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Unit 401 Leaner notes - Getting Started

How to find the Reflective Account and Witness testimony templates.


Click on the course folder tab

Click on 401.1
Scroll down the assignment details table
Open view resources
Download the R.A. and W.T. templates to your computer and complete

Completing the Reflective Account template.

1. Insert your name on the top of the checklist (delete [insert name] and add yours).
2. Put a tick or Y in the completed box on the checklist.
3. Sign and date the checklist (type your name in as a signature if you are unable to
electronically sign).
4. Fill in each element with an account of how you achieve the requirements of the
5. Upload to your evidence folder assign a type and cross reference.
Evidence Types
Load evidence using the evidence wizard all evidence needs a type assigning for the
Competence Claim folder.
Types to use are:
Reflective Account (RA)- the R.A. template is the basis of every unit giving you the
opportunity to explain how you achieve the requirements of each individual element.
The R.A. should appear in the competence claim folder of every element. It should be
filled in (200+ words per element) and reference the evidence in the R.A. text i.e. (I use
the company risk assessment form (EV-5) to carryout risk assessments on site).
You should keep in mind this is a reflective account explaining how you carry out the
task in your workplace. So it should be written in the first person for example, I use a
wide variety of methods to research and evaluate new health and safety legislation.
Witness Testimony (WT) - to be unit specific i.e. include a statement from the witness to
say they have observed you carrying out whatever is relevant to the unit.
Product (P)- anything you produce (risk assessment, audit, new policy or procedure,
presentation, tool box talks etc.)

Learner notes: NVQ L5 in H&S Unit 401

Examination of Evidence (EoE)- Anything you reference for guidance, information or

evidence (HSE website, legislation, regulations, company policies and procedures,
Accredited Prior Learning (APL)- certificates of courses you have attended which
show accredited prior learning.
Example only
1.1 research proposed and new health and safety legislation, codes of
practice, standards, health and safety risk assessment and control
procedures and practices, technical developments and best
practice in order to:

develop as appropriate to the organization

implement as appropriate in the organization

Research and evaluation could be through HSE websites, professional bodies, CPD,
publications, health and safety professionals.
Then think how you develop and implement them in the organisation.

1.2 evaluate health and safety information for the organisation:

coming into the organisation

flowing within the organization
going out of the organisation.

Evaluate your organisations health and safety information:
Coming into the organisation through HSE websites, professional bodies, CPD,
publications, health and safety professionals.
Within the organisation could be meetings, training, notice boards, consultation, health
and safety committees.
Going out of the organisation could be to customers, regulatory bodies, local media,
others affected by organisations activities

Learner notes: NVQ L5 in H&S Unit 401

Evidence examples for this unit may include:

Reflective account of the learner

Completed health and safety documentation
Witness testimonies from senior managers, technical experts or colleagues
Health and Safety procedures developed by the learner
Activities in, and contributions to, professional bodies and organisations
Safe systems of work/method statements developed by the learner
Completed risk assessments
Completed workplace inspection reports
Completed investigation reports
Records of training arranged or delivered for others
Minutes of meetings
Professional discussion
Communications to and from regulatory authorities
Communications to and from health and safety specialists or professionals
Policies and procedures developed by the learner

**This is an illustration of potential evidence; not a definitive list.

Learner notes: NVQ L5 in H&S Unit 401