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Coronado High School

Algebra I
Mrs. Pena
Room: E-22
Class website: mrspenamath.weebly.com
Welcome to an exciting new school year! This course will require you to take an
involved role in your own learning process through the use of cooperative learning,
hands-on investigations, using technology, and varied activities and active classroom
Course Outline: (Algebra I TEKS, Algebra 1 e-book)
Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, linear relationships, functions,
graphing, solving equations, systems of equations, simplifying radicals, inequalities,
direct and inverse variation, quadratic functions, algebraic patterns, polynomial
expressions, rates of change, y-intercept, x-intercept, exponential growth and decay.
Freshman Academy Expectations:
1. Be on time and prepared.
2. Be with a positive attitude.
3. Be an active participant.
4. Be without food and drink


Verbal Warning
Student-Teacher conference.
Contact parents.
Discipline Referral issued.

Student(s) will be sent to the Principals office immediately for serious disruptions and
may include a formal removal from class in accordance with the Texas Safe Schools Act.
Required Materials
2 3-ring binder
10 dividers
Loose-leaf paper

Extra Credit Materials:

Extra school supplies
Tissue/ hand sanitizer
lined or construction
pencils for the class

Each student will be assigned a graphing calculator, clicker, and possibly other
technology devices from a class set that they will be responsible for and will
remain in the classroom at all times.
**Note: If you have any trouble acquiring any of these supplies please inform me so I
may assist you in obtaining all necessary materials for our class.

*Syllabus subject to change

Notebook: Students will keep a notebook binder that will be picked up at the end of
every nine weeks and counted as an exam grade. It will be organized by chapter and the
grade will include: handouts, class work/notes, homework, quizzes, exams, etc.
Grade Distribution: Final grades will be divided in the following manner

25% - Daily (handouts, chapter exercises, homework, etc.)

25% - Quizzes (administered every other week, to include planner checks)
40% - Tests (to include participation grade, Notebook and projects)
10% - Nine-weeks exam.

Additional Policies:

All parents/guardians will register on Parent Portal to check for weekly progress on grades and

Remind101: This is an internet tool that this class will use to help all students and parents receive
reminders for class through text messaging, without having to share personal contact information.

All due-dates for homework assignments will be the next class day from the date it is assigned.
Questions can be addressed before the assignment is turned in at the beginning of class.

Late work and test retakes will be administered as stated in the Freshman Academy Policy.

Students caught using electronic devices inappropriately in the building will have that item confiscated
and will need to bring a parent to the business office to recover the item for $15.

Technology will be an integral part of this class. ALL students will be required to have access to an
email, internet, and printer in order to be prepared for class.
o *Note: If you do not have access to these items please inform me ASAP so arrangements can
be made to assist you in getting access at the school.

Restroom breaks should be handled during transition times and will not be taken during class time.

The teacher will dismiss students after class, not the bell!

*Syllabus subject to change