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Do you think consumers should avoid over packaged products or is

it the responsibility of producers?
Ans1. Over packaging of products has become a trend in today's competitive
world. Producers are trying to attract consumers with attractive packaging of
their products, not bothered about its negative impact not only on our
environment but the users as well. It should be the responsibility of the
producers to limit the wastage of the resources in the form of un-necessary
The cost of over packaging is actually added to the product sold. In fact, at
times it is seen the packing cost and durability is more that the product itself.
The type of packaging found in pharmaceutical industries can be taken as an
example here. Pills and tablets are found to be packed in much bigger and
colorful strips than needed. Does this increase the sale of medicine? No.
Such packaging is of no concern to the consumers. But, the cost of medicine
would have definitely been lesser if sold in a simple outlook.
Further, the material used is mostly non-disposable which adds to the
environmental pollution to a great extent. Snacks and other food items
packaged in eye-catchy shimmering colored packets are consumed in a large
scale by everybody. These packets are really difficult to dispose as they emit
poisonous gas if burnt and if not can be seen to contaminate water
somewhere. Producers should realize the importance of using materials like
paper and stick to simple packaging.
Packaging as seen increases the cost of the product and also makes our
environment unhealthy. So, this packaging boom should be checked on a
serious note by the producers. Moreover, the producers should be restricted
with predefined rules and parameters set by the government. It is also
recommended that an awareness among the users that quality of the product
is important rather than the attractive packaging.
Q2. Some people believe that manufacturer and supermarket should
minimize the packaging materials used, however other think that
consumer should avoid to buy heavily packaged goods. Discuss both
views and give you opinion.
Ans2. In this technological world, thick packaging is essential to preserve and
safeguard the products. Some people reckon that manufacturers and
supermarkets should reduce the packaging stuff while others accord that the
customers should ignore thick packaged merchandise. In my view both
manufacturers, supermarkets as well as consumers should prevent or ignore
heavy packaging.
To begin with, manufacturers' responsibility to reduce high packaging.. They
are in necessity to conserve food products, so that it would not be decayed by
providing shielded material to protect the product. Moreover, electronic items
are protected with charcoal and other material. So that it would not be
damaged. Though it protects the product, it results in enormous waste which
cannot be recycled. They have to take steps to use recycled packaging
material for heavy goods so that it would not be any harm to the environment.

On the other hand, consumers should avert heavy package items. They
should look for recycled packing material for the household goods. Moreover,
consumer refuse, then the sale of the product would reduce the heavy
package material. In addition, it would reduce the cost of the product if they
buy thin packaging material products as the heavily package material cost
10% to 50% of the total cost of the product.
To sum up, by analyzing both the views it is clear that both manufacturers,
supermarkets and customers should prevent or forefend the heavy package
material. So it would reduce the package waste and protect our environment
in great danger.
Ans2b. Materialistic attitudes of modern societies is leading to excessive
consumerism in this jet age of 21st century. Presently, packaging material of
goods turns to rubbish that further cause environmental problems. Some
proportion of people assert that it is necessary for manufacturers to curtail
usage of packaged material. By contrast, others claim that masses need to
limit their shopping of heavily packed consumer durables. Here, I would like to
account for both sides with my perception.
There are multifarious points to shore up former view. First and foremost,
supermarkets and manufacturers use none-biodegradable material such as
plastic, pollythene, wrappers for packaging of goods. As a result, such
material is thrown to landfill sites in the form of trash where it leads to
production of perilous chemicals and gases. Consequently, ecological system
is becoming worse nowadays. Therefore, diminishing usage of such stuff is
supposed to be advisable for corporate world for safety of environment.
On the contrary, people, being more educated and health conscious, require
to decline habit of using pollythenes instead should use clothing bags or other
alternatives. Thus, environment will be more prosperous than ever before. In
addition, promoting three R's as a watchward could be fruitful to maintain
healthy lifestyle. For instance, three R's featuring reduce use, reuse and
recycling can be reliable to address this worrying concern.
From my notion, both ideas have their singnificance. As far as environment
problems are concerned, these are too big to managed by an individual group
or person. Hence, both products developers and folks must share joint
responsibility to 'nip this evil in the bud'.
To recapitulate, it is well acknowledged that '' prevention is better than cure".
Proactive steps ought to be taken to encounter this problem as soon as
3.Many people think that regions affect successful person. What is your
opinion about native region and accomplished persons influence on the
region he belongs to.
Undeniably person's vicinity plays a vital role in moldings him into his success.
Accomplished person have great influence on their native region, as many
youngsters can relate to him and want to imitate his blueprint of success. This

essay will discuss how successful person can impact their native people.
2ans. Many people think regions affect successful persons. What is your

opinion about native regions and accomplished person influence on the

regions they belong to?How to become a successful person in the
professional life is a debatable topic. Success is influenced and gained
in many terms which involves factors like determination, serious and
practical thinking about what you want to achieve in your life, respect for
others, hard work, destiny and native regions. Nevertheless, every
aspect to get success has an involvement of the said features.
Successful{Accomlished} persons do everything in life to earn respect
and big{lumpsume/handsome amount} money and make maximum
utilization of the sources available. Firstly, for accomplishing anything in
life{goal-driven,highly motivated}, required immense hard work and
commitment. Success means earning respectable position, monetary
{gains}benefits and secured future. Hard work {Industrious/Laborious}as
a key has a lion's share in achieving success and remarkable position in
the society. Moreover, People {people}those who have marked
themselves as examples for others have burnet{burnt} the midnight oil
for reaching at desired positions. To illustrate, people like, Bill Gates,
Ratan Tata, APJ Abdul Kalam and list goes on{other eminent
personality} are the perfect cases of successful leaders in their
respective fields. Octuber I strongly disagree with the statement that
persons those who belongs to native regions are feat in their fields, to
some extent I believe it's good to be at a positive side of native region to
gain little benefits, like state reservations in universities and in
government offices. To a large extent, belonging to native regions is not
a criteria or a key to become a successful icon. One should tie a note
that hard work and commitment has the vital part to play in every
victorious story. To warp{wrap} up, the connection between people
belong to native regions and accomplished forks have a very small or
tiny {minimal/trivial}effect in overall success stories of any person. Basic
fundamentals will remain static and identical to earn respectable
position in this universe.
First of all, you need to check if your essay has between 200 to 300
words.Now I am not an English teacher but I did a fair bit of research
and preparation before I took my tests so I can share my two cents
worth. Those that in brackets are the ones I would write if I were you.
But it may not mean you are wrong. They are simply my choices. Very
importantly, do not write alternative choices of words in brackets in
actual exam, like you did. You will lose marks.Whether one's success is
very much dependent on his or her native regions is a debatable topic.
This essay will express complete disagreement with this statement and
will offer reasons for this viewpoint.To begin with, a variety of reasons
can be offered to explain why I am not in favour of this. Foremost
among these, I believe that achieving success in life depends on many

