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August 12 2016


Fiji Wins First Olympic Gold Medal

With Win Over Great Britain

As the final whistle sounded Fiji's rugby

sevens captain Osea Kolinisau sank to
his knees, struggling to take in what he
and his team had achieved.
The Pacific island nation's long wait for
an Olympic medal was over. And when
it finally arrived, it was a gold in a sport
embraced with near-religious fervor
among its 900,000 people.
Billed as heavy favorites ahead of the
tournament, Fiji delivered with an
emphatic, bruising 43-7 defeat of Great
"I was just thankful to the lord for blessing
us and giving us an opportunity to win in
a mega-sport arena like the Olympics,"
Kolinisau told a press conference that
began with the sound of applause.
"I never dreamed of being an Olympian,
let alone being a medalist, let alone being
a gold medalist. So I was just thankful

to up above for the journey God has

brought me on."
This landmark triumph arrived at Fiji's
14th Summer Games and in sevens' first
appearance in the Olympic program.
The raucous atmosphere at a packed-out
Deodoro Stadium suggested the country
and the sport had been well received by
the locals.
And in a bid to further endear themselves
to one particular distinguished guest,
Fiji's players knelt when handed their
medals by Britain's Princess Anne.
Among the many Fiji fans in the crowd,
many of whom had adopted the team
over the course of the day, was Etu
The 48-year-old stood on the front row
throughout Fiji's golden day, beating his
bare chest and bellowing at the top of his

He could scarcely be any further from

his day job as a prison guard in Hawaii.
Baravilala has lived in the US for 30
years but his heart still belongs to Fiji,
the land of his birth.
Bedecked in traditional warrior
dress, Baravilala sought to infuse his
countrymen on the field with "mana" -- a
term which refers to granting people or
objects supernatural power or strength. It
seems his efforts paid off.
Asked what this win would mean to the
people of Fiji, he had a simple demand.
"We want a day off!" he told CNN.
"That'd be good!"
In an ironic twist, Fiji's victory was
masterminded by a Brit. Ben Ryan has
coached the team for three years and is
credited with instilling discipline into his

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Fiji News

Dr Jiko Luveni Hits Out At Mahendra


Speaker of Parliament Dr Jiko Luveni

says she is unruffled by Mahendra
Chaudhrys criticism of her.
I have a thick skin, she said.
Dr Luveni said the Fiji Labour Party
leader was trying to seek attention, to be
noticed, with his comments.
Mr Chaudhry accused Dr Luveni of
not being impartial while making his
submissions on the Parliament Powers
and Privileges Bill 2016 before the
Standing Committee on Justice, Law
and Human Rights in Parliament.
Dr Luveni dismissed the Chaudhry
I am impartial and I follow the Standing
Orders, she said.
She said in parliaments where the ruling
party had a majority the perception
that the Speaker was not impartial was
Mr Chaudhrys party failed to win a
seat in the last elections. It was also
embarrasingly eclipsed by its rival the
National Federation Party.
Mr Chaudhry appears to be trying to use
as many forums as possible to resurrect
his profile ahead of the 2018 elections,
and making remarks that appear to be an
attempt to gain headlines.
Mr Chaudhry claimed there had been
several instances where the Speakers
ruling or conduct in the debate had
raised legitimate questions about her
Given the fact that prior to her
appointment she was the President of
the FijiFirst party, having successfully

The speaker of the parliament Dr Jiko Luveni before the session

contested the general elections as a
candidate for that party, Mr Chaudhry
Speaking on the Bill, Mr Chaudhry said
that certain provisions were draconian.
He said certain words under the Bill
were not vividly defined for the public
to understand.
Mr Chaudhry cited words like demean,
defame, undermine and sanctity.
This draconian provision is completely
new and seeks to criminalise words that
may be uttered or printed and actions that

may be taken to criticise the Speaker,

Members of Parliament, the Parliament
itself or a committee of Parliament, he
He also said the penalties for offending
against this provision were mind
blogging and revealed the true motive
behind its insertion.
That is to intimidate or plant fear in
the hearts of the people deterring them
from criticising the Speaker, Members
of Parliament, the Parliament or any of
its committee, Mr Chaudhry claimed.

School Chefs Challenge To Go National

The organisers of the Outrigger Fiji

Beach Resort School Chefs Challenge
have confirmed plans to take the
competition nationwide.
This was outlined by the major sponsor
Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort.
General manager Peter Hopgood
believes that the recent event last week
was a draw card for budding secondary
schools chefs.
He said: We also had a request from
Suva three weeks ago, but we could not
fit them here so we will bring them in
next year.
But I really believe this will go national.
We started five years ago with one
school that was Sigatoka Andra
College, then we invited the province


of Nadroga and thought that was big

enough, and then schools from Nadi
wanted to come down so we got them
in, and this year we have Lautoka,he
As the general manger of the Outrigger
Fiji Beach Resort, I am really proud that
my kitchen team and all those involved
can put on such an event like this school
chefs competition.
Its wonderful for the tourism industry
and it is wonderful for Fiji.
It also gives our students an opportunity
to undertake something they are very
passionate about and more importantly
with this discussion one day they may
join us in the industry.

We are always looking for chefs in our

industry, and believe me there is a lot
of opportunities. We want more homegrown chefs.
Mr Hopgood said that 90 per cent of the
chefs who work for Outrigger started as
This underscored the opportunities for
those who wish to join the industry, he
This is what Outrigger is all about. We
want to engage with our community. We
want to engage with youths and hope
that one day they will want to work in
my resort not only mine, but in other
resorts as well in Fiji.
Cooking is all about passion and it
comes from the heart.


Fiji News

Survivor TV Show Producers Handed

$13.9M Rebate Cheque

The producers of the American reality

TV show Survivor were today handed a
$13.9 million rebate cheque by Film Fiji.
This amount was 47% of their production
costs and taxes after they shot the series
in the Mamanucas.
The Survivor series was the first highly
rated and profitable reality show on
broadcast television in the US.
Survivor Co-Executive Producer Jesse
Jensen says Fiji is a great place to host
TV reality shows like Survivor and it has
been great working with such beautiful
Jensen says the government was very
honest with their deals and promises and

they kept to their word.

He says they enjoyed working in Fiji.
The 33rd Survivor season will air next

month and will be closely followed

by the 34th season. Both seasons were
filmed in Fiji.

Government has received a dividend

of $367,000 from the Unit Trust of
Fiji (UTOF) for 2015 ($235,721) and
($131,000) for 2014.
Ministry of Public Enterprises permanent

secretary, David Kolitagane received

the dividend cheque from UTOF chief
executive officer, Vilash Chand in Suva.
Mr Kolitagane said the UTOF is a
high performing state-owned entity

with an investment portfolio of about

$127million, a growth of 14 per cent
from $113million in 2014.
If we go back five years, it was a
mere $68million to $70million under
management so that in itself is a big
achievement for the company. Only in
2014, it went past the $100million mark.
For such performance, it shows the level
of confidence unit holders have who are
investing into UTOF, Mr Kolitagane said.
Mr Kolitagane added that Government
is trying to increase efficiency and return
on investments in the Unit Trust.
As per the dividend policy, we are only
getting 50 per cent of the total net profit.
The company has really grown over the
past decade.
Mr Chand said investor confidence
continues to be one of UTOFs major
drivers with the number of unit holders
growing by 3.8 per cent to 16,111 this year.

Fifty-two students from Ratu Finau

Secondary School in Lakeba, Lau, were
happy to visit Parliament on Monday as part
of their educational tour in the capital city.
This was the first time, for most of them
together with their teachers, had set foot
inside Parliament.
Assistant Principal Roneel Prasad said the
visit was encouraging and motivational for
their students.
Our students are so fortunate to visit
Parliament and learn how Parliament
operates from the Civic Education team,

Mr Prasad said.
We find difficulty in watching live
Parliamentary sessions due to the changes in
Fiji One TV but now we better understand
the processes in Parliament, Mr Prasad said.
He also encouraged other schools to visit
Parliament whenever they visit Viti Levu for
an excursion trip.
If you have an opportunity to come to Suva
for an excursion, dont miss Parliament
House, he said.
The manner in which the Civic Education
organised the tour and their briefing is very

At first, we had this fear of Parliament as a
sacred place. But now after the presentation,
our fear has gone and we appreciate that its
an open Parliament.
The students had visited the Reserve Bank
of Fiji earlier in the day and were planning
to visit the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation
They were accompanied by six teachers
and a representative from the Parents and
Teachers Association.
The group will return to Lakeba next week.

