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The Road To All Too Soon

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox Flynn

Copyright © 2015 Marvin Thomas Cox
DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox Flynn
All Rights Reserved

When the road to this life suddenly shows signs of reaching an end, while you
gaze, helplessly, at what is, all too clearly, no longer a most distant of horizons, and the
reality of what is inevitably coming and coming all too soon and can no longer be
ignored, refuted, refused, or denied — as death is about to swallow you whole and suck
your very essence into the cold, cold, ground, because, like it or not, we are each going
there one day, quite possibly, much sooner than we think — we come to realize that our
birth has embarked us upon a road to all too soon that has an assured destination— and
an assured end. Life now takes on a whole new meaning and importance we have never
fully understood — that is, before now ...
Upon reaching the end of that road we choose to call life, but which in reality
always ends in death, what will we find awaiting us there? … Heaven? … Hell? …
Disappointments? … Contentment? … Some manner of After-Life? … Eternal Life? …
Or the oblivion of returning to that state of nonexistence we, each, resided in before that
adventurously wriggling spermatozoa (launched on its mission of conquest by our
fathers) ignited the spark that is a human life within a tiny egg resting comfortably in the
nest-like safe-haven-sanctuary of our mother's womb?
Every Religion, every faith, promotes its own concepts of what awaits us after
death as a means of offering Mankind some sense of peace and solace in the face of the
inevitable. Yet, not a single Religion or faith offers forth an answer as a true-cure-
solution to ending and preventing death, altogether. After all, as the old saying goes,
“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now 1,” as that trip to heaven
requires our very lives culminated in death. It is quite normal (complaining creatures
that we humans truly are) to wish for some type of better or more perfected life, which
concepts of Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana, etc., hold forth. But, no one in their right mind
wishes to experience death in the getting there, if such places really did, or do, exist. In
1 Kenny Chesney: Everybody Goes To Heaven But Nobody Wants To Go Now — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gffS0wbxmiM

The Road To All Too Soon by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn Page 1

fact, hardly a single soul would ever have the thought of going to a Heaven, Paradise,
Nirvana, etc., cross their mind if they were certain they had found a solution to death
and dying in the right here and right now. As bad as life on planet Earth can be, at times,
for each of us, we cling to living — and that desperately.
Now we could end up dying of old age if we were to engage in an in-depth-
discussion of each and every religious view, faith, and teaching that is prevalent upon
this planet. It would make for a great discussion and much heated debate, but at the end
of any day — a day we would find we, each, no longer have — we would arrive at no
sense of agreement or solving the reality of the tenaciously fragile mortality of ourselves
as human beings — destined, from the very moment of our births, to die. Simply put, we
do not like death, though it is an integral part of the cycle of life upon our planet, and
appears to be so within the vastness of the Universe, distant galaxies, and stars, as
scientists witness their births — and their deaths.
Tragically, we face a time upon this planet likened to horrendously tragic times of
the past — for history does inexplicably repeat itself while learning nothing in the
process of bloodbaths and countless loss of human lives — when men have slaughtered
one another in the name of God, King, Motherland, Country, Faith, Religion, and that
deceptively elusive illusory promise of Freedom sought after, but never fully attained as
it sifts like sand through the hands of men who shed their blood seeking after that which
can never be bought with money — or blood. The violence we witness around the
world today, waged by those labeled extremists — deceived and misled being the more
appropriate term — serves as evidential proof that discussion of such spiritually
religious matters holds forth no viable solution to be reached in solving the dilemma of
our own impending, approaching, deaths — in fact tends to accelerate the process when
one encounters such extremist (deceived and misled) activist advocates of their own
particular style and flavor of religious faith solutions to death and hope of some fashion
of life beyond that last breath of “blank bug eyed stares” 2 that will see us all face our
Ironically, idiotically, and moronically, men will send other men to their deaths to
face that which they, themselves — fear. Men will send themselves to their deaths —
deceived into believing their self induced martyrdom will result in rewards they have no
substantial evidential proof of — in the flip of a bomb's switch or a trigger's pulling to
never grasp the finality and irreversible consequences of that which they do — with
teeth bared as though they have no fear of that which they truly do fear—and that
terrifyingly intensely. Why is it that men cannot set their tendencies and propensities for
violent animal-like behavior aside long enough to calmly, logically, reasonably, and
peacefully, discuss the all too prevalent reality that we — the entirety of the human race,
sooner, later, in eventuality — are all going to die, in facing our own deaths one day, and

