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Money & Materialism

The love of money is the root of all evil, and if you consider money a greater and better fruit to bear than children, then
youre on the Devils track, not Mine! (I:165)
Faith, not money, is the currency of the future!
In a way, faith is all that determines the value of anything, anyway, including money, so, it's all a matter of what you put
your faith in: Me, the Creator and Giver and Provider of all things, or paper. (I:437)
Gold from Me is going to get you through the hardest times of history, when paper money won't have stood the fiery test.

If you do things for Me and as unto Me, you'll reap eternal benefits and more permanent blessings than paper money.

What do you think is going to be more rewarding in eternity? That little bit of applause that's here today and gone
tomorrow, or that little bit of money? Or the souls you're going to win by going out searching for My lost? (I:586)
Whats going to make the difference between making money and changing the world by daring to be different and striving
for the things that last: The power that's going to enable you to make that difference is love! (I:594)
Money is important, but the only thing that's going to last, the only eternal value that you can take with you from this
world into the next, are the souls you're winning for Me.
As long as you only want what they've got - their money - and you cannot instill in them the desire to have what you've
got, namely Me, you're not going to be much of a soul winner. (I:599)
Life is too precious to be only living it for money. (II:7)
I must take those false crutches away from you, the false confidence in money and the things of this world, because
they're all going to burn in the fire. (II:14)
I need you to take the step of faith which shows Me that you believe that lost souls are a greater and more valuable
treasure to "hunt" and look for than money. (II:80)
The Enemy has made the game more difficult by hanging nice and shiny distractions all over the place, little "plastic
treasures" and imitations, to keep you from looking for the real ones.
Money is his master piece of those counterfeit treasures. The love of money is the root of all evil because it distracts
people from the true essence of life.
If they would just stop for a moment and cease to be so distracted by the Devil's counterfeit treasures, they could find the
real treasures that are there to find in this life. Not in elusive paper money, nor in the things that it buys, but in the very
fellow human beings I have created to be by their side to be reached, to get to know, to share with all that you've found
and learned in life. (II:82)
Making money is the System's idea of fruitfulness, not Mine. I will bless you with money if you're doing My job, but I want
you to trust Me for your income, more than anything, and I want you to learn to depend more on Me instead of your arm of
the flesh. (II:141)
As long as you were more successful, more busy, making more money, you were far away and distant from Me, too busy
for Me. (II:256)
My sheep aren't satisfied by anything but love, whereas goats will settle for the temporary satisfaction that material
things, success, money, pride and accomplishments bring. (II:268)
What do you prefer: money and comfort, or souls? (II:291)
The goal, as far as I'm concerned, is primarily for your faith, not necessarily for your income to increase! We all know you
need money, and everybody knows they need money, and that's what everybody else's life is revolving around, that's
nothing new! (II:331)
You've got to get away from carnal thinking, the carnal effort to try to find or build paradise for yourself in that temporary
world. You've got to stop putting your money or building your dreams on that kind of ground, and come to the conclusion
that you're going to quit looking for "it" here in this life.
Even at the risk of being ridiculed, you should make it plain that you decided to put your money in the bank of Heaven
and that you're a faith-investor. (II:361)

Do you really think that true freedom can be bought with money? (II:372)

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Attitude: 375

Faith: 331, 361

Im simply not in a hurry, especially not for any of My children to make money, when thats what the majority of them
spend most of their time doing already anyway Im keen on seeing something different! Yes, Ive seen that just about
anybody can get a job and make money. Now, is there anybody who could show Me something else for a change? Like for
example that they have the faith to believe in My Words and Promises that say that Im going to take care of their needs,
even if they might do something different for a change and seek first the affairs of My Kingdom? (2011:33)
Im in the long and weary process of shifting your faith from their paper money values to Mine. You think that just
because paper is visible and tangible and can buy you things, it should naturally be a safer factor to put your faith in, but I
want you to know for sure that even when those paper values start to crumble and falter, your faith in Me will still be a
more valid force and guarantor of your survival than any other thing youve ever known and relied on. (2011:76)
The epitome of what the world considers success and what determines their self-worth is money, no matter what other
glamorous facades you may give it. If instead of boasting in the numbers on your bank account you can boast in Me,
youre much closer to what Id define as success. (2011:110)
It's hard to stay humbly content with what you have when you see the devil's people rubbing it under your nose how
much better they've got it, as if to say, "Seems as if you made your bet on the wrong Guy!"
Well, but that is basically what life is all about: to prove whether it's really true that having to make do with less than
those who have devoted their life to riches necessarily means having made the bet on the wrong guy, or the wrong

Its hard to have the faith or conviction to offer anyone what you believe is the answer to the worlds problems when
youre still infected yourself with one of its main bugs and causes for this worlds misery: materialism.
Its mans nature to always seek the best for himself. But sometimes you have to stop to ask yourself what is really the
best? Does it always necessarily mean the best, materially? Arent there higher values youre supposed to pursue?

