Gratitude and Thankfulness

Enjoy My blessings! Enjoy them a little bit more everyday by reminding yourself of them more often. See what you can
come up with, that you can be so thankful for! (I:26)
Thank Me daily for your children, because one day, you’re going to see like I see, and realize just what a blessing they are.

Don’t complain about the state of the world. Fill your heart and mind so much with My presence, with My praise, with
thankfulness for the things I’ve done for you, I am doing for you, and the even greater things I will yet do for you; for My
faithfulness, which will never leave you nor forsake you, that there will be no more room for anything negative. Love Me
enough to praise Me and thank Me for all I’m doing and have done! (I:28)
If you would realize how irrelevant the circumstances of those individual situations are, how each of them is really only
there to pose a new challenge before you, a new opportunity to make another grade, to climb another step higher,
spiritually... you would take each of them much more gracefully.
Take them as from Me, saying, 'Thank You, Lord, for entrusting me with another test, another challenge, for You know I can
handle this one by Your grace!' (I:77)
Simply remember Me and give Me the glory by acknowledging Me, thanking and praising Me and asking Me to keep you
from falling, even when you think you’re safe. (I:90)
Only by My grace shall you stand. Take hold of that grace now! (I:98)
There will be tears in Heaven, but mostly tears of joy and of gratitude for the unspeakable love that gave when nothing was
given in return, love that never gave up, refusing to look anywhere but toward that day when your seemingly lost efforts
will meet the highest reward. (I:121)
I promise, there’ll be grateful tears when you’ll know it will have been worth it all! Your heart will be one great, big 'Thank
You!’ (I:127)
It’s vital to have a thankful attitude.
Remember always to thank Me, for things truly could be worse. It pleases Me so when I see you thankful, even for the little
things. Constantly focusing on the hole in the doughnut is a very dangerous trick of the Devil. Instead of seeing the good
things in a bad situation, he shows you the bad side of any good situation, makes you focus on that which keeps it from
being perfect.
Show Me and the world a grateful smile! (I:132)
Gratitude and thanking and praising Me is so important and such a positive force.
Be thankful for what you’ve got! Express your thankfulness so that I can bless you with more! (I:148)
New, unexpected situations are new challenges for you to rejoice, thanking Me for bringing them along to make you grow
stronger. (I:152)
Things are happening for your sake and benefit, to make you stronger!
You should be very thankful for them, as without them there would be no lesson, no wonderfully challenging situation you
can learn so much from! (I:174)
‘In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you’ (1.Thes.5:18). It is the Father’s will that
you thank Me and keep a thankful attitude in everything and every situation, and not start complaining and murmuring
about it! Give thanks in every situation you find yourself in and you’ll see it’s up to you and your attitude what will become
of it.
Even the worst situations can turn into good and lead to a better one, if you’ve simply got the right attitude, one of trust
and of thankfulness for whatever I bring. (I:200)
Gratitude’s an attitude you can’t do without as friends! And show your appreciation by returning kind deeds of love. (I:262)
So many folks take things for granted, because the devil has actually duped them into thinking that these things came
about by themselves or that you had to earn them yourself, and so, why should you thank anyone? That’s the Devil’s
religion: “You don’t have to thank anyone, because everything you’ve got, you’ve only got because you worked for it
Of course, when you’re not thankful, I sometimes have to withhold the blessing in order to teach you greater appreciation
for those things you tend to take for granted. (I:278)
You’ve got a lot to be thankful for! Just look at the doughnut and not the hole! Behold, I am your doughnut, so, look at Me!
Let Me be your biggest blessing and constantly be thankful for Me! (I:297)

