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Grand Alliance Project

-----------------------------------Time Frame: 31st Dec 2010 - 31st Dec 2020 (Total 10 Years)
---------------------------Aims & Objectives: See Personal GuideBook For Details:
-----------------* Personality Grooming
* Islamic Religion
* Arabic Language
* English Language
* Native Language
* Academics & Career
* General Knowledge
* Real-Time Updates
* Real-Time Knowledge
* Personal Independance
--------------------- Summary: Total 10 Objectives --------------------* All Resources Downloads: 31st Dec 2010 - 31st Dec 2016
* Organization & Full Implementation: 1st Jan 2017 - 31st Dec 2020
------------------------------------------------------------------------(A) Year 2016 - 2017 Objectives:
---------------Core Priorities: Phase 1: From 1st July 2016 - 31st Dec 2017
---------------* Personality Grooming
* Islamic Religion
* Academics & Career
* English Language
* Real-Time Updates
* Real-Time Knowledge
----------------Schedule Breakup:

(1) 1st August 2016 - 31st December 2016: Workup Of 17 HRS Max
* Sleep: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM , 2:30 AM - 7:30 AM (Total: 7 HRS)
* Work: 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM , 9:30 PM - 2:30 AM (Total: 17 HRS)
Assuming That You Will Work In AKUH, Therefore This Timetable will Be Valid Till
31st Dec 2016.
-------Details: From 1st August 2016 - 31st December 2016
-------* 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM: Core Subject, Clinical SKills, English Language
In A Planned Sequence Of 8 HRS, 2 HRS, 2 HRS
-----------------7:30 AM To 3:30 PM
-----------------* Subject: Medicine & Allied
* Background: Torrents @ 7.5 GB Max
-----------------3:30 PM To 5:30 PM
-----------------* Clinical SKills Development
* Background: Torrents @ 7.5 GB Max
-----------------5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
-----------------* English Language
* Background: Islamic Books & Videos, OSCE Videos (For 60 Days)
----------------9:30 PM - 2:30 AM
----------------* Fatwas Downloads OR Islamic Research
* Background: Islamic Books & Videos, OSCE Videos (For 60 Days)
Note: This Schedule Is Subject To Flexibility
Note: Routine Tasks Like Serving Dad, Prayers In Between, Eating Lunch,
Sanitary Habits, Mini Breaks Are Included In This Schedule.
Note: Take 30 Min Walk Daily For 5 Months At 9:30 PM, Then Take Bath,

Followed By Prayers, Reciting Quran.

Note: Pray Tahajud & Make Dua At 2:30 AM Before Going To Sleep.
Note: This Schedule Will Be Maintained With Slight Variations Such As
Islamic Research After Fatwas Have Been Downloaded, & Switching To
Other Subjects After Completing Medicine & Aliied, And Going Via
Radiology, ECG Etc After Completing Clinical SKills. See Below:
----------------Extended Details: To Be Completed Solely In The Month Of August 2016
--------------------------------------Indoor & Outdoor Tasks:
----------------------(A) Religious Activities:

Priority 1

Dedicated Time: 1.0 - 1.5 HRS Max

* Learn How To Perform Witr Prayers & Friday Prayers
* Download All Fatwas From The Following Sites
- Islamqa.Info
- Islamqa.Org
- Muftisays.com
- IslamHelpline.Net
- Islamweb.Net
Correlate Them With Any Existing Bookmarks
Future: Save Materials Offline From Other Sites You Might Find Useful.
Once You Have Completed This Task ... Dedicate Equivalent Amount Of Time
In The Following Activities:
- Sort Out All Minor & Major Sins ... See Repentance List Add Document
& My Personal GB For Details.
- Sort Out Solutions For Them With All Available Fatwas & Internet, Chats
- Learn How To Repent (Make A Seperate Document Along With Helpful Video)
- Implement Repentance Immediately
Note: See The End Of This Document For Recommendations On Islamic Research.
In Addition To This Practice Sitting In Sunnah Way During Prayers &
Observe 5 + 1 Prayers, Recite Quran, Seek Help During Day/Night, Observe
Good Manners To The Best Of Your Ability. (Existing Knowledge)
Starting From SEP, Go Through Individual Categories Like Ghusl, Wudu using same

Time Dedicated Parameters ... Research On Them & Implement Accordingly.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Also Go Via Each & Every Download That You Have Made & See How
Much Debt You Owe. (Via AMazon & Equivalent) ... August 2016 Task
------------------------------------------------------------------------(B) Academic Activities:

Priority 1

Approach: Choose 1 Core Topic In The Subject & Go Through It In Details

Note: In Pediatrics, Start Initially With Growth Parameters, Diet Chart,
Immunization, Malnutrition
Note: In Pharmacology, Start Learning Brands & Doses That You Have Jotted
Down & Also Consider Additional Feedback From Your Father.
Note: Consider Swanson Family Medicine If You Are Applying For AKUH
Recommendations: Visit The FOlder Radiology EBooks In The Grand Alliance
Project, & Clinical Skills EBooks For Hx, Exam, Skills