People measure their success in life by the amount of wealth they acquire; I largely measure your true success by the
amount of faith you acquire.
If money is what seems to solve most problems in this world, faith is what solves all in Mine. The paradigm of faith is a
totally different one than the material matrix nourished by fear that most people live in. (2011:140)
Learning how to do without, is a fairly handy skill to acquire.
Of course, its hard to practice modesty in such a greedy world. It amounts to stemming the tide and the drift of all you
see and perceive going on around you. (2011:146)
Even those who claim to respect Me in actuality show a lot greater respect toward those little colored papers that they
claim manifest My blessing upon them.
Here you see the connection between the love of money being the root of all evil and the disappearance of wisdom: the
love of money replaces their respect for Me, which is the beginning of wisdom. In other words, the love of money is the
root of all evil because its the beginning of the end of wisdom
They put their trust in money instead of Me (2012:30)
Thats why money is such a great temptation: its the one thing that promises to be the most effective in exerting control
not only over others, but also ones own life. Its the ideal tool to try to escape what most people actually deserve or
would really need, if the value and purity of their personality would be any sort of priority for them.
Thats why many extremely wealthy people are quite detached from what you and so many others have come to know as
the real life down at the grassroots of reality where you have to live and deal with the consequences of your actions and
choices without being able to escape them. (2012:38)
The foolish who havent learnt anything from history but really believe that all things will stay the same and continue as
they are, who act as if they would live forever, and who put their trust in a paper god. (2012:67)
My ideas of greatness and ideals certainly dont fit in very well with this money-oriented society. (2012:72)

I like to encourage those who wish to follow Me to view their worth and value differently than those who base their
feelings of self-worth on the amount of money they earn. Id expect My disciples, followers and serious believers to be a
little deeper than that.
If a mans life consisteth not in the abundance of the things he possesseth, then it certainly doesnt consist of the amount
of money he earns.
The temptation is obviously there, when you earn what others would consider larger amounts of money, to put your trust
in that and derive a degree of satisfaction from it. But as with many others, thats a temptation you ought to resist.
I consider modesty and humility and your faith much greater riches than any amount of paper money. (2012:75)
Making money is the excuse people come up with in order to avoid getting down to business with the really serious
matters of life. (2012:77)
The less stuff you need to rely on for your happiness, the more genuine its going to be. Thats why the happiest people
youve seen were usually poor people. They dont need all that stuff that rich people need in order to be happy.
Not only is it harder for the rich to get into Heaven than for the poor, but its also harder for them to experience anything
like Heaven on earth. Their lives are so much more complex and complicated. They need to have too many things, and
theyve gotta be just right, etc., etc. (2012:78)
I still care and provide for Mine in such a way that they dont have to kow-tow to the big money apparatus.
Dare to defy all the reasonable, rational concerns based on the way people are being groomed to think these days, which
makes the system and its money the all-powerful part in the equation! (2012:84)
Make up your mind about whether youll join the masses in putting their trust in paper money, or in Me I only can tell
you that youll be much better off with the latter option.
So, the question is, how well and firmly will you keep trusting when theres less or no money to rely on? (2012:86)
Start preparing yourself to get out of that money-making groove and embrace the kind of life-style I showed My disciples
to lead
One thats geared to winning souls, instead of just chasing paper, getting nowhere, really, just fending for your own
survival, day in, day out. (2012:90)
My communication with you is really all that matters, not the amount of money you make or dont make!
You have so much to be grateful for and appreciate. All theyve got is their numbers, that may exceed yours, granted:
Their amount of hours of work, and accordingly, the amount of money they may earn. But please dont let that be what
your life, too, is all about! I have not raised My disciples to pursue goals as low and futile as that! (2012:98)
Its natural that folks would strive for material success, seeking to make life ever more comfortable for themselves; but
Im in the process of teaching you that thats not what life is all about.
So you think, But it would be nice to have things that guarantee a comfortable life-style for as long as your stay in this
world But wouldnt you rather acquire incorruptible treasures you can take with you into the next, even if that means a
little less comfort and luxury?
Do you think youd be learning half of what you are from a high and lofty position among the successful in the world?
Im afraid thats just not how it works. The rich and wealthy view the world through very biased, self-satisfied glasses that
dont offer up the same realistic view you get from among the grassroots (2012:135)
Physical abundance can also result in spiritual lack, and material blessings cant guarantee you the satisfaction and
enjoyment you seek
Sometimes youve got to choose: Which type of abundance is more important to you, the spiritual, or the physical?
Its easy to put your trust in money when you have it. Its a mistake thats easily made. Whereas putting your trust fully
and wholly in Me is a blessing that often comes from the experience of lacking the financial means to put your trust and
confidence in. When theres nothing beneath you to hold you but I, then you truly know that I am there. (2012:178)
Living a life for money is simply the easier way out, settling for the immediate, visible rewards. (2013:19)
What is hard is the shifting of your trust from money, that stuff you can see and feel and hold in your hands, that will buy
you things, and that feeling of security, to Me, the unseen, unsure Source of everything perceived only by faith. But thats
precisely what I want you to do. Sooner or later, youre going to have to put your trust in Me, because there are situations
no amount of money in the world can save you out of. No amount of money has ever kept anyone from death, the one
impending catastrophe bound to hit everyone at some point. (2013:22)
Having large sums of money and putting your trust and confidence in that, certainly doesnt make you special, different
or outstanding, according to the criteria of My Book. Having faith to launch out on little or nothing now, thats a
different story! (2013:27)
Try to view your own life through the eyes of faith, seeing what I see, instead of judging by the poor materialistic
standards of the world!

