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Journal #1

As I reflex on my first day of interning, I remember feeling different emotions

during the day. I was only there for a few hours but I recall feeling nervous,
overwhelmed, excited and relaxed. Quickly I was able to identify why I felt nervous and
overwhelmed. I have pervious experience volunteering but soon learned my volunteer
and internship experience would be different. I believe the Director of the Crisis Unit I
am interning with noticed I was nervous and was able to make me feel comfortable. For
the first couple of weeks I am assigned the task of collecting data to determine the
effectiveness of the program and the staffs ability to see as many consumers as possible
during their shifts. I learned that as a Human Services Administrator it is important to
continuously collect data to identify the programs strengths and weaknesses. Doing such
will allow the Administrator to learn ways of improvement and how to grow the program.
My strength needed to perform my first assignment is being an organized person.
Although organization is one of my strengths, completing task in a timely matter is
something that needs improvement. As a self-improvement plan I will give myself a
deadline to complete a task before moving on. Keeping myself on a time limit to
complete my first task will allow me to complete assignments in a timely matter and be
assigned more tasks. Getting the most out of my internship placement is my number one
Journal #2
My internship experience this week was more exhausting then I expected. I am
use to doing a lot of paperwork for my job two times week but I get a break from sitting
in the office all day, due to having to see my consumers. This week I interned for 9.5

hours. During my time there I was mostly going through documents and surveys. Who
knew organizing papers and reading surveys could be so exhausting! Like last weeks
journal I am aware that my strength and needs related to the performance and duties of a
human service administrator, which is being organized. The task I was assigned this week
would not have been able to complete within the 9.5 hours if I did not have great
organization skills. Although, I completed the assignment giving to me, still a selfimprovement plan should be developed based on my analysis of this week. I pride myself
on being able to get things done but I learned this week I should not push myself too
hard. Since I felt I over worked myself on Monday while interning, I was exhausted the
next day at my job. This week I have learned it is better to pace myself because it is about
the quality of work not the quantity.
Journal #3
As I analysis my experience interning this week, I am pleased with how I was
able to continue to work on what I viewed has negative qualities. Which made for a
productive week. This week I did not over work myself and managed my time wisely.
The task assigned to me was to continue reviewing consumer and family members
satisfaction surveys and make a graph with the results. Organization is one of my
strengths so it was easy for me to organize the data collected and make a graph that will
be easy for staff members to understand. As I continue to work on completing my
placement hours I would like to continue practicing positive self-take to motivate and
reassure myself it is okay if I do not complete every task assigned to me in one day.
Journal #4

This week I was unable to intern due to my site supervisor and I conflicting
schedules. Next week I plan to intern for 2-3 days if possible to make up for lost hours.
Although I am unable to analyze my intern experience this week, this weeks discussion
board gave me great insight on how I would like my internship experience to continue.
Pervious weeks I have done task that I am already comfortable with doing. As I continue
working with my site supervisor I would like to gain more insight on things I do not
know. I will discuss with my supervisor on things I can do to challenge myself and
enhance my skills.
Journal #5
While interning this week I discussed with my site supervisor how I would like
my internship experience to continue, reviewed my learning contact and discussed ways I
could get the most out of this experience. My site supervisor suggested I go out on Crisis
calls with a staff member one day and the following day I will be able to sit in on
meetings with her.
The Crisis Unit is involved with my current employer, Cumberland County
Guidance Center and Inspira Hospital. Since the program is involved with two
organizations two sets of regulations must be followed. Also, two sets of trainings and
meetings must be held. This is a lot of work for my site supervisor! I have some insight
and how the administrators handle things with my employer but have no knowledge on
how administrative meetings at Inspira Hospital are held. Being in a meeting with
administrators will of course be new for me but I know I will be able to learn a lot.

I myself have never called Crisis for one of my clients but my supervisor and other
coworkers have. While with the staff member if he/she does receive a call for outreach, I
will be able to observe their steps for crisis intervention.
For future planning I will continue to have open communication with my site
supervisor on how I would like my internship to continue to enhance my strengths and
Journal #6
This week I was able to intern twice and see the day of the Crisis Screening staff.
The first day a followed a Crisis Screener and was able to observed the process of a
consumer being evaluated. Also, during the day there were four patients waiting to be
evaluated by the psychologist. These consumers were already medically cleared and seen
by a Crisis screener. Two of the patients were sent home because they did not fit the
requirements to be hospitalized. The requirements are being a danger to self, others or
property. The third patient was sent to Behavior Health for further treatment and the
fourth was to be evaluated again after conclusion of withdrawals from alcohol. What I
observed during the day enhanced my strengths. I learned how to better identify when
symptoms are from a mental illness or situational. I also had limited interaction with
someone who had a dual diagnosis but after my experience this week learned better ways
of communication with a consumer suffering from this. The second day I was able to
follow someone from the outreach team as they did wellness visits to patients who were
previously admitted to Crisis. Interaction with consumers in the community is something
I do daily and is something I was familiar with. Next week I will be sitting in meetings