Appreciate and count your blessings, be thankful, praise Me more, and just let the light in more, so that there won’t be any
room for all that darkness which would like to take hold of your life and soul and mind! (I:300)
You simply have to learn to be thankful for your individual situation, trusting Me that I knew best what kind of a situation to
give you. (I:360)
You should be thanking Me for every new challenge I bring across your way! Everything in your life comes from My hand,
and is just another opportunity for you to show and prove trust in Me! (I:403)
Be thankful for what you've got, instead of yearning for support from vague sources! (I:407)
Your happiness in this life depends on your obedience, your attitude and gratitude toward Me. As long as you keep
thinking, "God, I would have done better than that if I were You", that's not really an attitude of trust and gratefulness that
engenders My joy. (I:449)
I want you to learn gratitude... to appreciate My supply for you, instead of taking everything for granted. Don't take it for
granted, but ask Me for it, and thank Me for it! (I:467)
Envy is one of the devil's weapons to suck the joy out of life. Instead of keeping you thankful for what you've got, it keeps
you staring at the hole in the doughnut: "But there's something missing!" (I:472)
Thankfulness is happiness, and if you're not thankful, you're not happy!
If you don't make a conscious effort to count your blessings and to focus on the things you could and should be thankful
for, the devil is always quick to point your attention toward things and flaws you can start murmuring in your heart about.
Show some gratitude!
But if you're actually not satisfied or not grateful for what you've got, if you're letting the devil distract you and get you to
focus on the things that are still not perfect in your life, then nobody's going to be curious about what you've got, either,
because it's obvious that all you've got is the same as they: a bunch of problems. (I:474)
Look not at the flaws in yourselves nor each other, but see Me in you, and the bounty I have bestowed upon each of you, of
My true eternal riches and beauty, and rejoice, be thankful, be humble and glorify Me, love Me and revel in Me! (I:516)
The root of the problem lies with taking things for granted... also called familiarity, and you know what's bound to happen
when you're not thankful for what you've got. (I:553)
Sometimes the greatest waves of thankfulness come when you're just awed by the things I was able to do in your life
because you've had the guts to undergo a great big change in your life. (I:563)
Anything is made pure by receiving it from My hands and thanking Me for it. (I:574)
Be thankful for the fact that you can learn to trust Me for the income and outcome of every single day, that I'm your
Provider, the One Who feeds you, the One you work for! (I:613)
If you find nothing else to thank Me for, thank Me for My Promises to you, and that I will keep them and fulfill them as surely
as I am. Thank Me for My Love for you, which will never cease, no matter how badly you might fail Me. Thank Me even for
My purgings and chastisements, by which I purge you and purify you so that you might bring forth more fruit. (II:20)
You become an instrument of My peace by uttering showing forth your thankfulness and a grateful attitude, and thus
becoming a living showcase of My grace everywhere you go. (II:31)
Remember to praise Me and thank Me for what you do have, for if you don't continually appreciate the fact that things
could be worse, I might have to allow them to become worse, just in order to prove it to you, that you did have a lot of
reasons to be thankful. (II:42)
Realize that every good and perfect thing comes from My hand! Receive each pleasure as from My hand! (II:68)
Whether I will be able to bless you with more, something bigger or better in the long run depends on whether you're
thankful for what you've got already!
Those who appreciate what they've got and are thankful for it also love to share it, and thus are able to receive more.
Just enjoy and be thankful! (II:103)
Being thankful for what you've got is an important lesson; to learn to be "content in whatsoever state" you're in. (II:125)
There's so much to be thankful for and rejoice about, you just need to see it! (II:137)
It's the hardest thing for a lot of people, to just be thankful for what I have made them to be. So many want to be something
else or would prefer to be somebody else. But that's often just because the devil has been causing you to compare.

Be thankful for what you are, just enjoy the life I've given you to live, instead of looking at what others have or do and
accomplish! (II:268)
So many are lacking gratefulness because they never have to get desperate about anything! (II:317)
Being a good steward over the things I have given you shows that you appreciate them, that you’re thankful for them.

Appreciating what you have and being thankful for what you're given, is a matter of trust in Me, too - trust that I have given
you exactly what you need. (III:288)
Trust in My fairness and justice and take everything giving thanks! (IV:114)
Gratitude is a healthy attitude to have that can do a lot of good in your life. If you spend your time thanking Me for what I’ve
done for you, instead of on complaining about the hole in your donut, you’ll be much happier and better off in the long run!

Learn when it comes to showing gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve got! (2011:92)
Be thankful that you’re able to get My view on things, letting Me show you My angle! (2011:113)
Learn to be thankful for what you have, to appreciate it and make the best out of it. Once you have learned to do that, and
only then, you might be ready for some “greater things” and ready for Me to open some “bigger doors.”

