with us as we better understand our wholeness of self and
the belonging we have to this universe and all life within it.
In our desires for belonging, living, and experiencing magical lives, we can create
enough desire to spur us into action, for there is no change without action. They are
synonymous unto each other, and when we manifest enough difficulty, strife, and horror in
our livessometimes experiencing life-threatening events and seemingly hitting rock
bottomwe innately look up at the stars and plead for the help that has been within us all
along. When we truly have had enough of what we experience, we seek the light to move
out of the darkness and this has been our process to evolve. It would seem even at times
that we have to hit rock bottom before we feel the fire within our belly rise up and tune in
to what is truly a magical existence.
Through writing this book, which has been in my heart since the age of eight, it is
my intention to shed some light on these unique and profound times by sharing my own

ascension process with others who seek personal ascension and enlightenment, soul
coaching, healing, and life guidance. Know that in each person is an encoded path to
awakening and each path is unique and specific unto each of us. Timing is unique to each
being, and whether one chooses to ascend this time around or not, all paths are valid and
loving, and all paths add to the whole of Creation.
Allow your light to shine, the one that is within and has been within since the
beginning of time, the one you have carried with you. You carry this spark of light, as it is
the spark of the divine Source, and you will ultimately see how brilliant you are in the
eyes of Creation as you expand further into your divine self. Dont hurry or place stress
upon the pace of your ascension process, for you cannot hurry a divinely orchestrated
plan. Answer the call of spirit when you sense the triggers and seek within. Heeding the
call of spirit means that you acknowledge your co-creative part with greater understanding
for the subtleties of universal energy and its laws. Trusting and surrendering will then
allow you to experience what is innately yours. You will then truly experience the
profundity of your existence. You matter. You are valid. You are magical. You are
immense in this divine plan, and you exist because of what you have to offer. How often
have we been told that we are required, important, and valued in this life experience? I am
here to tell you just that. If you need to read this one hundred times a day until you truly
grasp your profundity and how important you are in achieving this grand plan, then so be
it. As you read these words, the energy of Source is pouring forth and offering you a
glimpse of what may be, so may you go from simply reading this to digesting it to
integrating the essence of pure unconditional love for yourself that Source and the highest
of realms have for you on this path. Create your state of knowing now. Affirm: I am safe
in my physical body. I am a whole, multidimensional spirit essence with profound abilities
to shape this reality. I am whole, and I belong with all of Creation. I AM THAT I AM.
The power you have to create your life and reflect your brilliance is upon you.
Awakening is a process, involving each step you take, each breath you breathe, each
thought you think, and each word you speak, for it is within you to create the shift in
frequency now. This represents the grandest step forward in all of humanity, a magnificent
opportunity to rise above doubt and fear. A life spent in front of the TV screen, or toying
with distracting technical devices, will at some point no longer bring us joy, and all that
we have been seeking will stir until the call is answered. As we awaken and desire a
deeper connection with nature and All That Is, this will be the fulfillment and the key to
happiness and joy, even if at first we are not consciously aware of it.
We are here to take action, from the remembrance that we allow, experience this
planet and world with fresh new eyes, and an open and loving heart. In the life-planning
process, we all felt great love and commitment for humanity and designed our blueprint so
that certain themes could be experienced in our own unique way, and so that Gaia could be
brought to the point of resonating at a new fifth-dimensional state. The possibilities and
potentials for what we could co-create on this planet are truly infinite, and we all carry
immense goodness and light. Underneath all the doubt and weighted fear, our hearts are
one. We all have goodness, the divine spark, and light within to change every aspect of the
world we live in, if we so choose. This time of awakening and acceleration can give us the
opportunity to honor who we are, Gaia, and our presence among the many
multidimensional beings, and to transform what truly is the event of the cosmos. We are a

very powerful and creative species. This is a time to honor and embrace all that we are,
and as we redefine and recreate the story of Earth, we alter her history forever. For there
have been many dark times and many moments when her existence swayed in the balance
of the unknown. Regardless of what we have been told about who we are or what our
potential is, in this moment of now, each of us has the potential to create something better.
Let go of what no longer serves you, and tap into the light within that creates the potential
of each new moment.
Its time to realign with the greater aspect of who we are and be the powerful
creators we excitedly signed on to experience. Take hold of this profound moment of now
and rise up to reconnect with this elegant web that we are all enmeshed within. Create the
knowingness within that you can communicate with higher-realm beings, and you can
intimately connect and create with your higher self, your spirit guides, and Source. Know
that you can shift your reality and truly experience all you desire by shifting your personal
vibration. All of this is possible in this lifetime. This is your life, the earthly incarnation
you chose with intent, purpose and design, so start living it with creative passion,
exuberance, and love, lighting the way for many to see. Happiness, joy, bliss, insight, and
wisdom are within us all and always have been. All dreams and desires are possible as we
have all the wisdom within to resolve any challenge, regardless of how dark it may appear.
There is nothing that you cannot move through, for remember, you created it all to begin
with. Your ascension starts now, dear lighted ones. Welcome to the fifth-dimensional

A New Human for a New Earth

From the moment of conception, our cellular make-up is driven in a synchronistic
dance of creation. Cells divide and divide again, in a seemingly and perfectly
synchronistic merging, as we blossom into brilliant human beings. Cells intuitively know,
and even intelligently call upon the divine, if required, to activate change that no other tool
or drug can do. We have never been told about this innate and divinely created vessel that
we operate, or the tools that we have within to allow us to create and manifest any
experience we desire upon this journey of planet Earth. Now, in more and more books,
and from more and more teachers, we are able to tap into the unlimited potential that is the
human consciousness. Our consciousness is what remains with us in all lifetimes, and
what we enter into every realm to expand upon. We are powerful energetic beings
entangled within a profoundly benevolent energetic field of potential. This is why this
earthly process is known by many great masters to be utterly miraculous. There are no
accidents or coincidences in this way. There is divine planning within it all and you are a
powerful aspect within this beautiful design. There is a divine purpose for your very
incarnation, and setting sail on the tremendous experiential journey of ascension is
possible, if you so choose. We have designed our placement here upon our beloved Gaia
to take part in this incredible ascension potential and experience something that few
planets have been aligned to complete. In every moment, our bodies are shifting, aligning,

and transforming to evolve with the ever-changing resonance that our planet is expanding
into. As the age old question arises in this lifetime, why am I here? Just know that there is
nothing about our being here that is a chance circumstance or accident. Im here to tell
you the divine synchronistic gifts from Source and all within Creation, will show you that
there is design, intent, and purpose for every life form. Our role in every chosen
incarnation is to experience the unfolding of our ever-evolving desire to be, feel, and
create our highest potential.
There is purpose, there is perfect design, there is agreement, there is choice, and
there is unlimited potential for each human. Regardless of current situations, we all own
the ability to create the personal resonance that can carry us into a fifth-dimensional
frequency. It all begins with free will to choose, and the intent to act, so that we create the
life we truly desire in every way. Free will to choose something better must first spawn
from the knowing, the awareness of what a potential could offer. Expanding ones
awareness can then create the potentials for opportunities to be offered and manifested.
This process to experience what we desire does require that we change on every level, and
if you are truly ready for change, then expanding your awareness, or expanding your
consciousness is the key to any enlightened and ascended state.
This is a uniquely expansive opportunity to examine every aspect of who you are,
but also to experience the unfolding of your divine-hood as quantum energy brilliance and
feel it enmesh within Creation in profoundly intimate ways. What most fail to grasp,
because of how it has been scientifically described, is that we coexist within an immense
quantum entanglement arena of space, or cosmic frequencies. I will offer what I know
based on what I have discovered, learned, and felt in this very transformative process, and
I will purposely leave out the scientific data and reports. My desire is that we tap into the
aspect of who we are at the divine level, and this is done by feeling our way back into
spirit remembrance. Just as many masters have shown us throughout time, we are
remembering our innate brilliance to transcend from one vibrational encasing and
consciousness state to a whole new level of resonance. This transformation will alter all
that you see before you in the mirror, for there is nothing that the process of ascension
does not touch.
In every incarnational blueprint, we design with great detail and assistance what
we choose to experience as we embark into any frequency realm within our local universe.
From the moment we are sent into the womb of an earthly body, we are no different in the
eyes of Creation than the masters who have walked in light before us. The potentials are
offered to us all, and the question is: Can we awaken and expand our consciousness to the
state where we can know these potentials and thus create the portals to actually experience
it? Mastery is creating our own unique evolutionary path, and this sacred power is within
us all. The miracle of life is of divine planning and profound purpose, and as Gaia further
transforms and transcends into her fifth-dimensional skin, we are gifted again and again
with opportunities to begin yet another cellular dance of awakening into our fully
illuminated galactic human potential.

Why Evolution Occurs

We could go on for many chapters simply discussing the magical unfurling that
occurs with ascension, for it really does touch everything that we know. The greater
question that many ask is: Why are we experiencing these changes? As stated earlier, the
planetary ascension for Gaia is of divine planning and orchestration, which means that
since the seeding of humanity long ago, (linearly speaking) there has been little evolution
toward our greater spiritual potential and understanding of Creation, Source, and our
entanglement with it. Spirituality and enlightenment have been forever clouded in the
structure of man-made, religious definitions, which have historically been highly
segregated, discriminative, and judgmental. These earthly constructs resulted from fear
that was instilled in ancient societies to control certain aspects of the general populations
behavior and beliefs. The experience of ones true spirit essence is quite the opposite of
the assumption we have been operating under for centuries. Spiritual evolution is freeing,
unlimited, and profound, and it allows us to finally tap into our infinite potential within
All That Is and feel Source empowering us in the process. From the auspices of the most
high, Gaia was due for her opportunity to evolve so that we, the people, could benefit from
the potential that Source initiated, before the worst-case scenario played out.
Gaias awakening really goes back to the earliest of our recorded times, and
hidden as mysterious scriptures, tribal myth, or carvings and paintings of the antiquities
there are clues to our heritage from every corner of our planet. We have been on an
accelerated energetic path to awakening since 1945, when the modern population was
reintroduced to the concept that we may not be as alone as we had been led to believe. As
each day passes, there are more and more beings awakening with subtle and some very
profound Akashic memories, visions, or impressions that trigger us to know more, and all
of these and other such similar examples are timed so that we can create the potential to
evolve with heightened awareness and bring balance and love back to our ailing planet.
Awakening stimulates and creates higher-vibrational thinking and behaving, and when
enough of our collective human population allow themselves to tap into such potential, we
raise our overall collective frequency. These expansions allow us to manifest deeper
connection with all of life, nature, and ultimately, our intergalactic and Universal star
families. There are no accidents, no coincidences, and every intricate detail of Gaias plan
for ascension has been well thought out from every angle. Humanity is being offered the
potential to shift to the vibratory plane where anything is possible and we are offered this,
so that humanity can further learn, expand, and enhance upon who we are, who we were
always meant to be, and to reflect these potentials and experiences back to Creation and
This is essentially Gaias turn in the path to celestial ascension and planetary
evolution, for which our greater cosmic family has been priming many of us for some time
now, and we now align with the frequency that enables creation of the vibratory landing
pad needed for safe and loving interactions, thus furthering our multiverse expansion. We
are all unique reflections and mirrors, not only for each other but also for other star
systems, soul families, and the All That Is, to gain invaluable experiential knowledge from
our experience. This is why it is said that we are all one. There is nothing that we do not

think, say, or do that does not affect all we are entangled with. Awakening, ascension, and
expansion allow us to see the interconnecting sacred meanings of how and why we are as
entangled as we are and how evolution is a natural part of our existence. If we all knew the
potentials we hold within, and our role within these profound schemes within Creation,
then wars, famine, abuse, and control would be the stories of ancient textbooks, having no
place in our current vibratory state. We are all made from the same Source particles, and
all is encoded within our consciousness, connected to a multiverse of consciousness that
we have the potential to expand upon and explore. How incredible is this? This is how
expansive we are in the greater aspect of this universal picture. Evolution is constantly
flowing as the energy wave it is carried upon, for we must always change and expand to
new levels.
Its purely mind-boggling, and once you feel and tap into the energetic tapestry of
this magical web of quantum energetic patterns of light and sound that we exist within,
and which we have been surrounded by all along, there will be nothing you cannot achieve
or manifest. We have the potential to toggle between any reality that our soul desires to
experience, or manifest from thought form, or heal instantly, and it is all for the offering of
expansion, growth, and evolution. Or of the benevolent need to see life expand, tune in,
and emit love, there are pathways of synchronicity that will open to you so that a potential
can be experienced. Expanding consciousness automatically creates increased opportunity
for any and all multidimensional experiences that resonate with what you choose to set
your core frequency to.
Otherworldly contact will only be a matter of timing because expansion in these
areas will no longer be a matter of possibility but of eventuality, as it is an aspect of
cosmic evolution and we are one with this.
Awakening is a process, and all occurrences are within this process, even the
dramas and devastations that we see play out now. These tragedies allow humanity to
reach the state of a final straw mentality so to speak, so that we are catalyzed to bring
balance and change in some way. As we are pure energy, living in an energetic existence,
change occurs first at the energetic level. Energy is cyclical and must balance with the
flow of the universe. If there is one planet in need of assistance and light, there are many
light-workers, celestial councils, delegates from myriad star systems, and angelic spirits
called upon to assist in the planetary plan to balance, expand, and ascend in benevolence
for Creation and our role within it. Many celestial beings have also incarnated for the first
time here to assist in the healing and energetic upliftment, and all beings within this
process and throughout Creation are the spiritual mavericks, lending a hand to forge Gaia
ahead in this planetary rebalancing.
Evolution for humanity will move from being largely an overthinking and
factually driven collective to one that is synchronistically linked and able to sense,
navigate, and create a new earthly experience. We begin to intuitively know what feels
right, and we trust the unfolding of what we create for we know there is divine design in it
all, and we consciously choose to take action with enlightened awareness and powerful
intent to create our highest and best life. It is in these everyday actions and interactions
that we assist with this planetary evolution and ascension, and with all the potential that
we allow, we create our cosmic place within the stars.

There is profound connection between our heart center, Creation, and Source. This
unified correlation can allow us to see our potential for peace and harmony in the
reflection of other humans, as well as in the reflection of our celestial star families. Our
hearts will guide us with greater knowingness because we sense the love and
compassion in others. Our heart center creates the powerful emotion that is our divine
ability to relate to any being within Creation, and it is the engine that propels us into
action. Emotions are derived from our beliefs and definitions related to how we feel about
things. Once we have cleared the old, limiting beliefs and created powerful definitions
through our self-reflections and ascension path work, we begin to awaken the sacred link
that we hold with all life, and allow our natural essence to unfurl. All of these aspects are
interrelated. Our free will has been gifted to us, and on this physical plane we also have
the physical rules of time/space that have been given as a safety net, a tool, so that we
can truly understand the level of mastery we obtain within. This is the profound potential
we have to create and manifest in alignment with benevolence and love. Highervibrational planes do not have restrictions and limitations of time and space because they
have expanded into the awareness of their unlimited state, and already act in oneness with
and commitment to the flow of benevolence of Source. This is only a factor in the lower
dimensions due to themes we chose to experience and move beyond.
The higher realms can experience instant manifestation because they have worked
through lower-vibrational behaviors, such as greed, power, gluttony, control, and fear.
There is only light and ascension for the greater good of the divine plan. For in the higherresonating realms, there is no need or desire to control others; they know we are all one.
As we attempt to control others, we also indirectly state that there is a need to be
controlled ourselves. If we act in power over or anger toward others, it is because
somewhere within us there exists that vibration, and in self-reflective work, we can expose
those negative frequencies to allow us the opportunity to realign and shift to a more
desirable state. This is why awakening allows us to tap into the most challenging aspects
of who we are, so that we can bring limiting beliefs to light for ultimate healing and
Time and space have served us in this realm and allowed us the thought processes
required to rediscover our innate power for light. All things exist within the now, and to
experience another planet would be to merely align with the frequency of it; therefore, we
can let go of controls we have had about certain time and space limitations. What would
happen if, in our limited state of awareness, we were to instantaneously manifest anything
we desired? We are not of the spiritual maturity yet, for this to occur and unfold. We truly
need to align with the stages of awakening and move through our beliefs and feelings
about the purpose, value, and divinity we hold. As we awaken and learn to spiritually
discern what is truly of value to us, as we heed the souls calling for expanded evolution,
and as we move toward the merging with our higher selves, we can be ready for the
initiation and gifts offered in the higher-resonating realms of unconditional love and light.
That is why many will choose not to ascend during these accelerating times, for there are
still many who desire to move through the themes of lack, limitation, and greed that fear
tends to spawn. Instant manifestation is a profound and divine gift, and one must have
worked through lower-frequency beliefs before understanding and processing the
vibrations of higher-resonating worlds and beings, and these are the magical tools and

potentials we now see unfolding for humanity.

Each lifetime we are given many opportunities and options to decide what themes
and lessons we choose to face. Each lifetime provides us with more knowledge and insight
than the one before. Assuming that all is occurring right now, because it is, then one can
assume that all the lessons we ever learn, or will learn, are also occurring right now, and
all wisdom within Creation is also available to us. If this is the case, then it would also be
safe to say that we can tap into all the wisdom we desire, right now. This is a very
powerful affirmation and concept to imbue. Affirm: I am loved; I am supported; and all
wisdom, abundance, and health are within me as I create in this moment of now. I have
access to know all that I desire, for it is within me now. Such affirmations allow you to
clarify, define, and claim your vibrational preference, and you set the energy on a course
to return to you the gifts, cues, and opportunities to match. So once again, we allow in,
and let go. Allow in profundity, and let go of limitation, controls, pressures of time, fear,
limitation, and doubt. You have all you have ever needed, or will ever need, within you
right now.
The veil of doubt and limitation can literally disappear before us as we let go of
what we have been taught to buy into, and instead create definitions, beliefs, and states of
knowingness that align with our highest desire of being. We can expand our frame of
thought and beliefs about what is possible to the farthest corners of the universe, and what
is possible has a way of showing itself to us. If we imbue our wholehearted unique
expression of who we are into our desiresour profound beliefs of health, wisdom,
abundance, and creativitywe then offer that frequency to our teams and the universe
thereby setting the wheels of Creation into motion for us. We can master our themes right
here and right now, and no longer require the time and space or what has been perceived
as karmic residue to hold us into position until the pain is gone. We can choose, with
these benevolent and accelerated energies, to let go of all previously held beliefs and rise
up to entirely new potentials to have ultimate creative control to manifest and instantly
shift our reality experience. These universal energy subtleties are key to allow you greater
navigation and confidence to move forth on your path with certainty, wisdom, and insight
to enmesh yourself with all of Creation. This level of intimate awareness of all aspects of
life within you, around you, and moving through you provides you with newfound
reverence, respect, and unconditional love, for you see aspects of you within it all, and this
makes you a spark of the divine.
Until very recently, humanity has required that we institute the time delay aspect
into our earthly experience, for we have not gained the foresight, maturity, or wisdom to
manifest with great discernment. Earthly incarnations have served our souls in many,
many ways and the lessons have been invaluable. We have learned to find our way out of
the darkness, the fear of lack, fear of loss, and so on. Earth offers advanced levels of
evolutionary lessons, and most of the lessons are dealing with the core issue of our
detachment from Source, Creation, and love itself. I have often wondered, in my times of
challenge and struggle, why I would have chosen such a difficult reality to experience.
There were many dark and lonely times that felt as if someone else had chosen this
frustrating path for me. I know now that those moments of immense challenge and pain
were the catalysts to create profound change for a more expanded life experience and
potential. Of course, never really knowing it at the time, but looking back now, I can

honestly say that every challenge and triumph was necessary, as it was all divinely
planned and timed, and it was a part of my soul blueprint to bring me to this exact state of
being. The process of evolution and expansion can sometimes carry with it much darkness
and pain as we surface what is needed, then heal and release. For me the veil lifted just far
enough for me to taste the spirit essence within, and when you touch the hand of God, or
you are in gatherings with other light-beings, you sense the profound unconditional love
that vibrates just for you, you will never be the same. In those moments of profound
awakening, you are no longer the same person you were a moment ago, for your core
vibration has shifted from the remembrance you manifested for yourself. There is certainly
much more to this game of reality than we ever thought, and as I move through my own
personal experiences, know that you, too, have the potential for heightened entanglement
with Creation.
Living in the darkness that we have chosen in this realm, to accept certain
paradigms that instill limitation and fear, we have literally created the playground for any
and all dark traumas to be played out once and for all. To many other celestial beings,
Earth experiences are unfathomable; and for those who find the courage and strength to
rise above and create profound change from within, know that your light is seen from the
farthest reaches of our universe. Many people awakening often ask, Why would I
incarnate again to experience more limitation? We knew at our highest level of
consciousness the profound lessons and soul expansion that this experience could offer,
and you knew at your highest level of knowing that you are a powerful creator; otherwise
you would not have chosen any of it. There are no accidents or superfluous notions within
At the planetary level and the individual level, remember, we are all one and
direct mirrors of one another. Awareness is in a state of recalibration, attuning us to our
natural energetic states, and in this recalibration, the energetic effects, your growth, your
expansion, your heightened state of love, confidence, knowingness, and so on ripple
throughout the cosmos and affect the All. As you awaken, go beyond your comfort level:
tap into the unknown. The cosmos and your celestial teams offer you higher energy
experiences that then seep into Creation. This is how expansion works and this concept of
growth and immense insight intrigued us all to return and play again. Every change and
energetic shift among even a few awakening humans can alter and empower the path of an
entire planet and offer new potentials for the collective whole new way. This is how
powerful we truly are and how tantalizing this earthly experience is. It truly is our greatest
gift to ourselves and to Source to move from a state of sleepiness and unawareness into
remembrance of our pristine, divine, authentic, unlimited, spirit self. We no longer require
a mass consensus or the majority rule to change what we experience. Evolution allows us
to merge our spiritual brilliance with our physical brilliance and create the new version of
an illuminated galactic human that will shift the understanding of being physical in a
spiritual universe. We will have the awareness and light to create new systems, new
governments, and new monetary and educational systems that will alter our level of
awareness and expand beyond what had ever been prophesied.

The Value of an Earthly Incarnation

The value of an earthly incarnation is unparalleled, and although dark and
challenging at times, these seemingly fixed rules under which we have operated for so
long are merely misperceptions from limiting conditionings. We have unlimited power to
shift our perceptions beyond what appears to be and create what could be. We are
moving beyond vast degrees of limitation, lack, and fear, and in every corner, light is
sprouting forth to create a new version of physical reality with greater divine potential
than ever before. To expand within this power of creative potential is an incarnational trait
and offering that many beings desire to experience.
Earth has progressed in many ways over the past half century, and she is on track
with her transformational design into a new fifth-dimensional frequency home. The
change in the collective consciousness has been profound, and we see how these
awakenings are seeping into our mainstream everyday life. It is the free will of the people,
the level of our consciousness, that dictates what will occur next on Gaias path to
ascension. This process of Gaias ascension should be enjoyable, and as we awaken, as the
old belief systems are shed, humanity will look forward with excitement and anticipation
for the creative process to new socioeconomic systems, which will flow and serve all
people, not just the chosen few.
As we reveal more of who we are in the grander aspect of creation, and we shift at
ever-quickening states, there are times when it may appear as if we are moving backward
in what we are experiencing. Remember, the ascension process is never straight up. There
is always an ebb and flow with all levels of energy and as we awaken to new streams, we
then must reflect, integrate, and absorb these new levels, which can at times appear as if
we have not moved forward. This ebb and flow is a natural part of Creation and universal
energy, allowing us new opportunities to constantly realign and integrate the never-ending
path of ascension. We will always have the free will to create something powerful. It is our
free will that can be the catalyst for any potential. In the process of releasing, when it may
be painful to let go or even to decipher what it is that is holding you back from truly
manifesting brilliance, just know it is necessary to shed the energy of what no longer fits
within our ever-changing and refined frames. We live in a quantum energetic web and it
will contract and expand as we do. This is why Gaia will experience the smoothing out
of geographical shifts that occur beneath her surface to remain in a constant state of
balance. These smoothing out reactions can be seen as earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions,
or other weather anomalies. Remember, we are pulsating energetic beings, and energy
always must flow; it is no different for a planet that serves and supports six billion-plus
people all resonating at varying levels.
Over time, you can learn to adjust your core frequency as easily as you would
shift radio stations, and dial into the one profound station that suits our expanding desires.
Consciously and intentionally practice what beliefs you hold and how you move about
your life defining it, expressing who you are, and refining all that you think, say, and do to
emit profundity. Allow energy to flow, realign, reflect, integrate, heal, and nurture all that
you are, for you are becoming ever more entangled with an advancing planet, and you can
choose to move with her by what is outlined on every page in this book. Allow yourself to

move beyond any and all limitation. Challenge, strife, pain, or the aftereffect of energetic
change is temporary and it will pass, and the more we practice reflection, integration, and
release, the less devastating the contractions may be.
We are literally transforming every concept of our reality, and it is shifting in
response to the level of awareness and openness we intend and act upon. There are vast
numbers of people awakening every day with deep-seated desires to answer the call of
soul and create profound change, linking with Creation and life in heightened ways. As a
collective, we are desiring more from this earthly existence, and to experience more, we
need to alter and redefine all that we are, for our existence is what we create it to be. These
awakenings, or soul urgings, encourage cosmic learning, seeking, and tuning in to and
becoming one with all that we experience. These inner triggers will allow people to find
like-minded groups and books, and even to change where we live, as a response to the
desire for greater intimacy and connection with what is swirling around us in an ascending
vibrational state. The Internet has offered any person from any location the ability to seek
as no other piece of technology has done. It has been the one constant tool that allows
people from any corner of the world to connect with others in a like-vibrational way and
create greater light. We have opened up dialogue and pathways for others to tap into, and
platforms that bring us together in unity and emit profound desires for freedom, creative
expression, and truth about our human potential. The Internet has truly allowed us to be
propelled in a new direction of potential. It provides the portal to take action, on a
moment-by-moment basis, to discover, create, and support the process of redefining the
life we choose to live and experience. In our most expanded state, in the future years of
New Earth, the Internet will be replaced by our innate ability to link telepathically with all
beings, and resonate at our highest-consciousness state in a natural and ascended way. In a
similar way to other ascended planets that have evolved, we too will have our day of
peace, harmony, magical transformation, and unlimited potential.
We are letting go of all that we used to know, and we are stepping up into the
unknown, for even the unknown has to be better than the drama that has played out before
us over the past four thousand years. There are pockets of spiritual mavericks persevering
with unquestionable faith, for the potential that we know resides within for us to tap into
and explore. This is the one path that we can design in our own unique way, and the
Internet has opened the door for those who seek enlightened portals of potential to
immerse themselves in a vibration that finally feels like it fits. With each new phase of
ascension, we are literally creating new energetic potentials. Within these potentials sit
higher resonating experiences, and like a wave that expands and grows, awakening is
gaining profound momentum.

The Power of Love in the Power of Now

When love is activated within, there is nothing that will stand in your way of
knowing, experiencing, and being more of it. Love creates light, and it truly is the most
powerful vibration in Creation; it intrigues, it spawns, it births, it creates, it heals, it
empowers, it transforms, it transcends, it is LOVE. We understand that flowing with the

wave of light just feels better. Like a new, freshly stretched pair of high-end Italian
leather shoes, our reality is being stretched and refined in every way to be able to go the
distance and support the ascending human in years to come.
Until the concepts of universal energy, ascension, and enlightenment reach mass
understanding and acceptance, we still act as individuals to propel our own path in the
ways we desire. One cannot wait for others to catch up. This life is designed for you, by
you, and only you can create the light to ignite it in powerful ways. Embrace your innate
power to create and align with such refined states of being. We can then go about our lives
with greater purpose and clarity, and have understanding and compassion for others to
move about their path, for all paths are purposeful and required.
We ultimately have the choice, in every experience, to alter and shift the direction
of our path in profound ways. As we unfold each moment with intent to have greater
clarity, alignment, and higher knowing about who we are and what quantum soup we truly
swim within, we allow our reality to match this vibration and unfold in miraculous ways.
With each experience we have the opportunity to shift to the highest possible state. Each
experience allows us to refine our definitions, our beliefs, and our desires about who we
are and what we want to experience in greater unity. When all of these aspects work
together, like a finely tuned racecar, we will accelerate as one to speeds unparalleled, and
our entanglement with Source, with Gaia, with Creation, and with one another will light
the way for future ascending planets moving through similar struggles and pains. The
power of love we have within is truly unlimited, and if we imbue this level of love, in
every moment, every experience, we begin to not only create greater balance for ourselves
and Gaia, but also further enmesh ourselves within the greater weaving of All That Is.
We are literally attuning ourselves to manifest a physical experience to expand in
all ways that the universe will offer us. We choose life themes, our blueprint, the purpose,
callings, and even those we are surrounded by. We have perfectly planned and designed it
all, and as we expand to our desired heightened state, the process of this transformation
shifts what used to be fear-based, dark, and negative, and allows universal divine light,
Source light, to heal and expand. What no longer aligns with our preferred states of being
will become so glaringly obvious that we will be shown what requires release or shifting.
This is how ascension, love, and light work within our framework and reality.
As we transcend into higher frequencies, any and all darkness will stand out for
attention and transformation, for remember there is no real thing that is dark; there is
only the absence of light, the absence of love, the absence of acknowledgement of who we
truly are, and understanding for what we have resonated within since our earliest of
incarnation. We are truly profound beings of light, and we have the potential to transcend
any challenges, periods of darkness, or difficulties and to then reengage and reconnect
with all life in the most intimate of ways. As a collective, we have lost our way many
times, over many centuries, and never before have we been offered the support, love, and
balance to recreate something profound with our newly heightened awareness. There is no
other tool in Creation that matches the brilliance, power, and vibrational atonement that
love offers, and as we refine the innate powers of our consciousness to accept and
reverberate with these streams of Source, we redefine humanity and Gaia. So understand,
dear lighted ones, that darkness is only the absence of love.

Understanding Oneness

We are one. We have all heard this statement, but what does it really mean and
how profound is it within the integrative process of raising ones vibrationand why do I
care? What this means is that we are all created of the same primary Creator Source
essence, God, All That Is, or whatever you desire to call it. Profound godly essence resides
in our DNA, like encoded brilliance; we only need to activate it for it to awaken and affect
us in incredible ways. The mainstream scientific community has labeled that aspect of
Source, or Divine inactive, or junk DNA, because we have never known what these
particles do. We have not resonated at the frequency where these cells could be studied
and explored. Nothing within Creation is junk, dear lighted ones, so this is one of our
modern-day limitations that we can choose to redefine in profound ways. Just because an
attribute, or an aspect of what we swirl within and what swirls within us every day, has not
been scientifically proven, accepted, or established, does not mean it doesnt exist. Use
your spiritual discernment to knowyou have profound tools within to alter and shift
everything you experience. This is the spark of Source and it resides within every cell of
your physical vessel.
Historically, whatever humanity has not understood, has not seen, or has not been
able to prove with a scientific study and acclaimed scientists, has taken those of us who
practice and teach in the realms of the unseen to tread down the road of being shunned,
persecuted, misjudged, and ridiculed. There are aspects of our existence that will just be
unexplainable to some, but do not let that deter you in sailing on your own course and path
of higher knowing, and as with any unexplained aspect of our reality, there is so much we
do not know about our true potential. These encoded aspects of our DNA are the divine
within our very cellular makeup, and in the years to come, science will discover what
those who are ascending and those who are awakening are experiencing firsthand. The
divine aspects of our cellular existence allow us to experience the unexplainable. Our
desire to have what exists always be scientifically proven will no longer be necessary,
because what we know we experience is real and no study will alter how we feel within
our newly enlightened frames and reality.
The intent of this work is to identify and explore the true purpose of our divine
potential and imbue its encoding within us to activate and expand upon within the whole
of Creation. This aspect of our DNA will activate and expand as we expand and raise our
core vibration. The power of our innate potential, the divine encoding within us can be
seen when people activate its capability onto diseased and ailing health systems within the
body. We have the power to activate these structures within our cells, and link with our
consciousness to a point that communication between our cellular structure, our spiritual
structure, and our divine essence can be called into heal and transform what is sickened
and dying. We will find incredible changes occurring within all aspects of our health and
wellness, which will spur the potential for letting go of the limiting beliefs around the
connection between our bodies and our consciousness. We do not require pharmaceutical

companies to survive this earthly experience, and just know with unwavering certainty
that as we ascend and expand our minds, our hearts, and our intent to live in alignment
with Source, we match that of other ascended planets; and I can assure you, there are no
pharmaceutical conglomerates on higher-vibrating planets.
We are merely activating our spirit essence in this process of ascension, and the
multidimensional quantum aspects of who we are along with what we desire to gain will
provide us with greater connection to the whole, and infinite aspects of who we were
created to be. We are multidimensional aspects of Creation, and we are so profound in
creating anything from the tools we have right now. Ascension allows us to expand our
awareness so that we naturally include all aspects of who we are and merge them into the
experience we desire. The more we love, the greater oneness, the greater health, the
greater capabilities we have to live in balance, peace, abundance, and infinite well-being
because we are not limiting ourselves to any one experience. We have every potential,
ability, and opportunity to tap into the infinite pools of wisdom, information, and youthful
application that every spirit essence owns.
Our free will allows us to reveal this awakening and unfolding into higher
consciousness, and as we do, many new discoveries and potentials will unfold to us. These
are very special times and we merely have to acknowledge and embrace our true natural
state of spirit essence, and all will unfold to us. With greater awareness of the unlimited
potential of our innate gifts, our physical bodies, and the power of our intent, we can
propel ourselves in an infinite number of ways. We can allow ourselves to be
spontaneously healed, we can extend our lifespan, we can connect with beings in other
realms, we can gain greater telepathic skills, and we can advance in intuitive and creative
expression. We literally transform, morph, and transmute from beings of great limitation
to emerge as fully awakened spirit essences. This is why many of us have chosen this
earthly incarnation. It takes great skill and power to transform darkness into light, but
what we experience in return is so worth the journey. Even if the masses are still in denial,
skepticism and disbelief about what is truly occurring, you must create the discernment
and knowingness that you are centered, balanced, and loved through it all, carving your
path according to the way your heart is guiding you. This is your time to become the
spiritual maverick who lights the way for others to find their way out. Your level of trust
and knowingness will always answer the call within.
These lessons learned on Earth can be felt throughout creation, and it is not only
us, as individuals, who feel the transformationit is the whole. As we are all one,
whatever limitation and oppressive aspects of ourselves that we transform ripple
throughout Creation, thus adding greater hue and texture to the brilliant canvas upon the
cosmos. It is from within the one, each of us, that we transform our reality and thus
change the world around us in every way. Our career path, our health, our spirituality, our
educational potential, our creative and inventive potential, and the state in which we
resonate, all change and refine to higher vibrating speeds. Everything is connected, linked,
and enmeshed within the greater plan of Creation, and we can finally let go of the
limitation that has given us obsessive habitual processes that perpetuate separation,
segregation, and judgment.
In whatever aspects or understandings that have appeared to be hidden or shaded

by negative conditioning, we now have the potential to transform anything, as we give

them light, love, and forgiveness. Such limiting conditions as fear, doubt, and inability to
act are literally an illusory shield or what has been termed the veil, which has shrouded
humans for centuries, keeping us in the mindset of separation from the very thing that we
are awakening to now: Source essence.

Its About Time!

This 3D rule of time and space that we have all agreed to play on this plane is one
of the most important aspects for us to fully understand in order to move on with any other
ascension topic. We have all agreed, on higher levels of our existence, that time and space
are tools that can allow us a unique perspective of this physical reality, and they also
provide wonderful lessons as we let these constructs go in our ascension process. On this
physical plane we have chosen time and space as factors or tools in our manifestation
process. On this particular vibrational setting, this 3D realm, once we fully understand
time and space, we can redefine them and even let go of their limitations. As we let go of
this time/space constraint, we begin to feel our lives shift in profound and subtle ways. We
begin to sense life moving through us in a variety of ways and we can then expand our
consciousness enough to experience our other multidimensional selves, our intergalactic
connections and family, and start to experience instant manifestation, if we so desire. We
will touch on the value of our ability to let go of limiting beliefs as we move through this
material so that you can, in turn, do the same in your own life with your own beliefs and
On this journey of awakening and ascension, its crucial that one deals with the
various beliefs and constructs that hold us captive from evolving and exploring what may
be waiting for us beyond the veil. Time is a third-dimensional reality construct that we can
create new understandings for, and in changing how we relate to time, we can redefine it
so that we can move fluidly within in and outside of it, and create greater allowance for us
within the here and now. The more you know, the more you can grow and expand, so
ultimately, the path and journey of ascension is infinite and never-ending, for we are
always students of Source and Creation in this way.
As stated earlier, we have all agreed on higher levels to implement an
understanding, an earthly rule, if you will, that in some cases may seem to be a limitation
of time and space. This limitation allows us to view our reality in terms of a consistent
playbook of past, present, and future linear events, which assists in the physical
understanding of our experiences. This is a physical reality tool that has provided us with
a way to navigate through the events of our world. We can attach meaning to any
experience and file it into our memory to draw upon when and if we need it. For example,
if we were to meet someone at a particular destination, on a certain day, at a certain time,
we would need to use this tool of space and time to organize and carry out the meeting.
We would arrange travel vehicles, maps, and other items to connect in the same place, at
the same time, because we have yet to hone our telepathic and consciousness to the state

where we live in unison with profound synchronicity. In other words, time and space work
for us here. These are the types of limiting constructs that we work within and the
parameters that most of us use without really thinking twice.
As we raise our personal frequency, our vibration, we will innately know and
sense that if we were to be somewhere, then we would just be there. In our ascension and
enlightenment, we will have gained a profound sense of self, telepathic ability, and state of
knowingness in which we naturally follow the path of our excitement, knowing that
whatever and whoever is needed along this path will be shown to us. We understand that
alike vibrations link, and we trust universal design in every way; what is meant to unfold
will. The more we expand, the faster we oscillate and resonate, which in turn will heighten
us to the extent we no longer see or experience the constructs and limitations that we did
in lower-vibrational frequencies. We are awakening our innate, our intuitive, and our
physical to become one and merge with the universal flow so that we no longer need or
require the use or understanding of space/time. This will raise the level of intuitive
navigation we own as well as the way in which all beings within higher-vibrating realms
coexist with Creation. We could let go of all concepts of time and simply allow all to
unfold. There would be no need for planning or scheduling. Synchronicity would be the
new tool that would replace our concept of time, and we would instinctively know what to
do and allow it to occur. This is because we would live with utter trust and knowingness
that our lives would unfold perfectly, with the assistance of our teams, our guides, our
higher self, and the Source light we are offered in every moment. Instead of watching the
clock, we would slip naturally into the fluidity of our energetic universe and our own
divine essence.
As we ascend and shift our personal vibration to higher-resonating frequencies,
we have greater ability to release the constructs of time. We start to experience the essence
of less time being used, or we see shifts in what we have always known time to be. For
example, we can experience time seemingly disappearing, or passing more quickly, and
experiencing time to be less static and more fluid. This is because we are moving in the
moment of now, and allowing whatever will happen to simply unfold without forcing or
managing it. Our understanding of time and space starts to slip away, as we trust the
unfolding of who we are and the divine plan we are immersed within. We can experience
such symptoms as Deja vu, time loss or gain, and other ascension-related symptoms,
which directly result from the speeding up of our planetary rotation in the ever-changing
ascension energies, and the expansion work we are committing to in every moment. The
more often you focus your attention on the here and now, the greater capacity you will
have to create experiences and opportunities that align with your highest vibration and
other higher-vibrating entities, and then time will match your joy and excitement as it
As we redefine time and space to be here and now, all of our limiting beliefs
about how long it takes to get to somewhere can drop away as all exists right here, right
now. The more you intently practice being in the moment, the more you may find control
and trust issues are resurfaced and realigned. This is normal and it is the reason why the
ascension process is not an overnight express ticket. Dealing with fears and beliefs that
surface in our everyday expansion work allows us to see our progress and how outdated
beliefs no longer fit who we are becoming. This one example of our limiting construct

about time/space can be altered as we expand, and it really is how the process of ascension
can unfold. You cannot ascend without honoring and healing who you once were. If you
are worrying about the past, it is a sign you may be holding on to issues about shame and
guilt. If you are worrying about the future, it may be an indication that you are worried
about control, trust, and allowance. All of these emotions are clues and cues that reside at
a certain belief level that allow you to own, honor, and heal, so that they can be released
and offered up to new heightened potentials for more fluid and powerful beliefs.
Our consciousness is very profound, and what humanity is on the verge of tapping
into is the understanding that there is no greater tool within existence. Consciousness is
really all there is. We exist within a quantum mix, a weave, and an infinite pattern of
consciousness. It is our knowingness, our awareness, that creates the reality we exist
within. Our consciousness is then entangled with, enmeshed with, the consciousness of All
That Is. There are infinite layers upon layers of existence and awareness, and we will tap
into whatever vibration we set and deem relevant for us to tap into.
All is within our consciousness and consciousness is within the All. We literally
create all things that we see, feel, touch, and experience, and all is created from within.
As within, so without; as the ancient proverb states, we own all of our manifestations.
So now that we know this, why not create from the level of pure intent, light, and love so
that we experience what we truly desire in every area of our lives. We can create powerful
change in our work environment, for instance, and for this to be experienced in the
physical reality, we must change within first. Any aspect of what appears to be
challenging or difficult can be altered by what you believe to be true about it, and thus all
things that are seemingly on the outside will follow suit.
As we ascend, we become increasingly aware of our ability to manifest and
create, and we can then choose more powerful beliefs to better suit our new higher
vibrations. This, again, is what is called intentional living. Ascension is a moment-tomoment process wherein we see each experience as an opportunity for vibrational
reflection so that we may refine what we are manifesting by altering the inner vibrations
or frequency for higher thoughts, higher words, and higher deeds, thus creating our best
life. Higher-vibrating frequencies are those that can be felt, and they feel similar to love,
ecstasy, and excitement. When something feels good, we know it, and we are transforming
from overthinking humans to higher-vibrational humans who feel their way on the
experiential journey. We move away from overanalyzing to intuitively knowing what path
to follow. As a species, we are moving to our most natural spirit essence and all intuitive
thought rules over any other study, proven data, or any others opinion.
The most powerful tools we have to create Heaven on Earth are imagination
and free will.

Free Will and First Contact

One of the greatest gifts that we have been given as humans is the power to

choose. As stated earlier, we have chosen to experience this grand planetary ascension, our
evolution, and everything we experience within it. All incarnational experiences on the
earthly realm can be viewed in this way, for it is a rule that governs this realm. Since
2012, the demarcation of interstellar contact was lifted and free will can allow those who
feel ready, prepared, and excited to do so, and it can expand what they believe to be true
and create potentials for greater communion and contact with our celestial family and
friends. Never before has there been the opportunity to expand our vibrational frequency
for the safe and profound experience of first contact to occur. Free will is our ability to
choose every aspect in our lives and create whatever we desire, and if expanding your
potential to experience the cosmos in a grander way is exciting and intriguing, then
ascension path work is necessary. For one cannot live in limitation, doubt, fear, and expect
to meet higher vibrational beings. The two frequencies and states of being do not attract
one another for this potential to unfold. We will talk more about these aspects of our
celestial family and our ongoing connection with them as we move through this material,
but know that the quarantine for other beings assisting Earth is now over and offers
humanity another reason why celestial light ship sightings and visitation experiences are
on the rise.
This is how immense this lesson of free will is and why many beings had lined
up for the opportunity to come to this earthly experience. The potential to learn and
expand under such laws and rules of creation, and to apply free will to manifest brilliance
is the most understated aspect of reality known to man. Many people take free will for
granted, and because of historical conditions, we have never truly known the potentials
that we carry as a divine human race within the loving arms of Creation. The evolution of
humanity literally relies on our ability to choose, for evolution doesnt happen by the flick
of a switch. All physical beings choose at some level, at some state of consciousness to
continue and evolve. The intrigue to move beyond and explore is what allows us to wake
up every day and feel more than we did the day before.
We are not forced to walk down this path of awakening and transformation. We
choose to create every aspect of our lives, and at every level it is ours to own and
transform if we so desire. As a collective, we are choosing to be more aware of the
darkness, all the limitations, all the misconceptions about our heritage, governments, and
the many missing links about who we truly are and why we are here. We are learning how
to tap into our intuition and creative imagination, and how to play with our infinite
consciousness to experience divine blessings every day. In allowing our natural state of
divine spirit to emerge, we see new manifestations unfold; we experience new, higher
ways of thinking and of being. We are even inspired to create new systems to benefit all
people, all species that once again, allow us to live intimately connected as a powerful
community of light and potential within the vastness of All That Is.

An Ancient Story about Free Will and the Veil

Since the earliest of times on this planet, there have been a plethora of

civilizations that we have seen struggle in the density of limited awareness. As early as
civilization in Atlantis, we can see where the veil was dropped onto a once-harmonic and
advanced civilization by the chaos that ensued after fear set in. As the fear began to
separate the two primary societies of that time, they jockeyed for control over powerful
multipurpose crystals. One group, known as the Sons of Belial, had lower-vibrating
intentions to control these very powerful crystals that were used over the city. The Sons of
Belial sought to use these crystals in self-serving and malevolent ways, and these fearbased desires to control it all or have it all would eventually cause the destruction of
The Sons of the Law of One were a group that sought to keep and preserve the
crystals for their purpose of healing and energetic rebalancing. It is believed that The Sons
of the Law of One, knowing the strength and power of these crystals and their sacred
coding, began to slip into states of fear over the potential of the Sons of Belials intentions,
as well as the falsehood it would create, as greater distance and control over the crystals
seeped into every corner of their society. The Sons of the Law of One, however, had the
knowledge and skills necessary to work with such profound crystals, which spurred on
even greater dissension for the Sons of Belial. The Sons of the Law of One worked with
respect, love, and reverence for the power of the crystals, and as the two groups further
separated in their own intent, Atlantis began to rumble with fear and disconnection. The
future of Atlantis and their very civilization was forever changed when The Sons of Belial
forced their needs and desires of greed onto others. The Sons of the Law of One knew
what would become of their civilization if the crystals were not used with purity of intent
and integrity, and moved about creating a plan to safeguard what they could, much like the
devastating stories that we have seen play out on Gaia as we have historically misused and
abused her resources and land. The opposing groups spent their time struggling to see each
others views and eventually the crystals played the dividing role in their teetering
Initially these two early civilizations lived in peace, free of rules and controlling
systems. In fact, they lived much as the higher realms and beings live now, and yet the
propensity for control and greed led to the devastation and mass destruction that is still
written about today. The Sons of Belial wanted control of the crystals for they feared that
the resources and their ability to manifest at whim would be lost. These negative beliefs
were the core temptation that spurred on the devastation that rippled through the universe.
Atlantis is just one of humanitys earliest cases where fear-based beliefs spawned ideas of
power, greed, and control, and ultimately led to the destruction of all that existed in one of
our most advanced civilizations. Even as advanced as Atlantis was, fear crept into the
belief systems that directly affected their perceptions, their reality, and ultimately their free
will to choose to see beyond their imagined limitation and create balance and fairness and
peace for all. Free will has been gifted to every human, and if we choose from a state of
fear, then the consequences will never be in alignment of our highest and our best, or that
of the collective. Much devastation and destruction has been seen throughout Gaias
history. There are many beings that stand by to ensure that this situation never happens
again, for the destruction of Atlantis not only affected the people of that time period, but it
altered the landscape across our planet as Gaia erupted from the explosions. Tsunamis,
earthquakes, eruptions, and many other devastating cataclysms rung so deep that shifts in

the planetary grid and her energy centers were impelled. I believe that a veil of greater
illusion fell over humanity especially over those who carried the Akashic memories of that
time period. We have not allowed ourselves to truly see what we are capable of since the
harmonic times of early Atlantis. Atlantis taught us that our ability to gain such incredible
creation abilities, insight, peace, and balance can then be literally destroyed because of the
insecurity and control that fear causes.
The purity of intent is key and Creation will always honor and reciprocate when
we imbue and emit the love and purity of intent to which we flow through life with. This
is why angelic mastery takes many lifetimes upon many realms, many planets. The
compassion and understanding that must be reached are unwavering. Our power to choose
grows in responsibility as we ascend. With great powers of insight, wisdom, and energetic
skill must come reverence and benevolence, for it is a natural law of existence. Those who
choose to allow fear, greed, power, and control to reign will only attract to them the
consequence of these vibrations. Energy is always cyclical, and what we put out will come
back to us on some level and in some way. Atlantis went from being highly advanced to
deeply steeped in fear, and where there is fear, struggle is born.
Even though Atlantis is better known for its mythology to our educated scholars,
the discovery of its existence will further our understanding about the many cultures,
systems, and civilizations that permeated with cosmic wisdom; alien and celestial
interactions; and knowledge and understandings about energy, crystal, mathematics,
astrology, astronomy, and so on. This is why ancient structures, tribal rituals, and cosmic
connections have been discovered and seem to be very similar across ancient tribes that
are scattered in every corner on our planet. We have always had contact and intimate
teachings of the power we have as divine light-beings, most of which has been kept from
us, or hidden, which has caused mans limitations, fears, and greed to keep us from
evolving as a loving, compassionate, and cosmically aware human race. In many time
periods, and even as we watch our daily dramas unfold, the gift of free will has been
Experiences such as these are also why our celestial family and friends watch with
loving and caring attentiveness for our return to light and awakening. They witness the
greater awareness we have as individuals, the greater awareness and opportunities we
create as a collective, and how our collective consciousness creates the experience of
veils. One aspect of this realm of limitation is that we create such experiences so that we
can expand exponentially with exuberance when we do awaken. We gain greater
understanding of the power we have to experience such devastations, and manifest from
the soul level the triggers needed for us to realign and unfold in a more enlightened way. If
we allow ourselves to be ruled by fear, regardless of what the fear is connected with, then
it allows us to remain in a state of victimization; in a sense, this will stunt evolution not
only of the individual but also of the collective.
The energetic veil, I believe, fell over humanity the moment Atlantis fell into the
depths of the Atlantic. The mass disregard for life, the mass loss of peace and harmony,
and the blatant disregard for all that was sacred subconsciously created the limited belief
systems and lack of connection that we now carry with us as a human race. For remember,
all events, all lifetimes, occur right here, right now. We are all acting out roles in these eras

for a myriad of soul themes and lessons. We carry with us in each parallel lifetime the
energetic imprint of the themes playing out on all levels. Most are simply unaware of this
and wondering why they feel a pull to certain locations, or histories, or even have
experiential flashes of lifetimes they cannot fully understand or remember.
This veil was created by the collective energy to allow our creative potential to
remain at arms length, until we step up in vibration to match the frequency we can truly
appreciate and understand, and at which we can respect the powers we were gifted with so
very long ago. Ascension into a higher-vibrating realm would be an option in which
humanity could once again regain the intelligence and sacred knowledge to allow the
illusions of the veil to simply drop away forever. This is the remembrance that we are
awakening to. We do not have to create tragedies to learn the lessons of existence.
Whether it be leaking nuclear power plants or acts of terrorism, these are the lessons of
our times that directly relate to the battles that fear initiates. Fear breeds emotions and
behaviors of control, aggression, negativity, corruption, deceit, and so on. Regardless of
what beliefs you hold, there is always an opportunity to bring them to the surface and
realign them to a heightened state of awareness, thus allowing for a heightened potential
and outcome. The fall of Atlantis is one our planets most powerful lessons in the
experience of believing that we are separate from Source and what that belief brings us to
evolve into. If we truly understand in our awakening that we are never separated, we are
always one, and we are intimately linked and connected to every other being in Creation,
then we have no need to take from another or control over another, and we begin to
manifest systems that serve and benefit the All.
We can take in the sacred lessons that love and light for all beings is the I AM
THAT I AM presence and what we were designed to create and fully experience in this
free will reality. The story of Atlantis can be humanitys most valuable lesson and a more
expanded sense about Creation, our role within it, and our ability to manifest a peaceful
reality, so that we no longer need to go down that path of destruction.
Humans from every corner of the planet and every time period witness the lessons
gleaned from the fall of Atlantis. What could have been immensely healing and expansive
was one of our planets most tragic historical losses. Its an amazing historical account of
how we fall into the depths of despair and loss when we are not aligned with our higher
states of beingness. These souls have continued to incarnate to work through their soul
lessons, and flush out the beliefs and ideas about power to this day. I have often thought
that if the story of Atlantis was considered real as opposed to myth, we would have
learned from the invaluable lessons it had to offer.
Darkness is only the absence of light, so in the face of fear and greed, dear lighted
ones, send light and love, for there is no other powerful vibration to bring dis-ease, pain,
and suffering into balance. As we open to our infinite potential, we naturally act in love
and light and bring balance to our ever-stressed Gaia and her failing political and financial
systems. We can alter destructive behaviors and events that may unfold if we shift our
beliefs and our knowingness, which in turn recreates the reality we perceive around us.

The Veil of Illusion, Fear, Doubt, Limitation

If we have all chosen to be here in this earthly experience, then there must also be
myriad other choices we could have had. This is a perfect example of parallel realities.
We can see that even though we may have made a particular choice in this current earthly
experience, there are other earthly experiences that also carry the vibration of the other
choices we could have made. Lets take, for example, that of a career move. There are an
infinite number of parallel planets operating right now, each with a version of you on it.
These versions may resemble you, but are slightly different because of the frequency they
carry. If a career choice was offered to you, and you intuitively went with what felt
right, the version of you that is living out that choice can still be alive and aware on that
version of earth, to play out that theme and experience. This is true for all life experiences.
The soul can have this experience in a myriad of realities and in a myriad of parallel earths
and all are occurring simultaneously to fulfill the souls themes of exploration. Deja vu is
sometimes related to the shifting between these various realities within a blink of an eye
and seemingly experiencing something that you have already done. The ability to create
simultaneous reality experiences is truly the power we have as divine light-beings, and
knowing that there is always a balanced notion to any equation or opportunity that we
manifest. The more we awaken, the greater ability we will have to see the possibilities that
have always been before us. You are infinitely expansive.
If there is anything I have learned along this path, it is that theres always another
way to perceive what we believe to be true. We change our beliefs all the time. Our
preferences in hairstyles, clothing styles and colors, home decor, and even our careers are
affected by our deep-seated beliefs. Our beliefs stir us in our decisions. For instance, if
you believe that people who work within the banking industry are crooks, this may affect
your ability to create a career opportunity in investment banking. Our deep-seated beliefs
are very powerful and can affect the outcome of what path we walk upon. If our beliefs are
steeped in fear, then the veil is much denser, and what we experience will be a vibrational
match to those fears.
In this same scenario, our spirit guides and the angelic realm, all swimming in the
same universal energetic pool, send infinite clues, cues, and signs for you to act upon that
can better align you to the opportunities that flow with the blueprint you signed up for. For
the purpose of expanding your current ideas and belief systems, I will prompt you to dig
deep and tap into the subtler beliefs that hold you back in any one area. Bring these
limitations to the forefront and reflect upon why you hold this belief, how it serves you,
and how you can realign to a more powerful state of being. Is it that you believe you are
not worthy of feeling ecstasy, deep love, or wisdom? Whatever belief you carry can
usually be traced back to that part of you that requires greater love and attention. Once
there is the recognition and acknowledgement of a limiting belief, we can then start to
own, love, nurture, heal, and transform this darkness into light once again. For remember,
we are all born with divine purity as an unlimited and profound light-being, but we are
also born into a physical experience. The conditioning and beliefs we have in our physical
existence impacts the severity of our disconnection with Source, ourselves, and Creation.
Clarifying who you are and what you believe to be true is the most powerful way

to align yourself to a fully awakened consciousness. As we enter the fifth-dimensional

realm, we have had to refine our vibration to rise thus far. To thoroughly cement our
footing in the ground of New Earth, we must be prepared to release all aspects of the
limitation and fear that we carry. Ascension is a step-by-step process. Each new phase that
you bring yourself to allows you to unveil deeper aspects of your infinite self. Beliefs and
definitions will be modified and altered with every new level of awareness that you
integrate, so ascension is truly an infinite process. We are forever a student of our
diversely rich universe.

