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RA 8282

Sixty days maternity leave is allowed for normal delivery and 78

days leave with pay, both are with pay, for a caesarean delivery
which is two months salary. That would be between the range of
P10,000 and P18,000.
Payment of hospital bills and expenses is covered by Medicare.
Senator Shahani: What about the minimum for payment of the
hospital expenses?
Senator Fernan: I understand that the Medicare applies only to
the first-born and not to the subsequent children, unless it is a
caesarian delivery.
Senator Shahani: May we know this bias for a caesarian delivery,
Mr. President?
Senator Fernan: It being an abnormal delivery, they provide for
such an allowance, not when the delivery is normal after the first
Senator Shahano: Mr. President, I would look at this with alarm. I
know the doctor of the Chamber is sitting up there and maybe
we could ask his opinion. I feel that the more normal the delivery
is, the better. But there is a tendency in this country to
encourage a caesarian delivery because it gives more fees to the
doctor. I think a system like this is anti-poor because, naturally,
who can conduct caesarian operations in the barangays? And it is
also unhealthy. I think it is succumbing or a bowing down to
commercial pressures because for a woman to have three
caesarian operations is a little abnormal. I mean, she can have
one. But I believe it is important to encourage normal deliveries.
Speech of Senator Coseteng:
Since its establishment in 1957, the SSS has become a potent
instrument of social and distributive justice. It not only provided
benefits to its members and their dependents with a strong bias
in favor of the poor, it has also these resources to provide them
low-cost financial assistance to build or improve their homes, to
acquire higher education or training, or cope with emergencies,
and meet the other basic needs of the family in times of joy as

well as grief.