factors such as determination, discipline, clear visions of your goals and

ambitions, motivation and most importantly hard work. Moreover,
support from friends and family around you would also play an
important part in your journey to success. Although there is no doubt
that being in a good and cohesive environment is beneficial, a person
who is disciplined and determined to achieve his goals will find ways to
his success no matter where they are.You can use simple words and
construct sentences with correct grammar. As long as you can write
correct sentences in 250 and 300 words length, you can score fairly well
in PTE. Your idea and content don't play that much important roles as
long as your grammar and spelling are correct. My suggestion, your can
refer to my post in this blog,"Useful sentences and phrases for essays.
Many sentences there can be recycled and used in almost any types of
3.Roles of governments, companies and individuals to combat climate change

Global warming is currently known (emerged) as the

worldwide problems, {"Global warming is emerging as a
worldwide problem" is good} affecting to all aspects of our
lifes.[lives] Some people argue that every single person is able
to help prevent global climate change while the others believe
in the [dominant] role of government and large business.
However, I'm convienced{sp} that not only individuals but also
organizations must [be] involved in their environmental
Most people hold the belief that [every] individual's role is one
of the most important solutions to prevent global disaster. To
protect [the] environment, every single person can do
something to avoid{"prevent" is better} climate change, such
as using public transport instead of private vehicle[s ].
Nevertheless, some people disagree with this view, either
aguring{sp} that the man{who is "the man"?} caused much
polution, or getting useless as each person follows seperate
purposes.{this sentence is very unclear to me} Because of
this, I personally believe that individuals should co-operate
with governments to find a solution for it. {because of what?
your reasoning is not explicit enough for me to understand}
There is no doubt that the states are doing its [their] best to
make further improvements for our li[ves]. {personally, I have
a lot of doubt about this!} Having said that, it can't{try not to
use contractions} [be] den[ied] that things governments and
large business play an important role.{role in what? this is
unclear} For example, governments can build[institute]
policies to preserve wild habitats [and] develope{sp} more

renewable energy projects while many companies also accept

to use [the use of] environmentally friendly energy [sources]
or even [strive to] reduce the [amount of CO2 emissions]
number of emission of CO. {CO is not too good either - it can
kill you, but I do not think it contributes to global warming}
We should, however, take into account the fact that these
efforts of organizations are successful or not as it's individual
who really work for it. {this sentence is awkward and unclear do you mean "We should however take into account the fact
that whether these organizations' efforts are successful or not
depends mainly on the individuals who comprise these larger
In conclusion, my own personal view is that government and
large business and individuals should accept[strive] to come
together to prevent the global warming completely
successfully.{"completely successfully" sounds very odd} It
means that the role of both of them are same important.{It
means that both of their roles are equally important}
Some people believe individuals are more important in taking care of
environment, others thinks government should be major responsible to
it. Discuss and give your opinion.
The topic of whether individuals or government should hold the major
responsibility to protect the environment is of concern for many people.
As for me, only if both citizens and government involve in environmental
protection, will the world become better.
Some people believe that government plays a vital role in environmental
improvement. Firstly, the government has a great influence on
environmental conservation. By stating various laws and policies
regarding environmental issues, the government is able to control and
supervise the factories and industries, which effectively regulate the
pollutions ejection and sewage discharge. Secondly, the government is
responsible to emphasize the importance of environmental preservation.
As some uneducated people are unconscious of the consequence of
pollution, the government should instill them with environmental
awareness, for example, promoting ecological activities or encouraging
garbage recycle, which boosts the environmental interests of people.
However, some people insist that government cannot achieve
conservation without the help from individuals. To start with, if every
citizen makes a small effort, the world can be improved significantly. For
example, suppose everyone chooses public transport to commute
rather than driving their own private cars, the released poisonous gas
can be minimized, thereby maintaining the air quality. Besides that, the
environment is highly related to individuals daily lives, so they are
obligated to take care of environment. As some personal behaviors such
as the consistent use of plastic bag and the waste of paper contribute to

the worsening of water quality and climate change, people are

responsible to make up the mistakes and recover all the damages.
To sum up, I would suggest the government to corporate with
individuals to help the improvement of the environment, which will
benefit peoples lives.
4. Nowadays, the mass media including TV, radio and newspaper have
become the essential part of our lives. What is your opinion?
Mass media plays a pivotal role in our life. Many people and businesses rely
on these mediums for their day to day transactions. On the flip-side it also
bombards us with too much or unwanted information. This essay will shed a
light on various aspects of this issue.

The mass media, including TV, radio and newspapers, have

great influence in shaping peoples ideas. To what extent do
you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for
your answer.
People's thinking is obtained from the information which comes
from various sources, especially mass media. Every house has
at least one kind of mass media, whether it is TV, radio, or
newspaper. I personally support that the mass media have
strong effect in forming peoples thinking for some reasons.
Firstly, some people utilize mass media for their own interest.
Spreading idea through the mass media is like doctrination but
in faster way and wider range. By on air broadcasting, an
information is spreaded to many people in many places in
short time. Some studies show that people could spend more
than five until eight hours each day to watch tv, listen to radio,
or read newspaper. Furhermore, the development of
technology creates a new trend of enjoying the mass media by
internet. The ease of access, cheap cost, and mobility increase
the amount of people who obtain information from the mass
media. According to this fact, the mass media affects in
forming ideas of greater number of people supported by the
development of technology.
Secondly, human brain works every second absorbing
informations consciously and unconsciously. In many cases,
human keeps unconsciously absorbed information rather than
consciously absorbed one. By repetition of the same
information, the mass media unintentionally shapes peoples
ideas. The clearest fact today shows that with much news
about crime published almost everyday through TV, radio, and
newspaper, people start to accept that crime is an ordinary
matter in their life. It results in the increasing of crime rate

