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Stage of lesson


Stage 1 Introduction
Students seated on the floor in a circle.
How will you engage
and stimulate the
Introduce by showing different dot
interest of the
Include possible
questions that you may
choose to use
Demonstrations etc
Stage 2 Body of
Describe each distinct
task in the order to be
undertaken. Start a
new task each time the
teacher or students
behave in a different
manner. State an
estimated length of
time for each task.
Ensure that there is


Student action
What will students be doing?
Explain how the students are
expected to work.

Students will respond to
minutes prompts by raising their
hand and answering
about where they have
seen dot patterns.

Teacher action
What will you do during this time? What prompting questions
may you need to prepare? How will you monitor student
progress and needs?
What preparations have you made for early finishers so that
they will be extended in a relevant and interesting way?
Teacher will show different dot patterns, and
ask, Does anyone know what these are?
Where have you seen them before?

Show a variety of dot patterns

representing the same values.

Students respond with
minutes how many dots they see
on the card.

Show dot patterns representing dot

patterns representing numbers 1-10.

Students respond to
minutes cards by answering how
many dots they see on
the cards.

How many dots do you see on this card?

Mix up cards, dont do in order.

Hula Hoop and paper plate activity.

Students will be seated
minutes in a circle and be asked

Show a number and ask one student to represent

that number using the paper plates, in the hula-

Teacher asks how many dots are on this card

These are different ways we can show 3 and 5

some form of prompt

or reinforcement
available for students
What preparations
have you made for
early finishers of each Individual Paper plates and counters,
task so that they will be drawing representations of dot patterns.
extended in a relevant
and interesting way?

Stage 3: Conclusion
How will you draw the
findings of the lesson
together so that the
students can evaluate
what they have learnt?
Stage 5: Closure
Do you need to
prepare the students
for handing over to
another teacher, or
another subject

Ask students to share their work with

their table.

Prepare for eating their snack

to place the paper plates

in a pattern representing
the number given.
Students will represent
their given number with
minute counters on their paper
plate. Students will draw
their representations
and do 3 different ways
to represent that
Students show peers on
Minutes their table the drawings
of their dot patterns.


Follow up task:
Students create Dice, using a cube net and dot stickers.
Students colour in their net and stick the dot stickers on, in a dot patterns, for numbers 1-6.

hoop. Then ask another student to show the

same number, a different way. Ask with 3-4
different numbers.
Explain the task to students, that they are to
represent the number given to their table, with
counters placed on their paper plate. They are
to draw their representations in their maths
book and do at least 3 different representations
of dot patterns to show the same number.

Teacher watches students share their work.