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Table of Contents..............................................................................................i
Chapter I Introduction
1.1 Background of the study................................................................1
1.2 Summary of One day.....................................................................3
1.3 The feature of the film...................................................................5
1.4 Formulation of the Problem...........................................................6
1.5 The Objectives...............................................................................7
Chapter II Theoretical Framework
2.1 Feminism.......................................................................................8
2.2 Womens Struggle..........................................................................9
2.3 Popular Culture..............................................................................11
2.4 Film.................................................................................................12
Chapter III Methodology
3.1 Kind of research.............................................................................15
3.2 Source of data................................................................................15
3.3 Data collecting technique...15
3.4 Data analyzing technique...............................................................15
3.5 Working Procedure........................................................................16
3.6 Organization of the writing............................................................16


Background of the study

God creates human different from other living things. God endows human with brain

andquality to think, to judge and to have qualified personality. It means God has endowed
humans with knowledge in the brain to think and to judge something good or bad. This condition
makes humans to be Gods perfect creature.
The psychological differences between man and women are less obvious. They can be
difficult to describe. Yet these differences can profoundly influence how we from and maintain
relationship that can range from work and friendships to marriage and parenting.
The challenge facing men and women is to become aware of their identities, to accept
their differences, and to live fully and as skillfully as possible. To do this we must first
understand in what ways we are different. We must avoid trying to change others to suit our
needs. The following illustrates some important differences between men and women. These
differences are not absolute. They describe how men and women are in most situations most of
Recognizing, understanding, discussing as well as acting skillfully in light of the
differences between men and women can be difficult. Out failure to recognize and appreciate
these differences can become a life long source of disappointment, frustration, tension and
eventually our downfall in a relationship. Not only can these differences destroy a promising
relationship,but most people will grudgingly accept or learn to live with the consequences.
Eventually they find some comprise or way to cope. Few people ever work past these difficulties.
People tend to accept what they do not understand when they feel powerless to change it.

The conditions raise womens awareness to struggle to their disadvantageous position. It

leads them to struggle to be treated equally in which they need to have meaningfull life. It
encourages them to fight harder to change the misperception, old concept and to get their
freedom as fully human beings. Consequently, they have to breakdown the rules in society by
establishing movement.
They believe that women are created to have the same right with men. they believe with
an independent existence out side the home. They believe that they can be a partner in the family.
They also hope to get equal rights in social, politic and economical aspects because they believe
if women want to achieve equality with men. they want to earn money for their family. They
believe ny working outside the home, they will get the same status on a basis of equality with
men. besides being wives and taking care of their children, women can also have ambitions and
career in public. It means women may also be able to keep their responsibility both in their
career and family.
Most of the reason that women are so obsessed with physical perfection and beauty is
because of their desire to be appealing, especially to men. amstrong argues that the ostensible
reason for attempting to make oneself beautiful is first to attract men, then to get or hold a man in
marriage or other lasting relationship.
None of us would argue the fact that men and women are physically different. The
physical differences are rather obvious and most of these can be seen and easily measured.
Weight, shape, size and anatomy are not political opinions but rather tangible and easily
measured. The physical differences between men and women provide functional advantages and
have survival value. Is men usually have greater upper body strength, build muscle easily, have
thicker skin, bruise less easily and have a lower threshold of awareness of injuries to their

extremities. Men are essentially built for physical confrontation and the use of force. Their joints
are well suited for throwing objects. A mans skill is almost always thicker and stronger than a
womens. the stereotype that men are more thick-headed than women is not far fetched. A
mans thick headedness and other anatomical differences have been associated with a uniquely
male attraction to high speed activities and reckless behavior that usually involve collisions with
other males or automobiles.
Based on the condition above, the writer is interested to analyzing a popular product of a
film entitles One day directed by David nicholls. Throught this film the writer analyze
womens condition and womens struggle to fight for her equal status with men. The unfair
treatment to ward women in society which happened for centuries and still happened now.
Women can realize their achievement if they struggle for their right to get equal status in society.


