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SAP WEB Application Server 6.40 e Oracle 9.

Somente um Exemplo:
Oracle total 40 questes
(TADM51 = ADM505 + ADM506)
DB Overview 10 questes
Backup,Recovery 11 questes
Monitors and Tools 5 questes
Storage Management 12 questes
Oracle SQL Cache Analysis 2 questes

Estudem todos os Test your knowledge ao final de cada Unit.

1 - Elements of Oracle 9.20 . True or False. 5 opes
F.... directory saptrace
T.... Data files
T.... Oracle agent process
F.... directory usr/sap/trans
T.... init<DBSID>.ora
--> pg.6 - Architecture overview
2 - Uma correta:
T.... SAP instance creates a shadow process for each connection
F.... SAP instance creates a shadow process for each instance
.... etc nada a ver
--> pg.6 - Architecture overview
3 - Oracle parameters never modified in init<sid>.ora?
T.... DB blocksize
T.... Dbname
--> pg.8 Sap Installation.block size is always 8KB.
4 - When is data written to redo logs? (1 opo)
--> pg.10 - Oracle Architecture: Logging of Modifications (na explicao de redo entries:1transaction commit, 2- every three seconds, 3- redo log buffer is one-third full, 4- write-ahead
5 - A parte de UNDO como funciona direitinho.
--> pg. 12 - Oracle Architecture: Logging of Modifications --> undo entries
6 Effects of log file switch?
--> pg. 12 Log Switch
7 Oracle components maintain information where?
--> pg. 13 Contro. files
8 Configuring online redo logs? Groups? Member? Mirror?
--> pg.16 Redo log mirroring
9 - Offline redo logs are written by: (1 opo)
--> pg.18 - Oracle Architecture: Archiving ( by Oracle background process : Archiver
10- What is the function os sapbackup directory?


--> pg. 21, 22 22 - Oracle Directories and FIles on SAP Systems

11- What is the primary purpose of the sap reorg directory?
--> pg. 21, 22 - Oracle Directories and FIles on SAP Systems (BRSPACE: store logs of
different actions)
12 - Which of following is true an SAP System with an Oracle database ORACLE_HOME
R= Voc precisava escolher entre as alternativa que em que este diretrio uma varivel
de sistema ou de usurio. Uma correta:
F.... system environment variable
T.... user environment variable on DB server and each SAP Application server
T.... user environment variable on DB server
--> pg. 22 - Oracle Directories and Environment Variables - (ORACLE_HOME on the database
server, environment variable for user <sapsid>adm and ora<dbsid> on Unix. ORACLE_HOME
on Client)
13 - Qual usurio consegue conectar no Oracle?
--> pg. 32 - Operating system and database users (SAP<SCHEMA-ID>, OPS$, <sapsid>adm
e ora<dbsid> em UNIX, <sapsid>adm e SAPService<sapsid> em Windows)
14 - Which of the following statements is carried in regard OPS$connect ?
--> pg. 32 - Operating system and database users
--> pg. 37 - ltimo pargrafo: OPS$<USERNAME>
15 - To start/stop Oracle with authority must be granted . Uma correta:
F.... system privilege START_STOP_DATABASE
F.... Database role SYSDBA
F.... Database role DBA
F.... Database privilege SYSOPER
--> pg. 32 - Operating system and database users
--> pg. 35 - Oracle database roles
16 Ability to stop/start?
F...DB privilege?
T...System privilege?
FDatabase role?
--> pg. 33 Oracle system priviliges
17 - Usurio OPS$connect usado por BRTOOLS?
-->F.. pg. 36 ... SYSTEM...to allow BR*TOOLS...
18 - Usurio OPS$............ (qual a permisso que ele tem)
--> pg. 37 - Database users in Oracle Created by SAP ( OPS$... assigned the role SAPDBA)
19 Which of the following statements is carried in regard OPS$connect? 5 afirmativas ??
--> pg. 37 - Database users in Oracle Created by SAP- operating system authentication
20 - To start/stop Oracle . T ou F
T.... connect / as sysoper
F.... connect sap<SID>/password
T.... connect system/password
T... connect sys/password
T.... connect / as sysdba
--> pg. 36 - Standard database users in Oracle
--> pg. 38 - Connection to Oracle and user authentication
21 - WP Connects to Oracle Database with database user: (1 opo)
--> pg. 39 - Security: SAP<SCHEMA-ID> Password -( primeiro pargrafo: SAP work process
connect to Oracle with user SAP<SCHEMA-ID> or SAPR3)
22 - To change password of users SYS, SYSTEM, SAP<SCHEMAID>. Uma correta:


F.... Oracle command Alter user

F.... Oracle command Change password
--> pg. 40 - password may be only changed with BRCONNECT
--> pg. 62 - Altering database user's password
23 - What happens during a startup of an Oracle Database? True or False (5 opes)
--> pg. 73, 74 - Startting an Oracle Instance
24 - Database in Mount mode. Administrator can: True or False (5 opes)
T.... can access V$* views
F.... can access DBA_* views
T.... can do media recovery
F.... can create missing control files
--> pg. 73- Starting an Oracle Instance
25 - What happens during a shutdown of an Oracle Database? True or False (5 opes)
--> pg. 75 Shutdown modes
26 - Os processos de shutdown do Oracle (SHUTDOW, IMMEDIATE, ABORT)
--> pg. 75 Shutdown modes
27 - Sobre o Shutdown IMMEDIATE podemos afirmar que T ou F
--> pg. 75 Shutdown modes - Immediate (no new connection, no new transaction, PMON
ends user sessions and rollback open transactions)
28 - Complete a frase: Quando usamos o Shutdown ABORT...(5 opes)
--> pg. 75 Shutdown modes - Abort (no new connection, no new transaction, SQL are
terminated without rollback, users disconnected, Oracle process stopped).Next startup
requires Instance Recovery.
29 - You need to Shutdown Oracle even if work process have connections. True or False (5
T.... BR*TOOLS with mode immediate with force
T.... SQL>shutdown abort
T.... BR*TOOLS with mode abort with force
F.... BR*TOOLS with mode immediate without force
F.... BR*TOOLS with mode abort without force
T.... SQL>shutdown immediate
--> pg. 76 - Starting an Oracle Instance (est explicado no ltimo pargrafo)
30 - What information can be found in the Oracle alert log file?
--> pg. 81, 82 - Oracle error and diagnosis files (logs significant database events and
messages, such as startup and shutdown, non-default values of parameters, errors and
warnings, log switches and checkpoints, media recovery, creation of tablespaces,...)
31 - SAP recommends checking the database for corrupt data block at least once per backup
cycle? T How can this be done?
--> pg. 104, 105 - Verification of data -> Logical data check
--> pg. 125 - Full Backup with RMAN and SBT Lib(RMAN reads data blocks from the
database, checks them for corruption and filters blocks never used)
--> pg. 164 - Verification of Backups ( Oracle Tool DBVERIFY: brbackup -w| - verify [no,
32 - Durante um backup online quais so os arquivos salvos para que voc consiga ter um
restore integro?
--> pg. 108 - Backup Types --> Online Backups
--> pg. 157 - Phases of Database Backup


Oracle profile, BR*TOOLS profile, data files, control file, reorg log, structure log, detail log,
summary log
33 - Durante um online backup o que necessrio. Uma correta.
.... estar em ARCHIVELOGMODE
--> pg. ?? ERROR BR0066E For online backup, the database must be in ARCHIVELOG Mode
34 Tape volume with problem.
Initialize Scratch? It is renamed?
--> pg. 139 -Hint: Do not mix up the two scratch options:

. A backup performed specifying the volume scratch will accept any

initialized tape which is not physically locked.
. A backup performed not specifying any volume name (automatic
tape selection) will accept a tape that was initialized with volume
name scratch and rename it to the requested volume name.
brbackup v scratch: para montar qualquer fita, desde que expirada, para gravar o backup
e manter o label original da fita. Ex backup adicional, backup pra o cofre
brbackup i scratch: para montar voluime novo, inicilaizar com o label scratch e depois
usar para substituir uma fita com erro do pool. Ser renomeada para o nome que deveria ter
no pool.
35 - pergunta sobre Online database backups: files saved?
--> pag 157 Phases of a database backup
Oracle profile, BR*TOOLS profile, data files, control file, reorg log, structure log, detail log,
summary log
36 - pergunta sobre Offline database backups: files needed?
--> pag 157 Phases of a database backup
Control file, data file, online redo log file
37 - pergunta sobre Single run of BRBACKUP?
--> pag 167 One-Run strategy
39 - pergunta sobre BRBACKUP com BRARCHIVE executados juntos. T ou F.
.... with the one run strategy, the maximum number of offline redo log files that can be backed
up is the number that can still fit on the BRBACKUP tape after the database backup
--> pag 167 -respostas correspondem a este ltimo pargrafo da pg. 167 em BRBACKUP
and BRARCHIVE: one run strategy
40 - What files are necessary to a complete database recovery? True or false. 5 opes
--> pg. 178 concepts: complete database recovery
--> pg. 183 Complete database recovery
Backup<DBSID>.log, backup dos data files, arch<DBSID>.log, offline redo log files.
41 - questo semelhante ao questionrio:
You have a serious problem during an upgrade and decide to restore and recover the database
to the state before the upgrade, after SAP was shutdown and no productive activity was done.
As your latest backup was performed the evening before, you choose the scenario? uma
T... database point in time database recovery
--> pg. 179-180 concepts: Database point-in-time recovery
42 - Oracle error 1653. To solve: uma correta
T... add new extend or resize tablespace
F... change MAXEXTENTS
F... reorganize tablespace
F.. move tablespace to another disk
--> pg. 224 - Dictionary managed tablespaces - extent allocation
--> pg. 282 - Exercise (ORA-01653: unable to extend table...)
--> pg. 273 Enlarging a tablespace (add data file, auto extensible, resize)


43 - When an update task of a SAP system aborts with a Oracle error 1653 which of the
following oracle parameters should never be modified in the file init<DBSID>.ora
--> db_name, row_cache_cursors, db_block_size, etc..) (no encontro na apostila.!)
--> pg. 224 - Dictionary managed tablespaces - extent allocation
44 - questo sobre Locally managed tablespace, com alternativas contidas no texto da pgina
225: Locally managed tablespaces - extent allocation
"The extent size will no longer be determined by storage parameters. The extend size is either
identical for all extents(UNIFORM) oy automatically chosen depending on the segment
size(AUTOALLOCATE). The kind of extent allocation (UNIFORM or AUTOALLOCATE) is
determined on the creation of tablespace and cannot be changed later")
--> pg. 225
44a- Find the options listed below that complete the following sentence correctly in locally
managed tablespaces
Fthe next Extent size will be automatically adopted by SAP tool brconnect -f next
T..less fragmentation occurs compared to dictionary managed tablespaces
F.. the extent size set by Oracle can be adopted through storage parametyers INITIAl and
T.. the extent size is determined automatically by Oracle
45 - For UNDO tablespaces, which of the following are true?
TAuto extensible?
??Segments equal size?
FBRSPACE to convert from rollback to undo?
--> pg. 229 - Undo Tablespace
46 - To change ROLLBACK to UNDO tablespace. Uma correta:
T.... Oracle tools
.... etc
--> pg. 230 - Undo Tablespace (ltimo pargrafo: to swith from manual to automatic ...)
47 - Sobre o brconnect -f check :
--> pg. 237 - Check conditions for BRCONNECT ("The checks to be performed BRCONNECT
reads from table DBCHECKORA. To adapt the checks and their conditions, table DBCHECKORA
can be customised using transaction DB17")
48 About DB System check in BRCONNECT?
--> pg. 237
49 - O que o brconnect -f check mostra:
--> pg. 253 - Exercise 10: Database System Check (estudar)
pag 241 : interpreting the detail log of the Database System Check:
Tablespaces and data files, Redo log files, control files, database disk volumes, Tablespace
fragmentation, Check conditions for database administration
50 SAP recommendations for update statistics strategy?
--> pg. 248
Brconnect f stats t all
It can be scheduled with transaction DB13
51 Para evitar ORA-1653?
--> pg. 273 Enlarging a tablespace (add data file, auto extensible, resize)
52 Table space administration with BRSPACE?
T..Reset backup status?
T.. Locally managed?