2 Wandering Wisps Of Wafting Flames by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn — https://www.scribd.com/document/364634830/Wandering-Wisps-of-Wafting-


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none of us have been to that anciently spoken of other-side to witness what may await us
there, if there is anything at all but the return to the oblivion that we knew (in knowing
nothing but oblivion) before our conception in the womb and delivery into our first sight
of the light of day?
Have no doubt, I do have my own flavor of personal belief as an individual rooted
in Creationist Grounded Free Thinking that does not support, nor advocate, Organized
Religion, yet, finds himself in total disagreement with Science's Theory of Evolution
conclusions as to the origin of Man upon this planet.
We each hold to something, even if that which we hold to is Atheism, for even
zero is a number and possesses substance as a mathematical value. But, Religion and
faith, no matter what flavor your life embraces, is intended to uplift, strengthen,
encourage and give hope to Mankind in facing our deaths, not bring about our deaths
through acts of war, terrorism, and religiously fanatical (deceived and misled)
extremism. A Religion — anyone's Religion, for I care not what name or banner it may
hide behind — that promotes death in the name of Religion as a source of hope for
Mankind, is not in fact a true Religion — but is an organized promotion and
proliferation of mass hysteria enabled murderous insanity. The murdering of innocents
in the name of any Religion is an insane act that cannot be justified in any sense of the
term righteous act.
Enough talk of Religion — I speak of true Religion that exudes spirituality, rather
than war-mongering, innocents-butchering, murderous mayhem in the name, only, of
Religion — though it does serve a more than useful purpose in giving, each of us as,
Mankind hope, peace, and cause for contemplation …


Let us now speak of reality. The reality is, our bodies are intelligently designed
machines residing upon a a somewhat average sized planet in our solar system, orbiting
an average sized yellow star in a vast galaxy of myriads of galaxies within a Universe
that is beyond human comprehension of measurement, magnitude, and point of origin.
We, as a planet of human inhabitants, are less than a microscopic speck in comparison of
size and importance in relation to the entirety of the Universe around us and all that
thrives, lives, and dies, within it. We, are even less significant as individual human
beings residing and eking out existences upon our totally insignificant world upon which
we, ourselves, live and die. To top that insignificance is the fact that our bodies, though
intelligently designed, bear a defined and clear similarity to every other creation within
the Universe: Our bodies are designed to wear out, grind to a halt, die, and cease to
exist. We were not designed as perpetual motion, (eternally living and thriving) flesh
and blood, machines.

