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Classroom Procedures

Jay Spurlock
Room D-4
Twitter: RHS_Spurlock
1st Period Planning 8:01 8:49
Be familiar with the class website; you will have 24/7 access to all class resources this way:
Welcome to United States History! We will be exploring U.S. History from the period of Reconstruction
following the Civil War right up to our current times. All students will be held to a very high academic
standard, and not learning is NOT an option. All students will be expected to excel in this course.
Classroom Non-Negotiables (ways to succeed in my classroom)
1. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
- Also, everyone must be seated when the dismissal bell rings. No crowding around the door!
2. Come to class prepared.
-Always have your 3 ring binder.
-Always have pen/pencil and paper. Also, always have your work to be turned in (with your name
already on it).
3. Be respectful to yourself and others. There will be NO disrespect in my classroom.
4. Food and water or covered drinks are acceptable, as long as NO mess is left.
Do not bring food back from lunch.
The student-handbook/agenda is used as a hall pass throughout the year. You must have this to be able to leave
the classroom. NO EXCEPTIONS! Read the handbook carefully and know the rules. Make it a goal to not visit
the office for any negative reason all year.
Parents should know that they can e-mail me at school. Although I have coaching duties that require a great deal
of time, I will always call back or respond to an e-mail as soon as possible.
Please understand that lesson planning requires a great deal of flexibility because of the ever-changing
landscape of learning. Detailed lesson plans may not be available days or weeks in advance if requested.

Class Procedures:
Assignments These should always be completed on time and turned in with your name, date, and assignment
identification. Grading will be based on completeness, aesthetics, and accuracy.
Late Work / Make-Up Work
Make-up work for absences is given 5 days for completion for 100% credit per Rutherford County policy. If
you are absent, it is up to you to get your missed assignments. I have assigned each student a Classroom
Buddy to help them get their assignments if they are absent.
1st offense phone taken for remainder of day.
2nd offense phone taken for remainder of day.
3rd offense phone taken for remainder of day and pink slip.
Grading Scale:
Report Card every nine weeks.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated on any assignment. This is a serious offense and will involve administrative
Together, we can make this a super year!
Parents.please understand that this is a tested subject. As the instructor, I will be responsible for
teaching the standards and monitoring student learning. However, if a student is continuously absent,
then I cannot properly prepare the student for the state prepared and state mandated test. I genuinely
need your help with this. This test is a major part of each students grade.
I have read and understand the classroom procedures for Coach Spurlocks U.S. History course:

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