Time vs.

Redeem the time, for the days are evil! (I:14)
Every moment you spend with Me, is time invested wisely. (I:16)
Time spent with Me equals time saved, not wasted. For I will prevent you from wasting it on things the Enemy would get
you involved in, in his permanent effort to lessen your effectiveness. (I:35)
Don’t think of the eternal Realm as a lesser realm! (I:124)
The time is now to really determine whether you will set your affections on things above or things that are seen: the
eternal or the temporal; the Real Thing or the cheap imitation and easy way out, Me or the devil's substitute. (I:410)
Forsake the eyes of doubt, of criticism and of seeing the so-called "realistic" side or view of things, which is only the
temporal view of things, really, which will cease, along with all that is temporal, and look on that which is eternal! See
things in the Spirit! (I:495)
Time to stretch your muscles of faith and trust in Me for the future! (II:39)
We're trying to strengthen the things that remain, and that is faith, trust and reliance on the Eternal, not on man, or
anything else that is temporal. (II:60)
You only see things from your linear point in time, but I see the full scope of eternity, that which was, long before you
were born, and that which will be long after this life, and the more you will "hang with Me," you will learn to see things
from that eternal angle, too, it will rub off on you, you will see, and you will also behold with the eyes of faith, the faith
which overcometh the world (1.John 5:4). (II:138)
Forever is the only reality that counts, as far as I and all My true visionaries of all times were ever concerned. Forget
about the temporal! What good is it? What short-sightedness!
If you invest each of those tiny little fragile moments, those tiny drops of time, in the vast ocean of forever, they won't
merely evaporate into thin air, as the works of unbelievers undoubtedly will, but you're going to make eternal
contributions to the one that lasts.
Whatever decisions you have to make, measure them by the standards of forever! What weight does it have in the cause
of forever? Is that thing you do and are planning to do merely something which contributes to the fleeting, temporary
subjects of time, or will it be something worth an entry in the annals of forever? (II:170)
Time is the touchstone of testing, the moor stone to show who it is that really has My Spirit and who really has what it
takes, the strength and perseverance, the determination not to give up, plus, no desire to turn back to Babylon or Egypt,
because there is no Egypt for them to turn back to. (II:239)
How much better off people actually are when the abundance is taken away from them, when they lose those things
which kept them too busy for Me, because in losing that which is temporal, they often find Me, the Eternal. (II:252)
How much do you value the eternal things above the temporal? (II:306)
You might as well quit wasting your time and invest it where it really matters!
The only gift and sacrifice I require in return in this day and age is your time. No more lambs for the altar, no more blood
sacrifices, just an open, yielded heart, and a little bit of your time, that’s all.
Of course, that’s exactly what the devil is trying to prevent, which is the reason why he’s trying so frantically to keep
everyone so busy they’ll think twice before they’ll ever invest any of their scarce spare time in prayer or any other form of
communication with Me.
It has always been like that; it’s only gotten worse. That’s why I said it’s impossible to serve God and Mammon. There’ll
never be enough time for both!
Serving Me takes time, and so does living for money; so you’ve got to make up your mind.
The point is, don’t get too entangled in your job, so that you won’t neglect your time with Me!
Give each day to Me, dedicate it to Me and let Me be there and present for you, and even if you should drift away from Me
for a little while in your thoughts, come back to Me! (2011:50)
Often your lack of faith in My better future is only due to a lack of faith in what My power could do for you right now, and
your failure to avail yourself of the power via prayer!
If you don’t avail yourself of My Power in the present, it’s no wonder that your faith might shrink in what My Power can do
for the world in the future…
Likewise you’ll only get others to believe in what I have said and promised about the future, if they’ll see you avail
yourself of My Power, and see that Power alive and active in you in the here and now. (2011:52)

I determine in the long run what’s truly valid. It’s the eternal standards that measure true value, not the temporary ones.
Your greatest treasure you’ll never have to lose. It’s supposed to bring out the superiority of the true values, the ones you
cannot lose over those that are only temporal. Cling to the Eternal! Find there a treasure much greater than any and all
things you might have to let go in this life, and count them not loss, but gains in that they bring you closer to Me! (2011:113)
What would you need Me for, if you could foresee your future?
Having to take it all one day at a time reminds you of the differences between us, and of the fact that you’re relatively
clueless compared to the insight I can give you on topics that concern you, such as your life, My plan for it, and what
you’re supposed to do, etc. (2011:126)
There are good times and bad times. The problem is that when you hit the bad times you feel as if they’re here to stay.