The One Who Seeks

Dont be afraid to ask yourself which beliefs and definitions make you feel
inferior or lacking in self-worth. Seek the answers to feelings and beliefs that bring about
fearful and judgmental undertones, and even journal your findings so that you may
integrate even higher-resonating beliefs and ways of living. You can choose to shift, alter,
and modify any idea or definition that creates a feeling of being pulled down or pulled
back. It may take some practice, as some of these beliefs and definitions are conditioned
into our consciousness and then reinforced by the media bombarding us at every turn. You
do have the power to alter your reality and you have all the tools you need to really go
beyond what you have ever imagined or dreamed could be possible. It all starts by
allowing curiosity, your intuition, and, above all, your heart to be your guiding compass,
for the one who seeks is the one that will expand. To seek is to know more, understand
more, and allow the infinite aspects of Creation to be offered to us in our passion to seek
more of who we are and what we exist within.
Creation is always curious! What a better way to experience all the possibilities
of existence than to create an infinitely expansive universe to play within. Thus, All That
IsSourceis highly curious in how love and light may be reflected back to it. How can
life be experienced, and how can life be seen to split off and play with an infinite number
of possibilities to delight, mirror, reflect, teach, and align with even grander potential?
Much like the frequency split off that is occurring with Gaia right now, we are given the
opportunity to experience another aspect of who we thought we were, and rise above to
create something more profound. Our curiosity and deep inner tug for change, with every
choice allows us to experience life from another perspective. The one who seeks, lets go
of limitation and separation, for there is awareness that allows one to see we are all one. In
seeking we relearn, we remember our wholeness, our Oneness, and our greater link with
All That Is, and we are intertwined and enmeshed within it all. Those who resonate with
oneness will experience the earth that matches that vibration.
The concept of oneness can allow us to approach all situations from a neutral state
and allow clarity about who we are and what we desire to experience in order to create
powerful definitions. We let go of judgment and allow for the peace that neutrality
providesan expanded understanding that all situations, circumstances, and events can
serve us in some way. Even if we have taken the path that did not feel like the most

positive path, we can still define the experience to be one that taught us in powerful ways.
Defining every situation with a sense of neutrality or positive intent, allows us to remove
all fear, and simultaneously creating a vibrational change in our state of being, thus
opening the pathway for higher solutions to be offered to us. We then extend this
understanding to every other aspect in our lives, even to those in our lives, or groups
within our global family, and those in our cosmic family. If we have the free will to seek
higher-vibrational ways of living, we must also have the power to define how we wish to
experience anything that occurs. If we walk forth with this power of creation, we then
create the ability to redefine anything with clarity and profundity, which will set up the
path to be equally matched.

The Power to Choose and Create Peace

Inner peace is created by the understanding that we all hold the power within to
choose how we interpret all events. We are the primary creators of all events and
circumstances that we experience, and therefore we can choose to feel helpless and
worthless, and take on the energy of the victim, or we can choose to let all situations and
events serve us in some expansive way. Our creation potential really is this unlimited and
infinite, and this level of integration in every situation you create will allow you to sense
your own mastery within this glorious manifestation experience.
Do you trust what you create? Do you trust that all that unfolds upon your path
can benefit you in some way? Do you know that anything that may unfold can serve you
and honor you in some way? Free will offers to us the power to choose any vibration we
desire. In your expanding awareness, you will rediscover these Universal laws and how
you have every ability, skill, and potential to create a sense of peace, balance and harmony
in these profound discoveries. You own these sacred truths, dear lighted ones, and you
open the portal to your own divinity every time you redefine in light, choose in alignment
with your hearts desire, and follow the excitement that swims within you.
Is there a sense of knowingness within you that is unshakable? Regardless of how
challenging or overwhelming an event may appear, if you approach all events with the
energy, intent, excitement and anticipation for a harmonious outcome, you powerfully
shift the events that unfold. Knowingness creates, and it is a powerful vibration in
alignment with surety. If you know a thing to be true, so it shall be. This is the essence of
knowingness that a master walks with. You have the power to create all of this from
within, and create the peace, love, and harmony you desire.
If we approach what is occurring on our global platform with the energy of
positive alterations for better systems that serve the All of humanity, then we can
understand that some events just need to play out for the lessons of those involved. This
does not mean that we all sit back and do nothing. It means that we can let go of judgment,
hate, and fighting the fight, for these are old energies of a 3D reality and old human
behavior. These behaviors vibrate in negativity and override our desire to create and
choose peace. Remember, you cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of, so shift

your state of awareness, choose your vibration, choose your definitions, and so too shall
your reality shift before you. You will be on the earth that experiences harmony, peace,
and allowance of spiritif this is the essence you set yourself to vibrate within. This is
one of the laws of the universe. We can allow our own individual placement and how we
align ourselves to be paramount in all global issues, and create greater focus for the
vibration of love, light, and human potential. For this is what we all truly desire to
experience anyhow. Set your core vibration to a state of balance, harmony, love, light, and
unconditional compassion, then the reality you perceive will adjust to make it so.
These aspects of understanding universal energy are key, and even though the
masses may not believe what they cannot see, know that all you need to focus your
attention on is your personal alignment and your inner work. As within, so without. It is
more important than ever that we focus on this concept as we are continually bombarded
with negative media and accelerating ascension energies. Aligning oneself with the
highest of vibrations is the key in staying abreast of the wave of light that will carry us
into an ascended Earth experience. Dont give in to what you are being sold or told. Know
that any war, any fight, and any combat is always fought with those who have access to
the deepest of pockets and who desire to fight fire with fire. Just as you have choice and
free will, so too does every other human. Choose love in all that you do. Love is the most
powerful element and vibration within our universe, and you will shift the resonance in all
you perceive if you act out of the purity of love.

Loving Alignment

Act in whatever way you can that promotes love and light instead of fighting the
fight. Many masters have turned their backs on all aspects of aggression because they
knew in their deepest spirit essence that love conquers all. Love will always align you
with your highest and best interests. Create and send loving tweets, or create loving, lightfilled blogs, express the spirit essence of who you are with purity and integrity and love
for it aligns you with the divine. If you choose to define, act, and behave in loving and
peaceful ways, so too will your reality align with you in all that you manifest. Imagine and
perceive a brighter humanity, even if you visualize yourself being on and living within the
New Earth reality. Any positive and loving imagery will assist in creating heightened
vibrations for New Earth potentials, so stand in love for humanity, instead of fighting the
fight. As it has been stated by many of the great masters and wise seers, If you fight fire,
with fire, you will only get more fire. You cannot solve any issue from the same state of
energy in which the issue resides. We must rise above and create a higher alignment from
within to create the wisdom in which global answers will be found.
If we take the aspect of neutrality, as we walk through our daily lives, and allow
ourselves to insert the energy of neutrality into all we experience, we have the clean slate
in which we can further design into a more positive and powerful masterpiece to
experience. These concepts allow us to experience the bigger picture of who we are and
how entangled we are within this pool of Creation. We can choose with our eyes and

hearts open, and with the confidence that we can define and clarify all situations
regardless of how uninvolved we think we are. Our collective vibration rises and we
begin to truly act as one community in desire of change, peace, and harmony. We can
align as one if we align within first. Create the knowingness of your infinite potential, and
from the heart level you will be guided into greater alignment that vibrates with this
frequency, always in perfect alignment for this is universal law. This is the idea of how
vast Creation is and how utterly profound our paths can be if we humbly sit in a place of
neutrality and choose with positive intent to align with a more fulfilling life experience
As we open ourselves up to expanded thought and concepts, we can begin to see
how powerful each energetic exchange is. The potentials are truly unlimited and infinite,
and as we remember our divine power to create, redefine, choose, and align, we transform
old prejudices, wars, famines, and inequality and we create the balance that humanity and
Gaia deserves.


It wasnt until a life-altering event occurred more than seven years ago that all of
my soul-searching questions were brought to the forefront for exploration and
discovery. Like many others in the awakening process, I remember many moments
throughout my lifetime that were the energetic cues and symbols offered to create
opportunities for me to seek, connect, and link in a much deeper way. The more that I
discarded and ignored what was being offered, the more profound and dramatic the
triggers were. Like most people, I carried on without further investigation, labeling such
magical experiences coincidences. It wasnt until I was in my late thirties that I had the
maturity and ability to understand that all of the coincidences were a much higher
calling to a path that I now reside in and have fallen in love with.
Awakening occurs to provide us with the opportunity we need to experience how
intimately linked we are to All That Is, and all that swims seemingly around us. We are
linked, entangled, and engaged at an energetic level to everything. If we are aware of this
universal truth, we can then begin to consciously create the experiences we desire and
ultimately lead a profoundly meaningful life. Awakening occurs at the soul level. The soul
will manifest activations to your higher self, your spirit guides, and then to your celestial
team, to step up in action to fulfill certain timings within your life contract. These stages
of activation are directed by the most high, in corporation with over-soul themes, roles,
and contracts. They are done by the initiation of events, circumstances, and dreams to
encourage self-reflection and inspire the desire to seek within. Your team then launches
energetic cues, symbols, and clues to you in myriad ways to bring you in alignment with
the desire to know more, be more, and feel more; thus the path of enlightenment and
awakening begins.
Our team is comprised of various energetic masters, and as we move through life,
our spirit guides and team may change as we change and expand. We are always assigned

and gifted with the perfect guide and celestial being that will assist us in manifesting our
lifes desires and soul blueprint. Timing in this way is always perfectly designed into
everyones life contract, and if something is not manifesting or unfolding, it is due to the
lack of connection that we hold about our potential and our reality. I began to receive the
unmistakable call from spirit in the form of dreams and synchronicities that could simply
not be explained. The links were enough to propel me into a passionate spiritual
investigation about why these coincidences were occurring, what they meant, and why
my life was taking such an unusual turn. It wasnt until much later that I understood all of
the magical coincidences were the skillful work of so many brilliantly benevolent beings
that had been with me in every word I spoke and in every step I took. The more passionate
I became about my awakening, the more I seemed to experience, and the more I would
sense and understand at the energetic multidimensional level.
Looking back on my childhood now, I can fully understand all the strange
occurrences and know that I was always connected, linked, and entangled with these
amazing beings; I can see how many times I was led from self-destruction because of their
love for me and the potential I owned. What created such loneliness, discomfort, and
confusion was only my inability to understand the universe and universal energy. If only
one person can alter their path and find peace from the information and experiences that I
offer, then all of this effort is worth its weight in gold. For I remember moments of deep
despair and personal suffering, which were directly related to my need to feel loved,
connected, and entangled with what most did not believe even existed. It all makes perfect
sense to me now, and I have learned to feel great love for myself where self-loathing and
self-criticizing used to sit. For as long as I could remember, I had the profound feeling that
I just didnt fit, and I would escape these feelings with alcohol, working out, and fiftyhour work weeks to avoid facing how different I truly was. As often as my team would
gift me, I would shrug off their invitation to reengage with spirit by labeling the
experiences as just coincidences, even though the voice of spirit was urging for my
attention, even though I would hear the telepathic voices within that werent my own, and
even though I would write-off the prophetic visions, dreams, and sensings all because I
really wanted to feel like I belonged. I wanted to belong to someone, to something, and
to know that I was valued in a way I craved from the deepest level within my soul. The
craving to feel again was too profound. I needed to seek in order to understand the links,
the connections, and the synchronicities that were pulling me into self-discovery.
I can now say with pride and self-clarity that I am an intuitive visionary and an
empath. I have opened myself up to the potentials and wisdoms from a myriad of lifetimes
on this planet and in other celestial realms. I now understand the journey I chose was
without question and filled with purposeful intent and excitement. If we are unaware of
our human potential to sense, to know, to create, and to inspire, then we can sink into
feeling as if we are less than. An old soul, one who has travelled and lived thousands of
lifetimes, can feel this way, and regardless of how many times we feel different, those
around us simply cannot understand, for they do not know what we sense, what we feel, or
what we experience. We all carry the ability to tap into our highest, most expanded self,
the one that is intimate with the divine in every way and the one that speaks the language
of universal love. It is in our awareness, the desire to seek, that creates the potential to
allow our innate brilliance to come to life. Just as every being on this planet has these

abilities to sense, to know, and to expand into an illuminated galactic human being,
whether we experience it falls on our ability to choose the course of action that will create
these potentials.
I have known incredibly psychic people. Some of them choose to disengage with
their innate gifts because they are uninspired to seek what it all means, and this is entirely
valid. Every path is unique. Every path is special, required, and valid to the overall scheme
of Creation. No one path is more needed or special than another, for we are one in this
way. Awakening brings us from one state of awareness to a new higher state of awareness.
Awareness allows us to see what was unseen before and to feel what was unfelt before,
and many people choose to walk through their life experiences in states of denial
regardless of how profound their teams gifts of activation were. It is all valid, and at some
point, all souls will evolve, for that is a primary universal law: everything changes.
Awakening allows us to open to our authentic self. We can let go of feeling
obligated to act in a certain way to please others, or compensate for others unhappiness,
because we can sense there are emotional issues not being discussed or brought to the
forefront. Empaths and psychic intuitives do this without really realizing it and then feel
exhausted and overwhelmed, so they will use anything to mask their authenticity and hide
forever in the sleepiness of denial. For when we have been authentic, we have been
judged, shunned, and ostracized. We tell people we are fine when were morbidly unhappy
and disconnected, and we look to anything to fill the void of our disunion and detachment
from Spirit and Source. These are all a part of the natural process of self-discovery in the
awakening process, for there are times we have to reach despair before we rebound into
As an intuitive and empath, even as a child, at the time when I was not diagnosed
or understood, I could sense how others would feel, even what they were thinking, and
then sense the energetic difference between what I was receiving and what I was being
told. I remember writing an essay in history in my college days, and I had to discern how a
particular culture received their goods and which routes they may have travelled. I
remember writing this essay with great ease. I seemed to know the routes and could
visually see maps and directions with my third eye, or inner sight, as if I were travelling
the route from a third-person point of view. When information just flows in this way, with
no correlation or preconditioning or preemptive knowledge, you know it is flowing from
your higher self that has access to any and all information available. Needless to say, I
received one of the highest marks I ever had on this particular history paper.
In the process of awakening, and as you become comfortable with your unfolding
innate skills and abilities, there may be experiences when you are sensing something and
you will be told or taught something totally different. Just know how you feel within and
trust what you sense, for your innate is never wrong. Innate is linked to Source, to
Creation, to Gaia, and it feeds you energetic information for you to fulfill your desires.
While the rest of the world catches up energetically, you may have to learn how to balance
what you know to be true and what you are being told. This further teaches us compassion
and understanding for the path that others must tread to know their own light, as we have
all walked it. Just know that these socioeconomic and educational systems will change as
we change, so stay true to your path and hone what you sense. If you ask for validation

from your celestial team and spirit guides, and if you ask for clarification, know it will
always be given.
Awakening will stir us into action when we are truly tired of feeling numb. When
we are tired of lack of meaning, depth, and intimacy we will then seek a deeper sense of
living. Humanity has tended to wait until the darkness hovers before change is really
created, and we no longer have to take this approach for a harmonic experience. We have
the power and strength to rise above any limitation and feeling of lack. We are shedding
centuries of habitual energetic numbness and darkness, so awakening can take time before
the calls to spirit are heard. I firmly believe that there is perfect timing to everything
within this brilliant and profound dance of glorious universal orchestration. We live within
an energetic web, which is always moving, changing, expanding, and contracting. We are
alive within it as it is within us. We are entangled, dear lighted ones, and awakening is our
remembrance of this graceful dance.
The timings of all personal and planetary awakenings are delivered in the highest
and best way and for the greater good. With this level of knowingness, we can release the
worry and the stress of how quickly our path unfolds. Your soul, your higher self, and
your teams are brilliant in their delivery and they are assigned to you for this very reason.
They will send you clues, cues, and triggers exactly when they are required and in
alignment with what you need to see to act on your highest potential. There are no
superfluous experiences in this way. There is meaning to all that crosses your path, and in
your awakening, you will begin to seek the insights and wisdom to know why.
Awakening can start out quietly and with great subtlety, and ascension triggers can
be ignited in the form of whispers, tugs, pulls, or situations to jar you into noticing
something is shifting. Sometimes it is merely to notice the beauty of a rainbow, the
brilliance of a flower, or the perfectly colored patterns on a wild animal. The divine life
essence within allows you to see, sense, and feel your deep connection with all else in the
universe, and it can really be this simple and this beautiful, for nature has always been our
greatest teacher, and her lessons are undeniable. Gaia is constantly and unconditionally
gifting us with her presence of nature, nourishment, and beauty, and if we listen, if we stop
and notice, there are synchronicities that can allow us to tap into our multidimensional
profundity. She allows us to endlessly peek at Creation in the most profound of ways, and
she then allows the moments of awe to ignite our passion to love and reconnect with life
before us. We are so blessed for her offering in our path of awakening and ascension, for it
brings us to our most expansive self, for this is why we chose to incarnate upon her
surface. All it takes is our natural ability to tune in to what is always swimming around
and within us.
Awakening can be this simple. Every moment there is an awakening that is ready
for you to tune in to. When you do tune in, the unfolding of events, situations, and
circumstances will synchronistically align for you to take action, or to simply enjoy and
embrace. However, if there is a life contract that isnt being recognized, then these hints
and cues become more profound to get your attention. Your soul, your spirit guides, your
higher self, or celestial teams will do anything to get your attention, and if your time to
awaken is upon you, you will know it, because at your highest level of awareness, you
have planned it this way.

Awakening can be inspired by any event that allows you to seek higher reasoning
and knowledge. Any life-altering event, big or small, can provoke awakening. Loss that
can be so profound and bring you to your knees can offer even the most immense potential
for wonderful, soulful discoveries. On this planet, because of the limitations of the concept
of our wholeness, death has been a sad and tragic event. As we ascend, however, we will
understand that we are truly infinite and that we carry on in other aspects of reality, other
frequencies, other opportunities for growth, and that in this infinite oneness, we celebrate
the transition into other experiential choices. Even as we choose our life blueprint, our
time and place of birth, our family, our career, our awakening, and even at the highest
level of our awareness, we know the timing of our death. There is nothing that is left out
within this experience, and we have endless opportunities to move into whatever
experience we choose.
I am excited and honored to be experiencing these accelerating times in what may
be the edge of the unknown. In our awakening we can choose to alter what we believe
to be true about our energetic potential, and our ascension path, and even what we believe
to be true about death and the life process. Each day Im not quite sure what symptoms my
body will alert me to or what magical synchronicity will float into my consciousness, and
I gain greater respect and understanding in every hour. Awakening in this life in the
manner that I did was the most profound event of my life and is as beautiful and incredible
as the birth of my children. Living in a fifth-dimensional frequency means that we can let
go of the fear of the unknown and let go of the worry of what it may carry. We can step up
into the blueprint that we designed for ourselves because we know with boldness and
surety that this will be the ride of a lifetime and our souls will delight in every minute of
it. We are truly moving through something really profound, and as a collective we can
create whatever it is that we desire, for we are now awake to what human potential can
offer. So I offer my experience on what I sense; what I know to be true; and how my body,
my family, and my life are being shaped and altered with each new day in which
awakening reminds me of how profound this life experience truly is.
These personal sharings are esoteric in their nature, and I know now that I have
chosen at the soul level to be involved in this way at this time, and thus my life unfolds
quite naturally with passion in this expansive arena. I have been as honest and descriptive
as I possibly can with what my earthly brain can color for you. Some of the experiences
that I offer are taken from my everyday life, and from the many brilliant books, and
brilliant teachers I have been gifted along the way. There are some experiences so
multidimensional that I am challenged to find the earthly words to lay them out for you,
but I offer what I can with how I know the message needs to be heard. You will notice that
some ascension attributes, lessons, and tips are overstated and even repeated, and it is all
for a grander purpose, to help it sink in to the levels at which it is needed to be felt.
Many of the articles I write or the classes I teach are imbued with the universal
wisdom that has come forth in my own awakening. Information flows forth during dreamtime collaborations, meditation experiences, and even in my waking conscious states.
Many of these experiences now offer me the potential to communicate at varying degrees
with other celestial beings from other star systems and higher-frequency realms, and even
other members of my soul family. I have experienced many visitations throughout my
lifetime, with a myriad of beings from different star systems, and most of these

experiences have been held behind the veil of illusion so that I am able to operate within
this reality in a somewhat normal way to do the work that I designed myself to fulfill.
When I am in relaxed or even exhausted or blissful states, visions, impressions, or
memories of these visitations bleed into my waking consciousness. I experience the
energy of celestial gatherings, councils, and even sensations of visiting with beings that
feel as if they are family, and these all are very real even though they occur on the
energetic level.
The experience of awakening can allow us to know that every experience is real
on some level. Just because we do not experience it as physically real does not mean
that the experience is not happening on our higher-consciousness levels. For remember,
we are multidimensional beings and can create the illusion of physically being here while
also being on myriad other levels, realms, and experiences simultaneously. The more
expanded we allow ourselves to become, the more awakened we allow ourselves to be, the
more energetic bleed-throughs will occur for us to learn from, delight in, and expand
Some of my visitation experiences have taken place on ships, and even other
planets, so I have done my best to color the picture for you so that you too can experience
the beauty and unique elegance of what awakening into our full human potential can offer.
Allow these offerings to inspire you and allow you to tap into the possibility of what a
potential is should you continue on your path to ascension. For you are multilayered and
more profound than you know, and there are deeply buried memories of all your
incarnational experiences awaiting your vibrational readiness to be brought to the surface
for your discovery and enjoyment. Regardless of what anyone has taught you, told you, or
desired for you to believe, we are multidimensional spirit essences, and we exist in more
than this one earthly experience. Our focus is here in this moment, for it offers our soul the
most profound and grand learning experience, and thus we operate from this one physical
point of view. If there is something that deeply resonates within you, embrace it and look
within for there will always be a jewel of discovery when you look within. Awakening is
one of the most profound experiences in the human playbook, and as you answer the call
of the soul, you will find yourself on an endless path of self-discovery and expansion. If
you have found this book, you are following the soul urgings and synchronicities placed
before you by your team and your higher self, so rise from the state of disconnect and
imbalance and know that you have taken a profound step in heeding the call of spirit.
There are no accidents in this way, and this is how utterly profound you are in taking the
step that brings you to these words. You have designed every aspect of this unique and
grand experience. Welcome to the fifth dimension, dear lighted ones, your mission has just

The Patterning and History of Our Beliefs

From the time of conception, we are told, preached, and taught what to believe in
myriad formats. Our society in all arenas has varying degrees of rules, regulations, and

histories that shape what we believe to be true and encourage us to follow in line so that
the order remains controlled. Throughout our historical writings and scriptures, those who
did go outside the mass belief or questioned authority of limitation have been persecuted
in some form, for the passion and the truth that they knew. They dared to think, speak, and
act in ways that challenged authority and went outside what the mass consensus believed
to be appropriate or normal. Many of these spiritual masters forged their path to
transcend normal and create potentials to inspire others to see beyond the veil of
illusion. Our most ancient masters and spiritual teachers who have walked this planet have
all travelled through the awakening and ascension process and, in doing so, have allowed
us to peek in on the potentials that enlightenment can offer. Many of these profound
masters were brutally killed, maimed, and forced to leave their homes for what they knew
to be true.
In just about every corner of the world, in just about every culture and civilization,
our planet has seen the result of what occurs when spirit speaks through us and gives us
the courage to stand in our own power with the deep desire to create a new reality with
loving potential. We have been so steeped in control, limitation, and poverty, all derived
from the belly of fear from those placed in power. It has been the storyline of every major
and minor battle in the history of Earth, and regardless of what religion one honors or the
pigment of our skin, we have altered the face of humanity and Gaia in the wars waged as a
result of fear. Many people now sense that there is greatness within, and a fire that
beckons our attention, or a song that needs our voice, and yet fear barricades anything
from moving beyond the current state.
If we allow ourselves to redefine what we believe to be true, and integrate a
newfound sense of awareness and knowingness, or create self-reflection time to review
our beliefs and fears, we then create the opportunity to own, acknowledge, heal, and
release what no longer serves us. In doing this, we offer up new potentials, and our reality
will shift to the new, heightened flows of universal energy that we have made room for.
We truly become masters of our own creations.
Beliefs are the foundation of what we experience, and the more profoundly we
believe something, the greater potential it has to manifest in our reality. This creates the
essence of knowingness, which is exactly what all masters have done, and your reality
will shift into this state of knowingness and show you exactly where you resonate at.
When the vibration of knowingness resides within us with great presence, we create
whatever situation, circumstance, and opportunity we can to allow this flow to be set free.
What we know to be true will drive what we perceive. The patterning on what we have
been told, taught, and preached to can be completely rewritten if we choose a new
experience. For we have all experienced the limitations that outdated beliefs have held us
to and we have enough intelligence and awareness to reveal, heal, and realign to a more
desired state of being. In the process of awakening, we have gained the wisdom and
spiritual insight to know and create unto ourselves. What we perceive is what we
experience, and like a snowball effect, it spans out to Creation. We can take ownership of
ourselves and let go of those who speak on our behalf, and create within this now moment
the reality we desire. Practiced and integrated enough, what we know is what we
experience. It really is all about the powerful tool of alignment and creating the ease and
flow of universal energy, because we are an aspect of it, and it is an aspect of us.

In our near future, all of our socioeconomic systems in all structured arenas, will
shift to follow suit with the changing energies that we create from our growing awareness
and expansion. In many of our lifetimes, we sign on to learn the lessons and themes that
can allow us the greatest potential for growth. Some lifetimes were and are so incredibly
unfathomable that it creates a sense of fear and hesitation, which delays and even
stagnates our evolution. Experiences of unexplained fear or phobias can also be termed
psychic remembrances, flashbacks, or past-life integrations. These are also
awakening triggers to pull us back into self-reflection and a deeper state of understanding
that everything exists now, and that the more we awaken, the more we allow the window
of our multidimensional experiences to open to us so we can peek inside at what needs to
be resolved to move beyond it.
We have lived in such darkness and audacities that our struggle to merely survive
was our primal instinct, and now that we are moving into a state of bliss and ecstasy, and
away from the struggles of survival, we see how evolved we truly are to release such
outdated notions.
These accelerating times, or the age of awakening, have never been as tangible
and palpable as they are now. Many of us have awoken to such profound calls of spirit that
unless the call is answered, it will ring throughout Creation because now is the time to
move beyond all that we have been taught, told, and conditioned to create the potential of
a harmonious and healthy planet. You will hear us roar our independence, for it has truly
been centuries in the making, and the crucifixions, the shunning, and corruptive cover-ups
will no longer fool the intelligence of the new illuminated galactic human. We can sense
our way around each obstacle, and we set every footstep with profound love, reverence,
and benevolence for the glow of New Earth to be seen and felt by all. For that is the way
of spirit, and we are now awake to see it flourish from within.
The underlying process of awakening allows us to heal the wounds of all other
concurrent tragic lifetimes, miseries, imbalances, and limiting belief structures. All of the
planetary lessons we came here to experience can be integrated for expanded healing and
ascension. The veil falls away and disappears to allow our free will greater reign to create
magical systems of love, expansion, fairness, abundance, compassion, and light for all
people, not just the chosen elite few. We will sing with vigor because we now know within
our newly awoken hearts that all we need to create and manifest anything we desire is to
release and redefine what held us captive for centuries. We are free with the innate
abilities that we were born with, encoded with the essence of the Creator, to go forth and
create our unique expression for the mirror reflection to Source and all of Creation with
brilliance, purity of our intention, goodwill, and light.

Beliefs and Perceptions

The veil that dropped after the fall of Atlantis is ultimately of our own creation,
and inspired by the darkened leaders that led by instilling fear and doubt about who we
were as a people. The illusion of power was used and frankly is still used today to create

self-serving outcomes that feed the greed of those in positions to gain everything, and its
the underlying motive of all battles. Fear instills lack of choice for those living with this
belief, and the power of light, love, and infinite potential were carefully kept hidden in
scriptures, mystery schools, and among the chosen few. Many of our historical religions,
scriptures, and tablets were even rewritten to weave tales of punishment, persecution, and
scorn, should we all not fall in line with mass beliefs and political agendas. These truths
about our innate creative abilities, our sensate skills to rise above, have all been skillfully
kept from our teachings for a reason.
From the altered ancient scriptures to the daily news, we have been fed a series of
beliefs and notions, which, over time, few have challenged. What we are conditioned to
believe, what we are told, what we read, and what we are taught is merely the same
material handed down in textbooks generation after generation. Rarely are we empowered
to question or initiate creative and infinite potential in our socioeconomic system because
that would mean that those who benefit from these systems would lose control and
monetary power. We will see a profound change in such delivery systems as free energy,
trade, and even the expansion of borders between countries because it will become
glaringly obvious that the century-old way of controlling others, manipulating the
financial systems, and corruptive governments will no longer be sustainable in a society
that ascends beyond it.
We have moved beyond the belief that we are only deserving of the bare essentials
and mediocre living conditions, financial security, and the level of belonging that results
from such corrupt and selfish systems. We have allowed ourselves to believe that we are
limited and that we live within certain parameters with little ability to expand. However,
awakening allows us to know that quite the opposite is true. Our reality is as infinite as we
know and perceive ourselves to be. We are exactly what we know ourselves to be, and
humanity is awakened enough to move on this wave of light and taste the infinite potential
that a fifth-dimensional realm can offer. We can simply let go of limitation and create,
redefine, and imbue love into all that we do, and see our reality unfold in profound and
magical ways. I am here to tell you that this is entirely possible and probable. Limitation,
famine, war, greed, and control reside in the old, third-dimensional frequency, and as we
ascend up, we leave behind these struggles and injustices to create a better way of living.
At all moments, especially since December 21, 2012, we have at our disposal the
ability, and galactic assistance to break free of every bind and chain. I can say this because
I experience the unbelievable path of ascension with the attention, commitment, and
guidance from the many beings that I walk with on this path. We deserve to experience joy
beyond belief, dear lighted ones, and we deserve to experience the level of unconditional
love that has yet to be experienced in our realm. We deserve abundance and profound
wisdom. To create these potentials, we are required to drop what doesnt fit energetically,
and move up into the state of knowingness that creates brilliance. As you redesign your
belief systems, your perceptions and state of knowingness will also realign, and your
potential will synchronistically expand in alignment with your newfound beliefs. This is
how reality is created all around us. We create every aspect of our reality, so now that we
know this, we align with what provides us with excitement, ecstasy, bliss, joy, abundance,
and whatever else we decide to experience. Being aware of and in greater entanglement
with all that surrounds you can enable greater expansion, potential, meaning, and intimacy

so that you can unleash your true, natural, divine spirit essence.
We have the refined webbing in which we are encased to choose and act in our
fullest state of remembrance, so that the gates can swing wide open and provide the gifts
from the divine. We are tapping into ancient knowledge from other lifetimes and other
realms, and the more we align with our true essence, the more the gates of possibility and
potential swing in our favor, forever releasing the struggles of limitation. This is how
universal energy, universal law, and the intimate understanding of it flows. The potential
of planetary ascension will be here for all to see and experience as the subtle energetic
shifts align and delight us in every aspect of our reality. As plain as daylight, and as
profound as each breath we breathe, even those who are seemingly asleep will feel that
something has changed. We are now awake, dear lighted ones, and the veil has dropped.
There is nothing hidden any longer and the potential now lies within your ability to create
change. We are ready to expand upon who and what we are, and what we are able to
create. We have the potential in the coming ten years to align with the frequency that can
open the door to our cosmic friends and even meet our celestial families from afar, for
they will confirm what many of us have known innately for years, and even lifetimes, that
we are more than we ever dreamed and our heritage spans much farther than the borders
within our precious Gaia.
Awakening to infinite possibilities through the process of ascension allows us to
create and live in new levels of transparency, and thus flow with the integrity required to
rebalance our social and economic systems. We have nothing left to hide, and our own
higher selves are steering the ship now, as we listen and follow our excitement and
intuitive sensings. The illuminated galactic human we are stepping into will allow us to
navigate our way around newly formed potentials from the seas of old to let go of the
negative restraints of outdated beliefs. The energy we create will shift and usher in new
powerful systems that will instill balance, equanimity and greater freedom for the
illuminated galactic human we are transcending into. In the discovery of who we are with
every phase of this planetary ascension, we redefine the potential of humanity as a whole,
for each and every single change changes the all, and this is how planetary ascension is
ultimately achieved. Every time we enlighten the promise of what can be, the promise of
our potential, and step up into higher resonating awareness, our childrens New Earth
simultaneously becomes filled with greater expansiveness and is sewn with love and the
unlimited light that we all were birthed from.
Every time you feel your spiritthe inner and greater aspect of who you are
nudge you into action or experience the deep desire to seek, you create awakening. Every
time you sense your higher self stepping in and whispering a new inspiration, and every
time you feel your soul stir you to move or act, then do so with the profound knowing that
you are entangled and linked with it all. It is your birthright to experience unconditional
love. For this is the beginning of your awakening, dear lighted ones, and your encoding is
being activated to move you in a new direction you had not previously thought of. And so,
your life takes a shift, forever altering your path and direction in a heightened and most
unlimited way. This is how ascension and transformation occurs, and it can be as easy as
one step, one shift of perspective, and one redefined belief. This energy work is real,
planetary ascension is real, and we are merely awakening into the natural potential we
knew was possible to experience when we designed our life blueprint. You exist within

this etherically profound orchestration. Your soul, your spirit guides, your celestial team,
and your higher self have unshakeable faith and trust in the skills you have to create such
brilliance for yourself.
And so should you. Lets tap into your profundity and see what magic unfolds.

Time for Truth

I believe theres such a time approaching when many truths withheld will be
leaked into society by certain sources, and as the slow release of such classified
information seeps its way into the mainstream media, it will create the opening for true
social change. As this paradigm shift creates greater flow and support for integrity within
all social structures and systems, many of the hidden agendas and historical stories will be
dusted off and brought to the forefront for release and balance. Humanity will move
through various levels of experience as it grasps to cling to anything that is old, even if
the old did not serve it well, for change is challenging to accept even for the highly
educated. Conspiracies will no longer be needed, for all the secrets and agendas will be set
free and we will move forward with a clean slate. A time for truth and reconciliation about
humanitys history will be brought to light, and all will unfold in perfect timing when the
collective resonates with the desire for such revelations. Our governments are only a
mirror image of what we allow ourselves to believe is true, for everything mirrors
vibration within the reality we exist in. As we awaken and align, so too will the social
structures in which we operate. As we radiate with a deeper sense of truth, integrity, and
insight, we offer this vibration to be returned within every aspect of our reality. Again, as
we shift from within, we alter the reality we experience, and as humanity embraces its
divine profundity, the timing of all of our collective truths will be brought to the surface.
Over time, as we enter New Earth, our systems and attention to truth, honor, and
integrity will emit such love and respect for all, that new social structures with nothing to
hide will finally meet the expectations of humanity. Such transformations will result
naturally as we align ourselves from within first. As we align with the truth and
authenticity of who we are as individuals, we set the vibration for our reality to respond in
kind. In a snowball effect, illumination and integrity beget illumination and integrity, and
soon we will synchronistically manifest all we need to travel between star systems
instantaneously, or create the ability to maintain a pristine nature and live harmoniously
within it. As we live and act with the same truthfulness and integrity we desire our reality
to exhibit, we set the stage for this energy to spill over within our global collective. There
cannot be expansion without change. Enlightenment is the result of expansion, and as we
are all connected, if one may ascend and expand, then so may all others, and our New
Earth will rise ever steadily into a new illuminated vibration.
As we expand our awareness and rise up from the ashes, we become the phoenix
that takes flight, and inspired truthful action becomes part of who we are. It will no longer
feel like conscious effort, but rather like the passion that fuels our progression and
evolution, and it must be expressed. Have you ever felt so in love that you simply had to

express it in any way you knew how? That level of love is imbued in every aspect of your
life, and it can alter how you walk, how you talk, and what you create. This is the
paradigm that humanity is awakening and expanding into. We are gaining a glimpse at
what our innate potential may be, and it is this potential and possibility that propels us
toward greater change. The processes of gaining greater knowing and expanding our
consciousness happen simultaneously to loving and honoring ourselves and one another.
From these newfound beliefs and self-recognitions, we will build our collective
confidence and awareness to act on sociopolitical issues out of inspiration rather than
desperation. For again, awareness and ascension require change, and creating change
requires us to get honest about what is and to shift to the vibration of what can be.
Whether we can see the potential or possibility does not matter. What matters to the
manifestation process is that we know it is possible. The intention to live an inspired and
awakened life requires that we not only think, but also act in the direction of what we
desire. True change requires that we first be the vibration and the energetic alignment of
what we wish to experience, and thus our environment mirrors this new frequency.

Awakening Inspires Our Human Truth

Ive often wondered, as many others now awakening wonder, were we truly
created from the Big Bang? Are we evolutionary by-products of an ancient species? How
were the pyramids really built, and what correlation do they have with humanity evolving?
What do our historical and sacred sites really tell us about who we are? How much of our
Bible, religious texts, and scriptures are really true, and how much was created to instill
fear and doubt for mass control and power?
The truths of humanity and all of the stories of the great masters that walked this
earth in light will be unveiled and told for all those who desire to hear them. The human
heritage and our ancestral family will be brought to light so that we may honor their path
and wisdom in ways that have never been seen before. We will awaken the wisdom of our
tribal ancestors, who understood the inner shiftings and offerings of Gaia and how she is
entangled within Creation.
Humanity has been plagued for centuries about the truth of who we are and why
we are here. Those who are now awakening, and some who have been in the process of
ascension for many years, have seen glimpses, through higher states of consciousness, of
the truths that may stun the masses. With our expansion, our growing awareness, not only
will new inventions and new social structures be brought about, but also the questions to
our existence will unfold in energetic stories sewn in with the unconditional love and
profound potential of what we are moving into. First landings or first contact is the
result, the by-product, of our natural human evolution, and it has been prophesized in the
most ancient of texts. Not only will our cosmic understanding expand, but also the
geographical borders will shift to allow for greater freedom, abundance, and
understanding for one another. Like a pulsar to the infinite, these energetic signals that are
created as we expand into these infinite potentials for New Earth and the future humanity,

ring through Creation with momentous melodies in celebration of our alignment with
Source and benevolence. I care about this process and I care about humanity. Many care,
and without compassion for this gorgeous blue planet, we forge ahead in tremendous
limitation at times, but we must strive forward with love for Gaia and humanity.
We know that there is enough energy for this shift as the ascension frequency
seeps into our collective consciousness, and we can see this in the shift in entertainment
arenas as they offer shows, movies, and toys that meet the desires and needs for the
resonance we have stepped up into. Shows that would have been outlandish only ten
years ago now grace our screens to allow us the opportunity to ponder, wonder, and tap
into the forgotten cosmic essence we all carry within. Some examples of our desire for
expansion and cosmic understanding can be seen in these leading-edge offerings: Ancient
Aliens, the blockbuster movie Frozen, Star Wars, Tangled, Miles from Tomorrowland, and
many others. Wonderful shows and movies are offered, for the themes they reflect are
energetically within the collective consciousness. We would not have the ability to create
such works of art if we did not have the resonance somewhere within. We cannot perceive
what we are not the vibration of, and somewhere we know the essences and offerings of
light from our interstellar experiences, and it is in this that our longing to remember is now
leaking into our mainstream media.
Ascension and enlightenment are never-ending and always-evolving processes.
Evolution will move in whatever direction it can, and change can be inspired from any
form. When the whispers are no longer whispers and the calling is no longer silent, we
must move into action. We must do and be. We are called to action by the need to
know and to set the story straight for the first time in our history. We sit here, at the edge
of what may very well be the story of a lifetime, in anticipation of what will unfold next.
The paradigm of our collective consciousness is shifting to an awakened state of potential
that humanity has never seen. Humanitys rate of evolution and expansion of
consciousness is directly equal to our desire to seek within, for going within is rising up.

My Awakening

My awakening had been stirring beneath the surface for my entire life, but really
came to a head just after my second baby was born. I started to have very disturbing
dreams that caused me much emotional turmoil, and these dream-time experiences were
so disturbing that my waking reality was taken hostage and my ability to be an
emotionally present mother was hanging by a thread. These dreams engulfed me and
consumed me, and as logical and introspective as I am, the details and mystery of their
presence was sending me into an emotional oblivion. With two young children at home
who depend on me to be healthy and engaged, I went to see a counselor recommended by
my husbands employee assistance program. After about a month of getting very little
sleep, I would create mental games with myself every night so that I would not have to
face the inevitability those dreams. I eventually forced myself to stay awake in hopes that
my exhaustion would somehow erase its presence, but to no avail; the only chance of
reprieve was getting in to see a counselor as soon as possible. While I waited, seemingly
forever, for my first appointment, I would immerse myself into every known self-help
book and audio that I could find to suppress what was lingering beneath the surface and
demanding my attention.
At the time, I didnt practice meditation or any other self-expansive techniques
besides my journaling, because the occupation of being a full-time mom leaves little time
for such luxuries. As my appointment time grew near, it seemed I could no longer deny
what was going on within me, and professional guidance couldnt come quickly enough. I
needed that neutral person, that professional who could guide me in answering whatever
twisted game or demon I was dealing with. I remember the day of my appointment
distinctively. I literally ran into her humble home office and spewed every pain, guilt,
disgust, confusion, and negative feeling that swirled within me. I felt relief, release, and
fear for what I had just freed into Creation, but she was polite and profoundly
professional, offering a calm and encouraging response. I had informed her of my dreams,
my exhaustion, and my desire to master this challenge without medication. I had never
been clinically diagnosed as depressed before, but at the deepest level I knew I wasnt
depressed, only profoundly triggered to resolve whatever was going on within me. I felt
exhausted, ashamed, disgusted, and confused, and, on top of being utterly frustrated
beyond words, I was completely unable to discern what was going on. The level of
darkness seemed to control my every waking moment and I needed answers. I literally felt
as though I was at the hands of whatever monster was infiltrating my seemingly normal
suburban life and screwing with me beyond repair. I blamed it on karma; I blamed it on
my tumultuous past; I blamed it on God; I begged for forgiveness; and I screamed for
Suicide was something I considered on more than a few occasions, and in each
darkened pit of self-doubt and self-loathing, somehow a miraculous event or trigger would
pull me to my feet. Only in looking back now do I see that I have had profound celestial
and angelic help in every dramatic life occurrence that unfolded and brought me to my
knees in anguish and self-doubt. Somehow I sit here today typing these words because of

my teams interventions. It is in the depths of despair and in our darkest hour that we
somehow are shown the light that resides within, and this awakens the potential of a
brighter day. In the unfolding of this seemingly dark story, I am beyond grateful and
blessed that my guides and celestial teams had the skill and brilliance to work with me and
allow me to awaken and see that life truly is worth living. As clich as this may sound,
when we are filled with such profound fear, we manifest the darkest events to allow the
hand of God to touch our soul into its awakening.
The counselor could instantly tell that my life had been tormented with these
visions, and her professional and comforting demeanor allowed me to release in full
disclosure the energy that had blocked my ability to see the story that was about to unfold.
These counseling discussions with her were enough for me to stir the blocked energy and
bring myself out from hiding. After a few sessions and immense understanding for what
my psyche was bringing to the surface for me to deal with, I was somewhat set free from
the darkness that haunted me every night.
She had prescribed some self-reflection and meditation techniques to try at home,
for further healing and recovery, because there was a reason and purpose for all of these
things being brought to the surface, and from that moment forward, I wanted to take
control and bring light to whatever it was that was testing me in this way. I left her home
with gratitude and felt somewhat lighter with each visit. I knew there was much inner
work ahead for me, but at least I had someone to talk to who could help me navigate these
troubling emotions. This was the start to a new lifelong path of spiritual learning. I
remember her telling me that whatever was surfacing was doing so because I was primed
to deal with it. Our subconscious and our higher self never offers what we are not able to
move beyond. This was profound for me, for I had encouragement and a sense that there
was potential for me to rise above it. When you feel the depths of darkness and despair
that many experience, the notion of potential is like a magical ointment. Human desire
for potential can allow us to achieve and manifest anything, and when I heard the
possibility that my potential for overcoming these frustrations was in my control, it was
like I was being massaged with a magical ointment. I felt a profound healing, and an
energetic activation went off within me like a click. Everything began flowing in perfect
timing, and I instantly felt a divine reason to rise above limitation and darkness.
Knowledge is key, and in times of great transformation, darkness, or confusion,
knowledge can allow us to sense our way out, to rise above and gain greater perspective
on the potential and possibilities for a better day. It allows even the slightest fragment of
control that is desperately needed in times of emotional uncertainty and imbalance. To my
benefit, I had always been very hard-working, and action was something I could manage,
so when she suggested I start a regime that could allow for self-reflection, self-nurturance,
and meditation, it was the prescription I knew I would commit to.
The next morning, as the kids lay in bed sleeping and my husband was at work, I
sat on the couch, put on some meditation music, and tried the breathing and visualization
techniques she suggested. Within a few minutes, I felt a strange tingling sensation move
throughout my body. I experienced a multidimensional spinning, spiraling, and turning, of
which I can only explain as a Merkabah rotation. I was spinning in a multitude of
directions all at once, and at a profound speed. I felt as though I was being lifted off the

couch or as if I was levitating to match the frequency that was swirling within me. I began
begging for answers, crying, and imbuing myself into the experience. The exhaustion was
allowing all of my logical defenses to remain at bay, so that I could experience what was
meant to be experienced. I felt incredible love, light, and warmth seep into every cell, and
as I was talking, I felt as if there was a being responding to my calls for help. At the time I
didnt know who this being was, and it was only years later that I learned it was one of my
magical spirit guides sent specifically to me for this profound healing experience. I called
her my music guide because of her powerfully healing abilities with color and sound
that brought me to a state of transformation and awakening that day. She is a very
powerful guide and not only will the experience be etched in my souls memory for
infinity, but I often use this experience to amp up my frequency if I am feeling low in
my personal frequency.

Memories of Our Experiences

We can use our profound memories to recreate the vibrational match and rev us up
into a new frequency state. This is a wonderful tool that we use in this realm to bring us
back into a constant state of alignment with love, Source, and light. Try this: if you find
yourself low on energy, or feeling sad or down, find something that truly resonates in the
frequency of unconditional love. Visualize yourself being imbued and surrounded and
immersed within a golden auric bubble with this loving essence, and imagine every cell
being renewed, amped up, and revitalized by it. Ask your team for help and guidance in
your healing and allow whatever has to unfold to unfold. With love and heartfelt intention,
you will experience an energetic shift.
As I sat on my couch in this multidimensional experience, speaking to someone so
beautiful and profound that made me feel so unconditionally loved, supported, connected,
and divine, I sensed that I was far grander than I had ever imagined. Not only did I
glimpse at my potential, but I also wondered if this experience was possible, what else
could exist to experience and align with? In the swirling intoxication of her spirit
essence, I begged for answers, and she answered as I wept. Why me? Why must I
experience this now? With every question, she would answer with the same level of love,
light, and calmness that I have difficulty explaining and describing to this day. To attempt
to explain what I experienced that morning is challenging, for its colors, tones, and
properties go far beyond what we experience in this earthly realm. I can only say it was as
close to an angelic and Godly experience as I have ever known.
The meditation that day was my first initiation into the world of energy, spirit, and
brilliance, which can only be understood by those who have sunk to the depths and who
have been lifted by the hand of spirit. For it is truly life altering, life changing, and beyond
what earthly words can explain. The level of unconditional love allowed me the window
of opportunity to know that I was more than I thought and believed, and this reality was
much grander than I had ever experienced.
I came back to a waking conscious state as the spinning slowed and the voice

disappeared. The light dispersed throughout my body, and I returned fully in the moment
of the denseness of 2007, a changed person. I was soaked from my own tears and
perspiration as my body tried to process and regulate the intense healing that was
occurring. In that moment, I was forever changed, and even though I still carry the
memory of those treacherous dreams, the light and window for heightened potential
allowed me to move beyond that devastating state. My life had new hope with greater
meaning, and I carried a new sense of belonging that I had never felt or even known
existed. The knowingness of something that profound and benevolent had touched my
path, and it was the catalyst to the very path I walk upon now, for it was my divine timing
to unleash the ancient and cosmic remembrance of who I would unfold into.
I have written articles and taught classes and ascension gatherings about the
powerful portal that our dreams and meditations offer to higher realm beings, our higher
self, and spirit guides. This portal of higher-consciousness states allows us the freedom to
slip into our highest and most authentic self and to play in the essence of unconditional
love and unlimited potential, offering insight into this multidimensional universe in which
we exist.
Even though I knew there was much darkness to reveal and be unearthed in the
inner work that lay ahead, at least I had the hope for potential, and potential is sometimes
all that is needed to bring light to a dark state of being. This loving angelic being allowed
me to reconnect with spirit at a level I had never known existed. In the following weeks, I
moved forth in a state of renewal, and the synchronicity and energetic communication
seemed to be delivered every day and in every exchange with my guides. For the first time
in my somewhat lonely inner life, I felt I was not alone. I knew I was guided, loved,
protected, and supported beyond any earthly explanation, and whenever I would ask for
be it help, guidance, or validationa new energetic or synchronistic sign would be given.
Besides the incredible birth of my children, this awakening was truly one of the most
amazing experiences of my physical life.
After that magical day, I meditated every day and renewed my commitment to my
path of self-discovery. I began to learn and understand all I could about what it was that I
had experienced that day. I was pulled onto several paths, and all would lead me to the
destination of the questions I had sought. I encourage anyone seeking expansive
experiences to create a quiet nurturing or meditative process, for what comes forth in quiet
introspection is truly profound and will create the path for magic to unfold. Expansive
awareness, ascension, and enlightenment cannot be experienced without the intent to go
within and discover the depths to which one truly exists. Meditation, quiet reflection,
journaling, automatic writing, painting, or any creative endeavor is a portal to commune
with spirit and your divine essence. The question is, what are you waiting for?
Meditation allowed me to connect not only with my spirit guides and life purpose,
but also my first tangible experience of something I innately knew with great reverence.
Like a profound trigger, my cells, and my Akashic shamanic lives, were activated to
support this new path in this lifetime for me. It is truly profound to allow ourselves to alter
our state of mind and raise our level of awareness to a state that we have full access to, as
well as experience ancient and universal truths. It can also assist in any healing that the
physical body requires. Im here today, dear lighted ones, because of that one meditative

experience that connected me to the higher planes of existence, higher possibilities for
being, and with an inexplicable level of unconditional love that is truly what dreams are
made of. We all have the ability to tap into Source as I did that day.
Finally, the veil had been lifted enough for me to see what I knew stirred within
me since I was a child. I had always felt out of place, different, and misunderstood.
Having been a highly empathic and psychic kid, I found that, for the first time, the puzzle
to my own personal soul story was beginning to unfold for me, and I truly felt inspired to
know more. Experiences, dreams, and impressions began to surface shortly after this
healing meditation, and, like pieces of the energetic puzzle, my lifes mysteries began to
fall into place. Each new day brought new clues, cues, and symbols that would lead me on
an unbelievable path. The soul carries with it every remembrance from all lifetimes, and
when it is perfectly timed to do so, it can release such events and impressions, inner
knowingness, and dreams to provide us with the information and wisdom we need to
fulfill our lifes theme. Like a beautiful mystery novel unraveling, and the main character
being me, my souls blueprint was playing out in the most unexplainable of ways.
I noticed a great increase in synchronicities, coincidences, and situations where
my guides and I would play with communication and validations with me. The signs
and symbols were always placed before me, as they had been throughout my entire life,
only this time, I was awake, engaged, and passionate about this new turn of events that my
life seemingly unfurled with.
I can look back now and understand why I acted in the recluse way, and why I
retreated from certain people or flopped into bed exhausted after public events or
gatherings with a lot of people. The more I desired to know, the more I understood. I felt
so emotionally different and emotionally out of touch with most people around me that I
ended up seeking the silence within. Luckily, as a child, my parents had steered and
encouraged me to create artwork and journal, for they knew an energetic release was
needed to steer the intensity I moved through my days with.
The reason Im including my personal experience in this book is so that I can
share how psychically sensitive children are, and how the beauty of ones life path and
purpose can truly create something from nothing. Most children cannot explain and
understand such energetic emotions and happenings for universal energy. Our innate
abilities, our connection with all of Creation, our spirit essence, is simply not taught in the
traditional school systems. We must honor each child for the gifts that each one carries.
We must also ask playful questions that allow their innate sensibilities to come to the
surface. The more our children understand about universal energy and their energetic
being, and the more they know that all they feel, experience, and create is real and
beautiful, the more this will allow them to know and entangle with their divine spark.
Awakening experiences can usually feel life altering and are sent in this way to
allow us the best possible opportunity to wake up. The conditionings and beliefs that
some have carried around for many lifetimes can be necessary to manifest a life-altering
event, for it can open the potential and possibility to greater expansiveness. I believe that
many children through time have gone astray because there were few outlets and little
support for their psychic knowingness, sensitivities, and skills, and this can lead many to
seek peace in self-destructive and harmful ways. There are no societal systems or

playbooks to guide and direct those who sense everything, and now we have an
opportunity to create dialogue and support for advanced children who are being born
today. How powerful and balanced would our planet be if we taught universal energy,
innate spirit essence, our divine link to Creation, and the abilities to manifest such peace
and harmony?
In my awakening, I experienced an overload of all the years of sensitive memories
and repressions. The darkened beliefs, memories, and notions that I held about myself and
my reality finally came spewing to the surface for me to reflect upon, shift my beliefs,
integrate new heightened beliefs, and realign. If Id not had a supportive husband, and that
kind counselor, I would have been left with little light to see my way out. How many lost
souls have wandered the streets day and night and drifted into a world of alcohol and
drugs because they could not unleash or be at peace with the profundity that lay within?
Some find no outlet or platform to understand their inner psychic, empathic, or intuitive
abilities and energetic power, and this can create feelings of loneliness, separateness, and
dissension in a world that truly has little support and understanding for how truly special
and gifted they are. I believe we all hold energetic abilities, as we are encoded with the
same tools and attributes. Some souls, however, have designed their path with the
allowance for a heightened experience and thus their life will undoubtedly show this to
them. There is purpose in all divine unfoldings, so it is our role to discover these gifts in a
loving and enlightened way and let go of the fear-based feeling of being cast out, shunned,
or misunderstood.
Whatever the story and blueprint is for your soul, know without question, without
doubt, and with an unwavering sense of self that you are worthy of the life before you and
you are more profound than you have ever been told. Even if an experience or situation
may appear to be challenging or dark, it can unlock your grandest gift. Within every
challenge comes the lesson that brings you greater awareness, light, and potential to alter
your path forever. You are required, you do matter, and your blueprint is waiting for you to
return with hope, insight, and the purity with which you entered this realm of potential.
There is nothing youre not capable of achieving. You are infinitely profound!
In this moment of now, I can honestly say that peace resides within me. These
steps allow us to see the depths we have reached and still obtain the power to rise above.
We have the bravery to walk forward in the face of critics, stay within our center, and
know we are worthy of creating our unique blueprint with grace and infinite entanglement
with Source. Most children born nowadays are gifted in so many ways and they are
innately attuned to the environment around them. As we expand on who we are and our
potential, we can in turn teach and encourage our children to be who they were meant to
be, for they will be the ones ushering in a glowing fifth-dimensional New Earth.
It takes a thick skin to face the definitions and beliefs we have been fed as a
society as a whole. We have the ability now, more than ever, to stand tall and bold in what
we believe to be true for our future and create expanded awareness in this moment of now.
We all have the ability to choose our own path. Meeting with like-minded groups can be
key to navigating our way around these powerfully changing times. Surround yourself
with those who inspire, empower, and encourage you to be more of who you innately are.
Listen to the whispers within, journal your dreams and meditative experiences, and seek

the wisdom of your spirit guides and your celestial team, for they know everything there is
to know about who you are. It takes practice, trust, and allowance for psychic and intuitive
information to be deciphered. Just know you are always receiving downloads in myriad
multidimensional ways, and it is possible to tap into whatever it is that you need to allow
you greater mastery on your path in this earthly experience. Follow what excites you;
usher in self-love, trust, and honor for who you are; and take your time to explore the
unseen and magical world within, for it literally expands the universe and your potential.
You will get the unique language that occurs between you and your team in perfect timing,
just as you designed it.
Ascension is the integration of new, higher-vibrational ideas, thought patterns,
concepts and beliefs that create new behaviors, thus manifesting a fresh new perspective
for us to create within. This is a fluid and malleable reality of experience. It is not as fixed
and rigid as we have been led to believe. This is what ultimately creates the new
illuminated galactic human. As we open to our true unlimited potential, we slip into this
glow, and our higher spirit essence is unleashed to explore. We fully allow ourselves to
reunite and reintegrate with our spirit guides, our higher self, and our celestial and galactic
family and friends. We become the stewards who usher in the natural progression in the
human evolutionary blueprint. We then tap into our innate galactic essence of becoming
less physical and more quasi-physical in our energetically expanding forms, because as we
expand, we envelope greater light, thus illuminating and lighting the path before us.
Never before has there been a planetary ascension quite like this. The levels of
resonance and shifting that Gaia has been moving through, via shedding of limitation and
darkness to the degree we have, the myriad beings around the universe assisting us in this
immense plan, and the potential we have co-created are truly mind-boggling. The
energetic paradigm is shifting, and as each person awakens to the sacred wisdom and their
infinite potential, the more enlightened we become as a collective. Ascension is tuning
into your unique station, and ever climbing and spiraling through the quantum web that we
all coexist within. For those who are intrigued to move beyond mediocrity in emotional
involvement with our planet, our cosmos, and life in general, the path to harmony, peace,
potential, love, and intimate connection with the divine and with yourself is found within.

