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The main character:

Anna- She is 27-year old simple looking chemist. She works at Amos Cosmetics factory. She is rather sensible. She
realizes that her boss would not be attracted to a simple girl like her.
The minor characters:
David Amos- He is a shrewd businessman. He is an English man who is rich and handsome. He is the owner of
Amos Cosmetics Factory, a factory that manufactures and sells perfumes. He has been going out with beautiful
young models. However, his current girlfriend is Sabina.
Annas mother- She is rather caring and is very eager to find a groom for Anna. She recommends Armstrong,
the pizza man as she feels he has nice eyes.
Aunt Mimi- She is a helpful and caring person. She is also very keen to find Anna a nice husband. She buys a
special fruitcake for Anna.
The Waiter- He works at a French restaurant. He is attracted to Anna when she dapped the fruitcake perfume
and competes with Amos for her attention.
Sabina- She is the current girlfriend of David Amos. She is young and pretty. She works as a model. She gets
angry when David pays attention to Anna.
Armstrong- He is a very hardworking man. He delivers pizzas and fell in love with Anna. Soon, he becomes the
owner of a pizza company. He is returns to ask Anna out.


Sample Question for the short story The Fruitcake Special:

Read the extract from the short story THE FRUITCAKE SPEACIAL below and answer the questions that
I have to say that at this point I was feeling very confused. Five minutes ago my boss didnt want to be seen with
me. Now he was saying he was crazy about me! What could be making him behave like this? Then, all at once, I
realised it was the fruitcake special!Intrigue might smell great, but it didnt make a girl attractive to men. But my
fruitcake perfume did.


Why was the writer confused?


What is the meaning of Intrigue?


What is Intrigue in the context of the story?


Do you think the fruitcake perfume actually made girls attractive to men?

Give a reason for your answer.