Unit Trust Of Fiji Pays $367,000 In

Dividend To Government

Lau Students Visit Parliament



Fiji News

Fiji Wins First Olympic Gold Medal

With Win Over Great Britain

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team's outrageously talented players.
"I feel very lucky that I'm in charge of
such an unbelievable group of athletes
with a country behind us that is so
passionate about rugby sevens," said
"I try to explain it to people who don't
go to Fiji or who have never been and
it's impossible really," Ryan added on
his adopted nation's love for sevens.
"The boys are front page and back of
newspapers, six o'clock news... You


come out of the airport and there's

a 20-foot billboard of them. They're
superstars in Fiji.
"I can have an hour-long drive to work
and I can see 50 villages playing rugby.
It's a passion. It's the national sport.
They won't be having parties in sporadic
parts of the country, it will be across the
entire nation."
The celebrations come at a time when
many in Fiji are still struggling after the
devastating effects of Cyclone Winstone,
which killed more than 40 people and
left more homeless in February this year.

A first Olympic medal, especially in rugby,

will doubtless be a welcome distraction.
"Rugby is like a religion in Fiji, and
we're already a very religious country,"
deputy editor-in-chief of the Fiji Times,
Elenoa Baselaia, told CNN.
"It's normal that we go to church on
Sundays, it's also normal that everywhere
you turn, there are people playing rugby
every afternoon.
"Whether it's with paper scrunched
together to make a ball, it's with bottles
or a real rugby ball, somebody in the
neighborhoods is playing rugby."


Fiji News

Timoci Natuva Reads An Email In Court

Sent To The PM

The then Works and Transport Minister

Timoci Natuva read out an email in
court sent to the Prime Minister Voreqe
Bainimarama in the trial of former Works
spokesperson Sainiana Waqainabete
In the email, Radrodro confessed using
money donated to the ministry.
The charge: Radrodro is charged with 11
counts of obtaining financial advantage
by deception.
She is alleged to have obtained financial
advantage by falsely using the Minister
for Works name to obtain a total of
$9560 on over 11 separate occasions
between May of 2010 and June 2011.
Day 2 Fifth Witness: The then Minister
for Works, Natuva, took to the witness
stand as the fifth prosecution witness
against Radrodro.
Mr Natuva said that he received an email
that Radrodro sent to the Prime Minister
. He said he was sent a copy.
The subject of the email was: I have
committed some grave mistakes and
please need help.
A few paragraphs were read out in
court in relation to the allegations on
Email sent on November 29, 2012:
Radrodro through an email said: I used
to secure money for the ministry and in
some of these incidents I ended up using
the money to pay my increasing debts.
Sir I have never done that before in my
previous employment and this time I
didnt want to embarrass myself in front
of my bosses and employees and I did
the unthinkable.
I know that through what I have done, I
have let down the Honourable Minster for
Works and your stance for ethical works.
I sincerely beg your forgiveness and I
promise to pay the money back. I have

Minister for National Security and Defence Timoci Natuva, appeared as one of
FICAC witness in Sainiana Radrodros trail at Suva Magistrate Court
been through a lot as a child from a
broken family and I was overcome by
the circumstances I was in.
Email sent on December 1, 2012:
Radrodro, in another email, said: The
amount alleged is $9260. I dispute some of
the figures from the four companies I asked
sponsorship from, however I will not deny
I used a significant sum of that money.
Please uncle forgive me. (was sent in
Mr Natuva told the court that he had not
given any approval to any officers in
his office to receive donations into their
personal accounts.
FICAC prosecutor Rashmi Aslam
asked if Mr Natuva had given directives

to Radrodro to secure funds for any

farewell parties within the ministry.
Mr Natuva said he did not give such
directive to Radrodro.
Cross examination:
Defence lawyer Akuila Naco questioned
Mr Natuva on the procedures of
arranging for farewell parties.
Mr Natuva said farewell parties were
arranged by the departments the
employees worked in.
Mr Natuva also told the court during
cross examination that a certain amount
of money which Radrodro had sought as
sponsorship for various functions had
been directly deposited in her account.
The cross-examination continues.

High Court Judge Sworn In To Sit In Next

Supreme Court Sitting
High Court Judge Anjala Wati was sworn
in by His Excellency the President Major
General (Retd) Jioji Konrote to sit as a
Supreme Judge in the next seating of the
Supreme Court.
Judge Wati began her career in the legal
profession after completing her Bachelor
of Laws degree from the University of


the South Pacific and was admitted to

the Fiji Bar in October, 1999.
She practiced law at a private firm in
Labasa and later as a lecturer/tutor at the
New Zealand Pacific Training Centre for
a year. She then joined as the registrar
at the Family Division High Court and
worked her way up to the position of

Resident Magistrate- Family Division

for Suva, Nausori and Nasinu.
Judge Wati was subsequently appointed
as Puisne Judge in 2009.


Fiji News

Koroilavesau Seeks Offshore Workers For

Tourism Industry

Productivity and Industrial Relations
is working on ways to provide jobs for
off-season Fijian employees to work
A public consultation in Labasa was told
that employees such as those involved
in the tourism and hospitality industry
would be able to assist these countries
in the tourism industry.
Minister for Employment, Productivity
Koroilavesau said: I have had
discussions with the employers in
Australia and New Zealand about casual
and part time workers available to work
after our peak season.
These workers can assist these
countries in their tourism industry.
I see this as an opportunity for us to
market Fiji as a tourist destination.
The ministry is also having numerous
discussions with the Minister for
Education Mahendra Reddy to develop

set skills to prepare workers when they

travel overseas for work.
There is a lot of demand for tradesmen
to work in Australia and New Zealand,
Mr Koroilavesau said.
The Government enlisted 15 people to
be a part of the seasonal workers scheme
from the Udu district in Macuata.
The Government team led by Mr
Koroilavesau to the Vunikodi village
Hall in Udu enrolled three men
from each of the five villages in the
The five villages are Cawaro,
Nukusa, Nukudamu, Nabouono and
While addressing the people of Udu
present at the consultation in iTaukei,
Mr Koroilavesau said this was a part of
Governments initiative to provide work
for the unemployed individuals in the
Isolated Rural Areas (IRA).
Mr Koroilavesau said they were taking


a different approach by coming through

the Vanua to employ workers because
they felt people would be more obliged
to conform to messages passed from
their chiefs.
He said the first lot would have the
chance to experience the work conditions
offered in these foreign countries before
more people are recruited from these
Mr Koroilavesau said this was a way
for the people to contribute to their
community developments and to fund
their livelihood.
The mata-ni-tikina ko Udu Maikeli
Sauwaqa said they were grateful to
the Government for such opportunities
especially when they are so isolated
from urban areas.
For us here in Udu, fishing has always
been our main source of income and
we are thankful to the Government for
giving chances like this for our people,
Mr Sauwaqa said.

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Fiji News

New VAT Change Vs Rent Freeze Order

Residential rent is a VAT exempted
service charge under the VAT Decree
1991 (VATD). In the first schedule of
the VATD, the following exemption
statement is provided:
The supply of accommodation in a
residential dwelling by way of hires
(rents) provided it is used predominantly
as a place or residence or abode excluding
residential apartments which provide
hotel-like accommodation and facilities.
Based on the above, all residential
apartments that have some of the
common features below were not
exempted from VAT:
Security services
Housekeeping and /or laundry services
Free access to TV channels
Free or paid internet services such as
Wi-Fi and emails
Provision of swimming pools
Provision of meals
Recreational area e.g. shared gyms,

Booking system for accommodation

Cooking facilities with other services
Any other service to ensure safety and
VAT on Residential Rent under the
2016/2017 Budget
The 2016/2017 budget announcement,
government has changed the exemption
condition from accommodation with
hotel-like facilities to the following
criteria9% VAT on residential rent is applicable,
if the landlord is already registered
supplier under Section 22 of the VAT
Decree 1991;
9% VAT on residential rent is applicable
if the landlord is registered under VAT
based on the followingIf total annual turnover exceeds
$100,000 Compulsory registration;
If total annual turnover is less than
$100,000 Voluntary registration.
If none of the above applies, a landlord
cannot charge VAT on residential rent.