Summary of One day

One day talks about a beautiful young girl. Her name is Emma. She graduation from

Edinburgh University in 1988. She is clever,slim and humoris. Emma has a friendship, Dexter.
After graduation Emma and Dexter began of their friendship. While there are various attempts
from both sides to start a relationship, they stay best friends, both secretly longing for the other.
Emma is constantly hurt by Dexter who attempts to hide his feelings for her from both her and
himself. After being treated rudely by Dexter, Emma breaks up the friendship.
Dexter and Emma spend the night together following their graduation from Edinburgh
University in 1988. They talk about how they will be once they are 40. While they do not
become romantically involved completely, this is the beginning of their friendship. The novel
visits their lives and their relationship on july 15 in successive years in each chapter for 20 years.

Emma wants to improve the world and begins writing and performing plays, which remain
unsuccessful, while Dexter travels throught the world, drinking and hooking up with women.
Eventually both move to London where Emma becomes a waitress in Kentish Town at a TexMex restaurant, while Dexter becomes a successful televisison presenter.
While there are various attemots from both sides to start a relationship, coincidences stop
Emma anf Dexter from getting together and while they have relationship with other people, they
styay best friends, both secretly longing for the other. They are drawn together closer through a
holiday together and the death of Dexters mother.
Emma breaks up with her boyfriend, Ian, after realizing she is creating a life with
someone she doesnt love. During this time Emma is able to find a job as a teacher, after various
years of struggle, despite a double-first degree. Dexter meanwhile develops a drinking and drug
problem and watches his career collapse. The friendship between Emma and Dexter grows more
and more difficult, after Emma is constantly hurt by Dexter who attempts to hide his feelings for
her from both her and himself. After being treated rudely by Dexter at a reastaurant, Emma
breaks up the friendship.
At the wedding of Emmas former roommate, Emma and Dexter meet again. Emma
admits that she wants Dexter back. At this point of time she has just ended an affair with her
headmaster, Dexter has fallen in love with another woman, Sylvie, who is pregnant. At this
reunion, Dexter invites Emma, who is disappointed by the situation, to his wedding.
Emma tries to overcome her problems and begins to write, while Dexter is unemployed
and overwhelmed by his role as a father after his divorce from Sylvie, who was having an affair.
Emma leaves to go to Paris in the hope of writing a sequel to her first successful childrens

novel. Whwn Dexter visits her in Paris, he learns that she met someone and likes him and for the
first time admits his feelings to her. After talking about their relationship, Emma chooses Dexter.
Emma and Dexter from a relationship and are happy together, and get married, however
Emma wants a child. The couple find themselves frustrated by the failing attempts to have a
child. Dexter however is able to open a deli-caf and finds himself on his way back to being
successful again. On the anniversary of the day me after graduation and the day they got
together, Emma and Dexter have an appointment to see a house. While travelling there, Emma
has a bike accident and dies. After her death, Dexter finds himself in despair. He stars to drink
again and provokes people in bars in order to get beaten. He is comforted through his ex-wife
Sylvie, his father and his daughter. Three years after Emmas death he travels together with his
daughter to Edinburgh where he and Emms met and they climb the same hill together that Emma
and Dexter climbed 19 years ago.
The book ends with a vivid and lingering memory of what happened after that stay
together 20 years before their goobye kiss after the evening, promise to stay in touch and


The feature of the film

One day is a 2011 romance drama film directed by Lone Scherfig. It was adapted by

David Nicholls from his 2009 novel of the same name. it stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.
Focus Features released the film theatrically in 19 August 2011 (USA). The producer by Nina
Jacobson. The casts are Anne Hathaway, jim Sturgess, RomolaGarai, Rafe Spall, Ken Stott,
Patricia Clarkson, Jodie Whittaker, Tom Mison, Jamie Sives, Toby Regbo, Georgia King, Matt