committed from unconsciously absorbed information which is

obtained from mass media. This fact proves that the repetition
of the same information every day, people accept the truth of
one statement.
In conclusion, it seem to me that peoples thinking today is
mostly affected by the information obtained from mass media.
Even, a statement considered wrong at the first time could
change to be right.
5. The mass media including TV, Radio and newspaper influence our society
and shape our opinions and characters. What is your opinion?
6.Companys top level authorities should get their employees in decision
making process. Discuss.
Decision making is a crucial step in a success of a company. Whether to
involve employees in this process is a moot point. I advocate that top
management should deploy their juniors to make decisions although some
may object that it is risky. Feedback: Second sentence can be written as: The
moot question is that whether involvement of employees is required for the
decision making process. Third sentence: If u advocate, then don't write what
other side thinks... Just build up the essay on what u think.

Some people think that managers alone should make decisions

in the company, while others think that employees should be
involved in the decision-making process too. Discuss both
views and give your own opinion.
Decision making process can either make you hero or zero.
Presently, some people assert that all the paramount decisions
should be constituted by the managers only. By contrast,
others claim that it is a capital idea to involve employees in the
decision making process in order to find the best outcomes.
Here, I would like to account for both sides with my own
There are manifold points to shore up the former view. First
and foremost, managers are the most responsible characters
for the safety, progress and the development of a company. To
be specific, the managers are assigned to build up networks of
their companies and therefore they have to make conclusive
respond for the every commercial dealing. Apart from it, the
managers are nourished with the proficient management skills
during their educational career so that they have ability to
make worthwhile decisions better than others. Hence, the
involvement of employees having different view points can
either make the decision making process too complicated or
may lead to bad decisions. Consequently, it is advisable for the
managers to make the decisions alone. On the contrary, others

have conflicting views.

They think that employees spend most of the time at the work
places and therefore they are well familiar with the
requirements, working atmosphere and it's drawbacks.
Therefore, the employees especially seniors are the backbone
of a company who can help the managers to make productive
decisions. What is more, it is well said that "two heads are
better than one". Thus, the discussions between the managers
and the employees could be fruitful to analyse each and every
aspect of a project in order to make the wise decision.
From my opinion, both aspects have their own significance.
Undeniably, most of the managers are proud of their decision
making abilities and power. However, a handy deliberation with
employees could be a huge privilege to determine what to do
for the betterment of their organisations.
To recapitulate, rapid progress is the ultimate goal of every
enterprise. Therefore, the assistance of experienced
employees must be taken by the managers to flourish the
progress of their companies.

7. Some people think law changes our behaviour. Discuss.

People's behavior is largely determined by forces not of their

own making.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you
agree or disagree with the statement and explain your
reasoning for the position you take. In developing and
supporting your position, you should consider ways in which
the statement might or might not hold true and explain how
these considerations shape your position.
The term "behavior" is not quite easy to describe. There exists
a plethora of definitions for it according to individual
perspectives. But, in general "behavior" means how a person
acts or reacts according to the external or internal forces.
Human beings being the most intelligent species, have liberty
of choice. They think, decide and execute things. People do
behave in a way they are brought up. Many external factors
such as society, environment, school, peers, families may
contribute to their thinking, but it is highly unjustified to say
that external factors are solely responsible for the behavior of

We as human learn, hear and absorb things but eventually it is

us who decides what to do. We have free will and we can only
account ourselves for our actions. However, there are outside
factors that contributes to human behavior. External factors
always had impact on humans. History shows many a great or
flawed men were a product of these influences. But, eventually
it depends on the individual about how and what to do. There
are laws, rules and regulations in the society but it depends on
the individual whether to abide by those rules or not. For
instance, in a particular country there may be a punishment for
throwing garbage on the road. A person travelling to that
country might not throw garbage being extra cautious about
the rules there. But, when he goes to the other country where
there are no such rules, he might. In this case, their sense of
individual responsibility will come into play. External forces
might push people, make them think, realize what needs to be
done. In the end it is completely dependent on us to make the
decisions. We are our decision-makers and nothing can make
us do what we don't want to. There are rules, laws and outer
forces that continuously reminds us against doing bad or
illegal. But, there are people who break laws, which is evident
by the crime rate. So, what are the effects of external forces on
such people? They have decided not to let the external forces
determine their behavior. Students are continuously told to
study well for their bright future. There are students who will
let the external forces push them and study well. On the other
hand, there are students who will not let the external forces
influence them and act according to their will. A thief will steal
in spite of the laws in the society. Many argue that their act
resulted from poverty, circumstances etc, but it is eventually
the thief who makes the decision in spite of the options. A
person can only be responsible for his behavior. External forces
can play a part, but human beings are the outcome of their
own actions.
However, the above statement is not entirely without support,
it runs contrary to common sense and everyday human
actions. So, I firmly believe that our action springs from our
free will accords with common sense and everyday experience.

8. Pros and Cons of extreme/adventure sports.

Ans: Advancing technology and science has invented new sports, never
imagined before with the risks that never existed before. Undoubtedly the feel
of a thrill comes at a price and on few occasions it can be death. This essay
will discuss the positive and negative aspects of these adventure sports.
Feedback: Try to avoid technology and science.

It can also be written as.

Adventure sports were there before as well but only limited to defense
purposes. With the advancement in technology these sports are now
accessible by a common man.
9. The environment we live in is in danger due to various problems. What are
the underlying causes? Who is responsible to combat this? What measures?
Ans: No one can overlay the fact that the planet we live in is at serious threat.
Increasing number of natural calamities like Tsunami, earthquakes, floods and
hurricanes have given us repeated warning signals. This essay will outline few
causes and measures that must be implemented by responsible authorities.