Is Charging of VAT on residential rent

constitute an illegal increase in rent?
The addition of VAT on residential rent as
introduced under the 2016/2017 budget
announcement will NOT constitute
an increase of rent or a breach of the
Commerce (Rent Increase Restriction
on Residential and Ground Rent) Order,
2015. It implies that the addition of 9%
VAT under the revised terms supersedes
any agreement
How does a landlord show by record
the addition of VAT?
Every landlord who charges VAT based on
the criteria depicted above, must ensure
that the VAT component is clearly shown
separately on the receipt or invoice.
Also all advertisements or representations
made about a residential property or
accommodation to be predominantly
used for residential purposes must state
whether rent is subject to VAT or not
depending on the registration status of
the landlord.

Health Ministry Warns: Take Necessary

Precautionary Measures

The Ministry of Health and Medical

Services is urging the public to
take necessary precautionary and
preventative health measures following
the current rainy weather patterns that
the country is facing.
Minister for Health & Medical Services
Hon Jone Usamate said that people
must refrain from swimming or wading
in flooded waters to avoid waterborne
Failure to do so can cause harm and
even loss of lives. Taking complete
responsibility of our actions will
prevent disasters, Minister Usamate
Minister Usamate added We urge people

to refrain from wading or swimming in

flooded waters and avoid contracting
diseases such as Leptospirosis.
Consuming dirty/contaminated water
can also cause Typhoid.
In addition, all drinking water must be
boiled, particularly with possible water
supply disruptions and flash flooding
which can cause contamination. Boiling
water prior to consumption is important
as this will decrease the chances of
contracting waterborne diseases such
as typhoid, cholera, leptospirosis and
hepatitis A.
All manmade receptacles such as empty
containers, white goods, drum and
tires should be discarded properly to

The Indian government will soon donate

solar panels to about 200 households in
High Commissioner of India to
Fiji, Shri Vishvas Sapkal, made the
announcement during the third national
Hindu conference at Studio 6 in Suva.
He said women solar engineers who
went to India to attend a special training

would be provided a refresher course

and would install the solar panels to the
200 households.
The refresher course will take place in
two weeks time.
The Vishva Hindi Parishad (VHP) had
already donated 1000 solar rechargeable
panels to families in Ba, Tavua and
Rakiraki after Cyclone Winston.

avoid creating mosquito breeding sites.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water
and spread diseases such as dengue,
chikungunya and Zika.
I urge you all to keep your surroundings
clean and free of any such containers or
receptacles. The recent Fight the BiteClean up Fiji campaign helped reduce
the number of mosquito borne diseases.
With a proactive approach we can
continue to keep these numbers low,
Minister Usamate said.
As of 3rd August 2016 a total of 225
cases of Typhoid, 430 Leptospirosis,
623 Dengue, 41 Chikunguyna and 34
Zika cases have been recorded by the
Ministry of Health.

India To Help 200 Homes With Solar Panels



SODELPA Better Organised Now; But

Will It Translate Into More Votes?

Even volunteers are required to apply

and only those who meet the strict
criteria will be taken in
SODELPA, learning from its experience
in the 2014 general election, has taken
concrete steps not to repeat the same
One of those mistakes was leaving
things to the last weeks before polling
The first major sign that its now switched
on to election mode is its clarion call for
volunteers to help mobilise the party
In a message to its supporters the party
says: Get involved today: SODELPA
aims to win the 2018 elections. All
political parties are self-funding and
volunteering is one way to donate your
time and skills to help the party win in
Theres more than one way to help
SODELPA: Parties are funded solely by
donations and volunteering is a way for
you to contribute to the campaign it is
your beliefs in action.
You will work with a great team of
like-minded volunteers giving our all to
ensure Fiji is governed in the right way.
Voluntary help is needed at all levels of
the party and in all divisions of Fiji.
We rely on our members to shape our
policies, fight our campaigns and help
to run and win elections where we can
make a difference for Fiji.
Those interested have to apply with their
CVs which will be vetted and approved
or rejected.
This is in line with the partys resolutions
at a special general meeting last year
which adopted sweeping changes to the
partys constitution.
The changes were designed to
strengthen the party machinery, raise the
quality of SODELPA policies to comply
with accountability and transparency
standards, and position the party for
an improved performance in the 2018
general election.
While its declared aim is to win the
election, party leader Sitiveni Rabuka
and senior party officials know it
would take a massive effort even a
miracle to defeat Prime Minister Voreqe
Bainimaramas FijiFirst Government.
In his political comeback, Mr Rabuka
has shown he is a realist. He has
previously said that it would be difficult


to unseat FijiFirst from power in its

current form.
But he is also a strategist, an art he
gained from his military career. He also
has experience on his side because he
has held the countrys top job as Prime
Minister and he also knows what its like
to suffer a humiliating loss in a general
election. In 1999, his SVT Party failed
to win a seat. It became the partys kiss
of death.
After all these years of wandering in the
political wilderness he is back to have
his last crack at politics. His biggest
challenge is credibility. He has received
cold reception from the same group,
including Opposition Leader and former
party leader Ro Teimumu Kepa, that
blocked his attempt to become party
leader in 2014 because of his coup
involvement in 1987. They are part of
a larger group outside the party who are
still suspicious of Mr Rabuka although
he has apologised publicly.
Mr Rabukas saving grace is the
reformers, responsible for the changes
happening in the party now, support him
and believe he has what it takes to make
a difference in 2018.
One of the architects of the reforms is
lawyer, public and business analyst,
Adi Litia Qionibaravi, the partys acting
general secretary. Adi Litia advises a
core group of reformers that include
some MPs like Salote Radrodro, Aseri
Radrodro, Mosese Bulitavu, and senior
party officials like management board
member Anare Jale, a former permanent
secretary of the Public Service
Commission and ex-diplomat.

They have revamped structures to lift the

bar. Party volunteers will be thoroughly
screened to meet the criteria as the party
builds towards an integrated approach
to the election campaign. The party is
drawing up an elaborate campaign plan.
One of the features is that at the local
branch level, volunteering will involve
door to door campaigns, handing out
flyers, helping organise party rallies,
fundraising activities and taking part in
party meetings. In all areas SODELPA
says it will provide in-house training but
any relevant experience and skill sets
would be desirable.
Wherever possible we aim to identify
specific roles for people according to
their skills, experience, interest and
availability. The more information
you provide on the application form,
the greater the likelihood of us being
able to find an appropriate way to
use your skills. We are very fortunate
to receive a high level of interest for
volunteering in our office, but with
only limited opportunities available,
this unfortunately means it is not
always possible to place everyone that
Aspiring members would also have
to apply to become candidates for
the election and they must meet the
minimum standards required to be
considered eligible.
The activities so far are a stark contrast
to what the party did in 2014. The party
looks more organised now and it appears
it will be better prepared.
The challenge is whether this will
translate into more votes.



Fiji News

Heart Patient Not Treated Well By Health


Health Minister, Jone Usamate is looking

into a matter where a heart patient from
Navoli, Ba was not properly treated by
health officials and his health details
also went missing.
We raised this issue with Usamate.
The family of Arun Kumar told the
media that they took Kumar to Ba
Mission Hospital on 25th July this year
after he suffered chest pains.
They are claiming that the ECG was
done and he was discharged after a week
without any proper treatment.
The family then took Kumar to Lautoka
hospital, where he was admitted for two
hours and released.
The family is saying that some
specialists were also at Lautoka hospital
for consultation, however Kumar was
waiting for long and collapsed. He was
not seen by the specialists.
Kumar's family told us that they took

Health Minister, Jone Usamate

Kumar again to Ba hospital and they

were told that his file is lost.
The family is trying to get him to the
CWM hospital but it's difficult as his
health details are missing.
The family has also told us that Kumar
was part of the group that donated
$20,000 for the construction of the new
Ba hospital.
When contacted, Health Minister, Jone
Usamate said anyone who comes to a
health facility has the right to expect
the best service possible and they
expect those who serve in their health
facilities to provide the very best of
He says whenever there is a complaint,
it is investigated to learn what actually
happened and to decide on action to be
He says if there are people at fault they
will be disciplined.