The truly great challenge has always been to rather be thankful for what you have and appreciate what you’ve got, instead
of constantly seeking better things. (2011:141)
When you have to temporarily make do without something you’re usually dependent on, it should teach you not to take it
for granted.
Did you really appreciate and thank Me for them in the first place?
How about your praise when you had them? Let this be a lesson on thankfulness!
Gratefulness has a great many qualities – even physical effects on your health.
What would make a difference and would have made a difference to begin with is a little more praise, thankfulness and
appreciation. (2011:146)
The true path is one of humility and gratitude, of acceptance of the fact that there is nothing you haven’t received, and that
you gratefully ought to appreciate it and treat it as a gift and not take it for granted as though you naturally deserved it for
some reason.
Even if those things are less than - or even far from - perfect, it behooves you to show gratitude. (2012:2)
Gratitude alone is an attitude that can already make a big difference and change things. It changes the way you see things,
and thus enables you to see things in a different light and to see more than the restricted little world of negatives you
sometimes allow yourself to become encaged in…
Gratitude can be the key to unlock the mental cell of negativity that engulfs you. If you keep focused on the things you
ought to be grateful for, instead of all the circumstances that in your opinion should be better, you’ll have much greater
power and more energy to make it through each day victoriously and won’t wind up with that attitude of resigning to your
fate at the end of the day.
In the end, you’re going to have to take things one way or the other. But it makes a big difference how you take them,
whether with a positive attitude, or negatively. (2012:89)
If you appreciate what you’ve got, and focus on sharing that, it’s bound to enhance your relationship with people and the
world around you, win more friends, and thus generate greater contentment, and accordingly, success. (2012:93)
Sometimes it’s best to simply stick to and appreciate what you’ve got, which brings us back to the quality of gratefulness…

It can always get worse yet, remember that! And if you don’t appreciate what you have, chances are, it will.
You draw and attract the worse times to come into your life when you don’t appreciate fully the good you’re having.
Try to display and exert some thankfulness in your life, because it will attract the better times and better things to come
your way.
Be thankful for what you’ve got, and you’ll see better times and things heading your way! (2012:164)
You’ve been given something, and a grateful attitude would be one that tries to make the best of it, instead of despising it.

Millions of people around the globe have nothing and no one to turn to, to help them out, which should make you
appreciate My Presence and help in your life all the more.

I’m here for you, as I would be for them, if they were aware of Me, but unfortunately no one has been able to successfully
convey that truth to them. So, walking a mile in their shoes is definitely going to help broaden your horizon, make you
appreciate what you’ve got on one hand, and maybe give you more of a heart for those who haven’t got what you’ve got…
The experiences that make you need My help and My coming through for you yet again will remind you of My faithfulness
and strengthen your appreciation of that factor that makes you so different from the rest of them… (2013:9)
Learn how to truly appreciate what you do have, and they don’t: your faith in eternal values, your knowledge of these
spiritual things, the resulting peace, freedom from fear, and a greater capacity to love, simply because you take more time
for love than those who spend most of their time chasing after money! (2013:19)
It’s those supposed “bad things” that bring about changes and cultivate gratitude… Those experiences that make you
appreciate the good you’ve had, or make you thankful when it gets better again.
Be thankful for the things that draw you back to Me and get at least a whiff of that which you could have a whole lot more
of, if you wouldn’t keep allowing the things of the world to distract you from Me! (2013:21)
I’m being fairly good to you. So return some of that goodness with a praiseful, grateful attitude! (2013:28)
Knowing one-self is a virtue, skill or value that may have been appreciated by certain ancient philosophers, but in this age
of lies, it’s about as popular as opera among youngsters. They don’t wanna hear it.
Like most of the things of eternal value that I have to offer, it remains largely unappreciated in this world of temporary
values offering momentary satisfaction. (2013:34)
Regardless of how rotten the world and the circumstances, and maybe even the people are, there are still some things to
be grateful for and some blessings not to be taken for granted. (2013:40)
Once good people become so rare that you can count them on the fingers of one hand among all your acquaintances, it
might help you to remember them, know who they are, appreciate them better and not forget about them or lose track of
them… (2013:52)
The whole dilemma of mankind began over an issue of lack of gratefulness and appreciation for what the first two human
beings had, and so they lost it.
God’s love and patience are infinite, but if there’s one thing that’s hard for Him to handle, it’s ungratefulness. (2013:53)
A negative attitude is really due to a lack of gratefulness. (2013:86)
Another fundamental lesson is that of showing appreciation for the people around you and being grateful for what you
have. (2013:95)
The flesh is busy trying to prove that it can do it on its own, so it doesn’t have to show thanks or appreciation for
anything… It all boils back down to the difference between the ways of Cain and Abel, grace vs. works. (2013:115)
Try to make an effort to become more grate- and cheer-full about things; even if they’re currently not so great or perfect.
Remember that they could be a lot worse under other circumstances. (2014:75)
When there’s a lack of gratefulness going on, that kind of person must sometimes go through things to teach them
gratefulness and to appreciate the blessings they didn’t appreciate as much as they could have. (2014:85)
Life can be hard. But when you never appreciate it, no matter how good and easy it is in comparison to those of many
others, the time comes up for life to become real hard as a lesson against a lack of thankfulness! (2014:105)
Sometimes you’ve just got to be thankful for what you’re experiencing, even if it may be a bit rough for you: it teaches you
something. And trust Me, it’s the stuff you’re supposed to learn, and there’s a reason for it; one you’ll be glad and thankful
for one day when you’ll find out about it. (2014:106)
If you could learn to be thankful and grateful for what you’ve got, even if it may not seem perfect to you, you would see
there’s a positive difference that comes in life with and through gratefulness. If you could thank Me by faith, you’d
experience a lot of times that things eventually will get better when you do. (2014:120)
Don’t just keep taking good things and blessings for granted! You’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and when you’re not, it
could easily be that there’ll be less of them around, to appreciate them a bit more. (2014:178)
Remember thankfulness! It’s a pretty important part of Christians’ attitudes! A whole lot better than murmuring, which you
can tell by some results, wasn’t a good one for God’s people! If you don’t remember thankfulness, you don’t seem to
remember much of what being a child of God is all about, but you’re falling into one of the devil’s traps instead; and they
usually end up in something making you wish you had remembered to be thankful! (2014:180)
Be a bit more cheerful and thankful for what you’ve got! – It could always be worse! (2014:186)