It is true that the damage to the environment is increasing at

an alarming rate mainly due to human activities. Even though
a great deal of effort is now being made by governments all
over the world, individuals also have a major role to play in
minimizing global environmental hazards.
To begin with, one of the major reasons for the pollution of the
environment is the uncontrolled use of automobiles. If
individuals can make a conscious effort to change their
lifestyle, by cutting down the use of private cars and using
public transport, it would substantially reduce the burning of
fossil fuels. In other words, serious attempts could be made by
individuals to travel to work regularly by buses and trains,
which are cheap and abundant.
In addition to this, individuals could play a significant role
towards making our environment safer by not using enormous
amounts of plastic in daily life, which is a hazardous pollutant
of the soil. For example, almost every consumer uses plastics
while shopping, and there is always a 'use and throw away'
culture. Instead of doing this, individuals could opt for eco
friendly substitutes such as using paper and cloth bags
instead of plastic in supermarkets.
In conclusion, it seems to me that environmental problems are
a worrying concern and individuals have a crucial role in
joining hands with the government in reducing the harm
caused to the environment. Lack of individual participation
could mean that addressing environmental issue is beyond

10.In education system, assessment through formal written examination still
Without a doubt formal written examination is used widely as assessment
criteria. Advancement in technology has open doors for alternate ways to
assess educational skills and abilities. This essay will discuss the validity of
formal exams as assessment criteria. Feedback: In the question they never
asked you about the alternative ways of assessment.Second line can be
written as: The moot question as to whether the formal written assessment is
reasonable is an interesting issue upon which opinion varies greatly.

Only formal examinations, can give a clear picture of students

true knowledge and ability at university level. Continuous
assessment like course work and projects are poor measures of
student ability.How far do you agree with this latter statement?
Formal examinations has been considered as a best testing
method ever to identify students levels at school for decades
in developed countries. However, course work and
dissertations which are much more applied in university
dynamics in Western countries are demeaned in some old
point of views. This essay will examine argument for and
against both of sides for each kind of measurement.
In the first place, it is often argued that conventional tests
conducting at each semester at school are very clear and
require students well-preparation, which exactly assess the
students ability. However, it might be not totally true in this
contemporary time. Indeed, with the todays technological
advancement, obviously, the wrong-doings happening in
exams are inevitable. For instance, many students use phones
and super small sophisticated machines to know answers
already though stern-discipline investigations of observers in
many developing nations in Asian area. In doing so, they
always get high scores and be evaluated at top-qualified
students at school.
Furthermore, many people believe that formal exams are seen
to be transparent. Obviously, hardly can educational systems
act like that. Bribery phenomenon has been a widespread issue
in many nations especially in developing countries. In Viet
Nam, it is not difficult for an individual at school to get an
excellent result provided that money given to teachers or
In the other hand, course works has been applied recently in
western nations like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. In
that kind of wide-scaled homework, students have a privilege
to reference any open-documents as to creatively brainstorm

towards their objects. The most benefit here is that no

limitations, pressure on their mind, which constrains their
thinking. In addition, the regulations in most school apply
course works are strict enough to stay students far away from
Overall, I am convinced that course works are much better
applied at academic educational method for students.
Principles at school need to change their mindset to up-to-date
adequate measurements to assess students ability in any
11.Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. Your opinion? Good or
Without a doubt, mall culture is spreading its wings in most urban areas by
replacing small shops. As a consumer its much convenient for us as we can
shop for most of our requirement under one roof. In this essay we will look at
some pros and cons of this trend. Feedback: Second sentence must include
what is asked in the question. That tells the reader if u have understood the
question or not and The third sentence must inform what u will write in the
essay.Tip: Just paraphrase the question.It can also be written as The question
whether this boom of mall's trend is positive or negative is a complex issue,
upon which opinion varies greatly.

Compare modern shopping centers to local markets and shops.

What way of shopping has more advantages for the people and
the society?
Nowadays, the modern life completely changes the way we
shop. Little, local shops disappear and big shopping centers
come instead. Yet so what way of shopping is better and has
more advantages for the people and our society?
To begin with, I start with advantages of big malls that are so
widespread all over the world. First of all, the advantage of
shopping center is convenience. We come to the mall and can
buy everything we want beginning with food and finishing with
clothes or electronics. We can safely assume that it is very
important and easy for people who have little time. Secondly,
shopping centers have many entertainment and relaxation.
You can go to a cinema or for instance bowling. There are
many amusements for little children, like various chutes, toys
and other fun. Or if you are so tired of shopping you may have
some kind of relaxation like massage, cup of coffee in the
comfortable cafe or hookah. In a mall you spend many hours
without being bored. Finally, shopping center is the place
where you can meet many friends and people whom you
havent seen a long time. Also malls become a place of social
life of many teenagers.

Now lets start with advantages of little local shops. To start

with firstly it is also convenient if this shop is situated in your
house or nearby. If you forget to buy something you always can
walk in this local one. Another thing is that the products that
you buy in little shops are usually fresh and non-damage
because the production in these shops is supplied every day
and you always know that you buy good food. And finally,
nowadays as we all know, many big supermarkets are closed
on free days and it is very uncomfortable for people who work
a lot and have only time to shop on rest day. Local shops work
all week without days off and can always help you to solve this
Summing it up, despite of all the advantages of local shops like
always presence of fresh food and work without free days, I
think that more advantages for the people and the society.
Shopping centers are an indispensable part of modern
urbanization. Therefore, in my view, shopping malls will
gradually replace traditional local markets because of their
social advantages.
12. Nowadays, people spend too much time at work to the extent that they
hardly have time for their personal life. Discuss.
Modern lifestyle has brought some drastic changes in a way we function as
compared to our traditional lifestyle. People are spending most of their day at
work and can hardly spare some time for personal life. I am of the opinion that
work and personal life must be balanced. Herein we will discuss few reasons
and solutions of this issue. Feedback: Tip: Try to write as many academic
words as u can.Third sentence can start as: This essay will outline the
compelling reasons
13. It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and
getting established in a good job? Do you agree or disagree".
Getting married before finishing studies and getting employed can be arduous
at times. Although some may object that it's good to have a helping hand, I
would still advocate that getting married later is much better as one can focus
on his career. Feedback: Although some people may believe in getting
married prior to settle their career.