Police Try To Solve Missing Family Case

POLICE are still trying to get reference

DNA samples from one of the Kumar
family members in America as they try
to solve a 10-year-old case.
Davendra Kumar, his wife Nirupa Devi
and their two children Dipshika Kumar
and Edwin Kumar went missing on the
night of April 19, 2006 with the taxi
driven by Mr Kumar.
They had left a church in Calia, Navua
to go to their home in Raiwaqa, which is
few kilometres away.
It was raining heavily at that time and
flooding was being experienced at
various places, with the Navua River
also bursting its banks.
The decomposed bodies of a man and

a woman were found in the Deuba area

in August 2007 and they were later
identified as Mr and Mrs Kumar from
the bits of clothes that were on them.
But the bodies of their two children
were never found.
In May this year, the white taxi
registration LT1511 that was driven by
Mr Kumar when the family was last
seen was pulled out of the Navua River
after a fisherman saw it while diving.
During a search of the taxi, police found
some human bones at the back and Mr
Kumar's relatives believe they are of
Dipshika and Edwin.
Mr Kumar's brother Hari Narayan
says they have assisted police with the

address, emails and even phone contacts.

"We, his family have given them all the
information that they need in order for
them to locate his eldest daughter in the
US," he said.
"Until now no progress has been made
but we are still here for any necessary
information needed by police."
Chief of Intelligence and Investigations,
Assistant Commissioner of Police
Luke Navela said the Fiji Police Force
continues to liaise with INTERPOL to
get the family member's DNA.
The DNA samples will assist police in
confirming whether bones found in the
car belong to the missing children or

Fiji The Most Searched For Item In The

World - Google

It is another memorable achievement

for our country as Fiji has broken the
record on the internet Thursday after
our historic gold medal win.
Google has confirmed that Fiji is the #1
trending search in the world as the Fiji
7s team won the first gold medal for the
The official Google tweet says Fiji
breaks history and the internet.
It also has an image of the Fiji flag and
a rugby ball.



Fiji News


Bus Ran Over My Right Foot, Claims Nadi


For almost three weeks Aziz Ali has

been forced to use crutches after a freak
The 46-year-old of Nawaicoba in Nadi
claimed he was trying to get on a bus
when he fell because the bus was
He claimed his right foot was run over
by the bus.
Now he said he wanted justice to be
done because of the excruciating pain
he had been going through.
Mr Ali said the foot injury had rekindled
the pain of a previous hip and backbone
On July 22 after my Jummah (prayers)
I was at the Namotomoto village bus
stop. A bus stopped but when I was
trying to get in the bus it moved. I was
falling backwards when a man held me
from falling. When my foot landed on

ground, the bus just drove over my right

foot, Mr Ali explained.
He alleged the driver did not stop.
Mr Ali said with the help of a man he
got into the next bus and arrived at the
Nadi bus station where his wife, Bibi
Shamina Ali, arrived to take him to the
When I reached the bus station I went
to the driver and asked him why he did
not stop when he knew he drove over
my foot. He started getting angry on me.
So I went to the hospital got my medical
reports and registered a complaint at the
Nadi Police Station.
He said later the driver started swearing
at him.
When I go for the prayers on Friday I
go to the Police Station and also to the
bus driver. But he starts swearing at me
when I ask him anything, Mr Ali said.

Mr Alis right leg was previously injured

at a company he worked for and he said
he was shocked as his same leg was
injured again.
I have no money to do the treatment and
the doctor told me my previous wounds
are now more injured. I am waiting for
the Police to take an action so that at
least I can get my leg and foot treated.
Mr Ali and his wife receive a monthly
welfare benefit of $70 from the Fiji
Muslim League.
He said because of the cold weather now
it was very hard for him to bare the pain
of the leg and hip.
Mrs Ali said she wanted her husband to
get treated somehow and that someone
needed to claim the responsibility for
Mr Alis claims have been referred to
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro.

Foreign Ministry Reaffirms Support To

Work With UNFPA

The Foreign Minister Hon. Rt Inoke

Kubuabola has reaffirmed his Ministry's
support to work closely with the United
Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
following talks with their Pacific office
Minister Kubuabola met with the
new United Nations Population Fund
(UNFPA) Pacific sub-regional office
director and representative Mr Bruce
In welcoming Mr Campbell to Fiji,

the Minister said he looked forward to

working with the UNFRA to fulfill its
mandate in Fiji and the other Pacific
countries to which it was affiliated. He
also called on the UNFPA to strengthen
its support with Fiji's Ministry of Health
to address reproductive health and
womens empowerment issues.
In his remarks, the UNFPA Pacific
director congratulated the Fijian
Government on the appointment
of Ambassador Peter Thomson as

president of the 71st session of the

United Nations General Assembly.
Mr Campbell also congratulated
Fiji on being the first country in the
world to ratify the Paris Agreement
in February this year. He also thanked
Fiji for its continued commitment to
peacekeeping duties in volatile parts of
the world.
The two also discussed proposed areas
of further co-operation including climate
change support.

Fiji (BAF) this week welcomed
international consultant veterinarian
Dr Marisa Ventura Da Silva-Obdeyn
from the Netherlands. Dr Ventura Da
Silva-Obdeyn is here to assist BAF
in developing the Animal Health
Emergency Response Plan to manage
any animal health emergency in Fiji.
While welcoming her, BAF executive
chairman Xavier Khan said getting
Dr Ventura Da Silva-Obdeyn to assist
in developing the Animal Health
Emergency Response Plan for Fiji was

a milestone.
Mr Khan said Dr Ventura Da SilvaObdeyn came with extensive experience
and knowledge in developing emergency
response plan internationally. He added
that her experience of working in 20
different countries was a valuable asset
in developing plans to respond to any
emergency situation involving animal
disease outbreaks.
Fiji is fortunate to have Dr Ventura Da
Silva-Obdeyn, he said.
Mr Khan said developing an Emergency
Response Plan for Fiji was crucial

as it would enable in early detection,

containment and eradication of an
emergency animal disease in a short
space of time.
Dr Ventura Da Silva-Obdeyn said that an
early detection of animal diseases would
guarantee better export and protect the
current health status of livestock.
The early detection of animal diseases
will comprise of a surveillance system
that will at the same time provide
guarantee of certain disease free status,
which will facilitate potential exports of
animals and animal products, she said.

Veterinarian Develops Biosecurity Animal




World News


'He Has A Piece Of My Father Living

Within Him'

The day before her wedding, Jeni

Stepien said she met the man who would
walk her down the aisle - the man who
had received her father's heart.
When Arthur "Tom" Thomas arrived
last weekend at the church just outside
Pittsburgh, he took Stepien's fingers and
put them on his wrist.
"He said, 'Here, feel my pulse,' " Stepien
told the Washington Post. "It was so
amazing. I could feel his heartbeat - it
was so strong."
The next day, Thomas gave Stepien
his arm and led her to the church altar,
where she touched his chest right before
he gave her away.
Stepien, 33, said her new husband,
34-year-old Paul Maenner, first
suggested that Thomas stand in for
her father. "I thought he would be the
perfect person because he has a piece of
my father living within him," she said.
So she penned a letter to a man in
Lawrenceville, New Jersey - one she
and her family had spoken to over the
past 10 years but had never met.
"She said, 'Is there any chance you'd
consider walking me down the aisle?'
" Thomas told the Post. "I said, 'Oh,
there's a big chance.' "
Thomas said the early notice gave him
time to prepare himself so he wouldn't
be "blubbering" as he walked her
through the church.
"The last 10 years, I watched my children
graduate from high school and college
and I'm probably going to be able to see
them get married," he said. "And that
same 10 years, Michael's family went
without him.
"I had a life to live because of him, and
his family did not. It was important for
me to do this very small thing for her."
Stepien said her father, Michael Stepien,
was on his way home from work one
night in 2006 when he was shot and
killed by a teenager during an attempted
robbery in Swissvale, a borough outside
Thomas, 72, told CBS affiliate KDKA
he was "on death's door" when he
received Michael's heart. He said his
own had been failing for years and, by
2006, he was suffering from congestive
heart failure.
The last day in September, he said,
Stepien's family gave him a gift.
"I remember telling them how grateful
I was for this new lease on life and that
I realized the sacrifice they made was


Stepien touches Thomas' chest where her father's heart is beating right before
she turns toward her groom.
extraordinary," Thomas said of his first
letter to the Stepiens.
I had a life to live because of him, and
his family did not. It was important for
me to do this very small thing for her
Tom Thomas
Since then, Thomas, who is married
with four grown children, said the
two families have exchanged many
handwritten letters and phone calls.
Every holiday, he sends Michael's wife
fresh flowers.
On Sunday, Jeni Stepien said, when the
door to St Anselm church in Swissvale
swung open, she felt "my dad was right
there with us".
"This wasn't just about me," she told
the Post from the airport, moments
before the couple headed out for their
honeymoon. "It was also about making
my mum and my sister and Tom see
everything had come full circle."
And when it came time for the first
dance, Thomas once again took her
"He did my father-daughter dance with
me and then handed me to my mum,"
she said, adding that he "made this
dream come true."
She wrote on Facebook: "It truly was

the best day of MY ENTIRE LIFE!"