Clinical Skills Include:

- 1 Hx Topic (Adult & Pediatrics)
- 1 Skill Session
- 1 Counselling Session
- 1 System Adult With Videos
- 1 Milestone Pediatric
- 1 SOAP Note
- 1 Prescription Writing
- 1 Discharge Summary
- DD's
- Urdu Terminologies
- Practice Hx Writing Skills (see Pics Of KDLB)
- 1 Follow UP
- 1 Lab Value
Once You Have Gone Via The Above, Then Also Dedicate 1 HR Daily Covering X-Rays
(Start From Chest) & 1 HR Dedicated To ECG, Followed By Heart Sounds & Lung Soun

(C) English Language:


Priority 1

Dedicated Time: 2.0 HR Daily

(D) Miscellaneous Tasks:

Priority 1

Dedicated Time: At your Convenience (August 2016)

(E) Personality Enhancement: Priority 1
-----------------------* Become: Mature, Independent,
* Express Hidden Qualities
* Become Active, Realistic, Steadfast
* Show Perseverance
* Become Real-Time Learner, Vigilant, Logical, Less Emotional
* Plan Ahead, Think Ahead
* Be Smart, Religious, Professional, Motivated
* Show Determination & Will
* Eliminate All Negative Behaviour, Habits
* Eliminate The Possibility Of Others To Influence You Negatively
* Eliminate The Possibility Of Someone Able To Find Flaws In Me
* Ability To Handle All Hardships Life Throws At Me
* To Prioritize My Duties Accordingly
* To Never Waste Time, Energy
* Perform Your Best In All Categories
* Physical & Intellectual Restoration (14 Days)
------------Mobile Tasks: August 2016
------------* Nokia 6303i Classic: Service, Hard Reset, Optimize Settings (For UNI)
- Warid SIM, Contacts, Camera Testing, Tones, Wallpapers, Full Charge
* Nokia 5230 Touch: Service, Hard Reset, Optimize Settings
- Camera Testing, Tones, Wallpapers, Apps, Head Phones, Full Charge

---Car: August - December 2016

---* Charade: Carburetor Service, Brake Oil, Engine Oil, Radiator & Battery
Water check, Battery Charging Via Running, Fuel 50 Percent,
Tyre Checks + Stepney, Insurance, Car Document Sorting, Car
Mini Service.
* Swift: Car Self & Ignition Issues, Brake Oil, Engine Oil, Radiator &
Battery Water check, New Battery, Fuel 50 Percent, Tyre Checks,
nsurance, Car Document Sorting, Car Mini Service.
Note: Long Term Issues That Need To Be Sorted Out (2017-2018)
* Charade: All Standing Issues
* Swift: All Standing Issues
By Adeel Motors Etc
----------UNIVERSITY: August 2016
----------* Download PMDC & AKU H.Job Forms

... Status: Complete

* Buy 1 8.0 GB USB 2.0 For Normal Usage

... Status: Complete

* Buy 1 8.0 GB USB 2.0 For Fedora Live OS

* Print Out PDMC Form

... Status: Complete

... Status: Complete

* Request For MBBS Degree, Total Aggregate, PMDC Attestation

... Status: Pending
* Send PMDC Documents Via TCS ... Status: Pending
* Apply For House Job In Liaquat National & Aga Khan Hospital
... Status: Pending (Liaquat National)
* Buy 1 Box Of Pen For Making Notes ... Status: Pending
--------------------Cellular Credentials: August 2016
--------------------* WaridTel: Update Credentials like Home Address, EMail ID, Alternate
Number. (For Both SIMS)
* Reset SIM: 45 Days Powered Off Status (03212901888)
Note: Long Term Issues That Need To Be Sorted Out (2016-2018)
* Clear All Outstanding Dues Via Internet Banking
* MNP Of Both Sims To Mobilink (Prepaid, Regular SIM) ... Initially

* Convert Both SIMS To Postpaid Package, Nano Or E-SIM With Updated

* Notify Bank Of MNP (To Avoid Any Issues)w
-------------------------------Personal & Professional Network: August 2016
-------------------------------IMPORTANT: Run These Services On Fedora 24/25 USB 3.0 Live OS Edition
----------* Dr.Zeeshan@Protonmail.ch

(Primary EMail ID)

* Dr.Zeeshan@Mailfence.com

(Alternate EMail ID)