14. Some people believe law changes human behaviour. Do you


Some people respect the law and regulations from the

point of view that regulations coordinate the relations and
agreements between people in real life. On the contrary,

other people think that firm laws and regulations limit

their personal freedom and restrict their creativity and
innovation, that's why they usually think that creativity
comes from chaos. in my opinion, implemntation and
sticking to laws and legislation reduce the risk of chaos,
saving money and finally regualtes the life system.
the reality is that the government function is to plan and to
set up laws and rules, while our role as a citizens is to
follow,implement and respect those legislations. so we can
give a simple example concerning traffic laws in developed
countries had saved a lot of time and lives by making the
car drivers follow the street directions. Ghandy had
concured the hearts of the indians during the British
invasion to india not by breaking the laws but he simply
chose to do nothing.
On the other hand, chaos causes citizens to loose a lot
whether on the finical part or on the immoral part. For
example, Paris is always crowded even to the late hours of
the night on the contrary of other countries, where their
citzens had lost the sense of security and the people stay at
their homes when the sun falls.
that's why I agree.
On the other hand, where their citzens had lost the sense
of security and the people stay at their homes when the
sun falls.
15. Talk about pros/cons of this era as it is full of daily inventions
It is undeniable that inventions have shrunk the boundaries of the world we
live in. In this modern era everyday there is some new invention in some part
of the world. Although these inventions are meant to solve problems, many
have proven to be dangerous. This essay will talk about its positive and
negative impacts.
16. Imitating celebrities in sports and movies good or bad?
It's a human nature to imitate the famous around us. These sports and movie
stars being portrayed as personalities with admirable jazzy lifestyle, most
youngsters want to imitate them. Whether it is good or bad is a moot question
upon which the opinion varies.

Without a doubt, human nature has been blessed to imitate the famous
around them. The moot question as to whether imitating sportspersons or
celebrities is an interesting issue, upon which opinion varies greatly. This
essay will outline the compelling reasons to show the positive and negative
sides of portraying as sportsperson or celebrities.


Celebrities are usually famous for glamour and wealth rather
than their achievements.Some say taking them as an example
can be dangerous for young people.To what extent you agree
or disagree.
Celebrities like sports icons and film stars has become the role
models of our younger generation inspite of political leaders
and warriors who conquered the minds of our older
generation.In this context,whether this inspiration of youth is
for good or bad remains a million dollar question.However,this
essay will discuss about it and reach a prudent conclusion.
On the one hand,some people are of the opinion that
celebrities are leading a simple life with no hardwork,while
their beauty and wealth only made them to conquer this
world.Moreover,because of this reason only younger
generation aspire these people in life,as they have an intense
desire to imitate these celebrities. In addition,by doing this
young generation also depends badly on gyms and beauty
shops,thereby they wastes their valuable time in searching
ways to film industry or sports team.
On the other hand ,other majority are of the opinion that

celebrities got their fame and high level pay because of their
skill and their dedication to their career,which is quite evident
by their works which extents to overnight.Therefore,young
people should aspire such people in their skills and dedication
towards their goal.Furthermore,it is better to tell that the
proverb 'where there is a will there is a way' is well evident
from this attitude.For an instance international icons like
Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan possess the great
level of stardom because of their lifetime
achievement,experience and hardwork. Finally,younger
generation should look on these aspects of famous people in
imitating them.
To conclude,in my opinion,there is no danger in aspiring the
values and hardships of famous people rather than just looking
only on to their beauty and wealth.
Q. The claim that animals have rights has been the subject of much
debate since the 1970s.Are zoos helping or hurting our animals?Should
zoos be banned? Do you agree or disagree?
Ans1. t is an undeniable fact that every living creature has the right to live
with respect and dignity in this world and they should be given an opportunity
to experience their fundamental rights like food, clothes and shelter.
Therefore, zoos are the place where all the necessary amenities are met for
the animals. So, it is definitely not a good idea to ban zoos. I do not accord
with the given statement.
To begin with, zoos are the safest place for the poor creatures as they are
taken care well and their holistic needs are met at the time of necessity. For
example, animals can be treated well in case of medical needs and they will
enjoy not only freedom of life but also quality of life by experiencing all the
facilities. In this way , zoos have always provided enough protection to the
wonderful creatures.
Furthermore, emphasizing my point of view, I believe there are a lot of species
on the verge of extinction and they need to be preserved at any cost. So, zoos
are the prime place to protect such a beautiful natures creation. For instance,
the number of tigers is being decreased gigantically day by day in the world
and if they are not prevented from extinction, there will be hardly any tigers
left in near future.
In conclusion, I believe zoos play an ample role to provide proper basic needs
to the animals along with respect and dignity. Therefore, zoos need to be
established in every corner of the earth and people should be made aware of
animals right.
Ans2. Since last half century Veganism and animal rights is making
headlines. With the advancement of technology many shocking videos have
been coming out on animal cruelty and many are becoming aware of animal
rights. In this essay we will advocate for banning of zoos as there are

alternate ways to see the animals.Firstly its been taught is schools thats Man
is an evolution of and originated from monkeys, so why cage our ancestors?
The Zoos are mostly commercialized and rob animals from their right of living
in natural habitat. Many are have to spend their entire life in a cage just
because some more powerful species like humans can watch them and
experiment on them. Secondly there are alternate ways to see them in their
natural habitat. For example, African safaris take have safe vehicles which go
into jungles and forests and get to see these animals and sometimes feed
them as well. In this way humans get to travel as well as watch them without
hurting them. On the contrary some may argue that everyone cannot afford to
travel and pay for safaris. However in my opinion for our convenience those
animals have to pay the price of their freedom and a lifetime in artificial caged
environment.So conclude, we should live in harmony with nature and other
living entities. Just because we have more intelligence and have ability to
capture and control them does not make us superior.
Q. Team sports are generally promoted as a great way to keep fit and
build character. However, sporting events such as soccer matches are
often accompanied by violence between rival supporters and other
forms of antisocial behavior. If sporting events can lead to antisocial
behavior, can team sports really be good for us?
Ans. It is often debatable question for mass media what is the impact of
sporting events on societies. Some people are in the opinion that sports for
individuals can make healthier and build character whereas others think that
these sports event could lead to rival activities. Although some people could
make anti-social atmosphere, this is the time for the enjoyment and feel like
To begin with, sports occasions may not always lead to anti-social activities.
When any team got defeat in the match and as a consequence people can do
disgusting activities. This can lead because of some tempt nature groups of
people. For example, sometimes referee could give wrong discussion in the
football match so some asocial people may try to opposite of the games.
On the other hand, there are several reasons to support that team sports are
really good for us. During matches, people may enjoy the games with different
countries people and wear their own countries t-shirt and cheers for their team
spirit. Furthermore, we can foster patriotism environment through sporting
events. In this time, they can interact with various cultures people and see
different regions of the world. They can see matches without worries of stress,
tension of life and just enjoy and feel relax through games.
In conclusion, I am of the opinion that only some people can do rival activities
and most of others people comes for enjoyment and relaxation. I agree that
these types sporting games through people can interact and learn their
cultures and languages.
In some countries around the world, voting is compulsory.Do you agree with
the notion of compulsory voting?If Voting is compulsory in democratic society,
what conclusions can we draw about Nature of democracy?Compulsory
voting in a democratic society is undeniably a controversial topic as it raises a

