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Executive Summary

TCS would like to thank British Gas for giving us the opportunity to respond to the BMRC
Support(SoR). TCS understands that objective of Centrica through this engagement is to
establish a robust operating model for managing BMRC, which will ensure service
delivered with utmost predictability, and without surprises , with flexibility for extended
hour support which is a critcal factor for a service like BMRC.Hence TCS proposes a
flexible onsite offshore model of support with the following highlights
Flexible Extended Support Model
TCS BMRC team will take end to end ownership in a structured manner in order to support
and meet the British Gas objectives for this work. It will provide a flexible model for
extended hour support for midweek builds ,weekend planned bulds and additional 24 * 7
on call support . The TCS proven onsite offshore model will ensure there is always team
memberconsultant available to provide support
Normal Key Hours
of Coverage

Monday to Friday - 7.00am - 7.00pm or until OPR is

Guarantee cover
for mid-week
Planned project
weekend builds

Every Wednesday - 10.00pm to 2.00am

Additional cover

Adhoc on call basis - Friday/Saturday for delayed

merge or hot fixes with advance notice

Once a month - Sat 10.00pm to 2.00am until

completion of go live

360 degree Support with structured stakeholder management

TCS will provide a 360 degree service across all critical BMRC activities as depicted in the
diagram below. Starting with meeting relevant stakeholders and participate in discussions
to help and provide environmental support, Incident / defect support, Build Support,
Merge Support, applying Hot fixes and finally supporting for OPR or planned build
support. TCS associates will always be there for this FULL CYCLE support with onshore and
offshore model. ;

TCS understands that delivering the SAP BMRC service would involve close interaction
with the British Gas IS and Business teams and other support teams. TCS has wide
experience of managing multi vendor support teams across other engagements and has
also effectively coordinated with the various stakeholders for British Gas for other
lprojects within the agreed timeline. TCS will take full responsibility of coordinating with
all stakeholder teams to effectively deliver the BMRC service. TCS will proactively set up
structured well managed communication channels /meetings with the various
stakeholders involved in delivering the BMRC services is detailed below:

Leveraging our knowledge of the current TCS team member in BMRC
TCS is already partially involved in the BMRC team with a key member in the current
team who has gained the knowledge in current processes, tools, methodology,
stakeholders management, challenges and future requirements. an indepth insight to the

current processes , challenges and future requirements , . We TCS will leverage that
knowledge to the fullest extent to quicken the knowledge Ttransitionransfer and to
quickly hit the ground running with minimum disruption on current work.
Risk minimized Transition Approach with Guaranteed Documentation
TCS understands the critical nature of this service and would follow the time tested TCS
standard approach for knowledge transfer with well defined entry exit criteria structured
workshops, playbacks to minimise the overall risk for British Gas .The key highlight of
TCS transition approach for BMRC services is as follows:
Tested and proven approach which is flexible to take-on the British Gas BMRC
Well documented risk management process and failure mode effect analysis.
The enables to effectively track risk and process failure modes well ahead of time
so that they can be mitigated effectively.
Gradual ramp up of Onsite / Offshore team and full services are planned at the end
of the primary support phase thus addressing any teething problems of the
learning curve and also reducing costs. Further TCS proposes that the primary
support phase is closely shadowed by the British Gas BMRC team. The current
BMRC team is available to supervise and review the key activities performed by the
TCS team
TCS proposes Quality Gate reviews at the end of transition phases. This is to
provide an opportunity for TCS to play back to British Gas BMRC team and other
stakeholders the key learning from that phase.
Prepare and circulate Transition dashboards to enable British Gas
stakeholders and TCS to monitor the progress and close out gaps (f any) during the
TCS proposes to clearly document the entire process during the
Transition phase to build the knowledge repository for British Gas . TCS
would retain/update the documents in the British Gas Share point site to enable
access to key BMRC team members.
Continuous Improvement
TCS will drive continuous improvement TCS and will take initiatives to develop Tools to
simplify some of the processes in BMRC, like Checking Transports in TOCs, Automated
Mail to Developers & various stakeholders, streamline the Approval processes etc. Some
of the key areas of improvement that TCS will immediately focus on are:
Leverage /build cross application knowledge in the BMRC team to understand the
issue and delegate to the functional teams by deploying Technical Experts with
Techno-Functional Knowledge in domains like IS-U, CRM to analyse the incidents
and delegate to the proper Team.
TCS core technical team will deploy Technical Experts, who can do code reviews,
validate and check errors using Code Inspector; review Smart Shift Tool for the
suitability of Code Reviews.
TCS has successfully administered several projects with Transport Express and can
analyse the Transport Express fitment into Centrica Build management activities
and handle deploying transports to multiple environments.