Shedding 3D Vibrations

The raising of our individual and collective consciousness is an integrative
process, and integration is crucial for any process of evolution and expansion. Planetary
ascension is energetic shifting on a much larger scale. Gaia is shifting, altering her core
resonance, and integrating the higher streams that are being sent and absorbed from every
level. This incremental process allows us to receive and absorb, process and integrate new
refined streams and packets of energetic and cosmic information. As we expand into our
new heightened state, our energetic states crave and require more. Integration is the
process of honest disclosure of where we resonate now and what is required to shed and
shift to take on an expanded point of view and state of being. It is a continual process that

moves us, shifts our perceptions, and propels us to feel differently than we did only
moments ago. As we experience and hear about light ship or UFO sightings and
incidences similar to that of the Roswell UFO Incident of 1947 or the Pheonix Lights
Incident of March 1997, we are given the opportunity to confront our feelings, beliefs,
and fears about these experiences. It is no accident that these experiences float into our
reality, and when they do, they give us the opportunity to seek within and determine what
our beliefs truly are. What do we believe about who we are, where we have been seeded
from, what our purpose and place within the cosmos is, what fears we own, and what the
potential for future contact and human evolution is? If we are not reflecting and asking the
questions that can allow for honest and respectful insight, then we are missing out on
opportunities to expand and create the potentials for profound human evolution.
Ascension is the process not only of giving opportunities to each human being to
expand in a more enlightened and positive way, but also of bringing our planet, the galaxy,
and the cosmos into higher spiritual alignment to heightened states of oneness through our
expanding awareness. Nothing is left out of the ascension process, and as we are mirrors
of the same Source essence, we truly are all one. Everything in Creation is a recipient of
every moment we accept the profundity of our existence and share it with All That Is.
Contact is not only to know more about our cosmos, but also to allow us to know more
about who we are within the greater whole. Shedding the third-dimensional fears and
limitations will allow us to take that next step upon the evolutionary path that has been
designed by Source.

Choose to Reprogram

Our ability to choose in all areas of our life plays a factor in what vibrational
station we align to. In every moment, we can choose what we desire to align with, and the
more refined we become, the more committed we become to refine what energy we feed
into our homes. We can choose better programming, or better yet, turn the TV or radio off
and get outside. We can choose not to read the newspaper and other negative media
content. We can choose to create an inspiring, peaceful, loving, supportive, empowering
home, and even attract a network of others who connect at deeper levels, and allow one
another to shine, love, and encourage oneness. You can be at the center of creating all of
this and so much more as a result of the free will you have been gifted with and your
personal power of intent. This is the ultimate power that humanity has, to rise above any
limitation, and the power to choose anything we desire to experience. How can you create
an inspiring environment to support, encourage, and inspire your spiritual expansion and
Knowingness taps you into a level much more profound than mere belief. Create
powerful aspects of knowingness in all that you do. How will you choose to alter your life
so that there is light in everything that surrounds you? How will you choose to define
everything in your life to serve and support you at your highest level of knowingness?
Self-clarity and knowingness are the most profound tools in the manifestation and

transformation process. Trusting who you are right now allows whatever you energetically
create to unfold with fluidity and profundity. Know who you are. Know you are loved.
Know you are supported and guided. Trust that you have all the wisdom and knowledge
within to move through and rise above any challenge placed upon your path. You know
this because you are the master creator in your reality and you can alter and shift it in any
way you desire. You are an aspect of Source, and you have the power to choose and
realign to whatever vibration you desire. Your level of knowingness is directly related to
what you experience in your life. What you know will also allow you to intuitively choose
what feels right within your ever-expanding potential because you have shed old
limitations and no longer swim in fear and lack of self-worth. Right here, right now, what
do you know to be true about who you are and what you desire your world to offer you?
You have the free will to choose every aspect of your life. You have always had
this power, and it takes conscious awareness to shed what no longer fits. As we let go of
excuses, fear, limitation, and the vibration of victimization, we gain greater strength and
ability to take hold of what is, in this now moment. What do you know to be true about
your potential? What do you desire, what excites you, and what allows you to feel free,
alive, and engaged with Creation? If we allow ourselves to reengage our ability to know
who we are within the whole, we simultaneously shift and alter our path of potential, for
knowingness creates what we experience.
Everything is entangled, and everything is enmeshed and interwoven. As we
intently move about life, choosing what we desire to experience, we then align with the
energy path of that experience, and this is really how we become masters of our own
domains. Mastery of our own divinity is the highest vibration we can choose, because we
all desire intimacy, love, belonging, respect, laughter, abundance, and peace. We all truly
desire the same things, and how we get there is the reason why we signed on for this
earthly experience. Our level of awareness to this grand energetic existence and the laws
we live within can propel us in ways that, heretofore, were only thought to be in dreams
and fairytales. We can choose our knowingness, which sets forth a path of energetic
potential, right now.
As we expand our awareness to create infinite potential, the infinite ability to
choose, we energetically join together. The vibration of the collective is shifting and rising
in its light quotient with every shift that one person creates. In each procession of
expansion, we create the change that allows us to act in a unified, loving, unconditional,
and compassionate way. We no longer have to wait for mass numbers of people to gather
before change occurs. We can, one by one, take ownership of our own happiness and
create powerful change, first from within. This is the power we have to shift our
experiential reality.

Understanding the Law of Attraction and the Bigger Plan

Does the law of attraction hold true only for monetary desires? Why is it so easy
to place a level of potential on some things and not others? All people, places, and things

are connected within this quantum web, and all have a vibratory rate at which it operates.
If we expand our consciousness to a level that we better understand the process of
manifestation, we can assume that everything within Creation carries a vibration. For
everything is energy, and energy is everything. Just as there is personal ascension and
expansion, so too does this relate to collective, planetary, galactic, and universal evolution.
Within every level of Creation, there are frequencies that resonate in accordance with its
environment. If we know what it is we desire to manifest, then it is a matter of being the
vibration of that experience to see it unfold before us. There is always a much grander
playing field to everything we know to be true, and we are entangled within it all. All is
valid in our search for higher meaning and expanded living; however, the greater
understanding we have for who we are and the universe in which we all coexist can allow
us the opportunity to slip gracefully within the cradle of Creation. Know we are supported
and loved in every way by many, many beings within myriad levels of consciousness.
Mastering the law of attraction and honing our manifestation skills is one of the
key attributes of why many have decided to incarnate over and over again (linearly
speaking) in this realm. To create the potential of self-imposed limitation, and rise above
such degrees of separation and lack of awareness, and to then awaken to grasp and
understand our role within this cosmic and earthly reality game. We have the potential
here to create something from nothing and sense our true profundity as divine creators.
The law of attraction is simply the universal law in which we attract to us the direct
vibration of what we emit. Everything within Creation has a vibrational signature, and to
manifest anything, we need to align ourselves to the frequency. The law of attraction is
one of the key attributes of this earthly incarnation, and to fully understand our greater
picture, as humanity evolving, and within an ascending planet, we need to look at our
current vibrational state.
Regardless of the drama playing out in various corners of the world, we can
change each and every moment at home to raise the collective vibration so that we
manifest and attract the reality we truly desire. We all live busy and sometimes
challenging lives. Throughout all of our daily requirementsfamily responsibilities,
health matters, career concerns, and so onwe need to somehow carve some time for
self-honor, self-reflection, and self-love. To manifest a life filled with purpose, love, and
harmony in our everyday life, we must first decide, align, imbue, and emit the vibrations
we desire to attract. To manifest an earthly experience in which our world encapsulates
harmony and health at all levels, we must step up into the new illuminated galactic human.
We must first create the awareness that this is possible and then encapsulate every
opportunity that feeds this manifestation excitement.
Remember, everything is energy, and our world is a direct reflection of what we,
the collective, are resonating at. If we desire a healthy, strong, and balanced planet that
offers healthy water, soil, and air, we must manifest this vibration from within first. We are
raising our frequency so that we can match that of other ascending planets and learn how
to create a new planet that can sustain life for an infinite period for her life blueprint. May
we offer balanced ecological systems, healthy and luscious greenery for healthy
stimulation of wildlife and air quality, and so on. Ascended planets have learned the
lessons of imbalance, and one overriding theme that most are faced to deal with is what
we are now dealing with. If we continue to live with such disrespect and imbalance for our

home planet, it is only a matter of time before the imbalances become too great and we see
the return frequencies to which we treat it. The universe will always strive for balance and
maintain a homeostasis potential, and once we bring imbalance in any way, there must be
an energetic correction to bring harmony back into place.
If we live in conscious awareness of how we act within our own daily lives, we
can begin to course correct the imbalances and the lack understanding we have had for
our planet and the cosmos we swim within. Our planet, our beloved Gaia, is an aspect of
who we are and we are of it. Would we have acted in haste in any part of our beautiful
world if we had known it was a member of our family? That is what is meant by We are
all one. So lets begin the honest dialogue and create new ways of living, not merely
coexisting in a survival state of mind. Gaia has been patiently reflecting and balancing our
misguided steps in evolution thus far, and we are in need of serious overhaul on all fronts.
We can choose to experience a planet where continued environmental and planetary
circumstances leave us teetering on the edge of survival and destruction, or we can create
change within this now moment and use the tools, skills, and innate abilities that have
been granted and gifted by Source.
We, as a human society, can recount our historical patterns and see that our
modern day issues are not much different. There are murders, genocide, and terrorism
against one another, and we somehow miss the link that, for thousands of years, death and
disregard for life have been an overriding, constant theme. We rape and pillage Earth of
every last one of her resources. We have destroyed land, forests, oceans, and living
creatures within their natural environment. If we knew, at the deepest level, that
destroying what we see around us destroys aspects of ourselves, then would a divine and
intelligent species continue to do so? And how long would a nurturing planet hang on to
suffer the energy of a species that gives little regard to her imbalances?
Our ability to choose, our ability to create increased cohesion and communication
between our innate aspects, and our physical aspects of the whole self, allow us to fall into
sync with the universe and Gaia. When humanity has lived for eons in separation from
nature, separation of universal life, and the offerings that Gaia births, we are not living in
balance with the whole aspects of who we are. We are one in this way. If we are blind to
our innate aspects, and we are blind to the wildlife that beckons new land, then we are
truly not in balance with the flow required for a sustainable, healthy planet and human
We are moving through this incredibly valuable lesson to bring balance back into
human nature for the first time in centuries and live in peace with all that we coexist
within and let go of the perpetually darkened, controlled, materially obsessed reality that
we have created for ourselves thus far. It is no accident or coincidence that our world is in
the state that it is. We have chosen every vibrational state, and now it is time to own the
power we have as conscious divine light-beings. We must alter the path so that we can
move into a new earthly realm with heightened awareness in the intimate link between all
that we experience.
As we look around our glorious planet and face life with the daily tasks that we
do, know our power to create and manifest balance and harmony for a lighted fifthdimensional realm starts at home. Right now, as we awaken to the mastery skills that

innately reside within us all, we can create the vibration that sets forth love, compassion,
honor, and respect for all that we coexist within. We can heal the separation and struggles
that have kept us captive in despair and inaction, and instead allow our unique
expressions, our unique hue, and glow that ascension unfolds for us, as we paint the
glistening horizon that can be felt throughout the cosmos. When we treat our own
families, neighbors, global attitudes, nature, wildlife, and all that we are entangled with as
if it were ourselves, we understand the true nature of existence and how profound unity
and honor of self can truly heal and ascend us all. The attitudes we hold about our cosmos
and all life within it can be altered by the light and love we create for ourselves right here
in this moment of now. Manifesting a glorious planet and one that can sustain life for
centuries to come is not just about being ecologically aware; it is about the inner attitudes
we carry in each day with each thought, for our planet and all that we experience within it
is a direct result of the inner dialogue and beliefs we hold within ourselves. As within, so
Unleashing your inner master means that you walk with unwavering knowingness
that every cell in your body has the essence of the divine brilliance to create. If we alter
our level of knowingness, alter our personal frequencies, and set the dial to knowing we
are divine beings of light, we experience the potential to carry forth compassion,
understanding, love, and insight for all life-forms. If the stories you read dont feel right, if
the shows you watch disturb you, or if the ingredients in your food dont feel right to
ingest, then alter and shift to a new vibratory state of knowingness, tuning in to what you
do desire, and life will shift to match your new frequency. Manifest change now!
Ascension, enlightenment, and alignment occur and coincide with the purity of intent and
the action we take, moment to moment. Set forth in loving compassion the purity within
your heart to create positive change in the world around you by first creating it from
within for yourself, and it will flow forth to the world in which you experience. Act with
the intent to express your unique version of love, compassion, healing, and insight, and
you will manifest anything you desire.
On all levels of our existence we have all that we need to create the illuminated
glow for New Earth and humanity. We have the intelligence potential, free will,
opportunity, and intent to create a new planetary resonance. The planet is now ripened for
the unfolding of such profound and infinite potential of all beings upon it. We can
experience a blissful planet free of fear, war, environmental collapse, human suffering, and
species extinction, but first we must shift within enough to see it manifest in the world
around us. Awakening to an illuminated New Earth requires that we awaken to the
brilliance that has lay dormant within us for so very long. Our potential for peace,
harmony, abundance, and health for all has never been as ready for exploration as it is
now. Immerse yourself in a fifth-dimensional way of living by first knowing you are
worthy with every breath you take. You are loved; you are supported; you are worthy; and
you are far more entangled, grand, and enmeshed than you ever thought. If humanity had
known the extent to which it was entangled, threaded, and enmeshed within our universe
in every way, we may not have had the destruction we have seen. Everything is
interconnected and profoundly enmeshed in the grander plan of this universe, and as you
activate these changes within, your reality will shift before your eyes, and so too will
Gaias path.

Ascension Requires Action!

In my awakening, one truth that has consistently come to light over and over again, and
likewise for many people Ive met, is that when we are living a life of inaction, stagnancy,
and fear, we simply experience much of what we have for the last few hundred years.
There will be wars, famine, and a struggle to survive a mediocre existence. I have
witnessed firsthand how one seemingly small act can create miraculous events that
catalyze even more miraculous events, thus snowballing new events and energies that
spring forth even greater synchronicities.
I have seen how inaction and action can manifest two completely different
reality experiences, and if we are unwilling to travel the journey of self-discovery and selfexpansion, we will simply experience an unchanged and stagnant reality. Activation
occurs at the cellular and DNA level and is all in perfect timing within our grander soul
blueprint. If we take ownership and action for creating love, tolerance, and compassion in
our everyday lives, we can then experience the results of these powerful emanations. The
more tuned in and turned on we are to what we are truly entangled with and what
potential we carry; the grander experience we manifest because we intend it so. We shift
the consciousness paradigm of humanity from being one of struggling to survive to one of
glowing with love and unlimited potential. Each and every day that even one person asks,
wonders, and seeks to expand awareness, or answers the life-long question Who am I?
will assuredly affect the energetic ground that we all walk on, and the entire collective will
forever be shifted by it. Remember, we are all one, and we are all connected, so even one
change from one person creates a change within the whole. This is profound in the sense
that the actions of even one person can light the way for many to follow.
If one person asks questions of their government officials, and one person asks
their local community representative for higher solutions on even one social issue, then
powerful unseen energy for change occurs. The call for expanding compassion,
heightened tolerance, and forgiveness will create new media programming, and more
inspiring Internet platforms. We are shifting what is occurring with the energies of the
unseen. We all sense, we all know at our deepest level, that something is shifting and the
action you take in every moment to create profound thought, beliefs, and knowingness
will allow you to seek further and know more, and this action in and of itself creates
energetic streams that ripple throughout Creation. The doors of opportunity swing open to
those who have the desire to change, and the energetic result will create profound shifts,
all starting within, right now. This is one example of how profoundly powerful we are as
divine light-beings and how what we do in every moment of now can activate and inspire
an entire global paradigm shift. As a collective, the paradigm toward light is coming to the
surface, and month-to-month, we see how such changes seep into all aspects of our
society. This is how ascension and evolution occur. When we are stirred and shaken to the
point that sitting back is no longer an option, we seek, we act, and we create the shifts
required to dig ourselves out of what is no longer serving us. We simply must act.

As we take action with pure intent and the purity within our hearts, we
automatically move in the direction of a more loving, healthy, and balanced society. We
begin to create a society that serves the collective. The greater good of all beings will be
our driving intent because we have expanded our awareness to know we are an aspect of
the All. This really is the true meaning of living with benevolence within our hearts. For
the first time ever in our history, we are seeing the beginning stages of an illuminated
human species, where the goodness within; the light within; the desire to live and act with
compassion, altruism, and love will be our guiding principal as we create the systems to
energetically match this profound vibration. This is the essence of an ascending planet. It
is what is required for us to slip into the cradle of the universal kingdom of light, and
where we set all the tragic prophecies to rest.
As a collective we then open ourselves to expanded learning with each step
forward in the way of light. We become free to explore, free to express the
multidimensional brilliance in which we were created to experience. This is how the mere
act of unveiling your authenticity can create every step on your ascension path, and in turn
offers the vibration for others to do the same. As you move about life with renewed
purpose and intent, with light and compassion, your authentic glow will stream forth
synchronicities and miracles that unfold to you in playful ways. You will physically and
energetically lighten your physical and energetic state to one that is attuned to higher
vibrations. The light essence that is being activated within is encoded with Source genetic
elements. This is the basis of why we have the ability to create and manifest beyond the
realm of belief, or to spontaneously heal our bodies with no explanation. We are as
powerful and innately profound because we are made with divine Source essence. We
have the potential to activate and stimulate a free-flowing path, as well as intentional
communion with every aspect that we know ourselves to be, and merge into a highervibrating essence within the whole of Creation. We become supercharged, aware, awake,
and entangled with breath and with every beat of our renewed heart. Unconditional,
benevolent, and unlimited in every aspect, humanity is changing before our very eyes, and
it starts with just one person who desires to be more than they were a moment ago. We are
being offered, supported, and empowered to act in alignment with laws that govern our
profound universe and now we merely need to act.
Light created from unconditional love is the highest energetic alignment that one
can seek. We are patterns of light; all things in the universe are an aspect of energy, and
energy is light. All things that you create carry a pigment of light imbued by you. This is
why we can always sense the intent behind a gift that we receive. The energy we carry,
the energy we emit to the world around us, affects and ultimately lays the path to what we
experience. If we walk about our life with little awareness of nature, Gaia, or others
around us, reality will show this reflection back to us, in the effort and opportunity for us
to shift and realign. As we ascend on our path, our physical senses will be able to pick up
more universal color vibrations and patterns, and we will become attuned to act
accordingly on what resonates with us. All things, all beings in creation, are made of light.
We will always be guided in myriad ways to reconnect with Source and Creation. Our
innate aspects will offer opportunities for us to tune in and link in with our physical
world in a much grander way. Our spirit guides and celestial team will offer opportunities
to follow our greater and higher path to fulfill our souls blueprint. Source will always

offer benevolent love for us to tune in and rise up, for we were always meant to follow our
highest and best path. Tune in, act, and see what manifests before you.

Innate and Ascension

Acknowledge and embrace your power to intuitively navigate your way through
this earthly experience. The more self-reflection and inner work you commit to, the easier
it will be to navigate your way around subtle energies and prepare yourself for a fifthdimensional earth. Like a spiral and the flower of life, you are forever unfolding and
moving and expanding and contracting with the natural ebb and flow of Creation. This is
how our multidimensional innate aspect is intimately woven into our physical vessel and
beyond into our auric aspects and Merkabah. We activate ever-heightened states of our
infinitely expansive energetic body, or potential, to match that of our consciousness. We
become more highly activated, thus allowing our senses to take on more information at a
refined level.
All of this energetic interplay is unseen, but it can be felt. When you are inspired
to go for a walk in a beautiful forest path, your cells, your innate aspect that resides within
your cellular makeup, your creative senses, your physical vessel, your Akashic
remembrances, all things that make up who you are become activated in response to what
Gaia is offering you to tune into. If you walk with joy and intent to imbue yourself, engage
yourself, entangle yourself within this experience, you will expand upon your oneness
with it. This is how we prepare ourselves for higher-resonating living. Moving beyond the
I aspect of understanding and living, and moving up into the I AM THAT I AM
presence. The All offers this to you in every breath you take. Your role is to merely tune in
to it. In every way, this is how we rise up to meet those in already-ascended status, and
allow our highly activated wholeness to stretch beyond and merge with heightened
You will sense at the subtlest of levels that certain vibrations are not aligned with
your newly heightened path, thus giving you the cue to move and shift. We have all felt
these inner warnings and sensations, and we can no longer deny the invisible intelligence
that lies pulsing within us all. This is how energetic atonement and alignment will be a
constant practice within your daily life and how we can alter and shift our path with each
new thought. As the link within us strengthens, we then strengthen our connection within
the universe, our cosmic family, and All That Is. This is how entangled and utterly
profound we are.
In this light, the veil begins to disappear. In this light, we see, we feel, we realize
with amazement that our outer world, the dimensionality of what we have always known,
changes before us. It seems more fluid, flexible, malleable, and benevolent than we could
have ever imagined, and it was all designed and created for the experience we are inspired
to navigate. We can choose to discover new levels of consciousness, and as our world
transforms from the newfound awareness we expand into, we alter her path and offer new
opportunities to fulfill her soul blueprint. We have come so far, dear lighted ones, and to

idly sit by and do nothing would simply not be an option for those of us that desire
change, intimacy, love, and universal unity. We have existed on this gorgeous planet for so
long, and even with many misconceptions, corruptions, devastations, and mistruths about
who we are and why we are here, we still have the profound power within to shift it all
within this now moment. To awaken into a new energetic paradigm that will transform
who we are as a human species requires that we first seek higher resolve and answer the
call within. All aspects and attributes that make up this human experience can merge once
again into a state of balance, harmony, unconditional love, and oneness with All That Is.
You are capable of manifesting this multidimensional brilliance.

Set the Dial to Excitement

The vibration of evolution is about changing to meet the offerings of the
environment that any living thing can live within. If evolutionary changes are not made to
that living aspect, then struggle, challenge, and trauma may be unveiled. We see that in all
arenas within our existence, but we are now being offered the potential to rise up and
match that which is accelerating Gaia on her path to a new, fifth-dimensional home. As we
expand our consciousness, there is a period of moving to a place where we have never
been before. We test the ground with new thoughts, concepts, and ideas that can appear
uncertain, but the underlying excitement for change and growth propels us to move on.
Those who operate with excitement and joy, integrity and light, love and an inner
knowingness that we are infinitely guided and supported, will move through the ascension
offerings with greater ease.
Joy, ecstasy, and excitement are vibrations directly linked to our highest and most
divine and innate aspect. The Source essence within us, the innate, is activated by joy,
excitement, love, and ecstasy, for these are encoded to be the highest-vibrational
influences in our universe. Those who find challenge around every corner or create any
other negative reaction do so because fear, doubt, and lack of trust block anything from
moving. We know that energy must flow and be cyclical. Escalating planetary energies
will require that a constant state of positive and loving energy be present for the
continuation of intensified streams. For one cannot ascend if beliefs and conditionings are
not cleared and prepared to meet the higher, more refined vibrations to which we are being
elevated. We can either evolve into new potentials kicking and screaming, in fear of
change, or we can be inspired to rise up and clear out all limitations that no longer serve
us, so that we can make energetic room for what will astound us. We have the potential
to set the vibrational station for powerful transitions, and it will set the pace for all that
unfolds in the expansion and contraction process that is ascension.
By tapping into the power of our true multidimensional and infinite potential, we
can tap into the energetic wave of those who surround our planet in support, assistance,
and love for Gaia and humanity. The angelic realm, the celestial realm, and the councils
that honor and serve the divine are all systems of light, profound love, and benevolence.
All of these light-servants set the stage for our greater awakening to heightened levels of

awareness, and each council and group or being is tasked with specific roles in this
planetary ascension process. We are blissfully encouraged from the highest auspices,
because the veil of our limitation is finally lifting and tides turning toward greater open
dialogue about our earthly heritage, our human potential, and our true genetic interlocking
with all celestial families. Set your inner vibrational dial to excitement, ecstasy, and joy,
and see what unfolds. Regardless of how the world appears around you, move with
excitement, anticipation, joy, and reverence, and you will see profound evidence unfold to
you. The more closely we match a divine frequency, the greater chance we have to
experience a divine reality. With every step, create the knowingness that you are divine
essence and that you are worthy of a divinely profound life, and your reality will mirror
this back to you.

Allowance, Trust, and Your Divine Creator-hood

Allowance and trust are key attributes of the process of manifestation and will
allow humanity to move from struggling states of survival to a collective that aligns with a
fifth-dimensional frequency. When we are in a state of trust, we not only honor that which
resides around us, but we also have a deep-seated trust in who we are and what we desire
to create for ourselves. Trust allows us to know that we are profound beings of divine light
essence and all that we manifest will serve us in some way. Aligning all that unfolds to
you with positive vibrations will ensure a positive experience will be set thereby creating
another powerful vibration to step off from.
Trusting in all that you swim within, all that you are, all that you are manifesting,
and how utterly unconditional Source, Creation, and all beings within it can serve your
path is the state of knowingness that resides in higher, elevating realms. If we are in a state
of constant worry, question, or fear that our path is not unfolding, or we place anger and
impatience on what unfolds, then we are telling the universe, I do not trust myself to
manifest greatness. I do not trust what is coming to me. I am not safe or worthy of
manifesting these brilliant inspirations. Any form of negative dialogue or self-talkor
the emotional baggage of fear, doubt, and worrywill only manifest a life that responds
to the lower vibrations that fear sets.
We can also create a profound level of trust in all we experience around us and
honor all beings, all life-forms, for we know that Source is perfect in all of its designs and
with great knowingness, we see with compassionate eyes and feel with divine hearts in all
we do. Trusting Creation, Source, and all of life is one of the most powerful lessons that
any human can move through. To know with certainty, to create the unwavering faith that
the Masters had walked with is why we manifest a profoundly purposeful life. We see the
magic in all that unfolds and in all that is created. The greater entanglement we have with
these creation tools and design, the greater impact we have upon manifesting the desired
intimacy, love, and unconditional support in all we experience.
I have used the vibration of surrender many times with my own personal
manifestation and ascension path, for one of my life themes is to release all deep-seated

trust issues and fully awaken into benevolence of this profound experience. Surrender
allows us to release all worry, fear, and doubt and simply swim with the flow of universal
brilliance. We will always be protected, loved, and supported as we follow the highest
vibrations we set for ourselves, because this correlates with how the universe operates.
Trust your ability to create brilliance; trust what flows forth from the universe, Source, and
Creation; and know all can serve if we so define and design it to. We have this level of
power. If trust and love is the dominant vibration that runs through every vein, then our
life experience will only mirror this back to us. We set the dial on all life experiences and
it is no different in the higher-resonating realms. We have all been created in the same
light essence that creates the universe, and our lesson upon Gaia is to rise up to this
glowing fifth-dimensional New Earth potential and freely live with results of such
profound trust.
Trust in the knowing that all aspects that Source creates can alter how we feel
about our world and others. There is no discrimination to anything that Source creates, and
therefore, all is loved and valued in the grander scheme of Creation. Create the level of
trust that is so unchallenged that you merely allow the prejudice, judgment, hypocrisy, and
negative belief systems to fall away. Trust and unconditional love are two divine
vibrations that allow for the highest of intentions to flow forth to you in the most
miraculous of ways. Operating from an allowing state of mind is a vibrational match to the
concept of expansion and ascension, for we know that ascension is integrative. We allow
all to unfold and integrate because we know it holds value, honor, and respect in the eyes
of Source. Trust, allowance, and surrender are held within the vibration of knowingness,
and when you bring all that you know to resonate with these powerful levels of
knowingness, there is nothing you cannot experience or manifest, for these are the
vibrations that flow with pulsar-like power throughout the cosmos. If we live with this
level of freedom, trust, and love toward one another, we begin to set the stage for the
inevitable contact with beings from off our world.
The universe is perfect in its design, and with this design, there is perfection to
living in light, allowance, and trusting in all that unfolds within it. Trust that you are cared
for, supported, entangled, needed, required, and so too are all other beings and life-forms.
No one being or species is above another and this level of knowingness, of oneness, is the
vibration that creates benevolence and balance. This level of trust and allowance for all
beings to shine their unique and authentic self allows us to slowly remove the political and
financial barriers, borders, and policies that have kept us in constant states of separation
and distrust, and even suppressed and impoverished. We can choose to let go of fear,
domination, victimization, and censorship and to move into a fifth-dimensional state that
operates in loving allowance, freedom, trust, and the honoring of the All. How utterly
profound would it be if our world could operate on the honor system and allowance for all
goodness to rise forth? Our fifth-dimensional realm is one of mass awakening to higher
ideals and concepts that emanate peace, acceptance, and love for the grander aspect of
Creation, even if consciously unknown at first, and we are all an aspect of the greater
whole. This is the link that humanity has been missing for centuries. If we truly knew that
any level of unkindness is a direct reflection of who we are within, we would then choose
to act in a way that would serve us. Control begets control, fear begets fear, hate begets
hate, and so on. We exist within a universe that is perfectly designed to honor any

vibration we set for ourselves, so now we enter into our own divine mastery and prepare
the ground to truly create a more illuminated and unlimited aspect within Creation. We are
worthy to experience such brilliance, dear lighted ones, and the next few years will allow
us the help and support we need to finally let go of all that no longer serves us and step up
into our fifth-dimensional New Earth, where infinite possibilities await.
Trust the divine creator you are, and whatever unfolds will serve you in some way.
If there are negative beliefs that surface, or feelings of discomfort when topics of first
landings or Earths ascension, or any other evolutionary topic is brought forward, then
reflect upon what you are feeling and why. Evolution and change are the only constants,
and they allow us to shed the chains of limitation that have kept us from truly manifesting
brilliance. The more we resolve these fear-based issues here at home, the greater potential
humanity has to evolve and expand to the level in which face-to-face, conscious contact
with higher resonating beings can occur. Many higher-frequency multidimensional beings
look nothing like we do, and their energy is very real, so we must allow ourselves the
opportunity to approach such issues before we move forward with open contact. If we
truly understand that no one religion, being, or race is above another, and that we have all
been created in the same light essence of divine Source spark, then we know with
certainty that all is required and valued. There are no superfluous creations within this
Creation story. This level of trust, allowance, and mastery is what humanity is moving into
and what vibrations and potentials reside within a fifth-dimensional frequency.

Trust in the Perfection of the Design

We, as a collective, can find solace in knowing that we are required here, for there
are no accidents within Creation and you are no exception. If you are here, you are meant
to be here and meant to be reading this. The ability to trust your path and your process is
profound in what you manifest. Manifestation of anything will be choppy at best if there is
not the level of unwavering trust that there is reason, purpose, and design to all you
experience. If its merely to mirror to you the vibration you are set at, this mirror is your
gauge for altering and shifting where you resonate every moment. This time of awakening
now requires, more than ever, that we trust that our path is a divine one. In the creation of
our cellular makeup to the path we step upon, we are this profound. This level of trust
requires that you know you are a divine creator and what you create in every moment can
serve you.
Trust allows the free flow of universal divine energy to flow to you with an
unobstructed view to your highest and best result. Your blueprint, your life plan, and your
higher purpose are directly linked to the level of trust you have within. You will be
intimately guided by this pull, the inertia that trust creates, to your higher alignment, love,
fulfillment, and ascension, for these vibrations are the grounding elements of spirit. Know
that we have all chosen this exciting time with purpose and intent so that we can assist in
this process with Gaia, and be the example for other galactic civilizations to learn from on
many levels within Creation. This is how the benevolent plan from Creation seeps its

knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence through the process of loving honor to all beings.
Planetary ascension is a tremendous undertaking, and I feel that our collective readiness is
approaching with a quickened pace as we act, think, and become the divine essences we
were all created to be. It is with this message of pure knowingness that every living aspect,
nature, wildlife, and every human being, and celestial, ET, alien, and every level of
consciousness has reason and purpose. Trust what you create, for it will always be
reflected to you, and realignment is within your free will to alter and shift to everheightened states.

Ascension and the Potential for Open Contact

One aspect of planetary ascension is to prepare our planet and all life-forms upon
her to integrate and assimilate with our greater cosmic family. Our greater cosmic family
resonates at much higher levels than we do as a collective, and therefore the ascension
process that humanity has been moving through for years can allow those who so desire
the opportunity to expand in vibration to match the level at which contact may be possible.
We are preparing ourselves in myriad ways. Now that we know we are multidimensional
spirit essences, we can conjure the myriad levels we must integrate and expand with to
match a refined state of environmental bedding, and those beings that will be reaching out
to us in our heightened states. Gaias evolution is not a whimsical musing. There are teams
of beings throughout Creation that are observing, assisting, initiating activations, and
setting forth the divine plan from Source for Gaias ascension. The ability to meet higherresonant beings with success and safety for all requires many years of preparation, and
integration has been designed at every level. It would not be beneficial if we were to
glitch under the difference in resonance and spew ourselves in a downward spiral as we
face the profound purity of their essence. Energy is a very real experience, and when
beings of such a higher state meet with us, it is crucial that we ready ourselves
energetically for this. Remember, there must be somewhat of a vibrational match for any
event to occur, so that those of higher-resonate states are not jeopardizing their vibrational
state, and we are not risking psychic or energetic states; we must be able to meet with their
resonance so that little friction and shock will be experienced. Once again, energy is very
real and it must be handled with precision and benevolence for all.
Experiences such as the Roswell Incident can allow us the opportunity to
further refine how we feel about cosmic experiences. If, as you move about your life, you
hear or get attracted to certain information, and if this information stirs emotions or
feelings within you that create a negative response, then go within and reflect upon why.
Such emotional triggers are perfectly timed within your own unique life blueprint, so
welcome these emotions and feelings, for they are opening opportunities for growth and
understanding. Allow what brings fear and doubt to surface so that you may honestly
approach it with vigor and resolution to your higher good and your divine path. This
allows the universe to experience the love of self that Source created you to express. Some
ascension and human evolutionary questions that can allow you to tap into outdated belief

systems are: How do I feel about contact? Am I excited about the prospect of a fifthdimensional New Earth? Am I comfortable not knowing whats around the corner? Are
these feelings about ascension and first contact bringing on excitement or fear, and why?
What are my beliefs that are holding me in 3D? What are my underlying perceptions and
notions about my safety, and my earthly experience about my soul blueprint? Do I trust
what is unfolding for me? What part about this concept excites me? Can I further act on
this excitement to open and allow my path to unfold in more miraculous ways? As we
move through this ascension and first contact self-reflection, we understand that the value
of this process is key for what we allow ourselves to imagine, to explore upon, and be
guided by. To create self-clarity, one must seek answers from within, and these practices
assist in the preparation for a powerfully infinite fifth-dimensional life. Reflection offers
in expanded thought and thus directly affecting the level of consciousness and core
vibrational state that we shift to.
As we move closer to first contact, we are being sent higher and more refined
energy to further stretch who and what we are. Everything in our reality is being altered,
and our whole aspect is shifting to keep up as we adjust to these energetic recalibrations
into a fifth-dimensional frequency. At each new stage of ascension for Gaia, we are being
affected at every level, and we begin to understand that we are more than what we have
ever been told. The earthly experience begins to open up and allows us to see more of
what once was invisible to our 3D eyes and perceptions. Remember, the more aware we
evolve, we also expand in our perceptions and all aspects of our sensory potentials and
abilities. We energetically expand our potential, our thoughts, and our desires out into the
galaxy, the cosmos, and the universe at large. Similar matching vibrations of our expanded
state begin to return to us at a quickening pace, and the path of expansion explodes in
unbelievable ways. It truly is an expansive process. As we integrate and further the
understanding of what we know ourselves to be, and what infinite potentials we live
within, we redefine and clarify ourselves at ever-expanding levels thus forever continuing
the growth process.
How we feel about and how we perceive evolutionary expanding eventssuch as
UFO sightings, alien contact, and the experiences known as abductions or visitationscan
paint a picture as to what level of consciousness we currently sit at and how we can better
prepare ourselves for the actual encounters. First contact is a natural, beautiful,
enlightening, and profound aspect of planetary evolution, and we are knee-deep in the
vibration of ascension that is preparing humanity for this grand unveiling. It is therefore
integral that we face and own all of our outdated 3D beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions
about who we are and our place within this grand infinite universe, and the myriad of
beings that encircle us at every step. I offer these writings to expand upon our
understanding about these evolutionary potentials so that those desiring such levels of
unity may step up in an ever-excited way and tune in to the vibration of first contact.
As a collective, we can ask ourselves what aspects of our current reality keep us
from moving forward and expanding into greater spiritual awareness and reconnecting
with Creation, and the many illuminated beings that also desire to reunite in a loving
manner. Fear, limitation, doubt, control, and greed are all negative emotions that come to
the surface so that we can be steered to an elevated way of existing within our benevolent
universe. Creating open dialogue in a respectful and enlightening manner will assist in

building the bridge to resolve and unleash the negativity that keeps us from exploring
beyond the walls in which we see. We have all been encoded to evolve and ascend. The
question is, does a fifth-dimensional New Earth and way of living excite you? There are
no superfluous acts within Creation, and if we are encoded to evolve and expand beyond
our atmosphere, then it is our birthright and excitement to follow that which we were
created to explore. We have the innate tools within to guide us and allow us the
opportunity that our highest aspect had designed for us in this earthly experience. We have
free will to alter and shift our awareness to a more powerful and resonating state of being.
By expanding beyond our current perceptions, understandings, and beliefs about first
contact, we can redefine these potentials in a more enlightened way to prepare for these
fast-approaching events.
Planetary ascension is the process of shifting our state of consciousness to accept
and play with a more expanded understanding of beings that also resonate to commune.
These energetic shifts are a blessing for us to take in and allow for a profound
transformative process to occur, allowing us to feel freer, lighter, and faster in our
movement within this reality. Planetary ascension offers the frequency to which our DNA,
our cellular chemistry, can alter and match those that have been working behind the
curtain to prepare us for such an event. The level of awareness we tap into is directly
related to the extent to which we offer the universe a new potential in exchange. As we
create new unlimited beliefs, our physical bodies adjust with our new expanded thoughts
and behaviors. We are in a constant state of regeneration as Gaias energies shift, and all of
these unseen transactions are simultaneously being directed and managed by the
communication occurring between the soul, higher self, you, the celestial teams assisting
in your plan, and the innate aspect, all to match these heightened behaviors. This is the
alchemic process of ascension.
There are an infinite number of perfectly designed systems within Creation and all
we have to do is to tap into it to reengage and manifest a more fulfilling and intimate
connection with Source, Creation, and all we are entangled with. Create your knowingness
that all is perfectly designed to flow in this way. This is the I AM THAT I AM presence
that we are moving into at the fifth-dimensional frequency.
Ascension occurs in stages. We must first recognize and then set our intention to
change and shift what we believe and what we know to ever-expanding states. Our
growing desire for oneness, unity, intimacy, and a more harmonious way of being is only
one attribute to the ascension equation. We must then act and remain in tune with our
multidimensional aspects and our enhanced reality. We are beginning to understand that to
live in balance means to create, acknowledge, and commune with all that we are entangled
with, and this allows us to amp up our frequency and prepare for contact. This is a
universal and benevolent step toward evolution from a 3D human to an illuminated
galactic human. We have all chosen to incarnate upon Earth for the experience of what we
are able to manifest as physical beings, and evolve with profound potentials for cosmic
unity and planetary ascension. This truly is a profound lifetime for soul growth and
fulfillment. If we designed in our life blueprint to experience the potential for ascension,
then your team and higher self will do whatever it can to spur on this journey for you. This
is how powerful we truly are and why the ascension energies now, offer the potential for
us to move beyond what is and release all challenge and lack. There are no karmic rules

that say you must experience a mundane life that is filled with challenge and lack. Once
you integrate the notion of self-love, self-honor, and the ability to fully embrace all that
you are, you are offered a clean slate to design a new higher-vibrating path. We are
powerful beings with the free will to change and experience a reality that can offer to us
cosmic visitation, interstellar unity, and evolution beyond our wildest dreams.
From higher-consciousness states, before incarnating, we all knew the challenges
that this reality offered, and we still chose to incarnate upon Gaia. With this
acknowledgement, the higher aspects of who we are knew the power we obtain to
overcome any challenge that we design. We can let go of the beliefs that hold us in a state
of victimization and move on. Unleash your creative potential and take back your power
in knowing that if you were powerful enough to choose this path, you are equally
powerful to transform whatever challenges arise. Challenges arise because we offer that
vibration somewhere within, and these are all opportunities brought forth to allow us to
shift our vibrational state.
Go within and seek the answers to all states of discomfort and fear. Commune
with your guides and your higher self, and integrate the lessons from the challenges that
arise. This is the process that allows for constant vibration, realignment, and refinement.
As we expand in our awareness, we understand again that we all knew what we were
doing when our blueprint was drawn up, and it is with this profound recognition and
acknowledgement that we can begin to transform limitation into power and finally move
into the realm where any possibility can be offered.
All choices are valid, true, and real in whatever way each individual chooses to
experience their life. It is not for us to judge, condemn, force others to change, or bring
others along on our journey. Not everyone will be excited about first contact, cosmic
travel, and exploration. That is okay. Those who are attracted to this material will find
their way to it, and that goes for every other ascension book, event, or blog article. One
must be ready for higher-vibrational material, and if the higher self knows that beliefs
need to be cleared first, then the soul will manifest a path to which this can be done. This
is the perfection of our design, and what we are entangled with knows our story and
purpose and will flow with it. Trust in the blueprint you designed, and trust in such
universal laws. Ascension allows us the acceptance, love, and understanding that we all
deserve. It allows the same freedom and respect to follow our own paths, for we are all
uniquely created in this way. We will all experience what we came here to experience one
way or another, and if not in this lifetime then in another lifetime, for we are all infinite
beings of Creation and there is no end.
As we ascend and move into a united way of being, we allow the choices of others
to be as valued, honored, and respected as the choices we make. This level of respect for
all beings, and all species, is one of the most profound attributes that masters who walked
this planet were able to emit. All beings are a valued aspect of Creation and to see, to feel,
to know the God within means that all beings are one and an aspect of Source. To
ascend is to know that the All is within us and we are of it. We are one with those we
judge, or those who anger us, for if we know they are the mirror to what resonates within
at some level, we can find the spiritual compassion to love them anyway, because it is an
aspect of who we are. Regardless of how different another persons pathor physical

makeup, religion, or racemay be, or even what planetary realm or star system they come
from, we are all one and aspects of the Creator, therefore all is valid.

Chapter II
Understanding Planetary Ascension and Entanglement

Just as individual ascension has its attributes and symptoms, so too does ascension
at the planetary level. Along this exciting path, I have understood that there are infinite
ways not only to describe ascension, but also to initiate its activation. The process, the
symptoms, and the fluidity of how each person flows through the expansion of awareness
and this planetary ascension will vary. For every person, there is a tool, a teacher, and a
path that can bring about the knowingness of potential and the spirit within, thus driving
us to further explore this expansive experience. All paths are equally valid and divine.
Ascension at the planetary level occurs on a much grander scale and with the attention
from myriad councils and beings, from the auspices of the most high in order to fulfill the
soul blueprint for a planet within a galaxy. Just as each planet has its role to play within
the grander scheme of a galaxy, within the universe, there are even greater challenges
when the planet has life aboard. For a planet and her inhabitants to move from a 3D
frequency to a 5D resonance, it will take the part of each being, council, and support body
to ensure the psychics and the mechanics of this immense plan are successfully performed.
Above all, planetary ascension allows for the heightened bedding for those who desire a
fifth-dimensional potential, and it must be achieved safely and in adherence with a
profound set of guidelines and systems within the greater whole, all under the watchful
attention from Source.
Every human being upon Gaia operates with his/her own unique set of beliefs,
behaviors, and conditionings, and all humans, therefore, vibrate at varying levels.
Ascension to a fifth-dimensional frequency may not have been in the soul blueprint for
every human being upon Gaia right now, for their resonance must match or be compatible
enough to make the shift to such an elevated degree in frequency. Regardless of how many
beings are elevated to complete the shift to a new planetary frequency, there is the same
level of love, respect, and value to each and every path chosen. There is no one path, or no
one being that resides above another; all life paths are valid and add to the whole.
It is held within the choice of every human, and what excitement and passion lie
within, to seek enlightenment and alter their path.
For example, imagine there are two individuals with opposing belief systems. One
has a very positive outlook, following their joy, flowing through life with great ease. The
other person moves through life denying their feelings, squashing the inner whispers, and
succumbing to beliefs that are holding them back from evolvement and progression. These
examples give us a better view of how beliefs, perceptions, and limiting behavior can alter
the outcome of what one experiences. Its paramount to consider this example as we move
through this book because the state of knowingness that has the potential to create and
manifest anything requires that we align honestly with our current state and release what
no longer serves us. We must seek the answers within about what beliefs we hold that
allow us fluidity with change and acceleration, and what beliefs are holding us back in
stagnancy and darkness. As we seek within for greater direction and peace, and gain skill

and mastery to realign to the ever-increasing planetary frequency, we begin to tune in at a

much grander level to the existence we were born to experience.
With each passing day, Gaias energetic state is being monitored in every way. All
aspects of her surface are being monitored and studied, just as the collective response to
these shifts are also being monitored. With the drastic and profound offerings in
accelerated energy that Gaia is being immersed in, there may be geographical adjustments
that rumble from within and beneath her surface to smooth out what is encircling her.
Remember, it isnt just Gaia moving through an incredible adjustmenthumanity is as
well, so there are complex forces of energy at play, which will, at times, be seen in
geographical and weather anomalies. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and even volcanic eruptions
are all possible over the next few years as Gaia completes her frequency shift.
For humanity, our role is to stay in constant check with our beliefs, definitions,
and attitudes that allow us to swim with struggle and strife, or release it all and move up
with Gaia. As we move through these ever-changing ascension energies, there will be
continued aligning shifts, alterations, refinements, and energetic streaming to allow us
ample opportunity to refine what we choose to believe. These planetary energetic streams
and occurrences come from myriad sources and in myriad ways. We will see changes in
our Earths surface, biosphere, waters, and all things in between, for there is nothing that is
left out of the process of ascension. The greater the negativity that one resonates within on
a daily basis, the greater challenge that will be experienced, for the friction between an
advancing and accelerating frequency will jostle whatever does not resonate with the
heightened state. Universal laws are designed so that all beings within that universe are
aware of how to navigate their way around with the highest potential to mirror the love
and light of Source. In what no longer aligns with the new frequencies offered, there will
be shifts that result in the desire to realign. If a realignment and acceleration are not made,
then this shift to a new frequency realm cannot be made. This massive energetic shift or
transition will allow all humans to be aligned with their highest and best path based on
where they resonate.
Remember, dear lighted ones, even if someone may not be ready for ascension at
this time, it does not mean that ascension wont be experienced. We are always given the
opportunity to align with spirit, whether ascension occurs in this incarnation or the next.
For those who choose ascension, we will experience the vibration of oneness that will
realign Gaia, the ascending humanity, and Creation in bold and profound ways we have
never experienced before. Humanity will shine with a fifth-dimensional glow spanning the
cosmos for all to learn from this immense planetary ascension. All of these planetary
offerings and accelerating time/space sensations, and even what we see playing out in
every socioeconomic arena on Earth, are all the result of each personal frequency, or
collective frequency jostling for common ground in this grand energetic dance. Those
operating in limited belief functioning will sense the shift. If awareness and enlightenment
are not desired, and the music appears to be moving too quickly, then some may choose to
sit it out. Ascension is not written in all soul blueprints during Gaias transition, and that is
every part as valid as those who desire and choose to rise to the occasion and celebrate to
the new song of greater potential. All choices are valid and all experiences add to the
wholeness of Creation.

The Divine Plan for Gaia

If I reflect upon the state of being that I was resonating at only eight years ago, I
realize that it was much different than the vibration at which I resonate now. This path of
awakening has revealed aspects of myself that I had no idea existed. Not only have I
manifested synchronicity beyond belief, but Ive regained personal awareness, higher
levels of consciousness, intimate reconnection with spirit, and the ongoing remembrance
of the mystery and magical essence that Gaia and the Universe offers. All of these
beautiful discoveries have brought about the most amazing experiences that can only be
described as life altering and profound, and are truly the underlying reason for writing this
book. If I can offer my perspective of what is possible, and if we allow ourselves to tap
into our unlimited and infinite potential, we can then align and truly climb aboard this
incredible experience of planetary and personal ascension. This Divine plan for Gaia is
what I believe to be one of the underlying reasons and intrigues that many of us sought
when we chose to incarnate once again upon earth. This profound design by God was even
prophesied and known to shamans throughout history all around our planet, and here we
sit on the edge of the greatest transformation in the cosmos aligning with this divine
cosmic event. The question is, will you tap in to experience it?
My ten-year-old son often asks me, Mom, how do you know that what you teach
is real? I look at him with pure love and delight at his curiosity and intellect, for he sees
what reality is at times, and then he hears me teach and guide with what I know to be true.
I reply with love at his mature question: I just know what I experience, sugar. I just
know. I have come to the understanding that the souls desire to expand is accomplished
through the experiences one moves through in any particular lifetime. Experience is the
only attribute that we can take with us into any incarnational role, and it is what drives
knowingness and growth. Sometimes, when we see our reality showing us completely
differing pictures, between what we say we desire and what we experience, we go within
to seek the missing link and belief about the disconnect between what we desire and what
we experience. This is why ascension requires action.
One must experience one level of existence and consciously create the
opportunities and resonance that shift them to a new and improved experience. To do so,
one must tap into the self-discovery process to unveil the unconditional offerings of love,
patience, reverence, support, and commitment that we are always being given. The souls
desire for entanglement with Source, Creation, and one another is the loving catalyst that
creates the expansive experiences. Ascension really can feel like a loving spiral that brings
about change in every way possible, all rotating and circling around the central source of
this universe, God. If we tap into this benevolent spin, we expand upon all that Source
offers. If the drive is within to transform and ascend, then so too will the reality around
you. There are powerful lessons unfolding to us in each moment of every experience, and
if we are aware, awake, and in tune with what our reality tells us, we can then shift to
realign and alter our path to potentials wed only thought possible in the angelic realms.