"To be able to bring my dad home and
have him at my wedding was an absolute
dream COME TRUE!" she wrote. "Not
to mention that being married to the best
person that was hand picked just for me
was beyond words the best thing that
has ever happened to me."
In 2014, more than 29,500 people
received organ transplants in the United
States and an average of 22 people a
day died waiting for them, according to
data from the Department of Health and
Human Services.
More than 120 million people are
registered as organ donors.
Stepien wrote on Facebook that she
hopes her family's story will inspire
others. "If I helped just one person
change their mind to become an organ
donor, my wish in sharing my story has
come true," she said.
Thomas said he hopes that the gift he
received from Stepien and her family
will impact others as much as it has
impacted him.
"This young woman had such wonderful
motivations - to say to the world, 'Organ
donation is really important. We want
you to be aware of it.' "


World News


Maryland Man Sentenced To 15 Years In

Car Seat Beating

Alone with a battered child strapped in

the car seat, Julio More needed a cover
It was just after midnight, in a parking
lot outside of Rockville, Maryland. The
child was his girlfriend's daughter. He
picked up his phone and called her.
A dark SUV, he told his girlfriend, had
just cut him off. Three black guys got
out. One had a stick.
Maryland, man stuck with that racially
charged fiction over the next few hours
- holding to it at the hospital, alone with
the police and in text messages to his
girlfriend sent to say how he tried to
protect her 3-year-old girl.
"I jumped on top of her to cover her," he
wrote. "That's when they hit my hand,
then pulled me away from her ... If I
find those guys, I would do the worst to
But those guys never existed.
It was More - sentenced to 15 years in
prison for child abuse - who beat the
He punched her at least five times with
his fist and at least five more times
with his motorcycle helmet, according
to court records. The girl survived the
June 2015 attack, but suffered skull
fractures, a temporary loss of breathing
and permanent damage to small spots in
her brain, court records state.
"One minute - one series of minutes,
he completely loses it," More's lawyer,
Andrew Jezic, said in court, trying to
explain what had happened.
The case stood out for its explosive
violence visited on the most defenseless
of victims, a little girl locked into place
in her car seat.
Prosecutors asserted that More tried to
kill the child because his girlfriend, who
was estranged from the child's father,
wanted to spend more time with the
little girl, and that meant less time with
Jezic said that More had been beaten
badly as a child in Peru, which led
to a series of suppressed emotions
that exploded. More, who had been
a longtime worker at a United Parcel
Service warehouse, spoke briefly in
"I ask for forgiveness from the bottom of
my heart," he said in a written statement
to Montgomery County Circuit Court
Judge Sharon Burrell. "It is so hard to
ask for it after what I have done."


Cindy Harris was battered in her car seat in June 2015.

The little girl, Cindy Harris, has since
turned 4. She lives with her father, Chris
Harris, in Pennsylvania.
"It's remarkable - she's absolutely
amazing," Harris said by phone.
His daughter writes her name and can
count past 20. "She's brilliant," he said.
But Harris said he worries about
emotional damage. "Sometimes she'll
have little nightmares."
He recently watched her playing with
a young cousin and talking about
"Johnny," the name she had for More.
"He is not a nice person. He is mean,'
she told her cousin," Harris said. "Little
kids - they shouldn't have to say that
about a grown person."
More was born in Lima, immigrating at
11 to the United States under an asylum
petition, and in high school considered
trying to join the Marine Corps,
according to Jezic. He instead got a job
at UPS in a warehouse and a call center,
Jezic said. He had a reputation for being
calm at work and never showing anger,
colleagues would later say in court.
More began dating Judith Harris in
September 2014, according to court
filings. The two had troubles that were
exacerbated as she tried to spend more
time with her daughter. More's mother
also became ill, and his father lost his
job near the same time,, Jezic said.
"Julio, rightly or wrongly, bore the
weight of all these troubles immediately
prior to the incident," Jezic wrote in
documents filed with the court.

It was on June 22, 2015, that Judith

Harris left her daughter with a babysitter,
and went to her job at a restaurant.
Shortly before midnight, More picked
up the girl and then was set to pick
up his girlfriend from the restaurant.
Enroute, he grew upset about the stress
in his life and the possible misplacement
of his motorcycle keys, according to a
forensic psychologist who evaluated
him, Michael Deem.
"All the frustration, all the anger, all the
years of repressing, led to this horrific
beating that he perpetrated," Deem
would later say in court.
More's cover story to hide the child's
beating was laced with racial overtones
- the three men yelled at him for his
Hispanic heritage and yelled at the
little girl because they thought she was
Hispanic, too, he said.
The story crumbled after More failed
a polygraph test and then admitted to
detectives that he alone had beaten
the child, according to Montgomery
County Assistant State's Attorney Ryan
"He said he didn't know why he did it,"
Wechsler said.
Chris Harris - Cindy's father - was in
court when Burrell handed down the 15year sentence. He appeared calm, but as
he later said, he had opted not to speak
in court for fear his words would go
beyond courtroom decorum.
"It's time for him to sit and think about
what he did," Harris said.



World News

Thrice-Widowed, She's On Trial In Death

Of Husband No. 2

It took more than seven years after

Ernest Smith was gunned down outside
his New Orleans home in the spring of
2006 until his widow was arrested and
charged in his death, but she had been
on police radar early on.
"Please be advised that the beneficiary,
Emma Smith, wife of the deceased,
cannot be ruled out as a suspect in
the death of Ernest Smith," a New
Orleans detective wrote to an insurance
investigation company in a July 12,
2006, letter.
By the time Emma Smith was arrested in
that case in 2013, she had a new name,
Emma Raine, and was, again, a widow.
Her third husband, James Raine, 37,
was shot to death at the couple's Pearl
River County, Mississippi, home in
2011. Authorities had their suspicions in
that case too, even though Emma Raine
was out of town at the time.
"She is a suspect in that James Raine
case," Pearl River County Sheriff David
Allison said in a 2015 interview.
"And through investigating that case we
were able to get some information that
New Orleans needed and passed it on to
them," Allison added.
James Raine's death remains unsolved
but Emma Raine is now on trial on
a second-degree murder charge in
38-year-old Ernest Smith's death.
On Wednesday, the opening day of
testimony, prosecutors told jurors they
will prove that Emma and James Raine
arranged Ernest Smith's murder at the
hands of James's adoptive brother,
Alfred "Terry" Everette.