Being able to live with yourself and what you are, not identifying yourself with what youve achieved, or the possessions
youve acquired, is one of the clues to life, and one of the reasons why some of the relatively poor and have-nots seem to
be so much more pleasant and satisfied than their wealthier and more affluent counterparts. Money has never been a very
accurate identifier or provider of identity for anyones true personality or character. The things that identify the real you
are only those you can carry along beyond the grave. (2013:52)
Its true that the wealth, and what most people consider blessings these days isnt very evenly, or even justly
distributed. But then remember who it is that promises these things. Not Me. All I can promise you is the truth that
believing in Me equals eternal life. But in order to keep Me from being able to make that Promise, I was tempted with all
the riches in the world by the one who wants to make sure youll get so entangled in this short, finite, tiny little life, that
you wont care about what I have to offer
In My eyes, the right kind of action is to take more frequent breaks from your feverish attempts to be successful in what
you do to make money, in order to spend some more of that time with Me, perhaps asking Me to give you and supply you
with some of the things youd like to work so feverishly and hard to obtain in your own strength and energy, and get the
kind of input that will ensure the right kind of output to issue from your being (2013:73)
The pressures to make a decent life, meaning, one where you make enough money to show forth, are not My standards
of what Id call a decent life. (2013:90)
The drift of the world is largely all about the acquisition of things you dont have, driven by the illusion that once theyll
have them, then theyll be happy. Youve got to watch out not to fall into that same trap.
It can be like chasing some elusive end of a rainbow, while you may come to realize that all you needed in order to truly
be happy has been right at your door step all along (2013:95)
I aim to arouse your appetite for gleaning spiritual riches, rather than their material ones. (2013:97)
The world will always choose and prefer the Barrabases over their potential saviors, those who are in it for the same
things they are: material gain; and who will stoop to any lows and do anything to get those things.
They just feel more comfortable with their own, greedy and materialistic kind. (2013:103)
Generally its regarded and considered that with is better than without. But what Im saying is, Not necessarily so.
The with is often the cause for peoples greatest troubles. The less you have, the less you have to worry about. Its the
old message about materialism, and that includes the comfort and commodity of modern household utilities people take
so for granted. (2013:122)
Is it really such an advantage to be living and staying in the materialistically richer areas? Is materialism something
blessed? Or is faith what really ought to be used more?
What do you think I can bless more? An existence in a wealthier country with a smaller population, and where folks
mainly seem to trust in the state and physical powers, or one where there are more people, and largely things (like
existence) can be managed with less money? (2014:6)
Whats more important to you: Me or money? At least that should identify to you the problem, question or challenge Am
I your boss, or is it money? Do you let Me rule your life or that material bit of paper? It may make life a bit more
comfortable, but
See, it all depends on who or what you make the more important force in your life: Me or money. If its money, you can
assume that I consider it a mistake. Remember, ultimately the enemy will replace it by a mark of his beastly appearance,
and loving money will cause people to take that step. (2014:17)
Its not a positive thing in general to allow money to become such an important thing in life. For many its the most
important; and do you think that according to Me it is? You think it has anything to do with the will of God to let money
become the most important thing to you?
Putting the material things like money first in your life, or giving them the greatest importance can result in negative
effects. Those attitudes are not what pulls the will and blessings of God upon you
Money doesnt have the same value in life that love does, and since God is Love, you might say that money is pretty
much the counter-piece the Enemy came up with
To make love a greater value in your heart and life than money would enable you to put My values above those of the
world. (2014:22)
Making money isnt the most important part of life
An important lesson Im teaching some parents: That earning money is not the most important job in life, but doing your
jobs as parents is!
There are some more important things for parents, especially believers, than spending their energies entirely at the
making of money
Your kids and what you do to them and manage with them is more important to Me, to God, Heaven and Eternity, than
how much money youll be making (2014:34)