We have innate abilities, including the tools to create and manifest anything to be
visible and experienced in any way we choose. I have experienced many miracles in my
life that simply could not be explained, and that is why I just know. This immense
awakening has been decades in the making and we are finally ready, as a collective, to tap
into our true innate ability, to shed the skin of 3D limitation, and slip into the essence of
light-bodied galactic humans. This offering is an experience of this process and the path to
calm the inner call to expand and tap into the soul contracts I have written, and respond to
the destiny I have chosen. Planetary ascension is offered in this way, and the core of
why we should care about Gaias divine plan is that we are all an aspect and an equal
participant in this transformation.
The undertaking of planetary ascension is no small task. The agenda has been
divinely set, and there are timelines and myriad beings that are all involved in the
unfolding. Intentional inspired practices can allow you to not only enjoy this glorious
ascension ride, but also expand in miraculous ways so that you can feel a sense of
aliveness once again. Gain your ability to feel your whole self, feel your intimate
connection with life again, feel the beauty of your spirit essence, know your power to
create miracles, and reveal the cosmic quantum entanglement that we swim within every
moment. Your power to remember this higher way of living is within, and I am
passionately inspired to share what I have learned to assist in the unfolding of your
expansive process to universal unity and oneness. For all that you see unfolding before
you, unveiling before you, is for benevolence of you and every human upon Gaia right
now. Sources love for you is utterly profound. The desire to see all mirrored Source
aspects align with their highest potential is timely and required.
Gaia is the home in which we experience of all of Sources gifts to us, and thus we
are given an opportunity within every moment to reengage with Gaia, with nature, with
one another, with Creation, and with Source to awaken once again and feel the beat of
unconditional love and benevolence for a brighter day. Ascension is possible, dear lighted
ones, and many masters spoke of this in their teachings. Know that you have all that you
need within to manifest this ascension experience, and you have all the spiritually divine
help that you need to see the glow of a fifth-dimensional New Earth. It is all within.
The reality we experience is equal to what we perceive. Perceptions are molded
from our belief systems, our heritage and upbringing, and our educational and societal
influences. All that we perceive is taken right from the level of awareness we carry. If we
desire to expand what we are aware of, the perceptions follow suit. If we have been fed
limiting beliefs over a vast period of time, with little variation or opportunity for expanded
thought, we may remain somewhat stagnant in our evolutionary process. The divine plan
for Gaia is that she will ascend and offer those who desire expansion in the most profound
way, then she can assist in taking them through this experience. Gaias plan was our plan
and it was all manifested out of the desire for humanity to rise above war, crime, and lack
to move into a state of joy, bliss, and oneness with Creation, Source, and our celestial
family once again.
If you have felt a subtle difference in the world you experience around you, it is
undeniably the underpinnings of planetary ascension. If you feel more sensitive
emotionally, physically, and intellectually, these are all aspects of our reality intermingling

with the energy of not only what we are, but who we are becoming. One of the most
prevalent universal lessons in the process of ascension is that we truly begin to fathom the
aspect of our oneness with all things within Creation. We are all entangled at the finest of
energetic levels, and we are deeply connected to it all, as we exist within this dance of
electromagnetic energy, we are affected by every change that is offered by this vast
universe. As Gaias ascension is in midpoint status, were ever closer to gaining full
access to our heritage, and all of the universal secrets and understandings that have been
hidden from us for so very long. Full consciousness is upon us, and nothing will be
omitted from this energetic makeover.
Every area of our existence will be affected by the energetic insurgence of
ascension energies. Human development in all areas will be opened and expanded upon in
innumerable ways, such as archeological and scientific discoveries, and our theories about
such discoveries. These discoveries will offer the opportunity for all of our history books
and educational teachings to be completely rewritten, for the evidence will no longer be
disputable. Our political world will shift, and our economic world will continue to
transform to meet the more transparent policies that our higher-vibrating society will
demand. The shifting in the peoples consciousness will crave the integrity that is the
catalyst for systems to completely be revamped and altered to serve the All.
The more we awaken and exercise our spiritual discernment, the greater
opportunity our societal experience will have to mirror this back to us. We are moving out
from behind the veil to be recognized as higher-functioning humans, and were aware of
our greater part in this planetary movement into a more refined realm of existence. So now
that we are aware something is occurring, how do navigate this extremely profound
process of ascension?
This is how universal energy works. There is no struggle or trying to create or
manifest change. Whatever it is that you desire to experience in your life will come to you
when you first deal with how you believe and know your life to be. You can choose to be
malleable, fluid, and infinite. You may redefine and redesign yourself in every aspect to
vibrate at your highest and best. Know you are an infinitely profound creator, and so it
shall be. Then navigating your way through ascension becomes as natural and innate as
you are.

Collective Maturity = Change for Gaia

Fear is the catalyst for our habitual spending habits, social maladies, and the lack
of awareness within our collective. The maturity of our collective consciousness has not
been at the level where changes in these systems could occur. We have seen the difference
between the wealthy and poor. As financial and pharmaceutical businesses grow, it is
becoming obvious to us all that the top-heavy power mentality does not work, except to
benefit the chosen few.
Corruption at various stages and in various levels of our socioeconomic systems

has bled through to the point that many of these structures are breaking and cracking under
their inherently unstable designs. Our collective awareness of these imbalances is now at
the level that we can act in harmony and light, to create the shift needed to completely
revamp our ailing systems and social structures. Humanitys awareness of our potential
exists so that we know we have the power to affect change. All of these social structures
that were intended to serve the people for so very long seemed to have served the specially
selected few, and this is now changing because of our heightened awareness and
There are now groups of volunteers and social outlets, such as the Internet, where
inspired people gather from all corners of our planet and create enlightened platforms and
portals for higher thought, which then inspires answers to the many problems that ail our
social systems. With the awareness of our collective expanding to all levels of class, race,
and religion, we have the independence to create out of our intent for deeper connection
and potential. We do not necessarily need governing bodies to create the win/win
scenarios that can be the catalyst for social change. Seek out social and spiritual groups
that inspire you or ignite the passion for change or create your own group that spins
heightened awareness for our planet and all species that live upon Gaia, for this is what
feeds the spark for true change for the greater good.
Awareness is what brings the collective into a state of conscious maturity, so that
we can move through our every day with promise and hope for abundance and health for
all. All of these small steps of action ignite the change required to innately bring the power
back to the people. No more will we merely swallow whats being fed to us. Our spirits
are stirring within to seek our greater truth for the potential we all hold within.
In these very auspicious times of acceleration and awakening, we have the insight
and the intuitive wherewithal not to purchase toxic foods or household goods. We have the
ability to research and change what we invest in, make better buying decisions, and take it
upon ourselves to create products that are eco-friendly and healthy for all. Integrity and
purity of the heart are being seen as the key element of any successful business, and we all
have the free will to act in higher awareness, for these small changes affect those who
create the toxins we are no longer buying. The more we act on the intuitive stirring from
within and follow with intent for our divine fulfillment, the more we simultaneously create
open streams of action through love, humility, grace, and integrity. Positive change for all
of humanity is found within the wisdom from our expanding consciousness, for it is an
aspect of universal law, and as we will soon discover, many star systems and highervibrating planets function in this very way.
For those who desire an enhanced multidimensional way of living, and those who
desire to experience a healthier planet, healthier food, honest governments, and financial
and medical systems that serve all people (and the list could go on and on), it is time to
step forward and say, Enough is enough! The time is now to create our higher-vibrating
Earth, and simply sitting back and wishing for grand change to occur is not enough. The
process of ascension provides us the ability to not only create a better world and a longlasting planet for all species, but also to open communications with higher beings who can
assist us along every step of this path. There is great work to be done in the rebuilding of
our broken and flawed systems. There is much to learn and expand upon with our

potential to exist without toxins and gases that contaminate our breathing air. We can learn
how other planets and systems have forged ahead with great success and outcomes of the
highest ethical standards to reach the win/win scenario for all, and there are councils
standing by ready to assist and teach us how to do these very things.
We have had this ability for many years, and the existence of such beings has been
known by many government parties and withheld for our protection. Only pockets of
the few that had to remain hidden or quiet for the fear of retribution for their experiences
have been able to learn what is possible. There are now more of us who trust, seek, and are
inspired by these contacts so that we can create the wave that furthers our collective
awakening to bring about greater socioeconomic change. I see in the very near future that
we will create councils, much as our celestial neighbors have, that can allow the freedom
and abundance for all to flourish and create equanimity like we have never experienced
Whatever the reason for the mistrust and hidden information, it is clearly time that
we move out of the old paradigm of dark and limiting beliefs and accept what is all around
usofferings of love and light. We have experienced every form of government, we have
allowed toxic and deadly tests to continue, and wars have been waged in the name of
peace. We have experienced every scenario under the darkened veils and have been
shrouded in doubt and fear for far too long. It is now time to expand our awareness and
align with the potential of world peace, harmony, truth, integrity, and loving intent. What a
concept! Whatever any government officials have told us to be fearful of, there is greater
evidence that any contact from an extraterrestrial form has been for the benefit and
expansion of our consciousness and state of living. The day is drawing near, dear lighted
ones, when the environmental catastrophes and political unrest will be too great and our
only hope will be to open up to the love and assistance that has enveloped us all along.
The question is, when that time comes, will we nervously and desperately reach out to our
star families in the hopes of an honest and healthy remedy to our failing systems, or will
we sit back and allow the outdated belief systems to suck us further in?
I certainly dont mean to paint a bleak picture, for it is quite the opposite. Our
collective has risen to the extent that we are able to write about such concepts with
excitement and vigor, for we know the potential and possibility for peace on Earth. We are
able to see the world with new eyes for what we have created, and to acknowledge that we
can bring ourselves up to ever-expansive heights. We need to own what we have created
and face the challenge to correct it. We have lived far too long in energetic and physical
separation from our precious planet Earth, and the result is great imbalances. Gaia, our
world spirit, and her physical body have been imbalanced to such a degree that for
centuries we have experienced a myriad of natural disasters in her efforts to bring her
balance back into alignment. Everything is energy, and there is not one thought, one act,
one level of being that is not mirrored somewhere, somehow on our planet. Gaia is a
mirror of who we are. She has stood boldly, graciously, and patiently by as we have
stripped her, maimed her, shed her of so many resources that she is begging for our
attention on all levels of her surface.
The time of blatant global destruction is over. As of now, we can alter our energy
patterns, create light, and create action, and in the maturity and discernment of what we

know to feel right and loving, we can create a harmonious potential that inspires change,
health, abundance, balance, and ascension for all. This is all possible, for if it were not, we
would not have the many beings hovering above our surface in approach to our readiness.
By shifting and aligning our energetic resonance, the reality we live within also shifts, thus
allowing for inspired systems and solutions that can allow us to experience a planet free
from pollution, toxins, and war. This is the draw, the pull, the urge, and the galactic
whispers for our global ascension.

Gaia is Our Mirror and Gaias Reflection

For Gaia to ascend, we must ascend. Her land and her polluted waters and soils
are directly related to our state of mind and our collective consciousness. If we hold
ourselves in disregard, then this energetic vibration is mirrored to our planet. As we
pollute and disregard life or ourselves, there must be an energetic reaction or response. All
things within Creation desire balance, whether it be our internal structures, such as
homeostasis, or planetary warming, there is always a push and pull for balance within
Creation. The state of our planet is what is being mirrored to us so that we can awaken to
our personal states of being for course correction and alterations on our path. I believe that
our celestial friends and family have an overriding plan to assist us if we have not cleaned
up and changed. Gaias survival affects not only humanity, but her health ripples to all
corners of Creation. What most people do not realize is that the power and profundity of
our energetic state sends beams of laser-like light, or the thought patterns we resonate at,
mingling not only within our collective consciousness, but also with the ethers of
Every thought, every act, and every word is a pattern of energy, and depending on
whether you align with positively powerful intent or darkened negative intent, it flows out
to Creation and awaits its variable to attach with. This is how energy works. Like
vibrations attract, which is why so many people are seeking out light-filled platforms, such
as Universal Unity, and myriad other social portalsso that we can resonate with those
we feel in vibration with. We have been given hundreds, if not thousands, of years to alter
our destructively greedy behavior, and in recent years, we have reached a critical breaking
point. Many of us have subconsciously sent out beams of light for higher help, and the call
has been received.
This may not be a popular belief, or one that can be proven by a plethora of
scientific studies, yet. Energy is very real and each new day gives us new insight to the
power of thought, the power of beliefs, and the power of the expectations we emit. Energy
is the core attribute of all universal law. Every thought, word, and deedsimply
everything we doaffects the whole. Many of us are now stepping forward and bringing
greater light to the concept of consciousness, awareness, and our ability to alter our
energetic path because the survival of humanity relies on it.
So many years have passed with little concern for our planet, our brothers in the
next community, and the species that balance our ecosystems that there must be a

rebalancing on some level. There are countless studies that will verify destruction at every
level of our existence. We have failed to see the link between who we are as individuals,
and who we are as a collective, and link it with our ailing planet, cosmos, and the universe
at large. As Gaia is a living entity, her homeostasis is out of sync and needs adjustment,
and we are the direct result of these imbalances. Just as any other living organism must
maintain balance to exist, so must we and so must Gaia, and this is what is truly meant by
we are one.
We cannot feel fear, anger, or frustration for our Mother Nature, or our Gaia, if
weather or geographical anomalies occur causing devastation. There will be a natural
release of energy as these profound energetic changes continue, but we can have an effect
on how destructive they unfold to be. The more loving, positive, and insightful or
expansive our minds are, the more hopeful and enlightened we are in all that we do, and
the less devastating these transitional events will be.
We are now awakening to the fact that we are all one, and Gaia is only mirroring
what we are energetically saying about ourselves. We are energy patterns of light and
resonance, and we create these patterns by our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. So if there
are in excess of 6.5 billion people on this planetmany still unaware, negative, or lacking
the will to live in a state of connection to All That Isthe direct balance of these
vibrations will take effect. The question is: How do you like what you see? Do you enjoy
the degradation of our planet, water, and the air we breathe, or the declining species on
land? Do you feel a sense of harmony with the water and food you eat and drugs you take
to heal your ailing body? At what point will enough truly be enough before we seek the
balance within from the light that we know lies within our hearts? We ultimately affect
everything on the planet and no longer can we deny the effects of this universal law of
cause and effect or law of attraction. How can we not be energetically connected? The
universe is perfect in its design in this respect and we are no exception to this rule. The All
are the one, and the one is the All.

Universal Commonality

We all desire to be valued and loved, and to feel our belonging to the greater
whole. Why would this be any different for the animal or plant life, or the bird people, or
the felines, or the cetaceans? As we ascend and become open to the stories of our greater
cosmos, we can better understand our own battles and what we mirror to Creation, for
what she sees is a state of imbalance, injustice, and, in the hearts of many, a desire for
peace that is so palpable that hundreds of celestial planets have been called in to assist. We
are all made of Source essence, and therefore we are all of this divine blood.
The power in oneness is in our ability to see and bind in our commonalities. We
may have varying beliefs, religions that we worship, or rituals that we keep, but within us
all, every one of us across this universe, is beating with the pulse of Source. We connect at
the heart level, and within our cellular makeup, we are encoded with the same God
essence. We are all an aspect of the same one God. This bond spans the cosmos and will

never be broken, ever. This is what is meant at the core of we are all one. The rules,
structures, limitations in what we each define God to be have been self-imposed by
humanity, not designed at Source. So in this understanding, we can allow all beings their
beliefs and rituals, knowing, respecting, and honoring the different hues that create this
profound rainbow we call humanity. Just know, dear lighted ones, as we awaken, we will
alter what we believe and how we behave to others, for we know that whatever it is we
demand, or desire control of from another, will in some way be reflected back to us and
our own state of lack.
Gaia is our mirror, and her state of health and balance is our state of health and
balance. What level of awareness and frequency do we emit when we impose our beliefs
or desires onto others? Humanity will evolve in the trust, allowance, and honoring of all
peoples, and those who choose a negative or hateful way of living will experience the
exact reality into which those beliefs are emitted. Everything is energy, and our behavior,
our actions, and what Gaia reflects to us in this response to how we live upon her are no
different. Awareness, awakening, and the path of ascension allow us all to understand the
grander plan of existence and where each one of us sits within it. No one person, religion,
or status is above another. We are all equal in the eyes of Creation. So the question is,
How will humanity evolve to allow Gaia to reflect to us the peaceful and harmonious
state we all desire, crave, and deserve? It begins with each one of us and it starts by going
within and resolving beliefs and conditionings that keep us in a limited state of being. We
are infinite beings, and in every thought, word, deed, and behavior, we mirror to Creation
what we desire to experience. There is no exception to this law. For a plan so incredibly
vast and expansive, the laws must fit all beings, and what we resonate at will be shown to
us in some way. The question now is, How will you shift your frequency to create the life
and reality you desire?

Global Shifts of Awareness

This energetic global shift in awareness is happening, and whether the majority of
the world is ready for it or not, the world itself is awakening. For change to occur, we
require fewer positive than negative people. The power of even one positive person is as
profound as one hundred who are not. Each time that we expand our conceptual thinking,
there are energetic triggers that occur within the pineal gland, and pathways within the
brain open up. In these pulsations, we send out vibrations that desire the response and
return frequency. Earthly change does not require that the majority believe in what is
actually happening. Even if the majority of people choose to ignore what is happening, or
pretend its not happening, it will have no bearing on Earth ascending. The scale for
ascension has been tipped, and we are now on the downhill descent of a very fast-moving
ball. We are shifting and transcending in every moment that each one of us has a powerful,
light-filled thought, because it is our true natural spirit state.
There are so many people being spurred on by their dreams, visions, or even
visitations, and all of these experiences are perfectly planned and timed. We are all players

in this massively exciting time, and the unfolding will continue until Gaia has ascended
into the footing of the fifth-dimensional field where she will enjoy her perfect state of
As the shift really hits the fan, as this energy acceleration seeps into every part of
our daily life, there will be no doubt that things are changing. The world of unseen
magical occurrences will be encountered by everyone in some way, and can no longer be
ignored. Watch closely as things unfold, dear lighted ones, for this is the acceleration in
which all potentials are possible and there really is no limit to what we are able to
experience, which is why most of us have decided to incarnate at this time. We each have
a role to play, and as the plan unfolds, there will be pockets of chaos to stir doubt and fear,
as the old energy takes its last stand. Ascension and enlightenment take courage, so stand
tall and brave in the eyes of chaos, for it will pass. Focus on the light, follow your
excitement, and do not be drawn in by the drama that may ensue in these progressive

Gratitude for the Enlightened Mavericks

People who have made the gifts of our universal energy their study and their lifes
worksuch as Edgar Cayce, Wendy Kennedy, John Edward, Sandy Anastasi, Kala
Ambrose, stargazer Marguerite Manning, Lee Carroll, and Darryl Ankahave truly paved
the way for others to continue the momentum for change. I know many of these mavericks
personally and professionally, and I am honored to have been touched by their light and
unique gifts of service. These teachers are authentic in every sense of the word and have
assisted in bringing Gaia into an awakened state. I have often said in my teachings and
writings that for every person who resides on planet Earth, there is a tool or a teacher to
assist them on their path. Whether your excitement is Reiki, acupuncture, psychic
development, healing, sacred geometry, astrology, or numerology, there are infinite portals
and teachers to guide you on your profound path to enlightenment.
We have all incarnated to experience the creative design that we have to manifest
possibility and potential. Many of these mavericks have returned lifetime after
lifetime (linearly speaking) to continue their souls passion to assist the divine in steering
humanity to the light and the knowingness within of the power we each have to create
brilliance. If it had not been for these key people in my life who have encouraged and
empowered me through their enlightened and authentic teachings and guidance, I would
not be writing what I am today. There are the obvious and certain challenges that we all
face as we step out onto a stage and speak what few can agree with; it takes a steadfast
approach for these individuals to live what they know to be true. The path they all took to
honor their highest aspect with the divine has paved the way for those who so desire to
step up and celebrate our innate link within one another in this profound earthly
Their role in our advancement of and our changing views on the unseen world of
energy is, in my belief, immeasurable. They have all had a profound effect on my life, and

in some of my most challenging and darkest moments, I turned inward for the answers,
only to find more of who I was in immense ways. For this, I am indebted to their fearless
commitment to inspire, empower, and educate humanity.
With each generation, I see more and more of these mavericks paving the way for
light to freely pass. There are many star-seeds now who are learning at a younger age what
I started to learn only in my late thirties. We have the ability now, more than ever, to
openly create portals, social media sites, and groups for the greater expression of who we
are. Do not be mistaken, dear lighted ones, as each person on this planet has the ability to
create change for a better world, the best masters are the ones who encourage and
empower themselves and others to rise above and be teachers of tomorrow. With every
thought and every heartbeat, change can occur and we can all co-creatively carve the path
for others to set the stage for mass enlightenment. Do not let your fears and doubts plague
your ability to follow your souls song, or the story that needs to be written, for if it is
within you then it needs to be expressed. Know within your heart of hearts, dear lighted
ones, that our world is awakening at profound rates and we are changing it in every
moment we pass the baton.

The Rate of Ascension

Ascension changes must be accomplished at a rate and pace that is safe for all
beings. There are roughly seven billion people on this planet, and all are vibrating at
varying degrees, based on their beliefs, conditionings, and understandings. This profound
process must be done with the most intricate of skill, design, grace, and utter benevolence
with the safety and greater good taken into account. Regardless of what someones
vibration is set at, everyone on this planet has the opportunity to ascend. Ascension will be
a matter of who is ready to tap into this wave, or to hop on and play, or simply wait it out
for the next train. We are all infinite beings of light, and we all have free will to choose a
path that feels most appropriate for our level of understanding in that moment.
Lets be honest: universal energy, or any topic about energy, is not widely
accepted by the masses because it resides within the world of the unseen, and for most
people, planetary and individual ascension is too heady and esoteric to fully understand,
let alone tap into. The mass population of Earth may not even be aware of the profundity
of the unseen cosmic elegance that we are all swimming within each now moment, and
nonetheless, it is here, within and all about us. We are playing within a beautiful energetic
transaction of love, and therefore to truly grasp who we are at our most profound level, we
must go deep enough to sense the divine within.
The rate of ascension is unique to each person, and awakening in any stage of
enlightenment requires that we seek the answers within on why we feel the way we do and
why our bodies are reacting the way they are. Ask yourself: Why do I now sense or know
things that I really have no way of knowing? Whether energetic urges drive you to find a
new home, change careers, or shift your relationships, know that all that is occurring
within Creation, within Gaia and her people right now, is directly related to the

quickening, the acceleration, the energetic agreement to awaken and shift Gaia to higherresonating levels, and to ultimately enhance the natural evolutionary experience for
The more we understand what Gaia is moving through, the more we understand
and tune in to our inner wants, desires, excitement, and intuitive whispers, and tap into the
greater alignment that we have potential to create. Our quickening path is aligning us, dear
lighted ones, and we will always have the free will to go along for the ride, or sit it out.
One does not have to study or be involved in the metaphysical field, or take classes in
esoteric teachings, to come along for this ride. We live within a benevolent universe, and
the benevolence pours forth from every being and species that assists the divine in this
ascension for Gaia. One merely has to intend, from the purity of their heart, to explore
ascension and the accelerating path. There is an excitement within that has never been felt,
there are whispers from the soul that urge me to writings like this, and there is the honest
desire for life to flow with harmony and peace. The notion of ascension is not held for the
elite or special few. Simply following ones joy and excitement, and striving for blissful
connection with Gaia and nature, will be the ticket for the ride of a lifetime.
Ascension resides within intent for peace and unconditional love, for it is the
essence of the spirit realm and higher-vibrating existence. In the realm of Creation, we are
all infinite beings, and we understand in our highest states of awareness that it is not the
destination that we strive for, but the experience along the way. Souls crave experience
and evolution, and this is why there will always be infinite opportunities to rise above
where you were a moment ago. There will be infinite ways for all beings to evolve
regardless of race, religion, class, or statureand it is up to us to act. Whether most are
aware of their divine potential or not, Creation is benevolent and unconditional, and there
will always be the potential for evolutionary experience. The question remains: Are you
tapped in to experience it?

Education Systems

We have the exciting challenge in these times of change and transformation to
create new systems within our socioeconomic structures that will change how we teach
our children by integrating the holistic aspect about who they are just as the mystery
schools had done centuries ago. If we create new inspiring systems, with greater
understandings about universal laws, we will then see a whole new generation tap into
unlimited potential eons earlier than we ever could have. The unfolding of Gaias new
glow turns ever brighter the more we create and integrate the basic laws of Creation and
universal design, for it is found within the cellular structure that runs deep within our
As a society, weve been somewhat narrow in our approach to teaching the
universal laws and the nurturance of our childrens energetic potentiality. We have much
to learn and explore in this arena before we reach the level that other, more advanced
planets in our universe have achieved. As contact becomes more prominent, we will be

given samples of other planetary systems and how their societies function under
completely unheard of synchronicity. We will learn how to structure new socioeconomic
systems that can change the face of our planet so that the school systems vibrate and
operate with very different beliefs about human potential. Open learning and dialogue
about the multidimensional aspects of who we are, the intimate learning about the innate
aspect and unlimited energetic connection we have with everything in Creation, will be the
new norm in our futuristic schools. Even when it comes to medical training, a
profession thats designed to heal and unite the traditional practice with modern
application, a discussion on soul and spirit will no longer be avoided. It will be
celebrated, honored, and treated as an integral part of the curriculum for expanded
What if we were all taught to follow our joy? What level of illness and
desperation would our society show if we all knew, from the moment we were born, that
the communication we create with our cells can heal any ailment we may attract? What if
we knew our cellular patterning was linked to Source? What if we knew at every step in
our young adulthood that every path was worthy and each path had a lesson to be reaped?
To step into alignment with our passion and desire requires first that we have the potential
and the knowingness that it is possible.
What if we allowed children to freely explore their feelings and intuitive abilities,
encouraging them to play with the potential of the infinite within their daily life? What if
we taught them the magnitude of powers in their thought patterns, beliefs, and intent?
What if children were taught about their energetic essence and their infinite potential as
an aspect of All That Is, along with their connection to the universe itself? What if we
could always move forward in positive, respectful, and open discussions about the truth of
who we are as a species and the potential of future New Earth? The possibilities to these
questions are the pathway we pave to what awakening truly requires of us, and they
inspire us to allow for greater freedom and wisdom, which awaits every human. Allow
yourself to dream, and think about the potential of what humanity has the power to create.
In times fast approaching, dear lighted ones, most of our social systems will have
no choice, but to change and modify to match the raising vibration of the people they
serve. I believe that our children will outgrow these outdated systems and quite naturally
create more innovative and creative environments that stimulate their advanced genetics
and capabilities. As a mother of three young children, I cannot tell you the number of
times my children have come home complaining about the boredom they experience in the
old, outdated learning paradigms. If we truly desire to nurture their potential and
enjoyment into brilliance and happiness, we need to stimulate them on a whole new level.
There will be overwhelming success with a few test sites, and then the eyes of society will
begin to take notice of the benefits of these new, creative, and higher-learning
establishments that truly answer the questions that have plagued our failing social and
economic systems. We are a changing and evolving species, and we must allow for greater
flexibility and creative play as we ascend into higher vibrations.
In the unfolding of our evolution, we can teach our children about the
multidimensional aspects of this gloriously rich universe, and the multidimensional
aspects of who they are in relation to this universe, along with honest and exciting

dialogue about their innate abilities. Children will learn at a young age to energetically
listen to the calls of their soul, hone their intuitive and psychic senses, and learn how to
send love and light from the heart level before they enter middle school. Just think of the
confidence and centeredness that we can stir within our collective if we first start with the

The Experiential Mirror

We have the ability within to look at how we operate within our daily life and
alter it forever. Every experience, situation, and cue that drifts into our consciousness has
the potential to serve us in new light. Embrace the entanglement that we now know resides
within our experience. Look at the deepest levels and reignite the innate and the divine, for
it is within us to experience and know we are entangled and enmeshed with it all. We
would not be given the ability to create or experience something if it were not possible to
achieve it, so if you have a thought, inspiration, or creative musing, and you are excited to
act upon it, then act. Everything you experience is an offering from the universe to know
more deeply who you are and all that you reside within, in a more expanded state. The
universe and the divine are not superfluous. In each experience, there are lessons for us to
expand. Every moment shows us at what level we resonate at, and this experiential mirror
is our most profound tool in assisting us to determine what frequency we are resonating at;
if we desire to experience a new potential, we can shift and alter from within to experience
the effects of our new alignment. We are always being given a reflection that honors our
most profound beliefs, knowingness, and states of being for the purpose of finding a new
station and setting the dial for greater potential.
I coach this concept in the simplest of ways, and even children can grasp the
shifting concept. Like the cog in the wheel that clicks up to a new ring, so too can we
adjust the vibration for our highest and best. We can shift and create new beliefs that
propel the energetic process in any way we desire, and our level of consciousness or
awareness is our greatest tool to achieve ever-heightened core frequency states.
Our consciousness is the tool to experience magnificence, and all masters were
proficient in the energetic workings of all aspects between the human element and the
planetary, cosmic, and universal element in the process of creation manifestation. Every
experience, without exception, is an opportunity and a powerful tool to reflect upon who
we are, what frequency we desire to set our dial at, and how incredibly entangled we are
within all that exists. What a profound evolutionary universal process!
We are given all we need to create and redesign unwavering, loving, and powerful
beliefs for ourselves that reflect our divine aspect. This experience will be sent through the
energetic webs throughout Creation and be felt by Source the moment you create it. Love
is instantaneous. As you imprint, imbue, and live with love in all that you do, you alter,
shift, and create waves of change throughout the whole of All That Is. This is how
powerful we are as divine essences within Creation. Our reality will always show us
where we are resonating, and it is our role to alter and shift to experience what we truly

desire. Be the vibration of what you desire to experience. You are the catalyst of love and
lightyou are the source of all you seekand like a pulsar ripples through Creation, you
have this affect upon the whole. Never underestimate the power of every single soul; a
single soul can affect the reality we experience. It takes, but one spark to ignite the fires of
change, and it starts within us right now.

Our Multidimensional Calling

When I was a child, I had an inner knowingness or ability to sense the energies of
those around me. Though confusing most of the time, I sensed that I was different. I
know now that we are all innately born with intuitive and psychic abilities that make up
the multidimensional aspects of who we are. More often than not, children born into such
gifted sensitivities become numb to their gifts as they are conditioned by our physically
dense world. Our intuitive and psychic abilities are natural to most energetic species as
mechanisms for expansion and growth, and up until now, our survival in the denser
Living as a multidimensional being means that there is an understanding of who
and what we are expanding within, and how energetically entangled we are with all that
exists. To create a myriad of experiences that allows you to tap into any dimensional realm
or potential is about being the master of your energetic frequency. There is more to our
reality than what we see with our physical eyes. There is more to our physical makeup
than what we have been taught, told, and ever been accustomed to believing. For the most
part, we have believed that our abilities were as limited as we were told, and rare were the
ones who questioned or challenged these beliefs. We have more aspects to ourselves than
most care to know, with even fewer caring to admit it. This is another reason why
humanity has been stunted in growth for so very long. How are we ever to grow beyond
what we know unless we seek the potentials of what we are truly capable of?
The awakened ones are among the minority, the few, and it is a great honor to
walk this path and have it become a life path. The good news is, however, that in each day
there are a multitude of beings seeking the same answers and intuitive pulls that have
brought you to this very page. This accelerated time of awakening means that there have
been enough energy workers being sent to us from all over the galaxy for us to be affected
in a positive way, so that we feel the powerful shifts in these streams. As we begin to think
differently about who we are, triggered by the unconditional love and energy patterning
gifted to us, we begin to sense things that we have never experienced before. We begin to
seek the answers to the synchronicities that connect us in every way to Source, Gaia, and
Creation. Our souls story is like a puzzle that unfolds in miraculous ways with evergreater speed and profundity, for we are consciously aligning to these newly discovered
potentials. Deep within, we sense that we are far more expanded and profound than we
ever thought possible, and we tap into how to discover this profundity that lies dormant
We can use our expanding awareness to sense our way through the subtle changes

in our lives as we shift and raise our vibration to higher core states of beliefs and thoughts.
We begin to create and manifest far more instantly than ever before, and our senses may
open enough for some to become channellers and scribes to assist in the dispensation of
higher-realm beings, information, and wisdom. We all have the ability to tap into the
abilities we carry in other parallel realities and offer them in this reality. In the now, as we
go within, we create the ability to alter the awareness of the collective, for we are all
linked, connected, and feeding off of the energy we all emit. Like a cosmic electric ball of
light, what you emit is released and touches all that you are entangled with. That is why
we feel exhausted, tired, or low when we are with negative people, or those who operate
with dark and limiting beliefs. This is also seen when we are with very enlightened and
positive people, we feel happy and uplifted, and are able to sense how easily joy and love
can spread. Awareness, knowingness, and the action you take upon what excites and feels
right for you offers a positive vibration for others to feed off of. This is how we can create
change from the individual point of view and awareness, so that we allow our greater self
and our multidimensional potential to explore and touch the rest of Creation. It does this
naturally and fluidly as we allow our true authentic, multidimensional spirit self to be
revealed and honored.
A multidimensional being is one with access to an infinite storage house of
information, in a multitude of dimensional frequencies that can serve us at any time we
choose. We are not only a physical body. We have greater aspects of ourselves that sense,
inspire, guide, and direct our lifes purpose. Our over-soul is the greater aspect, derived
from the over-soul of over-souls all the way to the All That Is. There are over-soul
families, or soul families that may work in this collective to orchestrate various themes for
the grander agenda for Source within All That Is. As we carry the same soul and higher
self for every incarnation, we can see how infinite and expansive the soul truly is and how
much greater expansive over-souls and over-soul families would be. All of this profound
design is primarily for the support and balancing for the particular souls growth,
blueprints, or evolutionary plan or life themes.
When we sense moments, flashes, or energetic connections with places, people,
and even careers, and we have no explainable current relationship with them, those are
moments when we are shifting into a resonance of familiarity of something at some level
we know in another frequency of experience (or lifetime). Everything opens to us as we
expand our awareness, for remember, awareness equals potential. We can experience Deja
vu about anythinga new lover, a career change, or a trip to an unexplored locationand
at some level in another lifetime, we are walking through the experience, but in a slight
variation of frequency. The more we are aware of this ability to toggle back and forth, and
sense and shift into resonance of these lifetimes, the greater potential we have to tap into
whatever life experience from whatever frequency that will serve us in the now. As our
focus is in this now moment, we can pull any lifetime experience to assist us in the now.
These are all tools, aspects, and facets of our ability to create for the benefit of
spiritual growth, remembrance, and reconnection with Creation and Source. All things
carry a core vibration, which can be sensed within the blanket of Creation. Regardless of
the infinite number of layers our multiverse has, or the infinite number of energetic beings
that exist, we all carry a unique core vibration. Kids, especially, sense these energies
without words being spoken. They are open and natural in their ability to sense the world

around them. I remember, as a kid, being labeled many times as too sensitive because Id
react to those around me in ways that others couldnt understand. I had intuitive
knowingness of others thoughts without anything being said, and I could sense the
outcome or potential of situations before they occurred. All of these abilities are encoded
into who we are, and some are more attuned to universal energy than others.
I could tune in to someone and sense a great deal about them and then see them
act completely differently on the outside. That was very confusing as a child, so I spent a
lot of time in my own headcreative time by myself, often writing stories and journaling
in my closetto release the profound energy swimming within me. Luckily again, my
parents always inspired my creative talent, and it was a portal to which these intense
energetic abilities could be channeled. Wherever I could find solace and peace within my
own thoughts was the place I found most enjoyable. Many children now explore their
intuitive abilities, as many are awakening in the higher-conscious states, such as dreams or
meditations. Open dialogue about dreams can encourage our children to continue their
authentic offering to Creation.
It wasnt until I was in my late thirties that I knew I had more than a lucky
guessing sense. I didnt feel confident talking to anyone about it because I barely knew
what was going on. This amazing and ever-shifting inner knowingness allowed me to
know things on a global level. I remember many mornings waking up with visions of
other realities, otherworldly beings, and experiences that seemed so real that they would
imprint within my consciousness in a different way than other dreams would. Sometimes
these visions and dreams were precognitive, and I would later hear about global or
community events that would unfold as my visions had only days before. Many empaths
and psychic intuitives feel stifled because of the lack of freedom and understanding most
carry about energy and the world of the unseen. This infinite world experience and the
potentials that we can sense, the potential we know that exists is sometimes too far off
for most to think of being plausible.
Sharing these experiences, sensings, and miracles can be even more frightening
when the masses appear to be stuck within the fog of density and illusion. Social
conditioning can leave some people feeling left out or too different, so that we quickly
learn to be silent rather than share what we experience. I know that all beings hold the
same skills, abilities, and attributes, but the experience of this profound journey is that we
each live our own path, in our own divine timing, and awaken, or remember the divine
innate intelligence that resides within awaiting recognition. At the core of humanity, there
is a resonance that knows awakening is altering the reality we experience, and with every
day, more and more people will consciously become aware of it some way. This is the
process of awakening. When the potentials and energetic streams are sent at the global
level to such a degree that it filters to the people, allowing those who are ready the
opportunity to wake up.
The preconditions to fit in within the reality swimming around us can become
too toxic to those who truly desire to soar. We have seen, since the beginning of our time,
that it is easier to follow the masses than step out and rise above. Moving through life in
fear or shame about who we truly are does not allow energy to flow and blocks the ability
to unleash ones true authentic self from soaring. Fear of being left out, being cast aside,

or feeling the sting of societal judgments, misconceptions, and misunderstandings of what

we know to be true within, can simply be too much to bear at times. Coming out and the
desire to fit in with an unaware society can be so overwhelming that many of us resort
to devastating consequences. I know and have felt the disparity of feeling alone,
misunderstood, and judged. Luckily my spiritual team has benevolently and without
hesitation steered me onto my path, and many teachers have inspired me to own who I am
and share what I am passionate about.
Finding your own voice is the start to creating and unleashing your authentic glow
to the universe. I now know that when the shift hits the fan, theres nothing you can do to
stop the excitement of greater awareness, or the magical experiences that unfold when you
come face to face with the profundity within. When spirit wants its voice to be heard, it
will stop at nothing until we wake up and take notice. Once you open up to know
something that seems so unattainable, so unseen, it puts everything else in perspective in
such profound ways, and there really is no going back. It is much like an infinite domino
effect, and awakening can be this way. Once you sense the spirit essence within, and have
sensed and experienced the touch of the divine, you are forever changed; there is no going
back to what you were a moment ago. This is how profound remembering your divinity
can truly be, and it is the path that lies ahead of you now.
There are many psychically gifted people who simply do not desire to put any
effort or awareness into their natural and innate skills, and that is okay. Every person
awakens in their own unique timing. At some point, we all know the path of awakening
will stir us into action, as it is a natural aspect of evolution. The question is, how and when
will it play out for you? Whatever the rate of awakening is, it will be perfectly timed based
on your soul blueprint and themes you desired to explore and fulfill. We all know, at our
highest level of consciousness, this amazing invisible world of universal energy offers the
potential to manifest something from nothing and alter the path we walk forever. The soul
craves and desires evolution and growth, and it is only our limiting beliefs and
conditioning that hold us in an unchanged, stagnant state of being. This is how perfect and
profound this energetic experience is. Everything in Creation occurs in divine timing, so
trust the intuitive clues you are given and act on what excites you. There is no rush or
worry, because we have all designed the signposts to occur in the timing that will serve us
best. We are living together on this planet to balance one another as a collective one, and
together we will raise the planetary vibrations as we respect and allow all to align in their
own perfect timing.
Those of us who are more passionate about the awakening movementwho have
the insatiable desire to know more, seek more, feel more, and stretch our imaginations to
see that glimpse of what may beare so overwhelmed that we are propelled quite
naturally to expand in every moment. We cast out powerful streams of energy that touch
others around us, and to the farthest corners of existence for the matching vibration of our
call to be answered. The universe will always respond to the purity of our intent, and as
the energetic calls for expansion are heard and felt everywhere, the symphony of Creation
rings the tune of evolution.
If you are newly awakened, if you have chosen to seek higher-vibrational
thoughts, ideals, and beliefs that create joy and happiness within, you will, in your

remembering, synchronistically find what may unfold before you, simply because you
have taken that step to activate this amazing path of quantum energy. It truly is a
magnificent journey to surrender all that you thought you knew and create new, powerful
beliefs and definitions that can serve you in every aspect of your life. You will find great
freedom and release into this fluidity of existence. You will be led where you need to be,
you will meet who you need to meet, and you will be given the information when it will
serve you best. It is all perfectly designed for you, and by you, in this way. As you shift in
frequency, your light quotient will attract to you what you need in perfect timing and in all
ways! When the shift of ascension stirs every cell within, there will not be one aspect
that will be untouched, and as repetitive as it may sound, you are this profound and we are
all one in this way.
When I was younger, I felt as though I seemed to think about things that others
my age did not. I would find joy in analyzing the bugs and grasses that Id place in an old
fish tank we had. I would study the grasses, not in the way of having an affinity to any
particular aspect of our gorgeous Gaia, but simply to study the perfection of her creations.
How utterly precise I found the color patterns of all life; whether in butterflies, wildlife,
insects, or flowers; everything had a purpose and role to play within life around us. I
wondered why things were the way they were, and I remembered the link of events that
would occur from one occurrence. I was in constant awe and delight with what I could
observe and how each day it seemed to change. I thought many times there must be a
grander plan and agenda to what appears to be so random yet perfect in its design. Deeper
thoughts and projections about life on other planets would play in my mind as I would
drift into the endless potential that my mind and imagination could take me.
I recognized quite early on that I felt as though I was different from others around
me. As a child, the natural thing to do was to establish where you fit by comparing
yourself to those you were surrounded by. I seemed to preoccupy myself with awareness
in any aspect of life around me. I was not only aware of how others around me felt, but
also able to tune in to the energy of animals and nature and could sense when something
could happen. Many old souls feel very similar things, and the level of awareness you
carry is often an indication of a myriad of lifetimes you have walked upon Gaia, to bring
to the profundity of now as you remember your infinite potential within the immensity of
I have learned to take all those experiences that seemed unorthodox at the time
and create the propelling energy that has allowed me peace in my heart for being an aspect
of all that I am to this day. For all experiences, regardless of how challenging, were
predesigned to some degree to allow me the greatest opportunity for expansion so that I
may light the path even in this small way, for others to liken and understand the
experiences to their own. The experiences in every moment are the most valuable and
contain so much information that most dont notice. Each moment allows us to mirror the
expansiveness of our consciousness and how far we are able to tap into the infinite.
If we truly slow down for long enough to commune with all that flutters around
us, we open ourselves to the infinite expanse of Creation with fresh new eyes. We have
incarnated to experience the joys of moving from one level to another, and as we do, a
new realm of potential and possibilities is offered to us. Whatever adventure and

opportunity arises is best suited at that time, and what we can act upon to expand in the
richest way possible. Our soul is delighted when we challenge our senses and offer new
concepts and ideas to what we thought we knew. We can use our experiences in this now
moment to expand further on the next part of our journey to unfold. Embrace your true
authenticity and take the time to nurture those moments of deep acknowledgement and
engagement of nature around you, for it is just another extension and energetic aspect of
Creation and you.
As awakening truly moves across the planet, it is now okay to deviate outside
what is considered normal and to create something that suits you in every way. We have
all experienced situations where we have felt cast aside or different, and we have all had
the innate feelings of abandonment in some way, so its no wonder there are many of us
now coming to the forefront after being in the closet so long. The freedom and peace
that authenticity offers are addictive, and once you unleash your inner spirit, there is no
turning back. Acknowledging and embracing our multidimensional aspects and potential
is why our soul activates us into awakening. We can let go of social fears, stigmas, and
perceptions and embrace who we are unfolding to be, for these minor shifts in belief
systems will be enough to create profound change in the reality you experience.

Moving Fluidly Through Change

Create the strength and centeredness you will need by intending, in every
moment, to see, experience, and create in honor of the light that you carry. Honoring the
light within is really allowing yourself to expand to see, feel, and hear everything with a
loving and benevolent state of being. Allowance requires trust, and if you trust all that you
are, all that you create at every stage, and create the trust that is required in your team and
the path you carefully designed, then you will automatically move through any life change
with fluidity. Trust is one of the key aspects of this experiential design. Once limitation is
released, we tap into the unconditional love and trust to move along our path with
excitement, anticipation, and knowingness that all will serve us in the highest way
Trusting what we create will allow the platform for greater expression of our true
natural self thus allowing divine love to flow forth from us and to us. Every experience
can mirror to us the mechanics of the ascension process, for it is simplistic in its design.
Live through your heart and express love in all ways that you can. Ask yourself in each
interaction, Am I expressing love in this situation, or am I holding it behind the bars and
walls of fear and denial? I learned this useful tool from the ninth-dimensional Pleiadian
collective and Wendy Kennedy in a private session as I was moving through the myriad
profound multidimensional explorations that were unfolding in my everyday life. In the
myriad of lifetimes our great and profound struggles with immense loneliness have to be
healed, and even if we are not aware of it, or carry any reason to take on these behaviors in
this lifetime, our soul remembers from other parallel lives where the bruises and wounds
occurred. As you open to your multidimensional oneness, these Akashic memories or

impressions will seep into your current reality to bring you the opportunity for greater
I gain understanding and confidence as I move through the vast change and
energetic shifts that comes with intentional living and ascension path work. I discovered
very early on that I have suppressed love in response to other lifetimes, even in this
lifetime, to barricade myself from the horrors that still reside within my auric field from
other lives. This is why our preconditions are much deeper and more challenging to clear,
because the fear of being cast out, ostracized, and even crucified from other lifetimes cuts
a very deep wound and resides within the soul body until it is healed with profound love
and light that we gain in the self-discovery process of ascension. We subconsciously use
various behavioral blocks to suppress us from feeling any one emotion, and for those who
are highly psychic, empathic, or prophetic, these deep emotional soul scars can conjure
many lifetimes of pain, fear, and even memories of death as we stepped out to offer our
authentic self to others.

Lessons from the Celestials

Using powerful skills to intend your life in every way and at every experience can
heal the bruises from other lifetimes and allow greater freedom for all that you are.
Express loveregardless of what pain, ills, and hate are thrown your wayfor love
changes everything. I have learned so many powerful lessons and gained insight beyond
my imagining, and all is unconditionally gifted from those assigned to us in loving
commitment to allow us the greatest possibility to fulfill our souls plan.
The Pleiadians and their many light ships that hover and park above my
neighborhood every night and every morning are constant with their loving gifts of
guidance and energetic work. As I moved through this most profound ascension and
awakening, there were many multidimensional experiences that were unexplainable and to
some, even unfathomable. To gain insight and validation of my experiences, and to allow
my confidence to unfold in my own conclusions and findings, I found that Wendy and the
Ps were instrumental in guiding me through this process. There were many phone calls of
intense multidimensional conversations of validation of how my path was progressing and
opening up due to my awakening and ascension process. I was able to work through many
trust and allowance issues so that my navigational process through this incredible
accelerating path did not seem so challenging or difficult to understand. The Pleiadians
really are humanitys seeded ancestors, and their love and care for awakening is
unparalleled. I am utterly grateful beyond earthly words for the honor, value, love and
infinite potential that I have discovered as I moved through these profound experiences.
The lessons from my celestial team are key to the portal that prepares me for open
conscious contact. I have gained confidence and insight regarding what existed within all
along, and as the portal to the infinite opens for further exploration, I finally feel like I fit.
Utter gratitude to Wendy and the Pleiadians and the myriad of beings with me on this
profound journey; your unconditional love and support are truly heartfelt and honored.

Moving fluidly through change will be directly related to the level of faith, trust,
and allowance you have for yourself and the skills you were gifted with. Trust opens the
door to live life with honor of oneself and ones unique expressions, and to live with love
and heartfelt intention. Change is required so that we may be honest enough to fix the
imbalances and socioeconomic challenges we are currently facing. Allow change to be the
constant and set your dial for your highest good, and that will be exactly what will unfold.
Remember, it is how you define your daily life as it unfolds that will dictate the vibration
in your very next moment, so be profound in setting and aligning your definitions, as this
sets the stage for what unfolds next.
In this time of great change, it is important that we bring higher awareness to who
we are as an energetic species. It is important we understand that we affect our
environment and all we think, do, and be directly affects the whole. Remain within your
center, and you will obtain greater knowingness for what feels right for you. This is
aligning yourself to your highest vibration as you better link with your higher self, Gaia,
and Creation; their unconditional offerings are always available. These alignments and
recognitions give you insight to the intimate knowledge that you hold within the stillness,
reflection, and self-discovery that ascension path work offers.
Take time for quiet, solitary, and meditative alignment or reflection each day. I
cannot express the level of excitement and peace I can achieve through reflection,
meditation, dream time, and higher-consciousness states. It really is a paramount aspect to
allow the entanglement in which we float to be revealed. It is the difference between
feeling centered and feeling carried away with the tides of chaos, and meditation allows
you this power of stability in such drastically changing times. As we move into more of
our energetic selves, we become aware of the greater aspects of who we are, and what
those other aspects require from us to remain in a state of homeostasis. Our higher self,
our soul, our spirit self requires that alignment so that all states and aspects have their full
ability and potential to shine. Like the rays of light piercing through a prism, or the
spectrum of a rainbow, or a beautiful kaleidoscope, all contain their own specific design
and colorful attributes that adds to the overall richness of the whole. We are tapping into
the many beautiful hues that humanity really is and it starts with embracing our true
authentic self.
The colorful aspects of our identity are very unique. If we create time each day to
listen and actively align to our higher-consciousness states, we remember not only our
uniqueness, but also how to reengage and reconnect with our spirit essence and oneness
with Source. Honing our energetic or innate abilities and/or senses for optimal resonance
and service to our souls growth is the gift that is immeasurable. If we do not allow our
authentic self, our spirit essence, to shine, we begin to feel imbalanced, stifled, uncertain,
and compressed with energy that is not being allowed to surface and flow in a natural and
divine way. We may even feel carried away with the chaos that constantly swirls around
us, because we lack the grounding and centeredness of who we truly are within the whole.
Spiritual practice brings greater self-clarity and thus allows you to let go of all doubt and
fear, which in turn unfolds a greater view on what truly is.
The more practice one takes in honing these innate abilities, the greater level of
trust is gained and the greater potential that is created. Potential is the portal to what we

desire to experience. As we expand, potential offers us intrigue in unexplainable spiritual

godly exploration. Remember, the level of expansion that we allow our consciousness
and/or awareness to unfold into is directly related to what potential we are able to manifest
for ourselves. Consciousness is equal to potential. The grander our expansion within the
infinite consciousness, the grander potential we create.
I can remember feeling moments of familiarity with places or people, when really
I had not been there or met them before. Or I would be doing a mundane task, and I would
have a vision or impression of an alternate life in another time and place, and these otherlifetime memories would float within my consciousness to allow me the potential to
reflect upon the energetic lesson that it would offer. These moments open a window into
other timelines (although all realities exist simultaneously in this now moment), and I
am merely expanding my energetic bandwidth so that I am able to perceive or remain
open to the potential timelines that can assist me in this now moment. Any lifetime bleedthrough can occur with the sole purpose to guide us in the energetic lessons it can offer to
us in this current experiential focus. Remember, all timelines and incarnations occur right
now; we are simply allowing our vibration to align with another experience that we are
also entangled with, so that we see the mirror reflection of a new potential to expand
within this now moment. We usually do not connect with these timelines, unless there is
something for us to expand upon within the now. We will always be offered the energetic
gifts that can provide us with the greatest potential to integrate and expand. Always. This
is how profound you and the teams that support you in this reality experience are.
All beings have multidimensional aspects at some level. We are more than we see,
and truly have the potential to expand in infinite ways. The reason most people simply
dont remember their experiences with these time shifts and synchronicities is that most
have been conditioned into a state of slumber that blocks the intricacies and elegance of
universal energy from being realized. Life is not narrow, linear, or limited, but if we live in
a state of constant noise and busy distractions, we will be kept from experiencing the
heights to which our consciousness can travel. There are many transformations and
unlimited magic that we each have potential to create. It is a matter of honing and
practicing these expansions to experience endless magic and transformation.
We call some of these multidimensional experiencessuch as time shifting or
toggling in and out of parallel realitiesmere dj vu when, in fact, they go much
deeper. We have all felt the feeling of familiarity without having logical cause. There are
many recorded instances of people acquiring the ability to perform a skill without ever
being trained to do so. There are recorded accounts of people intuitively knowing how to
navigate a foreign land or town without ever setting foot in that locale. The synchronicities
about our illusion of time and space are endless, and yet we still manage to struggle, fight,
and deny that we are any greater than what we see in the mirror. I am here to tell you that
you are. You are far greater than you have ever imagined, and we are here to start with
intentional and creative consciousness to discover such profound potentials.
To gain access and ability to expand into other realities at will, it is key that we
live fully in this moment of NOW. All potentials, all opportunities, are offered now, and as
we imbue all of the now with who we are authentically, the ability to maneuver wherever
we desire can be given its freedom to unfold. This is truly how mastery unfolds, and it is

always an elegant dance of potential and knowingness of what already exists as we rise up
in frequency to experience it. There is great richness within each and every experience,
and all too often we let hours and even days go by without going within to explore the
infinite potential of this quantum life that we swim within. Practicing to resonate in this
now moment is a very powerful shift in the perception of whats possible and how this one
shift in your beliefs about time and space can take you to new levels of experience. For
remember, we cannot experience what we are not the vibration of.
Therefore, to experience this multiverse and the infinite aspects of our
multidimensional selves, we need to shed the beliefs and definitions we have about time,
space, and the extensive limitations we have about who we believe ourselves to be and
what we exist within. Our reality is much more flexible than we have ever been taught,
and as we expand, we will experience more time anomalies in the blink of an eye. As we
physically speed up, the acceleration within our cells will create a sense of timing that
coincides with the directives in our soul blueprint, and the blueprint for Gaia and Creation.
This is how entangled we are, and every blueprint offers its unique gifts to the overriding
benevolent system of Creation. This is how elegant and multidimensional we are to create
and manifest in this life experience and what awaits us is exactly what we desire to create
and imagine. This is the profundity of our creative abilities, and our ability to move with
the universal flow. Accept change as a constant benevolent act that supports your every
passion, dream, and life plan.