They become all-encompassing to you, all you see at that moment, which shows that you haven’t acquired a lot of
situation-handling skills yet; your faith and the positiveness you’re supposed to show in spite of the circumstances just
run out on you during these times. (2011:135)
Most of your dreams, hopes and wishes won’t be coming to pass in this life, but if you embrace them as part of your
future rewards, it will help you to define more clearly your goals to walk forward towards.
At least you’ll know what you want, desire and what you’re not only looking forward to, but also walking toward, as if your
future were part of who and what you can already be, which is actually a quite tangible reality. Your faith in the better
future that awaits you can determine who you are and will be in this life. (2011:148)
Sometimes you may feel like I’m wasting your precious time by what I’m putting you through, especially when you would
much rather enjoy yourself and be spending that time on your idea of worthwhile investments, but that again is where you
must trust Me and My judgment of what effectively is a waste of time, and what is not. (2012:14)
The difference between everything and nothing: a life of heavenly purpose and enjoying My fullness and blessings, or a
mere existence without purpose, in darkness and emptiness, compared to what it could and should be, and certainly
according to spiritual and eternal criteria.
In fact, it makes the difference between time and eternity as far as you're concerned. (2012:15)
Many times it will seem doubtful whether any of what you’re going through could possibly be worth it when you could
imagine so much more pleasurable ways of spending your time. But if you treat the good and the bad times the same –
success and failure – you’ll eventually reap rewards that will far surpass any of the temporal gratification obtained via the
conventional methods. (2012:19)
Imperfect means: not complete. It isn’t destined to last. The greatest break of all, like death, will be the end, and that’s the
main trademark that distinguishes temporal things from the eternal. (2012:60)
If nothing is ever really lost, then even all those seemingly pointless endeavors aren’t futile in the long run, and from
Eternity’s point of view.
All is vanity, yes, when it comes to the futility of this world. But it all makes sense looking through the spectacles of
Eternity, where everything is magnified, clarified and enhanced to turn out to make perfect sense. (2012:65)
The largest unknown for you is the future, and in that aspect there are a lot of things you don’t know that I do. I know and
can see where you’re going and the final outcome. So, even if you feel about the looks of that temporary stretch in your
road, unless you get definite warning signals from Me, that you’re on the wrong track, you can be assured that things will
be okay, and you don’t need to feel so discouraged about it.
Every road has its ups and downs. Now, the downs may look terrible and dreadful to you while you’re passing them, but I
can already see the next stretch, and the one beyond, and so on…
And from where I stand, it doesn’t all look that bad as it may to you. (2012:82)
The System and its ways of dealing with people are upsetting, just as I said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation.” But I
also added, “But be of good cheer (cheer up!); I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)
In other words, don’t worry; I’ll take care of them! They may be on top of things today and exert and abuse their power
over you, but before long they’ll experience, just like all their predecessors and generations of power-wielders before
them, just how temporal and fickle their power is.
Basically, it’s the one thing you have on them: The values you build on are a lasting basis, though perceived to be much
weaker, perhaps even less real, while theirs, appearing to be strong and paramount at the moment, will vanish along with
everything else in and from this world, like a vapor.
The worst thing you can allow to happen to you is allow yourself to get sucked in to their scope and realm of thought and
perception and become infested with the bug of the illusion that the temporal rules, instead of the eternal, because you
ought to know better, at least in the long run, and not get those momentary temptations to worry and get caught up in the
world affecting you on a long-term, lasting basis. (2012:104)

It all looks pretty bad right now, I know, perhaps even hopeless, but you’ve just got to trust Me that right now isn’t all
there is.
It’s kind of hard and perhaps somewhat of a contradiction to ask you to put your faith in the future when I’ve told you
repeatedly before to live in the present, and give it all you got right here and now.
Well, in order to achieve that glorious future, that’s what it takes, and the key is to avail yourself of the same power in the
here and now that you know will also restore all things in the future, trust in the hands that rule and control both, the here
and now (even if less visibly so) and the there and then.
Try to treat the here and now, the present, a little bit more the way I do, as a part of the there and then and the future to be.
Keep that faith in a better future, a better outcome of all of this than what you see right now! (2012:111)
As lovable as this world may be, it’s not really something to put all your faith in, just due to the fact that it’s all temporal.
A life lived properly is one that doesn’t leave out of the account the factor that it will all come to an end, and that
acquiring things, or even achieving things in it isn’t the all-in-all.