??Any directory?
TAuto extensible?
--> pg. 275 resizing a data file
53 - pergunta confusa: a SAP recomenda o reorg online?
T --> pg. 289 a 291 - reasons for reorganization ("advantages ...online table redefinition")
54 - For reorg. (of tables without LONG fields) using BRSPACE, which of the following
statements are true?
--> pg. 294 - General Steps of Online Table Redefinition
--> pg. 295 - Reorganizatioables using BR* Tools
55 - For the database System Check Performance BRCONNECT, which one is true or False. (5
--> pg 306 - Database System Check (brconnect -f check)
56 - Caiu a pergunta de uma table com problema de performance e ele pergunta o que vc
pode fazer?
...Recriar indice
...Criar segundo indice
...Drop no indice
Saiba o que a SAP recomenda.
--> pg. 419, 420 tunable sql statements
57 - Which of the following is true the SQL statement highlighted on the "shared SQL" screen?
--> pg.415, 416, 417 Monitoring buffer gets
58 - For the SQL on the Shared SQL screen which is True or False? (5 opes)
59 - During Workload Analysis, an Expensive SQL on a table X was identified in a report Y. How
can the problem be solved? True or False (5 opes)
--> pg.418 a 420 Types of expensive sql statements


60 - Clearing and Updating table statistics used by cost-base optimizer is a SAP

recomendation? True or False (5 opes)
--> pg.485 Table statistics,
pg 487 Creating database statistics (weekly)
61 - SQl Cache - Programa Zslow numa table zlarge com problema de performance. T ou F:
T... Changing ABAP code as priority strategy, then create an index
F... Create an index as priority strategy, then changing ABAP code
F.... Create index can cause cost based optimizer to find a wrong access strategy
F... Create an index will solve the problem without affecting the whole system
62 - ST04 tela de entrada da ST04, com os 6 milhes de Reads. Outra tela da Shared SQL
Area, classificada em ordem decrescente de Buffer gets. Assinalado em vermelho o primeiro
SQL statement com:
total exec | reads/exec | buffer gets | Gets/exec | rec. processed | rec/exec | bufferget/exec
17 |
| 1704744 |
10279 | 6827
| 481
| 249
Uma verdadeira: um Expensive SQL Statement porque.....
F... tem mais de um milho de buffer gets
F... buffer gets mais de 5% de total disk reads
T... buffer gets mais de 5% de total de buffer gets
.... etc
--> pg.416, 417 regra de buffer gets > 5% de Reads da tela inicial

Subject: Database Backup

Question 1 (Demotest)
The brbackup tool can create a database backup when the database is up and running or when it has
been shutdown. During an online database backup which of the following is TRUE?
Answer 1: Incorrect
Users must stop entering data but may continue working using read-only transactions.
Answer 2: Incorrect
Users must stop working because their work would be unrecoverable in case of problems with the
Answer 3: Correct
Users may continue working without interruption.
Answer 4: Incorrect
Power-users may continue working but data-entry users must log off.
Answer 5: Incorrect
Users must log off until the online backup is started but then may continue working.