The Heart of the Matter

We are immensely complex and uniquely expansive energetic beings, changing
and evolving with each new thought. Its no accident that our heart is the powerful device
that allows us the ability to not only connect with others in our multiverse, but also open
to our own infinite power to commune with our divine essence. With every heartbeat, we
automatically send out ripples of energetic communication with our own unique signature
pattern of personal energetic pulses; vibratory messages that pierce with lightning speed
into the universal ethers. It has been recorded in various situations that those who have
received heart transplants have emulated and felt the characteristic or energetic memory of
the one who donated their organ. Science and medicine will soon confirm the speculation
that we are much more profound than the physical encasement that we have allowed
ourselves to be fixed to for centuries. We are multidimensional and multifaceted, and just
as our thoughts and beliefs are very real in their power to create and manifest, so too is the
innate energetic imprint that lies within every living being. The level of connection we
have with our whole aspect can be sent and initiated at the heart level and is the essence of
manifestation. The heart is the universal tool that links us to All That Is, and it is the
primary tool in conjunction with our ability to expand and ascend, for all experience is
You can practice using heart-centered techniques and other heart-projected
emotions for higher loving, healing, and more honest and intimate communication for all.

Visualize your heart energetically linking with the hearts of those you entangle with every
day, and you will see the results of this heart connection transform your situations and
events. Messages of loving and compassionate intent can have profound effects on the
entire world, which ripple through the universe and span the globe, even if we start within
the home. This is the concept behind distance healing and other telepathic
communications. Telepathy, distant healing, and even manifestation can propel into the
ethers with emotional integrity and the purity of intent that we hold at the heart level. If
we open every aspect of our lives and initiate intent through the heart, there is no limit to
what we are able to achieve and transform.
When we create our communication and manifestations from the heart level, we
are creating the alignment thats in the highest and best for the soul. The power we place
into an intent that resides at the heart level is profoundly more powerful than that of
wishful thinking or goal setting. As we amp up our own personal vibrations, we become
more attuned with other beings that resonate within the same or at least similar stations
as we do. This type of heart-based connection allows the intuitive energetic flow of
information to remain open and benevolent. Creating from our heart base is always
positive and loving and can create the most powerful intentions with light and healing
vibrations by centering our emotions, grounding the divine essence within, and sending it
out to the universe with profundity and purpose to be returned in synchronistic and
magical ways.

Celestial Communication

We can use these techniques to practice and hone these energetic activities for
expanding heart-to-heart communications not only with one another, but also with our
celestial family. The greater understanding we have about our multidimensional aspects,
the greater potential we can manifest to create future fifth-dimensional socioeconomic
systems and communication with our celestial neighbors. Preparing for contact is unique
and requires that we allow ourselves to open to the potentials that we have not allowed
ourselves to tap into before. Instead of following the same pattern of understanding that
we have for hundreds of years, in our belief about how to communicate with our celestial
family, we can rise up and tune in to how it is actually done. I can tell you right now, it
does not require spending billions of dollars on telecommunication machines and
technology. How many nations could have been fed with the money we spend on this
technology or war machines when the answers have always been within?
This is the changing paradigm that we are entering as more and more people
awaken. When we intentionally act from a loving and open heart, with unconditional
respect, in the highest interests of all, we merely need to ask from within, telepathically,
and the teams linked with you will respond in kind. That is it. There is no need for the
complexity and unnecessary technology. We have been communicating with the ethers and
celestial beings since the seeding of humanity took place. It has been done in alignment
with following our hearts desire for oneness, connectedness, and entanglement to expand

within the potential that we were created with. For all the years the scientific and
socioeconomic structures have shunned and ostracized the unseen, there will soon come
a time when all of humanity will operate in this way.
Heartfelt messages of love and healing can be sent into any situation before it
even occurs, and you can literally shift the outcome of it. Sending powerful and loving
intent from your heart can align you with any higher potential, and you will be assisted
and responded to in perfect timing. Communication from our celestial teams and family
come in a myriad of forms and can be done instantaneously. There is no boundary of time,
space, or technology, for higher-resonating beings have the ability to materialize, or
dematerialize instantly. The celestials merely show their craft for our benefit, as it is a tool
used to assist in our awakening and can slowly allow us to familiarize ourselves with the
concept of other life-forms within our cosmos, without going into mass panic as the
governments fear we will do.
Aligning with your heart center first energetically prepares the landscape for
anything you desire, for the heart is the divine link and common thread we all share. You
can relax in your meditations or reflection time and send out heartfelt intentions for
heightened communications with your team, and you can tune in to the vibration of
allowance and trust, and you will see magic unfold before you. How effective could this
be in the various political and economic arenas and bargaining tables that our society
relies upon, if we used heart-centered communication?
You can send messages for those you desire connection withfor instance, your
star family or higher aspects of yourself on other dimensionsand with every beat of your
heart, the energetic language received instantly creates loving resonance that will be
returned in some way. Remember, there is no time or space in higher-dimensional realms.
As love is felt, love is sentit is the most powerful vibration in the universe and will be
responded to in-kind. Heartfelt intent, or the purity of loving essence within, can be
created in simple ways and yet creates powerful emanations that ripple and reverberate
throughout the cosmic canvas. Never underestimate the power of heartfelt, compassionate
communication. It is the language that all cultures, all realms, and all species recognize
and understand, for the chemical and energetic transactions that occur with the purity of
love transcend all. Love will always align you with the divine streams of light and Source.


I am divine essence. I am alive and well within this magical universe and with the
purity of my heart I am creating a new reality with every breath. I am healthy, I am wise,
and I am abundant in every way. I express myself with loving unification to all beings
from the center of my heart, I emit pure divine love, and I know it will be returned to me
in-kind. I am blessed, I am infinite, I trust the path that I create, and I am a powerful
creator of mirrored divine essence. Together, as one, we connect with heartfelt light, and
with the highest love and respect for all species and beings, we unite. I AM THAT I AM.

Those attuned to this energetic knowingness will pick up on those powerful

vibrations in the universal web, and will seek out similar or matching vibrational states.
We then receive matching resonant connections that arise in a myriad of ways; a phone
call, a meeting with someone, an email from an outside source, an inspiration, and an
impression from your team can all have profound consequences to your soul path. You can
even sense heartfelt communications when you sense someone is in the room with you
when it appears to be empty. I will validate this for you now: the room is always full.
Humanitys greatest lesson in expansion and transcending limitation is to release the
mindset that we must see something to know it exists. We breathe air that we cannot see
and use electricity we cannot see within our homes. If we expand this to conscious beings,
we can then manifest wholeness and inclusivity within realms that are truly infinite. There
is life and consciousness in everything, and you are always surrounded, supported, and
Heightened awareness, new opportunities, and circumstances arise out of thin air,
and the manifestation of the impossible now floats to us as gifts from the divine, because
we have raised our core frequency to match that of unlimited potential. Unlimited
potential is a frequency, just as love is, or imbalance, or bliss. It is within us to act on the
simple joys and excitements that arise, and know that magical events that flow to us are
offered in our highest and best because we have set the dial to ecstasy, anticipation, and
profundity. Preparing for contact with higher-realm beings, including your higher self,
starts with the heart, and this process can be enhanced as we center our intent on
benevolence, greater awareness, and following the path that divinity designed with you in
your life-planning sessions. At the highest level of who you are, you knew your potential
and ability for awakening. Opening up for expansion in magical ways was one of the
primary things that inspired you to incarnate once again. When we combine heart-centered
intent with the powerfully positive emotion of our thoughts, there is truly nothing that we
cannot manifest or transform within this reality.

The Marriage and Understanding of Universal Unity

My role and passion now is to offer a place, a portal, a landing pad if you will, for
those who are passionately excited about seeking expanded information and direction on
the possibilities of our human potential, fifth-dimensional New Earth, how to prepare for
first contact, and what first landings will look like. I am passionate about delivering this
and many other creative works that tie in the expansive aspect of universal energy,
ascension, and how we are intimately involved in this planetary evolution. As a united
family, we will eventually achieve open contact with our celestial families. I have seen a
great gap between the understanding of spirituality and why first contact occurs. There are
seemingly two trains of thoughts in these areas: light ship or UFO sightings and ascension
and/or enlightenment work. Were not yet seeing a marriage of these excitements and
aspects of planetary and human evolution, which seem to be inherently entangled. You
cannot have one without the other, and both aspects are enmeshed within one another. We

are, as a human race, understanding in our awakening that the marriage of our human
body, with the divine spiritual body that we have all been gifted with, is key, and is crucial
if we desire to move beyond the limitation that has held in stagnancy for so long.
To create the essence of ascension is to understand that life and this experience are
so much grander than we ever thought. Not only will we open ourselves up to the magical
ways that universal energy works within existence itself, but we will tap into our infinite
potential to create, manifest, and design a more powerful and enlightening life. As we do
so, as we live with powerful intent and follow our passion, we open the energetic doorway
for others of like vibration within our universe to reach out and assist us on our path of
growing awareness. This is why were seeing a profound increase of experiences that
involve light ships, ETs, and UFOs. Every day, we are engaging with the cosmos and with
wonderment, expanded thought, and leading-edge discussions about human potential. We
offer a welcome mat to those who also desire connection and entanglement in a more
conscious and open manner.
As all things exist as one, we cannot look at only one aspect of Creation and
ignore all others. As we better understand our expanding states of potential, we also
understand the need for truthful, respectful dialogue about what contact entails. How will
we open ourselves to these potentials in our everyday lives? These are very exciting times
of change ahead for all of our socioeconomic systems, and as we extend our thinking
beyond what is, how are we ever able to know what could be? The potential to create
greater universal unity is within every thought, word, and deed that we imbue with love
and open-minded intent. Our desire for engagement at a much higher frequency, and a
much deeper and more intimate level, will ignite us and propel us into an ascended status.
Intimacy and entanglement stirs the soul to manifest experiences for us to awaken into our
infinite profundity and the myriad of celestials and high-order councils that hover in the
night sky, celebrate every step we make to create such potentials for humanity and
Creation. As we expand, we understand more each day the potential that has been
untapped for centuries, and once again we can look to the skies with fresh, loving eyes and
celebrate our place among the cosmos with our celestial family.
In our remembrances, as we awaken, we delight in the exploration and desire to
seek a greater blending of science and the unseen, for it is existence itself. We will see our
societal structures take more expansive approaches in aligning with peoples desire for
harmony, enlightened living, and coexisting in exciting and energetic ways without the
care or worry of what others say or do. We will expand into states of joy and bliss, and
gather in great numbers to inspire and empower a natural and more unified approach to all
that we touch. As we intend to experience and see only the good in everything, we create
the holographic reality that equally matches these powerful intentions. These are
vibrations of our new, fifth-dimensional Earth and the illuminated galactic human that we
co-create in these heightened behaviors. We will remember why we are here playing this
magnificent game, and finally unite as we build the infinite bridge to our glowing
universal home.

Gaia Heals ~ Expansion within her Essence

The spirit of Gaia is alive and well. She is home to many light-workers and
elementals that reside within the trees, the grasses, the mountains, and the water. As you
awaken to the potential within, you will sense greater multidimensional energies around
you without being in a meditative state. This is a natural progression in the process of
energetic expansion, for remember, the room is always full, and just because our physical
eyes have not yet acclimatized to the vibrational patterns, this does not mean that highly
intelligent conscious beings are not here with you. Every physical element that Gaia
produces, whether within the animal or insect kingdom, cetacean or plant life, has
consciousness at some level. There is energy and life in all things, and as we expand our
consciousness, we will begin to tap into other states of consciousness all around us.
Nature is a perfect tool and gift that can allow us to practice honing our innate
abilities. Nature walks in the forest, or along beaches, or in gardens, can all inspire greater
communication and communion, not only with your higher self and spirit guides, but also
with our loving Gaia. Allow yourself to slip into nature and pay attention to what you
sense, what you hear, what you see. As you do this over time, you will experience your
abilities to hone in on the more subtle forms of life that have always been among us.
Historically, we have disconnected from all things that are energetic and of natural design,
and Gaia has been the one presence and gift from Creation that we have dishonored and
disrespected in horrific ways. Nature is and always has been the energetic environment
that sustains us. Gaia supports us, nurtures us, and nourishes every aspect of life we exist
within. She has the potential and offering to bring us in alignment with the universal web
of Creation, and yet we allow these offerings to pass us by. Awakening brings us the
alignment and awareness of such profound gifts that have laid within paths we walk, and
the food we eat every day. Nature is teaming with life at every level, and we are here to
reengage and entangle ourselves within these healing offerings once again.

Gaia Entanglement Exercise

I use a wonderful visualization in my daily meditations, so feel free to use this and
tap into the nature energy to propel and inspire you. After my grounding and centering, I
visualize the spirit essence of who I am. This could look like anything to you, so be
creative. A golden white spiraling ball of iridescent lights, swirling and linking
energetically with the trees, the grass, and the air we breathe. Visualize the textures of
everything you can conjure that Gaia creates for our delight. Feel, see, smell, the various
textures of your scene: the bark, the colors of the needles, the wind, the scent of the
flowers, and the crisp flowing water in the stream. Feel the branches as they tickle and
enmesh with your spirit essence as your core vibration rises in frequency with Source.
Visualize your glowing essence merging with the air elementals, the soil and nature
elementals, and their gifts honoring you in this entanglement as you dance as one.

Visualize your spirit essence, a beam of glowing light being filled with Gods
love, powerful and profound as it merges and entangles with you and the nature essence
you have danced with. Imagine it spiraling, swirling, and igniting the divine within to play
and expand with every breath. Soak in the unconditional love and support that you are
offered in these energetic entanglements and allow your divine essence to be enmeshed
with all nature consciousness that supports your life in this reality experience. Visualize
your essence being grounded into Gaia and healed instantly within her essence, breathe
this in, and feel the energy of this brilliant experience being grounded and sent into the
soils of Gaia. You are one with Gaia and all that supports her, and all that she supports.
This powerful nature visualization can heighten your connection and link with all of
nature. As I stated earlier, our link and connection with Gaia has been a profound missing
link in our ability to expand and ascend, because we have believed that she is separate
from us, and now we can consciously choose to reignite the desire to unite with all that
Gaia is and all that she offers to humanity. We are entangled with and will evolve within
all that she is and offers. Play, dance, engage, and breathe in the light, the offerings, and
the gifts that Gaia and all nature has to offer, for we are an aspect of it.
The path of energetic expansion can be accomplished with so much play and
creativity, and it is specific to each person. Remember, you do not necessarily need to
visualize or literally go and dance within nature and her gifts, but what is required is that
we engage, honor, and appreciate her once again with heartfelt love and intention. You
have the potential and ability to create any visualization for yourself with profound
symbolism and emotion that is geared toward and synchronized specifically to you. You
can ask your team for guidance in this way to assist in aligning you with your highest and
best path and it will be given. All of these playful interactions create potent and lasting
energetic healing that can further strengthen and align your link with Gaia, Creation, your
higher self, and your celestial team.
Trees offer many wonderful and profound healing potentials, as do all nature
beings and species. As you open and align your energetic field, you will find yourself
attracting a variety of nature animals, animal spirit totems, elementals, and other forms of
our multidimensional beings into your reality. Allow yourself creative playtime with the
many energetic aspects that reside upon Earth, and as you do, incredible healing energy
will be created. What most fail to realize is that if we act as one with nature and all that
Gaia offers, we bring ourselves as a collective and planetary species back in balance
within our galaxy.
Just know, dear lighted ones, awakening allows us to tap into the divine, our
Source essence, and Gaia in an enlightened and expanded way so that we value and
respect the whole aspect that we are entangled with. We have been missing these
integral links within our understanding for centuries, and this is why there is profound
imbalance and devastation. Our collective level of awareness is reflective of the health of
our planet. If there is profound imbalance or a lack of awareness, care, or value placed
upon all life-forms within this reality, the auspices of higher order will step in. We have
been given many opportunities to alter our behavior and we are in the final stages of
proving our collective maturity to define what reality we truly desire to experience.
The more we commune and entangle with all natureall animal species, the

elementals, cetaceans and so onthe more we expand within the potentials that humanity
has for greater expansion and learning. All life, all levels of consciousness, and all wildlife
and beings are valued and honored within Creation. We are entangled with every aspect
within our reality; what we have failed to imbue is that what ails our planet, ails the soul
of who we are. We are linked and entangled. If we then live in respect and honor of life
upon Gaia, and know our place within it All, we can extend our understanding to life
beyond our atmosphere. The question you could ask yourself in these self-reflective
moments is, Would I approach a planetary species if they disregarded their planet and life
upon it the way in which humanity has?

Chapter III
Awakening Triggers and Humanities Tools for Expansion

Our Tools and Why We Are Here

All of the tools in creation that we have been blessed with are tools for us to honor
and use. We have been gifted with free will, creativity, imagination, physical bodies, the
divine encoded innate, and the infinite consciousness that has been working at a fraction
of what it is capable of for centuries. There is no app, operating system, or tablet that can
come close to what we can create with the infinitely profound tool that is our
consciousness, and we have been seeded with it to expand and evolve upon who we are at
any given moment.
We are profoundly immense in our ability to create. We were gifted with tools that
allow us to align with the multidimensional reality in which we exist within. We own
physical tools, energetic tools, innate tools and all are Divinely encoded to support and
honor each other in this incredible process we call life, and the environment which
supports it. As we begin to better understand these tools and create the entanglement that
we were designed to experience, we begin to unleash the potentials that humanity truly
has. We begin to sense energy, or receive a celestial message, or create eco-friendly
systems that sustain and serve our planet, or even create the landing pad for first contact
with highly evolved beings and celestial family members. Just know, dear lighted ones,
regardless of what you may be told in the newspapers or see on TV, we are not seeing an
increase in light ships, or UFOs for reasons of conspiracy or planetary take-over. If that
was the case, then it would have occurred centuries ago.
Our celestial family and friends have our highest and best interest at heart always,
and this is why they have remained at arms length for so long. Our limiting beliefs and
ideas about their presence have instilled a level of fear that creates chaos and negative
notions about our connection with them. As we awaken, our understanding about them
and our entanglement with them will allow us to see reality and our potential with
heightened perspective. We are remembering our ET visitations for the purpose of
expanding who we are and what we believe to be true so that we can ascend in the most
loving and positive way possible.
We are experiencing a shift in our reality because Gaia has been activated within
her ascension plan, or agenda, and she is moving into a new vibrational home within the
cosmos. All within perfect timing. The encoding for us to awaken and remember with her
is the calling that many are being triggered to act upon. Our divine brilliance and potential
are cuing us in to action. It is an offering from Source for those who may be ready,
curious, or already there to step up in frequency to experience the potential that has never
occurred before in this way. This vibrational state may one day allow us to exist without
war, genocide, or the multitude of other abolitions that we have created for ourselves

because we have denied the potential of what already exists within.

We have all chosen from the highest levels to answer the call of the universe for
Gaias ascension, and many of us are not only lending our knowledge and passion at this
earthly level, but are also entangled in the higher realms and star systems, aiding in
whatever way we can to fulfill the divine agenda for Gaia and humanity. There are an
infinite number of beings on standby to lend their wisdom, expertise, and love to each
person who chooses to tap into the energetic waves of ascension. There are beings
surrounding every aspect of our life here to assist, guide, prepare, and cue all the gifts of
awakening and expansion, in a way that will inspire and spur us into action. The desire for
true change must also follow action, for potential cannot unfold unless we take action to
create the energetic catalyst to move it toward us.
Writing about conspiracies, fighting the fight, or spinning the wheels of abuse will
only do what it is intended to do: continue the energy vibration from which it was sent.
That does not mean do not act; it means that it is time to walk and breathe with
discernment, reevaluating where you expend the creation energy and focus. It has never
been more important than it will be in the next few years to fine-tune everything, and that
means establishing what causes you to place your energy where you do. Instead of
fighting the fight, create a propelling sense of light with light. Create the path of power
and accelerate the light in the most loving way possible. This is the light and energetic
help that Gaia and humanity need to complete this fifth-dimensional frequency shift. In all
that you do, align with the part of you who is already a fifth-dimensional illuminated
galactic human with higher knowing, entanglement, and insight to propel light.
I am awakened every day by the beauty that Gaia provides, and even as she
supports our very existence, grows and nurtures our food, and quenches our thirst, we
have paid little notice to the gifts she has offered. Any parent knows that the miracle of
life is truly something that boggles the mind. Lets take the concept of the conception of a
human life and expand it out to the manifestation brilliance that exists in the creation of
planets and universes.
What if there was a central source residing in every universe, and that was the
God Source, or divine order, of all things existing within its realm? All consciousness of
all God Sources interplay, coexist, and entangle with one another in the multidimensional
omniverse to allow the free play with the infinite and all life-forms within every universe
that the God Sources act within. Within every universe, Source would navigate and place
agendas for those planets and systems within its auspices that require rebalancing, or new
life, or help in any way. There is grand life in all things, at every level, and in all
frequencies, and we are gifted beyond imagining to be enmeshed within it all. Many
beings and councils are then sent forth to assist, help, create, and guide others to awaken,
teach, and anchor universal wisdom, God Source wisdom, and knowledge about our true
potential within existence and the love of Creation. There are truly divine gifts from
Source that are handed down through the various levels of light and intelligence so that the
lower-vibrational planets and consciousness have the opportunity to tap into what is
already around and within us. Because the veil of illusion has been steeped in such dense
limitation and fear, many are unwilling and unaware of such brilliance, and they therefore
act in utter disrespect and disregard for the life that the rest of Creation honors deeply.

There is great elegance and design to all that resides within Creation, and the state
of one planet affects the whole. There is this divine design so that energetic correction,
realignment, renewal and rebirth can be fed into Creation. As we heal, Gaia heals; as we
expand, Gaia expands; and as we transcend, Gaia transcendsfor we are one in this way.
Divine planning, orchestration, and precision of all that we are entangled within can allow
for the immense plan of what Gaia is moving through now. Our role is to wake up and tap
into the spirit essence of who we are and enmesh it with Gaia for the universal
entanglement and union that has been long awaited and greatly needed. Gaia was created
and nurtured for millions of years so that she would be able to offer the life and gifts that
she does to humanity. How profound is she, to honor us in this way?

Universal Teams

There are a myriad of beings that have specific roles in the divine planning,
enhancing, and creation of life within every universe. All of these teams are driven by and
in service to the light and love for the All. Many of these benevolent systems of beings
offer their skill, frequency, and light to the service and expansion of the word of Source
essence. Groups, committees, and councils traverse the cosmos and design plans, agendas,
and mappings for life within galaxies, and all under the watchful and loving eye of Source.
This profoundly powerful link is never broken, and the reverence is always adhered to
because they know with every ounce of their being-ness, that this spirit essence of
Creation lies within us all.
Respect, honor, reverence, and excitement are the elements we have forgotten to
sew into our daily lives in the knowingness that we are entangled with all of this and that
it is within us with every breath we take. Balance within Creation is key, and the more
distant any civilization becomes in the name of technology, money, or any other material
asset, the more plans are set forth to bring universal flow back into balance once again.
Create for yourself a few moments every day to remember the brilliance and divine
orchestration that brought you to this very moment, as every moment you are gifted,
honored, and loved beyond earthly words, and this is your chance to soar with the divine
and truly create the life you ache for and deserve.
The path of ascension, as I have said innumerable times, offers many things to
many beings, and although we sit in the chair, apparently alone, I want you to feel the
presence of millions, billions, and the infinite that stands with you, arm in arm and breath
by breath, and as you read these words, take note of what your physical body will show
you in validation of this statement. Your body will provide clues to your daily existence
with the divine, and if you truly tune in, you will sense the presence of Creation flowing
with you through your daily life. I am brought to my knees each day that I experience the
light ships above my home and the higher-frequency beings that remind me that I am an
entangled and an integral aspect of it all. Creation, Source, and everything within it is
consciousness itself, and our consciousness expanding is what will allow us to experience
anything we truly desire. I am always finding new levels of respect and reverence for this

opportunity to know more, and I say once again, we are truly this profound.
It is time to awaken the fire within, love all that you can, and imagine imbuing the
essence of who you are into your reality, appreciating, adoring, and honoring all that
supports you; then you will see the evidence of this love being returned to you in kind.
Universal celestial and angelic teams are with us at every step, and if we merely open to
their presence, we will be shown their love and benevolence, for once again, we are
entangled with all of Creation.
This is how you entangle yourself within Creation and experience the love and
magical gifts that come along with this level of trust and surrender. You will feel
immensely loved once again, feeling acceptance and the connectedness that can only be
felt when we know we are a part of a much grander plan. Each one of us matters, and each
one of us counts in this grand plan for Gaia, and in the knowing of these universal keys,
you will step up into the frequency and glow of the fifth-dimensional New Earth. Dont be
drawn in or discouraged from what spirals around you, or what the media portrays to you.
The test to proceed is your ability to finely tune your desires and act in accordance with
love, just as the masters have, and all those before us. Know in your heart that you are
loved, and that you are pure Source essence, and you are here to emulate, emit, and offer
your unique expression. You are a mirror image of the divine and all of Creation is
standing by, on call, and at your side, the moment that you tap into this potential.
Walk forth each day with compassion for all, for even the most hateful of events
come from a place of not knowing and a deep-seated desire, even if at the unconscious
level, to be loved and healed at the soul level. Forgive others as you forgive all that you
place upon yourself, for it is better to walk with a light, happy foot than one that is
weighted with remorse, self-hatred, judgment, or regret. Honor all that you do, all that you
create, and all that you are, for Source returns this to you in your existence. Honor Gaia,
play with Gaia, interact with Gaia, and send love to all that you require for yourself. As
you create these self-inducing states of bliss and love, you allow the universe the
opportunity to return the same energetic impulse back to you.
This is your ability to unleash your mastery, and as we prepare ourselves for the
horizons of a new realm, lay the path and build the bridge, and once again we become one
with the heavens. Our cosmic family, playground, and school will be the future of New
Earth and the means of refining and expressing the new illuminated galactic human in
enlightened ways for a healthy, harmonious, and abundant earthly life. The path to a
heavenly Earth is what stirs within and what you act upon. Create love, act upon love,
create compassion, and act upon compassion. Together we will bring the cosmos one step
closer to uniting in profound and infinite ways.

Universal NOW

As we fine-tune our skills to work with all of the unbelievable tools that we have
been blessed with, we can better understand that we honor and embrace the now. Every

moment of now, every moment we ground within Gaias healing soils, we are given new
opportunities to experience the life we are dreaming of in a new and expanded way. This
profound change in mindset allows us to tap into the universal NOW and comingle with
whatever it is we desire. For there is only now, a moment of divine gifts that we bring all
of our earthly and Source power to one single moment and unleash it. This sends out a
pulsar-like essence to the cosmos, which is returned with delight. This is how we are
entangled with our planet, all life-forms, and our cosmic home. Energy is everything and
as we refine and hone our skills as powerful spirit essence, there is nothing that we will
not be able to manifest and create.
With every new day, we move farther from the limitation that has historically held
us in neutral. We are being shown by a myriad of examples in our reality that this
powerful shift of awareness and enlightened consciousness can benefit us in many ways.
We can choose to tap into our true potential, and truly create with every now moment. We
are no longer living in fear of everything and everyone because as we awaken, we release
fears and understand that all is within our own design and creation.
Every other parallel life is just as valid if you are focused within it. Right now,
however, you are focused in this reality, and to live in this reality with the aptitude of the
higher realms in which we all exist, we must remember that now is where all wisdom
occurs. So be present within this moment, because it is in this moment that all your
culminated wisdom resides. You have the potential to carry the perspective of any
enlightened being from any realm. You truly are the master of your own domain. We are
what we choose to create ourselves to be, so be bold, go beyond, and sink into the moment
of this profound universal NOW.

Universal Unity

Universal unity is a concept easier said than practiced. To do the inner path work
and self-reflection required to create oneness means that we must let go of lifetimes of
judgment, fear, distaste, and misunderstandings not only of other humans, but of those
beings outside our planet; and this is the work of masters. Ascension is about the
integration of new ideas and beliefs that brings you to a heightened perspective. Through
heightened awareness, we gain greater self-love and respect, and what we gain for
ourselves seeps into everything we experience. Perspective and belief are the cornerstone
of how we experience life. Once we work through our belief systems and how we define
things, then what we perceive in our reality shifts. Sometimes these shifts are profound,
and sometimes they are barely noticeable. Whatever level or increment the shift may be, it
is all required in planetary ascension. Each new thought of positive light, heightened
feelings of compassion, and loving disposition sets the ripple on the pond of our planet
and triggers other changes within our collective consciousness. Not only does this ripple
of light affect our planet and all life upon it, but the love and light you emit are also woven
throughout Creation. This is what is meant by we are all one. Every change, shift, and
alteration in belief changes the whole.

As were bombarded with warring drama thats played out in several pockets
around the world, were sometimes tested to dig deep and create positive light from what
we see. These stories that are playing out are the jostling effect between old belief systems
and New Earth frequency, and it is the friction of these two opposing energies that creates
the abrupt reactions, negativity and drama that we see. We can do a great deal of good
right from the chair in which we sit, by centering ourselves and sending loving thoughts,
peaceful thoughts, and harmonious frequencies to war-torn areas. Universal unity is the
concept of finding the commonality in all beings, and knowing at the core of who we are
within Creation, that we are one. The power of only a few positive people is enough to
shift an entire army, so never underestimate the power of light and love, for it is the
vibration of Creation.
If it is our desire to open up to the process of ascension, were faced with the inner
work that must be brought to light as we prepare ourselves for imminent contact, first
landings, and reintegration with our interstellar families. Were not meant to be stagnant
and floating alone in space for an eternity. For eons now, we have been lovingly
supported, guided, and blessed from afar, and our planet, our frequency, and our cosmos
are being prepared for the imminent shift to a fifth-dimensional home. In these profound
energetic shifts, we understand that to have this immense ascension complete, there is a
unification of countless beings spanning the universe committed to Gaias transition.
Some of these beings are the family members and the celestial teams that have assisted us
in traumatic events and even watched over us as our spirit guides.
The more we expand into our new and growing paradigm, the greater potential we
have to experience such visitations, first contacts, and light ship sightings. It is key as you
explore your desire to experience an expanded way of life, to feel out the potential of
contact, ETs, and alien species being involved in your life in an unseen way. Ask yourself
what change in your beliefs it would take to have them become a seen aspect of your
everyday life? Even if the masses dont openly discuss their feelings, thoughts, or fears
about such things, they are being assisted, loved, supported and guided, for it is the
benevolence of Creation that inspires it in all things.
If change, greater entanglement, and intimacy with life is what you truly desire,
seek out the books, groups, and events that allow you to dream in like vibrations, for if it
inspires and stirs you from within, there is a link that you own and it may be timely to
discover what that link is. Every expanded action you act upon expands the all, and the
vibration of that action goes directly into the grids and the overall potential of our New
Earth. Universal energy touches us all in an infinity motion, ensuring that all aspects of
Creation are touched by the benevolence of Source residing at the center of our universe.
Allow yourself to muse on concepts of Source, universal love, universal unity, expansion,
deeper thought, reflection, and consideration, for every thought leads to another and
blooms into new heightened beliefs that serve you in powerful ways.
Reflect upon questions about contact and landings. What would a New Earth look
like and how would it operate? How am I able to integrate greater universal unity into my
everyday life so that I too may experience the magical essence and benevolence of the
unseen world of energy and Creation? Creating open dialogue and allowing others to see
and know the light that you shine also offers these expanding times great potential. For

others may feel and be excited about these topics too, and if we all live in fear of the
discussions that are needed, then we never find each other. These ideas and potentials are
an aspect of our human evolution, so it would only make sense that at some point we have
the ability and technology to reach beyond the immediate star systems and create
partnering liaisons with neighboring planets and beings. To know that these events are
possible is one thing, but to bring this idea to our own daily integration is quite another.
We will soon discover that interstellar travel is not as difficult and challenging as we
originally thought, for we have never known the potential and ability of what resides
To honor these concepts in the light that is deserved, we must ask ourselves about
the beliefs we hold about those in our neighborhood or even in our own homes, and how
we can heal and honor these relationships. Universal unity begins at home in the moment
of now, for everything within your immediate experience is a reflection of what is going
on within, right now. How can we really offer kinship to another species when we are
fighting with grave misunderstandings and judgments about societies within our worldly
family? This is a powerful question and requires us to dig deep within and answer
honestly, so that we can unify all that we are immersed within. We must allow honesty and
compassion to be at the forefront, as we move beyond where we are to expand to a
heightened potential of what we can be. You cannot change what you do not own, and to
live in the essence of true divine oneness and unity with all beings and species means that
we must look at our deepest, darkest places and heal what needs to be healed. Acceptance,
respect, and oneness can then be achieved for a glowing New Earth potential.

Ascension: Its in Our Encoding

It is the ever-present energetic intensification that stirs us to come together in
groups and in online platforms, and as masters, or the old souls within this physical reality,
we inherently know there is more to be discovered with every new day. There is the
familiarity that brings us together by synchronistic design by the teams working on our
behalf, and we often write it off as coincidence to have met in the way we do. To have so
much in common, or an energetic click, and energetic pull to someone whom you have
only just met seems to be occurring more and more, and it is unexplainable. These
synchronistic events are the elegant design on a much higher level, and if we tune in to
these events, we understand how enmeshed we are within this grand existence. We are the
ones drawn to books such as this, which allow us to feel something within, a stirring, a
magnetic pull that speaks the urges that are left untouched within and beckon for their
release. This is the divine encoding within all that beats with the life that sustains you, and
it is unexplainable. It is Source.
Within every cell, we have the chemical and geometrical design that is Source,
and when it is activated into action, the bond between all that we are; physical, energetic,
and divine comes together and starts moving through life like a profound machine that
hums with precision and picks up on all things that honor your path and the light that

Source offers for you to walk in. In these accelerating times, for those who choose to tap
into what is occurring, there is more universal support than has ever been experienced
before upon Earth. It is offered to humanity for humanity to allow those who are ready to
step into the divine footing that brings us from living in a realm of limitation and pain to
one that offers potential beyond our imagining. A fifth-dimensional realm oscillates with
promise. For those who desire this potential, your mastery skills will guide you. Your
purpose, and your path, is drawn by the encoding that stirs within and gets activated when
we answer the call of spirit. It will allow you to open to all that you desire, if you allow it.
We are intensifying at rates that have never been tested on any other reality to this
degree. We have chosen every dark aspect of experience that has been available for us to
play out and many of us are excited to move on to a more unlimited state of existence.
Humanity is now at the tipping point of acceleration, one that allows us to experience
profound positivity, or profound negativity. This is the final shift, the reshuffling of all
beings upon Gaia, a planetary sifting of sorts that will allow the frequency to match the
potential of each being. The alignment of vibration that feels most appropriate for what
they have designed will occur for all beings when the final split off occurs.
I believe that for most upon Gaia, we have chosen what we would prefer. Do we
remain in a vibration that is struggling for survival, or do we live on a planet that has the
potential to ascend? The choice will always be ours, but we have to will it for ourselves.
We are tapping into the experiences that can allow us to see beyond the veil into potentials
never tasted before in this realm. These experiences are the aspects of us that are encoded
to wake up, and perfectly timed as we designed it in our pre-life planning session with the
angelic guides that knew our ability to serve the plan we created. We are awakening to
aspects of our profundity, and all is opening to us. There is abundant support and
assistance, help, and guidance if we open to the profundity of our innate potential. We
have to acknowledge our worthiness, embrace it, and walk through the door that opens to
us all. The doors will always be shown, but it is up to us whether we walk through or stay
put in a state of indifference or negativity.

The Catalyst for Expanding Consciousness

Consciousness is awareness, and awareness is consciousness. What allows
individual and even planetary consciousness to expand and offer the energetic door for
growth is the ability within each of us to accept the idea that there may be more to
existence than we ever thought. We are the catalyst to achieving transformation on this
planet, and we are being inspired to take action by the potential that peaks beyond the
horizon. We are mirrors of our planet, and the planet is the mirror to where we resonate.
We are all a reflection of one another and so too are our neighboring countries and cities.
We are all entangled within this quantum cosmic web of Creation. With every Internet
search you do, book you buy, or article you write, there is expansion and awareness
seeping into the unseen threads of your existence, that encoded aspect of who you are, and
it goes out into Creation for potential to be shown to us. As the universal threads extend to

the infinite and beyond, each layer of the multiverse is affected as well. With every single
change, there is the change within the whole. For every thought, word, and act that you
choose to emit goes into Creation with your specific energetic imprint upon it. Like the
DNA pattern of who you are, your vibration in patterns and imprints is floating within
Creation. The consciousness that is you, beyond this illusory physical body, is your
catalyst to experience anything, and as you attune yourself to its desire to expand and
explore, you can move to a heightened frequency or manifest anything you desire. Like a
beautiful immense quilt with an infinite number of patterns, threads, designs, and textures,
so too are we in the blanket of Creation, and if one thread or one stitch were missing, the
quilt would not be complete. The potential of expansion is what we see humanity evolving
to with a planet glowing in loving support of it.

ET Visitations, Dream Interpretations, and Impressions

It is said that roughly 43 50 percent of Americans believe in UFOs or light
ships, and whats more interesting is that an even greater percentage believe the
government is hiding what it knows about such phenomena. Needless to say, we have
come a long way in our collective ability to expand our beliefs about other life-forms
within our universe. We can see the collective consciousness expanding in entertainment
shows, movies, and even phone apps, allowing people to tap into potentials that only five
years ago were unheard of.
For those who have had multidimensional experiences that swim in the essence of
extraterrestrial beings, or energy, if you feel unsure or even fearful, then it is likely that at
some point these experiences will again be triggered and brought to your waking
consciousness to allow yourself to understand, gain insight, and expand into heightened
awareness. Trust that you will only be given exactly what you are able to process and
integrate. As I said, you have a myriad of skilled and brilliant celestials and guides that
know how and what to deliver to you. You may be triggered with multidimensional
memories or experiences that leak into your consciousness because you are primed for
them and they will unfold perfectly as you explore the deeper meaning of them.
Remembrance of uniquely designed dreams, impressions, and visitations will flow to you,
the more you explore with the vibration of excitement and joy. It is in this unfolding that
you are truly tapping into the grander aspects of who you are, so you can release all of the
fear, for regardless of how unexplainable or unfathomable these experiences may be, you
have agreed to them and are an active creator within it all.
These experiential triggers are a trait of the initiation, of ascension, and of
awakening. When you realize there are infinite realms within existence, or higher
frequencies, expanded awareness, open and unlimited potential in thought and acceptance,
then you can truly understand that you have potential to manifest within this. For you
cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of, and it takes a master to know you exist
within it. You will know without question that you are a master creator and that you are
being prepared for the eventuality of first contact and first landings as we co-create New

Earth. Those who consciously choose ascension will have in some way experienced an
aspect of cosmic visitation. These experiences may come in dreams, impressions in your
meditations, or even physical contact that we are made to forget, until we are of the
vibration where these instances can be remembered, integrated, and understood in the
grander plan of who you are and what you are entangled within. We are carefully being
shown, in many ways, that our reach is much farther than we ever thought possible. We
are very busy in higher consciousness states, and even in the physical, for everything we
emit, receive, and process within our daily lives is being fed to our teams, as energetic
impulses of information, data, and concepts to monitor, gauge, and better understand
ascension and expansion at these accelerating rates and times. This is why so many people
feel intense sensitivity, or create profound synchronicity. This is the reason behind events
that seem unexplainablebecause this gets our attention.
Other realm experiences, or sensings will open up and begin to be activated at a
much faster rate and to more people as it is written in their life contracts to be triggered
into the awakening phase. There is much that can be found on the Internet about UFOs
and other alien crafts; the overriding reason this is all unfolding is directly due to the
divine agenda for Gaia to move up into her cosmic family. Some believe that many of
these sightings are conspiracy theories, but I can only attest to what I know to be true: it is
for no other reason than to assist and welcome us to an ascending new realm frequency
and potential for humanity.
Eight years ago, during my own awakening, I began to have some experiences
that I could not explain. I remember feeling like the black sheep of not only my family,
but also of the entire city I lived in. These profound feelings and sensings are the energetic
pulls from within of what I was encoded with at birth. The memories and knowings were
from other lives, other star systems, and when this realm felt so heavy, the difference
between what I innately knew and what I was living were two different worlds, which
created friction or emotional insecurity. Most, however, are unaware of these subtle and
profound energetic stories that make up who we all are in other densities and frequencies,
and they are merely bleeding through this reality as we allow our frequency to expand.
When we feel out of place, we seek answers to shift us back into place. When we
awaken we understand that the out-of-place feeling was the remembrance of our higher
states looking for familiarity, or the path, or energetic stream to which we felt most at
As we unfurl into our higher states of being, we accept, embrace, and practice
further expansion techniques because we feel like we finally fit within our expanding
reality, and our reality is mirroring back to us the magical transformation that we exhibit. I
now know that I have always had an amazing team of celestial and ET beings that have
assisted me in every step of this process. Their presence in my life has helped me
overcome depression, suicidal thoughts, and an unlikely potential of paths that would have
led to a negative and drastic outcome. We are always loved, supported, and
unconditionally guided toward our higher light, and even if at first we do not acknowledge
it, we are never alone. I have discovered so much about myself, the world I am
experiencing, and the greater purpose for why I am here, and this alone is reason enough
to share these powerful insights for others experiencing similar triggers and awakenings.

As I investigated further about the experiences I was having, I began to see

greater occurrences of synchronicities and coincidences. I no longer believe in
coincidence; now I believe firmly in the energetic connection between the expanding spirit
and the increase in synchronicity and the energetic quantum web in which we all reside.
Synchronicity is a symptom of ascension, and when you align with spirit and your
higher self, and as you trust in the most magical and unexplainable of ways, you will be
shown that you are entangled. Synchronicity is our link and validation that we are
entangled in such a refined way. Magical events will be shown if you open up to them and
ask. You will meet who you need to, you will see what you need to, and you will be drawn
to where you need to be for the answers you seek. Creation will always support
benevolent evolution, always.
I have always been a seeker, and the more questions I had, the more synchronistic
experiences would flow to me. Being a super intense person, and somewhat of a
micromanager, I did not experience allowance overnight. Allowance is key to creating
synchronicity, creating contact, and any other ascension by-products. As we ascend, as we
expand, there is more flow, more fluidity than ever before. Trying, making, or forcing
things to happen are all attributes of old energy and lower-vibrating realms. Allowance
means you trust what unfolds. It is beneficial to allow the information and energetic gifts
to flow to you with ease, grace, and honor as your higher self, your team, and the universe
are all conspiring for and working on your behalf.
Remember, if you open up to these universal truths and gifts, you will see that
everything that unfolds is in your highest and best interest, thus making it a divine plan in
perfect timing. Your role is to seek, uncover, explore, and trust. This is a primary reason
why we chose this free will experience on planet Earth, as we have the ability and
potential to create choice and the reality we experience.
My first flash occurred shortly after I began to meditate, about seven years ago.
Meditation assisted me greatly in allowing a lot of information and memories to be
brought forth in a very subtle way. A lot of what I experienced as a child in the way of my
feeling or sensing things was a direct result of being clairsentient and claircognizant.
As I continued my path, I discovered the many lifetimes in which these skills had always
been an overriding aspect of the roles I played.
I could link in and feel the emotions of others, and even sense the shifts upon Gaia
and in the collective if I focused my attention to it. As I would continue my meditative and
inner seeking, I would create and manifest visions, or impressions, that would lead me to
seeking further. Whenever I did not understand something, I would ask for validation and
confirmation in my meditations, and I would be blessed with information, clues, and gifts
to continue the process. We all carry these abilities and everyone has an innate sense.
Some people experience psychic impressions, others hear things, and some people
experience precognition within their dreams. All of the innate attributes are divinely
encoded so that we may navigate this now moment of ascension and reengage with
Creation in a much more intimate way. We are remembering our benevolent path to know
Source and our true potential once again. This innate link is how we are one with all of
Creation, and is the foundation to our future contact and all synchronicity that exists and

As these innate psychic gifts awaken, they can be very exciting to navigate. This
is why reflection time is important as we move along this path. Further honing our skills
as spirit essence, while we live a physical experience, is a masterful balancing act.
Sometimes I would just know something without a reasonable explanation, or pictures
and impressions would just pop into my head, and as I grew to understand what these
triggers were, I could focus the intensities of these energetic stories and allow them to
unfold in my third eye. These memory flashes of visitations or otherworldly experiences
were perplexing enough to allow me to follow my hunches and have further
synchronicities unfold. The key is to build trust within yourself, your team, and the
unfolding of what you are gifted with.

My First Memory of a Pleiadian Visitation

The first physical visitation that I remember happened when I was six. I was in
our family home, sitting on the floor watching a popular TV entertainment show called
HeeHaw with my family. I heard the doorbell ring and I got up to answer it. When I
opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised to see the two characters Id just seen on TV
standing in front of me, two farmers with jean overalls and pitchforks. I felt honored for
these stars to be at our door, and to be chosen out of everyone on the street for a visit.
What a lucky day, I must have thought as I remembered the excitement of the
This first visitation, my HeeHaw experience, happened this way so that I would
be triggered with this memory when the timing was appropriate for me to seek the answers
to this and other odd experiences. We are given very strange and unbelievable
experiences so that we are triggered to seek within to understand them. These are all
manifestations of the divine design to allow your story to unfold. This memory was
triggered as I began my ascension path about eight years ago and in perfect timing for me
to seek the answers into its meaning. Other odd multidimensional experiences or
memories would further my navigation on this amazing path of enlightenment and
awakening, and would sometimes feel like a very surreal dream.
We see these events unfolding and we hesitate and ask, Did this really happen, or
was it a dream? It felt so real, so why does no one remember it but me? I now know, with
the soul blueprint we design, we will be given such experiences throughout our life, so
when the timing is perfect, we will be sent these to trigger further expansion. I remember
walking out of my house to go with them, and at the age of six, I was placed under a state
of energetic displacement, so that the experience could be completed. I was taken onto a
ship with these beings whom I later found out were members of my Pleiadian family. I
now see higher realm beings in long light-colored gowns when we are aboard their crafts,
but cloaking and screen projections are common in the initial stages of humanity
becoming used to their presence. Many of these experiences and higher-frequency
beings cloak themselves so that we are not sent into shock or distraction at their true
form. Higher-frequency beings have the ability to create from thought, so to manifest a

new physical form is fluid and easy, and done often in these experiences. I believe they
used their intelligence and advanced tools to teleport me instantly and directly onto the
ship. The purpose of the visitation was to adjust my empathic energetic levels so that I
would not go into a state psychic overload as I began to expand my social experiences
in the greater world. Six years old is when most children start kindergarten, and being a
highly empathetic child, I would have felt everything from those around me. If left
unaltered, my state of energetic absorption would have resulted in illness that would have
most likely taken me away from the blueprint I had originally designed for myself.
This, and many other experiences, have given me the proof, the validation, and
above all, the peace of mind of the greater existence that I am entangled with. I sense, I
see, I feel a world that extends beyond what most people can see. This doesnt mean that I
am any more special or different, for we all hold these experiences. I offer these stories so
that those who may have felt or known of similar energetic knowings can understand the
overriding reason and timing of it all, for it truly is divine. These multidimensional
occurrences drift into my life when I am ready to take my learning to a new level, and
there is always an underlying sensation of unconditional love and greater support as I
unlock another piece to the puzzle that allows me to understand the universe in a more
expanded and loving way.
There are no accidents or coincidences, and these energetic fragments will drift
into your waking state so that you can choose to seek further into their meaning and
richness, or not. The energies of your grand story will be delivered in story-like fragments,
visions, or concepts and may appear as a memory, Deja vu, or a vision within your
meditation state, and of course, as mentioned earlier, in your dreams. Many of the dreams
that appear to have a surreal feeling or odd component are this way because of your
intuitive knowingness. They are linked with actual visitations from members of your
celestial team. These are all pieces to the puzzle of the grander potential that you can tap
into and play with every night in your dream-time or meditative states.
My Pleiadian experience occurred in 1975 when the world in general had little
knowledge and concern about universal energy, multidimensional aspects, and the
interwoven game that we play in a covert manner, until we awaken to accept what has
been going on for centuries. The interplay, the guiding and tending to by a myriad of
beings from a myriad of star systems bringing us all along our path. In many of these
experiences, however, due to limiting belief systems, state of awareness, and the ability to
safely communicate in fear-based societies, the interactions would only bring harm or
discomfort, so for now the visitations remain in higher-consciousness states and slowly
seep into our remembrance when we are ready to bring them to the surface for
Anything that occurs on the physical level occurs first at the energetic level.
Anything that has been created in the illusory reality we exist within was created at the
energetic level first. A thought, an inspiration, or a concept is first a pattern of energetic
vibrations that filter to our brain through the higher mind, sent through the processes that
we require to label it a thought. Our reality exists upon billions of thoughts, ideas, and
inspirations that were all birthed as energetic patterns before we had the ability to make it
tangible. Even physical illness or ailments are manifested at the state of festering from the

energetic misalignment or blockage. Remember, we are all energetic patterns and this
physical aspect of who we are is all a powerful illusion that allows us to experience the
parameters of this reality.
My energetic abilities would have caused me great trouble if it were not adjusted
at that time. I can look back now and understand why I experienced the challenges I did,
as I could not understand how to filter the information I was sensing on a level that others
didnt have or fathom. The odd experiences or memories and dreams that always stood
out now make sense, and the pieces of the puzzles are forming the story that is now a
brilliant plan. As a result of this Pleiadian visitation, I was left with a three-inch-diameter
red scar, directly above my heart, which to this day has been misdiagnosed and
unexplained by many dermatologists. I intuitively know this scar was to remind me of my
place within the stars, and the greater celestial family that is always watching, protecting,
and guiding me and that my grander plan and potential should not be forgotten.
Celestial visitations from various members of my celestial family, and friends
from other realms who agreed to assist me on this journey, have occurred many times
throughout my life. These visitation experiences were timed for specific energetic shifts,
or energetic manipulations to open me up, heal me, or activate certain pathways, so that I
was able to sense more, and retain data at an energetic level, and so on. Sometimes the
visitations are merely amongst loved ones to remind me at the energetic level of why I am
here and what I agreed to fulfill in this incarnation. However challenging the density of
this plane may be at times, it is one that I knew I could maneuver within, and my higher
self, my spirit guides, and my celestial teams are lovingly committed to my journey. Help
is usually required here in this transitional time, and at any stage we can ask for assistance,
guidance, validation and help, and it will be given. I know that many times I have closely
been drawn down a path that would have taken me out of this game, and my celestial team
has stepped in every time to remind me of my greater plan.
My team offers their assistance in any aspect in which I ask for it. Meditation and
quiet reflection times are now used for the refinement of my thought processes and
altering my energetic states, vision, and conditionings or patterns that hold me back from
receiving what it is I desire at the highest levels. I have many experiences where my
chakras and my cellular DNA structure literally feel as though they are spiraling,
vibrating, and oscillating to keep up with the energy I am expanding into. As I work on
refining my personal frequency, the symptoms vary and the multidimensional experiences
feel more surreal every day.
The cells within my face vibrate, twitch, jostle, as my core frequency and cells
literally speed up with the potential to sense greater expansive realms and
interdimensional frequencies. When I ask my team, What are we doing? I am told, We
are shifting you. So I simply surrender to the experience and take it all in, enjoying the
energetic massage. The process of ascension is the slow and intermittent stretching of
ones energetic body to fit the heightened and quickened states and it must be prepared for
the upcoming shifts.
I can usually tell when we are about to move through something profound,
energetically speaking. So as our planet is about to receive a new stream of pulsating
celestial or solar fluctuations, I am usually amped up before these shifts occur. We can be

assured that timings of planetary pulsations usually occur at celestial and seasonal
alignments, such as full moons and summer, spring, and winter solstices. The benefits to
this constant energetic balancing are profound. If I go into a meditation with an ailment,
concern, or issue I need to move through, or even if I am feeling tired, I can come out of
my meditation completely rebalanced, harmonic, and peaceful. I feel as if I have had a
three-hour nap, but in actuality my meditation is only about eighteen minutes, which
further proves the benefits of meditation on a myriad of levels.

Discern Your Way to Ascension

How you align with ascension, how you discern your own symbols, and how you
communicate in fluidity with your team will all unfold once you acknowledge and open
up to your profundity, but taking that step beyond fear and doubt is the first powerful step
before all else falls in line. We have a plethora of tools, teachers, and website platforms to
assist every person at every level of energetic discovery. It is wise to create your own
rules, your own understandings and meanings for the symbols and stories that unfold to
you. The information that can be found in any number of searches or classes can offer
only one persons point of view or perceptions. Their views and perceptions are also
married with their individual belief patterns and soul blueprint. So it is crucial that you
accept your own unique profundity, and create your own symbology, your own path to
ascension, and be guided by what feels right, for you are the only one who can predict
your own potential.
As I stated earlier, the more you allow, the more you practice the energetic process
of communication and communion with all of Creation, your celestial team, and your
higher self, the better you will be at discerning the reality you are creating. Remember,
you are the only one in your reality and it is you that is creating all that you see, hear, and
experience. Give yourself the confidence that you give unto others and discern your own
energetic meaning to your story as it unfolds. The path of a master is created with selfclarity, self- declaration, and the boldness to stake your claim to your unique and authentic
expression in this reality experience. Know that you have the ability to consciously tap
into all of your innate abilities and talents that you were gifted with to navigate your way
along the path to your own divinity. As you unveil your true authentic self, wisdom will
flow forth in a myriad of ways, so trust, allow, and practice this expansion process as you
refine your mastery skills in the new fifth-dimensional frequency that we all co-create
from such path work.
Allow yourself to drift into your daily life with pride, love, and allowance to
discover all that you are here to discover. If you desire a path of intimacy with all of
Creation, or a path of artistic brilliance, or a path of infinite abundance, you have all the
tools and abilities to do so. Understanding the flow of universal energy and how to
naturally tap into its infinite potential, or learning how to alter and shift your vibration to
experience more of what you desire, or designing a youthful and healthy body, you have
all the tools within to experience just that. The more you live in the moment of now, and

the more you live in the auspicious declaration of who you are in this physical experience,
the easier it will be to open up to your profound potential and flow as Gaia ascends into
ever-increasing frequencies. Know that in the higher realms we are celebrated by many
star systems, and a myriad of beings from every level. The lessons we expand within, and
the limitations we release, create ripples of potential throughout Creation.

