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Spirit World

(Spiritual Realm)
What counts Here is your spirit, and what seems weak in the flesh is might in the spirit. (I:5)
Angels have been working overtime to get you where you are, innumerable battles had to be won, and the enemy has
fought long and hard and furious. Youve finally gained enough experience to recognize his traps. (I:10)
The more you seek in the Spirit, the more youll find. The more you let go of this world, the more you will cherish My
World, the World of everlasting ecstasies, instead of fleeting pleasures. (I:40)
Other worlds,... other dimensions..., other realities..., they all have the same core, the same Creator, and the essence is
the same everywhere and in all of these: love, light and life, they are one, and they are to be desired. (I:52)
In the Spirit, things move slowly and majestically. Not as quickly and hectic as you do in your world. The difference is
almost like the way you view ants: They move speedily and they always have got to do something to ensure their
provision and survival. But Here everyone knows that all the fretting, worrying and haste in the universe wont add one
iota to your stature. It is a commonly known law of the nature of My Spirit World that all things are by Him and from Him
and to Him, so, all you might as well really do is let go and trust Him! (I:54)
Thy Kingdom come, on Earth, as it is in Heaven means the marriage of the physical and the spiritual realm. The veil shall
be rent! And soon everything that was hidden shall be revealed. Everything will be open! Now you see through a glass
Then you shall see as I see. (I:60)
The more you move into the Realm of My Spirit and dwell in My Word, the more you will see things the way they are seen
from Our side. All is vanity thats going on around you. So few seek to strengthen the things that remain. But all you do in
love will be like a little seed of eternity.
Sow the seeds of eternal life. Save their spirits from starvation. Go where My Spirit leads you, to the lowly in heart. (I:134)
Start learning to see things in the Spirit!
I can show you things of the Spirit that will encourage you and will give you new strength to carry on. (I:142)
You think the Spirit Realm has little to offer to the physical? The physical realm is only a product of the Spiritual.
Everything you see, feel, touch, is a creation of the Spirit. God is a Spirit, and just because spirit to you means
invisible, you mentally restrict and minimize Our potential to near impotent, instead of what it really is: omnipotent!

Soon I'm going to show the world Who's the Boss, not only in the invisible, spiritual Realm, but also in the physical. As I
have shown you, the one came forth out of the other, and the servant is not above the Master. (I:437)
Find out how much more there is to discover in the Spirit World, by making the Spirit World a greater part of your lives!
It's much more real than you think! (I:471)
I need you to focus more on the spirit world, in order to ensure your future survival and greater fruitfulness for Me.
So, consider it a compliment and a token of My Love for you when things are going rough in the physical, because that
means I'm drawing you closer to Me and into My spiritual Realm! (I:476)
In the world, everybody just basically seeks their own glory, and to glorify themselves, to pride themselves in their
accomplishments and pat themselves on the back, or proving their worth and showing off with the status they have
achieved to reach by themselves, through their own hands or by means of fleshly heritage in the things they acquire,
their material possessions, their wealth, their cars, houses and other status symbols. Whereas the status symbols of the
Spirit World are the exact opposite: "The less there is of you, the more the light shines through" is the slogan in the spirit,
and the less you exalt yourself and seek your own glory, and the more you seek to glorify God, and just fill the need by
whatever humble and invisible action, that is what makes you shine with greater brilliance and glory. (I:481)
I have called you to explore the Realms of the Spirit. (I:522)
The connection between you and My Spirit World can only be established by faith. (II:80)
You can experience some of the benefits of the spirit world and of the world to come already now, if you're really
interested enough! There's nothing, no secret, no mystery I will withhold from you, if you're interested enough. (II:112)
I use those times when you are alone to draw you much closer to Me than I ever could while you're distracted by others.
There is just no other way for Me to train you in perceiving the realities of the Spirit World.
You can find the perfect company you seek right Here, in the Spirit World!

