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Examination Guidelines
Module Code: HRM325
Module Title: Strategic Management of Human
In this guide:
Guidelines for Students on Good Exam Technique:
Preparing for the Exam
The Exam Structure
The Exam Content
Good Exam Technique

Guidelines for Students on Good Exam Technique

Preparing for the Exam

This is an open book examination. As such you may take into the
exam, up to 10 sheets (therefore twenty sides) of A4 white paper
with handwritten (or typed in font size 8) notes. Your handwriting
can be of any size, however you should make sure that your
preparation is well planned and your notes easy to read. Use this
facility to help jog your memory in the exam you should not just
copy extracts of books or the student learning material but think in
advance of real life examples and make notes of these to enhance
your ? around the main course concepts. You will be expected to
apply knowledge in the exam not merely recite quotes. If you
choose to use quotes they must be fully referenced. Plagiarism in
any form is not permitted in the exam.


You may take a dictionary for translation purposes only.


You may take in pens, pencils and calculators however your

answer should always be written in blue or black pen. Please do
not use red pen or highlighters as this just causes a distraction. If
you want to highlight some of your work just underline it.


Make sure you are ready for the exam you should have
undertaken every activity in the resource pack and be fully familiar
with key human resources texts and theories. You should also be
able to identify and give examples of human resources strategy in
practice. You may use diagrams to demonstrate case models as a
short cut. Dont make them too intricate and time consuming. Try to
make them applicable to the case example.


Have an early night before the exam and make sure you feel
relatively relaxed. You can expect to be somewhat nervous
however this exam should be enjoyable! You are being given the
opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills!
The invigilators will be requested to confiscate any sheets
taken into the exam above this number and the attempt to use
additional materials will deemed an infringement of the
examination regulation.

The Exam Structure


The exam will be divided into two parts; section A and Section B.


Section A is worth 40% and contains six questions you should

answer FOUR of the six. Spend no more than 15 minutes on each.


Section B will contain four questions each worth 30% and you
should answer TWO only. Spend no more than 1 hour on each.


The paper is marked out of 100% - you need to obtain a minimum

of 40% to pass this module. It is therefore possible to fail section A
but pass section B or vice versa, however to obtain a good grade it
is recommended that all questions be attempted to a minimum pass

The Exam Content


The exam will aim to include a range of topics covered in the

Strategic Management of Human Resources module. You should
be fully conversed in all of the key theories and issues. It is
important that you are aware of these theories and issues and are
able to apply them in different contexts. You should also make sure
that you can give examples of practice identify your own
examples in advance of the exam so that you can include them in
your answers.


You should not merely copy your handwritten notes onto the exam
paper but consider the context given and apply the key relevant
theories and frameworks. Using your local/national context is to be
encouraged. One of the key aspects of level 3 work is to adopt a
critical rather than merely descriptive perspective. All questions will
reward marks for going beyond advocating a solution and best
practice but also examining the Human Resource policy design on
process of implementing from a critical perspective i.e. what is the
reality of trying to manage Human Resources Strategy.

Good Exam Technique


Read through the exam question and ask what is the examiner
looking for? How can I demonstrate my knowledge skills and
ability? Aim to include a good mix of theory and examples.


Practice good time management you should allocate your time

according to the marks and thus a third of your time should be
spent writing Section A and the remaining two thirds Section B.
Thus, the exam is 3 hours long thats 60 minutes.

read through the paper and plan your answers

answer sections A and B
10 minutes to review and add to your answers
Give yourself some time to plan your answers before you start
writing and time at the end to review them


Present your work well ideally it should be written in report format

with a brief introduction, core answer and brief conclusion. If your
answer cannot be read you will not receive any marks for it!


Relax and enjoy if you have been studying hard, completing the
set tasks and reading related texts this exam should be thoroughly
enjoyable for you good luck!

It is expected that you do not restrict yourself to the information

presented in the module pack. It is strongly recommended that you
undertake wider reading to familiarise yourself with the past and
current issues relevant to the module.