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For countless thousands of years, men have pondered and contemplated —
seeking after logical reasons, as to why men are born to simply die — as to why we, of
all the creatures on this planet, possess an awareness and consciousness of our
existence, while other creatures residing upon our world remain mercifully oblivious as
they instinctively fight for survival in eking out their existences to eventually die and
return to the soil from whence they came.
The Science minded Evolutionist will proudly proclaim that Mankind is simply a
thinking animal resulting from millions of years of Evolution upon the earth now
culminating in the Brain Age of an Evolutionary process that continues in its evolving
towards some form of perfection of the Evolutionary life process — though he cannot
tell you when, exactly this process began, when it shall reach its perfected end and
destination, or what that perfected end shall turn out to be.
On the other hand — a hand diametrically opposed to Science's highly promoted
Theory of Evolution — the Organized-Religion Creationist will proudly proclaim that
Mankind has been created with an awareness and consciousness of his existence in order
to honor the Creator of all that is and will ever be, referred to by monotheists as YHWH,
God, or Allah. However, I prefer to use a terminology of my own improvisation, to
represent the concept of a Creator of all that is and will ever be, which I believe is less
offensive to those who are of the Agnostic or Atheist mindset: A Catalyst Reactant
Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence.
To cut to the chase: Science offers intelligently logical sounding answers that
deliver no true solution to death as the number one problem that plagues all of Mankind.
Modern Medicine strives desperately to prolong life, but in the end it cannot prevent
Religion, also, offers Mankind no cut and dried solution to death, but instead
chooses to help men face their deaths by instilling within them the hope of eternal life
through Blind Faith obedience to particular doctrines and teachings, often adding the
extra incentive of impregnating the mind's of its followers with a terror of a sinner's
type hell, punishment, or eternal destruction. To reinforce its authority, Religion will
often proclaim to its followers teachings of a God given command to convert the world
to its own way of living, thinking, and believing, much in the same way Evolutionists
feel a determined duty to convince all Mankind that men actually descended from apes.
Though I am a professed Science-Minded, History-Researching, Creationist who
proclaims that there absolutely must be a Creator — A Catalyst Reactant Ultimate
Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence — I must also confess that Religion, like
Science, delivers no true solution to death as the number one problem that plagues all
For the record, I am, neither, a supporter of Organized Religion, nor Darwin's
Theory of Evolution. What I am is — as that mission statement agenda that possesses
my full capacity of dedication and concentration — an avid fan of The Human Race ...

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Though I have no personal ax to grind with Religion or those of any given Faith, it
is my, personal, assessment that behind every Religion seeking to convert the world, is a
man — or a group of men — who seek to rule the world in the name of that very
Religion. Any Religion that, honestly, holds forth something of value and merit for
humanity has no need to force its valuable wares upon others. Religions, any Religion,
that seeks to convert others — most especially via forced conversion upon pain of death
— is suspect in my humble view, and is not a true hope giving, peaceful and loving,
Religion. So why am I still speaking of Religion when I stated I was leaving such
matters behind …?


Sadly, in our current day and time, we cannot escape talk or thoughts of Religion.
In an age that advocates tolerance, we are facing more intolerance than, perhaps, any
time in the history of the world. Religion matters and matters of Religion are stealing
headlines around the world.
But ... There is a pertinent fact that is daily being ignored by fervently zealous and
religious people: We could easily spend another thousand years or so arguing and
debating, fighting self righteously in waging religiously professed holy — Jihad style —
wars that take the lives of innocents not even involved in our zealously fervent heated
discussion, and never arrive at an ending conclusion that would satisfy either party, nor
prove either party correct this side of death and the grave, for no one (and I do mean no
one) has ever returned from the grave to speak (in simply declared concise language) of
what lies beyond the exhaling of that one final breath — a moment that awaits us all,
regardless of our religious affiliations and beliefs.
Regardless of written accounts, to be found within the pages of the sacred books
of the world's Organized Religions, not a single reported person who was alleged to
have returned from death and the grave has bothered, in the doing so, to educate, inform,
or enlighten, their fellow man of his day and time of what they actually experienced,
personally, in the dying, saw and experienced having died, or witnessed with their own
five senses on the other side of the grave — except for a few vaguely worded mystically
charged statements that add up to nothing in our attempts to view and understand what
awaits us on that other side of life.
When all is said and done, we simply cannot answer these questions from this side
of life and the grave. And once gone, having breathed our last, we shall never return to
tell our stories if, in fact, there is a story to be told and shared. It is an experience we