Believe that the Spirit World is just as real, and even more so than the physical, because the physical is temporal, but the
Spirit Realm is eternal, indestructible, incorruptible!
What you're seeking you won't find in your own realm, but only Here, in My Spirit Realm! (II:165)
There are a lot of things going on in your life that you're not aware of, mistakes that you're making you're not aware of,
forces affecting your life, etc. So it pays to tune in to the Spirit World to find out what they are, because I and your spirit
helpers are aware of them and can reveal them to you, if you're only interested enough and care enough to find out and
listen. (II:181)
I'm asking you to aim for My Realm! My Realm is the invisible horizon I want you to shoot for, and the only Place where
you're really going to find your dream and its fulfillment. My Realm is the "Real Thing." (II:192)
I like efforts to integrate the Spirit World more into personal reality. (II:301)
Impart to others your interest in the Spirit World, your faith in it, that it's real, even more real than your own world, and
that it's important to get in touch with it, and you will certainly benefit from it! (II:327)
Don't rob others of their opportunities to feel needed! Let others shine! They must increase, but you must decrease. Don't
be afraid of fading out. The fading out will only be the true fading in. You fade out of the view of their realm, but fade into
Mine, into My true Light of being a true accomplisher of the Spirit. (II:328)
Its a matter of recognizing that its the invisible Realm that counts most of all, and then choosing forces, determining
which one youll allow to rule your day. The enemys forces will try to get you to allow your physical circumstances to
drag you down. My Forces will lift you up way above all that muck and mire instead. The choice is yours every day.

I am the Door to the Other World. Others of what the world refers to as its great minds and philosophers, or perhaps even
holy men, have been windows. Some of these windows have given a clear view of the other, greater Realm, others were
tainted, and gave glimpses that were partly distorted.
In whichever case, they grant glimpses and views, but I am the Door through which you can actually enter, not just catch
a view.
Of course, there is another door to the spirit world, which is the enemy. But you might say hes the back door, or rather,
the cellar door that leads in the wrong direction, and the lower, undesirable parts of the spirit world. He also has his
windows, people magicians, wizards and witches, etc., who give people glimpses of his realm, but compared to Mine,
his is only a prison. (2011:95)
Its not like youre instantly going to be all-knowing once youre whisked into the Spirit Realm, but what youre learning all
your life is like a seed that is sown, corruptible as it is, to blossom into something greater, awesome and wonderful once
you reach your celestial destination. (2011:128)
The Kingdom of God is among you means just that: a higher Dimension to find right within yours a different
wavelength, realm and paradigm to assume. (2011:140)
Youve got to make up your mind about how much you really believe in that other, greater Dimension beyond the things
you perceive with your physical senses and decide what priority it should take in your life, and how much its worth to
you every day to actively be a part of it. (2012:22)
You ask, If this is a battle, where are my comrades? Why does it seem Im alone here on this bloody battle field? Why
does it seem like a one-man battle?
Thats where My advice comes in about focusing on the other crowd, the spiritual one, remembering youre never alone,
regardless of what things may seem like. (2012:26)
Dont make the outside world your priority and the factor that gets most of the attention, but stay in tune with your inside
world, the realm and scope of your faith, your connection with Me and the Spirit World.
Even though people would suppose that since the Spirit World isnt part of their world, it must be some sort of outside
world or world outside theirs, the truth is that it can only be reached through your inner world, your own spirit.
Inviting Me into your heart is what establishes that connection, and while many people never learn to use it, either
because they have no desire or no faith to do so, from that moment on, thats where I and all the help available to you
from the Spirit World can be found: right inside your own heart, due to My Presence there.
Your breakthroughs in the outside world are determined by your breakthroughs in the inside World first: they depend on
your prayers, your desperation, and the strength and intensity with which you seek Me and My aid. (2012:34)
Spend more time over Here, send your mind over to the Spirit World more often, and let it rest Here and bask in the true
Sunshine! (2012:35)
Youve got to remember that your Home-frequency is not the one of this world, and youve got to strive to find It and stay

on It once you do. Its got to become more important to you than anything you perceive with your five physical senses.

