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Flocon135 is a kind of general scale inhibitor used in the counter-seepage system, and it is

especially effective in controling inorganic salt filthy deposition of membrane surface.

Flocon135 is the phosphine carboxylic acid peroxide solution.All main counter-seepage
membrane is accommodating to it. Flocon135 controls CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4, SrSO4 and the
CaF2 filthy deposition. Flocon135 may tolerate in the strong brine and it reaches as high as the
0.5ml/l total iron. Flocon135 has passed through the ANSI/NSF standard 60 authentication, and
it may be applied in the production tap water counter-seepage system.
Following is the Flocon135 typical nature, but we should not think that is the product goods
supply target. The product target prepares is on request.
buff liquid
Solid powder:
Proportions under 20 degrees
Boiling spread:
100-103 degrees
Solidification point scope:
0-3 degrees
Chemical reactivity:
Under usual service condition of chlorine or other oxidation disinfectant, it does not influence
Flocon135. Flocon 135 may be used in the membrane system, which uses the chlorine, and the
leaning sulfurous acid hydrogen accepts. The Flocon135s hydrolysis is stable. It does not form
the sodium salt, which the sylvite does not dissolve.
Using and dosage:
Flocon135 is a kind of organic acid solution, concentrated in the condition, which is corrosive.
Therefore, we should use anti-corrosion dosing device. Suitable materials can be 316L stainless
steel, or is plastic, for an example: GRP, PVC and PE.
Recommended dosing point is in any filtering equipment and supplies filter downstream water.
Floco135 could be combined with water in any scale immiscible. It can be pure in the form of
product or the application form solution. The minimum recommended for dosing solution
concentration is 10 %( w/w). Flocon135should be joined continuously and is proportional to
flow of water, to keep the level of recommended dose.
The dosing doses that needed is related to the quality of the water and salt concentration in the
composition of scaling saturation index. We can use the special software to count the scaling
index and best returns-ratio.
How to add the medicament quantity to forecast and the recommendation is on request.
Our company acts the British blue industrial chemical&US great lake water finishing agent each
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