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must face alone with nothing to do but wing it as best we can in hope of finding
something more than oblivion, though if oblivion awaits us we shall never know the
difference one way or the other.
So why, in view of our lack of truly provable and established facts (Scientific or
Religious) do we continue to promise men the hope (or terrifying fear) of an Afterlife
that may not, realistically, exist? Why do we send our finest young men and women to
blood, battle, and their most certain deaths, armed mentally with flimsy theories and
religious doctrines, proclaimed and taught as truths, that shall forever remain
unprovable this side of death and the grave? Why do we slaughter one another over
matters of what lies beyond this life and the grave, when the final destination, for each
of us, shall make the entire matter a moot point — senseless, useless, fruitless, and utter
And while all this mass hysteria enabled murderous insanity — witnessed through
the deceptions of today's entertainment orientated News, Video, and Social, Medias that
promote and breed fear, shock, discontent, extremism, alarmism, sensationalism, and
possible incitement to anger motivated acts of violence and reprisal — goes on as some
assumed newly (not new but same ole hyped up propaganda in a different package)
presented version of a faked and feigned justifiable cause for Man's war-mongering,
innocents-butchering, and murderous mayhem made rightly righteous by guilt
desensitizing, anesthetizing, euphemistic facades that stir men to emotions of patriotism
(to intentionally reiterate) in the name of Almighty God, Motherland and Country, and
that deceptively elusive illusion of Freedom as we blindly, as Mankind, continue
steadfastly upon a directionless path that will never see us arrive one step closer to
answering our questions, hopes, and fears, as to what actually awaits us beyond that
final breath of the road to all too soon …


Why must we die? Why are we here if death is to be our end? The cold hard,
unadulterated, truth is that we shall never possess answers to these questions in such a
fashion as to satisfactorily comfort us when we come face to face with our own deaths
— short of the leap of Blind Faith scenario that so many religious folks resort to in
asserting, on Blind Faith alone, that they possess concrete answers as to what awaits
them on the other side of this life, when in fact they do not possess any concrete answers
at all, but choose to face death while embracing grandiosely delusional beliefs that they
(because of their professed chosen Religion) do, indeed, possess such answers despite
the reality that such beliefs are based upon precepts, doctrines, and teachings that lack a
single shred of substantiated, credible, provable, verifiable, evidence.

The Road To All Too Soon by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn Page 6

At some point in our lives, most all of us have held, as sacred, some belief or
other that was truthfully based upon the fairy-tale fantasies of religious mythology,
rather than verifiable, indisputable, fact. We sought to do so out of seeking after peace
and hope in that most unavoidable moment in time: Death. We sought after it
religiously in facing the death of a loved one, or the possibility of our own impending
Religion should bring comfort in time of death. Religion should never be the
cause of death. Again, such Religion is not true Religion, but is simply Man's blood
thirsty human nature rearing its ugly head, while disguised in the trappings of religious
attire ...
Rather than spend our lives asking questions for which there are no suitable
answers, we should spend our days in pondering this all important question: What truly
matters most, after this life is over for each of us? What have we left behind to cause
others to remember us as some semblance of living on in the hearts and minds of those
we love after we have passed from this life to death? After all, what message have we
sent to our children, our families, our countrymen, if all we accomplished and focused
upon, in our personal lifetimes upon this planet, was the judging and butchering of those
who desired to live every bit as much as we did? And now, in death, we have joined the
butchered, who knows where — exactly, truthfully, or provably?
At the end of any and every day of our lives, the only thing that will matter when
it is over (the only thing we have any true power over) — when we have truly reached
our personal road to all too soon — is how we are remembered as a result of the manner
in which we chose to live this life; how we chose to spend our time as examples to those
who will most certainly follow in our footsteps.
It all begins — and ends — with family. How we live out each day of our lives,
how we overcame our struggles, our faults, our weaknesses, will have a clearly defined
effected result upon how our children live their lives in their own personal journey
towards the road to all too soon.
What would we have them to learn … War, strife, hatred, endless bloodshed,
dying in hope of theories and teachings that we, ourselves, could never irrefutably
prove ...?
Or will we give them what matters most: Fond memories of how we spent our
time upon this earth, overcame our faults and weaknesses; how we loved and reached
out to others; how we impressed and changed the lives of others for the good; how they
will choose to live their own lives, after we are gone by our set example of choosing to
do good in setting differences aside to pursue peace in a world that knows very little of
the true meaning of the word love?