Creative Expression and Higher-Vibrational Living

To taste and feel the utter grandness, scope, and enormity of Creation and the
universe we live within, we can begin by creating the most profound visualization we can
muster. Then we go beyond that. We have been graced with very powerful tools as sensate
beings within Creation. We have been blessed with our imaginations and our free will.
With a clear understanding about how these tools can be used, there is nothing that one
cannot experience or create. In allowing your consciousness to expand, it is key to allow
your imagination to soar, to play, to tickle your senses in every way possible. Whatever it
is you create within your imagination, know that somewhere, somehow, there is truth to it
at some experiential level. You are not able to think about something that does not exist
somewhere at some level, so be playful with the tools we have been given and see what
you are able to create. There is an infinite portal of possibilities awaiting your discovery if
you allow your imagination to play like a curious child in the infinite energetic playground
that we live within. Creation can be seemingly complex, expansive, and profoundly
magical. As we set intentions with purity of heart and express love in all ways that we can,
this process becomes fluid and carefree. This is the remembrance and energetic dance that
we are now able to partake in.
The more that we allow ourselves to slip into these states of higher and expanded
states of consciousness, the more opportunities and pathways will open to us to
experience. It is consciousness that is at the heart of Creation, and the more we tap into
our expanded potential, the greater opportunity we manifest to experience it.
Consciousness is awareness; it is the awareness of what we experience that expands itself.
How simple yet profound is this? The more we allow ourselves to tap into the infinite
potential of what is, the more creative and the grander the experience will be. Now lets tie
in the state of knowingness with this state of creative consciousness then simply slip into
the state of allowance for all that unfolds.
This is how the energetic play of all the universal laws can be expansive in the
most powerful of ways. As we release our limited beliefs, as we redefine who and what
we are, and as we open up the portal of divine communication between our higher selves,
our spirit guides, and celestial teams, we can then playfully ignite the ethers for greater
manifestations. We can link the pull of what we know to be true with the vigor of a
passionate and pure heart, knowing there is nothing that we cannot experience or manifest.

Creative Expression and Fifth-Dimensional Alignment Exercise

Lets practice a fifth-dimensional atonement. Imagine your greatest vision. Any
desire you wish to experiencecreative, intellectual, health, abundanceit doesnt
matter. Choose one that resonates deeply with you. Imagine every aspect of that vision and
how you fit within it. Allow yourself to then imagine as much as you can: color, sounds
within this imagery, how it would look, how the world in which it takes place would look,
beautify this imagining in every way. Now, expand upon that vision. Allow yourself to add
emotion and feeling of what this experience allows you to tap into. Imbue this
imagining with the intent of a passionate heart, a loving heart, a heart full of expectation to
receive this beauty because you are worthy of it, for you are the master creating it. Now,
let it go.
Allow the power of your imagination, your intent, your creativity, the purity of
your intent, the knowingness of your mastery skills, and your earthly free will to choose
the most powerful vision to come together in the ethers and be sent to you in the most
profound and perfect timing. The appropriate signals have been sent out to the universe,
your spirit guides, the angelic realm, your over-soul family, and the celestial team
supporting you. They will all gather and play their part for the unfolding of this glorious
creative endeavor. Now do you feel connected with the divine?
You merely need to surrender the details to the universe and enjoy your momentfor-moment life with pure knowingness that you will always be supported and brought
what is in your highest interest in every situation. If you set the dial and you align yourself
to a profound vibration, then only a profound result will unfurl. It is universal law. This
simple process can be practiced with anything you desire to manifest. Go beyond
limitation, let go of negative beliefs and preconditioned notions and watch the magic
We have turned the corner, and this is where the energetic paradigm has shifted to
allow for greater support for creative manifestations than ever before. The celestial groups
and councils are assisting with this process, so are the energetic grids upon our planet, and
the divine plan for Gaia is meticulously being altered and refined by the highest of
initiates in the universe. How can we not be supported? Just know, dear lighted ones, that
all plans and mysteries will one day be revealed, for we need to know we have the power
to manifest and realign to have such profound vibrational messages be available to us. The
key to experiencing these special gifts of ascension is to work with what I have and what
many others call potential and intent.
Knowing your infinite potential is coded to your imagination, and your
imagination for all creative expression is coded to the Divine essence within, is the portal
to move spirit energy and inspiration. There are infinite works of genius in every arena
where the inspiration from spirit has altered the way we look at what is possible for human
potential. Any master artist, inventor, scientist, or writer knows the feeling when divine
inspiration strikes; it is unmistakable and profound. It has been termed many things and
the most prominent one is in the zone. Athletes feel this when they move in precise and
perfect patterns and speeds, and artists are no different. When true inspiration hits, the

open flow of energy, information, and wisdom within the universe is accessible for
whatever it is we desire to create.
Inspiration is fed through the neural pathways and the moment we tell ourselves,
our cells, our multidimensional aspects that we know the potential for brilliance, we step
up into the vibration of a higher-resonating human. Your higher self will then take over
and deliver the greatest gifts to you every time. Synchronicities, situations, circumstances,
and opportunities will float into your reality as a result of these innate engagements
between you and your infinite potential. This is the power of entanglement, trust,
surrender, and allowance.
Once again, the process of experiencing what you desire is directly linked to your
knowingness and potential to tune in to the energetic world and the universe that you live
within. If you are truly tuned in, you will be able to sense when you are out of alignment
and your reality will back this up and show you. That is why I said that all experiences and
situations allow us to constantly realign and modify the path that we walk. Your guides
and your higher self know what your divine plan is, and they are all aligning and
designing life events for you to tap into. Will you tune in to a heightened level of
knowingness and step up into your potential?
Allow your team of experts to play their role and let go of the control, worry, and
stress about how things should unfold. These are not attributes of the higher realms and
there certainly is not the concept of forcing or trying to make anything to manifest.
Our role is to imagine, tune in, create, trust, let go, and allow. The rest can be left up to the
universe, our guides, our higher self, and our celestial teams, for they have been assigned
to us for this reason.
Maintain your link with the vibration of complete knowingness, and watch all
things within your reality fall into alignment with your new higher setting. All is being
taken care of at the highest of levels. You will experience what is meant to be experienced,
and you will learn the lessons you are required to learn and expand upon. Act with great
excitement as best as you can and you will always be gifted with the next aligned
opportunity, for this is universal law. This is the synchronistic flow of manifestation and it
is perfectly designed.
As we move into higher states of consciousness, we naturally allow our thinking
to be set free because we have released the negative beliefs, ideas, and definitions that
have held us back. We become fluid, free, and powerful in all that we think, in all that we
say, and in all that we do because we remember our intimate connection with All That Is.
We understand that we are flowing with the universe and being an integral aspect of it as
we offer our unique creative expression. We allow our spirit essence to touch our daily
lives in magical ways until there is purity and cohesion at all levels within our reality.
The more finely tuned we are to all of our energetic states and potential, the more
we sense when events are about to occur, the more we feel the shift beneath our feet, and
the more prepared we are to increase our vibration to a state that complements what is
unfolding. We have the ability to fall into the natural flow of all universal blessings, as we
soar in celebration to unleash our unlimited potential. This is the vibration that will assist
in preparing us for first contact, and a fifth-dimensional New Earth. We design the reality

to match the flight path we desire to experience. Our soul craves newness, and change.
The heights we are capable of reaching remain unknown and untested, but we are willing
now to step beyond all that we know and create something from nothing. Unlimited
potential and celestial oneness is the New Earth potential that is beating within us all.
If we understand this reality and have the potential and ability to create all aspects
within Creation with equal integrity, humility, and grace for the light in which we were
created, we can then begin to rebalance our planetary ills. The possibility for humanity to
expand is within the process of each person that chooses to create a path of self-discovery.
Expansion of the collective begins with each being: the process starts from within, then it
is mirrored to the collective. If we can create the idea that we are all included in the
process of change, and we are all included in the celebration of our greater family, then we
let go of separation and judgment as our world begins to spin in harmonic peace.

Thought Refinement is Driven by Knowingness

Change can be created from a single thought. From a single thought, inspiration,
concept, or idea, we are catalyzed into a new vibration that creates the next step on a new
path. The power of a thought, whether it is powerfully charged with light or dark aspects,
has the energy to create. Ascension allows us to fine-tune and align our thoughts and
behavioral patterns so that we are able to continually check and recheck the current
vibrational station we reside at and amp it up for better results. Like a profound machine
that needs constant fine-tuning, we are no different. Thought refinement is an attribute of
mastery, and with mastery comes knowingness.
As we move and change in all directions, so too can the path of ascension, for it is
rarely a clear-cut path. We are continually expanding and contracting, and as we unveil
and integrate, we allow for the energetic lessons and behavioral changes to expand the
auric aspect of who we are. For it is in our altered behavior that expansion pulls us out to
new levels. Awareness shows us potential, and action cements itself into the reality for
experience. Expanding and refining our daily thought processes will attract greater
potentials and we then act to offer the universe our new vibration for a returned sample of
what we have just manifested. All is entwined in this process. As we expand our
awareness, we expand our thoughts, our concepts, and our ideas of what potentials may be
offered. The more we expand within a myriad of experiences, the greater number of
potentials become reality and thus catalyzes what we know to be true. As we expand what
we know to be true, our beliefs morph to align with the newfound knowingness that has
the energetic power to pull everything that is aligned with it into its path. Knowingness
creates the powerful thoughts that then catalyze the universe to gift you with opportunity
and circumstances for you to act upon. As we use our free will to create, to act, and
employ the profound tool we call imagination, there is nothing we are not able to create,
and we can move in whatever direction we desire.

Ascension Is Action

Sometimes the greatest thing a person can do in life is take a chance on their own
higher truth, inner voice, and hearts passion. To create and walk a path that only you can
carve is truly why we are here. Most beings upon Earth right now are simply not aware of
how seamlessly life flows when we follow our true calling. To act upon your souls call,
your blueprint, takes a true act of courage and it can be a monumental task when it appears
as if you are going against what others see for you or want from you. That is okay.
Ascension is a personal and unique process to each human, and any species within
Creation. Many may not choose to ascend in these profound times, so do not let the will
and path of others alter the path you desire for yourself. There is no right or wrong choice,
for even a choice that may have taken you the long way around to get to where you truly
desire, always includes lessons. It does not matter what others desire for you or see for
you or want for you. What truly matters is that you act with integrity toward your souls
calling and authentically move in the direction that inspires your heart to sing a song
written just for you. Desiring a life change is simply not enough; we must act, and when
we act upon our highest passion, we move towards our most authentic and divine self.
Ask yourself, in this calm and quiet moment: How does living authentically look
different than the way I am living now? How can I act on and incorporate one thing to
align me closer to my higher truth, and ultimately better understand the spirit within? How
can I act upon more intimate communications with those I encounter in my daily life, or
honor myself in new ways, or honor others for their light? How can I act in accordance
with the natural healing powers of Gaia, and Source, to better align with my divine path
each day?
It is by asking questions like these that can allow you to expand and extend who
you are and what you are entangled with to contain a broader, universal vibration. These
practices and self-reflections can bring greater alignment to your higher self, your divine
plan and blueprint, and other higher-dimensional beings that would love nothing more
than to unify in Earths growing acceptance of life-forms outside its atmosphere.
These self-reflection techniques assist you in your ever-growing path to know
thyself. Knowing who you are gives you greater clarity about the path you desire to align
with. I have seen many wise and psychically gifted people who simply desire to remain in
the same state of mind and they even carry the same beliefs as they did ten years ago, and
that is okay. For their path is their path and it is valued, honored, and required in the
grander scheme within Creation. Your desire is the spark that lights the fire to create
action, and action in perfect alignment with your authentic self, manifests miracles. To
desire a more fulfilling life is only one aspect of experiencing it and there are many things
that require alignment for a dream to manifest. Action is required in all manifestation
processes, and whether you desire a new car, a new home, a new career, or a new path
with deeper meaning, it requires you to align with the vibration that matches that
experience. Change requires action; therefore, ascension is an action toward your true
natural self. Act in the direction of light and love of thyself and all will unfold with

elegance and fluidity. Is the desire potent enough for you to change what you are doing to
experience something better? What intent and vibration will you align to as you take your
life in the direction of your highest joy? Will you design your path and declare who you
are to the universe? What path will you carve for yourself and what destiny will you
claim? What does your authenticity look like?

Living Authentically and Authentic Expression

Authenticity is the core essence of who we are in the eyes of Source. Underneath
the myriad layers of conditions, beliefs, and assumptions about who we are within the
illusory reality we live within, this is our true authentic self. Each authentic self is unique,
like an energetic fingerprint, and is unique to each person. Authenticity is as crucial an
energetic vibration as it can allow us to be steered in its direction as we move through our
awakening, and in many ways it allows us to solidify who we are to the universe and
within the energetic stream of Gaia.
Authenticity allows us to not only rediscover who we are as spirit essence, but
also to experience a richer taste for the life we designed to create. Authenticity is the
pathway to the heart and provides an open door for others to experience us at a more
intimate level. Authenticity opens the portal to the divine, and just as being ecstatic or
being in love can breathe new light into our lives, so does being our most authentic self.
As we emit authenticity from our heart, the electromagnetic pulses are sent out to Creation
and thus brought back to us in the same vibrational match to mirror to us what we are
capable of. This means that we attract those that are in a perfect match with our authentic
vibration, and we can know that as we become more and more authentic, we resonate with
those who are also acting within their true authenticity. This is the perfect design in which
the universe works, energetically allowing all within Creation to find its true perfect match
for that energetic experience.
We attract not only others who act within their authenticity, but also situations and
potentials of our infinite creative brilliance. This level of allowance and energetic
alignment gives us a free pass to tap into creative talents from any realm that may enhance
our current expression and experience. You can see this example of talent being
transferred or triggered with some of the child prodigies born over the past twenty years.
Some have referred to these children as star-seeds or indigo children, as they have
innate creative abilities that would seem to be unusual for children their age.
We have all had experiences when we feel out of alignment to our authentic
frequency. We have all met people at a party, celebration, or work gathering, and the
situation feels fake or contrived. We may have even felt as if we were the ones acting
fake or out of alignment with our true authentic selves, and the moment we alter who we
are to meet the demands of others or to mesh with or fit in with those we simply do not
vibrate in resonance with, it feels contrived and inauthentic. Pay attention to these
feelings, as you will always be guided to alter your behavior so that you can realign with
what feels authentic. We have all experienced moments where we alter who we are to act

more in alignment with others, and it never has lasting appeal. You are perfect, you are
required, and as you offer exactly who you are to the universe, you allow the Universe a
clear path to find for you all the experiences you truly desire to attract.
However challenging it may be to be authentic, it will in the end result in more
favorable outcomes because you will attract and align yourself with those who are a true
match to your frequency. If we play the role of others vibration or align with others
behavior, then we are only attracting a small portion of our true potential. Its not authentic
if its someone elses path you are following. Authenticity means that you honor, embrace,
own, and allow the unique sheen that you have to offer to flow forth and stand firm in
your own design. What a beautiful story this authentic self can paint for the universe, and
it is your story to tell! Authenticity opens the door to greater ecstasy and joy as it is
directly aligned with your higher self, your hearts desire, and your celestial team you are
preparing to meet.

Chapter IV
Understanding Human Potential & Our Multi- Dimensional Brilliance

The Pleiadians are our direct cosmic parents. Regardless of what we have been
taught or told, we are seeded with cosmic blood. They have been constant in earthly
guidance for centuries now and have the historic knowledge and heritage of our peoples.
As we move forward in the planetary shift to New Earth and first landings, I believe all
human and earthly historical stories and information will be disseminated to us. These
truths, and other planetary anomalies, will give us the ability to rest in knowingness that
nothing is hidden, and our potential is far grander than we ever imagined. As we allow
ourselves to dip our senses into the cosmic waters, we will come closer to truly identifying
our ever-expanding family and friends that span the universe. Allow your fears and doubts
to subside and embrace the part of you that really wants to feel more.
To know who we truly are as a human race, our true heritage and seeding will be
key in setting the stage for future potential. The process of ascension is profound, and the
most valuable lesson that I have learned thus far is that of self-acceptance and self-love.
Ascension path work allows us to rediscover who we are, and place all the pieces that fit
for our specific puzzle. To know our own unique potential is to know fully, without hidden
agendas, or missing information, the truth about cosmos, our heritage, and the brilliance
within our DNA that has lay dormant in the illusions of limitation and fear.
We can honor who we are in every moment and know that as we move closer to
first contact, our level of honor on this earthly physical experience will allow us to meet
other beings on a level playing field. For we are equal to, and in the eyes of Source, loved
in all ways. It is key to remind ourselves in every moment that we live authentically in the
NOW moment. We can feel the profound entanglement and engage for the first time with
that of Source, Gaia, and Creation. There is great richness and vastness that this earthly
experience offers us, and truly is why we agreed to incarnate. The full magnitude of our
brilliance, and creation power, is the focus we have to see our intentions manifest. This is
why it is so important for us to absorb this now moment, because now is where all of our
power exists. As we begin to peel away the layers of limitation, fear, and dark
conditionings, we begin to unfurl our wings of authenticity because we now honor the
whole aspect of who we are and what we have experienced in the process of
remembrance. We are so profoundly infinite, and as we stand fully in this moment of now,
offering our authentic creative expression to the universe and Creation, we see and
appreciate the brilliance of our multidimensional story and how this earthly journey has
served us and the many generations to follow.

Aspects of the Physical Experience and the Soul Self

As mentioned earlier, the whole aspect of our human experience can take on many
hues. We are multidimensional beings because there are aspects of who we are that can
span into a myriad of dimensions and take on the frequency required to fulfill the souls
desire to evolve. Our most expanded, all-knowing self is our soul aspect, which resides
within an even greater energetic aspect of the over-soul, and over-souls of over-souls and
so on. In the pre-life planning, our spirit self, and our spirit guides, and planning teams,
assist in designing agreements, contracts, or themes based on what the soul desires to
experience and expand within for its overall evolution.
Our soul creates connections within the multiversecelestial teams, angels, and
councils all cradled within the auspices of Sourceto ensure that each incarnation will
allow for the greatest potential of growth and service. Our soul sets out to collaborate with
other souls in a variety of soul families to pull in help or align meetings with other spirit
personalities, all to serve the agenda that you have drawn for this life experience. We can
determine what our life themes are by taking note of what situations and circumstances
continue to surface in our lives that require us to stretch beyond our comfort zone, for
these are usually clues to why we signed on for this life agreement. The soul self is that
aspect of who we are that is linked within the frequency of Source at all times, and
entangled in such a way that we are protected and guided within this loving weave.
Information from Source and the angelic is sent through the soul self, based on what we
are moving through and the overriding theme we are working on. It is then fed to the
higher self, spirit guides, and our celestial teams simultaneously. A grand energetic and
multidimensional family all work together to offer, gift, and design this life experience for
you to evolve in the highest manner possible.
We can see in this one example that we are always surrounded by energetic and
physical help, even if we do not realize it. When we first look at the bigger picture of
expansion and ascension, we begin to see how an act of uncovering who we were meant to
be can ripple through to all of these other levels. And then it is obvious that the lessons we
learn here are invaluable tools for many beings throughout Creation. We are physical
examples of unique creative potential that can mirror back to all involved in our diverse
and profound expression. The multidimensional aspects of who we are constantly feed
information, data, and concepts to the higher self, which then directs these gifts in ways of
energetic cues, clues, and in dream-time or meditative states. Our cellular aspect, which is
also cued with Source essence, becomes activated in ascension path work, and if one
intends it, it can then complete the cycle of profundity of what makes up the whole human
being. We are of cosmic, divine, and multidimensional essence, all in one physical
package that exists to bring forth our own unique expressive gift for Creation.
What I think, do, and act upon, and how I act upon it, is diversely unique and adds
to the intricate orchestration at every level for the overall expansion and evolution for all
beings, and for all species within this glorious and infinite universe. How utterly profound
is this? It is when we become aware of this, and the potentials that these multidimensional
aspects offer to our physical reality experience, that we truly begin to create the brilliance
in which we signed on to manifest. It is in our growing awareness of how expanded we
truly are that we create the vibrations of New Earth and its glowing hue to support our
ever-expanding human experience.

When there is synchronicity in our everyday lifesuch as the meeting of certain

people, teachers, friends, and so onthere are no accidents or happenstance in any of
these connections. You have designed, at the higher levels, to cross-connect for the lessons
required for that moment of your perspective, or for theirs. We know that all is occurring
in the now, so therefore all meetings, connections, and life-altering moments are, in a
sense, perfectly timed by your soul and higher self, and like the process of ascension, there
is nothing left out of this entanglement. Everything within Creation is touched by your life
right now. This level and depth of understanding will become more and more prevalent as
we move into greater exploration and communication with our celestial families. For
every thought, emotion, and act, whether it be positive or negative in vibration, ripples to
the cosmos and is felt throughout Creation.
People have often struggled with the power of our free will to choose, and I
have often heard of the struggles and fear associated with not taking the right path. I am
here to tell you, with great conviction, insight, and knowingness, that we can let this fear
and second-guessing go. There are no wrong paths. You may choose to take a certain
path, and learn the lesson that choice had given you, but you will always be given the
opportunity to realign and get back on track to the divine calling of your life blueprint. I
have outlined that we really have been born with all that we need to succeed in any
manner and at any level we choose to experience. We have free will to choose a profound
path. We have our innate ability to create heightened intuitive abilities that assist in
guiding us on this path. We have unlimited creative potential within our imaginations and
inspirations to expand upon our paths. We have the celestial and universal help, support,
and guidance to encourage and propel our multidimensional whole aspect into new
potentials. This is proof that regardless of how expanded and complex we may ascend to,
we will always be supported, gifted, guided, and loved in every new phase we align with.
The more quiet reflection time we take in each day, the greater intuitive balance
we gain. We also create the portal for all higher-realm signals, signs, and symbols to be
sent through our higher self for further exploration and self-discovery. Actively listen and
create time to commune with all aspects of our multidimensional self, the myriad of
beings and teams that support usGaia, wildlife, our celestial teams, the angelics, and
Sourceand you will allow your gifts to flow through you to create and strengthen the
link that sustains entanglement with Creation. For centuries now, humanity has cut off the
flow of spirit essence, spirit communication, and hidden the plethora of experiences of
contact from our celestial family, due to the fears and conditions being fed from the
structures that were created to serve its people. It is timely that we remember our place
within this grand chain of loving existence, and awaken the multidimensional aspects that
are enmeshed with the whole of Creation.
Know that you will be given energetic offerings to be brought back into alignment
if you feel lost within the chaos, confused, or depressed. For these are aspects of
misalignment and because you are loved so unconditionally, you will always be given
gifts of benevolence to realign and free the song within you. There are no time limits or
restrictions on what you are able to create or what path you can choose. The soul, the
greater aspect of who we are, is that part of us that is entangled and enmeshed fully with
Source, and just as Source is infinite, so too are you, so if one does not ascend in this
lifetime, then perhaps it will happen in another. Our highest levels of awareness will

always choose the level of challenge and balance according to the overall theme that the
soul desires for us.

The Higher Self

The higher self is the aspect of ourselves that decides, with the Soul, how, when,
and why the choices and opportunities will occur for the physical aspect of who we are
now. These are all predestined and designed by a myriad of beings. The higher self is
intuitive, the medium, and the channel for it is the all-knowing aspect in the logistics of
how to navigate through any reality we choose to experience. We are not cut off from
universal wisdom or any other intelligence of this higher aspect of who we are, and in
ascension and awakening, we can unveil more and more the fluid path of communication
to the higher self, for it is our greatest guide and the higher aspect of us. We know the link
between the soul and the higher self is one that is entangled in all lifetimes, and this is why
they are constantly feeding multidimensional energy to allow you the opportunities you
need on your path. The higher self is the all-knowing driver, for it has the grander view
of the other lives, and is the brilliant navigator in this energetic focus to direct you in all
aspects of your life. The higher self creates and assigns the appropriate beings, from a
myriad of realms if need be, with the tasks and status update of where you are at in your
souls blueprint, then the assignments are given for you to move forward on your path.
We can release the worry and stress of pushing our path in any one way or rushing
to get wherever it is we feel we need to be, and relax into the vibration of allowance, for
there are many beings within a whisper ready to step up and assist humanity. We must
allow our physical selves to sink into the knowingness of this elegant orchestration. The
web of intertwined connections that cross-connects and is enmeshed within the infinite,
and all that you need to experience will arrive exactly when you are ready for it. Our role
is to align with ecstatic anticipation in unwavering trust that all of your inner light work
and practice will allow the magical events to unfold in your highest and your best form
every time. Align, trust, practice, and allow.
All that you need to ascend, transform, and align with an exciting and
unexplainable path of divine proportions is to align your vibration to the experience you
desire, live in the vibration of ecstasy, and tune in to existence around you to sustain a
continued process of realignment from what your reality mirrors to you. Trust that you
have all you need to ride this wave and all will unfold as it was designed for you, by you.
The higher self filters and allows only what you need to move forward. Trust that the
greater entanglement you create with your higher self and teams will be provided in
magical and brilliant ways. Your role is to align, create, act, trust, and allow. Allowance is
taking all of the above and imbuing it with love, for as you do this, you transform worry,
doubt, and fear into profound self-love and expanded knowingness. Love is the highest
vibration in our universe and there is nothing it will not transform. You are an aspect of
this divinely perfect plan, so allow the state that you have set yourself and open to the gifts
that will give you the confidence and illumination that your highest aspects knew would

unfold for you.

As stated before, this reason for our physical experience is to explore awakening
in the most profound of ways, and to consciously navigate our way to fulfill our souls
call: our blueprint in this unique life experience. We have all come here to experience the
vibrational state of our true natural, divine, authentic self. It is in this natural state that we
are able to express to Creation and ourselves the creativity that we were born to express.
The soul level of our expression is the very center of who we are, and it is linked with
Source, molecularly and energetically. This is why we are not just our physical structure.
We are divine essence and light.

The Diversity of Creation

There are myriad layers, infinitely designed and patterned within each of us.
These energetic light patterns are in constant movement and always in a state of
rearranging based on the environment in which its surrounded within. Some energetic
realms carry life as we know it to be, and other realms carry life or consciousness at
entirely different levels that humanity is not even aware of. We will be informed and
educated as we move closer to open contact of our true divine placement within the whole,
and that will include the greater understanding for the diverse level of life-forms that truly
exist within this expansive universe. These first contact teachings that I am immersing
myself in, and which will unfold to you as they occur for me, will allow us to truly expand
our idea of what life really means in the scope of the greater picture of existence and
where we fit within it. An expansiveness of terrain and realms that support life exists in
every corner of the universe, and then are layered within the multiverse to infinity. This
brilliant painting of the multiverse that we are all coexisting, co-creating, and living within
is utterly expansive and immense. It truly is infinite.
We will become aware of our greater families and the layering and coloring of
realms of which we have never been privy to yet. We will gain information about our true
human heritage and the star systems from which we were designed to emulate and to
expand our understanding about the myriad of other beings that look nothing like humans.
Evolution and human potential is at the center of this transition and there is much work,
much discovery, and great celebration to unfold as we walk this path into our fifthdimensional new bedding. Many of us are remembering beings that we are working with
on other realms, as we awaken to more expansive energy and can be described as;
insectoid, humanoid-reptilian, or merely conscious balls of light, elementals, felines, the
bird people, hybrids and so on. There are so many diverse forms of life, and we are all
enmeshed and entangled with it all because we are of the cosmos, it is within us, and we
are an aspect of it even living out a parallel life on other frequencies.
Our planet and our collective have never expanded the potential of who we are in
a greater view to Creation, and the cosmic family that exists outside our earthly bloodline
will be just some of the discoveries that will unfold to us in perfect timing. We are living a
multitude of other lives right now on other realms, and there may be aspects of you in the

group listed above, so that you could allow the greater soul aspect, and over-soul, all the
way up to Source, the wisdom, the intelligence, and unique view from that life
perspective. All of those other yous add to the greater soul package of all that you are,
and as you ascend, you will gain greater access to these multidimensional parallel aspects
of the greater soul self. All of these fifth-dimensional offerings and concepts are a part of
our natural evolutionary process and to accept our entanglement with non-humanoid
beings will be an aspect that we all have to move beyond as we are ever growing near our
fully ascended states.

The Divine Soul Plan

Since moving to Calgary in 2013, Ive been on an accelerated path that will lead
to open, conscious contact. To prepare my body, my psyche, my earthly reality as I know
it, there must be an alteration in all aspects of who I am to accept this expansive process.
Bit by bit, with each passing stage, phase, and energetic increment, there has been a
special system to expand my multidimensional perspective. I believe that we all contain
the ability and potential to ascend, as it is encoded within every cell. It is those that desire
change enough, who are willing to act in a way that their whole aspect of self can shift
with the energies propelling all of us. Once we intently surrender into the process, we may
be pulled to clean out old and limiting beliefs at every level. This energetic cleansing is
required to make room for higher, more refined energy and beliefs.
Some people may feel the overwhelming desire to move, change careers, or
change stagnant relationships, all in synchronistic timing to align with the ever-changing
times. All of these inner callings to act, the intuitive tugs, or inspirations, are gifted to us
by our higher self and are all an aspect of our divine soul plan, urging all of us to align
with the path that we had so carefully planned in the highest level of our consciousness
states. The urge, desire, or excitement for enhancing our celestial communication, or to
expand upon our multidimensional abilities, is all for overriding fulfillment of our greater
life blueprint, at the soul level, that is ultimately mirrored back to the divine.
As I have frequently written about, there is great orchestration and divine
planning in every aspect of our lives. We have the free will to act upon anything that
comes our way, thus altering the path, but there is a primary theme or plan or role
that we are meant to experience, and at the highest of energetic levels, we are in constant
communication to ensure that the opportunities and pathways become available for us on
the physical level so that we may act upon them. As you begin to experience the profound
synchronicity that is gifted, you realize that there truly is a Divine plan that can only be
orchestrated by the skill, benevolence, and brilliance of those who master the energetic
and physical aspects of this reality. To place upon our path exactly what we need and with
whom is utterly profound. Time and time again, it is done with immense precision and
elegance. There are an infinite number of realms of unseen potentials that we are tapping
into. Once we fully acknowledge, accept, and embrace this existence of such energetic
realms, beings, and consciousness that support and guide us, we can then open to whatever

infinite possibilities that realm has to offer.

If there is one thing that I have begun to understand about the universe in which
we live within and are entangled among, its that anything is possible. As a human species,
we have chosen to self-impose limitation to varying degrees so that we can rediscover our
innate potential. As we do this, the preparation for the potential to live among other
similar vibratory beings will be possible. We have historically kept our planetary doors
closed and the mere notion that one day we will resonate at the vibration where coexisting
with hybrids, or other humanoids, is entirely possible. These beings are in connection and
communication with us on many levels. Most of the human population is simply unaware
due to limiting beliefs and conditioning that will not allow the concept of what they cannot
see to be real in any sense of the word. There are many people like myself all over the
planet who are bringing forth these experiences so we can bring light to the life that exists
within and all around us. Remaining in the vibration of fear only perpetuates fear, and
regardless of what governments or other socioeconomic systems see fit for humanity, we
have the free will to create the reality that fits with our soul stirring. Expanding what we
believe to be true about our reality and who we are within the greater whole is why we
have chosen this time of awakening, for the lessons and growth done here at this time is
unparalleled. Keep in mind that, just because you may not be able to see light ships that
are always milling about the evening sky, it does not mean they are not there. This is true
for angelic spirits, spirit guides, and other energetic elementals. Just because our eyes have
not attuned to their frequency to see them, in time, we will. The more you are able to raise
your vibration and link in with all that exists and swims around you, the greater ability you
allow to flow from you. For this ability to tap into any level of energy is all within.
Expanding our senses to experience light ships can occur in many ways. Whether
the experience of seeing a light ship was an energetic vision, or imprint, a dream, or
telepathic thought that drifts into your relaxed mind, all of these experiences are real
energetic connections with other beings, and are done in this way to allow you the ease of
what is familiar and nonthreatening. These higher states of conscious experiences can
come like the imprints I usually get as the after-affect of a meditation or dream, or
reality shift I have recently experienced. Sometimes the experience of meeting with other
beings will come into my conscious state days after I had the meditation and this is
another example of how all things exist now, and we have the potential to bend the illusion
of time when it suits our path of experience.
A divine plan that has been written just for you is what awakening allows you to
discover and as such energetic triggers occur, each one allows you to continually amp
up your resonance in preparation for the next level of integration and energetic offering.
Your team is always working and whether you know it or not, they are always nurturing
and aligning for you all things possible as you tune in and desire it. This is what is truly
meant by being infinite beings of divine light essence, for there is nothing that our light
cannot expand to with the love and awareness we choose to act upon. As you tune in and
awaken to all that you are swimming within, this quantum brilliance of life and what you
desire to experience, unfolds before you as you align with it. All there is to experience in
this lifetime is available and it merely requires us becoming aware of it, aligning to it, and
acting to create further potentials and expansion. This is how we are able to flow with
universal energy and when it all clicks, it all flows, and your life will seemingly just

Your higher self and your guides will gift you with dream visitations, impressions,
feelings, or sensings that can create the feeling of doing something or possibly acting in
a particular direction that will inspire you to take a turn on this path to lead you exactly
where you need to be and when you need to be there. Everything has been laid out for you
and at this point in our planetary ascension, the portals and doorways have been opened
enough for even the most inexperienced person to dive in and start moving up the
expansion ladder of consciousness quite quickly if they so desire. These refined ascension
energies have been delicately prepared and served for anyone who has been triggered to
awaken, and desired greater fulfillment in this life experience. The desire to live a more
fulfilling life experience is a primary reason why most people find themselves reading
books like this one. The soul urge that inspires you to seek out new platforms, new
concepts that stretch your senses and tap into any aspects that desire to be revealed. For all
of these ascension steps and stages only reveal more of who you truly are at the grander
and multidimensional level.
There are no accidents, so if you are reading this book, it is because you have
been driven by coincidence or synchronicity to do so. Bravo for heeding your instincts,
and have fun with what is unfolding. Gaia is moving through an extraordinary
evolutionary process and there are no books written or schools that will give you one
complete and right answer. Every teacher has a gift to offer, so use your spiritual and
divine discernment to navigate whichever pathway feels right for you. Explore the depths
of your potential so that you can connect with the feelings, visions, or impressions that are
slowing leaking their way in to your conscious reality as it is all done with precision and
in perfect timing for your ascension and evolution as it unfolds.

Our Divine Encoding

Just as every high-powered thought, word, and deed is crucial for a profound life
experience, its vitally important for us to understand the state in which we energetically
swirl and swim within. There must be an understanding of our infinite potential, and the
profound expansiveness of our consciousness. There are no machines or electrical devices
that can ever reproduce what our divine innate energetic patterning can create. The pattern
of who we are and the level to which we weave our consciousness in with the all of
Creation is what we do innately in the higher realms we exist within. We are aspects of the
same divine essence that creates planets, galaxies, and solar systems. This is all swimming
within our cellular makeup and can provide us with an infinite slate in which to create
brilliant manifestations upon.
Divine Source intelligence is beyond what any earthly religion is able to articulate
and spell out in a book. Creation and its underlying benevolence and unconditional love
for all within its cradle is a concept that we have yet to grasp in this realm. Our traditional

constructs, religions, and controls can be evidence of this, for the intent to know God and
the masters that walked in light of It had professed, was not one of judgment, but of
benevolence. We have much wisdom left out of our heritage, our teachings in every arena
to hide the potentials that humans truly have. For if we were aware and active in practicing
the power and infinite abilities that we own from within, then there would be no need for a
society that runs like a global sweat shop and be overly consumed with all things
material. We could manifest anything we desire, and I guarantee you, once we reach the
level of spiritual maturity where instant manifestation is possible, we would not manifest
the material items that we so feverishly beg for. Spiritual discernment and maturity allows
us to tap into the value of all things unseen, and these are manifestations we seek as we
ascend. Our souls truly crave greater inward understanding, Universal travel,
consciousness expansion at every level, and so on. Material manifestations are only one
aspect of a physical experience, valid in its own right, but only one aspect of this reality.
As stated earlier, we are all encoded with the very intelligence that is seen all
throughout Creation and sits in a state of dormancy until perfect timing and activation.
You are encoded with the intelligence, the ability, and the potential of the divine,
and all the great masters that once walked this planet knew it. This is why they had the
ability to spontaneously heal, or transcend pain and even death, or manifest instantly, and
change the molecular structure of physical items. The masters knew with every cell and
heartbeat within their bodies that the divine ran through them, and with this level of
knowingness, they were able to manifest anything. In the words of many great masters,
and ancient scriptures:
John 17:23* I in them and you in meso that they may be brought to complete
unity. This is the mirror of other ancient texts that say. As within, so without. As
above, so below. It is also in these ancient understandings that we gain compassion for
the path of others and allow their stories to unfold as they have designed, for all souls are
unique and crave a myriad of expressions and experiences to ultimately arrive at the same
awakening to Source. We are all created with the essence of the divine, and if we choose
to awaken into our unlimited potential, then we too shall walk as the masters walked.
As you awaken to the true depth and infinite aspect of your potential, you connect
with your divine and Source self, the highest aspect of who you are. Ascension is not just
about the preparation for contact, first landings, or even planetary healing, which are all
valid, true, and real. At the soul level, we are moving through ascension to reunite into
remembrance with our divine aspect and the divine aspects of Creation, or our return to
more fully knowing Source. We are at the tipping point where humanity as a whole
understands that all of the planetary changes and anomalies have occurred for us to peek
within the window of our infinite and divine potential, and to know for the first time in our
earthly history that we belong to a family and benevolent Source that desires us as much
as we desire them.
We can choose to continue down the same path of the struggle, strife, and chaos,
or we can lift our heads and tune in to the soul that aches to be heard, for it is our link to
Source. We can choose right now to turn the page in our rather lengthy war-torn history
books and create this planet anew. A fifth-dimensional New Earth is one that sings with
rebirth, renewal, and the potential to create and manifest new social systems that benefit

the all in ways we have never experienced. We have the potential to create self-governing
councils, freedom between borders, and abundance in all things and in all ways. You do
not have to be religious or a believer in any one God to know that you are Divine. God
is not a religionit is a vibration and at some point every living being will make its way
back to Source. The process of ascension is our ability to rise up to the vibration where we
can once again live as the divine spirit essence in which we were created to explore.
We are the divine. You are the divine. I am the divine; and we are all one. Know
that you are a master and everything within your existence is perfectly timed for your
awakening every step of the way. For awakening occurs over and over and over, and in as
many realms, in as many planets and star systems that we experience right here and right
now, it is all real and it is all available for us to explore. Know that you are divinely
encoded and you are known to the universe at large. You are infinitely surrounded, loved,
and innately intelligent to master anything. Allow your heart to open and feel life and
Creation for the first time, for it is the essence that brings us back for more every time.
This is why people can be so moved when they are open to the love that can be felt when
we know we are truly divine beings of light. When we sense the love of self that Source
has for us, you are forever changed.
This is the time, dear lighted ones, to take yourself outside of what you have
believed to be true and connect with the infinite power within. Allow yourself to let go of
judgment, separation, compartmentalization, labeling, filtering, and dissecting from the
old realm of limitation and denial. We are preparing to live within a higher-frequency
vibration, which requires us to go beyond what we have believed to be true in nearly every
aspect of our life.

Understanding Our Link to Source

Understanding our innate link to Source is the power, the fuel, the catalyst for all
healing, all creative aspects, and our ability to expand ourselves to whatever potential we
desire. For centuries, we have incarnated within very limiting environments. We have
gained little understanding outside of structured man-made religions and schoolings,
which provide us with half-truths and filtered information rather than the expanded view
of Source that fits within a universal paradigm truly is. It has been said that God is not a
religion, but a state of being. This statement, although hard for many to accept, is the
closest statement that allows us to expand our idea and notion of what Source and God
truly are. We must allow ourselves to understand that God is energy source; light source.
God is not constructed and constricted with human form or human attributes; however,
God also carries the creation mastery to manifest a physical form if It so desired. It is
within these life-altering reflections that we allow ourselves to emit a multidimensional
vibration, and allow for matching vibrations of this frequency to be imbued through us.
Ascension starts with the vibration you offer and creates the ability to align to
right now. Stretch your minds, dear lighted ones, and expand into the realms of the
unknown for you exist within it all. Stretch your mind and consciousness to include all

species, and all beings, for in acceptance and love for All, you are imbuing this for
yourself and it heals any tragic wound in need of healing. Give light and love to all,
regardless of how challenging the person or situation may be, for love heals all. From love
we create light, and out of light we become love. Embrace all that you are in every way.
Allow the darkness and negativity to surface for healing and understanding, for it not only
gives you peace now, but also spans the universe of which you are also a part. Invite every
aspect that you are, the light, the love, and the presence that it deserves, and allow your
unique gifts to light the way for others. For remember, the All is in you, and you are
within the All. God is the whisper from within that tells you how loved you are, even in
the darkest and ugliest of times, for you have this essence to create light from any level,
and this makes you of divine essence and infinitely profound.

A Fluid Understanding of Source

As we understand our greater potential as energetic beings, we allow ourselves the
fluidity that exists within Creation, which is Source. We have the ability to flow with any
energetic experience that can create an understanding for us to expand upon and serve
others in some way. Source is benevolent. Source is within all and all is within Source.
Creation, God, All That Is, Source, whatever it is you desire to call it, does not matter, just
know that it is always benevolent. There is no damnation or sinful persecution,
prosecution or painful remorse that we suffer at the hands of Source. A benevolent
Creator, the giver of all life, does not operate in this manner. Universes would not have the
ability to support life if it were orchestrated upon the notion that there is damnation or
karmic debts that must be paid.
As we design every experience in our life, and if we refuse to align with a more
positive and powerful vibration, then we may experience the result of misalignment. Any
suffering from any realm is done so and achieved by the limitations we impose or the
misunderstandings about universal laws and how energy flows within Creation. There are
no victims, for we design all aspects that we experience. It is not God, Source, or the
universe acting out due to our bad deeds or misbehavior. Natural disasters or other
environmental stirrings occur because of the great imbalance and misguided ignorance of
those living upon our gracious Gaia.
The more we tap into our own authenticity, the more we are in tune with Gaia, the
more obvious her imbalances become. Its now up to us to act on behalf of and be the
voice of Gaia. Act as though it were your body, your heart, your mind that were in the
balance of illness and toxicity; if it were your life on the line, how would you shift your
vibration to alter the outcome? We are one with Gaia and we can no longer stand by and
pretend we arent a part of the mess we have created. Feel her gift in nature and send your
authentic light to her in all ways that you can for even the light of one can change the all.
Creation is not judgmental, vengeful, or hateful. To be fluid within Creation is to
know that Creation is you and you are it, like liquid gold flowing to and from one another
at all times that is infinite and abundant. One, enmeshed, in tune, linked for eternity, and

able to experience anything your creative abilities can conjure. All That Is, or the One,
is benevolent and always flowing with loving intent. As you tune into this flow, you can
align with and allow yourself to flow along for the ride. This is the underlying force to
all systems, levels, realms, and threads of existence. What people or beings experience as
negative effects are the mirror to what energy theyre devising for themselves in some
way. Whether we fill ourselves with lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, lack of choice,
fear, and so on, we experience what we believe to be true and we create it all. We can let
go of the old belief that the universe reacts because we are all sinners, and then we can
take control of our own destiny and create the paths we deserve. There is no inherent
good button or bad button that Creation has the ability to force upon any being. It is
the energy we create for ourselves based on what we believe to be true about who we are
and what our potential is. This is why ascension, expansion, and enlightenment are waking
the planet up from a darkened slumberbecause the collective desires a lighter way of
living. The more you understand or expand your awareness about who you are, the more
you are able to naturally and authentically flow with the loving ebbs and waves of Source.

The Universal Picture

As everything in the universe is energy, this means that the universal webbing that
we are layered within is alive, always pulsing, always beating to the drum of Source. Our
universe is comprised of consciousness of the most benevolence and light-filled beings,
systems, and grid-work patterns at every level. Sources desire to experience other
neighboring realms and universes is the catalyst to consciousness exploration so that all of
Creation can continue its evolutionary quests and desires to seek and know. As we step out
of the limitation of the linear timelines that keep us held in narrow potentials, we can
imagine and go beyond what we know, and in this new moment, we are expanded. To
discover an infinite number of parallel experiences in other galaxies, star systems, or even
the myriad of physical forms, we only need to align with the vibration and potential of
experiencing it.
The soul will design a course to serve the overall scheme so that many levels can
benefit from the incarnation. If theres an incarnation on Sirius, at an eighth-dimensional
vibrational level, then it will have an effect on the third-/fourth-dimensional incarnation
here on Earth. This is how entangled we are and how every thought and action we create
has an effect on the All, so be profound, dear lighted ones. Contribute to this elegant dance
in your most profound way. The universal story is woven within us all and in each
moment, we have a profound effect upon the whole.
We are all playing many roles in many realms, and our current state of focus is in
this physical reality. As we expand, we can align with the help of our multidimensional
self, to any frequency that can assist us in this reality focus. This is why many who are
awakening manifest ET, light ship impressions, or dream experiences. These are all
experiences to guide us into deeper self-reflection to rediscover who we are at the grander
level of Creation. We know that this physical reality is just an illusion and all that we

know is merely empty space. What that means is that you are an infinite energetic pattern
of light that can create any illusion of physical encasement to allow your greater soul and
over-soul the experience through which you can provide it. As one incarnation can be
chosen to end, we have the ability to choose any aspect of the next experience.
We are multidimensional infinite beings who create everything from the tools we
have been gifted and co-create with others who desire to experience similar yet different
experiences within the reality frequency. If you truly know you create everything, you
then feel the empowerment that comes with honoring and loving thyself for the mastery
skills we have always owned. What we experience is real, but what we see, touch, and feel
is illusory. It is the experience that we crave, and this earthly experience is that we choose
to create our profound expansion for our soul and the greater multidimensional self, the
collective, and so on.
Once we move past this aspect of real and illusionary, we can transform our
judgments about all aspects including people, religion, and so forth. Judgment keeps us in
lower-dimensional vibrations, in states of separation and division. Ascension allows us to
expand our beliefs and examine the potential of the infinite. We can embrace new ideas
along with new corners of the cosmos and galaxies that may inspire us with creating new
systems to heal our people, our failing ecology, and the Gaia spirit. Ascension and
expansion is the transition from one state of being to a more expanded, positive, and
enlightened state of being. Limitation and separation is not an aspect of the higherdimensional realms, and this is why all of these fears and illusions are surfacing, so that
we may finally heal and let go. We have infinite potential the more we tune in, reengage,
and entangle with Source and Creation. Thus, returning to our spirit essence as illuminated
aspects of creation.

Our Multidimensional Universe

We live in an infinite meshing of energetic patterninga web-like, multilayered
fabric of frequency patterns in an infinitely diverse expansive soup. It is not static, linear,
or limited by a space-time construct. The universe is the All, and the All is the universe.
As we expand in our process of ascension, we expand our mindset to the greater, grander,
aspect of creation. We can sense the connection with the All That Is and our role within
it. Within expanded understanding, we can then see that there may not be only one
singular universe, but an infinite number of universes. All universes could possibly coexist
in this layering fashion. One universe layered upon one another, enmeshed and
interwoven. Each universe has its own divine plan that unfolds, and its own themes to play
Just as there are a variety of planets within our galaxy, so too are there vibrational
rules that each planet within the galaxy has chosen to play within. Just as every human
being has a soul plan, so too does each planet and galaxy within the universe. Everything
within our universe has meaning and purpose, and even if we do not recognize the
elegance within these profound multidimensional meanings, it still exists and offers a

story to all other beings about its unique expression and role within the greater whole.
Whatever you can imagine is somehow real in some aspect of your being. Every planet
has the potential to sustain life to other ET beings in frequencies that we are simply unable
to detect. Remember, you cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of.
This is truly exciting. This type of wonderment and imaginative play are key to
a fifth-dimensional vibration. We can begin to play with our innate sense to create and
expand upon even the most incredible of ideas and allow all the doors to our multiverse to
swing open. The cobwebs of limitation and doubt are swept away and we are free to
create. It is in this imagining that we touch on the possibilities and potential, and even
allow higher-resonating memories to flow into our conscious state for greater expansion
and reflection. We are no longer held captive by limitations.
Theres no accident in the timing of anything, and one of the most profound gifts I
am blessed to experience as an attribute to this path of ascension is that everything is
delivered in precise and profound timing. Whether your energetic or physical gifts are that
of a beautiful memory, job offer, bumping into that special someone who becomes a life
partner, or the class that shifts your beliefs, all universal gifts are aligned with magical and
mystical enchantment. How often have we heard profound stories of coincidence that
have altered outcomes forever? This is not a chance result, for it is the work and effort of a
myriad of beings, from a myriad of dimensions, whose role it is to align and guide you, as
you prepare, intend, and align yourself.
Our multidimensional universe is this way, so that an infinite number of beings
can operate, coexist, comingle, assist, guide, create, assign, plan, and empower the
evolution of planetary species moving beyond what they were a moment ago. Its a
multilayered, multidimensional, multifaceted process of grid works and patterns
supporting one another in the reflective experiences at varying frequencies. For how could
any species evolve if every being within Creation were at the same frequency? There
would be no teachers, no students, no guides, no teams, and little change.
As we expand into these ascension topics and attributes, we begin to realize that
the possibilities are infinitely offered to us because we are expanding into ever-heightened
frequencies and potentials. Humanity has much to celebrate and should we not be
ascending, then we would not be experiencing the stir within every facet of our reality and
the *Star Council would not be tapping into our frequency state to usher us into the fifthdimensional realm. Our state of being is transformed from small and limited to profound
and expansive, and we no longer require a scientific study to prove what we know within
to be true. Release any and all fear about your limitation, for your potential within this
multidimensional universe is immense and you are entangled farther than you know.
As we open our hearts, our minds will shift. We will allow the vibration of spirit
to seep through us and give way for miracles to float into our everyday existence that will
alter even the most stubborn of disbelievers.
There will always be those who cannot be persuaded off the page of limitation,
and thats fine for that is the beauty of harmony and balance. All aspects of perception and
belief are required in an unconditional universe. Its not the role of any light-worker to
have others believe what is experienced in the transitioning into ascended light-bodies. Its

the joy and passion of experiencing greater and greater contact and deeper communion
with spirit and the universe as a whole that keeps those staying the course. For we know
that all souls have their individual life plan, and that all are valued and valid.
Unconditional acceptance of all means that all paths are loved and allowed to unfold in
this free will spectrum.
*Star Council is a mediation, ambassadorial council of a collective of twelve
planets within our local universe. They offer their services, guidance, and historical
information as we move into a fifth-dimensional new realm and prepare ourselves to
create new socioeconomic systems and potentials. They offer mediation and
empowerment for equanimity, balance, peace, respect, and process for planets within the
council to air grievances and concerns. The Star Council resides and works within the
sixth- and seventh-dimensional frequencies and sometimes will crossover in cases like a
planetary ascension. It is in the potential for earth to become celebrated within this council
and others like it. Gaia will become the thirteenth planet within the auspices of the

Dreams and Meditations ~ Portals to the Profound

I have written in many blog articles about the power that lies within our dreamtime and meditative experiences. I believe that dreams, meditations, and higher-conscious
states of being are all tools that enable us to explore the multidimensional aspects of who
we are, as well as other realms that align more purely with the frequency we desire.
We can be triggered into awakening by many lifetime memories that come to us in
dreams, meditations, and other fluid higher-consciousness states, and however
challenging, painful, strange, unbelievable, or ecstatic these experiences are, there is
purpose hidden within them all. We can pull lessons, experiences, truths, and
multidimensional wisdom from these experiences and then use them to further our
energetic expansion and growth in this now experience.
Our ability to reproduce any emotional feeling that we desire not only is an aspect
of our multifaceted ability to create, but also allows us to better understand our authentic
vibration. What is the emotional resonance that I truly prefer? How do I create this
resonance? What is the benefit to my aligning with this vibration, and how can I manifest
this to be a constant vibration? All of these reflections allow us to dig deep within and
truly understand our ability for greater expansion. Dreams are fluid and infinite, without
borders or limitation. We heighten these experiences by asking our team for clues to assist
us in any particular need, and have it delivered in our dreams or meditations. We will be
awakened enough that we wont have to go into an altered state to receive such wisdom,
and we can communicate with ease in these heightened states. We are given profound
dream-time and meditative experiences so that we can recall these vibrations and seek
greater meaning and insight to them for our now moment.
Each time we expand what we believe to be true about our earthly experience and

know that everything has meaning, and meaning is everything, we create a level of
intimacy within our existence that is inclusive of everything. Intimacy is your ability to be
entangled and in love with all life surrounding and moving through you. Intimacy
provides meaning, depth, fulfillment, and validation that your path, your song, and the
authentic song and story you create, matters. Intimacy is the ability to be trusting of the
All, for your knowingness unveils it and you are fully enmeshed within All of Creation.
Every experience can allow you to learn, realign, and expand, for it allows you to adjust in
frequency and create greater intimacy.
Unlimited potential comes to those that know its presence within their life. If you
know potential exists, you create the energetic vibration that offers it. Energetic doorways
open to us in these heightened states and gift us with opportunities for expanded
consideration that will bring us to a new level of understanding and resonance. In such
heightened states as dreams or meditations, we fluidly release logic and doubt, allowing
our teams to communicate with us in an unobstructed way. Our logical and analytical
habits are placed in neutral and our spirit self is able to soar freely to work on our greater
life path with the myriad of other beings that it takes to experience what we do.
As we expand, so do the opportunities and concepts that we are able to tap into
and attract. As we unveil, understand, and integrate new information and frequencies, it is
key to practice our newfound skills. Meditate or create quiet reflection time with your
team, your multidimensional aspects, Gaia, nature, and so on. Journal or create other
expressive ways to continue the flow of energy that is always moving through you and
your reality. This process is key to continue the energetic engagement and communication
free flow in an expanded way. You will gain great skill in discerning the symbolisms that
you are sent and gifted with, and thus gain greater confidence in your own ability to
manifest and communicate with the greater Universal pool that we swim within. Trust
what you sense, as trust is the portal that will allow the continuation of multidimensional
communication to flow to you. Create, align, practice, trust, and allow. These are key
attributes to allow the constant flow of universal energy to continue flowing to you in its
diverse and magical ways. You have the answers within you, so trust and allow what
unfolds to deliver to you to what needs to occur. Remember, spirit is benevolent and you
are enmeshed within this grand orchestration of a beautiful universal picture.
As you raise your vibration, you will begin to trust more of what you create. You
will be shown time and time again that you have far more potential than you ever
dreamed. Trust your path as it unfolds, and allow each energetic experience to serve you in
whatever way the experience shows up. Even if a circumstance appears to be dark or
limiting, it will serve you to go within to see what vibration resides there, and still sits at
that frequency. You cannot experience anything, even on the peripheral, if it is not
resonant within you somewhere. Trust all aspects that support, love, and guide you, for
your higher self, your spirit guides, and other celestial connections are with you, because
you have designed it so. You have agreed to bring on your team members to assist you for
the skills and abilities they offer and gift you in this earthly experience. Trust how the
universe unfolds and know that there is immense orchestration at every level. Truly
profound moments of experience are created right now and can be pulled from the tools
we already hold within. Knowing this we can then suggest that all things, even our
universe, are within. You are therefore the beautifully infinite aspect that is this profoundly

divine experience.