Everette was convicted of seconddegree murder in the case in December

There was a tense moment when the
convicted trigger-man entered the
courtroom in shackles but refused to
go near the witness stand. Everette is
appealing his conviction in Smith's
death and refused to testify despite a
court order that he appear and despite
a grant of immunity that would prevent
his testimony from being used against
him in his appeal.
State Judge Tracey Flemings-Davillier
didn't order that he be forcibly placed on
the stand. She did allow prosecutors to
question him in front of the jury as he
sat in the courtroom several yards from
the stand after refusing to be sworn in.
He sat silently and did not respond to
Then Enoch Raine, the brother of James
Raine and Everette took the stand. He
said that after Raine's murder in October
2011, Everette tearfully confessed that
he had killed Smith years earlier, at the
behest of James and Emma.
Enoch said he and his uncle insisted that
Everette turn himself in. He never did.
Enoch said he eventually called a "cold
case" detective in New Orleans in 2012,
leading to Emma's eventual arrest.
The case involves complicated insurance
matters and complex relationships
within the Raine family.
"In this particular case we are going to
need diagrams," Rodrigue said in an
opening statement.
No eyewitness testimony or physical

evidence links Emma Raine to the

killing, Rodrigue said. But she said
witnesses would testify that Everette
admitted killing Smith at the urging
of Emma and James Raine for a share
of life insurance money. She added
that documents will show that Emma
bumped up the value of policies on
Smith over the years before his death and
that, to overcome an unexpected legal
glitch, she arranged for her daughter to
forge the name of Smith's daughter on
insurance documents.
Defence attorney Martin Regan's view
of the case: James Raine and Terry
Everette plotted Ernest Smith's death
without involving Emma. He cast the
late James Raine as an opportunist
who seduced Emma as she suffered
through an unhappy marriage to Smith
and plotted Smith's death to get her
"This case is about greed and money,
infidelity and a guy named James,"
Regan said.
He stressed that Emma Raine has never
been arrested in James Raine's death.
"Who kills James Raine? Was it another
jealous husband?" Regan asked.
Attorneys have said the trial could last
until Monday.
It was unclear whether jurors will hear
testimony about the death of Emma
Raine's first husband, Leroy Evans, who
died while hospitalized in 1994 after
he was hit by a car. No arrests were
ever reported in that case but, during
Everette's trial, prosecutors called his
death suspicious.

Surgeon 'Removed Kidney From Wrong


A surgeon at a hospital in Worcester,

Massachusetts, is alleged to have
performed an operation on the wrong
patient, removing their kidney.
The incident is understood to have
taken place within the past few weeks at
Worcester's St. Vincent Hospital.
Erica Noonan, a spokeswoman for Tenet
Health, which owns the hospital, said:
"This is a deeply unfortunate situation
involving a patient misidentification
that took place outside of our hospital
and did not involve our employees.
"Our staff followed proper protocols
in preparing for and performing the


surgery, which was scheduled by the

patient's physician at our hospital.
"Saint Vincent Hospital is committed
to providing safe, high-quality care to
every patient who enters our doors. We
are saddened that this incident occurred
and our leadership continues to assure
the individual receives the support and
care needed."
Scott Zoback of the Massachusetts
Department of Health told the Worcester
Telegram: "We are aware of this serious
allegation, and are investigating in line
with our state and federal authority."
The US Agency for Healthcare Research

and Quality Surgery describes surgery

accidentally being performed on the
wrong patient a "never event", one of a
number of medical errors.
'Wrong-site surgery', a surgical
intervention performed on either the
wrong patient or the wrong part of
a patient's body, is relatively rare.
According to a 2006 study, a typical
American hospital could expect to
experience a case of wrong-site surgery
once every five to 10 years.
Between 1985 and 2004, the study
identified a rate of 1 in 112,994 cases of
wrong-site surgery.




Types Of Exercise For Diabetics

When you have type 2 diabetes, exercise
or physical activity is an important
component of your treatment plan.
Exercise has so many benefits, but the
biggest one is that it makes it easier to
control your blood glucose (blood sugar)
level. Exercise can also help people
with type 2 diabetes avoid long-term
complications, especially heart problems.
Two types of physical activity are
most important for managing diabetes:
aerobic exercise and strength training.
1. Aerobic exercise
Aiming for 30 minutes of moderateto-vigorous intensity aerobic exercise
at least 5 days a week or a total of 150
minutes per week. Spread your activity
out over at least 3 days during the week
and try not to go more than 2 days in a
row without exercising.
If you haven't been very active recently,
you can start out with 5 or 10 minutes
a day.
Then, increase your activity sessions by

a few minutes each week. Over time,

you'll see your fitness improve, and
you'll find that you're able to do more.
Some examples of aerobic exercise are:
* Brisk walking (outside or inside on a
* Bicycling/Stationary cycling indoors
* Dancing
* Swimming
* Playing tennis
* Stair climbing
* Jogging/Running
2. Strength Training
Strength training (also called resistance
training) makes your body more
sensitive to insulin and can lower blood
glucose. It helps to maintain and build
strong muscles and bones, reducing your
risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures.
Preventing muscle loss by strength
training is also the key to maintaining
an independent lifestyle as you age.
We recommend: doing some type of
strength training at least 2 times per

week in addition to aerobic activity.

Below are examples of strength training
* Weight machines or free weights at the
* Using resistance bands
* Lifting light weights or objects like
canned goods or water bottles at home
* Exercises that use your own body
weight to work your muscles (examples
are pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges,
wall-sits and planks)
Make a commitment to exercise; make
it a priority. Your long-term health
depends on it, so as tough as it may be
to find time or to motivate yourself to
exercise, keep at it. It will help you lose
weight (if you need to do that), and it
will make your body more efficient at
using its insulin and glucose.
Questions to ask your doctor
* My work schedule gives me
limited time to exercise. What is your

How Eating Sweet Potatoes Can Help You Lose Weight

While you may be aware of the numerous

health benefits associated with sweet
potatoes, chances are that you aren't
aware how sweet potatoes can help
you to lose weight. The high amount
of dietary fiber, the low calorie content,
and the high amount of water, all work
together to make sweet potatoes a great
food if you are trying to lose weight.
One of the main ways that sweet
potatoes can help you lose weight is
due to their high amount of dietary
fiber. Dietary fiber is important if you
are trying to lose weight for a number
of reasons. First, fiber is bulky, meaning
that foods that contain high amounts of
dietary fiber will take up a lot of room


in your stomach. This helps to keep you

feeling full for a long period of time,
thereby preventing overeating. Next,
fiber is slow digesting. This means that
it takes a long time for high fiber foods
to leave your stomach and enter your
digestive tract. This prevents overeating,
thereby reducing the chances of high
calorie intake and potential weight
gain. Obviously , the high fiber content
of sweet potatoes plays a large part in
helping you to lose weight.
Next, sweet potatoes have a relatively
low calorie content, which is also very
important if you are trying to lose
weight. In one pound of fat there is 3500
calories. This means that if you want to

lose one pound of weight per week, you

need to eliminate 500 calories from your
diet each day . By using sweet potatoes,
which typically contain around 100
calories per serving, instead of a higher
calorie food such as white potatoes,
which may contain as many as 400500 calories per serving, you are well
on your way to achieving this calorie
deficiency . By using some creativity
, you can definitely use sweet potatoes
to help you lose weight. For example,
try using mashed sweet potatoes to
make pancakes instead of the traditional
batter, which is typically loaded with
high amounts of both fat and calories.
Finally, the high amount of water that is
found in sweet potatoes can definitely
help you lose weight, both in the long
term and in the short term. With the
exception of bone and fat your body is
composed almost primarily of water,
and therefore it is of no surprise that it
responds favourably when you eat foods
that contain high amounts of water. Like
fiber, water takes up a lot of room in your
stomach. Therefore, eating foods that
contain high amounts of water, such as
sweet potatoes, will make you feel full
and will prevent overeating and snacking
between meals. This will help both in
your weight loss goals and also prevent
the weight from coming back on.