Money isnt the most important thing needed for happiness! There are more important factors for happiness than money!
Remember that money isnt one of those things youll need in Heaven! So why not start getting used to it not being
needed for eternity the sooner the better?
Some of the weaknesses in humanity can lift up its true strengths worth more than any of those jobs that served to lift
up the self or financial gain
Living for others, after all, is a higher purpose than material gains (2014:35)
One lesson for My true disciples is to raise Me in their hearts, minds and desires above the level of money Its not the
most important thing in your lives, and not what you ought to be working for most of the time (2014:37)
Not to allow and let the finances be or become the most important factor in life is a lesson I want you to learn.
Money has taken a lot of the affection that the Father and I would be craving from the human race and somehow We feel
like We deserve that love a bit more for having created all but the Enemy is working hard at turning folks away from Us,
making money and peoples own efforts to gain it and care for themselves seem bigger and more important.
To change your life and get it less oriented by and toward money, might definitely be the more favorable arrangement for
your human soul, development and growth concerning eternity.
Money still seems to be very much playing a main role in life But its a good time to start a development in another,
more spiritual direction.
It might seem rougher and less secure to have a less finance-developed survival, but to have more faith instead, and a
closer relationship with your Creator and spiritual leadership, would definitely be more worthy and valuable in the long
Try to count and rely on Me, the Father and all of Heaven more than on money, which the Devil mainly made take over the
role of spiritual values in this world!
Money is basically cheating you out of the main lessons in life, which are supposed to be the spiritual ones, instead of all
the material stuff (2014:42)
Money is often a tool of popularity the enemy uses to get folks of Mine glued to the world So, learning to do with a lot or
at least a bit less of that might not be a bad idea or bad way to get you more interested again in the Spirit and all the
spiritual values and importance (2014:43)
Invest the time of your life in what Id consider more important than money: your children and family! (2014:47)
Quantities of money you receive somewhere arent necessarily My standards of, or for My will.
There might be the reason that its not My will for you.
After all, Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature (Mk.16:15) doesnt say or mean, Stay in or
travel to whatever country holds the most and largest amount of money for you, even if it may be more comfortable, and
may sound a lot more tempting. (2014:48)
Is less money to need to live of and be given a bad or negative sign? - Or a better?
Remember that in My Kingdom therell be no money necessary at all to survive! So, expensive countries to live in
couldnt possibly be the kind I was involved much in creating in their current shape Maybe time to look up what My
Word the Bible said about money (2nd Thess.6:10), in case you dont remember. (2014:49)
Sometimes it requires certain capacities folks ought to have to find out what strikes them as a better place to go for
believers whether money is more important for them in their lives, or other things, like human values that cause one to
make better and more eternal valuable goods of life.
The trouble with a lot of folks is that money is the most important thing for them, while for others its love, which has
been described as the very same force and existence of God.
So, the question is, what are you making more or most important in your life? - Love or money? Basically, it means, faith
in the force of God, or the material thing the devil cooked up to distract everyone and get them more involved in material
Do you think that getting material riches is as valuable from My point of view as spiritual riches? (2014:52)
Remember not to trust in money too much to save you out of trouble and make life easier! To protect you from some evil
and serious trouble youd better trust in Me and My protection more than what money can do for you, since the way its
System makes people behave is to have them practically worship it
Do you think its right to worship money, to obey it and operate your life according to it and ways of earning and getting
more of it? (2014:53)
Put your trust in Me! Dont put it so much on human aspects or financial ones, but try to and fight for making Me the
Factor you put the most faith and trust in, even if it seems as though money brings the greatest security for the temporal
situations (2014:54)
Where money rules pretty much everywhere and in everyones life, so does the enemy.
Hes taking over society with the money he made pour in there.
It should make you realize that you shouldnt let money rule your life!