And even though you’ve known all that in theory, your concerns, affections, preoccupations and attention keep
wandering back towards those immediate matters of the here and now, and you keep putting a lot more emphasis on
them than the eternal matters that really count.
So, presenting you with a taste of preoccupation with the temporal world that’s obviously even more futile and pointless
than all you had previously perceived, sounded like a good tactic to Me to drive that point home to you in a bit more vivid,
effective and lasting way.
While the value of your time spent with Me and what you’re getting out of it may be disputed, according to the currencies
of the world, its value is indisputably clear to Me, Who am lacking respect for those, but do measure things by values that
will still hold their weight in the scales of eternity. (2012:115)
It’s hard for you to grasp the concept of My timescape, the Cairos, the Eternal Now, as some have called it. It’s the larger
dimension above and around yours that isn’t meant to be grasped fully by you in your present realm, but only to be
caught glimpses of. Although I’d wish you’d be in tune with it to a greater extent, so you’d worry less about all those
temporal things and matters that are presently torturing you, and thus be a much more powerful instrument in My hand to
convey that glimpse to others. (2012:183)
Many are they who go through life chasing temporal values, and few, but blessed are they who seek eternal ones. (2013:34)
Can you complain that this temporal, earthly existence is a little tough for you? It’s not the home and goal you settle for.
Consequently, you didn’t invest all your time, effort, blood, sweat and tears in it. You invested in something that will show
its rewards later. Sometimes you’re tempted to regret that choice, but what’s done is done, and those seeds of the time
and years you’ve invested in My service are in the ground; and while you still can’t see any results springing forth from
them right now, and you seem to be coming off empty-handed, compared to all those investors in the here and now, all I
can keep telling you is, “just wait and see!” You won’t be disappointed!
According to your perception of time, it takes maybe a lot of patience, but you’ll see: that apparent lot will seem very little
to you also, in the long run.
I’m trying to get you to see things more from My perspective, the eternal, long-range one, as opposed to your temporal,
short-sighted, short term one. (2013:67)
As long as you may think your life has already been, in the scope of eternity, this is still the morning of your life. (2013:95)
Time will do the talking, the telling of the difference, and the separating. (2013:104)
A lot has to do with what you choose to give to those around you. What’s its value in terms of eternity? (2013:121)
Your present will only be as heavenly as you allow Me to make it by the Presence you grant Me in it. (2013:127)
Prepare for the eternal life, instead of the temporal! While the temporal may seem somewhat more important to you, many
of My earlier believers have realized that what’s to come is more important, greater, and infinite. For many, the fleshly and
carnal existence may seem more important, or even the only one they believe in, but you ought to know differently and
prepare a bit more for what’s to come! You know now how easy and quickly this temporal one might end! (2014:2)
What the flesh has to offer is shortened and eventually extinguished by time; and only looking at the Spirit by faith can
keep you on My way of Eternity.
It all depends quite a bit on whether you put your values on the truly important side, or stay on the temporal values,
which is what the world largely treats as most important…
It all depends whether you raise your values up to eternal or keep them on temporal… (2014:8)
I’m trying to get you interested in the eternal frame, not just the temporary successes in the world… (2014:10)
Recognize and emphasize the lasting and eternal things and values more than the temporal ones!
Trust more in what’s eternal than timely and temporal!
Put more of your faith and effort into receiving My strength – the eternal one, rather than the temporal ones. (2014:15)

To change your life and get it less oriented by and toward money, might definitely be the more favorable arrangement for
your human soul, development and growth concerning eternity. (2014:42)
It’s time to let your faith grow taller than your fear in whatever the enemy and his folks might do to you… (2014:44)
Don’t you think I’d be hoping that the older you get, the more you prepare for the values of eternal life, instead of caring
mostly about temporal things and values you can earn, or reap in physical, temporal and material life… which aren’t
going to last forever?
So, your faith has a lot to do with your life in the Hereafter; whether you just believe in the temporal and material world
and life, or in the eternal one… (2014:47)
Whatever the world or System creates is going to be temporal, not eternal. It’s just a few things that were created by My
power that last longer, …they have greater and more eternal glory.
And there’ll be more and new things that’ll appear shining with My strength; much more worth it for you to look out for
than the worldly strengths and glories, its temporal ones… while the glory of the Spirit is eternal… (2014:57)
Faith helps you to appreciate the value of lasting and eternal things, and not just in the temporal… (2014:80)
The fact that this world is temporal, while Mine is eternal, is still true, and a good and solid truth to follow!