Berry, Matthew Beard, Heida Reed, Amanda Fairbank Hynes. The film is a co-production
between Random House Films and Focus Features. Film4 Production is co-financing.
The film is ranked as rotten on rotten tomatoes with a 36% positive approval rating(only
51 out of 140 critics gave positive reviews), with the consensus stating despite some fresh
narrative twists, one day lacks the emotion, depth, or insight of its bestselling source material.
One day film a number of nominations Golden Trailer Awards 2012: Best Romance and
Best Romance TV Spot. Village Voice Film Poll 2011: Worst Film.
Principal photography commenced in july 2010. Filming took place on location in
Scotland, England and France. The production filmed in Edinburgh, the city where Dexter and
Emma first meet, in August 2010. Various landmark locations, including Arthurs Seat.
Production then moved to London. Filming in France took place in Dinard, a town vlose by to St.
Malo, in the Brittany region. (www.Imdb.com/title/tt1563738/awards).


Formulation of the problem

Based on the description of background above there are many problem that can be

investigated in this coming research the writer tried to formulation the problems are formulasy
1. What is the womans condition portrayed in the film ?
2. What are the struggles of the woman description in the film ?

The objectives of this study are:


To describe woman condition in One day


To analyze woman struggle to get equal position depicted in One day



Feminism is the concept about the equality between men and women which talks about

the power of gender. Men are considered powerful while women considered powerless. This
concept leads to womens rights movement to get equal social status with men as human beings.
The people who involve in this movement are called feminists. (Humm, 1992 : 13).
Feminism comes from the Latin language Femina the meaning is having the qualities of the
female(Tuttle, 1986 : 107).
Regardless of whether gender differences ever were entirely matters of cultural
conditioning, and so oppressive discrimination, the clear and simple feminist distinction between
sex and gender has become confused by a couple of developments.
Thus the furure of the use of gender is unclear. It depends on the true purposes of
feminism, which may not be candidly stated to the public. It also depends, of course on the
ability of gender feminism to maintain its political influence and success in the face of the
falsehood of its theory and the anticapitalist roots and program of its politics (Federick Engels,
1984: 10).
Moreover, womens condition is urged by De Beauvioir (1992 : 44), who believed that
women were placed as secondary sex, it means that womens place is different from men. women
are placed in marginal and men in the center where women are seen as the unimportant part in
the society meanwhile men are considered as important one. Women play their roles as object
and men subject to dominate womens live. Thats why, there is one way that is believed by
feminist to face this condition, that is through education. (Tuttle, 1986 : 118).
Feminist movement aims to bring women equal as men. they want to be equal in all
aspects; political, economic and social ones. Feminists set the movement to struggle for womens

rights to get freedom in their life. They do not want to be repressed, differentiated and oppressed
anymore which viewed that they are controlled by men. feminists also try to patriarchl culture
and sexist domination in transforming society.
Family law still maintains the old English common law view that a married woman is the
property of her husband. Although some of the most oppressive aspects of this discriminstion
have been repealed over the past century and married women can now own property, enter into
contracts, and be granted child custody, many marriage laws continue to deny women equal


Womens Struggle
The feminist movement is one of womens struggle in fighting their rights. They want to

struggle for their rights in order their existence is acknowledged as a fully human beings,
especially in society. They expect they can involve in all areas, economic, politic and social areas
because by existing in all areas, feminist believes that women can be equal with men. (Chafe,
1972: 48). It means women can also do what men can do. Women can achieve their wishes like
men who are free to empower their talent in public sphere.
In the struggle, the expected result is womens freedom for their lives. They expect they
can be free individuals. So, they can develop themselves in public or society. They do not want
to be discriminated in public world such as in jobs opportunities. They want to get equal position
with men.
A womens fight for the right to live as freely as a man in todays world is as dissicult in
many cultures today as it was in the United States over va hundred years ago. A womans
struggle to empower herself is still met with opposition. It is not a struggle of power or