How much can you trust those who act like and think that theyre wiser, smarter and more intelligent than the rest of the
world, mainly because theyve got greater material riches to use?
Are such material things truly a sign that theyre wiser in any spiritual ways? (2014:58)
The thing combining children of Heaven: Believing less in money, and more in Heaven, where none of it will be needed or
So, just to let it dawn on you how little money truly has to do with spiritual teachings, Heaven, and what Ive come for It
shouldnt be the goal of your life (2014:59)
Learning not to put money at the top of the list of what you want and need might be the basic criterion I ask of you in
order to make it truly My way. (2014:62)
Sometimes certain folks have to learn that there are more powerful forces and things around than money; and latest
when someones close to death theyll realize that money wont last forever and everywhere Life can be eternal; but
moneys not. (2014:68)
Its often considered an advantage to earn more money somehow and somewhere but is it? Always? For some folks it
has been a loss at times, too
Also, getting used to funds that can be raised easily from the support of a nation or state may not always strengthen the
life of faith that ought to make your faith stronger in other values than paper money, and cause your faith to be stronger
in Me, your Saviour, than the System, its countries and powers
Many folks from financially weaker countries respect and admire the financial strengths of others greatly, but for true
Christians it shouldnt really be something to base faith or a life on. The fact is that countries where smaller values are
necessary to purchase food are largely better than the more expensive ones; and for believers in God its easier there not
to put their faith in money.
The greater the size and value of money are made by faith through things it can buy, etc., the more power and influence it
has on those people, but it may also eventually turn out to have been largely exaggerated.
So, also remember that greed and love for money arent good things, and its better to have your life operated by spiritual
values and powers instead. Try to resist the desire for material enrichment and try to tune more to the spiritual values
than this rather physical feeling of greed! Remember Heaven and eternal life, the gifts of God, a bit more, instead of
making your earthly life revolve all around its financial values! (2014:74)
The material riches dont or wont mean as much to you as the spiritual I offer and give According to My teachings and
My Word, the spiritual values are much longer-lasting than the material ones. Now, that beliefs in spiritual values are by
faith, and not as visible and touchable as money, makes them rarer, and perhaps a little more difficult, too; but do you
believe in life after death, or dont you? If you believe in life after death, then its time for you to put some action into that
faith and reduce your faith and action from what you used to put in your life for the sake of money. (2014:76)
Even if youre not making it with great jobs or amounts of money, just consider that faith in love and faith in Me may be
better to get you through life somehow and in some way, even if the devil will try as hard as he can to dissuade you and
persuade you that money is the most important so that eventually he can get folks to take on his mark to replace
money and its power sort of to show whose power that power of money actually was all along
So, be wise not to let that stuff be the master and ruler all over your life and family, but rather let Love be it! Love is better
than money to live for, just as God is, since theyre both the same So, try to put love higher and make it more important
in your life than money! If you make love rule, its clearly more Gods way than letting money rule your life! (2014:87)
Im working on replacing the material importance with some of the spiritual, which one day youll be thankful that I did,
when youll recognize its superior importance and significance. (2014:91)
It wouldnt be bad if you wouldnt let money become the very big and important thing in your lives, and would realize that
there are other things that are worth more in a spiritual life.
To be thinking about money, money, money all the time ought not to be your spiritual directions, even if most humans
around you live for and think about money business (2014:92)
If everything worth looking at winds up costing more and more money, thats a way the devil makes the value of physical
and material things rise above that of the spiritual, at least according to worldly standards.
- Which means, let your faith in spiritual values grow above that of your momentary faith and importance you give to
money! (2014:100)
There comes a time for folks to realize that faith and spiritual values like it are more valuable than the physical riches like
money. Spiritual values stay forever. Physical ones dont.
So, dont overestimate them! Remember the spiritual things and try to consider them more worthy than the physical
riches, forces and advantages. (2014:111)
There is an end awaiting every life, and how wonderful youll feel at that point believe Me wont depend on the
amounts of money you were able to make!
So, try to think a bit about different things! (2014:126)