Truth is, youre not alone. In fact, youre not as lonely as a lot of these socializing junkies are who constantly need to have
people around them to fill the void.
Youve got greater and better company than many of them will ever get to enjoy in this life. Youve just got to learn to avail
yourself of it fully and get over the fact that its a relationship enjoyed by faith, and over what youd consider Our
handicap of invisibility.
The truth is, that its not Our handicap, but basically yours in the inability to see Us. But its good training in getting ready
for what for you at present is the Invisible World, which is waiting for each one of you. (2012:66)
Forget about the whole numbers thing! Ive got something bigger and better going on Here than numbers. Theres a
dimension waiting for you in which something so much greater and far beyond numbers is going on, it makes
trigonometry look like UNO in comparison. (2012:98)
The vast differences between My Realm and the physical: As much as there is to know and learn about the physical
world, that knowledge is finite, and will come to an end; whereas all there is to know about Me and My Realm, the Spirit
World, is endless infinite.
My Realm appeals to those who perceive, live and learn with more than just their carnal minds, those who have their
spirits activated and know intuitively that their existence goes beyond the finite. (2012:128)
People who think that the spiritual and the Spirit World are boring, have got the biggest surprise ever coming!
Much of the magic and secrets of the Spirit World are discovered in life by paying attention to the details and to what is
being said and written between the lines, hearing the unspoken words and whats really being said. Its the message that
is deciphered by those who are interested enough in whats going all around them to ask the question, What does the
Creator mean by this? And trust Me, theres always a meaning. The deeper meaning of everything is that there is a
deeper meaning in just about everything! (2013:97)
Focus more on spiritual things and the Spirit World, which is where eventually youre going to wind up!
Turn to Me and My ways more often, and ideally, as permanently as possible, since youre coming closer to the Spirit
World as time goes by, and you should prepare for it as much as you can!
The belief in the spiritual realm descends as your faith in the physical rises; and you ought to know what Ive been
emphasizing, and faith in Me should lead you to be put first place! (2014:2)
Many people put too much emphasis and importance on the physical things, largely, many times ignoring the spiritual
world and final shape theyll turn into Its a pity when all that has been learned that was important has been forgotten
(or not learned at all), and might have to be learned and taught to them again (2014:9)
The older and closer you get to the end of the physical life, the more you should be prepared for the spiritual coming
afterwards, and thus the importance of the spiritual world. (2014:37)
Things not appealing to you from the world youre living in, should show that youre starting to appreciate the Spirit
World and Eternal Life more than this faith in whats to come, than entirely subjected to the temporal, which is bound to
end on individual levels at least (2014:38)
Breaking with the normal way things are going in this world is the only way to strengthen spiritual connections with the
Spiritual Creator and thus major factor of life, along with a whole dimension full of spiritual beings and helpers that would
like to help you catch a part of their reality realm more important than what the physical and visible world offers.
Remember, God is a Spirit, and so is His World and Dimension, all of which are and remain quite major, greater and
grander than what all this world has to offer
So, try to get a bit more grasp and hold of Our Spirit World, and you wont be disappointed finding out in the end that
theres something far greater than what the physical dimension has to offer
Try to get ahold of Us, Our Spirit and greater Being inside this World of the Spirit a greater and more wonderful and
better Reality!
Pay attention to the truly lasting Dimension thats out of this temporary world youre in right now. Get ahold of the lasting
Reality youll wind up in eventually: the Spirit World and more lasting dimension than the temporary one (2014:41)
Let the Spirit World do more things for you than the strengthening of your soul and spirit alone that listening to and
absorbing words and informations will do!
If you just expect words to be given you from the Spirit World, its not what most Spirit Helpers here are expecting to do,
which is perform and create miracles for those who really have the faith to expect them, and thats something you really
should realize you ought to rather do! (2014:51)
There are certain things won souls may have to do to correct their errors when they arrive Here, in the Spirit World
Dont forget that youre supposed to learn important lessons in life, so that you wont have to learn them in the spirit
world instead! Remember to learn to love and to listen (2014:84)