Password: K.Fedora-Z*A_7+
Cloud Storage:
-------------* Tresorit Cloud (Primary Cloud Storage)
* ProtonMail Cloud (Alternate Cloud Storage)
* DropBox ... Not As Regular Communication Platform
---------* WhatsApp (Professional)
* Skype (In Case Of Need) ... Not As Regular Communication Platform
* Wire > Signal > Threema (For Secure Communications)
Note: Consider Proton Chat & VOIP Services In Case Wire, Signal, Threema
shutdown their services.
Warning: Consider Prism-Break If Government Intends To Censor All Of The
Above Mentioned Services.
Warning: Avoid Signal ... Russia Wants To Add A Backdoor In It
Social Networks:
---------------* FaceBook, LinkedIn Etc
(Full Anonymous Identity Except For LinkedIn) .. With Encrypted Solutions
Warning: Do Not Share Personal Identifying Information

Name: Serbian Translated Name (3eecxaH AxmeA)

UserName: Mfenc OR 3???xaH ?xmeA
Password: Different For Each Account
----------------Facebook Account:
----------------1. Practice MCQ's
2. PLAB & MRCP Preparation
3. FCPS Preparation
4. Miscellaneous
Infact more pages and groups are welcome

Note: Research On Fedora & IOS Optimization & Security (2016 - 2017)
---------------------------Banking & Payment Solutions: January - Febuary 2017
---------------------------IMPORTANT: Run Internet Banking On Fedora 24/25 USB 3.0 Live OS Edition
* Primary Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank ... Khaybane -e- Shahbaz DHA Phase 6
* Branchless Banking: EasyPaisa > Jazzcash > Others

-----------PC Hardware: By Mid 2017 ... Upgrade Cycle

-----------(A) Desktop PC: Vaild Till 31st Dec 2024

128 GB SSD In Sata 3 Config

1.0 TB External HDD (Military Grade Formatted) ... Till 31st Dec 2020
HDCP Compliant HDMI Cable
4 GB DDR 3 1600 BUS RAM
DVD Drive In Sata 2 Config
WIFI USB Adaptor
Wireless K.B & Mouse (Gaming)

Max Budget: PKR 12000

-----------PC Software: By Mid 2017
-----------* Windows 7 Ultimate Edition ... Valid Till 31st Dec 2024
* Buy 1 Dedicated USB 2.0/3.0 Formatted With Paragon HDM Or OpenSource
Solution To Keep Dedicated Backups Of Windows, OSX VDI
Note: The Capacity Of The Drive Should Be Atleast 64 GB
Note: If Paragon HDM Is To Be Considered, Then Purchase It Online And
Discard The CD.
Note: Windows 7 VDI Should Include Firewall, ISS, Anti Keylogger Minus
Windows Update Tools.
Note: Give Equivalent Charity For Windows, Office, Paragon HDM
Max Budget: PKR 5000
---------------Broadband Tasks: By Mid 2017
---------------* Mom's Tasks: Upgrade to 4G LTE CPE Modem & Packages Along With Brand
UI For Logins & Brand New Qubee GUI Web Portal.
-----------------My Personal Tasks: By Mid 2017
-----------------* New National ID Card (New Pic, Signature, Address, Contact Etc)
* WiTribe Connection: Terminate Associated Account With Them
* Qubee Connection: Terminate If Staying In The Same House ... Otherwise
Restore The Connection With Biometric Verifications,
Credential Updates, Past Dues Clearance, Lost Device
Charges, Device Upgrade Charges.


Note: Even if i move to a new house, In CNIC & Banking & Jobs* Etc Keep
My Existing Home Address.
-----------PC Hardware: By End Of 2017
-----------A) Exclusive to the desktop:
* Research to see if Phones can be connected to it ! If so then wait for
r IPhone purchase
* HP Lase Jet Pro 4 In 1 (Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax) ... OSX, Linux
Budget: Max PKR 18000 (Depends)
-------Summary: Summary Of The Above Recommended Guidelines
-------In Case Of HouseJob In Institute Other Than AKUH:
------------------------------------------------* Clinical Skills: 45 Min - 2.0 HRS
* ECG: 45 Min - 1.0 HR ... Followed Later By Heart & Lung Sounds
* X-Ray: 45 Min - 1.0 HR
* Core Topic: 3.0 HRS
* Religion: 1.0 HR Max
* English Language: 1.0 HR
H.Job Schedule: 7.0 - 9.0 HRS Daily (Depending On Location)
------------------------------------------------------------------------Grand Summary:
----------* Jul - Aug 2016: Medicine, Clinical Skills
* Sep - Oct 2016: Surgery, Pediatrics, 50 Percent Pharmacology
* Nov - Dec 2016: Physiology, Pathology, 50 Percent Pharmacology
* Jan - Feb 2016: Anatomy, Embryology, Histology
* Mar - Apr 2016: Biochemistry, Genetics