Getting older, life should result in the proper demonstration of the proper, correct values. Not the physical or
materialistic bonuses and additions, but the spiritual ones, the main value of which is love.
If love is the greatest, please treat it as such and make it such in your life. If love truly is God, then value it above the
materialistic things a lot of people dedicate most of their attention to! (2014:128)
There are lessons to learn in life, and what Im causing folks to do through having to take a break from raising money with
jobs, is to spend more time to do so, because, after all, its more important than earning money or gaining popularity.
Its not about the amount of money or fame you made, when you arrive Here. Its about humbler things.
If you make love a greater priority in your life than material success, youll show youve inherited the Spirit of your Father
of Love and Creator, Who loved you all so much that He gave Me, His only begotten Son down there to surrender and
sacrifice His life for you all. (2014:134)
Learn to appreciate the spiritual values more than the physical or material ones, because youre getting closer to that
spiritual point where youll actually live in the spirit, and things will turn out quite a bit different than theyve been in the
physical and material world (2014:136)
The places that look the most perfect in this imperfect world are usually the greatest temptation to have people think and
believe that the physical is the most perfect in the here and now, which to them means, the only one theyll ever be
interested in. The more money and luxury the better is the rule that makes folks bow down to places like that, which
offer the greatest material riches and thus, power (2014:140)
There are large parts of populations that arent doing so hot financially and yet, isnt it strange that many times you
notice that they seem happier?
Well, so much for making happiness depend on your income and financial luck! (2014:149)
Just keep trusting Me that Ill open the door and show you where to go when its time to go! Sometimes its good when
money isnt the most important thing or factor that manages your decisions about where youll stay. Sometimes its good
when other factors make you want to get out of the wrong kind of place, even when the money there tries to make you
want to stay there.
As much as money pretty much appears to rule the world, you should definitely be reluctant to let it rule you, too, if
youre followers of Mine! - Money may be the most important factor as far as the world is concerned, but thats why This
world is not my home is a pretty much fitting and proper line that true followers of Mine should be aware of. (2014:150)
Who are you serving? Me, or cash? Whos the master of your life? (2014:154)
What most people think they need: that money made of paper and coins thats pretty much the stuff most folks in the
world are the most active for
Does that seem like something I invented or inspired the invention of? Well, it wasnt as important to Me in My life as its
become to pretty much all other humans So, you might want to follow that example of Mine and simply refuse to
worship money or let it be first place in your life.
Try to stick to Me, instead of that! And remember, Judas was the one I allowed closest to Me with an obsession for that
stuff, and what it did to him So, the love for money is not comparable with the love for God and fellowmen, and it might
be something good to remember that. (2014:157)
The worldly, materialistic ways only offer gain in this life and this temporary world. But as you believe and know by faith,
theres more than that, and that makes life worth it for you!
Life youre living there on Earth is just temporal, and thus if theres something greater thereafter as Ive taught, and My
followers believe not everything you invest your energies in should be the money you can make and the fun you can
have, or whatever
Seek ye first the Kingdom and His righteousness, not your own pleasure or the riches of the world! Those things are
temporal and not there to last. (2014:164)
Try to keep or put those spiritual values in the first place for you, since theyre definitely ultimately more important
than financial or material gains! (2014:167)
Earning money is not the most important part of your life there is, believe it or not.
If money keeps being the most important thing in your life, then youre really failing Me with something, namely not
reaching others with My message and touching them, becoming part of their lives, which as a disciple of Mine you were
originally meant to do. (2014:176)
Its better to really trust in Us than putting or keeping your trust and confidence in money, which, as you know from the
prophecies about the Endtime with the Mark of the Beast, wont endure forever. (2014:184)
The receiving of money shouldnt be your major motivation for your actions.
When all that plays a role and matters to you is the money business, its like youre switching your masters.

