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Know All Men By these Presents:
This Agreement entered into by and between
<NAME>, <personal circumstance, address> (hereinafter referred as
the VENDOR), and
<NAME OF COMPANY> a corporation duly organized and existing under
the laws of the Philippines with principal office at <address>, Philippines,
represented in this act by its President <name> (hereinafter referred to as
the VENDEE),
Witnesseth, THAT
The Vendor is the owner one office condominium unit in AIC Burgundy
Empire Tower located in ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, more
particularly identified as Unit 4-A, at the eleventh floor, with an area of
twenty seven square meters and twenty seven decimeters (27.27), covered
by Condominium Certificate of Title No. 011-2012007283, of the Registry of
Deeds for Quezon City, and in addition, of two parking slots located at
basement floor eight of the said building, particularly slots six (6) and seven
(7), covered by Condominium Certificates of Title Nos. 011-2013005674 and
011-2013005673, respectively, (the Subject Properties), photocopies of
title to Unit 4-A, is hereto attached marked as Annex A, and that of the
parking slots as Annexes B and C and made and integral part hereof ;
The Vendee is desirous of acquiring the Subject Properties and has offered to
buy the same from the Vendor and the latter has agreed to sell to the
Vendee subject to the agreed terms and conditions;
Now, Therefore, premises considered, the parties hereto set forth their
understanding for the sale by the Vendor and the purchase by the Vendee of
the Subject Properties as follows:
1. Purchase Price The Vendor agrees to sell and the Vendee agrees to
acquire the Subject Properties for the total consideration of PESOS:
Three Million (Php 3,000,000.00), Philippine Currency
2. Terms of Payment The Vendee agrees to pay the total consideration
of the Subject Properties by paying the initial amount of Sixty Two
Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (Php62,500.00.00) upon execution of
this Agreement, and the balance in Forty Seven (47) installments,
each in the amount of Sixty Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos
(Php62,500.00.00), commencing fifteen days after the execution of
this agreement and every fifteen days thereafter. Provided, that the
Vendee shall have the option not to avail of the full period of
installment and have the option to pay in full the purchase price at

3. Representations/Warranties of the Vendor - The Vendor warrants that

(a) the Subject Properties are free from any and all encumbrances and
liens; (b) there are no pending actions or claim affecting the Subject
Properties nor the Vendor aware of any impending claim or action
affecting the Subject Properties; (c) the Subject Properties have not
been offered to others and that there is no existing contract granting
to anyone the right to acquire the same ; (d) the Subject Properties
are without any tenant or occupant which would adversely affect the
right of enjoyment of the same by the Vendee upon take over of the
same, and that if any exists, the Vendor agrees to free the Subject
Properties from any such occupant in whatever right and capacity,
upon the take over or turn over of possession by the Vendee in
accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
4. Execution of Deed of Absolute Sale & Transfer of Titles The Vendor
shall execute a duly signed Deed of Absolute Sale covering the
Subject Properties in favor of the Vendee upon the Vendee paying in
full the purchase price, and thereafter to cause the transfer of the
condominium certificate of title of the unit and the parking slots to the
name of Vendee. The Vendee shall likewise execute and/or deliver any
and all documents, necessary for the transfer of ownership from
Vendor to the Vendee.
5. Expenses Relative to this Agreement, Sale and Transfer of Title The
parties agree to comply with their respective obligations due in the
cost of executing this Agreement. The amount of capital gains tax due
and payable on the sale shall be for the sole account of the Vendor.
Documentary stamp tax, transfer fee and registration expenses on the
transfer of the title and issuance of certificates of title in the name of
Vendee shall be for the account of the Vendee.
6. Turn Over of Possession - The Vendor shall turn over possession of the
Subject Properties unto the Vendee upon execution hereof.
purposes hereof, possession of the Subject Properties by the Vendee
shall mean allowing the Vendee entry to the premises, devoid of any
occupant and free from any and all legal impediment or issue
respecting the use and enjoyment of the Subject Properties for the
enjoyment and use of the Vendee.
7. Payment of Real Estate Tax and Utility Charges Real estate taxes and
other tax assessments due on the Subject Properties prior to the
execution of a final deed of absolute sale shall be for the account of
the Vendor. Upon turnover of subject properties to Vendee by Vendor
effective on date of execution of this Agreement, Vendee shall be liable
for the payment of any and all utility charges related to the use and
enjoyment of the Subject Properties such as electricity, telephone,
water, association dues, garbage fees and the like. In the event
however of any such unpaid and outstanding utility charges chargeable
to Vendors account, the Vendee has the option to advance the
payment of the same and to deduct the said amount paid for the utility

charges and other fees against the installment payments due the
8. Registration of this Agreement - At the option of Vendee, this
Agreement shall be registered on the certificate of title covering the
condominium unit and those of the parking slots. The Vendor hereby
grants the Vendee all the power and authority to cause the registration
and annotation of this Agreement on the condominium certificates of
title of the Subject Properties and Vendor hereby authorizes the
concerned Register of Deeds to effect such registration without need of
presentation of any other authorization from Vendor.
For said
purpose, upon request of the Vendee, the Vendor shall make available
to the Vendee the original owners condominium certificates of title
covering the Subject Properties.
9. Binding Effect - This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the
benefit of the heirs and successor(s)-in-interest of either parties.
In Witness Whereof, the parties have hereunto signed the same this
day of June, 2015 at Pasig City, Metro Manila.



With my conformity:

Republic of the Philippines)
) S.S.
BEFORE ME, A Notary Public for and in the above jurisdiction,
personally appeared the following

For Company


Issued On
Issued At

Known to me or to me made known to be the same persons who executed

the foregoing Agreement For Purchase and Sale consisting of four (4) pages,
including this acknowledgment page, and who exhibited to me their
competent evidence of identity as indicated above, and acknowledged that
they executed the foregoing instrument voluntarily and freely.
Witness My Hand and Seal this

day of June, 2015.

Notary Public
Doc. No. _____;
Page No. _____;
Book No. _____;

Series of 2015.