Call for IPSF European Regional Office (EuRO) Regional Working Group (RWG

IPSF is calling for interested individuals to run for positions in the IPSF EuRO RWG
The IPSF Regional Office is a functional extension of the IPSF Executive, structured
by elected and appointed pharmacy students and recent graduates from IPSF
member countries of a specific IPSF region, forming the Regional Working Group.
The mission of the RWG shall be to advance and support the aims and objectives of
the Federation at the regional level. If you are interested in a particular position listed
here, you should contact the relevant IPSF Regional Working Group member
(contacts below) before the deadline for applications in order to get acquainted with
the responsibilities you will handle. Please submit your nomination forms including a
motivation letter or video (max. 3 minutes) to no later
than Wednesday 31st of August 23:59 GMT+2 for any role of the Regional Working
Group you are applying for. Elections will take place by a vote of correspondence.

Below are the role descriptions of the positions.

Regional Projects Officer
As the Regional Projects Officer (RPO), you are responsible for coordinating the
implementation of IPSF projects at the Regional level. Thus, you will be required to
work closely with the relevant IPSF Committees and Chairpersons as a co-opted
member of the Public Health, Pharmacy Education and Professional Development
committees. For the RPO this means being involved in each of these committees
and helping with tasks whenever possible and/or necessary. You will not be
responsible for any projects in these committees unless it is not part of the Regional
Working Group wish.
The main job of the Regional Projects Officer is to focus on projects in the Region.
In doing so, the Regional Projects Officer will also be responsible for the promotion
of approved projects and to work very closely with the Region’s RMPO to develop
appropriate promotional materials. Having a creative streak would be beneficial for
the Regional Projects Officer as the position requires extensive work with
publications and promotional materials.
The Regional Projects Officer will also be required to have some degree of
communication with member countries in the promotion and implementation of IPSF
projects at the national level. Because of the variety of projects that the Regional
Projects Officer may be involved with, and the many people that they have to
cooperate closely with, it is important for the Regional Projects Officer to have
impeccable communication, organisation, time management and team work skills.

All questions regarding this position should be addressed to IPSF European
Regional Office at

Regional Media and Publications Officer
As the Regional Media and Publications Officer, you will be responsible for
developing publication materials and creating/updating the website for the Regional
Office. The main Regional Office publications are normally the newsletter and the
Regional Office Annual Report.

The responsibility of the RMPO is to take care of the content and the design of
current and new established official publications of the regional office according to
corporate identity and branding. It is also the RMPO’s responsibility to ensure that
the website is maintained and continuously up to date. It is not necessary to know a
lot about website management since the selected website builder is quite user
friendly, but some basic knowledge is advisable. Besides that, the RMPO is also
responsible for creating new and imaginative ways of promoting the Regional Office
and its projects such as flyers, posters and booklets, depending on the plans for the
New ideas and proposals are always welcome and highly encouraged. Common
skills requirements for this position include good knowledge of design (including
Adobe Master Suite skills, especially in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign),
strong communication skills, as well as creativity and passion. The RMPO should
have a working proficiency in English language, have constant access to some form
of stable internet connection, and be able to commit about 1-2h a day for the work.
The RMPO will work closely together with the other team members of EuRO and the
Chairperson of Media and Publications.
All questions regarding this position should be addressed to IPSF European
Regional Office at

As the secretary, you are responsible for ensuring that the Regional Office runs
smoothly in close cooperation with the Chairperson. The Secretary needs to be
familiar with the Regional Office Documents as it is their responsibility to ensure that
the Regional Office complies with the Regional Office Documents. It is also the
responsibility of the secretary to issue notice and to distribute the agendas and
minutes of all Regional Working Group meetings. This role also encompasses all
budgetary issues.

Essential abilities of the secretary are to be proficient in written and spoken English,
to be organised, have an eye for detail and good communication, time management,
previous budgeting experience and personal relations skills. The secretary is
expected to maintain contact with all members of the Regional Working Group and
will be expected to contact with members, IPSF exec and other external
organisations. Applicants to this role are required to have a high level of formal
English. To complete the activities of the Secretary, approximately 10 to 15 hours
per week is required.
For further information please send an email to