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Transmountain Early College High School

2016-2017 Syllabus
Instructors Course Requirements

Pre-AP Biology/Dual Credit Biology
Instructor: David Esparza
Tutoring: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:00 am 8:45 am
(915) 236-5000
Texts and Materials
Textbook - ck12 Biology Flexbook (via ck12.org)
Supplies needed for class - Notebook, Pen/Pencil, Laptop, Optional Materials: colored
pens/pencils, ruler
The notebook will consist of organized lab information and act as a reference.
Key definitions, lab instructions, data collection, and lab summaries will occur be
recorded in the lab notebook.
Websites used in class Class Website: iheartbiology.weebly.com
Online Textbook: ck12.org
Online Notebook: OneNote (Office 365)
There will be a wide variety of materials that will be used as a resource to obtain
information for lecture activities. Answers to questions, charts, diagrams,
lecture summaries will be recorded in the OneNote notebook.
Course Requirements
Pre-AP Final Course Grade: The final semester grade will be determined by
midterm/projects, daily lecture activities, and a final exam. Here is how your final grade
will be calculated:
i. Assessments
ii. Final Exam


Percentage Description
Exams, Projects
Learning Activities, Quizzes
Cumulative Semester Exam

Grading Scale: A- 90-100%, B- 80-89%, C- 75-79%, D- 70-74%, & F- 0-69%

Dual Credit Final Course Grade: The final semester grade for Dual Credit will be different.
Your laboratory and lecture are considered two different classes for EPCC but one class
for EPISD. Thus, there are two separate grades for the EPCC transcript and one grade for
the EPISD transcript. 25% of your EPISD grade will be taken from your lab grade and
75% will be taken from you lecture grade. The lecture grade will come from the same
grading scale as the Pre-AP Final Course Grade. Here is how the final lab grade will be
Lab Requirement

Percentage Description

i. Assessments
ii. Final Project


Lab Reports & Activities

Lab Project

EPISD Grading Scale: A- 90-100%, B- 80-89%, C- 75-79%, D- 70-74%, & F- 0-69%

EPCC Grading Scale: A- 90-100%, B- 80-89%, C- 70-79%, D- 60-69%, & F- 0-59%
End-of-Course Exam
The EOC STAAR will be taken this year for Biology. You are responsible for the tested
material by reviewing your notes and making sure you understand concepts. I will
integrate previous concepts into current ones consistently and provide a review two weeks
before the EOC STAAR Exam.
College-Level Behavior
The expectation is that students will act appropriately. The following are behavioral
expectations for the class:
1. Treat others with respect
2. Be mentally and physically prepared
3. Follow all school rules in the student handbook
Violation of the rules will result in a correction plan:
(1st Violation) Warning to student
(2nd Violation) Warning to student and parent phone call
(3rd Violation) Referral to administration
Parent(s) will be contacted for behavioral issues as well as academic issues. Failing
multiple classes will result in a meeting with all teachers and parent(s).
Late Assignments
Assignments that are assigned with a specific due date will be turned in on time. Late
assignments will be accepted only before the 3-week grading period ends. The maximum
score given to unexcused absences will be a 70% and a 100% to excused absences.
Notebooks/portfolios will be graded with notice. Lost notebooks or corrupted computer
files will be given the score of the unit exam as a grade for those assignments. Missed
exams must be taken during tutoring times. Failure to retake an exam will result in a 0.
Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones will not be used during class. Any cell phone I can see will be taken away and
given to the office for pick up. There is not a need for cell phone use during class since you
will be issued laptops for internet access.
School Rules
The TMECHS student handbook contains information concerning school rules and procedures.
Here are some rules I would like to highlight from the handbook:
No food
No drinks: only drinks with screw tops can be consumed in the classroom
Adhere to the dress code
Bullying will not be tolerated
Need Help?
TMECHS provides a support system where student success is easily attainable. The following are
opportunities in my class that can ensure mastery of biology concepts:

Dont copy! Plagiarized and copied assignments will be given a failing grade.
Tutoring will be held every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 8:00-8:45 am.
All failed exams must be retaken.
Advisory periods will an extension of regular class.
Signatures of Agreement
Students, by signing the syllabus, you agree with its contents and will follow it throughout the
2015-2016 school year. Parents/Guardian, by signing the syllabus, you agree with its contents
and will support your child to follow it throughout the 2016-2017 school year.
Students Signature ____________________ ______
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