with my sit supervisor. I believe this experience will enhance my skills and knowledge of
a Human Service Administrator
Journal #7
While interning this week I was able to sit in on a System Review Committee
meeting. The committee meets monthly to discuss relevant issues and follow-up with the
Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). The Committee is made up
of representatives such as: Crisis Screening Center Director, Inspira Health Network
Director and Supervisor for the mental health department, a representative for DMHAS
and four representatives from other human services agencies in the community. During
the meeting they discussed the Crisis Screening regulations and how to implement them
in the other agencies to assure the same service is provided to everyone who seeks
treatment. The meeting allowed me to enhance my oral communication skills. Since I
currently work for a Supportive Housing program I was able to communicate from my
experience how consumers in the community view the Screening Center and their
service. I also believe the meeting expand my knowledge of Crisis regulations and the
responsibilities of the Administrator. As I continue my internship I look forward to
increasing my knowledge of an Administrator in Human Services.
Journal #8
While interning this week I reviewed with my site supervisor the previous weeks
meeting with the System Review Committee. She was able to tell me in better detail why
the committee was formed and who is involved. It was nice to see every member of the
committee opinion was valued.

During my internship this week, I have continued to assist my site supervisor in

evaluating the staff performance. My strength in completing this take is that I am aware
of different methods to evaluate their performance. My current employer supplies each
staff a monthly report of their performance. Performance is evaluated by the number of
consumers we see a month and how many hours we spend in the community with them.
As I continue my hours I will collect data of the staff performance in March and April to
evaluate Crisis Volume, Staff Productivity and Staff Response time. As of 7/3 I have a
total of 32 hours left of the required hours. Crunch Time!
Journal #9
Sadly this week I was unable to intern due to my site supervisor being on vacation
most of the week. Before she left for vacation, I was able to meet with her to discuss my
progress regarding the work I have done so far. I provided my site supervisor with a raft
daft of the reports I completed of the staff performance. We discussed things that needed
to be changed on the report and my overall performance so far. Although I am aware of
how these types of reports are conducted, I have never completed one myself so I was
pleased with my work thus far. The suggestions that were made better enhanced my skills
and knowledge. In week 10 I will make the changes recommended on the reports and
complete my final copies to present to my site supervisor in week 11.
Journal #11
I am in the last three weeks of my internship and am thankful to be almost done.
This has been a stressful few months with interning and working full-time. This week I
rapped up half of the work assigned to me and presented it to my site supervisor. She
informed me of some changes to make and was pleased with the work I have done so far.

My last two days of interning will be 7/25 and 8/1. I will present my site supervisor with
all of my final assignments and discuss my performance on the finial day. I look forward
to hearing her feedback whether it is positive or negative. I will take her comments to
enhance my skills as I continue my career in this field.
Journal #12
On 8/1 will be my last day of my internship. It has been informative to learn the
function of the Crisis Screening department. Although Crisis is a program within the
agency I work for, like most people who work for the agency, I did not know in depth
how the program functions. Starting 8/22 I will start a new position as a supervisor with
the agencies outpatient department. I believe interning with someone in administration
has allowed me to develop skills that will assist me in my new role
Journal #13
Today I completed my guided practicum hours. I discussed with my site
supervisor the work I have completed and made some corrections to finalize the projects.
It was a pleasure working with her these past 13 weeks. She provided me with positive
feedback regarding my time spent with the Crisis Screening Center. I look forward to
utilizing the skills and knowledge I have learned as I continue my career in the human
service field. As I enter the last two weeks I the course I am feeling both stressed and
accomplished. Although I do not like to rush time I look forward to completing this
course, as it is my last class and graduating in January.
Journal #14
As I enter the last week of this course I had no idea how overwhelming I would
become with the amount of work I needed to complete. This last week has taught me

maybe I am not as organized and on top of this as I thought. I look forward to completing
this course and receiving my degree.
Journal #15
As I complete my final assignment for the class I am please with
the work I have done. Interning at the Crisis Screening Unit has taught
me a lot about working in Administration. I am thankful for the
experience and the skills I have learned. As I begin my new position
next week I will take everything I have learned to become the most
effective supervisor I can be.