When someone’s not being thankful for the good things he has and gets from life, well, he shouldn’t be too shocked when
things wind up turning and getting worse!
Make the best of all the things you’ve got and receive, and learn to be thankful! Keep receiving the things you have to face
as from Me, and be thankful! Be thankful, for it could still be worse, and if you’re not, they might end up being… (2014:189)
Just be thankful!
Be thankful! That’s a good lesson in life! – Be thankful! (2014:192)
Keep being grateful for the good stuff, and not just focusing on the bad and negative, alright? (2014:202)
It could always be worse, and even if it’s tough and hard for you to be thankful and grateful right now for what has
happened, take it as a challenge, and try to be as positive as possible! Try to make it through that battle as victoriously as
possible! (2015:42)
Hard times just have their helpful parts in them to serve you somehow to make you stronger; and in the end you’ll wind up
more thankful for it all, and the whole process. Life isn’t always easy, but you’ll find out that it’s through the harder parts
that you wind up getting stronger in the end, and that’s something you’ll be thankful for!
If you were more tempted to be murmuring, well, it’s another point to show what those harder and tougher times are
helpful for, and they’ll make you more grateful in the end, and make you turn out more appreciative, which, in general,
means, with a more positive and likeable character!
So, even the rough times have got something positive about them to make you wind up being thankful for. (2015:67)
If you’re humble, you can show some gratitude, and won’t be too spoiled and unable to take life the way it comes and with
anything it has to give you. (2015:72)
Be grateful there’s something better and greater to expect than what this world has to offer! (2015:73)
The fun, relaxing and rewarding part will come in the Hereafter. In the meantime you’ll just have to go through the times
down there that ought to make you appreciate the Hereafter for good! (2015:113)
No appreciation for blessings may result in fewer blessings or even none at all, until you get that point! (2015:123)
Being thankful and grateful for the good things you go through is quite an important lesson, and to appreciate what you’ve
got, so that you don’t have to go through the harder lesson of having to make it without those blessings you might not fully
You’re having to learn a lot about quite a few positive traits and factors like appreciation and thankfulness…
Appreciation and thankfulness are – sad to say – not among the most common traits of mankind, and obviously and
definitely among those habits and abilities We’ve got to bring out in folks during their lifetimes, or sometimes only manage
after that!
When you’ve had a good part of life you didn’t appreciate all that much, well, I guess you can tell by now why it is that that
old good part has been traded for a not-so-good one, making you appreciate that past and teaching you a lesson on
positiveness and gratefulness.
Thankfulness and appreciation help to keep the good times and blessings flowing. So, if the good times come to an end,
that might easily be due to a lack of appreciation and gratefulness… never being happy or satisfied with what life was
giving you, and due to that lack of thankfulness, some tougher times set in, teaching you that things can easily be worse
than the much more appreciable times you didn’t view as such until they were gone.
Thankfulness is an important, but also sometimes hard quality to obtain, especially when constantly confronted with other
things one would like to have, and pretty much damaged by that wave of materialism and other things the enemy makes
folks crave for… To be content with what one has, was definitely a good counsel, (Heb.13:5) but is much neglected
nowadays. (2015:127)
Put Me in the first place in your life, and just remain humble, and full of gratitude for anything I manage to accomplish
through you! (2015:132)
Hard times teach you the most, and in the end will make you all the more thankful for the Hereafter. (2015:141)
You’ll be grateful for having been prepared for what’s to come when it happens! (2015:143)
You had a lot of easy times in life, comparatively, but you weren’t that happy, thankful or satisfied with those, either. So,
what did We have to let happen in order for you to learn to appreciate the more positive times you had, along with
preparing you for the rougher times that are coming?
If folks aren’t capable of handling the way their lives are, it’s strange, but harder and tougher ways often are what causes
them to learn to appreciate the easier and better times they’ve had more. (2015:146)
I know that thankfulness for the tough times is the hardest task. But remember that they’re what will teach you the most (if
you take’em the way you should) and prepare you for what’s to come! (2015:157)