Dematerializing with the Masters

Ive written the above as an introduction for whats to come next, for it may be
beneficial to go beyond what you believe to be true or the physical attributes that come
with this reality experience. Allow yourself to feel this next experience in your heart and
you too can join me on this very real and loving journey. The more you allow the energy
to present itself in whatever way it does, the easier the ascension information can gift you
with infinite treasures. This is a multidimensional experience with my extraterrestrial
friends, family, and spirit guides that are all entangled to allow these gifts to unfold for me
as I request and seek further into my expansive potentials. This experience is an example
of how we comingle in every moment with many multidimensional frequencies and
beings for the benefit of this now reality and life theme.
One day, about six months ago, I began my meditation like I always do: deep
breathing, a white light prayer, and a grounding visualization with Gaia. I quickly began to
feel my state of consciousness transform. Remember, whatever we allow our
consciousness to create, we are able to experience, so allowance and trust are key to
letting your team and higher-self design these experiences where you can dive in and
further manifest profound experiences. This physical reality is merely a way for us to
dream a version of perception into experience, and on other frequencies we may not need
the physical to create similar experiences. It is very malleable and infinite to what we are
able to experience.
In this meditative experience, I saw my energetic self, the higher aspect of who I
was, float or fly up into the etheric space of our galaxy. The excitement of what I
experienced diverted me from a profound being that was floating with me and in front of
me. It appeared as if he was talking to me about what was happening to Earth, and how
the changes that humanity is experiencing are the result of these greater planetary
adjustments. I was enamored with the beauty of Earth as he guided me farther up into the
ethers. I will call this person Jesus, or John the Baptist, for the purpose of allowing you to
feel the grandeur and excitement of their presence. It could very well have been one of my
spirit guides or any other being, cloaked in what I understood to be of profound energy, so
that Id pay attention. This being had a similar physical appearance as what people have
historically depicted Jesus to look like. This being appeared in front of me and he was
dressed in a camel-cloth robe tied at the waste, with a gentle yet profound sense of surety
that made me follow intently.
Its important to understand that most higher realm beings arent concerned with

who we label them to be, or what we call them. Its only our compartmentalization and
limited habits that instruct us to seek out names. From the earliest of times, man has put
great effort into humanizing the divine, so in many profound ascension events, we will
relate many of the beings or experiences to that which we are most familiar with, which
bring in a similar vibration to the lesson at hand. Many angelic and divine connections
allow us to step up in vibration to access what was previously unattainable. This is the role
that many beings play throughout the universe and assist us with in most expansion
As I continued to float up to the ethers, I saw that I was being led to the ethers
with this profound being in front of me. He was teaching or offering his wisdom with his
arms stretched out in front of him, directing my attention. As he enlightened me about
what was happening to Gaia, and what my role was in the greater plan, I felt the giddiness
of a new apprentice of sorts to some great master that was bestowing their wisdom to me.
Still distracted by the profound experience, my consciousness did not fully engage in what
he was teaching because I noticed my body shift to an altered state and I was fully aware
and essentially in charge of this unusual experience. I began to see my energetic body
dematerialize and split off in an infinite number of pieces and directions and speeds into
deep space to intermingle with the collective vibration. The particles that make up who I
am seemed to disintegrate, dematerialize, and disperse into the cosmos, yet I was
conscious about their presence. I immediately transcended into pure spirit essence,
conscious within the heightened state to see myself both as an individual and the
experience of dematerializing into the All That Is.
The profundity of what I was experiencing allowed me to understand at the
conscious level that within a heightened state of a fifth-dimensional frequency, we can
choose how we desire to experience that frequency. The fifth-dimensional potential, and
the skills and ability that we have command over, can support our desire to create the
ability to be in one physical place, experiencing the reality plane, or choose to
dematerialize and break off to gain the collective perspective of the same experience.
We have greater choice on what perspective we desire to experience with every passing
and heightened phase of ascension. The greater expansion and heightened vibration we
allow ourselves to become, the more potential we offer in. We might change form,
dematerialize, or cloak our physical experience so that we can interact with other beings
that do not look as we do, and so on.
I was so excited and amazed at this experience that I withdrew my attention from
the teacher before me. We were so high above Earth that it appeared to be the size of a
large pumpkin. Gaias gorgeous blue and green hues felt so inspiring, and for a split
second I felt the profound love for Gaia that keeps many of us coming back lifetime after
lifetime. This being was skilled enough to allow me this profound experience and know
that as I grow and expand, so too will the experiences as they unfold with the potential for
Within our consciousness we experience all there is to experience. In the
expansion of what we believe to be true, we allow the door to swing open for the profound
experiences that take us beyond the believable in an infinite number of ways. An attribute
of the fifth-dimensional resonance is that we have the ability to submerge ourselves into

the freedom of our spirit and it literally can take us to any experience we desire.
Remember, there is no greater tool within Creation than our consciousness itself for it is
entangled with Source and all of Creation. It desires evolution and exploration.
There are fewer barriers and boundaries as we raise our frequency, so if we
wanted to experience and split off to five different realms, we could do that within the
blink of an eye and simultaneously carry out all the lessons offered from each one. This
ascension process, as profound as it all is, isnt always what it seems. We have the
potential to expand our consciousness, but in that, we have the potential to tap into our
God-self presence, to reacquaint ourselves with the mastery to which we knew we would
sense as we agreed to this incarnation. The divine encoding that resides within each of us
is available within these expanded energetic fields of play, and we can allow ourselves to
float within them and tap into them.
Sometimes there are no earthly words that can describe ones experiences in such
energy and etheric realms, and with the beings we connect with, we can create great purity
and authenticity within the moment, and be forever changed by it. For we momentarily tap
into the aspect of ourselves that is all-knowing, confident and wise, innately powerful and
yet profoundly humble. These experiences shift and alter the person within to become the
master that walks upon Gaia now.
A master with all-knowing compassion, humility, reverence, and the power to
create anything, but the ability to only create what the path has designed to explore. This
level of intimacy with Creation, and all beings within it, is what allows me to continue
sharing these experiences with utter passion, for it truly is an elegant energetic dance.
The beauty of astral travelling, meditation, and other light-body experiences is
that we have the ability to feel what our natural self feels like. We can be anywhere
within a blink of an eye, and manifest anything from a thought. There are no limitations
within our consciousness, and as we expand and merge with this vibration, we act in
kindness and reverence for the unfolding in every moment thus adding to the expansion of
the planet and the collective as a whole.

Multidimensional Healing

The bigger picture of ascension is that, as we bring to the surface our
multidimensional pains, lifetimes, and experiences, we have the opportunity to heal the
grander aspect of our experience for greater good of the All. Healing may appear to occur
within your life for you and those involved, but it spans to every dimensional plane that
we are entangled within. I remember coming to the moment of profound forgiveness when
I witnessed lives that I had lived in the time period of Jesus, and the travesties and horrors
that humanity experienced in the fear of what love could transform. I broke into tears and
begged for healing from the highest light-beings and God, for the death, injustice, and
tremendous loss of life that we all experienced in those incredibly challenging times. In
times of great loss, whether you are on the other side of the planet, or the one being put to

death, we all suffer, and the wounds of persecution and injustice resonate with us all in
some way. Those of us who are extremely empathic and psychic carry the awareness in a
more surreal way than others, thus the healing can be challenging and equally profound.
I know now through such experiences that grieving and releasing the energetic
karmic imprints are incredibly healing, and as experientially real as if the experience
happened last week. Energy is energy. We can transform and propel it, direct it, and build
upon it, but it is always energy. Whether the trauma was an experience from a hundred
lifetimes ago (in our linear way of speaking) or on another realm, the healing must occur
in some way. As you sense these emotions of timelines you may not fully understand, or
experiences you may not fully remember, they are all being brought to the surface for a
reason, and quiet reflection time, meditation time, and a clear pathway to your spiritual
team can assist you in releasing these multidimensional imprints.
There is healing in forgiveness and with forgiveness there is awakening into
greater self-love. This incredible path can take you to some truly wild experiences, and
each time we are gifted with a new way to explore more of who we are, we open ourselves
up to our unlimited potential, and our self-love naturally awakens within our vibration.
Like a natural energetic cycle within Creation, the more love we sense within ourselves,
the more we want to experience. This is how expansion really occurs. Through the
expansion of our awareness into greater-vibrating beliefs and concepts, we unveil our
natural divine self, which is imbued with Source energy. Unconditional love never existed
to this degree in this realm. This level of love transforms all within its path.
Our lives will slowly crave expanded ways to rediscover more of who we are so
that we can in a sense fall back in love with who we truly are. Every being that resonates
at the fifth-dimensional level and above has a deep and intimate level of love for the self.
The excitement to explore and expand upon the self also expands all within Creation. This
is why self-love is so profoundly powerful and can heal any wound at any level. The
excitement to explore leads to the excitement of self-discovery, and greater self-discovery
leads to greater and more expanded self- love, greater self-discovery, and greater self-love,
thus perpetuating the whole universal expansion cycle over and over to infinity and
beyond. Love and light are expansive, and they represent our natural state of being. When
we commit to living our lives in full authenticity, we tap into loves expansiveness to evergreater depths. Love is the most powerful antidote for disharmony and unrest.

The Dreaming of Reality

As our genetic coding is activated in these accelerating times, we are awakening
to a greater desire to love more deeply. The mysteries of this glorious planet will be
leaked, given, and enlightened in various ways over the next ten years, and we will all
have the capacity to act, be, and do in the way that stirs the soul to awaken to this unique
opportunity and truly feel alive and engaged once again.
We are not physical beings having dreams; we are spirit essences experiencing a

dream of being physical. The illusions that we create in every aspect of our physical lives
are evidence enough that we really do have the power to create anything. The moment you
awaken to an expanded view of your reality, you will shift the potential from merely
existing within structured confines to opening the doors of the infinite. Dreaming our
reality and awakening in the dream of a fifth-dimensional New Earth is expanding to the
point where both realities merge and where the multidimensional experiences no longer
have to be presented in these heightened states, for you have become the heightened state
of consciousness. If we are powerful enough to dream this physical existence, or create it,
then what expansive things are we able to tap into?
We are all energetic consciousness at various levels, points of resonance, and
states, and we have created all aspects of physicality to serve in our process to awaken,
expand, and grow. In a co-creative collective agreement, we exist with others who are also
dreaming this experience and all agreements entangled within one another. We are being
gifted with energetic alignments and triggers that assist us as we emerge from this dormant
sleep, allowing us a glimpse that our reality is not what we thought. All realities exist at
various levels of consciousness, web-like energetic patterns layered upon, and side-by-side
one another. It can be said then that our reality is but a hologram within a hologram within
the infinite, all coexisting within this same now moment. It is our consciousness that
creates the experience that becomes a reality. It can be conceivable, then, that we are
creating this reality in the same manner as we create the dreams that dazzle us at night,
and it is the level of awareness and the intent to which we create within this awareness that
creates our experiences.
We dont have to be in a waking state of disconnection to everything in our reality,
but we can shift our perspective to being the creator of this version of a dream. We are
literally waking up within the dream of this reality. Try and grasp the concept at the spirit
level, and honor the true power and incredible focus that we own to create the illusions
that we exist within. It is key to remember that we have this power, and allow ourselves to
wake up to it and start living and reengaging with life again. We can remember all
potentials, and like a pulsar that beams to infinity and beyond, we are immediately shifted
to the reality where miracles occur because we have shifted our knowingness to match this
potential. The power and sophistication of our creator aspects are immense, and if we only
knew what we are truly capable of, we would be walking versions of the tallest of lightbeings. We see the Andromeda people as tall lights, for they too have walked the path of
not knowing to awaken into what they know now. Their length and their height is the
presence of knowingness they carry within and it is the path we are now awakening to.
Know that as you walk forth, you are walking within a dream and you have the
ability to shift it all. The stars that you gaze upon, also gaze upon you, in wonder, in
delight, and in celebration of the letting go to create new potentials with greater love and
meaning. This is what is required for us to awaken to our remembrance of the fluidity and
malleability of this reality. We are literally the spiritual mavericks who create a new
paradigm of layered patterns with each new thought. Billions upon billions of beings that
also create their version of a reality also entangle and coalesce with matching vibrational
realities to be what would appear very real.
I know feelings of unrest, I know feelings of disconnect, and I know that there is

another way to experience life, as we know it. All those who have stood in the line of fire,
all those in disbelief of love, light, and an incredible flexible and profound path are worth
standing within the boldness to be able to experience potential that we have never allowed
ourselves to know. Allow the path of others to be theirs, as you create yours with
validation at every turn when you align with your profundity and watch it flow and glow
with the brilliance of the divine. Source is our Creator, and that very same essence resides
within us all. Dare to dream, dare to step outside the path that others walk, and create
beliefs that allow you to experience life unparalleled. Transform fear with the profound
love that you now know resides within. It will be the tool to manifest anything. There are
enough lighted beings that as we turn on our lights and stand tall, we create the bridge that
brings Heaven down to our fifth-dimensional glowing New Earth.

Chapter V
Fifth-Dimensional Activation and Living Ecstatically

The Release of Self-Doubt

How many of us had spent more time in the energy of self-criticism, as we get
ready for our day? We are all familiar with the inner dialogue that occurs as we face
ourselves in the mirror every morning. What reality would we carve if the dialogue and
knowingness was profound and divine? How many of us commit to self-honoring time
each day for inner reflection, meditation, or intentional journaling? How many of us have
stayed in relationships that have run their course, but still stay entangled with them
because of the fear of the unknown, or what lies beyond what we cannot see? If you feel
resonant with lack, in any form, whether it be feelings of self-love, abundance, self-worth,
or so on, it is essential that we explore the inner beliefs of why we do this. Our inner
thoughts and dialogue creates beliefs that go on to create energetic and physical
imbalance, which results in illness, disease, and stagnates our soul growth. The frequency
at which we set our inner dialogue to can be the difference between living a fulfilling life,
or living an emotionally numb life, day in and day out.
Awakening allows confidence to rise to the surface as we align and create greater
connection within the All that we exist within. If we live in constant states of doubt and
fear, we are keeping an entire realm of experience at arms length. Fear and doubt breed
disconnection. Every experience allows us to see where we are limiting our connection
with the self, the universe, the divine, our mission or blueprint, Gaia, nature, those around
us, our higher self, our spiritual team, or our celestial family. There is connection and
intimacy to be had in every situation and misalignment gives us the opportunity to once
again shift our beliefs so that our frequency shifts to open the portal of love and
Releasing the presence of self-doubt and moving into a frequency of pure
excitement and intentional living requires us to not only create a deepened state of selflove and self-acceptance, but to forgive the beliefs we carried that held us back. Rarely is
the pain and doubt that we feel about others. Pain from within is a result of agreeing with
what we have been told, and thus we create the reality from these negative and fearful
beliefs and conditionings. Regardless of what life experience you have chosen, or what
you feel others have done to you, you can honor the power that resides within every cell
you have swimming within you, and break free to create a path resonant with your most
adventurous of dreams. We create and co-create every experience in our lives. We are not
victims of circumstance. As we take an honest assessment of every challenging and dark
experience, we will see that the frequency we had set ourselves to, allowed us to manifest
a particular situation into existence, and now view it at the experiential level. Therefore,
the anger and fear is not within the thing or person, but within the depths of our own
knowingness, allowing ourselves to be carried by beliefs that were not our own creation.
We are truly so much more powerful, and the spirit essence of who we are is ready to be

set free. Thus, anger, frustration, and pain arise because we have not gained the awareness
or perspective to know we created this frequency for a lesson that allowed us to grow in a
particular way.
Be easy on yourself and allow heartfelt forgiveness to be imbued with all beings,
all situations, and all challenging or dark moments, for it is only a lack of awareness that
brings on the situation of pain or struggle. This is how we allow compassion to take over
and let go of the reactive impulses. The more you know, the more you allow yourself to
expand within the All That Is, the greater compassion you will gain, and with compassion
there is forgiveness, and with forgiveness there is love. Letting go of doubt, and selfdeprecating behaviors means we need to alter the beliefs we have that created these
experiences to live within us. Greater awareness and forgiveness allows us to open our
heart center and feel the depth to which we exist and create a pathway to climb out of the
numb and darkened pit in which many of us have lived within for far too long.
Allow quiet reflective time to unveil what beliefs brought on the pain, or lack of
self-worth. Remember, some of the wounds we carry today can also be the karmic scars
from other lifetimes. Energy can be carried in this way, and as all is happening
simultaneously, the psychically sensitive people sometimes toggle the pains from other
lifetimes as current triggers pull in the energetic memories. Even if your life blueprint is to
release and alter all of your fears, prejudices, and beliefs about several lifetimes where you
played roles in which you were killed for your beliefs, these energetic tragedies can be
healed now. This is why we sometimes walk through this life with feelings of despair and
anger, but have no apparent reason to feel this in our current reality, for the wounds are
bleeding through from another frequency for us to heal in this now moment. Some of
these scars and wounds still resonate and will do so until we heal them with love and
forgiveness within this now.
Releasing self-doubt and any other negative and painful belief means that you first
have to acknowledge it, embrace what you unveil, and allow it the honor to bring you to a
place of heightened knowingness and clarity. In this process alone, you release it to the
cosmos to be transformed into love. We then have the potential to redefine ourselves with
more powerful beliefs, definitions, and beauty to walk forth in surety, clarity, and selfhonor for our ability to create, realign, and rise up to the potential in which we knew we
would tap into and explore.

Beyond Victimization to Self-Empowerment

This amazing energetic shift thats being amped up with every seasonal and
cosmic alignment continues to serve us in many ways. It allows us the opportunity to
further explore the genetic encoding that can be activated in these increased
amplifications. If we allow the triggers to help us unfold learning opportunities, we can
see the lesson within each experience and transcend it. In whatever ways we describe or
explain our fears or limitations, we have equal creative ability to see our power within
each lifetime. We can see through the illusions and transform the restrictions and pain by

altering the frequency that we held when the experience occurred.

As you move along your path of ascension, you can see how your vibration
mirrors what you experience and you will even be amazed when you look back at
particularly challenging or even profound moments, and see the link that connected your
state of being to that unfolding. This is no different for the collective energetic state that
we sit within right now. As the opposing energies upon our planet jockey for position,
there will be a shaking out of anything that does not align with what our collective truly
The trauma that our collective is engaged in now is the resurfacing of lifetimes of
persecutions, confinements, death, injustices, and so on, and much resides within the
vibration of victimization. How often have we known people to draw every negative
experience as a plan against them? Victimization is the result of the energy we set and
agree to. Just as collectives or groups of people can portray vibrations of victimization, the
result of these vibrations will be seen. It is universal law. It is how energy travels and
flows. What you emit, you attract. Therefore, to release victimization, we again need to
create reflective time to allow the depths of these scars, pains, and traumas to surface and
be transformed into self-empowerment. Even though most wont, at first, believe their
infinite potential for love and light, if we are committed to living a harmonious life with
love and intimacy with Source and Creation, and we surrender into the loving hands of
Source, asking for guidance, healing, and light with the purity of your heart, it will be
given. You will be shown and healed, worked on at an energetic level, and given energetic
offerings such as cues, clues, and opportunities to carve a new path. I know because I have
gone from self-doubt, and lack of self-worth, to creating the ability and confidence to
write the words that paint the picture of unconditional and infinite love to you now.
Remember dear lighted ones, you are only responsible for your path and
regardless of what vibration you carried to create whatever pain you swim within, you can
create profound knowingness right now and climb out. For whatever pains others have
entangled with you, and all within mutual and co-creative agreement, they may have not
had the awareness to know any better. Just as Jesus stated in his final moments, Forgive
them Father for they know not what they do. Awareness is the key to enlightenment, selflove, and self-honor. Ascension and awareness will also allow us the compassion for those
who walk a very different path than you.
Victimization vibrates with the frequency that we do not have choice. Once we
explore our greater expansiveness, our infinite potential, and depth of love within, we
realize that it is an illusion that allows us a great opportunity for growth, and in this, it has
served us. Once we acknowledge and embrace all aspects of who are, even the darkest
aspects, we can send love and heal it. Any aspect of negative frequency is only the part of
us that we have not acknowledged and given love to. Fear is the absence of love, so give
any darkness and fear your love. Love yourself into wellness and beauty, and infinite
creative light, for you are worthy of this. Ascension allows you to move through all of
these human attributes of expansion, and as we refine and atone our frequency we literally
lighten up, speed up, and the cellular and molecular processes also shift with our
newfound knowingness. We become lighter, freer, and more exuberant, and in honor of
our multidimensionality, we swim benevolently in the resonance that our celestial families

have for us.

Refining Your Vibration and the Profundity of Entanglement!

Throughout this book I have outlined the importance of bringing fears, darkness,
limitations, and negative beliefs to the surface so that the process of transformation can
occur. For you cannot change what you do not own. As new revelations await you, in each
transition on your path of ascension, your ability to refine your vibration, and heighten and
expand who you are, will always be available to you. What will change, however, is how
you refine your frequency. With each new stage and phase you move through, you will
experience profound changes in just about every area of your life. Not only will your
physical body change, but also how you engage energetically will transform and heighten.
Your ability to become aware of your level of entanglement is equal to what you manifest,
and as entanglement is love in the purist form, you are enmeshed with all of it. You are
enmeshed within an infinite webbing of energetic layers, and patterns. Source is constantly
sending Divinely inspired information concepts, and symbols, for you to tap into and
manifest within this elegant energetic system. Ascension allows us to gain greater
awareness of these systems; honor it and engage with it to the level of entanglement until
it becomes a part of who we are transcending into as new illuminated galactic humans.
Your sensitivity will advance and expand within these entanglements because you are
imbuing the essence of all things that you set your frequency to, and eventually gain
greater access to more around you, thus you will need to adjust and refine at every stage
so that you can still operate a normal physical presence.
The primary universal laws will assist you in the ongoing realignment of your
core frequency. If we experience struggles, challenges, stagnancy, or pain in any way, it is
because there is a blockage in a belief that is connected to one of the universal laws. If you
are in a state of full knowingness, acceptance, and allowance of these laws, then clearing
old, limiting beliefs will be second nature and you will flow with greater love and ease at
each transition. These laws support who we are and support our ability to ascend and
evolve, always. This is why entanglement and engagement with all that we exist within is
the mastery skill that will assist in bringing you closer to your illuminated galactic state.
It is key to all those who choose to move with Gaia in these transformative times
to remember that at each new stage, we further allow for the ever-changing beliefs,
definitions, and behaviors that sustain a progressive alignment with our highest desire and
incoming refined streams. If there is a great gap between what is coming in and the
receiving body, it may feel challenging for the body to keep up with the divinely sent
frequencies. It is like putting a high performance engine in a vehicle that cannot support
the speed and attunement of the increased momentum. There will be kickback and
resistance if the old residue is not cleared. For remember, even if you dont notice it, see it,

or acknowledge it, as energetic beings of light, we are always receiving and always
sending energy. It is our role to awaken to the responsibility and skills we have to ensure
we are in tune with the profound universe in which we exist within. Thus, its important to
continually work with the ever-changing beliefs as we move and navigate our way through
the vibrational tunnel.
Refinement is the constant play between differing energetic frequencies. As we
move forward, and as Gaia moves forward, we are in constant flux to maintain
homeostatic balance, and harmony with the environment we live within. Homeostasis is
key to any living organism and vital for survival. As our environment is altered, we will be
required to adjust, alter, and refine our whole being to maintain our progress in ascension.
If there are feelings of being unloved, or experience of lack, or feeling out of control
then there will be an unmistakable link between the universal laws, and old patterned
beliefs and definitions that will come to the surface for you to resolve. This process of
expanding awareness carries with it a full-proof mechanism in that if there is anything
that is not in alignment of the frequency in which we desire to resonate at, it will be
glaringly obvious. The only caveat to this, however, is that one must desire and intend to
use these tools. Pretending or suppressing what is there will only prolong the challenge
and friction between varying frequencies and escalate the manifestations in your reality
until the issues are cleared. This is why we are continually refining who we desire to be.
Ascension is an infinite process and why we are always the students of Source and the
divine universe in which we swim.
The energies that assist this planetary ascension come from many different levels.
We have planetary grids that align with other celestial and galactic anchors. Our sun and
moon, as well as all of the astrological alignments, play a part in the energetic refinement
and amplification for Gaia. There are also many different cosmic groups, and councils of
beings that are so deeply connected and in love with humanity that they commit their
lifetime to servicing us in many ways. Some beings act as spirit guides, some act as
communicators to the process, some beings act as energetic amplifiers, and on and on. Just
as other beings are entangled with Gaia and humanity in this grand universal Source plan
for ascension, we too become entangled with these beings, in the same degree to which we
are alert and aware of our presence within it. Along with these many outside sources of
energetic work being placed upon Gaia and humanity, there is the work we do as active
parts in this ascension party. This goes to prove that there is nothing that is left out of the
process of ascension and there is always an opportunity for every being to take part in the
ascending energies occurring right now on this planet.
How wonderful it is to know that we are always being watched over, energetically
assisted, and guided in such profound and glorious ways. We can let go of all worry,
doubt, and hesitation in the knowingness that were always being cradled with the most
loving of beings within Creation and that Creation is celebrating every step that is made
toward greater awareness, light, and refined brilliance.
We are deeply connected to an infinite number of realms, and myriad of
multidimensional beings at every moment. We are entangled so brilliantly within all that
exists. The question is, are you tuned in to experience it? ~ Joanna
My understandings and remembrance of my intimate connections with those in

other star systems have become some of my most valued and treasured gifts in this entire
ascension process. To feel the depth of unconditional love that is simply not yet found at
this planetary level has been humbling and transformative. This is a process that we as a
planetary species are moving toward, and I feel great excitement as I pass along the
wisdom and information I gain from these multidimensional experiences to all those who
attract themselves to it. I believe the discovery of unconditional love, and the discovery of
our infinite potential are just some of the primary remembrances that we are exposing to
ourselves with each passing revelation, and why most of us have signed up for this
powerful incarnation. There are few planetary realms that offer the lessons that we gain in
this earthly experience, so celebrate your existence in this fact alone.
In these energetic shifts of awareness, we can be gifted in the form of impressions,
dreams, or even waking conscious thoughts, feelings, or sensings about what we
experience on other planets and in other realms. The more you create quiet reflection and
meditation time in your everyday life, you will start to experience more and more
multidimensional gifts to ground and expand upon in the here and now. If we are not using
each of these profound experiences to expand all that we are in the now of this reality,
then we are not benefiting from the entire purpose of the event. Remember, there are no
accidents and if you are experiencing something, there is a lesson, a reason, a higher
purpose to why it is unfolding to you for your earthly integration. There is always a lesson
within the challenges and darker experiences that can bring about healing and expansion
to serve in the now, and can bring about celebration, honesty, self-love, self-expression
and our higher authenticity.
As vast and multilayered as the universe is, it is a reflection to us of our own
multilayered aspects. At the highest vibrational level of the one, and then All That Is, all
the way down to over-soul family groups, the over-soul, the individual soul, the higher
self, the spirit self, and physical self, we have all of these aspects that also mirror our other
aspects and are always linked and grounded at the center of Creation. The innate journey
to Source, to light, to the beginning from which we were all created, is the reason for all
the lessons on every level and realm in which we experience. By expanding our awareness
and consciousness, we gain greater understanding for All That Is, and it is in this
overriding desire to embrace our wholeness that we tread some of the most profound
courses and lifetimes. In this earthly incarnation, I believe that every time we choose to
recognize and integrate any form of light and love, we transform the human species as a
In the process of our individual paths, the greater understanding to follow our
excitement will always open the door for us to recreate who we thought we were. Each
day is a new opportunity to redefine our path, take the reins, and steer ourselves in
powerful new directions. The expansion that we are allowing ourselves to slip into will
bring humanity to an illuminated state with every vibrational increment that we align with.
I have termed our ever changing path of the human species to become one that is the new
illuminated galactic human, literally aligning our vibrational states to the point where
we glow, just as the many light-beings do now that assist us in our expansion.
We have soul contracts, or divine plans, that outline roughly the path we will walk
in any given physical life. Until the soul has learned and grown to integrate and expand

from the lessons and themes, it will continue to incarnate as a physical being to fulfill its
divine plan. For remember, the soul is an aspect of the over-soul, and the over-soul is an
aspect of other over-souls, all the way up to the All That Is, and within each vibrational
layer of the universe there are vibrational realms of varying frequencies, plus planets
within these realms. Each realm, or dimension of existence, houses its own signature of
collective rules or laws that the beings of that vibration agree to live within, to a degree. In
our reality, we have agreed to incarnate with the understanding at our higher levels that we
come into this experience with self-imposed limitations to learn the lessons and obtain the
growth from the potential this realm offers. It is in this planetary awakening that we
remember, if only for glimpses at a time, our sensate and infinite potential will be leaked
to us if we are tuned in and desire to experience an expanded way of life.

The Missing Link

I believe that as a planetary collective, we have been missing an integral
ingredient to allow us to survive in bliss throughout Gaias existence. We have forgotten
that we belong to the greater whole, that we are loved unconditionally, and that we are
supported with every step as divine beings of Source essence and light. We have allowed a
reality of technological devices, greed, and power over others to replace that of the
intimate human connection that at the soul level we crave in profound ways. The spiritual
separation, emotional solitude, and lack of awareness has manifested in ways of illness,
aggression around the globe, and a truly imbalanced planet. This has been the story that
Gaia has been telling us energetically for eons and she has been our playground in which
we have worked out the varying lessons of lower vibrational needs and wants over the
We are all aspects of her, and she is an aspect of us. We are entangled and
enmeshed. We are not separate from her or any other aspect within Creation. Her state of
consciousness is our state of consciousness, all the way out to All That Is. If one planet is
being trampled upon, raped, and abused at many levels then the entire system is out of
balance. These planetary imbalances send warning signals to Creation as a call that we are
in need of service and action. This is why so many star systems, beings, and angelic
masters are coming to her aid and have been doing so for many years. She is a beloved
jewel within the greater cosmic system and the universe is involved to assist us in this
monumental plan for rebalancing.
Affirm: I am a creative aspect of Source. I am one with All That Is and all beings
within Creation, and my love, my light, and my intent will balance and heal all that I
touch. I am one with all within Creation. I am supported, I am safe, and I am loved. I AM

Multidimensional Enhancement

Until we are used to seeing and interacting with beings that look nothing like we
do, we will oftentimes co-create experiences that can ease us into awareness at a pace that
is safe and empowering for us. In meditations, dreams, and impressions we are introduced
to many of our energetic and celestial team members that assist and guide us at every step.
We may not always know that the beings we meet in our heightened states of awareness
are on our team, nor would we know if these beings are alternate aspects of us. We may
not need to know the details of their place of origin, or their name, or even why they were
assigned to us. What is important in these multidimensional experiences is that we take the
symbolism that is offered and reflect upon what it can teach us in the moment of now.
Dream interpretation can be challenging. Even ascension and preparation for
contact can be challenging to understand because there is no playbook, and nothing that
exists in our reality can relate to what we are experiencing. This planetary ascension has
never been experienced in this realm and without something to compare it to, can appear
to be overwhelming. Know that it is not necessary to control every element of a profound
multidimensional download or experience. We are given these meetings, these contacts, in
a way that will allow us to take what is important for us to know, and to absorb it, relish
within it, and alter who we are because of it.
We may see and even interact with beings that have the ability to cloak
themselves in a way that is nonthreatening and plausible, so that we may integrate the
experience or hear the message that is required. Within each experience, our celestial
family and team may imbue the cloaking fragment or experience with loving feelings or
memories. Its easier for our consciousness to open up if the situation feels loving or
familiar. We may come out of the experience with a glimpse of something that looked
somewhat different or odd, but ordinary enough that we do not take ourselves out of
the experience with fear or disgust. It allows us the opportunity to remain in the
heightened state, and experience the communication, lesson, or gift in which it can be
retained for further reflection and integration.
In a recent meditation, I experienced a being moving toward me. It appeared, at
first, to be humanoid, and had a large, round torso. I have insectoids and reptilianhumanoids within my soul family, and they often check in with me through my dreams
and meditations. They first entered my awareness in cloaked versions of what I would
recognize and understand, allowing the experience to unfold without fear. Their
appearance is becoming more natural as I am opening my awareness and becoming
familiar with their resonance and physicality. I have had dreams and meditations with
many varying humanoid beings, and I know at some level these quasi-humanoid beings
will project or cloak themselves in a way through each progressive interaction that will
match my awareness, readiness, and resonance.
I am slowly familiarizing and remembering the work that we do on other realms
and star systems. These experiences will be offered in safe and loving experiences, so that
we can flow with and not fear what is occurring. These multidimensional visitations are
needed for us on many levels and are preparing us, guiding us, stretching our
consciousness in ways that will enable us to receive the level of insight, intuitive data, and
diverse acceptance of where humanity is expanding into. Beings from all over the universe

have the ability and potential to insert themselves into our heightened states of
consciousness, to fulfill soul blueprints, and cosmic agendas for ascension and evolution.
Multidimensional insertions occur slowly and have been seeping into our
consciousness for hundreds of years. All of these preparations allow us to taste the
potential for greater diversity, expanded understandings, loving celestial connections, and
concepts to enable the grounding of future Earth, the future illuminated human, and the
fifth-dimensional planet to unify within the cosmos. We are evolving each moment we
allow ourselves to open up to a broader point of view of who we are and what our ultimate
potential is. It is what will create the bridge for communications, agreements, and
strengthened galactic bodies where we all serve one another in light, in love, and in divine
benevolence that mirrors Source and the code of Creation.
If a being looks similar to the way we look, we can ease into the process and
lesson that the experience is being used for. I have had many interactions with a myriad of
beings, and there is always something that I will remember as being slightly odd or
off about the interaction. It could be their height, hands, or legs, or shape of their body,
and in my waking conscious state I will ponder the experience and the essence of the
experience and allow their message to gift me with more symbolism. Remember, there are
no boundaries to thought projection and energetic transference of data and information. If
there is a validation that you would desire, or clarification, then your mere thought and
asking of this with the purity of intent will be sent and received by those for who it is
intended. Your team is linked energetically to you and will allow you the greatest
opportunity to enhance and develop your multidimensional potential. It is up to us to align
and tap into what has always been within our reality.
In the myriad of experiences that I have been gifted with over the past eight years,
I have learned this invaluable lesson over and over: we are all interwoven within Creation.
Like the threads of a cosmic quilt, we carry a myriad of colors, textures, and glyphs that
resonate with the personal and unique story of who we are and who we have been created
to be. Even with such multidimensional experiences as visitations or abductions, there are
agreements and agendas that we have all signed in the highest state of awareness in order
to create the fifth-dimensional New Earth that is free and excited for open contact with our
celestial family.
Within every heartbeat, within every breath, we are the multicolored threads that
bind the beauty of the cosmos together as one beautiful universal blanket that spans within
every cell throughout Creation. Earth is now ready to know this and expand upon it, and it
is our turn to join our universal family in a much grander way. The more we open up to a
greater understanding of who we are, and what our role is within this universal aspect of
Creation, the greater connection we will have resulting in a more intricately woven quilt of
infinite love and light. We open the door to these multidimensional insertions and
communications as we work through and shed the old world limitations, outdated beliefs,
and prepare our conditioned hearts to allow love at the greater universal level. Expansion
is about gaining a greater and broader view, inclusivity, and acceptance of the all.
As a global collective, I believe we are in the final stages of shedding the final
remnants of old beliefs, and we are simultaneously letting go of what no longer feels right
or fits with the Earth that burns within us all. Those who are slow to change, cringe at

diversity, or refuse to let go of what was, will experience the reality that is a vibrational
match to those beliefs. The reality you experience is a direct extension, a mirror to the
beliefs you carry within and the frequency that you emit. Acceptance is key in the process
of ascension for it requires that we create a level of love for thyself that humanity has
never experienced before. We are ready. For if we truly explore and imbue the love for self
as higher realm beings do, we then open to the profoundly endless and unconditional love
that Source has for each and every one of us. It is in this sharing of our potential, our own
love, that we shine with the brilliance of the illuminated galactic human upon New Earth.
Can we alter our beliefs and judgments about our neighboring countries, or even next
door, and build the bridge to another star system with the potential to mend the tattered
blanket that spans the galaxy?

Fifth-Dimensional Energetic Expression

I now understand that ascension must be experienced as a progressive template.
The dispersing experience was given to prepare me for the work that I will be putting forth
here, but also the aspects of the myriad of other realms that I am a part of. Remember, we
are all energetic patterns, and only our experience of this physical form is real. Our creator
skills manifest a focus of spirit energy so profound that it literally creates the illusion of all
that we experience. We have all agreed to play by similar rules, laws, and limitations that
govern this level of vibrational living. As we ascend, however, the rules and laws that
govern our ability to space travel, experience multidimensional realms and beings, will
become more flexible and malleable. We are able to create with greater flow, and even
have the ability to experience other energetic realms with our expanding consciousness to
then return to a physical form experience within the blink of an eye, if we so choose.
Higher-realm beings do not require physical crafts to visit us. They have the potential and
ability to dematerialize or bi-locate instantly as the intent is created. We are shown light
ships because it serves as a reminder to us that we are not alone, and we never have been.
We are able to experience a more diverse and multidimensional reality as we gain
greater capacity to integrate each step that we move into. This progressive application of
energetic self-discovery and integration is a natural unfurling of our illumination into an
expanded version of the human species. These aspects are all required to explore, expand
upon, and imbue as we prepare and align with the experiences that allow us to finally
reunite with our historical truths, our unlimited potential, and our celestial family in all of
their glorious forms and states. A fifth-dimensional New Earth will open and delight in
open contact, and it will encourage the comings and goings of our greater celestial family,
for there will be no limits, boundaries or governments to hide behind or be deceived by.

Your Innate Link ~ Acting on Your Higher Path

Many of you reading this now can look back on any point in your life and
remember a time when you sensed something was about to happen. Or when you had a
sense about someone, or a place, or a decision you had made. Spirit, the innate steering
mechanism that we all have encoded within, is our link to Source and the infinite, and we
have been gifted with this tool to assist us in navigating a multidimensional reality. Perfect
timing is the pace of spirit. You will be given subtle whispers and tugs from spirit when it
is time to walk the path of self-discovery. Events will unfold, keyed to the level of your
readiness, and your life will begin a series of events, circumstances, and occurrences that
will allow you to act on the blueprint or contract of your soul and this life plan. The
cues, clues, and subtle hints will become more profound and obvious until we take that
step that heeds the call within.
Your guides, your higher self, the universe, and all beings within Creation act in
an elegant dance of quantum energy to deliver the magical events that can inspire you to
remember who you are. There is a process of evolution at every level of Creation. New
energetic lessons and playing fields will synchronistically reunite us with friends and soul
family members that move with us for an infinite number of lifetimes. There is always
another lesson to unfold on this profoundly endless journey to Source. We are always
guided, and always supported in our strongest beliefs and knowingness. We are ever
expansive to the degree that our intent and purity of heart will carry us. It truly is a
perfectly designed system. Systems layered within systems and the infinite expanse that
we are all entangled with, offers us any experience we desire. The question is, will you
heed the call?
Your energetic team of planners, designers, and networkers all carry out their
assigned tasks to bring you the portals and doorways to step upon. Meetings with people
you have never known, or at least consciously remember, will take place, and
opportunities will seemingly pop up. The universe, the infinite expanse of consciousness
that is All That Is, will align anything to get your attention, and the soul will activate
anything, even manifesting a life-threatening illness or accident, to go within. For this is
the time of awakening to your own divine plan, and if we tread along the mundane path of
inaction, the signs will get more profound until we tune in.
My souls contract was perfectly timed to engage in the deep healing after
challenging personal struggles of tormenting dreams and a lengthy series of miscarriages
that I experienced. Awakening can be triggered by the seemingly darkest times. It is said
that in great darkness comes profound light. Some souls have designed their earthly
incarnation to awaken quickly, or awaken in a slow and gradual process. It is unique and
individual to each person. I have found that the more disconnected or disengaged we are
from nature and the glorious world of energy we live within, the more profound the call to
awakening will be. Your unique divine plan is of grand importance, and some souls will
design incarnating over and over until the full lesson of a particular theme has been played
out from every angle. We chose to come to this physical reality for some of the most
challenging lessons in the universe, and the soul requires certain experiences for its
evolutionary desire of fulfillment. The call of the soul can be this alluring and it will take
us down very beautiful paths as we better understand the flow of energy and how we can
more fully enmesh within it. Just as many others do on their path of ascension, your
weakest moment can paradoxically allow you to morph into your most powerful self. This

path of ascension can allow you to explore the infinite range of colors in this universe, and
in any given lifetime we can toggle between a brilliant gold color or dull shades of grey.
We have ultimate design over the path that unfolds and we choose to create the canvas that
is our earthly experience.

The Soul Experience and Courage

Our innate encoding to walk any path in the desire to satisfy our insatiable
curiosity is why many choose to take on roles that seem at the time to be eccentric or
unorthodox. We have experienced every tragedy, every elation, every challenge and life
turmoil, and when we finally gain the courage to walk a path that few will desire to take,
but one that offers the most profound sense of self and joy, we excitedly sign on for one
more go. We access incarnations that appear to be steeped in limitation and fear merely for
the thrill of the ride. The soul will then ricochet as it releases the final remnants of selfdoubt and lack, and transcends into a new illuminated state. We emerge and blossom in
unexplainable ways as we are inspired with the elixir of Source surging through our veins,
and love permeates every ounce of our being-ness. We have the courage to see past the
illusion, but we take it on because we desire Creation to expand from universe to universe,
and planet to planet, by taking on roles that help in whatever way possible, so that light
will prevail.
As each of us syncs within our own divine plan, we catalyze our planet, and we
bring the collective vibration up in light quotient, and this can be seen and felt as it ripples
throughout Creation. So fear not, dear lighted ones, you have support, you have groups
that will understand the path you walk, and forge ahead in light and knowingness that your
path matters. You are an integral part of this divine plan for Creation and you fit within the
grander picture we all paint together. This canvas, this play, this ensemble is intricately
entangled with everything else and each step you take allows all else to also go beyond
what it was a moment before, ever adding to the masterpiece we beat within.
Ascension is the process of remembering all that you are and all that you are
enmeshed within. It is in this earthly realm that we have the free will and creative design
to move from a darkened collective frequency to ever rising into the glow of a new fifthdimensional Earth. In New Earth, we all walk in respect, in love, and in knowingness of
our divinity and eternal truth, for Earth reverberates this knowingness and we match it.
In soul remembrance, spirit awakening into our multidimensional aspects will
give us the awareness we need to rediscover cosmic lands, and reunite with our cosmic
brothers and sisters, so that we gather together and rewrite the history books for our
childrens children. To step upon and walk our authentic path requires that we own who
we are and walk with courage in what feels right for us. As we continue along this master
course we expand upon the expanding, and all will benefit. This delightful path of

remembrance allows us to finally answer the questions of who we are and why we are
here. In anything that you do in your daily life now, ask yourself, Who am I? What
inspires your soul to sing, or your heart to beat? What excites you beyond words? What
allows you to feel utter love and hope for promise and harmony? These are all innately
coded within you so that you recognize the cues that will help in your alignment to your
higher path. Unveil your authentic self that whispers within you now and answer the souls
desire for expanded experience. Sometimes, this soul blueprint will require that you break
the mold, let go of standard and have courage to carve a bold path that echoes your

Remembrance of the Spirit Within

One of my most memorable multidimensional experiences is that of a journey I
had onto a Pleiadian ship one afternoon while in my daily meditations. I began my
meditation as I always do, and I saw my energetic self floating into the center of a circular
light ship. I was immediately in the presence of two tall beings, cloaked in long white
robes. I later found out that these beings were members of my Pleiadian bird family, and
were excited to be a part of my energetic alignment. The bird people originated from the
Lyran star system and migrated to the Pleiadian star system, and are among the myriad of
diverse beings and life consciousness that assist many of us on our ascension path.
The bird people reside primarily as a seventh-dimensional vibration; however, I
do have other Pleiadian connections that hover in the skies above my home. They range
from the fifth- to ninth-dimensional ET alien beings that are mostly ones I am working
with on other frequencies and realms. They are also family. I remember standing in a
circular lobby of the craft where we walked to a round table at which point they handed
me a pair of glasses, or visor of some sort that I excitedly put on. I saw green symbols and
patterns flowing downward in front of a black background, and I can only explain it as
similar to the part in the movie The Matrix, where we could see patterns and the matrix at
which Creation is set up.
I felt like a kid in a candy store because at some level, a telepathic level, I knew
what it was. It wasnt until later that I found out that the visor was an energetic tool, a
decoder, that was used to alter my vision and allow me to see more of the energetic
patterns that exists within our reality. I had aligned myself enough to have some of these
reality filters removed. We tend to dismiss the existence of these energetic elements of
Creation that swim and drift among us because we are not of the vibration and attunement
to see what resides at the refined frequency state. We are never alone, and since that
meditation I have had many energetic adjustments altering my sight, and my sensory and
heart chakra areas have all been adjusted to bring me to a state equal to the purity of intent
of my desire, passion, and entanglement that I am committed to, and to ultimately prepare
me to receive conscious contact.
My visions, impressions, and memories continue to include a myriad of beings
and experiences, and become ever more energetically profound. I have found that the

more I tune in to the process of ascension, engaging and enmeshing with Gaia and the
cosmos, the more I am gifted with energetic brilliance. There are aspects of our
multidimensional existence that our physical mind simply cannot fathom, and the more
open, loving, and accepting we are of ourselves, the grander and expansive the
experiences will be. For a multidimensional living is propelled from the heart and it is in
the heart that we are all one.
I am learning about my greater family and my overall heritage within the greater
existence, and the platform that I create for others is one of respect and reverence for this
energetic dance we are all entangled within. I have seen, experienced, and fallen back in
love with myself in a deep way, the way that Creation loves us. When you awaken, you
are imbued with the highest level of reverence for all that you now experience, and what
you now see is the highest vibration of unconditional love that you find within for
yourself. As I mentioned earlier, love is the most profound vibration in this universe, and
it will open the door to every experience you desire.
The experiences that have unraveled over the past eight years have provided me
with the knowingness that every experience is real at some level and whether it is
shrouded in fear or love, we have the potential and possibility to alter it and create our
lives anew. Aligning and shifting from one vibrational frequency to another is possible
and the techniques and concepts here are those that I have experienced with profound
results. If I have been able to explore and experience other dimensional facets to our
reality and existence then it is possible for anyone, and in this way, we all really share the
same story as we seek the same glow of New Earth.
As everything is energy, everything exists in the now, and we ultimately control
and ability to align to whatever frequency we desire. We can create and co-create
everything and everyone we experience. In these powerful ascension lessons, I have
learned that as I align to ever increasing vibrations, the portal or doorway becomes wider
with potential. Attunement and readiness is monitored by the higher self and spirit guides,
and we will always be given exactly what we are ready for. These expansive moments can
be propelled and enhanced in times of cosmic alignments, such as the solstices and full
moons. Even in the most ancient of cultures, we have engaged and aligned with energetic
cycles, and shamans of the oldest civilizations on our planet have known this and created
rituals around these alignments.
The path of awakening will provide with you options that are geared towards
things that inspire you and excite you because even the highest realm being knows that
expansion and exploration is supposed to be fun. Otherwise, what would be the point?
Ascension is called a path because it is infinite, and provides us with signs, clues, and
detours that can alter the course should we so desire. We are always offered possibilities
that will serve us in the highest and best way, and as the energetic paradigm shifts within
the greater whole, the possibilities will become even more expansive and
multidimensional. Although this path may be bumpy and challenging in the beginning, as
we continue to release the layers of limitations and fears, the rewards, the gifts, and the
experiences we gain are worth their weight in gold, so flow with your intuitive
intelligence, and allow your spirit to come into full remembrance of its divinity. Our role
here, dear lighted ones, is to simply explore all that we are in all the ways that Creation

has designed for us.

With every new level we expand to, we gain greater confidence, as well as greater
intuitive and innate ability as we merge with more of Creation. We gain access to all
aspects of who we are at very intimate levels. Our own creative power furthers this ability
to explore beyond what we ever thought possible. With the purity of intent, directed from
the center of our being, our heart grows and expands in power and divine essence further
linking us with Source. This is the unraveling of our grand and infinite spirit essence, and
as we allow Earth to raise her frequency as we do ours, we can, for the first time,
experience long-lasting peace, harmony, and union with the cosmos. Know that future
contact is not only a potential, but it is a probability with every passing day we live within
the excitement of our true authentic and multidimensional attributes. We will be greeted
into our greater cosmic families once again with love, jubilation, and the promise of
healing, abundance, and nurturing for all.

Living Ecstatically and Manifesting Your Divine Path

We have often heard about the power of positivity and how the alignment with
this energy of happiness can allow us to manifest many things. I have also explained
that this path of ascension is about alignment into the unveiling of ones true higher and
natural self, the spirit essence, and the divine path. All of the understandings and concepts
that unfold on the path of awakening allow us to draw on and reflect upon what feels
right in the here and now. The ability to connect all that has been learned, unveiled, and
uncovered is for the purpose of enhancing the deeper connection with what we now know
to be possible. The divine self, the higher self, and all other multidimensional aspects that
concurrently coexist on other levels of vibrational platforms can all comingle and enhance
one another in the overall theme for the souls expression. It is in this enhancement that we
allow the door to open for our multidimensional brilliance to shine and celebrate in the
unity that we create in such ascension practices.
As we go about our daily life, it is important to be aware of our state of being at
every stage because it plays out to Creation the potential we believe we are worthy of.
This doesnt mean that we have to over-manage or even micromanage our emotions every
minute, but it does mean that we need to create powerful reflection time that can allow us
to check in with where we are resonating at and alter it for higher frequency settings. As
we touch base with our innate and inner aspects, we build a path to our divine and higher
self, and open the doors and portals to higher frequency vibrations that lead to
opportunities, synchronicities, and other magical potential. This is why ascension is an
infinite path, and will always allow you the opportunity to be a teacher, and always a
student. With each new level of integration of our ascension learning, we expand to a
higher realm of experience and lessons.
It is key to understand that on every new level we are given higher resonating
lessons, experiences, and concepts for us to integrate within our ever-changing physical
reality. The equinoxes and other cosmic alignments will allow greater streams of

information and purified energetic vibrations to enter the atmosphere. With every breath
were accepting and altering our own life force. If you have refined your beliefs, and walk
with boldness in who you are, then living ecstatically and with divine purpose will flow
naturally. Breathe in the essence of your boldest and profound self, and so it shall be.
Breath cements the energetic vibration within your temple, and it is cyclical and cleansing.
This is why breath, meditation, or reflection time is of paramount importance, as it allows
the mind, body, soul, spirit, higher self, and innate aspects to commune, merge, and link as
We have talked a lot about the processes and benefits of ascension but know that
this process is also a real physical and cellular restructuring. The body will go through a
myriad of symptoms and cycles as it is stretching its energetic state to align with our souls
blueprint. My plan and recent shift in ascension process has increased my vibration in
ways I simply cannot explain. Since November, and the healing and release of many
lifetimes of persecution and death, I surrendered into my highest path with the loving
guidance and celebration from my guides. Since then, the nightly and morning meditations
have felt like profound master energy work as my cells, skin, and entire nervous system
are being completely revamped to accommodate the acceleration of these ascension
Not only are my chakra points swirling and spiraling, but I can feel the pricks of
energy activating the nodes all around my head. Your celestial team, whether composed of
spirit guides or your cosmic family, does not need to be physically next to you to work on
you for everything is energy, and space and time are illusory. With the evening light ship
meditations that I am working with now, I can sense the amped up frequency and yet they
are a few miles away rotating in the sky above my house. As long as the intent and overall
soul contract is there, there are a myriad of beings waiting in the wings to assist and guide
us in this process of expansion.
Breathing in the life-force essence, or creating seasonal rituals for self-love and
honor can align you to such incredible higher states where you can then instruct and
initiate profound change and healing within your physical and emotional bodies. Our cells
run on automatic pilot to regenerate and heal if we have wounds and injuries; however, we
have rarely understood the power of our intention to propel our physical body in
profoundly divine ways. Spontaneous healing and restructuring of the cellular functioning
can be integrated into an efficiency that we have never worked with or experienced in this
realm. We will see more and more evidence that our intent to include all aspects of our
intelligence, the whole self, and the unseen powers of will, light, and unconditional love,
can alter life expectancy, healing of illness. This will completely revamp our
understanding of health.
We have within us the power to activate our cellular structure so that we can align
the chemical mechanisms to heal and propel any aspect within our physical body and the
whole self. The ability to increase metabolism, heal wounds or illness, extending and even
turning back the hands of time in with our physical appearance, is all available to us in
these heightened states of awareness. Align yourself with intentional states to commune
with all aspects of who we are and what we are entangled with and this level of self-love
and self-interest, will bring in the changes needed for healing, and even propel our innate

skills and abilities. This is how profoundly powerful we are in that we can direct and
intend the life we desire in every way. When we hear about miraculous reports of people
who have spontaneously healed themselves, know they have all of these links in the
glorious chain of Creation working in alignment for perfect health.
The power we have within to instruct our innate aspects, the cellular aspects, and
the teams we have supporting us to all join in the process of healing, rejuvenation, and
propulsion into higher frequencies is not only possible, but is also what most higher-realm
beings operate on as a natural attribute of existence. Living ecstatically and with
excitement and joy allows us to further amp up our frequency in unlimited ways. We have
infinitely innate powers within, and although they have been unavailable to us because
we are not vibrationally aligned to experience them, we can, in the process of
awakening, expand our thinking beyond these limitations. The commitment and
love that we imbue for our self, will help us explore and experience all that we are capable
of creating and instructing within our life in the grandest of ways. Self-love and self-honor
brings us in alignment with the vibration of a new level of experience called ecstasy, the
frequency that allows a fifth-dimensional consciousness and all that can unfold within this
vibration in alignment to us.