Vegetable Spring Rolls

A single bite into one of these crisp, yet
delicate spring rolls will surely have you
asking for more. These authentic rolls
are gently stuffed with lightly-seasoned,
shredded vegetables and accompanied
by a slightly sweet and tangy sauce
perfect as an appetizer or a satisfying
Vegetable Filling
cup mushrooms, shredded
1 cup cabbage, shredded
2 carrots, peeled and shredded
1 medium red or green bell pepper
cup mung bean sprouts
1 bunch green onions
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated
Filling Binder
tablespoon cornstarch
teaspoon sugar
Dash of white pepper
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon Asian toasted sesame oil
tablespoon Shaoxing wine (can
substitute dry sherry)
12 spring roll wrappers, thawed
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/4 cup water, room temperature
For Cooking
1 cup plus 1 tablespoon vegetable oil


For Dipping
3 tablespoons water
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 teaspoon Shaoxing wine
1 teaspoon sugar
Garnish with green onions, optional
Mix the binder ingredients and set aside.
Heat one tablespoon vegetable oil in
a wok over medium-high heat. Add
the garlic, ginger and green onions,
saut about 15 seconds to release the
aromatics. Add the vegetables and saut
until slightly tender but still crisp, about
30-45 seconds. Add binder ingredients
to the sauted vegetables and stir gently
to distribute.
Remove from heat and spread
evenly across a baking sheet. Place
in refrigerator to cool. Cooling is an
important step for a couple of reasons. It
helps prevent the vegetables from overcooking (crisp veggies make the best
spring rolls) and also prevents steam
from the cooked veggies from making
the wrappers soggy, which will make
them less crispy and prone to tearing.
Whisk the cornstarch and water for the
sealer. Set aside.
On a clean, hard surface, such as a
bamboo cutting board, lay out a wrapper
with a corner facing you. The wrapper

should appear as a diamond rather than

a square. Place 1 heaping tablespoon of
filling on the wrapper about ⅓ of
the way up from the corner nearest you.
Don't overfill! Grab the bottom corner
and roll away from your body, tucking
in the sides as you go. Brush the sealer
solution on the inside of the outside
corner flap. Press down gently to adhere.
Heat the remaining vegetable oil in a
clean wok to about 350 degrees. One at
a time, add the rolls gently to the hot oil.
Avoid overcrowding. Cook until deep
golden brown. Carefully remove each
roll with tongs and set on paper-towellined dish to absorb excess oil.
While allowing the rolls to cool, whisk
together the dipping sauce ingredients.
Serve rolls cut diagonally alongside
sauce in a small, shallow dish.
Avocado oil is our choice for frying. Its
high smoke point and mild flavor create
perfect spring rolls. We use this brand.
You can prep the filling binder, sealer
and dipping sauce ahead of time to
ensure easy and quick access.
Swap out one of the vegetables for a
favorite of your own, or try adding ground
pork or chicken and 2 tablespoons of
oyster sauce to the filling for a heartier
dish. The options are endless with these
delectable rolls.



Tiger And Remo All Set To Dance With


The peppy title track of A Flying Jatt

has a struck the right chord with the
audience as a result of which the makers
have decided to shoot a promotional
video featuring Tiger Shroff along with
the kids. Tiger and Remo will be shaking
a leg in this video for the first time.
Director Remo D'souza shares, `We're
overwhelmed with all the love and
excitement we've received, especially
from children. So, we've decided to go a
step ahead and involve them in the next
video. We will be asking kids to send
in their dance videos. Their energy and
excitement will add a great vibe.`
By encouraging youngsters to share
their dance videos on the film's social
media pages and targeting children
through school outreach programmes,
the makers have adopted a unique
strategy for this promotional video. 20
kids in all will be chosen to be a part of
this video.
Remo added,`Ever since we started
work on the film, everyone wanted to
know whether we will share screen
space and dance together. We can finally
reveal that we will`. Elated to shoot the
video opposite Remo and the kids, Tiger

said, `A Flying Jatt has been my most

physically and mentally challenging
film. Combining humour with action
was something new for me. I'm looking

forward to dance with Remo sir, as well

as all the talented children.`
A Flying Jatt, produced by Balaji Motion
Pictures, releases on August 25.

Irrfan Khan never ceases to impress us

impeccably with his acting performances
and his latest release only underlines
and enhances his capability of being
an ace performer. Audiences and critics
alike praised his acting in Madaari and
the strong word of mouth made the film
a success even at the box office. While
Irrfan was not only an actor in the movie
he and his wife Sutapa were producer of
the film, to get creatively involved shows
his keen understanding of recognising
stories which the audiences can relate
Content is king is Irrfan's belief and
with a growing new audience for real
relatable films for the global audience
the couple feels the need of the hour is
to find stories from our soil which has a
global connect. Being privileged to be

born in a diverse varied country , Irrfan

believes it's imperative that filmmakers
seek stories from the roots of the varied
corners and cultures of the subcontinent.
We hear that Irrfan in fact is already in
search for more such stories and will be
looking to produce at least two more
such films in the near future with his
wife which resonate Indian ethos and
are original Indian stories which can be
narrated well on the silver screen for the
global audience.
Sutapa confirms the news and says, "As
Producers, we are not project makers,
but storyteller. Our audiences are now
ready for new stories relating to our
lives, stories that have evolved from our
roots and our soil, stories that weave the
Indian ethos, but also ring true the whole
world. We are looking for New Stories

all the time. Irrfan and I are enjoying

this process."

Irrfan Keen To Make More True Indian





This week may cause pressure in your
life. Transit of planets in Aries may make
you nervous and outspoken. You may not
relish the behaviour of people around
you. There may be regular arguments at
office and home. You will be active and
smart in your work at an office in spite
of heavy workload. Journeys during this
week will prove fruitful. Students may
get normal results for their performance.
She may be keen to change her job or
place of residence. Children may have
success in higher education. They may
get sudden monetary benefits. Spouse will
have the strong intention for own business
activities. He/she may take the personal
loan to meet certain sudden expenditure.
Father will have prosperity through a
career. He will be appreciated for his
magnanimous presentation. Elder siblings
may shift to a new location. Younger
siblings will be lucky in their life.
This week may cause huge expenditure
for you. There may be sudden needs or
demands which drain your savings. You
may be fascinated in the acquisition of
costly items out of impulse. There may
be positive news about the increment
in your earnings also. There may be
changes in your top management. You
should concentrate well in your job.
Students may get average results for
their performance. The mother may have
monetary benefits through her family.
She may go on for a long journey on
the pilgrim. Children will have normal
results in their career and education. A
spouse may have the heavy workload
or huge pressure from superiors. He/she
may get exhausted with stress and strain.
Father may purchase fixed asset with a
bank loan. He may get stability in his
career after a long time. Elder siblings
will have financial stability and younger
siblings may be lifted to a higher position.
This may be a lucky week for you.
There will be all round success in your
life and with all sorts of comforts.
There will be promotions, appreciations
and recognition in a career for your
performance. You will come out
successful in interviews or any other
competitive appearances. Superiors
will develop faith and trust in you.
Students will get outstanding results
for their performance. The mother may
have health issues at regular intervals
and could take a long to recover from


sickness. Children may have positive

results in career but negative results in
personal life. A spouse may have great
zeal to prove his/her ability. Father may
have sudden changes in his job. He
may go on for long journeys regarding
his job. Elder siblings may have health
complications. Younger siblings will
enjoy stability in their career.
This may be a challenging week for you
and may throw a lot of challenges by
your skill and experience. You will have
higher spirits to prove your energy and
be fortunate to enjoy the same. Superiors
will appreciate your performance in
a critical situation. The increment in
earnings may make you happy. Students
will get encouraging results for their
efforts. A mother may get new business
proposals from her friends. She may
clear long pending financial obligation
this week. Children may have success
in interviews or educational pursuits.
Spouse will enjoy stability in career
matters. He/she should stay away from
speculation but can invest in metals for
a long term. Father may have financial
instability throughout this week. He
may not be able to meet all his needs
with his limited earnings. Elder siblings
may visit foreign countries and younger
siblings may have minor injuries.
This week may offer normal results for
you. You may meet important persons
during this week regarding career and
may result in sudden monetary benefits
for your previous investments. There
will be positive responses to your
enquiries. Students will get satisfactory
results for their efforts. Mother may have
health disorders at regular intervals. She
may suffer from a headache, excess heat
or lack of energy. Children may have
some youthful distractions from the
middle of this week. Spouse may have
positive developments or changes in
career. He/she may be entrusted with a
new project. Father may have pressure
from business partners. Elder siblings
will enjoy all round success in life after
a long suffering. Younger siblings may
be cheated by some strangers.
This may be a strenuous week for you
and may cause confusion, doubts and
disbelief in various maters of your life.
You may not be able to arrive at decisions
in spite of long contemplation. People
engaged in business will prosper well in

spite of tough competition. You may be

fortunate to receive inheritance towards
the end of this week. Students may get
normal results for their efforts. Children
may have a speculative tendency which
may bring severe loss. Spouse will
get positive news in career prospects.
He/she may identify a new source of
income in this week. Father may have
heavy expenditure which may wipe out
his savings. He may suffer from urinary
infection or bronchitis. Elder siblings
will have prosperity in career whereas
younger siblings may be transferred to a
distant location.
This week may offer new opportunities
for you and may enable you to
interact effectively with superiors
and colleagues. There may be new
proposals or projects this week. There
may be tough opposition for you at
the workplace. Mercury in 6th house
will make you active and gentle in
outlook. Saturn may create a tendency
to postpone your activities which should
be controlled. Students may get normal
results for their activities. Children may
get clearance for foreign visits or there
may be the delay in getting admission
overseas. Spouse will have emotional
outlook throughout this week. He/she
may be argumentative even in minor
issues. Father may get financial gains in
this week. Elder siblings will find a new
job whereas younger siblings may loss
through speculation. He/she may beget
a child during this week.
This week will offer success in your
efforts and may bring you victory over
opponents. You may have the fighting
spirit or combative nature because of
these planets in Aries. People engaged in
business will get huge margins. You may
be interested in a part time business for
additional revenue. This is a favourable
week to star your exploration for new
opportunities in the market. Students
will get outstanding results for their
performance. Mother may be worried
about the father. The sudden demise of
a close associate may cause anxiety to
her. Children may be disappointed with
the results after a long struggle. Spouse
may lose money through speculation or
lending to others. Father may get huge
success in his career. Elder siblings
may start new partnership business
which may prove futile later. Younger
siblings will enjoy the comfort of new