Hold on to what you’ve got, and hang on to it with praise and thankfulness! Appreciate and don’t despise it what We’ve
given you, but do what you can in order to pass the ways and tests along as victoriously as possible! (2015:189)
To be “content in whatsoever state you’re in” (see Phil.4:11), is a good thing and way to make it… to be grateful, instead of
It’s a good and important thing and way to find: the middle in-between the need and necessity for changing the world, but
also to be content in whatsoever state, and grateful for what one has. Sometimes it’s important to find the middle between
two extremes.
With the need to change things, it doesn’t mean to abolish the gratefulness and thankfulness for whatever someone has.
While there’s a need for change, it doesn’t abandon the one for gratitude!
So, while there’s a need and necessity for change, there’s also one for gratitude and appreciation!
The need for change applies more for what other folks haven’t got, while what believers and children of God have
themselves, ought to be appreciated. See, “change the world” doesn’t mainly refer to personal possessions and what
you’ve got yourself! Find out what needs to be changed, and what – on the other hand – ought to be appreciated with
When you’ve lived a part of your life that was a lot more pleasant and comfortable before, than what you’re going through
at present, well… it sort of shows whether you’re able to be thankful and to praise the Lord your God in spite of the fact
that things may not be working out perfectly constantly and all the time!
Can you manage to be thankful anyway? (2015:195)
The rarer things get, the more precious they become for folks, and the more they’ll appreciate the privileges and
opportunities they previously may have taken for granted. The more you appreciate what I’m giving you, the more I
appreciate the giving.
My input has become more precious and valuable to you, and you appreciate it more, which will also help you appreciate
its benefits more. (2015:211)
Not exactly gratefulness or positiveness, to be complaining about life’s toughness, when you actually should be grateful
and appreciative of the blessings I bestow on you. (2015:233)
Maybe history of events could have been different and more positive with greater thankfulness?
So, looks like thankfulness and appreciation is one of the major lessons life in the world is supposed to teach you.

Just take things the way they come. Doing it without complaining is one of the arts of life. (2016:13)
Remember the attitude of thankfulness and appreciation… gratitude. – The right sort of attitude!
If things around you aren’t perfect, maybe a bit of gratitude in spite of it will improve the situation.
Be thankful by faith, even if things aren’t perfect, and you’ll see: the grateful attitude will make’em better! (2016:21)
Don’t forget to appreciate your blessings, and show some thankfulness for what you’ve got, instead of complaining about
the current state of your situation! (2016:35)
Give the glory to Us, Up Here, without Whose strength and anointing you wouldn’t have made it this far the way you have!
So, thank Us for that strength and anointing! (2016:45)
Even if the lesson of thankfulness and appreciation may not make that much sense to you right now, trust Me that it will!
If you’ve been proud of your own abilities, trust Me that you’ll appreciate and be more thankful for Mine to help see you
through it all! (2016:63)
Thankfulness is a good attitude to have! (2016:77)
Thankfulness is a good quality, and a lack of it will show in its fruits and results. (2016:84)
One reason why bad things can happen: lack of appreciation and gratitude. (2016:91)
Be thankful for My preparation of you to make it through what’s to come, and try to appreciate it!
Be thankful for these opportunities to get filled and led by Me… the only strategy to make it through what’s coming!