Sensing Your Profundity

It is in these teachings, in these experiences, that every new concept you allow to
seep within your consciousness is a potential for you to explore, and you literally
change the speed at which you resonate. The very chemical constituents of who you are,
are being shifted right now to surface and trigger the awakening of the profundity of who
you truly are. Even as you read this, you may become triggered, for in every word there is
resonance and ancient wisdom that is flowing from me to cells within you for
remembrance and activation. Your team and spirit guides will inspire you and gift you
with clues to tap into, such as this book, to bring you to new levels of awareness and
realign with your profoundly divine self. When the love of the divine reaches out and taps
into the love of the divine in others, it will be triggered at some level, and your physical
body will react to this truth. You may experience goose bumps or chills, or the feeling of
familiarity to information that is seemingly new to your consciousness. This is your
physical bodys way of alerting you to the moment, the vibration of your own divine
profundity. You have been mirrored the exact potential of what you are capable of creating
for yourself, and a part of your greater self knows this. At the very core of who we are,
there is pure divine love, and as love is the most powerful frequency within our universe,
it will affect us in every aspect of our being.
It is within these subtle teachings, and others like it, that potential exists. You will
be pulled and urged in directions that can inspire your awareness in the subtlest of ways.
You will seek to know more, you will seek to feel more, you will seek to tap into the
depths to which you can remember your innate divine brilliance. This is who you are, for
if it were not within you, you would have not manifested the words you are reading right

now. This is how profound you truly are. When you come face to face with the divinity
and Source spark within you, as you reach out and embrace the profundity of all that you
are, your life is forever changed and you will do anything you can to seek greater
understanding, heightened awareness, and loving connection with all you immerse
yourself within.
As you open the portal to your infinite potential, the light of love for the self is the
catalyst for further growth. We innately seek new ways to fall in love with all of Creation
because we now know Creation is in love with all of us. Like a wave ever building in the
center of the oceans, the power that love truly has to alter everything in its path, is beyond
earthly words and is this profound. The energy of this purity of love will swirl and gain
speed, turning and churning until the surface of who you are and what you thought you
were is completely transformed. And like the shore, every grain of sand is moved with
each new wave, and the once sharpened rocks will smooth over time and shine with the
cleansing power that every drop of water had to offer. This is the movement of love within
each one of us and now is the time to fall in love with this awe-inspiring wave washing
over humanity because it will allow you, for the first time in centuries, to taste the nectar
of your own divinity.

Ecstasy ~ The Fifth-Dimensional Channel

Ecstasy is the energetic channel or station that allows the portals and doorways of
infinite possibility to be offered to us. As we co-create the earthly experience as a
collective, we each create our own specific reality. I have been repetitive for a purpose
throughout this book, so that the key aspects of aligning powerful energetic vibrations and
the pure potential of humanity will not be missed. The ability to align yourself with
whatever vibration you desire is the primary tenant that gives you permission to know
what is possible. Any vibration you desire is available to you and you align to this
vibration with the thoughts, beliefs, definitions, and emotional purity of your choosing.
Ecstasy is a profound vibration and is directly linked with unconditional love. For
the ability to tap into the vibrational channel of ecstasy, you must at some level love
yourself enough to allow yourself to feel it and experience it. Ecstasy aligns you with your
highest and best self. It is the path of the divine and any higher realm vibration. Ecstasy
brings you into the portal of possibility that connects into the vibration of your higher self,
which aligns you with opportunities and events to further your path. The love that your
higher self, your spirit guides, and your celestial team(s) have for you is the vibration of
ecstasy, and opportunities will drift to you in multitudes the more you resonate with this
You have the potential to link with the energetic pathways that open you to even
higher levels of consciousness, or your divine life path/purpose, and this is the ticket to
celestial communication and preparation for contact and fifth-dimensional living. You are
able to tap into the depths of universal information. The Akashic memories and visions
will validate that your reality has truly shifted to a fifth-dimensional frequency. Ecstasy is

the vibration of the angelic realm, the fifth-dimensional realm and above, for they
understand that it is the energetic catalyst for what drives the heart in loving benevolence
and compassion.
Ecstasy is the link to everything within our cosmos and universe. There is no idea
or concept of separation within the emotional feeling of ecstasy. If you intend to fill every
aspect of yourself with the vibration of ecstasy, then you align with the energetic stream of
not only Gaia, but also everything within Creation. We are preparing ourselves to let go of
all that is old and limiting, and allowing ourselves to slip into the profound potential of
who we were created to be, and tap into the vibration of exactly what was designed for us
in the blueprint of our earthly experience. This ecstatic alignment sets you up on a path
that supports heightened manifestations. The vibration of the ecstasy channel offers an
infinite array of experiential options than the channel of average or typical. It is in this
vibration that you can attract anything within the infinite to you in the most brilliant of
ways. Your reality will show you and validate to you exactly what channel you are set at
and it is up to you to alter and drive it to a new level. When this happens, excitement will
unfold in all that you do and in seamlessly perfect timing. Our multidimensional existence
allows us to sense, experience, and feel a multitude of dimensional frequencies and
commune and enmesh with that which most accurately resonates with our divine and
authentic self. We are accessing all of this as we ascend into higher-vibrational living.
We have this within us at all times, and it is not something we need to work at
to obtain. It is our natural essence, and it is what has been hidden from our heritage and
master teachings in order to paint a story that we are not worthy of the gifts that the
masters held. We are all spirit essence, and this is our potential to slip into remembrance as
we live within the vibration of ecstasy as often as we can. As we unveil the centuries of
layers of ill-fated conditionings or beliefs that have served us in old energy, we unmask
our true authentic and ecstatic self. There is no reason to worry, doubt, fear, or
micromanage our lives and struggle for survival as we have for eons, for what aligns us
with all that we desire is and always has been within. The path ahead, dear lighted ones, is
one that is set in the moment of now, and to the highest frequency you can muster, until
each and every day is naturally flowing in ecstasy. This is the vibration to set your fifthdimensional channel to for it is imbued with the knowingness that you are worthy of the
self-love it mirrors back. The brilliance of ecstasy is within you right here, right now.
As you unveil your true natural self, and begin to integrate what you discover, you
will become more and more comfortable with your mastery skills. You will find that you
own powerful psychic skills and telepathic abilities that are innately entangled within you,
and will come to the surface for greater exploration. You may be able to sense or intuit the
pain or emotional states of others, create a healing moment for someone in need, or
develop the ability to divert your path in traffic. You have all of this within you as you
align with these angelic vibrations of your true self.
In the next few years, we will be repeatedly provided with the opportunity to
create openings in our pathway for the cosmic streams to connect with our true divine
essence. We are being brought into remembrance with the golden threads of Creation.
Working through issues and beliefs of limitation, doubt, fear, and any other negative
emotion that holds us back from experiencing our profundity, is key for our ability to

unlock what magic resides within, and it will become apparent the more open we are to
powerful vibrations.

The Natural Allowance of Love

Gaia and all of the energetic representations within our reality offer us endless
opportunities to learn about love. Because we have been so shut down and shut off from
Source, we have sought love from any source that we feel will satisfy the hole that can
only be filled as we expand into the love of self. As we expand in our awareness, and as
we gain greater understanding of the universe, such as how and why we swim within it,
we access the potential for the natural allowance of love. To move with the natural flow of
unconditional love, and to manifest a deep sense of self-love, means that we honor exactly
who we are in every moment and trust our path, our blueprint, our team, and our unique
abilities to step forth without question, doubt, or fear. To love thyself is to trust thyself. If
there is divine trust, there is allowance. As we access the universal pool of unconditional
love, then trust will be enmeshed within all we do. We can finally release and let go of
any vibration of fear. Control is an aspect of fear, and it will manifest in our life when we
feel the need to take control of whatever it is that is not in alignment to our expectations.
When we have a lack of self-clarity, faith and trust within who we are, the life that we
created, and the blueprint we have designed, it may create feelings of insecurity that will
eventually drive us to behave in controlling ways. Control is an indication that you have
lack of trust in the unfolding of your path and your abilities as a divine light-being.
We have all experienced these endless inner dialogues, which are really damaging
to the path of our highest and our best. We then compound the inner dialogue with little
self-reflection time and constantly fill every spare moment on electronic devices, and as a
result we miss the lessons and gifts that nature has to offer. Allowing the brilliance of who
you are transforming into, to spill into every aspect of your life, will create balance and
synergy with nature. We will experience the profound realization that most of what we
thought we need to control, force, or manage was really a lack of self-clarity, selfawareness, and trust in our divine ability to manifest brilliance and self-love. We will
always do what needs to be done and the energetic vibration of allowance will ensure that
all is brought to us, exactly as it should be, in perfect timing for us to act upon. Allow love
to seep within every cell, every inch of your physical body, and allow your heart to open
to Source and in remembrance of your divinity.

Walk as a Master

It is within us all to walk the path that the masters have walked, and in our own
way. As we act within pure love and authenticity, we allow our hearts to gift the world.

This is the gift that all the masters have given: their unconditional and unbridled love that
is still written about and mirrored to this very day. The gift of authenticity is truly that of
freedom, and each master served in an unwavering fashion because of their love for
humanity. A true desire for humanity to know freedom, the taste of pure divine essence,
the link to Source that beats and pulses within us all, is the freedom to be profound, to be
creative, to be loved, and to be loving. All of these teachings were based on the masters
ability to walk with profound authenticity for who they declared and intended themselves
to be.
We sometimes forget those who have walked and told the story in their own
unique way. The many masters who lost their lives to live in their truth is the underlying
message that lingers within us all today. We are awakening into the rebirth of our own
master consciousness. To walk as the masters walked, and to do so with profound
alignment to Source, to light, and to the divine in which we were created. To be in oneness
with all of Creation, all beings, all species, and all forms of life to bring us the freedom to
walk a path that is as infinite and powerful as we are.
It is these mirrorings and stories of key historical times that we see that the
judgments we may have, the comments we make in haste, the misunderstandings, the
anger and misgivings are all negative reactions that are triggered from our limiting beliefs
that are struggling to be realigned and altered to fit the new shifting frequencies. Now that
we know this we have all we need to realign and shift, so we can begin to set the excuses
and victimization aside, and claim our ground in this planetary movement. Tune into a
higher-vibrating station that sings your true authentic song for greater intimacy,
entanglement, and engagement.
Whether it be various factions upon our planet now, political groups, the artificial
intelligence, the felines, or the bird people, the Pleiadians, Arcturians, beings from
Cassiopeia, or Tecarians, or even the amphibious creatures that send light and energy to us
from Sirius, all are included in this glorious plan for Creation and all are valid, valued, and
This is the element of the masters that we all have the potential to carryultimate
benevolence for all life so that we can begin to walk the path and understand the
expansiveness for how Source is able to perceive life. Source desires to know life from all
aspects, all levels, all experiences, and that is all existence is anyway; experience. Our
expanding and ascending consciousness is that of the path to Source, the more we know
life in all of its forms, the sooner we can begin our ascent ever closer to Source.

Chapter VI
A Deeper Understanding of Ascension

Ascension and Expansion

Ascension and expansion are very powerful words and have the ability to create a
sense of remembrance. If you sit and merely ruminate on these words, you will expand
within these thoughts alone. These words invite you into bigger realms, wider skies, and
deeper insights. We have been conditioned to create meanings for words so that we can
navigate our way through this physical reality. One cannot think about the words
ascension and expansion without coming up with a picture and definition of growth or
change. When these words are spoken, something within you will activate, and you will
feel the urge to find how these words fit within you, and how you will move around
them as you process their meaning. I believe that there are certain words that are
inherently encoded with profound Source essence. Words, the language we know, have a
way to activate energetic memories and movement. At the DNA level, galactic level,
Source level, our spirit level, we will be spurred into action for grander understanding.
Such words that we have created allow us to remember who we are at the soul level, and
allow us to explore and seek the higher meaning and understandings of our full
expansiveness. The language we use is steeped in vibratory resonance that can trigger us
to reflect, feel, or react in a deeper way in knowingness that we are more than we thought.
Our language, our definitions and beliefs are all aspects we can refine so our experience
can be altered.
There are certain words that create a reaction so that we scan our
multidimensional memory in order to recall what we know about them. There are a few
misnomers about what ascension means, but, quite simply, it is a shift, it is a movement
from one state to a higher state. When we take a thought or an idea and create the
definitions, we further integrate what this thought may mean in our life. Our brains
automatically start to process information and then compartmentalize it into various
segments, so that our physical mind can understand and file it where it best fits, based on
our beliefs and conditioning at the time.
Let us take the word contact for example. As we read this word, it will trigger
feelings, emotions, ideas, senses, and so on. We then allow the word to sink in deeper, as
our brain automatically files it to the best-fit scenario within us. If we have been fed
information of fear and uncertainty about this word, or what it means for us, we react in
accordance to those conditions. We are influenced by society, family, and education
centers, and with every institution and structure, our beliefs are altered. You can see in this
one example how one word can conjure unparalleled denseness, and we have not even
discussed its profound potential upon our lives. Through a myriad of tunnels and funnels,
the words we use can be twisted and cause reactions that shut down the potential for
enlightenment and expansion.

Let us move through the process of understanding this word contact. Contact
can mean many things based on where were at intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.
When hearing this word a few years ago, I was intrigued and excited to understand why I
felt such excitement. I soon found myself synchronistically being gifted books on the
subject. Channeled material and television shows would flow into my living room anytime
I had the TV on. I began to see deeper connections to the synchronicities that would occur,
and I looked further into all that was being energetically gifted. Synchronicities are like a
fun, energetic puzzles that my guides would offer to allow me to dig deeper and seek the
reason behind my intrigue. Words have a way to show us something we need to see and if
there are certain words, phrases, pictures, or sounds that stand out, then reflect upon why
and ask for guidance. I remember asking myself, Why is this word, more than any other
word, standing out to me?
In my process of self-reflection, meditation, and honing my divine skills, I had
been shown enough times that if I felt that tug or inner pull towards something, it meant
something profound along my path that must be investigated further. You will also feel the
insistent whispers, or intuitive feelings about topics, words, courses, or even books. It can
really be anything, and it is your souls way of pulling you to start carving your path to an
expanded way of understanding more than you did a moment ago.
There have been countless times when I would feel the swirling sensation within
my gut, or a thought that kept coming to the forefront of my mind, or even images in my
dreams, and it was all a way for my guides, or my higher self to tell me, Think about
this. I would think, ruminate, journal, seek, read, and learn all I could from what this
word contact was intuitively telling me. Ascension, for me, first comes from the internal
pulling, hinting, tugging, and guidance from the higher self; then I can take what is found
in my reality and merge all that Ive learned and expanded into and reflect upon what it
means to me in this now moment. This is how the effort, the seeking, and the
understanding we choose to move through life with is directly related to our expansion
and ascension. Its a process of expanding on who we were a moment before, and then
grounding our newfound beliefs with action. Ascension and expansion can begin as we
bring topics that stir something within, to the forefront, for deeper understanding and
realignment to what fits our ever-changing world and the frequency we desire.

Energetic Alignment and Ascension

The paradigm of how we move about our daily lives, how we process
information, and how we act upon it will shift from being motivated, intellectually driven,
and opening up to our innate, sensate, and multidimensional attributes. I believe that as we
move into ascension, and into higher states of awareness, we act more clearly on what we
feel as opposed to what we think. We understand that the communion between the
higher self, the spirit self, the soul self, and our physical body self is remembering how to
interact and comingle once again, as awakened spirit beings. Our cellular structure
consists of the innate, the innate is the divine, the divine is Source, and it swims within our

cells for activation, for loving communion with all that we are to sprout forth and interact
within the energetic environment that streams back to Source. I believe that in years to
come there will be discoveries or wisdoms brought to us about the profound and untapped
intelligence within our cellular structure and alterations within our chemistry that will
prove the Source energy within and how it is enmeshed with our consciousness. There are
truly wonderful times of acceleration ahead for humanity.
Energetic alignment is the tuning in process to what you feel, honing your senses
to such a degree that you just know what feels in spiritual alignment to your desired and
preferred state of being. In many of my online classes and articles, I speak about
alignment as if it were a daily activity that I incorporate into my life. Alignment becomes
second nature the more you tune in to every moment. You can consciously create how you
desire to feel, then reflect upon the shifts you experience, and think about what is reflected
back. Soon after, you can release and redefine to serve your ever- ascending path. We have
ultimate power to set the frequency on every word and circumstance that we experience.
Alignment is the process of achieving oneness within the moment and its a feeling.
One either feels aligned or doesnt. Upon reflection and quiet introspection, you can
determine where the misalignment is and then seek out the belief and definition connected
with it for release.
As stated earlier, everything is enmeshed and entangled with one another. We can
sense the energy of others, the energy of Gaia, the Source energy that resides within as we
center and align with unconditional love, and our cells and physical body reacts to it all.
We are like physical antennae and have the potential to link in with everything. We merely
steer the vessel to the frequency that inspires and delights us. Our physical body will
always show us when to move closer, or move away. Excitement and joy allows you to
steer yourself in the direction to more excitement, and this allows you to further practice
and hone your innate communication, intuitive skills, and merge more seamlessly with the
environment that you are entangled with. Your body is alive with cellular knowingness, or
a state of conscious design, that desires to be in tune with the rest of its entangled systems.
I will provide a visualization for this and it works well as a cleansing technique to
purify and enhance your cellular and auric fields. It can allow you to open and expand to
gain a deeper connection between all aspects of who you are: the cellular, the innate, the
physical, the emotional, the multidimensional, and so on. The more we act in a way of
holistic communion with all that we are and all that we are entangled with, the more
opportunities we allow ourselves to heal, evolve, and expand with the constant flow of

Source Visualization Technique

Visualize that you are in a place of rest, comfort, or relaxation. Tune in to the
sounds, the smells, and the hue of all that envelopes you. Allow yourself to feel your
connection with all that is alive around you and feel yourself, your innate cellular
structure, your energetic consciousness, all that you are, seeping into and floating within

the environment that you are entangled with. Like liquid light, Source, the nutrients that
flow to all corners of the cosmos, are in every speck of every molecule and cell that you
expand yourself to. Visualize the golden white liquid light of Source cleansing and
expanding you, soothing, and renewing you. You become one with Source, the universe,
and Creation, and imagine yourself flowing with it as it moves ever farther into the
cosmos and back to Earth. This is how fluid you are as spirit essence.
This visualization is very key and can be done with everything that creates a thrill
within your core, including nature, music, art, contact, wildlife, and so on. This process of
imbuing and enmeshing yourself within all that surrounds you assists in the natural link,
integration, and connection that we will require as we move into our fifth-dimensional
realm. Expanding yourself to be one with All That Is, and swimming with playful abandon
with all that exists around us, can allow us to see, feel, hear, touch, smell, and experience
life and love in a whole new way. This expansive and integrative sensate paradigm that we
as a collective have missed for so very long is the key to living a more intimate and
meaningful life. We are awakening the importance of reconnecting, relinking, reengaging,
and enmeshing ourselves once again with the greater aspects of the benevolence in which
we have always existed within. The desire for intimate knowledge, intimate existence, and
intimate cohesion with all else within Creation is the missing link, and one we are igniting
within us now.

Symptoms of Ascension

Were moving through an energetic first in respect to the level of transformation
that our species is processing that it really is quite a mystery as to exactly how and what
will be forthcoming. We know that were shifting, changing, and altering not only our
etheric bodies, but our physical bodies. With more intensified planetary shifts, it can seem
as if our bodies are playing catch up with what is swirling around us. The physicality of
who we are is also transforming, as were becoming more and more refined as we
continue to expand into our higher celestial selves.
In this time of fine-tuning and refinement, were experiencing increased
sensitivity as we connect more deeply with the energy fields of the planet. Were being
given opportunities to recognize what needs to be honored and healed within, which will
allow us to move on into higher vibrational levels. This is the stage of not only awakening,
but of refinement. Our body and all aspects of who we are will be affected and as Gaia
shifts, so do we. All of these profound energetic changes are to prepare us for open
conscious contact and to be able to sustain ourselves within a highly refined fifthdimensional realm.
As I move through my process of ascension, there are days where I feel as if Im
in my fifth-, even sixth-, dimensional energetic self, jostling to fit within the world around
me. The subtlety of these transitions feel very real and it all appears to be slightly different
than the day before. I feel that if I werent grounded and aware of this process then I could
literally pop out of my skin, for the speed at which I feel I am moving is faster than

those around me. There are also days when my body processes so much energy that I just
want to lie down for a few hours. Our body is the temple to which all fifth-dimensional
change is channeled through, so it will be affected in a myriad of ways. My energy gets so
intense sometimes that I literally have to focus and ground several times a day, so I can
complete my physical daily routines. Mastering these energetic shifts does require one to
tune in to ones body, and what is happening energetically as we are all connected and
enmeshed in this process. Communicating daily with your team will also help you prepare
and move through intense ascension energies because they are preparing you, from a
grander perspective, for what is to come. There are a few simple and necessary things in
order for your temple to successfully filter, process, and integrate the coming ascension
energies for heightened manifestations and centeredness. Rest, breath work, water,
grounding, and interacting with Gaia will do wonders for rebalancing the body and
remaining calm in times of great change.
In short, on this aspect of ascension symptoms, you will require a sense of inner
knowingness, so that you can gauge and understand what youre moving through, and
what may need further energetic clearing. You will feel as if youre highly charged as your
sensitivity increases, and youll feel the heightened awareness to all things around you. As
we become more awakened to the feeling aspects of our being, we will recognize deeper
emotions with our loved ones. Feeling immense joy and unconditional love will bring
about new ways for you to create higher unity consciousness with those around you, and
all of these transformations will invite you to also act in loving ways, to the world around
Great joy can be unveiled in these times of transition, for this is the time for new
beginnings and new awakenings on all levels. Theres a balancing act taking place as we
work more fully from our energetic self, so we can feel more natural in these states, and
sort out what these symptoms mean. At every stage of ascension, at every level, there will
be different symptoms and changes. There are beings on higher levels that are completely
formless and consist purely of energy patterns and the processes that those beings
transform to are obviously different than ours. Symptoms will be specific to each being.
Symptoms can range from tingling sensation as cells and chakra centers speed up,
pressure in the head, or headaches, tingling or vibrations at the base of the neck, vision,
auditory, and sensitivity to sound, eating and sleeping habit changes, and many more. The
important thing to remember is that everything exists at the energy level first. Whether the
manifestation is illness, ascending limitation, or first contact, all change occurs because
we have at some level created the energy for it to appear to us in the experiential way. The
more in tune you are to your body and your environment, the more adept you will become
at sensing the path before you. It is always important to check with your medical
professionals in any area that causes you concern for it is your temple for this life and
deserves the appropriate care. If you approach all transformations with excitement and joy,
or slip into this allowance behavior then any symptom will subside for any aspect of love
soothes and heals at the deepest level.

Clarity and Alignment

Alignment is about feeling your way into ascension by always pointing and
guiding your heart to sense pleasure, love, light, and allowing all to unfold in perfect
timing and delight. Align with confidence, align with compassion, align with tolerance,
align with health, align with abundance, align with wisdom, align with universal oneness,
and so on. All paths to profound unveiling begin with who you design and define yourself
to be in every moment. There is no planning for future events, or outlining every goal to
be achieved. Allow yourself only the maximum potential in this now moment by being
clear about who you are and what you desire to experience. Align with this frequency and
you will see your reality shift to reflect your intentions.
If a situation calls for tact, compassion, and inner reflection, then define yourself
as loving, compassionate, tolerant, and forgiving. Each moment, each thought, each
situation is an opportunity to align with your highest and best. It may appear at first to be
effort or work, but you will find that if you commit to this process for one day, a
practiced consciousness will form for you, for you are the master of this vessel and
potential. As our planetary environment shifts with new and refined streams of
atmospheric light, our whole aspect will naturally slip into the flow of the offering, like a
beautiful elixir of Source essence, coalescing and cohesive as if it were one and always
meant to be there. This is how important alignment and clarity can be. We do not need
struggle in our lives, we merely need to get clear about who we are, let go of who we are
not, and align with an amped up frequency because of our intentional process to define
clearly who we are within this elegant universal system.
In our natural state we are energetic beings, and all energy must flow. It must be
fluid and free. Energy must be in alignment to the desired state in order to produce what
you desire to experience. If our beliefs and definitions are weak or negative then not only
will what we attract be a vibrational match in this way, but the whole aspect of who we are
will only attain what we direct or program it to. Program your whole being to a profound
state of being and you will start to vibrate at this rate and as the Earth changes, there will
be greater cohesion and clarity for what you are truly capable of.
Alignment is constant and continual, and like adjusting your radio to a new vibe
or new hit station that plays only the top hits, so too can you program your life and your
body in this way. Why experience negativity, or doubt, or fear, or struggle, or strife, of
lack of self-worth, if we do not have to? We can intermingle with the intelligence of spirit
if we align to its frequency and bring a greater awareness to all aspects of who we are as
we ever expand in new directions and heightened states. The purity of intent and passion
about who you are will be the fuel that propels the Universe to provide you with the gifts
that respond to the frequency you emit. The illuminated galactic human that will one day
have the capability, skill, and provision to exist within these heightened arenas of
advancing worlds is what our bodies are preparing for now.

Defining Your Own Brilliance

We can transform anything and all things by merely redefining them to serve us in
powerful ways. Each moment offers a new experience in which we have the opportunity
to swim in the vibration of profundity. Even if you have a phone call or meeting that you
feel apprehensive about, you may have a positive outcome if you align yourself to the
vibration of a heightened frequency. Frequency is directly related to potential. Whatever
frequency you align with will determine the potential for the outcome. There may be
randomness within the situation that can occur, but whatever frequency you manifest
within will guide the strongest or powerful state of potential and outcome to match its
resonance. Define it so, align to it, and so it shall be. Perceiving ones environment is not
created on the outside, it is created from within first. This is how profound of a creator we
truly are. We create our perceptions from within from what we believe to be true and how
we define it to be so. Define brilliance in all that encompasses your life, and so it shall be.
Everything in existence has a vibrational frequency, and it is a process of dialing
into the frequency that will serve you in the path you desire to walk upon. This is an
example of how the words that you use, the beliefs that you imbue yourself with, will
ultimately create the reality you experience. Be aware of how you think, what you say, and
alter it in the moment to serve you. It may appear like a massive amount of effort, but once
you have programmed your system with new beliefs, new profound definitions, and
altered your state of thinking, it will flow as naturally as breathing, and this is how you
know you have altered all that you are. When aligning is natural and fluid, your systems
will seek out and intuitively know the frequency you desire to match with. This is mastery.
Now that you know this, you can create the life you truly desire by reflecting upon what
beliefs serve and propel you in a profound way, and then choose definitions in each
moment to align with heightened beliefs that support the frequency shift. What you think,
what you believe, what you emit will create and manifest your entire reality. Your world
will change when you change, and it all starts within. When you are aware, and expand
your consciousness to heightened states and profound vibrations, you then shift all other
outcomes to create a more profound potential. This is how magical you are and how
profound this experience can be for those that tap into the infinite potentials of awareness,
consciousness, and the refinement process. We create our own version of Heaven on Earth
from within first, and it starts now.
You can choose to move through new, exciting paths of enlightenment regarding
all aspects of your life, or you can choose to remain unchanged. You can choose active
participation in creating a magnificent life, or you can choose to remain right where you
are. Youre in complete control to create a healthier, more peaceful, loving, intimate, and
healthy worldly experience, or you can choose inaction and thus experience the direct
equal reality.

The Energetic Vehicle of Infinite Proportions

We are remembering our ability to reconnect and create at the energetic level. As
we expand our infinite potential in awareness, understanding, and ability, our

consciousness is the vehicle to which all is possible. Our consciousness is a tool like no
other within Creation. It is a vehicle that transfers information, wisdom, light, and
frequency alterations at the speed of sound. As we allow ourselves to expand our thoughts,
our desires and imaginations, we create fuel for our consciousness to tap into. Our teams
then align, encourage, support and prepare the playing field in which you design. Our
consciousness is infinite and it is divinely encoded with greatness. The question is, will we
steer our awareness with excitement and exploration, or will we hide behind the veil of
limitation and be happy with what is? We have free will to do whatever it is that stirs us
from within and knowing how truly unlimited you are can set the stage for profundity to
unfold. Energy has no boundaries, and when we ignite our intent, our emotional readiness,
and the love and purity of the heart, there is no distance too far that our light will not emit
Our consciousness is the vehicle via which all possibility can unfold. As each
person awakens, the collective consciousness is also offered potentials from the universe.
The cycle of energy thus continues and remains in a more balanced state. As Gaia ascends,
we will be offered these possibilities as well, but we do have to act. Allowing for open
dialogue, open learning, and expanding into new areas of thought, potential, and discovery
are all key attributes of expanding your level of consciousness and readying yourself for
ascension and contact. Every human at some point will desire to expand and evolve, for it
is encoded within the very cells that make up who we are.
Those who are ready will find themselves reading texts and books such as this
one, or taking a class, or starting meditation, and so on. It is an energetic dance,
transference, an elegant intermingling within this web-like and infinite structure of
benevolent systems within Creation. As we open our unique potential to its vast array of
landscapes, we will be shown what will appeal to our unique souls blueprint. It is our
path, the lifeline that we are inherently moving on, that brings us in greater vibrational
alignment to Source, of which we are all a part of.

Synchronicity and Spiritual Proof

As we refine our personal frequency, we literally lighten as physical beings. The
faster our cells vibrate and move, the lighter we become. We become open, aware, and
allowance becomes a part of our new behavior mind-set. Allowance is the gateway for all
of the magical gifts from the universe to float into our lives with little or no effort
whatsoever. We merely need to align ourselves with our highest and most profound
frequency, and trust that whatever unfolds is in the best and highest interest for what is
required. Allowance and trust go hand in hand with the synchronicity that unfolds.
Synchronicity is the byproduct of ascension, and it is your spiritual proof that you are in
tune with your lifes blueprint. Just as allowance and trust go hand in hand, so too does
synchronicity and ascension. If you do not trust the universal plan you have designed for
this incarnation, if you do not trust your ability to create and align, you will not allow that
level of potential to unfold to you. Synchronicity is equally matched to the level and

frequency to which you align yourself within.

Synchronicity is validation of where ones personal frequency is set. You can
choose to create positive or negative synchronicity. As you create profound beliefs, let go
of fear and doubt, and align with heightened qualities of Creation, the potential for
powerful synchronicity becomes greater. Synchronicity is proof, the validation that from
an energetic point of view you are connected with more than you can see. When the gifts
from the Divine float into your life, at seemingly more profound moments, that is the
spiritual proof that shifts those who sit in disbelief, and alters their perceptions and
connection with their environment in a whole new way. For they now know it is a dance
of entanglement and Divine design.
Synchronicity has a way to pull you to an awakened state, for how can such
miracles unfold if there were not some more profound divine plan of orchestration that we
were entangled with? How could our lives be merely coincidental and accidental in our
comingling? There are no accidents. Synchronicities will allow you to see how
energetically linked you are with All That Is, and everything else you desire to place your
focus on. Direct your frequency, direct your focus and definitions, and synchronicity will
allow you to see where you sit. If you desire more profound synchronicity, if you desire to
create a little magic in your life, or gain greater intimate connection and merging with all
that you experience, then align to a vibration that will ignite this desire into action. Trust
that all will flow to you and then watch what unfolds.

The Universal Common Thread

Amidst all of the pain, struggles, and wars within our global foundations, we are
still divine sentient beings, and no one religion, race, culture, or being is above another.
We are all valued, and we all require and desire to be loved. As a collective global
community, we really desire the same divine needs and this commonality is the common
thread that entangles us in an ascension and unification process. Unification at any
planetary level, even the individual level, affects the whole and is felt across the entire
span of this universe. This commonality is the heartbeat that regulates balance and health
for our ever expanding universe and the lifeline to Source. We all desire love, health,
abundance, harmony, peace, respect, and the intimacy that allows us to feel needed and
required within a special grand plan of divine essence. Should any one planet or star
system experience profound pain, darkness, or imbalance, Source will send a call for
others to volunteer and assist in its healing and evolution to realign with the stream of a
loving and infinite Creation.
Our common thread is the pulse of God and what makes us the infinite family of
Source. This pulse, this DNA encoding, the spark of life that we each were spawned with,
is the golden thread to experiencing the divine. To bring Heaven down to Earth is not
about an extraterrestrial species landing and saving us all. Bringing Heaven to Earth is the
expansion and growing awareness of the collective as we remember we are of divine
essence and have the power to rise above because we are masterful creators. How we

desire to expand in all ways to know our unlimited potential, our divine path to Source, or
how we desire to experience the bliss of the angelic realm, is what makes us unique, and
will reaffirm the oneness that is the primary universal key. We beat with the blood, the
encoding, and the thread of Creation, and at some point, we will all evolve into this
We live within this quantum bubble, this energetic web of divine orchestration
with agendas, plans, and systems beyond anything we can imagine. Our trivial struggles
for power will be obsolete as we grasp the enormity of what we are entangled with. The
potential can gift us all with so much love, opportunity, and the ability to expand in ways
that few other planets can offer. Regardless of our physical appearance, or the religions we
belong to, or the star system that we were seeded from, we are imbued with the thread of
Source. It is in this, that we are all one.
As we draw upon these parallels and subtle story undertones that occur throughout
all of Creation, we see that whatever we create is made from the essence of the Creator.
All that we are and all that we create has the design of Creation within it, even if we
cannot see it or know it at first. If we imbue this level of knowingness, this energy of
oneness within all we create, we align with Source essence. To live in love, light, and the
purity to create for the greater good of all becomes our new planetary agenda. We know
that from within, so without, and what we create beats with the pulse of the divine. As we
understand the beauty, intelligence, and complexity of all species within Creation, we can
begin to heal, understand, and love ourselves in the same manner that Source loves us.
This healing and rise to benevolence extends into all corners of the cosmos as compassion
for all beings, and allows us a common thread of entanglement for peace and love. We can
lift our heads from the battle and know we have created a little piece of Heaven right here
on New Earth, and then with widespread celebration, the cosmos unifies in love again.

The Ascension Master

I am truly blessed to feel my way through this experience now, as opposed to
going through the motions and overthinking everything. Mastery is the ability to
design and create a physical path through aligning and shifting your inner vibration. It
involves mastery over how you go about experiencing these changes. If we are using the
tools we have been given by the Creator, and we awaken to what lies beyond what we can
see, we have the power within, the will, the intent, and all other aspects we want to use, to
truly mix our own elixir of this experiential beverage.
We can master our vibration to the point where each and every situation is
reflected and altered to match our path, and our path is ever changing, because we are. We
are flowing with the vibrations and synchronicities as they unfold because we have
practiced our communication with our teams, we discern the symbolism that fits our style,
and we trust all that is blossoming because we know, in some way, that it serves us. The
master within us all resides at the core of our being. It is the encoded divine essence and
the all-knowing guide that sees the entire scope of Creation and how we fit within it all.

Allowing the master to awaken within us is to acknowledge and declare to the universe, to
Source, to our guides, and our celestial team that we are engaged, we are all- knowing,
and we desire guidance to unveil this profound potential.
Waking up within this amazing game of experiential reality is why many are
tuning in and aligning with a fifth-dimensional vibration. Innately deep within us all, we
have the vibrational patterns already there to attain any vibration we choose. We are
merely now awakening to the master within us that can coach us and align us to the
channel we desire. As we become faster, higher vibrating beings, we physically become
lighter and thus open up to be more receptive to refined and accelerated frequencies and
downloads for our expanding path to continue. Ever upward, ever onward, we travel in
oneness, in celestial companionship, and in light and love for all because we know we are
within this all.
The higher aspect of who we are becomes visible as we craft our lives with
knowingness in our own profundity, and the master awakens within. A master knows that
all is linked, entangled, and connected, and to be one with this, and walk in our own
unique way, is the desire of light-workersto coalesce with the infinite quantum energetic
realm in which we float. This is the understanding, the awakening of our master potential
to create our lives with clarity, with purpose, with resolve to be the creator and the driver
in this profound physical experience. The awakening to ascension is unique, special,
infinite, and magical to each person. If only my lessons and my stories of experience can
shed even the slightest light on something this profound, then the vast array of potential
that awaits each person can be seen with less fear, less doubt, and greater excitement that
lies beyond the veil of limitation.
I share these stories, these intimate experiences that have been scratched across
the pages of my journals, to invite you into something that need not be feared or
misunderstood. We are profound light-beings. The agenda for Gaia has been triggered and
her ascension to the fifth-dimensional realm is within its reach. For those who have
experienced hundreds or even thousands of earthly incarnations, it is timely to move
beyond the ever-grinding wheel of struggling for survival and step up into unlimited
potential. It is in the acceptance of who we are as unique individuals that we can engage
with a profound creative path to express our authenticity to Creation. We have the ability
to accept our infinite potential that colors the canvas of Creation and changes us all. The
path to greeting and embracing our celestial family is in the acknowledgement and
embracing of who we are as a human, a human society, and an ascending race into
potentials never experienced in this way. We are not suspended in this part of the galaxy
alone and cut-off from the rest of Creation. We are loved, supported, guided, and
profoundly celebrated for the roles that each one of us plays in the expansion of existence.

Chapter VII
Fifth-Dimensional Alignment, Visitation, and Preparing for Contact
Visitation and Our Subtle Homecoming to the Stars!

My insatiable curiosity has been with me for my entire life. I believe that those
who choose to walk this path also carry the attribute and desire for adventure that their
insatiable curiosity demands. I wondered why people acted the way they did, and why
some people would say one thing, and the energy I sensed was clearly another. My life
was constantly filled with statements of I wonder from the smallest of life-forms to the
vastness of the star speckled sky. Curiosity is a key attribute to ascension as it is the
catalyst that drives us to continue seeking beyond what we know.
I remember as a child, we would often have summertime sleepovers and lie under
the brilliant sky on our patio and ponder at the enormity of the space that seemed to cradle
us. I would wonder if there were neighboring planets with intelligent life, and when we
could meet the beings that lived there. What would they look like? What could they teach
us? How big is our universe, and would we create the technology so that one day I could
explore the universe in this lifetime? More and more people are now awakening to these
very questions and the cellular activation toward our greater evolutionary truths is
blooming before us. Light ship sightings inspire honest dialogue about our feelings toward
our celestial neighbors and family, as well as our ability to step up into the vibration where
open contact is feasible. Higher-dimensional beings resonate at a rate much higher and
faster than we do, and we must be prepared for this very real experience that will be
sensed in every way when contact occurs. Our energetic resonance will be affected, our
physical body will be affected, and we need to bring our frequency up to a level where
safe and loving contact can be made without the repercussions of such energetic
Whether you awaken as a result of a life-altering event, daily life struggles, or the
desire to calm the roar of the soul that tugs from within, humanitys desire to explore our
true potential will always lie within us. Dormant and sleeping, the divine spark of Creation
is the seed that allows us to remember who we truly are and give us the glimpse to
potential paths before us for profound discovery and exploration. I remember many
moments that felt as if the Earth or heavens would whisper in its collective energy that
change is coming. As many intuitive and empaths can attest, the reverberation of energy
from nature and our human collective is truly palpable. Many times I would sense the
presence of profound beings in the room, or walking with me, and feel their energy in any
moment I would ask. Energy is very real. Contact is the evolutionary gift that we rise to
when we have refined ourselves enough to celebrate our union in Gaias new story for
Creation. Energy is everything and everywhere, and we are merely awakening to that
which has always been destined for Gaia and humanity. Contact is within our near future
and you have the potential to tap into this very profound and special event for humanity
and the cosmos. It is not to be feared or evangelized, for it is what we have designed and

The Bigger Picture to Multidimensional Contact

I came to this role of universal unity as an ambassador of New Earth of sorts as
part of the natural process of what I am integrating and expanding with. Just as all of you
lay the groundwork for what you came here to pursue, so too was I offered this title as a
directional guide to the role I would play, should I so desire to continue on this path. For
in other realms, in other star systems, I have assisted planets in reconciliation and
peacemaking strategies in warring times and conflict. Many souls take on roles that are
similar to the roles we play in other vibrational frequencies, so to allow for the continuity
of expansion in any one direction. Other souls take on very different roles in every
lifetime, so our blueprints can really challenge us in many varied ways. Even if you do not
consciously remember it, your higher self is always patiently guiding you to a perfectly
aligned path with the souls desire to evolve. These wonderful interstellar meetings,
reunions, and planning committees are beyond gratifying, and as we awaken to merge
with our celestial family, we will begin to remember the roles in which we have all played
together in this universal family. I believe that in first landings and first contact, we will be
met with those of our direct family and those beings that are of our closest physical
ancestors. We will be eased into the diversity that exists within our multidimensional
universe and this is the profound threadwork of Creation. Higher states of consciousness
bring us closer in connection, as a collective, and with Gaia, and allow us the potential to
reunite in spirit essence, in common love and light to serve the divine plan.
These energetic, higher-consciousness experiences will become more evident in
our mainstream discussions, and eventually the entertainment arena will have their take on
these shifts as well. These multidimensional experiences are a natural part of our genetic
encoding, and this process allows us to play a bigger part in this cosmic story of Gaias
ascension. My dear lighted ones, in all of the challenges you may face, know that these
experiences are designed solely by you, for you. You knew the potential for ascension
would be a possibility within this lifetime, and at some level you wanted to play a part
within it. You have perfectly timed these situations and celestial unfolding because you
knew you had the power to merge with it. Honor and embrace who you are morphing into
as it means you are listening in and acting upon your highest and best path.
Gaias ascension will prompt the awakening of many beings and in this
awakening we are moved to partake in whatever level we can integrate within. Ascension
allows us to fully embrace all that we are, in every moment. As we expand and rediscover
a new aspect of our infinite potential, we move on to seek a deeper level of understanding
to our profound universe and our oneness within it. Embrace all that you are for you are a
precious, brilliant, glorious aspect of Creation and you are just as multidimensional as the
angelic realms that serve you. For we are all one!

Our Multidimensional Family

Now that I have set the stage for open imaginings, I want to discuss a topic that
Im most passionate about: the multidimensional family. Over the years, Ive personally
been opening up to the infinite aspects of not only a variety of versions of parallel mes,
but also many multidimensional beings. Some of these beings have taken on a physical
form, and some have not. Some beings have the ability to shift their shape, or cloak
themselves in a myriad of beings, and all create these experiences so that we can be slowly
eased into a level of contact with beings that we have been conditioned to judge as scary,
self-serving, or narcissistic. I will always, in anything that I write, give my interpretation
and understandings based on what I have experienced and what I know to be true. This is
why I resonate with pure positivity and love for the multidimensional families that we are
all preparing ourselves, and our planet to reunite with.
When we better understand the realm of energetic patterning that we live within,
swim within, and dance within, we can then create, and master our behavior and energy in
a new and profound way. Understanding our infinite and multidimensional potential
allows us to expand upon what we know to be true about the heritage of humanity, the
potential of our parallel aspects, and our ancient ones hovering in the sky around us
waiting for us to awaken to this. As we expand upon the understanding of universal
energy in all of its glory and form, there is not one aspect of life as we know it that does
not touch.
I have often brought forward ideas and concepts that ruminate within my soul and
as it swirls to the surface, the energy of its multifaceted essence collaborates together and
creates concepts that relate to something occurring in the now. I do not always understand
all of the energetic downloads, the transference of data, concepts, or ideas from spirit, but
I know it is within. Our multidimensional family exists as an arm, a branch, a flower, a
leaf from the greater tree of life that we are also connected to. Just like our neighbors in
the most war-torn countries, we ingest the same nutrients from Source that all of life does.
Somehow, at some point, we forgot that link which exists within us all, and our loving
multidimensional family arrives as we acknowledge and embrace the life that beats within
us all.
As the collective consciousness has tipped the scale into new levels of awakenings
for those en masse, there will be discoveries, experiences, and contact with other lifeforms in ways that will propel us further along the path of evolution than ever experienced
before here on Earth. Our celestial family and friends exist in a myriad of forms and
consciousness levels. Our role is to expand our consciousness state to the point where we
are comfortable, accepting, and loving of all beings, all planets, and with these
understandings, know that we are an aspect of it in some way. Some multidimensional
beings have forms that are similar to that of ours, humanoid, and some are completely
different. There are a myriad of hybrid projects going on within our universe. The Greys

are only one aspect of this ever growing system to continue life and evolve species within
We have always been guided and visited by our extended family and beings not of
this planet. Many of our spirit guides are celestial beings that we have worked with or
were assigned to us from realms that we are familiar with. They are with us to integrate
the memories and activations for first contact. In ancient native cultures, there was a
greater understanding and connection between our celestial family members that we have
now. Our multidimensional family has many roles, most essentially to impart wisdom as
we expand and prepare for contact. Visitation isnt new and its not for the purpose of an
alien race coming to take over our planet or humanity. Visitation is for the purpose of
growth and expansion between all parties, and the universe, Source, and existence as a
Our growing and expanding awareness, the unfurling awareness that creates
infinite potential for all beings if truly inhaled, is what will create the glow of New Earth.
It is the vibration of trust, love, and allowance that we belong to a family much more
expansive and diverse than we could have ever dreamed. This expanding awareness and
awakening for humanity will create reverberations of energetic waves that literally shift
how we behave, how we manifest, and how we move about our lives. The gates of
acceptance of who we truly are and what our potential may be will swing open to the
As we truly open to all of these grander perspectives of our multidimensional
family, and our placement within the immensity of it all, we can then welcome the
benevolent beings that stretch across the universe resulting in a united heart within the
Never would I have imagined, only in a matter of ten years, to move from a state
of semi-awareness, to preparing for contact with light and higher realm beings. I started
this path with excitement, spurred on by a spiritual revelation; a meditative experience that
literally altered my path in the moment it swirled within me. The resonance of that
spiritual trigger, that divine moment that changed me as it touched my heart, ignited my
soul into a state of love and remembrance, which propelled me into seeking more. When
awakening and remembrance hits you, you will know it, and like falling in love for the
first time, it will occupy your every thought and your every moment. It is the encoding
within every cell that swims with purpose to expand within what you cannot reach, but
what you know is there. It is a faith that cannot be broken for it is Source and it is
As I have been gifted to awaken on this path, I see and understand the state of
remembrance that we as a collective sit in now, and Im inspired to offer what insights I
can for the potential of unbelievable possibilities for all of humanity. To relearn the
wisdom of the indigenous peoples, the shamanic ones that linked their energetic thread
with those in the sky, I am inspired to walk forward with passion and reflection for a
world that my children will experience without the teachings of war or struggling with
survival. This is our potential and our awareness. Our gateway to New Earth and future
contact will be multidimensional.

Each Species Offers a New Story

We have the opportunity to share our hearts and our love for Gaia with those not
of our species, but that are also very much a conscious creature: the beautiful cetaceans in
our oceans. Just as every human has a soul blueprint, so too do the animal species upon
our planet that we have left out of our integrations for many years. Each animal that
resides upon Earth has a lesson of reflection that they bring to us, allowing us further
insight to Creation. The Cetaceans, much like humans, have individual and intelligent
consciousness, and are telepathic in their abilities. Just as the multidimensional beings in
light ships and of other star systems offer their story that is entangled with humanity, so
too is every species upon Gaia.
The Cetaceans do great work within our waters to smooth out and refine what were
unable to see or hear, and it is the reason why certain sonar sounds, geographical stirs and
ripples beneath our surface are heard first by the species within the earthly waters before
events actually occur. Their purpose here is more expanded than we know and not only do
they alert other interdimensional consciousness of what state Gaia resonates at, but they
act as filters and transform energy to benefit humanity. Smoothing out and refining
negative and dark energy in a playful and healing way, their presence has been profound.
All animals on this planet allow us to learn to love, honor, and get along. Just as all
species within Creation have a unique story to tell, their unique vibration to offer, and a
role to benefit our view upon this reality and the universe at large. Were universal
students to all species, beings, and life-forms, and its in these times of ascension that we
can extend our awareness to include all species into our idea of uniting this planet for a
truly golden era.

A Better Understanding of Our Neighboring Realms

Within this glorious universe, there are many levels of vibration or realms. Realms
can be defined as vibrational frequency states that a being would have to be aligned with
to experience. These realms can host a myriad of beings and species. Some realms house
physical beings and some realms house light bodies or spirit essence beings known as
nonphysical, all of which have a signature vibration. The signature vibration of the being
must be compatible with that of the realm it has signed up to experience. This is all
designed with precision at the greater soul level, and within even greater aspects of the
over-soul level. We reside within this grand webbing of vibrational frequency that houses
families and guardians that assist in many aspects of Creation including how a particular
realm operates for the overriding agenda of expansion, light, and unconditional love.
The experience of ascension is not a complex process. It is, like everything in

existence, inherently simple. As we ascend, we will uncover events in our lives that are
signposts and symbols for us to move. Ascension can teach us to more intimately
understand the subtle way that energy moves through us and around us. As we master our
daily life with constant reflection, introspection, trust, and allowance we integrate
automatically as we live in this way. There does not have to be additional processes or
systems for ascension to occur. As long as you are expanding upon what you believe, in a
constant flow and shift with the universal energies, and following your excitement, you
are ascending in the same way that one does in a meditative state of silence.
We all walk the path of masterymastering our ability to renew our love of self,
to acknowledge our profundity and role within the greater plan, to create, alter, and shift at
a moments notice thereby adding light to the well-being of all that we touch. Mastery is
the refinement and attunement to the highest vibration were able to carry as we expand
into our greater light body. Attunement to higher frequencies and eventually the new fifthdimensional realm is a natural process that is hardwired in our DNA. We have all been
coded to ascend. At some point, every being will evolve and ascend. Every being has a
divine plan that will generally outline the theme and overall lessons to be gained, and the
being will experience free will to carry out that plan in its own unique way.
Just as every living thing in Creation must evolve, so do the greater bodies of
consciousness within our cosmos. Planets have a living spirit, just as beings do. Gaia is the
living spirit of our planet Earth and she has been on her path of ascension for many years
now. Entering this final phase of her shifting out of the third-dimensional realm is an event
that has many beings throughout the cosmos interested in participating in and watching as
her progress unfolds. We are literally the center of the universe in this grand time. Earth is
one of the few planets in our cosmos that has experienced the level of darkness and
limitation that she has. Many beings are learning lessons from our process of planetary
and individual ascension. This is a cosmic evolutionary process and were being supported
in myriad ways from many beings. We can either choose to accept this and move forward
with an expanded state of awareness, or we can close the door and continue in the same
manner in which we have been. It is all within the paradigm of free will and the immense
love that Creation has for each of us to choose whatever path is most appropriate at the
Many beings will choose not to ascend in this plan of progress for Gaia. In
general, the masses may not be at the appropriate levels in order for all to ascend this time
around, and thats fine. All paths are valid and required for creation to experience the
mirrored state of all choices. Ascension will always be an option and some souls are
required to follow their blueprint and learn certain third-dimensional lessons and realities.
All souls evolve at some point, and all paths unfold in perfect timing as designed. For
every being that chooses to open up the offerings and synchronicities of ascension, the
path will be laid. It still requires action, intent, and alignment with the constantly changing
energetic blanket upon Gaia. All will unfold in perfect timing and in perfect design.

Our Fears of What Appears to Be Different

It is in the expansion process that the question will undoubtedly arise: How do I
feel about those that may look nothing like we do? It is one thing to see a light ship in the
sky, miles and miles away, and another to see an ET being standing right in front of you
that may look, smell, and sound nothing like you. As we approach first contact, we will
see experiences surface to allow us to face these natural and obvious questions to release
the limiting beliefs we may carry. What beliefs about the cosmos and our world do I need
to reflect upon so that I can align with higher and more unlimited potential in order to see
this reality with fresh new eyes? Do I feel discomfort or fear when I openly ponder ideas
about open contact? What have I not accepted within myself to feel the discomfort, or
pain, or fear that I do? It is timely on this path of ascension, as we draw ever closer to
open contact, to approach the concepts that keep us from evolving to our universal family.
What fears and beliefs can be released in this process?
To alter our own consciousness and create the resonance that we can at some level
communicate or commune with other higher vibrational and intelligent beings and species,
we must first unveil our feelings and beliefs about how other beings may look and act.
Reflection is always key when unveiling deep-seated beliefs that limit us from progress.
Are we able to open up to the potential of a future Earth that will move into a
resonance that supports and encourages open and loving discussions, interstellar travel,
and the sharing of insights, stories, and wisdoms of those not of this world? Will we create
the skills to use telepathy as the preferred form of communication? Will we gain the
compassion and understanding within our hearts and minds to be accepting and loving and
let go of the fear and competitiveness, so that we can co-create side-by-side for divine
evolution? How can we create open dialogue about other beings, other species, and allow
them to bring their stories and insights as we create New Earth? Can we allow expanded
discussion to occur without prejudice or judgment, and inspire a heightened way of life
without the use of guns, nuclear power, controlling social systems, and other limiting
structures and beliefs? Will we put the guns down and know that living in peace means to
live in loving respect of oneself first? And as we raise our own understanding of the self,
can we truly love, honor, and give way for a New Earth experience that includes humans
as well as interstellar species? All of these questions are necessary for us to bring to the
forefront as we own our biases and judgments in order to move beyond them. Our world
as we know it is shifting, and if we are not ready or willing to evolve with it, then we must
accept the ground in which we sit.
These are truly powerful times and were experiencing worldly dramas so that we
can redefine what we believe about those in our neighboring continents and allow love to
heal the darkness that arises from fear, greed, control, and bitter judgment. Our worldly
dramas are preparing us for the eventuality of open contact with other species, for we must
solve the issues at home first before opening the gates to others.
We have the ability to heal and raise our vibrations with profound success by
going within and understanding our emotions and feelings about what we see playing out
and unfolding now. Evolution is upon us and that means our expansive understanding
about multidimensional beings, our relationship with them, and existing in harmony will
be the exciting role we will play over the coming years to move us further in our growth

as an ascended planet.

Letting Go of Multidimensional Fear

These experiences are not to be feared. These experiences may appear to be
unusual, strange, or weird because we have limited ourselves in seeing and remembering
what we do and who we are linked with in our dream states and meditative states. We are
these beings and they are an aspect of us, all reaching out a hand in our evolutionary
process. There have been meditative experiences that I have popped myself out of because
of the unfamiliarity of a being linking in with me in my heightened state. We are simply
not used to working with insectoids, or reptilian-hybrids, or even felines or the bird
people. These species and others are quite advanced and have been operating as advanced
civilizations for hundreds of years, in our terms of counting. The more I work on my inner
beliefs, the more available I am to open to the vibration of otherworldly beings without
fear and judgment. This is why our multidimensional family and friends come to us in
dreams and meditations, so that they can ease us into the experience and better understand
where we sit at the consciousness level.
All of the beings connecting and linking with you are doing so because you have
aligned yourself to their vibration in your soul blueprint. There is always a contract, an
agreement, and a higher state of awareness to any being that connects with you. Your
higher self will align to it when the timing is perfect and predestined to occur. As you
reach a level of refinement that can allow these amazing experiences to occur without a
hindrance to your current physical life, you will move into a flow of contact that will no
longer be possible, but probable. These multidimensional experiences are the merging, and
the braiding of our higher aspects with our Earth consciousness, and its a powerful
demarcation that you have ascended to such a level for this opening to occur.

Opening to Multidimensional Communications

As you activate and work on the above, you will notice that your dreams and
meditative experiences will take on new meanings. If it is your desire, this process can
open the portal to prepare yourself to expand in a way that will allow you to connect with,
and eventually consciously meet, other multidimensional beings. Knowing how t