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The New Mexico Roofing Contractors Association is a trade association of roofing

contractors and associate members throughout the State of New Mexico that came
together in early 1977, to collectively represent the voice of the roofing industry in the
NMRCA stands for professionalism in the roofing and waterproofing industry in New
Mexico. Our mission is To promote the New Mexico Roofing Industry by providing
information, communication and education to assist its members in running successful
Member Benefits:
1. We are currently working to change the Public Works (DFS) definition of Roofer to more
closely match the CIDs definition.
2. We have enrolled 18 apprentices in our Apprenticeship Program. Our program is a
2 year program with 4000 hours of OJT and 288 hours of Related Instruction online.
When the apprentice graduates they become a Certified Journeyworker Roofer not only in
New Mexico but Nationwide.
3. We have signed a Partnership Agreement with the National Roofing Contractors Association
(NRCA) that will encompass joint marketing, reduced NRCA dues for our members and
offer new educational opportunities.
4. NMRCA members participate in community charity work that not only benefits the needy but
also garners local, regional and national attention for our members. Our members have
donated thousands of dollars to local charities like Lucky Paws, The Childrens Grief
Center, PB&J Family Services and Albuquerque Rescue Mission as just a few
examples of our donations.
5. Educational and safety seminars which provide relevant and vital industry instruction.
6. Free listing and links to your companys website on the NMRCA website at www.nmrca.com.
Consumers can access the membership list online for contact information. They can also
link directly to your website.
7. Roofers Pitch newsletter provides the latest local and national industry news, trends
and vital information about doing business in New Mexico.
8. Networking opportunities to share valuable information with others in your industry.
9. Annual Golf tournament which support our government affairs endeavors and charity work.
10. Advertisement opportunities in the newsletter and on our website.
11. Sponsorship opportunities available for events, newsletters and on our website.
12. Membership luncheons with guest speakers who report on issues important to our industry.

Join the team that is working in your interest! Become a member of the New Mexico
Roofing Contractors Association (NMRCA) today!

P O Box 10399
Albuquerque, NM 87184-0399
(505) 235-7398 FAX (505) 342-1705

New Mexico Roofing Contractors Association Application - Page 1

Please complete Page 1 and 2, and return with your check or credit card information.

Company Name: ____________________________________________________________

Contact: ___________________________________Title: ___________________________
New Mexico License Number: __________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________
City __________________________ State ______________ Zip: _____________________
Business Phone: ______________________ Business Fax: _________________________
Email: ______________________________

Cell phone: __________________________

Website: __________________________________________________________________

Application Signature & Date:

I understand that by providing my fax number(s), email address and any and all other identification
shown above, on behalf of my company or organization, I am authorizing and hereby consent to receive
faxes, emails and all other forms of electronic communication/transmission on behalf of the above
named company/organization sent by or on behalf of the New Mexico Roofing Contractors Association
(i.e. all promotional material related to NMRCA functions, meetings, events and administrative notices).
Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ____________________

NMRCA Code of Conduct

As a member of the New Mexico Roofing Contractors Association I agree to:
*Be honest and straightforward with customers, submitting reasonable proposals and answering all
questions pertaining to those proposals.
*Offer evidence that my company is insured and licensed where it is appropriate or required.
*Encourage my employees to be courteous and law abiding.
*Stand behind my work, offer warranties or guarantees where appropriate.
*Enter into contracts that are fair and equitable and clearly assign and delineate responsibilities.
*Enter into contracts for work I know I am qualified to perform and honor such contracts to the best of
my abilities.
*Be thoughtful and caring in my relationship with my employees.
*Recognize that employee health and safety are of paramount concern to my company and my
*Support education and training of my employees.
*Welcome opportunities to share information about my industry with others in my community.
Signature ______________________________________________

Date _______________

P O Box 10399
Albuquerque, NM 87184-0399
(505) 235-7398 FAX (505) 342-1705

New Mexico Roofing Contractors Association Application - Page 2

Company Name: ____________________________________________________________

Contractor Members:
Business type: (This information will be posted on the website. Please check all that apply.)
___ Residential (___new ___re-roof) ___Commercial (___new ___re-roof) ___Recover
___Other (Please specify) _____________________________________________________
Gross Revenue
Less than $500,000
$500,000 - $1 million
$1 million - $2 million
$2 million - $5 million
Over $5 million

Dues Amount

Associate Members:
Business Type: (This information will be posted on the website. Please check all that apply)
___Manufacturer___ Supplier ___ Distributor ___ Independent Sales Rep ___Insurance
___Legal ___ General Contractor ___Architect ___ Engineer ___ Consulting ____PSFA
___Other (Please specify) _____________________________________________________
Level I:


This includes: manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, independent sales representatives or groups and
companies or individuals doing business with roofing contractors, i.e. insurance companies or agents,
legal professional, propane suppliers, print shops, fleet fueling or maintenance, automobile or fleet
dealerships, equipment rental companies, etc. and other contractors.

Level II:


This includes all Professional Associates: architects, engineers, and a member of a government entity
such as PSFA or a Code Enforcement Agency or a Roof Consultant whose only service is as a Roof
Membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes but may be deductible in part as a business expense,
except as noted below. For your records, please note that the Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 states that association dues used for lobbying
activities are not deductible as business expense. As a result, for 2015, 30% of dues cannot be deducted as a business expense for federal
income tax purposes.

Please make check payable to: New Mexico Roofing Contractors Association (NMRCA)
Amount to Charge _________________
Credit Card Number_________________________Billing Zip Code________________
Expiration Date___________________ 3 Digit Code on Back of Card ______________
Name Shown on Card (please print) ________________________________________
Signature ______________________________________________________________
(February 2015)