dominance, but one of equality and freedom. It is a struggle that in the end will determine the
fate of womeneverywhere. This is woman fight, woman struggle. It is womans fight.
All women are the same. They get married high ideals. Its going to be lovely to wash the
socks, cook the meals and all that for their husbands, but after a few years the novelty wears off.
It just becomes a bit of a drudge. Not so much that you mind doing it, but its the same thing, day
out all the time. You get stale yourself(porter, 1983: 116)
Women also try to change mens perception toward women who assume that women are
weak and can not do anything in which women are considered as a group of those who always
follow men. to refuse their perception, woment must have capability which can bring women to
get equal status as men. so, they can compete each other. In getting status as man women need to
struggle such as through high education. By having high education, women can compete in all
aspects like economic, political, government, etc. women can also get the good career in
companies, etc. it all can make women equal with men.
Nowadays, in real life, womens capabilities are not doubted anymore. Many women are
successful in family and career. Besides being workers, they can also be the leaders as well as
men. it means women are free to develop their talents out side the home now and many other
works that can be done by women.


Popular culture
Popular culture is the meaning of popular and the meaning of culture are assentially

consested concepts and there are multiple competing defenitions of popular culture. Popular

culture (uncountable) the prevailing vernacular culture in any given society, including art,
cooking, cloting, entertainment, mass media, music, and style.
Popular culture is simply culture that is well liked by many people and known as mass
culture that produced by mass production industrial technique and is marketed for a profit to a
mass public or consumer. It means this culture is very popular in society. The products are films,
song, advertisement and etc. it is a commercial culture which can be proved by the sale the
product in the market. It is the culture created by people for the people. (Storey, 1993 : 7).
Universal male suffrage was eventually granted, despite the concerns of the upper class
for thr ensuing state of society, but the perception of culture as Arnold had laid it out remained.
In fact, his theories prevailed in the study of culture for some decades to come, and were to form
the elitists backbone of modernism. The significance of his idea of culture is that it associated
culture specificially with the upper classes, that is, with education, with wealth, and with good
upbringing. He designated the culture of the upper classes, their music, their art, their literature,
their manners, and their values as the best the world had to offer. The music, art, literature, etc of
the other classes was worthless, banal, and vulgar. In designating culture to the upper class an
enormous gap was left. If the aristocrats, politicians, intellectuals and other elite members of
society were the only one people who possessed culture, to be benevolently doled out to the rest
of society, then how could the culture that the masses produced be described. It working songs,
minstrel shows, railway novel stalls and art nouveau advertising were not culture, then what were
they, the need to address this latter type of culture became dire as the culture, or the uncultured,
of the masses became increasingly prevalent in cheap novels, newspapers, comic strips,
advertising and especially in the new inventions of film and radio in early the twentieth century.
(www.popular culture studies.com).

Another concept of popular culture is an idea or belief to show that popular culture
functions as site of sruggle between dominant and subordinate group in society. By making goog
use of popular culture the dominant group socialize his/her ideology and gets consent or approval
from subordinate. In this wa it can not guarantee that the subordinate will not produce different
perception in the problem of distinction, if it does, that the sruggles life. Furthermore,
postmodernism conceot recognizes, popular culture is as culture from the people. The concept no
longer admits the destinction between culture and popular culture. In this case, it celebrates the
abolishment of elitism.


Film is one the product of popular culture. It is created by people, because film gives the

view of life in the society. It will give the understanding how the film influences the people. Film
is also created by people based on the idea by using organization of the film production, by using
the equipment that makes based on the imagination and also the real background of the people.
And then it will be visualized. Therefore, the spectators can see the message or intention in the
A film consists of moving pictures that have been recorded so that they can be shown at a
cinema or on television. The film is based on a true story. Films are Called movies. In Britain, a
building where films are shown is usually called a cinema. In the United States, its called a
movie theater, a movie house, or sometimes just a theater when it is clear that it is one for films
and not plays. British people talk about going to the cinema. American speakers talk about going
to the movie.

