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Paragraph planning:
- Opening formula: Dear + name,
- Paragraph 1: Informal greetings: It was great to hear from you.
Thanks for writing to me.
Congratulations: Well done!
Giving a reason for writing:
Just a short note to let you know
I thought Id drop you a line because
Im writing because.
- Paragraph 2: Introducing yourself: My names.
I live in ..
Opinions: To my mind
My own thoughts are.
- Paragraph : Talking about people: Let me tell you about my family
He likes
She looks like me, but she can be a
We get on (well)
Lifestyles: We like..
We would always go on holiday.
I often used to..
Advice/ suggestions: Why dont + subject + verb?
What/How about + ing?
Do you ever get the chance to ?
It would be great to meet you sometime
Next time I write, Ill send you a photo
Linkers: Besides,
Also, too, as well
Then again
Better still
As well as that
Whats more,
- Closing formula: Do drop me a line if you have time.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Keep in touch
Well, thats all for now
Do write back soon.
Best wishes
Lots of love
(Best) regards


Use contracted forms.

Phrasal Verbs.
Short sentences.
Simple linking words, for example: Then, next.
Direct questions.
Some exclamation marks (not too many)
Remember to sign the letter (if not, youll lose marks)