Entry into the Spirit World is not really something lots of folks are aware of in their materialistic scenario during their
earthly life, during which everything aims at pleasing the materialistic scene, and the spiritual aspects are largely being
Well, once youve experienced how quickly it could all be over, its slightly another scenario, and you might as well
change your attitude and get a bit more into that gear you reckon youll be in, in the future
Try to remember the Spirit World, as I told you! Look at it as your future. Try to get fit and ready for it! (2014:89)
The other dimension, the Spirit World is Something it pays to prepare for, and get ready in a positive way for the time
when youll die physically, but live on forever, spiritually. (2014:91)
Get ready for the Spirit World! Get ready for the after-life, for this temporary one isnt going to last forever!
You should prepare for the Spirit World to come. (2014:102)
The spiritual guys behind the scene are the higher ones, even though they can only be perceived by faith. Its another
value of faith: to esteem and rate the spiritual world higher than ones own physical and temporal things.
Giving the Spirit World greater significance and value than folks do when theyre fully occupied by the things the world
keeps them busy with, is trust Me wiser and a greater blessing than just going through life normally, which means
materially oriented, the way most people do (2014:111)
Why not call for more help from Me and spirit helpers? More positive, heavenly voices from the Spirit World?
In order to get more faith in the Spirit World and the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to fill your mind and heart with its
input too! Feed your faith and let it work for you accordingly! (2014:121)
Some of the things Ive had to allow the Enemy to do to folks may have seemed very crucial and hard to them, but in the
end, judging by the lessons they learned through them, they became much more profound latest in the spirit world, and it
made them a lot more grateful for Heaven and all the spiritual afterlife had to offer. (2014:125)
The closer you come to the transition to the Spirit World, the better to get into the Spirit, instead of leaning on the flesh,
and its part of the transition to the other world and eternal life, not so much the one thats timely limited. Trust Me that
youll be better off allowing Me to do it, and not try to handle everything yourself anymore! (2014:130)
Some things quite a lot, actually can and will be better done by Me, and all the Fathers operators Here in the Spirit
World, where your existence will be a whole lot better than the temporal one where you are right now, and so its not a
bad thing to actually prepare for it a bit more, and not just concentrate and focus on this world right now and what can be
accomplished in it, concerned about getting others hooked on the vision for the Hereafter as well. (2014:132)
If God is a Spirit, as you learned, and the main world and dimension is the Spirit World, it pays to believe and put more
faith in it, dont you think?
If the temporal discourages you and weakens you, just keep your faith in Me and the Hereafter the Spirit World!

Sometimes, when youre in a physical gear for a certain length of time, youre so used to it, that its hard to get out of it
and concentrate on a more spiritual one, which is what you really should do when you get closer to the Spirit World, like
when you get old enough to prepare for it, or changes are coming to the world that will draw everyone closer to the end of
this physical one, or at least their existence. (2014:138)
The humbler attitude will finally appear as the nobler one, and obviously so, because the standards in the Hereafter, in the
spiritual dimension are simply but roughly different. (2014:139)
Try to get in tune more with the Spirit World! With Me, and some of the spirit helpers and angels good spirits, as
opposed to the ones quite a few around you on Earth are obsessed and partly ruled by who are about to take over the
Earth for a time of Tribulation, as you know from My Word. (2014:140)
Staying in touch with Me after a crisis youve been through physically and mentally, should show and teach you some
things, but it also shows how real and important your faith is and has been.
Since the value of this time on Earth went down for you a lot, its becoming more important for you to pay more attention
to the Spirit World and life coming after this one - Yielding more to the Spirit. (2014:142)
I admit that its a complicated School of Life! Not too simple Some things will be revealed to you once you arrive in
the Spirit World (2014:145)
When you can trust fully in Me maybe because your circumstances have forced you to put that trust in Me more than
yourself and your own capabilities lets say, youre a larger bit closer to the way folks eventually wind up in Heaven,
where the flesh once trusted in has gone absent, and all in all, the Spirit Worlds way is working differently in and through
you Lets say, more the eternal way than the temporal. (2014:147)