question: how democratic a nation will be with or without compulsory voting.

This system has many benefits to the nation, if it is implemented in a right
manner. In this essay we will discuss the nature of democracy with few
examples of compulsory voting.Democracy is also known as republic, is a
governing system where the citizens of the country vote to one of the several
parties competing for the Presidents position. If only 30% of the people vote
then outcome of the election will be unfair, as those who did not vote may not
like the party that won the election. For instance, In America, Bill Clinton won
when mere 34% of the total population voted. Similarly in India on an average
only 50 to 55% of the people vote and rest have to accept the rules drafted by
the unwanted members of the parliament. Turning to the compulsory voting, in
Australia voting is compulsory since last 80 years. Almost 90% of public
participate and there is a little fine for those who dont participate. Moreover, in
South American nations like Peru and Bolivia there are harsh punitive action
against those who dont vote. For example, Non Voters are barred from
accessing their own bank accounts for up to 3 months. This is the reason
there are some people who are against compulsory voting.In a nutshell it can
be said that compulsory voting is an imperative step in a democratic society,
however its implication in a friendly manner is of vital importance. So
compulsory voting is mandatory for a democracy to be a democracy.
space tavel is fantastic these day and they are very fascinate towards its but
there are many environmental problems in our planet we should resolve the
problems or travel space and spend alot of money
q. investment in space travel/technology vs improving current affairs like

What governments should spend as much money

as pos
Topic 95: Some people think governments should spend as
much money as possible exploring outer space (for
example, traveling to the Moon and to other planets).
Other people disagree and think governments should
spend this money for our basic needs on Earth. Which of
these two opinions do you agree with? Use specific reasons
and details to support your answer. | Score & Analysis
In my opinion, I definitely agree with that governments
should spend money for our fundamental needs on earth
and preserve our earth as possible as they can. There are
three crucial reasons that support my opinion, such as
outer space is an uncertainty and we could not estimate
how much money we need to spend for it, our earth is the
place we live in now so that we should preserve it rather
than seeking for the outer space, and our money is finite

so that we should spend it on the appropriate way.

First, outer space is an uncertainty and we could not
estimate how much money we need to spend for it.
Whereas, we could estimate how much money we should
spend for the fundamental needs in terms of our resource,
population and basic spending. Furthermore, we should
pursue the goal that we could achieve rather than pursue
the goal that we could not know if we will achieve it.
Second, our earth is the place we live in now so that we
should preserve it rather than seeking for the outer space.
It's a simple logic, we should live in here and now rather
than seek for something that might exist in the future.
Moreover, if we regard our earth as the only precious
place, we do not need to seek for the our place. In other
words, we do not need another outer space if we preserve
our earth entirely. Consequently, we could get what we
need from our earth if we focus on preserving it.
Third, our money is finite so that we should spend it
appropriately. In other words, the money that will be
spend for the outer space is absolutely much more than
our fundamental needs on earth. Furthermore, we should
value our money then spend it for what we need.
Consequently, we do not need to invest our money for the
outer space if we spend it appropriately, because we could
regard our earth a comfortable space and we would never
want to seek for the outer space.
To sum up, according to the reasons that I mentioned
above, I urge that our governments should spend money
for our fundamental needs on earth.
17. Any recent invention that you think proved beneficial or detrimental to



deal of good to mankind. Technology is essentially a
multipurpose tool. It is our duty to use it for the
18. In the past 100 years, there have been many inventions such as
antibiotics, airplanes and computers. What do you think is the most important
of them? Why? Greatest invention in the last 100 years, medicine, sciene or

Science and Technology has advanced many fold in the last 100 years.
It has progressed human lives in all spheres. Among all the inventions,
the most revolutionary one is the advent of computers. In fact,
Computer have become indispensible for communication, education,
banking, travelling, health care, aviation industry, and any other industry
one can think of.
Today, a student cannot think of carrying on the studies without access
to computers. Internet - has made the world a much smaller place to
live in by providing information on any possible thing, just at a click of a
button. Students use it for their projects and enhance their knowledge in
the subject.
Communication with the help of World Wide Web has become a part
and parcel of daily life. Now, family and friends can have video chat
between any parts of the planet. This has opened a wide frontier for
people to travel, work and live even thousands of miles apart, by
maintaining a close contact with their dispersed dear ones. Perhaps,
computers have become an essential tool for further innovation, across
all industries. The effective antibiotics could not have been invented at
this pace had computers not assisted the scientists. Similarly, aviation
industry would not have flourished with its application. In spite of its
darker side, computers are expected to do wonder even further, in the
coming days to mankind.
In summary, there are many inventions in the last 100 years that have
changed the world and have made it a better place but among them the
computer technology is the best as it has changes the way we live our
lives, how we communicate each other and made our life easier and
more convenient.
19. Information revolution has changed the way of mass communications and

had some negative and positive effects on individual lives as well as on

society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Early technological developments helped ordinary people and

changed their lives more than recent developments.To what extent
do you agree or disagree?
The aim of technology has always been serving people through making
their lives easy. It is true that technical innovations took place long ago
assisted people to change their live for better; it dose not indicate that
current technical advancements left behind its original goal.
The fact is that emergence of machines revolutionized peoples lives.
With the invention of steam engine, for example, travellers could travel
extremely faster than using conventional means, and arrival of tractor
reduced the duration of months works of farmers to days, which were
significant moments in human routine. In terms of communication,
telephone and telegraph also brought people closer, which are entirely
understandable events.
At the same time, it cannot be denied that the impact of the current
technology has been by far fundamental in changing todays world. Take
computer for example. This invention not only shocked people, but
entered them to a new era of Computerized World means petite. Now,
a large library and a gigantic administrations are converted into a pocket
box, which not only saved space for other activities, but it also
minimized the unnecessary consumption. Enhancements in genetics
can be another domain, which realized long-standing dreams to reality
in the fields of medicine and agriculture. Tens of previously killer
ailments are now diagnosable and curable, food quantity and quality is
not comparable even to its one decade before situations.
It is therefore does not seem logic to ignore the significance of new
technical developments, and it is better to bring to a close that science
and technology constantly serve humanity.
20.Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it more
positive for their future aspect or have some adverse effects. Agree or

