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(Synopsis to the Term Paper towards partial fulfillment of the assessment in the subject
Strategic Management)

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Divya Jyoti Mehra

Dr. Archi Mathur

Roll no. 771

Faculty of Strategic Management

Semester VIII
BBA (Hons.) LLB (Business Law Hons.)



TOPIC: Study of Hofers Product- Market Evolution Matrix for Maybelline Products
INTRODUCTION: Most business organizations are involved in more than one product.
Diversity can be a great source of competitive advantage as well as a source of fundamental
difficulties. Each of these products in the organization portfolio have different growth potentials,
operate in different competitive environment and require different strategic decisions to ensure
the achievement of the organizations overall goals and objectives.
Hofers Product- Market Evolution Matrix (Hofers Matrix) is a three-by-five matrix in which
businesses are plotted according to two parameters- the firms business strength i.e. the firms
competitive position is plotted on the horizontal axis and the stage of product evolution on the
vertical axis. The products are shown as circles and the area of the circle represents total product
turnover. Within the circle the share of a firms product is shown as a slice of the circle. Hofers
Matrix is a strategic tool that provides an image regarding the manner of distribution of the
products undertaken by a company during specific stages of a life cycle. The company may
predict how the present portfolio will develop in the future and it may also act in real time in
order to guarantee that this portfolio is in a balanced condition.

Maybelline is an American makeup brand sold worldwide and owned by LOreal. This project
applies the Hofers Matrix for the selected 5 products by Maybelline namely, BB Cream,
Colossal Kajal, Lip Gloss, Makeup Remover and Nail Color to gain insight into the strategic
position of the products and the likely direction in which they are developing to provide pointers
for formulating the appropriate strategies.

1. To identify the product lifecycle stage of Maybelline BB cream, Colossal Kajal, Lip Gloss,
Makeup Remover and Nail Color.
2. To identify the competitive position of Maybelline for each of the 5 selected products as
against similar products by Lakme and Revlon.
3. To study the Hofers Matrix for the 5 selected products of Maybelline.
4. To identify the likely direction in which the 5 products are headed and suggest strategic
pointers for the same.

The theoretical information will be gathered from both primary and secondary sources and the
assimilated information will be analyzed on the basis of which conclusions may be drawn.
Primary Data: Questionnaires prepared for consumers with regard to their preferences to
determine the products lifecycle stage and the firms competitive advantage.
Secondary Data:
1. Books and Newspapers
2. Market reports
3. Online News, Journals & Research Papers
1. Preliminary (Executive Summary, Objectives and Research Methodology)

2. The Hofers Matrix

Implications of the Matrix

Product Lifecycle

Competitive Advantage

3. Maybelline
4. Data Tabulation (Field Study)
5. Data Analysis & the Hofer Matrix
6. Recommendations
7. Conclusion
8. Annexures (If any)
9. Limitations (If any)
10. Bibliography

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