That’s what faith is all about, and the reason why it pays off to follow it to the Place you’ll spend your everlasting future.

The physical doesn’t offer much endless or everlasting to believe in or cling to, because it’s temporal, and things in this
physical world will be over eventually.
And if physical things will be over eventually, doesn’t it encourage your faith in what’s hereafter?
If the temporal discourages you and weakens you, just keep your faith in Me and the Hereafter… the Spirit World. Trust
Me, it’s a lot more long-lasting than the physical! (2014:134)
When you can trust fully in Me – maybe because your circumstances have forced you to put that trust in Me more than
yourself and your own capabilities – let’s say, you’re a larger bit closer to the way folks eventually wind up in Heaven,
where the flesh once trusted in has gone absent, and all in all, the Spirit World’s way is working differently in and through
you… Let’s say, more the eternal way than the temporal.
Being bound by time is one of those things of living in the temporary world… and you’ll find out that the eternal mode will
turn out quite a lot nicer. - Less loss of things. It makes a difference when most things you deal with just last forever. Part
of the temporal life you’re going through is to teach you and make you appreciate that difference, and you’ll agree that
This is better for sure. (2014:147)
The present is a little more important than the times past! Even if the past seems more glorious to you, and in many ways
you despise many things of what the present has to offer you right now. The present is still more relevant, and thus, more
important than the past!
The past may seem more glorious in some or even many ways. But if you give it more importance than the present, it’s
not going to make it, nor the future, any better!
It may cost you more faith to make it victoriously through the present times… but maybe that’s My will for you: to get
ahold of more faith than you made it with and needed in the past. But that’s because it may be more important for you and
many folks to keep up the faith throughout what’s to come!
Don’t lament the loss of your previously glorious times in the past! If you really have faith, you ought to know that what’s
coming up is going to be a whole lot better!
If right now may be a whole lot worse than what you’d experienced previously, it may just be a helpful reminder not to put
your whole faith and trust in the here and now of this world!
The present quite certainly is more important for you than the past, regardless of how much more pleasant the time back
then may have looked for you.
Even though this present time may be much tougher for you, and so much harder, whatever’s harder in life will draw you
closer to Us, you’ll see! (2014:152)
Trust in Me as the One Who holds your future, and be ready and willing to follow Mine! (2014:159)
Trust in Me and My Promise that the future will be better for you than this current present! (14:167)
Think about it that there’ll be a brighter and more glorious future, eventually, and it’ll be worth it all, trust Me! (14:181)
When you don’t know exactly what is going to happen, or when, it’s a good time to go by faith and trust in Me and the
Father, that We’re going to let happen exactly what needs to, and when it needs to. If you don’t know for sure what is
going to happen when, just keep trusting in Us, that We’ll see to it that things will take place at the best time possible, and
that even if you don’t know exactly when, We’ll take care of you, no matter what… (15:31)

Try to remember that what’s expecting you in the future beyond this life will be better than all of what you experienced in
it! There’s something better comin up, and it’s worth looking forward to. (15:33)
That’s where you’re headed, ultimately: the Spirit World – a different, and trust Me: more glorious dimension, and a much
more lasting one, not just this temporal existence you’re having to cope with right now.
Get into the gear of that eternal life for which I died to give it to My believers! Get into the gear of the Spirit, and come out
of that of the flesh, relying on it, when the other one is the lasting one, and the principal one you ought to get geared to.

Trust Me that spirituality is the more important dimension that you should also put in the first place in your life by now.
It’s the eternal thing, versus all the temporal ones that will sooner or later come to an end. And the more you manage to
have them partake in your eternal and spiritual gear, the better it will be for your lasting relations. (15:41)
Get prepared for the Hereafter in Heaven! That’s what believers should do, and not just get stuck in this temporal life as if
it was all there is and lasts forever. That forever part is Up Here, and as a believer, one should somewhat prepare for it,
since that’s where they’re heading!
If your good looks have gone, it’s good to know and remember they’re just something temporal. The physical is temporal.
If you want something lasting and eternal, it’s gotta be spiritual! – Which means, visible and touchable in another
dimension, another, spiritual area, but normally simply not in this physical and material and temporal one you’re in right
now. (15:49)
Not expecting this world and your temporal life to be all the reason for your physical existence down there brings you a
bit closer to Us, since you’re finally becoming more interested in Our Realm, which, for you, is the Hereafter. Let it create
a bit more of a heavenly vision in you for what’s to come, and the not just temporarily limited Hereafter… your eternal life.