If youre ready for whats expecting you Here, in the Spirit World, things are going to go a lot easier for you than when you
feel like you need to worry about all the little details that plague you there in the present place you are. (2014:167)
To prepare you for the Spirit World in general couldnt be wrong. So, why resist it, if thats the case? Why not just yield to
it and get ready for whats to come, which believe Me is going to turn out a lot better than the there and now for you?
It may seem strange a bit to you, still, and so different; but that doesnt mean its not going to be any better. Its less to be
scared of than all that can happen in the physical world.
The more prepared you are for the Spirit World, the less addicted to weaknesses of the physical youll wind up.
You realize what silly behaviors those physical people have adopted and taken on, and how much more appreciative, you
reckon, is most of it in the Spirit World at least in the good and positive side of it, the Kingdom of Heaven. (2014:168)
Right now it may be difficult for you to relate to the other side, the one that isnt dependent on time and physics but
once you get Here youll recognize how much more valuable and precious the other, spiritual dimension is, compared to
the physical. (2014:205)
Thats where youre headed, ultimately: the Spirit World a different, and trust Me: more glorious dimension, and a much
more lasting one. (2015:37)
If the heavenly Spirit World becomes more important to you than the physical and temporal, thats a good sign and shows
youre preparing a bit for whats to come, and arent just focusing on the here and now, but are staying a bit more attuned
to the There and Then, where youll wind up eventually.
Recognize the enemys tactic to keep folks tied up into whats going on in this world, and not pay that much attention to
Me and the Spirit World, and whats coming up ahead. (2015:43)
As long as youve got Me and the good side of the Spirit World on your side and in touch with you, you can feel that its
not becoming all that scary thats coming ahead of you in the course of the world, and to lean on Me is really pretty much
the best thing you can do.
So, make an effort right now to learn to get and stay as close to Me and the heavenly Spirit World as you can! (2015:45)
If theres a Creator at work, then you must realize there must also be a better space and dimension and World to live, than
all that your temporal and physical world can come up with right now dont you think?
And becoming heavenly-minded is definitely a better mental and spiritual state Looking Up ahead, instead of just rolled
into the physical surroundings, which arent everlasting.
Prepare for whats coming! Especially the final, greater Up Ahead! The eternal Home not limited to temporal existence.

All in all, youre seeing and beginning to realize the positive points and advantages of what youve had to go through.
Part of it, of course, is also your recognition of the state of the world: that its not really so recommendable to try to make
your success in it.
Its so temporal, and thus means, bound to go under, which is completely different from the eternal nature of the spiritual
Realm - My Realm, in which youll wind up eventually, and where youre headed. (2015:84)
Getting into the channel of the Spirit, is getting into the Fathers Channel, the Channel of God, since Hes a Spirit; and
anyone believing in His superiority above all those beings made of flesh will someday see they chose to believe in the
proper wisdom, and will be rewarded accordingly. In the Spirit World, which is also far superior above the material world
where the flesh presently rules (2015:102)
Cant see Me? Well, believe in Me, anyway! And the same applies to Heaven, your future Home, the Father, Mother Holy
Spirit, and all the saints and angels around Well, of course, theres also the dark side of the spirit world taking over
your entire planet soon, but you also know the end of that event, and that Well take it over again, after a relatively short
although awful time. (2015:103)
I know its a bit of a rough task, having to remain victorious against a large, physical majority. But keep in mind that
spiritually, and thus, lastingly and eternally, the Majority is over Here, on Our side, not theirs! After all, the enemy
thankfully only managed to take off with a third of the angels who became his supporters. And not all the humans arriving
in the spirit world are that fond of him
While due to the choices of the majority of folks down there (and his deception of them), his power and might seems
superior, remember that Up Here, in the ultimate region of the Spirit World, its not, and never will be. (2015:104)
Most people dont believe in the existence of God, the devil, and all thats accompanying them in the spirit world And
thats what makes you so different, not really fitting into their superficial, materialistic version and perception of the
Being called out of the world, and not being part of it applies to those who perceive that the major part of whats going on
comes from the spirit world. - With the big change about it coming through the fact that the enemy and his crowd will
soon burst into the physical part for the time of the Great Tribulation leaving the Spirit World pretty much completely