I certainly agree with that children should begin learning a

foreign language in chilhood. Learning a foreign language
is the most important and crucial issue in this age. Firstly,
f person know important foreign language, he/she could
reach all information about important topics. Secondly, a
foregin language could help people making a friends so the
people have big social environment. Finally, learning a

foreign language contributes mental progress of people.

The first and foremost reason that the world is not big as
much before. There are a lot of books that is written
foreign language. Children would need much information
chilhood and adolescence. That is wyh when children start
school, the children have to begin learning a foreign
language. The children are very open learning new
information in chilhood. They could easily adapt this
Second important reason that f the children know a
foreign language, they could make a friends from other
country. They could become very social person in this way.
The children take a opportunity a foreign language. For
instance, they could go to abroad in order to study. They
could gain experience very important.
Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning
a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary

school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

There is a conflicting issue about young generations ideal period for
starting to learn a foreign language. While there are people who are not
in favour of exposing children foreign language lessons at primary
school, I believe no other time can be better than this early stage .
Some people argue teaching pupils foreigh language so early can
create several drawbacks. Firstly, at that age other subjects are more
important to learn rather than a new language. Mathematics and mother
tongue are to be developed deeply in early school years because many
other subjects are based on these two knowledge in the future. So
learning a foreign language may take time from these two essential
disciplines. Apart from this, at primary school children have not acquired
even their own languages syntaxes and grammatical structures which
are really vital to learn during new language lessons. Therefore,
children are unable to be taught this language efficiently.
However, benefits of early age foreign language lessons are even more.
Young children tend to learn every thing faster as well as less shy so
that it is easy to teach them a language through games and other
activities in the shortest time. Moreover, most adult learners often
experience problems to adjust new pronunciation but this problem can
be delt easily with young students. On the top of that, today knowing
international language is becoming one of the most essential skills in
our globalized era, so it is worth setting this subject top priority at
schools.By the way of conclusion, we should ignore some
disadvantages of teaching students at primary school, because its
benefits offset drawbacks in long term.
21.What are the greatest inventions of the 20 th century among medicine,
aeroplane and computers, why?

Topic 159: The twentieth century saw great change. In

your opinion, what is one change that should be
remembered about the twentieth century? Use specific
reasons and details to explain your choice. | Score &
Internet should be the biggest change in the last century.
It brought "the age of information",and brought great
changes to human's life. So, no one can tell about 20th
century without invention of the Internet.

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Dividing roughly, Internet greatly changed our lifestyle in

two aspects; information transmission and
communication way. These have a close relationship. And
there are the very greatest development of the last century.
First, about information transmission, using the internet,
you can find what is up in the world, what you want to
learn, and even useful information for your daily life;
Thus, with only a computer, you can gain any information

which you want whenever and whenever. Even, someone

who is running business making use of the Internet.
Second, about communication way, using the Internet, you
can communicate in various ways of it, such as e-mail,
online chat, or social network service. All these connect
persons at a distance, even they have never met or they are
strangers each other. The Internet as communication way
makes relationship between people in all over the world.
For these reasons, the Internet changed and developed
human's life. Now that, people can never live without the
Internet. But I believe that the Internet has more good
effect than bat one.
22. In under developed countries, tourism has disadvantages and can be said
the opposite as well.

A lot of developing countries rely on tourism to boost the

economy.What are the advantages and disadvantages of
tourism to the local area?
The prevalence of depending on tourism to raise the economy
in many nations has been a growing concern in the past few
years. This situation has surely carried along with it both
advantages and disadvantages and this essay aims to highlight
A very common gain of tourism to the local area is to publicize
local cultures such as traditional custom and cuisine, attracting
foreign investment as well as pushing the country higher in
international views. Another valuable result of this is to help
decrease local pollution by focusing on tourism instead of
industry full of poison and emission, that is why people call
tourism the non-smog industry. As evidence of this, Da Nang
a beautiful city of Viet Nam, has got the high place in
foreigners eyes because of tour services, clean atmosphere
and special foods and brought a huge of profit for its own city
as well as Vietnam thanks to tourism.
Regardless of these advantages, one negative outcome that
needs to be addressed is the imbalance of trade due to attach
special importance to the travel industry, which means
difficulty to find a job for people who do not wish to work in
travel and causing unbalanced in comprehensive economy.
Another threat worth preparing for is that travelers can take
advantage of the local people for their bad activities, such as

spreading some damaged habit or destroying the traditions. A

good case in point would be the citizens in Sapa, a province of
Vietnam, who can not do anything but sell souvenirs for
travelers and many local girls were abused by foreigners.
In conclusion, it is clear that while this development has
ensured several necessary changes, it has also made society
vulnerable to some unpleasant ones.
23. Communication has changed significantly in the last 10 yers. Disucss pros
and cons impacts.
24. The only thing that interfere with my learning is my education- Einstein.
What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?
25. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and
write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Agree or Diagree?
26. Value added by travel in Education Is travel a necessary component of
education or not ? Will scholar sitting at home have more knowledge than one
who travels?
Travelling plays an important role in our education. Our education remains
incomplete without travelling.
Travelling means going from one place to other places. In ancient times
travelling was very difficult and risky because there were no proper roads and
transports. A traveler had to pass hills and forests. He had to face the fury of
nature, wild beasts, robbers and many other obstacles.