Movie are entertainment. Movies are documents of their time and place. Movies are
artistic forms of self expression. Movies we see at theatres, on television, or home video are
typically narrative films. They tell stories about characters going through experiences. A
narrative analysis will examine how a film employs various narrative formal elements ( such as
character, setting, repetition/variation) to cenvey meaning to the viewer. Analysis of specific
formal techniques might concentrate on a films use of mise en scene or photographic
composition, camera, movements, editing choices, sound in relation to the image. Nothing the
effect of those technique on how the viewer perceives on how the viewer perceives the scenes
and interprets.
A realist approach examines how a film represents reality. Some film attempt to make
techniques invisible to viewers so the characters and situations are always the primary focus.
Other attempt to use cinematic techniques to replicate a certain type of reality the filmmaker
wants the audience to experience love, aging, memory, insanity, drug use, etc. somes films are
more concerned with creating moods and emotional impressions than with depicting

traditionally plotted story with an obvious beginning, middle, and end. These films may be
attempting to convey a type of reality important to their creators, hoping that viewers will pick
up on it, but non mainstream use of techniques and non standard structure may require a
concerted effort on the part of a viewer to understand, multiple viewings, or even an explanation
by the filmmaker.
In the film, the points which the good attitude are how to equivalent all of the human
societies in one institution dramatic that occurs and concrete of human societies. Film has
translate the meaning of human life in the world. Film function for the public are very represent
the society of culture as human life everyday.



Kind of research
This thesis based on the library and theory of film research. In writing this thesis, the

writer will use so many data about film, feminism and popular culture on this film. It refers to the
way in research. The research uses some materials and subjects to support the thesis susch as
books and the film.

Source of data
As the writer uses the data taken from this movie is data dealing with womens struggle

from film. Data is the script of Lone Scherfig movie, which is downloaded from the internet,
and the movie itself. Which are related from books, virtual references as documentation, and
some article in the internet.

Data Collecting Technique

To obtain accurate data for research the writer taken from dialogue in the film of Lone

Scherfig One day that was published in 2011. Some books concerning the theories of womens
struggle and of the relevant problems are also taken to help the writer conclude the analysis.

Data Analyzing Technique

There are many ways to be done in analyzing the data. The writer uses decontructive

approach for the purpose of the writing this thesis. Deconstruction believed that there is no
universal idea. It does not believe in the stability of meaning. Deconstructors assumed that
culture is a text. In this case, culture is treated as a text. Text include all things and a performance
of a culture. So all of them are read as a texts. The boundaries of literary text are axpanded to
include all manner of culture and performance and artifacts, from television and film to text book

and science. Culture is possible only if we make the assumption that the diverse culture products
can be read. Most of data are taken from the text of film itself. So, conducting this research by
deconstructive reading the womans struggle in One day will be investigated.

Working Procedures
To look for data, the writer watches the movie first to understand the story and then

classified the data, after that the writer collected the data some step
1. Identifying woman condition and woman struggle in One day
2. Classifying woman struggle to show her capability

Organization of the writing

In organization of writing, this thesis will be divided into five chapters. The first chapter

will be deal with introduction to this research, including background, summary of the movie, and
formulation of problem and pbjectives of the research. Chapter II consists of the literary theory
framework, which is used to support the analysis. Chapter III consists of theoretical
methodology, explaining about the kind of research, data analyzing technique and organization
of the writing. Chapter IV describes the findings of the study, while Chapter V, the last chapter in
this thesis, will discuss some important problem of woman condition in the world and struggle
woman to get equal right with man in One day film


Chafe, H. William. 1972, The American Women, England: Oxpord University Press Inc.
Frederick Engels, 1984, Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State. International
Porter, Marilyn. 1983. Home, Work and Class Consciouness. Great Britain: Manchester
University Press.
Storey, John, 1993, What is Popular Culture, An Introductory Guide to Cultural Theory and
Popular Culture, London: Prentice Hall/Harvester Wheat Sheaf.
Tuttle, Lisa, 1986, Encyclopedia of Feminism, United States of America, New York: The
Raibird Publishing Group Limited.
http://www.popular culture studies.com



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