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Soap Operas and Their Effect to Children's Behavior

The presence of several television station in Indonesia should be used as an
achievement, this media has provided contributions to the nation and bring on the
progress of this nation. Television has helped people understand the various
problems in the fields of economics, politics, social, cultural and others.
Television also broaden public with various impressions informative-educational.
But over time, many emerging new television stations, which led to competition
in this field. As consequently the television crew had to choose the right strategy
in attractive audience segments. Efforts to win the hearts of the audience, made to
increase ratings and attract the influx of advertising. In this competition, several
television stations to choose more featuring soap operas, which now has become a
trend of television Indonesia.
Electronic cinema or more popular in the acronym "sinetron" is the term for
serial drama broadcast by television stations. In English, called a soap opera while
in Spanish called telenovela. According to the General Dictionary Indonesian,
soap opera is a film that is specially made for delivery in electronic media such as
television. Soap operas are the work of art and culture, and media communication
are made of view heard by cinematography with a video tape recorded by
electronic processes then broadcast through television stations.
Soap opera in Indonesia is even more alarming. Not only to show the way
the story is not good, but sometimes does not give the correct moral message to
the community. The story in the soap opera is usually about love stories, youth,
mystical, and complex life that should not deserve to be watched by children
because it can bring bad influence on their mentality.
The frequency of seeing television shows, especially soap opera can affect
the interaction and communication of children in the family, as well as relations
with peers to be reduced, so that it can affect the development of children's

attitudes and behavior. This is because children tend to perform actions the same
as the character sees. Childhood is a time in a process of imitation (modeling)
either physically or verbally. That is, everything seen and heard by children will
be replicated and practiced in real life, without being filtered first, no exception
greeting or bad deeds.
In addition, the influence of television shows that aired on 18:00 to 20:00
pm disturbing activities break and a child's learning. However, this is not followed
by awareness and exemplary parents to participate in helping children learning,
but parents only send children and more concerned with self-indulgence see
television shows. This leads to more children often take advantage of the night
time to follow activities of parents watching television than doing learning
activities, so that children become lazy to learn and ultimately affect children's
achievement in school.
On average parents in RW 7 villages bancarkembar, has a variety of outdoor
activities and jobs such as teachers, merchants, laborers and etc. This causes
parents have little time to perform the control and supervision the child while
watching television. Activity children after coming home from school more
watching television rather than doing homework and studying. Activities watching
television children too influenced by the predilection of parents in view the
television show.
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