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Think back to the writing assignments you did in high schoolessays for English class,
research papers for History, lab reports for Chemistry, etc.and answer the following
questions about your writing habits.
1. What kind of writing rituals do you have? Ex. Wearing sweatpants, cleaning
your desk space, creating writing playlists, sharpening pencils.

2. Do you generally write one or more drafts before turning in an essay? Why?

3. How much planning do you do before you begin to write?

4. What kind of planning do you do? Ex. Mind maps, reviewing assignment
guidelines, free-writing, research, talking to others, outlining.

5. When writing, do you correct your mistakes as you go, or wait to fix them
later? Why?

6. Do you let others read your papers before turning them in? If so, who usually
reads it? Why?

7. When you revise a paper, what kind of changes do you make? How do you
know what to change?

8. What kind of feedback helps you improve your writing? Ex. Written, verbal,
harsh, mix of strengths and weaknesses.

9. What kinds of writing assignments do you like to do? Ex. Research-based,

personal experience-based, creative, technical.

10. What kinds of writing do you do outside of school? Ex. Participate in online

communities about a special interest, text with family and friends, personal
creative writing, journaling, write for organization or club newsletter/FB page.

*Adapted from Stephen Wilhoits Writing Process Survey.

Wilhoit, Stephen W. The Allyn and Bacon Teaching Assistants Handbook: A Guide for Graduate
Instructors of Writing and
Literature. New York: Longman, 2003. Print.