Its not exactly in My favour when money becomes the most important factor to you in your existence. Its quite important
for you to remember that thats the other way, and what My Word says about it: The love of money is the root of all evil
(1.Tim.6:10). (2014:203)
If money isnt the most important thing for you, and other things are, lets say, thats a good sign, after what the Bible
says about the love of money being the root of all evil.
Faith and trust will turn out to be worth a lot more than the material wealth this world has to offer, in the long run and in
the end, when those material riches will simply disappear and fade away, as if they had been an illusion all along, while
spiritual riches and wealth will finally turn out to show and prove their superiority in their eternally lasting values and
strengths theyll yield. (2014:204)
Lets try to get you treating things and factors in your life the right way, and give honor where honors due. Stop yielding
it all to money, or your personal efforts to get it in! (2015:18)
Try to live your life a little bit less money-oriented, if you can.
Try not to make money the most important factor, which most people do these days but its not really a thing that any
true follower of Mine should. (2015:30)
Dragging you away from spending most of your time and energy on making money, and pulling you back, instead, into
the gear of making and getting more of what I can teach you and give you in values of spiritual riches and wealth, maybe
its not all that bad! (2015:35)
If God is Love, its definitely one of the things the enemy will fight and try to extinguish, and apart from coming up with a
few fake versions, he has definitely seen to it to install more important things and factors in earthly life, like money,
success, and physical, material well-being (2015:88)
Physical and material abundance and prosperity doesnt always coincide with spiritual and characteristic values, as you
can slowly start telling from experience.
Less materialistic prosperity seems like a stronger setup for spiritual and character values. In other words, folks who
spend less of their lives dedicating it to materialistic affluence simply might have more time to dedicate to spiritual and
deeper human values
One big factor thats influenced by materialism or poverty is the humility/pride issue. Less value given to money and
material riches seems to generally yield more humility, and thus, greater spiritual riches and values. So, it certainly
yields something to pay less credit to financial values, and more to personal and characteristic values instead.
It makes a characteristic difference not to put ones major emphasis on the size or amount of personal income.
To make it all dependent on the amount of income just doesnt work too much in favour of ones personality, in general.
With the biblical factor included that the enemy will ultimately replace cash by his own mark on humans, you can
somewhat see the connection. Making folks dependent on money will leave them ultimately dependent on his mark of the
Beast, which will show the spiritual connection between the two, and how the overall plan was, in general, to make folks
dependent on him, instead of trusting in the Father and their Creator, faith in Whom theyre trying hard to extinguish by
modern education, which becomes providence for their systematic source of income (2015:89)
Its good to put greater trust in Us than in the value of money! Its important to learn that We are more important than that
paper stuff soon to be replaced by marks of the Beast, which will announce My Return, and thus, the end of the hard
times to go through.
Its sort of a tough task, having faith largely in the opposite of whats visible and happening all around you, which the
enemy, of course, does, in order to extinguish peoples faith in Me, the Father, and any deeper sense and meaning in life
than his temporal and materialistic goals hes set up for mankind (2015:95)
There are some things that money just cannot do, and youre desperately dependent on help from Above for!
Just remember that you need Us more than money! Therell be a time when money wont be around anymore, but will be
replaced by the mark of the Beast which sort of shows just where the whole spirit behind money comes from, in the
first place.
Money isnt capable of protecting you from all evil.
So, dont let it be the no.1 of importance in your life!
Try to shift that degree of importance from paper cash Up to Me, the Father, and all your heavenly Help, which ultimately
will play a much larger and more significant role in your life when that paper stuff will ultimately lose its value! (2015:110)
Being content with what Weve got to offer is one of those lessons of life, instead of being greedy and always wanting
more and more of things, or fun, or whatever one can buy So, materialism vs. spiritual riches is another big lesson to
learn, and another big choice to make for humans. Some are happy and content with less, and just enough to live and
make it through life, others constantly greedy for more. Well, you can guess which one would be the better choice or
option, according to Us. (2015:116)
Dont rely too much on the physical and financial parts of it all! Its time to get into a greater spiritual wave of things for
you, and dont let your life be geared too much by the material parts and from those aspects. (2015:122)