* May - Jun 2016: Microbiology, Immunology

* Jul - Aug 2016: Gynae & Obs, Ophthalmology
------* Personal Grooming (Internal)
* Religion (Complete)
* Academics (Complete)
* English Language (Complete)
Note: See My Personal GuideBook For Details
Note: Give FCPS Part 1 In Feb 2018
------------------------------------------------------------------------Important Points To Remember When Considering The Above Decisions
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Privacy & Security:
------------------1. Personal Security & Privacy:
---------------------------A) At Home: DD-WRT Router Is A Must ... Secure It At Times Of Need.
B) Mobility: Keep Your OSX & IOS Device Secure Via VPN
* During Government Censorship
* Downloading P2P In Case Of Need
* In Public Wifi Hotspots When Personal 4G LTE Fails To Work
* Permanently Activate When Going Abroad With Kill Switch Facility
* Use Personal 4G (Recommended) For Internet Banking Using Fedora USB
WIFI Hotspot Compared To Default ISP (Only As A Last Resort)
Note: By Default ISP, I Mean Both The Home & Cellular ISP's.
Note: Never Run Any VPN OR Social Networks On Your Foreign Purchased SIM.
Summary: Mobilink 4G > Home ISP > Cellular ISP
C) Gadget's Security:
---------For Phone:
---------A) Install Apps That Would:
* Hide Your VPN And Any Other Sensitive Apps Installed on Your Phone.


* Provide Strong Password Protection For Locking Your Phone Folder, Apps
Logins, Contacts, Calls, Texts.
* In Case Of Theft ... Scream, Brick The Phone Or Wipe It Completely
* Secure Against Online Malware, Identity Theft, App Tracings Etc
B) Disable BlueTooth When Not Needed, GPS (Permanently)
C) Use FireFox Incognito With Addons, DNS + VPN,
D) No FaceBook, Twitter Or Any Other Social Network Accounts At Any Costs.
Warning: Never Save Posts Shared With You That Contents Media Content
Of People.Delete Them Both In Whatsapp & Mobile SD Card After
Saving Them Into Cloud.Never Re-Share
-----------For MacBook:
-----------* Biometric Security
* Track The Location Of Device Along With Pics Of Culprit
* Remotely Brick The System
* Secure Against Online Malware, Identity Theft, App Tracings Etc
2. Parents Security & Privacy:
--------------------------A) At Home: DD-WRT Router Is A Must ... Secure It At Times Of Need.
B) Mobility: Keep VPN For Their OSX & IOS Device Ready When Required
* During Government Censorship
* Downloading P2P In Case Of Need
* In Public Wifi Hotspots When Personal 4G LTE Fails To Work
Note: Setup Both Home WIFI & Mobilink 4G LTE
C) Gadget's Security:
---------For Phone:
---------A) Install Apps That Would:
* In Case Of Theft ... Scream, Brick The Phone Or Wipe It Completely
* Secure Against Online Malware, Identity Theft, App Tracings Etc
-------* Install Original Windows 7 ISO (Rearm Montly)

Always Remember: Never Run Social Networks From Mobile.Always Run From USB
Note: In case if you are married and are living abroad due to job, then
setup DD-WRT Router To Protect Your Family As Well From Social Network
Censorship Issues.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ITunes Setup:
------------* When Setting Up Itunes, Use US IP, US Address, DIB OR MCB Debit
* Always Make Sure That You Are Setup To USA Before & After Signing IN
Note: Never Change Location From USA To Any Other Country After Signing UP
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Browser Security: Applicable For FireFox & Avira Scout*
----------------* Consider FireFox With Hardening (See Prism-Break & PrivacyTools.io)
* Run FireFox In Incognito In Mobile Untill Avira Scout Is Launched.
* Use Addons Like Click&Clean, Traffic Light, Canvas FingerPrint, Youtube
Audio & Video Downloader, Web Developer Tools, Zoom Page Etc
* Check JonDoNym & Panopticlick
* Total 5 Layers Of Security: Comodo DNS, Avira Safe, BitDefender Light,
Web Of Trust & Google Malware Blocks.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Banking & Branchless Banking:
----------------------------* Special Focus On Primary & Alternative Banks For All My Banking Needs
With Minimal Visits At Branches ... Convenience + Productivity
* Banks Will Be Reviewed Based On Their Productivity, Reliability,
Convenience, Security, Consumer Satisfaction.
------------------Banking In General:
-------------------------------Parent Branch:



* Parent Branch With Priority Lounge

* Valet Car Parking

* Excellent Customer Services

* Dedicated Western Union Office

* Open LCY & FCY Accounts (UAE)

* Car Financing Schemes

* House Financing Schemes

* Payment Of Outstanding Loans

* Insurances & Foreign Remittances

* Dedicated ATM's, CDM's, Cheque Deposit Machines

* Remittances ... Outward (TT/DD, Travellers Cheques)

* Remittances ... Inwards (Cash, Direct Debit, RTGS)

