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Embroidery Prominent Kampung is located at Kedung Baruk Street no. 130,

Kedung Baruk Urban Village, Rungkut Subdistrict. They serve embroidery service
for kebaya, clothing or name/identity tag. The number of SMEs in Embrodiery
Kampung up to 2015 are 9. The quality is undoubtedly neat because these are
made by skilled and experienced embroidery craftsmen. The affordable price
and various embroidery patterns become the distinction of this kampung.
Embroidery Prominent Kampung produces several products, among others:
Various Pattern Embroidery
Bridal Fashion
Party Dress
And many other embroidery types upon request


Sewing Prominent Kampung is located in Pucang Arjo Street Gang Buntu No.3,
Kertajaya Urban Village, Gubeng Subdistrict. Consisting of 11 craftsmen joined in
one solid group, it provides sewing service for men and women clothing with
neat sewing quality and will give inspiration to consumers about the up to date
design of men and women clothing.
Aside from that, Sewing Prominent Kampung also produces various handicrafts
from unused fabric leftovers assembled and formed with patience so it creates
an artistic and beneficial products, such as tissue box cover, purse, pencil case,
or fridge, rice cooker and dispenser cover.
Sewing Prominent Kampung produces several products, among others:
Men Clothing
Women Clothing
Bridal Fashion
Office Uniform
And other sewing products based on request


Trinkets Kampung is located at Jl. Kedungsari No. 21, Wonorejo Urban Village,
Tegalsari Subdistrict, Surabaya, made by community of women who are skilled in
making trinkets. It was at first just a hobby, but now these women can make
marketable products. Crafts are now not just a hobby, but it could be a source of
fortune. The number of craftsmen in this kampung is around 20. This kampung
was initiated since 2004 and now it has produced various products, such as:

Food Cover
Painted Purse
Table Decoration
Tissue Box
Party Bag
And various other crafts


Sea Processed Products Center is located on Kenjeran Beach Coastal in North

Surabaya which has been well-known as the Typical Souvenir Center of
Surabaya. The precise location is at Jl. Sukolilo VII/24 Surabaya. The products are
rarely found elsewhere, thats why this place is frequently visited by consumers
not only from Surabaya but also from out of the city.
The number of SMEs in this kampung is around 30. The products are known to be
unique, typical, has wide variations, crunchy and delicious. The consumers will
no doubt come for more. Consumers also doesnt have to worry about the
hygiene of this products, because 80% of Sea Processed Products craftsmen in
Sukolilo Urban Village have been equipped with P-IRT and Halal license, so the
products are safe to consume. These products are ascertained safe from
formaline, borax or other dangerous substances.
Sea Processed Products Kampung produces several products, among others:
Sea Cucumber Crackers
Eggplant Crackers
Gerinting Lorjuk
Shrimp Gerinting
And other crackers per request


Tie dye center has been establised since 1998 and until now continues to
develop. Natural tie dye is a dyeing technique by using natural handmade
ingredients. The craftsmen can produce clothes free of artificial coloring that
can damage the skin and cause skin cancer. To this day the sales have
covered the Situbondo area.
Tie Dye Kampung Location :
Jln. Kedung Klinter I/33 Surabaya
Jln. Pandegiling Gg.1 No 44 I Surabaya
Jln.Kedung Rukem II/9 Surabaya
The number of tie dye craftsmen are about 40 .
Products being made among others are: women and men clothing, scarf and
jumput clothes.