Even though youre weakened, with no income of your own through any jobs consider the fact that this might bring you
closer to the way I want things to be for My followers, than the opposite, where folks are strong in their own flesh and
investing it all into their efforts in earning money (2015:138)
Living in a country where theres a bit less of that materialism all around, is certainly a bonus and advantage.
Making other things more important than material possessions well, you can tell from the way I lived, that thats
definitely more of My cup of tea, and something that will make more of a true follower of Mine out of you than that whole
bunch of materialistic Christians that are helping the enemy to turn the world against Me.
Setting your goals higher above that materialism and greed is definitely a plus, and an advantage, according to My point
of view, and sets you apart from the materialistic masses that wont have a very bright future ahead of them! (2015:150)
See the advantage of the poor above the state of the rich, wealthy, and more materialistic folks and their offspring!
See, I wasnt a wealthy noble-man during My earthly life, but stuck to a pretty simple standard. If thats what I chose
well, it should give you a hint whats the wiser thing to do. Not gear your life after the possessions of material things, but
as much as you can, according to spiritual, and thus, much more lasting values! (2015:153)
Dont let the financial income play the leading role in your life! Be content with less, because therell be a lot less
available in the future, and the sooner you get used to it and prepared for it, the better!
Itll be one of the toughest times for those whove been used to material surplus, to make it through times with a lot less
again. (2015:156)
Not putting your goals on materialistic advantages will definitely bring you closer to true joy the advantage of putting
spirit above the flesh!
Just as flesh isnt above spirit, so being materially richer and blessed isnt above or anywhere near true happiness!
Welcome to the true goal of life! Not the materialistic and financial advantages, but the blessings of the Spirit!
Remember, My material setup on Earth wasnt that of a rich or wealthy man!
While most people consider materialism to have more pleasure in life to offer, consider your turning your lives in another
direction a great witness and testimony! Especially in light of the fact that the existence of paper money will soon reach
its end to be replaced by the enemys ultimate system of control through his mark of the beast.
Taking a distance from current materialism is a first step away from accepting the devils ultimate mark of the beast
system that will bring an end to his running of the world, and a start to its new beginning! (2015:160)
Material things arent necessarily confirmations of Our will for you, but it could rather be the opposite. Places where
material things play the main role in just about everybodys life there, are definitely not the receptive ones for spiritual
messages, but theyve rather been brainwashed quite successfully by the enemys indoctrinations and efforts to make
materialists out of just about the entire population of that place, and even though just about the entire world is affected by
that addiction to things, its not manifested in the same grave aspect everywhere, and in other places, family values, for
example, are still considered higher and treasured and valued more. (2015:164)
Become more heavenly-minded, more conscious of the Place youre going and headed! While other folks goal may be
fame, fortune and material success, if that Ones yours, Where the Creator of the whole universe and His Family are
staying, along with a host of angels, and all those who chose to seek Us during their earthly lives well, for any of those
seeking something else than material and temporal wealth or fame, youve got It!
So, definitely an advantage to stay geared towards and focused on It, rather than any temporal and material assets
offering themselves to you down there in order to drag your attention away from Me, your Creator, and the everlasting
Sphere, which also starts making it clear whose side those temptations and distractions could only come from (2015:169)
Its good that youre not hooked into the materialism that most other folks are! And living in a country where theres a bit
less of that materialism all around, is certainly a bonus and advantage.
Making other things more important than material possessions well, you can tell from the way I lived, that thats
definitely more of My cup of tea, and something that will make more of a true follower of Mine out of you than that whole
bunch of materialistic Christians that are helping the enemy to turn the world against Me.
Seeing it as a curse to be living in a country completely ruled by materialism is a sign that youre more on My channel
than a lot of the supposed followers of Mine for whom income and money play a much larger role.
So, dont feel too bad and disastrous about being in a country the materialism of which makes you feel bad! Remember
what kind of a Guy I was during My lifetime on earth, and recognize that as a sign that Im definitely not against your
wanting to get out of a place thats ruled as much by materialism and money as Sodom and Gomorrah were by
Setting your goals higher above that materialism and greed is definitely a plus, and an advantage, according to My point
of view, and sets you apart from the materialistic masses that wont have a very bright future ahead of them!
It might be another reason why Im choosing you to talk to, even if youre anything but perfect in other aspects! At least
youre not trapped in the main course of the greed of the world! (2015:185)
If you remember Me I certainly didnt carry a bag, much less a suitcase full of possessions around. So how much do
we have in common, regarding materialism? (2015:197)
Youve just got to trust Me more for your future than the money you managed to save up (2015:217)

Remember what I told you about not making money such an important factor of your life! (2015:234)
As busy as the material issues are keeping folks, its necessary to learn whats more important.
Putting Me first is an action for special folks and people, who are not that soaked up by the materialistic gear the enemy
has pretty much gotten the world into
Money has pretty much taken over the most important spot in most folks lives, and not falling into that trap has become
quite exceptional. So, it takes quite some effort to become such an exception.
You can tell that even kids have become quite more materialistic; with all the toys the System has started producing. So,
not that easy to stay all spiritually-minded these days, is it?
Thats why it might be good to keep in mind whos behind all this, getting folks from their childhood on onto that
materialistic level.
Its become a lot tougher to stay on a spiritual level, unless, of course, you begin to realize that all that the material has to
offer doesnt really fulfill and satisfy you interiorly.
Material things may bring some sort of fulfillment to those who dont expect anything beyond that materialism, but lets
say that the fact it doesnt work with some, shows that they dont really belong into that world, but are largely My sheep.

What has become more important to the vast majority of folks than good vs. evil is the issue rich or poor, and their
desires and motivations have been plugged to materialism and the drive to heighten their standards trough possessions
and wealth well, the way its been for more of the exceptional, wealthy kind for thousands of years, but now slips onto
the vast majority, and even keeps being a lesson for someone like you, who slowly ought to learn better about what sort
of values to give the first place in life.
Its not the material values that ought to lead, guide and motivate you, according to My teachings.
See, lifes a bunch of lessons that sometimes take some time to learn.
Let the Spirit rule, and the material desires decrease! (2016:26)
The more the folks of a place are money-oriented, the worse. (2016:39)
Through spoiling mankind, the enemy will have a lot easier time taking over the world through the AC, having gotten just
about everyone so dependent on the material goods
The enemy did it so in order to get folks more used to and dependent on his materialist realm.
Love is more important than money or material goods. (2016:45)
If I wasnt someone with pockets stuffed with money and the one of My disciples who was in charge of it turned out to
be My traitor, that should give you a little glimpse of My attitude towards money and worldly riches! With a hint whose
influence and power that stuff does come from.
So, being tabbed to it, and letting it run your life is definitely not a good sign for true disciples of Mine. (2016:78)
Other things are definitely more important to Me than income! And it should be to My true servants, too. (2016:85)