– Of which your reception of Me in your heart quite some years ago, was the beginning. (15:53)
As ugly as your present may be, keep an eye on the brighter future for you and believers!
Make it as huge a part of your reality as you can, so that the temporary physical world doesn’t drag you down too much!
That’s what faith is all about: a definitely brighter future and a more glorious existence hereafter than what the present
has to offer you.
Your Creator ought to be capable of preparing a better Hereafter for you than what your present has to offer! (15:55)
Believe and trust Me that there are way and much better times up ahead… in fact, an eternity during which time as it is
right now will be no more, so… something new, completely; and trust Me: so much better than the there and now! (15:79)
Sow to the eternal, not just that temporal phase, which may be here today, but will be eventually gone tomorrow, even if
the world may pretend and seek to get you to believe that it’s all there is and ever will be. Well, but that’s where faith
comes in, and where it makes the big difference!
Not to sow it all to what’s here today, gone tomorrow, but have faith in a much more fruitful Hereafter, that’s where one’s
meaning of life should lie who believes in Me and what I’ve promised to come. (15:122)
In the world, anything you can learn is about the there and now, whereas what I teach you has an effect on eternity… the
sphere which goes on forever.
None of the troubles, diseases and pains will happen to you, once you get into that Dimension I’m talking to you about
now, and which, as a citizen of it through faith, you ought to get prepared for and not stay too affected by and tied up to
the circumstances you get hit by through the temporary world you’re in right now. (15:143)
Sometimes the news you receive from the eternal Dimension don’t seem to make that much sense to your temporal world
and situation… but the closer you get to Our Side of the Spirit, the more you’ll be able to grasp of it all, Our input We give
you! Until then, just take it by faith! (15:171)
What you’ve seen and experienced down there was just temporary, and not everlasting, which is a major difference
between your there and then and Our Here and Now…
Even though your past was more beautiful than the present, just know by faith that your ultimate future will be even more
gorgeous and beautiful than the best times in your life you’ve ever had! (15:184)
The difference between “Heaven on Earth” and Heaven Up Here: There’s no time Up Here to make it seize. In other words,
Up Here, the bliss endures forever.
- One of the differences between the time-bound and temporal physical realm and what’s expecting you Here. (15:190)
It’s a bit tough when the past times of your life seem so much more glorious, more anointed, easier and more pleasant
than the present ones, but see it as one of the advantages of the eternal passage of life hereafter: there’ll be no more
passages of the past you’ll be looking back at with pain because you were feeling stronger and better back then…
The fact that time shall be no more in the same way it exists for you right now: making things wear out and all things and
folks older and closer to passing away… well, that’s one of the big differences between the two different dimensions in

which we are. And getting older should make that Dimension you’re heading towards look more attractive and valuable
than the one in which things are simply more turned to be rotting away as time passes on! (15:191)
Times are getting worse, and you have to learn to avail yourself of My Help, and all the help from Above you can get!
So, desperate times calling for desperate measures is what you’re having to go through now, especially the learning part
of how to avail yourself of those measures!
It may be the roughest time of your life right now, but there are rougher ones coming you need to prepare and gather
strength for…
Times are definitely getting rougher than ever, so, learning to deal with it through My counsel may help others in an even
tougher future… (15:215)
Try to get into the eternal groove a bit more, by faith… and don’t let yourself be trapped into time’s limits! (2016:9)
Time should be redeemed and made the most of you can for Me.
Keep tuning in to Me, so that I can keep preparing you for the job awaiting you for Us in the near future! (2016:25)
Temporal well-being and riches are just not comparable to the everlasting part, values and spiritual riches. So, getting
your mind more geared toward what’s expecting you and others Here, becoming more heavenly-minded, is certainly
worth the effort! (2016:30)
Better days will come when time shall be no more, and the world will finally be freed and cured from the influences of the
evil force the first bad choice of mankind brought upon it!
So… tough times? – Relax! Soon they’ll be no more! (2016:41)
If you still don’t dig it yet, how eternity’s supposed to work, when “time shall be no more,” still confined to that lessdimensional mind, it’s another reason to get into the Spirit instead of seeing things from the point of the flesh!
When you’re in a world where everyone has popped in by physical birth with a limited amount of time to get through, it’s
hard to be able to relate to “everlasting.” But you’ll get there…
Don’t consider it a loss or disadvantage to get closer to the point where you’ll have to wave that temporal scene goodbye! (2016:61)