The Road To All Too Soon by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn Page 7

There are times when war is a necessary evil. Self defense in the face of certain
annihilation is a necessary evil. But, why must men make war an evil that has become
an all consuming way of life for nations and peoples — and that, all too often, (third time
is a reiteration charm) in the name of God, Country, and that deceptively elusive illusion
called Freedom?
The choice is ours. But, only if we make a conscious decision to take a
cognizance determined stand to begin making our own mental decisions for ourselves,
rather than allowing others to use the power of political agendas, religious movements,
and biased Media DIS-Information3 orchestrated suggestive reporting that seek(s) to
steer our mental direction of believed conclusions as to what our eyes and ears have
read, seen, and heard in virtually leading us to the conclusive decisions we, naively and
ignorantly, believe to be our own, with the resultant ring in the nose of our decision
making processes accomplished by means of a daily deluge barrage assault upon our
senses' sensibilities in attempting to program our minds — through covertly overt, subtly
subliminal, dumbed down mind melding mental regression that is a form of, coerced via
saturation with stupidity's infatuation, mental devolution dressed up in the wolf in
sheep's clothing of Man having now attained to a higher intellectual plane in the
Evolutionary process whereby Globalism shall now lead all Mankind to coexist
peacefully side by side, while feeding from the same slopping trough of Elitist generated
lies — in the name of Human Evolution intended to irreversibly transform us into
Sheeple-People4 human cattle who cannot grasp the concept of thinking for themselves
as Free Thinkers5
In a nutshell, a Free Thinker is any person who is willing to accept and explore
the possibility that everything they were ever taught to believe as an established truth
may not actually be true — and that honestly, selflessly, and diligently in search of that
which is true, rather than choosing to cling, blindly, to accepted and commonly held
Wars cannot be fought without soldiers. Slaves cannot be made of men who
refuse to allow their minds to be conquered. Choose life for as long as you can live it.
Defend your family at all cost. But … Be certain such an act is truly self defense, and
not the stealthy manipulation of those who sit in high places, ruling this world sight
unseen, without a care in the world for all those Sheeple-People cattle sent to the
slaughter in war after senseless war.
3 DIS-Information — Information that seems truthful, relevant and based on unbiased facts, but has been concocted to mislead the recipient in order to
attain fraudulent monetary, military, political, or religious objectives. The information explosion has been continuously shadowed by an almost equally
powerful disinformation explosion, especially on the internet. Read more:
4 Sheeple-People — A word and term I find myself favoring in my attempt to communicate the all too factual reality that people tend to allow themselves
— even seem to want — to be led, watered, and fed, much like sheep, trusting others with decisions and truths regarding their lives, their futures, their
welfare, and their safety, rather then shouldering up such responsibilities themselves as individuals, in finding and enjoying the comfort of numbers. The
word sheeple was first coined by actress and Wall Street Journal writer, Barbara Anderson, in 1984.
5 Freethinker — someone who forms their own opinions and beliefs, especially about religion or politics, rather than just accepting what is officially or
commonly believed and taught. http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/freethinker

The Road To All Too Soon by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn Page 8

Choose to be a Free Thinker. Cast off the DIS-Information. Shake off the mental
programming. Leave you decision to endeavor to learn the art of Free Thinking as your
heritage for your children after you, and the generations of children to come.
For if we do not, the road to all too soon is coming all too soon for all Mankind,
for such a tragic end is the only logical outcome of instilled, depraved, insanity ruling
the minds of any people, much less all the Sheeple-Peoples of this world.
Free Thinking is the only form of truly independent thinking that lends forth the
hope of finding and arriving at truth without destroying the world in the process ...

(Written November 28th, 2015 — Revised May 17th, 2019)

The Road To All Too Soon by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn Page 9

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