This week may offer mixed results
for your efforts and my enable you
to conquer opponents. There may
be nominal returns or gains for your
huge labour. Planets in 5th house may
give confidence but not money. You
may acquire a residential flat on the
bank loan. You may enjoy refreshment
through amusement parks or site seeing.
Students will get average results for
their performance. Mother may have
nervous temperament throughout this
week. Children may be confused to
accept a career option. They may have
problems with a spouse. Father may
have changes in career. He may be
assigned a herculean task against his
interest. A spouse may have encouraging
news about increments in salary. Elder
siblings may start a new business with
his/her friends. Younger siblings, on
the other hand will enjoy financial
independence. They may get positive
news in this week.
This week will offer dynamic results for
you and will bring new friendships in
life mostly in journeys. You may fulfil
your desire to occupy the well-furnished

house. There will be mixed results in

career matters. You will enjoy peace
of mind with your family members.
Childbirth may bring new happiness.
Students will get supportive results in
their efforts. The mother may suffer
from acute pains and sharp fevers.
Children will get admission in a distant
location. They will have a strong spirit
about their success. Spouse will enjoy
stability in the career. He/she may be
appreciated for the nice performance.
Father may suffer financial pressure or
conflicts with family members. Elder
siblings will come out successful in
interviews or higher education. Younger
siblings may involve in minor accidents
towards the end of this week.
This may be an advantageous week
for you. You may be determined, and
firm hearted about your career. Your
commitment will be rewarded at the end
of this week. There will be successful
completion of assignment without any
error. Financial stability will bring
confidence about future. Students may
get decent results for their performance.
Children may get encouraging results
after hard work. A spouse may have a
strong impulse to have changed in career

After making a splash in Hollywood

with her TV series "Quantico" and
her debut movie "Baywatch" with The
Rock, Priyanka Chopra will be seen in
the season 15 of American TV series
"Project Runway."
Priyanka will, reportedly, join the
series as one of the few guest judges
on the show, which focuses on budding
designers who are given an opportunity
to create a collection for New York
Fashion Week.
The "Mary Kom" actress took to
Instagram, where she shared a
photograph of herself along with the
shows host and supermodel Heidi
Klum as well as its judges Nina Garcia,
Zac Posen and Georgina Chapman.
Namaste!! On Project Runway.
Coming soon. Project Runway Season
15, September 15th! Nina Garcia,
Zac Posen, Heidi Klum, Georgina
Chapman, Priyanka captioned the

I am not only saying no to Bollywood

films. I have also turned down more
than six Hollywood films. I am rejecting
films across industries. Im going to
pick the best and do only one film from
each side next year. Even that would
mean pushing myself against time.
But Im a 70mm girl who can never
give up Hindi films. Main toh apni TV
series bhi 70mm pe dekthi hoon, said
Priyanka to a tabloid, as per The Indian
This is the second time that the 34-yearold Bollywood actress will be seen in
an international TV show. Priyanka
has gained international recognition
through her stint in the American drama
series "Quantico."
The "Gunday" star will also be seen in
the Hollywood film "Baywatch," where
she will portray a negative character
named Victoria Leeds. She will share
screen space with Dwayne Johnson and
Zac Efron in the film.

or life. He/she may get disturbing news

in the middle of this week. Father may
have health complaints throughout this
week. He may have excess heat or bile
complaints. Elder siblings may involve
an illicit activity. Younger siblings may
have troubles with a spouse.
This week may offer normal results for
you but may cause conflicts or arguments
with family members. There may be a
success through your career matters
but may result in worry about future or
windy complaints or may restrict your
presentation skills which are the only
worrying factor. People engaged in
business may face financial instability.
Students will get encouraging results for
their efforts. The mother may be worried
about her family members. She may get
severe back pain in the middle of this
week. Children may have grand success
in all aspects of life. Spouse may be
worried about pressure in his/her official
life. Father may have peace of mind and
sound health. Elder siblings may get
positive communication about future
increments in salary. Younger siblings
may lose money in speculation. He/
she should stay away from love matters
which may cause all sorts of worries.

Heres The Project Priyanka Chopra

Turned Down 6 Hollywood Movies For




TS Times Sports

Fiji Gets First Olympic Gold

The dream of winning Fijis first

Olympic gold medal has finally become
a reality.
Our Fijian boys sang from the depths
of their hearts after an outstanding
performance against Great Britain.
We have overcome, we have
overcome a gospel number often sung
in Pentecostal churches around the
The capital city came to a standstill as
people were stuck to a TV screen for the
20 or so minutes.
At the ANZ Stadium, the public were
invited to watch the finals on the big
screen. The invitation was sent out after
the semi-final win over Japan. It was
Banks sent out notices that staff will be

given a 20 minute break during the Fiji

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
who is also in Rio said: This is a
wonderful moment in the history of our
nation. We have won our first Gold Medal
at a summer Olympic Games and every
Fijian is rejoicing at home and around
the world. We all convey our warmest
congratulations to our World Champion
Rugby Sevens team on this magnificent
achievement. We have all witnessed
how much effort you have put into this
campaign. And we salute you both for
your victory and for being wonderful
ambassadors for Fiji. I especially
want to thank coach Ben Ryan and
team captain Osea Kolinisau for their
inspiring leadership. It has been a great

privilege for me as Prime Minister to be

present in Rio De Janeiro on behalf of the
Fijian people to provide our collective
encouragement and support. I have
witnessed at first hand the commitment
and discipline that has produced this
victory and have been deeply impressed
and proud. A wonderful reception
awaits our boys when they arrive back
in Fiji. Never before has the Fijian spirit
soared so high as it does today. Never
have we stood so tall as a nation. So let
us rededicate ourselves to the task of
building our beloved Fiji. One nation,
one people, playing an even greater role
in the region and the world. Here are
some of the headlines from around the
world after the 43 7 win.
Congratulations Fiji!

Fiji Wins Its First Olympic Gold And

Immediately Declares Public Holiday
FIJI will mark a public holiday on
August 22 to celebrate the sevens team's
historic gold medal win in the Rio
While announcing this, Acting Prime
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the Prime
Minister's Office and the Fiji Rugby
Union have started discussion on how
the national celebrations would be
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the win was
a wonderful achievement and occasion
for the country.
Fiji erupted in joy on Thursday after
winning its first Olympic gold medal.
Emotions across the South Pacific nation
ran high following the mens rugby 7s
teams 43-7 demolition of Team Great
Britain in the Rio 2016 final.
Theyre all celebrating, theyve been
celebrating for the last three days, said
Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama
of the scenes back home.
He later declared a national holiday
on Aug. 22 to mark the momentous
We are all proud to be Fijians right
now, Bainimarama added.
Hundreds of thousands of people
across the rugby-obsessed country
were glued to their screens as the


match unfurled. Some businesses even

opted to temporarily close so that their
employees could witness what would
potentially be an historic game.
After the final whistle, dancing
erupted in the streets as thousands

of flag-waving Fijians celebrated the

astonishing triumph. And as hundreds
of photographs and videos of the
festivities were posted to Twitter, the
#GoFijiGo hashtag began trending