over to Us for that time, and having you and others of Our folks to cope with evil from the physical realm. (2015:121)
Get the enemy out by getting the host of Heaven in through prayer! (2015:125)
Even though it may seem to you that things youve been given are getting lost, anything that has the values from Above
wont perish, but last forever. (2015:129)
Thats where youre heading: the World of the Spirit; and the sooner you get more onto Its wavelength and what It has to
offer, the better! (2015:144)
Im here to help you make it through with all Our angels and saints, so just use and depend on that help! (2015:150)
Dont feel too drawn toward the Spirit World when theres still some jobs for you to do down there, including children to
raise, being a decent husband, and in general, a helper to those around you, since otherwise, if it would just be a
permanent longing for Here, where youll wind up happier, it would be a bit selfish, wouldnt it? (2015:177)
Folks who dont believe in Us dont believe in spirits, and the other dimension where spirits dwell a higher one than the
physical one, which is why We can see you, but you cant see Us And it would be so much easier to have faith in
something thats visible, right? But, wait: visible things and creatures dont require faith to accept their existence and
pretty much everyone would know Whos the Boss (2015:182)
Thats how faith works: not believing in the visible strengths, but accepting the physically invisible Realm as the mightier
one than what the enemy can cook up down there. (2015:185)
Growing or turning older draws you closer to the Spirit World, or the eternal Here & Now!
No more loss of whatever you gain! No more fading away of whatever you started or have begun Here In other words:
no more missing anyone or anything you get close to Up Here!
Its definitely more positive things to prepare for and look forward to Up Here, after that temporal life down there, and its
definitely something to focus on and make you appreciate the change thats coming. (2015:191)
Remember some of the testimonies of folks making it to Heaven either through prayers for them while they were already
in the spirit world, or their decision to choose Me when they entered it! (2015:250)
Some things youll just have to learn to do without in the Spirit World, like flesh and blood. (2016:31)
Believe in that theres something more to see beyond the plainly physically sight, and something much better and more
beautiful! Theres something about Our Nature that supersedes what humans in their current state on Earth come up with.
Something folks might relate to or define as supernatural, and its not just in aspects of power and strength Im talking
about, but also much superior beauty than what in most places around you down there you can see and perceive with
your physical senses
So, dont rely on them too much, but remember that folks came up with something beyond or even above the physical
senses! There are greater things and ways to see, hear, smell, taste and feel in the spiritual Realm, and if you want to
catch a glimpse of that, just get more geared to the spirit!
If the Fathers a Spirit the Creator of all doesnt it indicate that theres more to expect from the spiritual side than what
the physical world has to offer? So, even though to you that Realm right now isnt visible, dont let It strike you as
something minor compared to the physical world, even if thats all you can see with your eyes right now! There are
greater things to see beyond the physically visible!
Just because you cant perceive much of the spiritual world with your still physical senses and perception right now,
does that mean it makes the Spirit less valuable? (2016:34)
Get used to the way things work in the Spirit World, where youre heading! Dont consider it a loss or disadvantage to get
closer to the point where youll have to wave that temporal scene good-bye! (2016:61)