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BPS Induction and

Mentoring Program
Mentor Full-Day Professional Development

Mentor Professional Development 2016

EU: Effective teachers are the most important factor for
student learning; beginning teachers learn from
experienced and effective mentors/teacher leaders.

EQ: How can I advance student learning and growth

through my actions as a mentor?

Guiding Questions
What do effective mentors do?
How can the Standards of Effective Teaching serve as a
guide for effective practice?
How can I make sure that my feedback is well-received and
How am I a teacher leader?

Learning Targets
Mentors understand their role and responsibilities as
instructional leaders.
Mentors know how to give effective feedback for student
Mentors are empathetic listeners.

What is a mentor?
Evaluate, pair, share.
We think a mentor is:

Mentoring is important!
A great teacher is
developed, not born.


Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

Mentoring in Action
What resonates for
you in this clip?

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

DESE Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring
Programs - emphasis on student learning and
teaching with explicit connections to Standards
of Effective Teaching
Mentoring and coaching

Recalling our first year as a teacher

What I remember...

Draw your own picture

Effective Feedback
How does a mentor give effective feedback?
How does a mentor assist beginning teachers in
being self-reflective practitioners?

Effective Feedback
Observation and Feedback
How does the mentor in this
clip give feedback that raises
academic rigor and allows
the mentee to do her own
thinking? What questions
does this raise for you?

Effective Feedback
and scoring
Maintaining Classroom

Effective Feedback
Your turn!
Ms. Grays Class
You will be observing Ms. Gray, your
mentee. Please take a few minutes to
review the Feedback Principles in your
You will be taking notes and giving Ms. Gray
feedback on what you see.

What questions does this raise for you?

District Requirements
1. Application of DCAP
2. At least one full year with mentor; second
year mentee meeting attendance
3. Time log
4. Instructional mentoring tied to Standards of
Effective Teaching
5. Peer observation prior to October 1

2016-2017 Assignments
Lead Mentors: Ann-Marie Strode, BHS; Dineen DAvena, BMS; Tara Stanton, Elementary

New Educators to the District:

Emily Asack - Grade 1 BES; Reuben Bowman - BHS Mathematics; Sarah Floyd - Instructional Learning Coach, PES; Greg Gibbons - Special
Educator, BMS; Jennifer Kennedy - LTS, BES; Lauren Lynn, Instructional Learning Coach, BES; Kelly Mooney, PreK - 4 Student Services
Director; Daniel Nault - Alternative Learning, BHS; Maggie Peterson, Special Educator, PES.

Beginning Teachers:
Reuben Bowman - Mentor John McIntyre
Greg Gibbons - Mentor Dennis Reynolds
Jennifer Kennedy - Mentor Dianne Steele
Maggie Peterson - Mentor Heather Sivil

Second-Year Teachers:
Adam Lyon, Elementary Music; Katherine Copley, BMS Special Educator; Judith Lunedei, BMS Coding; Victoria McComb, BMS
Chorus, General Music; Laureen Cardosa, BMS Guidance; Catherine Olsen, BMS Grade 6; Shauna Aflague, BMS Special Educator;
Hannah Rittershaus, BMS Nurse

Instructional Teacher Leadersnip

Mentors as Leaders
What is your personal leadership style?
What Mentors Learn about Teaching

Mentor Resources


Message for Mentors


Questions, concerns
One commitment
Exit Ticket to inform future PD