* Local Currency Transfer (Nationwide) Via Cash/ATM

* Order Cheque Books

* Block Cheques

* Order & Block Debit & Credit Cards

* Order Supplementary Cards

* Status Of Processed & Pending Cheques

* Make Payorders, Demand Drafts

* Cash Withdrawl, Cash Deposits

* Clearing Of Instruments

* Collection Of Utility Bills

* Issuance Of Account Statements

* Issuance Of Balance Checks

* Issuance Of Banking Certificate

* Safe Deposit Lockers

* Intra-Inter-IBFT-Wire Transfer Requests

* Complaint Centre

* Change/Update Credentials

* Saturday Banking

* Stop Payorders & Demand Drafts

----------------Internet Banking:
----------------* Online Purchases, Subscriptions

* IBFT & Wire Transfers

* Utility Bill Payments
* ISP Bill Payments
* Top-Ups Of Mobile (Pre & Postpaid)
* Institute & Air Travel Payments (Bonus)
----------Mobile App:
----------* GPS Locator For branch & ATMS
* Discount Offers At My Location
* Payment Of Credit Cards
-------------Phone Banking: With Toll Free UAN Number As A Bonus (Priority Lounge)
-------------* As An Optional Mode Of Banking
-----------SMS Banking:
-----------* As An Optional Mode Of Banking
------------------Debit/Credit Cards:
------------------* For CSP Lounges, Fuel Savings, Dinings Discounts, Clothing Discounts,
ery Shopping Discounts, Hospital Discounts Etc.
Note: SCB Pakistan Is Trying To Digitize Branches By Relying More On
Machines & Less On Human Workforce. So Far They have Been Able To:
* ATM's, CDM, Kiosks, Cheque Deposit Machines, Open Account Online
No Matter How Hard They Digitize Banking, Physical Banking Model Is Still
Required For Reasons Listed Above.
------------Mobile Wallet: It Is The Next Generation Of Wallet Payment Solutions:
------------* Online Payments & Subscriptions
* Cash Withdrawl Via ATM Support



POS Facilities (Local/International)

IBFT To AnyOne
Pay Utility Bills Online
Pay Educational Institutes Online
Pay For Passports, Visa Online
Send Cash Nationwide
NFC Facility (Future)

Tough Competitors: Jazzcash, Easypaisa, MCB Lite

------------------------------------------------------------------------Banks Track Records
------------------------------------------------------------------------Short Term + Long Term: A1 , A

Reliability For 2.5 Years

Short Term + Long Term: A1+ , A / A1, A+

Reliability For 5.0 Years

Short Term + Long Term: A1+ , A+

Reliability For 7.5 Years

Short Term + Long Term: A1+ , AA

Reliability For 10 Years

Short Term + Long Term: A1+ , AA+

Reliability For 15 Years

Short Term + Long Term: A1+ , AAA

Reliability For 20 Years

Important: Any Bank Going Below The Threshold of 10 Years Of Survivability Is Co

nsidered Dangerous To Invest In.
------------------------------------------------------------------------Islamic Bank Ratings
------------------------------------------------------------------------Rating Criteria:









* Prestigious Location:

* Priority Lounge:

* Priority Banking:

* Valet Car Parking:

* Customer Services:

* Core Banking Services:



* Service Reliability:

* 3RD Party Reviews:

* Website Navigation:

* Internet Banking F:

* Internet Banking R:

* Mobile Banking F:

* Mobile Banking R:

* Phone Banking:

* SMS Banking:

* Internet Usages:

* Social Networks:

* Max Discounts & Offers: C

* Schedule Of Charges:

* SBP Credit Ratings:

* Branch Expansions + APR: B

* Bank Branch Standards:

* FX Authorized PA Branch: -

** OverAll Grade Score:








Note: Grade Score: A/B/C/D/E/F With + & - Indicating Relative Advantage

------------------------------------------------------------------------Final Assessment Of My Banking Needs
------------------------------------------------------------------------* First Priority Should Be Given To Banks That Are Purely Islamic Compared To
Those That Offer Conventional & Islamic Branches .... For Example:
1. Dubai Islamic Bank > Standard Chartered Bank
2. Al Baraka Bank > Bank Alfalah Limited
3. Meezan Bank LTD > Habib Bank Limited
Disucssion: Well After Going Through An Extensive Analysis, The Following
Bank Has Been Considered:
------------Primary Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank LTD

(Next 5.0 Years)

-----------------------Mobile Wallet Solutions: To Be Decided On 29th July 2018

-----------------------* Wait Atleast 2.0 Years & Reevaluate The Following:



App Improvements
App Reviews
Online Acceptability
New Bill Payments

- DIB Mobile App Launch



App Reviews
New Bill Payments
Purchase Introduction

* Once Evaluated, Then Proceed Either With MCB Lite OR Dubai Islamic Bank
* In The Rare Advent That None Of The Above Would Show Any Significant
Changes, Then Consider Services Of The One That Would Have The Best
Online Usage Acceptability.
Warning: Alternative Banks To Consider In The Advent Of The Above Banks
Becoming Bankrupt:
* AlBaraka Bank OR Meezan Bank OR Bank Alfalah OR HBL .... Thats It !!!
Note: If You Plan To Stay Abroad, Consider The Best Bank Of That Country
& Send Home Remittances Either Via Wire Transfer OR Western Union.
Note: These Recommendations Are Based On 2016 Analysis & Can Be Influenced In Th
e Future By Launch Of New Local/Foreign Banks.
Note: For Bill Payments, Consider Mobile Wallet Solutions OR HBL Branches
For Miscellaneous Bills Visit NBP Clifton Branch.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Improvements Req In DIB:
-----------------------* Their Annual profits after Tax ... Maintained Or Enhanced
* Their SBP Credit Ratings ... Maintained Or Enhanced
* Total Number Of Branches ... Should Exceed 300 In 75 Cities Of


* Website: Improved With Complete Details Of their services (As In Meezan)

* Improved Website Of Internet Banking
* ATM Feature Details
* More Discount offers
* New Debit Cards Policies Regarding ATM Withdrawl Limits, POS Limits,
* Internet Purchase Limits, IBFT Limits, 3rd Party Limits, Inter Account
Limits Daily ... For Silver/Gold/Platinum Cards (As In Meezan)
* Introduction Of Mobile APP (With Same Features As In Their Internet B)
With ATM Locator Using GPS, Addition of KWSB Bill Payment
* Addition Of KWSB Bill Payment In Internet Banking
* Users Review On FaceBook &/OR PakGamers (Esp On Server Reliability)
------------------------------------------------------------------------Next Generation Bill Payment Solutions

Billing Services: Duplicate Online


* K-Electric


















* Qubee LTD



* Worldcall LTD



* Postpaid + 4G



* Property Tax

* Car Tax

* Car Insurance

* Passport Fees

* Prepaid

* School/UNI Fees
------------------------------------------------------------------------Some New Insights:
* KE, SSGC, KWSB, CDGK, KMC Bills Can Be Paid Directly At HBL Branches
* Same As Above + Property Tax, Car Tax Can Be Paid At NBP Main Branch
------------------------------------------------------------------------Security Measures Regarding Banks
------------------------------------------------------------------------* Check SBP Credit Regularly ... If The Bank Of Yours Shows Negative
then immediately transfer 99 Percent Of Your Available Cash Into
Another Stab
le/Positive Bank. ... Not Exceeding Deposit Values Of More Than PKR 2 Lakhs at
any one time.
* Deduct The Rest Gradually Via IBFT ... Taking No More Than 3 Months.
------------------------------------------------------------------------Do The Following At The Time Of Account Opening
------------------------------------------------------------------------At Branch: The Tasks I Need To Complete
* Fill The Form For Account Creation ... If Not Available Online
* Give Necessary Documents Like Appointment Letter, Salary Slip, cheque,
CNIC, Utility Bills Etc
* Fill Out Form For E-Statements
* Apply For Visa Platinum Debit
* Apply For Cheque Book
* Apply For Supplementary Cards
At Home: The Tasks I Need To Complete


Register For SMS Banking

Apply For SMS & EMail Alerts
Register For Internet Banking
Recieve Visa Platinum Debit Card Via TCS

* Future: Upgrade To Priority Lounge After Assets Exceed 6 Million

------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Get yourself trained in matters like cheque types (Foreign Etc),
different terminologies used in banking.Also check to see if you can use
cheque to transfer a huge amount of money from one bank account to another
------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: Use GetPocket In Windows Or Other Insecure OS, To Purchase That Item Using
Fedora OS. Only Use FireFox For The Purpose Of Internet Banking, Subscriptions
& Purchases.
------------------------------------------------------------------------Concerning Matters Regarding RIBA
------------------------------------------------------------------------* Refuse To Invest In Your Fathers Bahbood Certificate In Future
* Refuse To Withdraw Money From Your Account OR Reinvest In Case Of New
ry Policy


* Transfer Entire Money After Opening Account In Dubai Islamic Bank

* Give All Excess Money To Charity (Without Seeking Reward)
* Repent Sincerely For Consuming & Supporting Riba During This Time
Total Riba: PKR 45000 If I Dont Withdraw Before Their Due Dates ... Ie,
PKR 15000 For Each Certificate.
------------------------------------------------------------------------Marriage & Finances
------------------------------------------------------------------------Keeping In View Of My Religious Commitment & Also Inflation, A Few Necessary Ste
ps Needs To Be Taken In Order To Make Marriage Possible & Successful.
---------------(1) Future Wife:

Educated & Willing To Take Care Of Children

Knows Cooking
Knows Driving
Is Practical In Terms Of Inflation & Not Spendthrift
Is Well Manned, Jolly Natured & Not Hot Headed
Good Overall Looks
Acceptable Height
Acceptable Skin Tone
Belongs To Acceptable Socioeconomic Background (Not Poor OR Rich)
And Has Minimal Family ties with those who do Black magic.
Shows Stability In Her Mood & Not Showing Bussiness Type Of Attitude
In Relationship ... Should Show That She Really Loves You & is Not
After Your Money Or Compromising With You For Her Own Benefits.
Shows Good Taste In Clothings, House Interior Decorations, Food Etc
Is Willing To Stay With Your Parents & Shows Respect To Your Emotions
& That Of Your Parents.
Is Decent & Not Cheap, & Is More Oriented Towards Religion & Not
Excessively Towards Music, Movies Etc

Bonus: If Limited Siblings (Optional)

--------------(2) Net Assets:
--------------In Order To Overcome Inflation & Make Marriage & Family Of Atleast 2 Kids
Possible Along With Living A Quality Based Life.

Invest In Real Estate Of Atleast 2 Crores

Father Earning At Max
Riba Profits In Fathers Account
Riba Profits In Mothers Account

* Self Earning At Max

* Wife Earning Preferentially
Before Marriage ... Net Assets Should Exceed 5 Crores In Any Way .. Like
For Eg:
* 2 Crores Plot + Expanded To 1 Crore
* 1 Crore Parents Assets Plus Expansion To 2 Crores Via Me & My Father +
a Profits


* 1 Crores Home Value Expanded To 2 Crores

So Keeping In View Of The Above Table ... Gross Cash Avail Will Be 5 Crores With
2 Crores Home Property.
This Will Be An Ideal Moment To Marry With A Woman Who Possess Quality As
Described Above.
Note: This Target Will Be Achieved Within 5 Years From Now ... So You Would Be P
robably 33 Years Old By The Time You Become Eligible For Marriage.Also You woul
d Have covered significant amount of Education, and would have achieved all your
Also Keeping In View of the fact that upto 5 years postmarriage accomodation in
my existing home will not be an issue, even if i have 2 kids in a row.The Reason
Being that upto the age of 5 Years + 1 Year In Pregnancy I will have saved enou
gh money that we (Ie Including Parents)
can afford a bigger home and live happily ever after :)
& Keep On Earning Atleast PKR 2 Lakhs Along Or In Combination With Wife Minimal
This Much or Higher if combined.
------------------------------------------------------------------------My Number Is Known By
------------------------------------------------------------------------Social Networks:



Driving License Department

National Savings Pakistan
Ziauddin Clifton HR
Dr Kashef Malick
Ziauddin Exam Dept

Numbers Known By Others:

* SherKhan
* Tariq
* Nestle Water
* Mechanic Falcon Complex
* Faisal Mechanic
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Time Frame: 31st Dec 2010 - 31st Dec 2020 (Total 10 Years)
----------(A) Year 2018 - 2020 Objectives:
---------------Core Priorities: See Personal GuideBook For Exclusive Details
---------------* Personality Grooming
* Islamic Religion
* Arabic Language
* Native Language
* Academics & Career
* General Knowledge
* Real-Time Knowledge
* Personal Independance

PC Hardware: By End Of 2018


Macbook Pro
IPad Pro
Apple Watch
8.0 External HDD
128 GB USB Flash Drive

Max Budget: PKR 500,000 (One Time Upgrade ... Valid for upto 8 years)
* Scanning Documents:

Parikh Textbook Of Forensic Medicine

Ilyas Textbook Of Epidemiology
Basis Of Pediatrics
Inam Danish Medicine
FCPS Success Series (Medicine)
FCPS Success Series (Surgery)
Irfan Masood (Medicine & Surgery)
All Your Notes
Ace Pediatrics

-----------------My Personal Tasks: By End 2019

-----------------* New Drivers License
* New Passport (Depends)
* Professional Job ID Card
Note: Even if i move to a new house, In CNIC & Banking & Jobs* Etc Keep
My Existing Home Address.
------------------------------------------------------------------------WARNING REGARDING FUTURE LAWS IN PAKISTAN
Censorship Is Getting Strong In Pakistan ...
1) Use VPN Like IVPN To Bypass Internet Censorship
2) If VPN Laws Become Practical Like In UAE Then Switch To Alternate
Models As Suggested In Prism-Break & PrivacyTools.io
Step 2 Will ensure communication freedom unless Pakistan launches The
Great Firewall which is highly unlikely for the Next 5 - 10 Years
Measure 1: Protect My Internet Rights For The Next 3- 5 Years
Measure 2: Protect My Internet Rights For The Next 5 - 10 Years
If Government Goes Beyond This Line, Then Atleast I would have benefitted
enough to survive.
------------------------------------------------------------------------Miscellaneous Discussion

Beard Mode 1: Year 2004

Beard Mode 2: Year 2016
Beard Mode 3: Year 2028 (As Early As 2023)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Temporary Tasks To Be Completed Immediately
------------------------------------------------* Copy Relevant Folders Onto The Desktop As Planned
* Go Through Each Materials & Prioritize Your Learning For Clinical
ls & Core Subject, English Language.


* Go Through Your Notes Effectively & Check To See What To Discuss With
Your DAD Over The Next Week Daily.
* Download All Kalamullah Website EBooks & Materials
* Download All Islamic EBooks From Islamland (See Your Bookmarks)
* Check Bookmarks To See What Else Is Left For Downloading
* Verify Islamic Books & Academic Books To Be Downloaded From Torrents
Etc & Note Them Down Below
* Verify All Torrents & Update Them Now
* Perform Hygiene, Ghusl, Wudu, Salaat, Tahajud, Recite Quran, Make Dua,
Take Supplements, Maintain Diet, Hydration, Sleep.
------------------------------------------------------------------------Materials To Be Downloaded By The End Of 2016
------------------------------------------------------------------------Go Through Torrents That Never Download, Copy All The Important Materials
& Search The Net For Them
Also Download All Videos Pertaining To Personality Enhancement After Going Throu
gh Topics Found In Torrents.
Download All Important Videos Related To Sports & Indoor Games ... Make
A List For It.
Please Download All Available Videos Pertaining To Dr Tahir Ul Qadri.
Even though there are some flaws, but nevertheless he gives lectures and
fatwas extremely well.
Also Check out Popular Dr Zakir Naik Videos On YouTube With Reviews Before Downl
oading .... & The Same Goes For Dr Israr & Qadri.
New List Of Downloads:

* Marahil e Meraj ka Bayan,Speech of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri in

on,UK (2006) - YouTube.FLV


* Mohammad In Various Religious Scriptures

* Quran aur Azmat-e-Mustafa S.A.W - Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri YouTube_h263.3gp
* Is Ramadhan Taraweeh 8 or 20 Rakat by Dr Zakir Naik.mp4
* Childrens Course Understan Quran The Easy 2.pdf
* The Prophet Moses (Pbuh).pdf
Additional Videos Pertain To Perfecting Your Prayers, Wudu, Ghusl,
Going to mosques, performing hajj, umrah, etc
Note: Material On Islamhouse might exceed 177gb, so download only what seems rel
evant to you.
See Bookmarks For More Downloads
Note: Note down Dr Qadri Videos and search for them online and download them ind
ividually and do the same for all other islamic torrents individually if they fa
il to download.
Note: If Torrents Remain Till November ... Download From Google Search !
Search Bookmarks For Dr Israr, Dr Zakir Naik, Dr Tahir Ul Qadri ... For
Additional Videos Search On YouTube.
Download: The Only MRCP Notes You Will Ever Need 5th Edition
Download: USMLE Step 2 CK Kaplan Lecture Notes
Download: Chest X-Ray For Medical Students
Check Google Drive Link Regularly For Any New Updates
Download: Bates Guide To Hx Taking & Examination
* Download Via Daily Research Recommended Islamic Videos (Authentic &
) ... Be Careful On Youtube ... See comments & Uploader Status
* Download 1 Skill Etc Topic Daily Via Links + Further Researches


http://am-medicine.com/ (Certified By VirusTotal)

* Check Bookmarks To See What Additional Materials Remain To Be Downloaded.

Note: This Is Time Consuming But Important & Should Be Completed By
29th July 2017.
------------------------------------------------------------------------In Addition: Familiarize Yourself & Implement & Improve The Following:
* Expert On Making Powerpoint Presentations
* Expert On Making & Analyzing & Outputting Researches ... Contribute
As Well


* Expert On Keeping Yourself Uptodate via Recommended Publications, Trials

Magazines, Uptodate Etc + See BMJ Books For Further Expansion Of Your
* Become A Professional Teacher + Keeping Yourself Updated with Regular
Videos From The Likes Of Dr Najeeb, Kaplan Lectures, Pathoma Etc
------------------------------------------------------------------------My Religion Training Sessions
------------------------------------------------------------------------* Take 1 Topic In Islam & Go Via Islamqa Search Function (Make different queries
for the same topic to find any additional fatwas) + Other Reputable Sites + Oth
er Miscellaneous Sites If Req & Completely Research On It ... Save Them Offline,
Learn The Resources & Implement Immediately.
Note: Go Through The Site Search Function + The Ones You Have Saved Offline And
Then Research, Organize, Make Notes, Learn, Implement :)
Note: Check out terms like Fidya, Hadiya, Sadqa Fitr and how to compensate for S
adqa fitr for previous yrs and when does it become mandatory for a muslim.
Zakat, Donation, Charity According To Dr Zakir Naik
* Istighfar (3rd Ashura)
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