With triumph of science, travelling has now become easy, cheap,

quick and pleasant. Due to invention of steamships railways,
electricity, motor cars and aeroplanes, our journey from one place
to and other place even in abroad has become very easy and
Travelling is now regarded as an important part of education.
Educational Tours increases our knowledge and new thoughts and
ideas grow up in us. The education of man remains incomplete if
he does not visit important places of the world. Reading of books
only provides man with half knowledge. But travelling with eyes
wide open and mind fully gives him full knowledge. Travelling also
removes his narrowness and superstitions. It makes a traveler
smart and self-reliant. Owing to the fabulous progress in the field
of communication, travelling today involves less hazards. Hence,
students must take part in educational tours. It is both entertaining
and instructing for them.

From Kashmir valley to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to

Kalimpong, in the east, our country provides hundreds of places
known for architecture, climate, scenery, environment, history,
development, industry, culture, music, dance, religion a fauna.
Then there are seats of learning, which one may like to visit.
Educational tours exposes your mind to the diverse cultures of
India. The feeling of Unity in Diversity and Communal Harmony
takes birth through educational tours.
It has been observed that in cities students are travelling twice a
year either with their respective schools/colleges or with their
parents or friends, because there is no financial problem with
them, whereas students of village schools are deprived of such
travels for their want of money. Government should look into the
matter and make arrangement for Education Tours in Village
Highlighting the educative value of travel Francis Bacon says
EXPERIENCE. Travel is undoubtedly a great experience in
life.Those who can afford to travel should never miss to do
so.In the eighteenth century travelling was regarded as a
necessary part of ones education.Even now-a-days high
diplomatic personnel in every administration consists of
widely travelled people.Even William Shakespeare has
expressed his view on travelling as a means of education.He
those who wish to sharpen their wits must go beyond the
narrow limits of their native place.
Travelling is better than books in many respects.The former
appeals to all the senses whereas the latter only to
mind.What is seen and heard leaves a deeper and more
lasting impression than what is read in books.Moreover ,
book knowledge is theoretical whereas travel trains us in the
battle of life.It gives courage , confidence ,and real
knowledge of men and things.It broadens our mental
horizon , deepens our sympathies and sheds narrow
communal , sectional or religious prejudices.
Today there are greater opportuities for travelling than in
the past.It is more necessary in the world of today when so
much false propaganda prevails against one another.One

could not depend on newspapers and broadcasting systems of

the world.If we have to know the truth about international
affairs , we must travel and see things for ourselves.

We travel for business. We travel for sightseeing. We

travel for necessity. But a very few in our country travel to
acquire knowledge.

In western countries travelling is a necessary part of

education. Educational value of travelling can hardly be
described. Bacon says that travelling in, younger age is a
part of education, in the elder, a part of experience.
Travelling teaches us better than books. Sense organ is
not very powerful factor. The eyes are very essential in
We read of the existence, in the past, of a university called
Nalanda. They say that there were one hundred lecture
rooms. We think this a fact of Imagination. Run to the spot.
Your doubt will at once be removed.
Travelling gives us an opportunity for getting practical
experience of the world. Pope, the poet, sings that the
proper study of mankind is man.
The traveller comes into contact with various types of
people. If a traveller moves about with keen eyes and the
open door of his mind he can get a lot of knowledge about
men and things which no book can give.
Travelling is also essential for the healthy growth of mind.
The mindls health, says Tagore cannot be maintained
on the ration supplied by books in our class rooms.
Travelling broadens our outlook. It makes us liberal in the
thought and outlook. It deepens our sympathies.

The experience enables us to see things from a new angle

of vision. It develops in us a correct sense of value. We
can learn different languages and cultures due to travelling.
Travelling gives us a practical knowledge of trade and
commerce. A visit to the commercial centres teaches us
more of commerce than all the books of a commercial
library. Personal contact helps to build and expand
business. It quickens trade.
Travelling brings us closer to nature. To a traveller nature
becomes a living thing. It speaks in a language more
impressive than any pen can make.
It is very essential that students should have every chance
of travel. Our schools and colleges should make
arrangements for the funds. The railway authorities should
issue very cheap tickets for students to give chance to
To take the full advantage of travelling we must have eyes
to see, ears to listen and a desire to learn.
27. Marketing strategy for big companies should be placed on offer and
discounts, and in what ways this can impact on their reputation
Essay topic:

Large businesses have big budgets for marketing and

promotion and as a result, people gravitate towards buying
their products.What problems does this cause?What could be
done to encourage people to buy local products?
Most widespread companies have an intelligent financial plan
to advertise wisely in order to catch the eyes. Therefore,
people tend to purchase sharply their products which leads to
serious economical problems to the citizens and the country.
First of all, since those kind of marketing have been starting,
most people cannot economize any more. Indeed, what they
are facing with is a marked deficit in their budget before the
end of each month. For instance, smart-phones advertisement
cause in raising the number of buying these devices by a
person despite the high cost. Thus, it is trendy to have a

different mobile-phone every while even if the old one still

works. For that, some people are suffering from lack of money
due to their extravagance.
Secondly, the monopoly of domestic market by global
businesses may result in a deflation in local economic activity.
Consequently, the gross income of the country is dropping
which means both wages as well as its currency rate of
exchange is declining. Hence, while the country is blooding
much of money, its budget and reputation among global
economy contributors are impacting negatively.
As a solution, government has to motivate people to buy
domestic productions. To begin with increasing attractive ads
and promotions of local manufactures is an effective way to
grab attentions. In addition, raising awareness about the
benefit of buying locally may end up with the required results.
Finally, to attract consumers interest, providing the internal
market with acceptable quality and price of products should be
a mandatory.
In conclusion, the high budget for marketing productions of
external industries brings about a growth in their clients as well
as, on the other hand, a reduction in the local market activity.
As a result, people struggle from losing much of money
whereas the country economy is threatened by a critical
deficiency. The only way to resolve this issue is to encourage
people to prefer consuming local produce.
28. Travel to study is over rated, we have brilliant scholars who studied locally.
Is travel really required for higher studies?
31. In a war of ideas, it is people who get killed. Does a common man suffer
from a groups ideology? Express your opinion, and support the same with
reasons and examples.
1. Manhasevolvedtoapostionwherehehasbroughtinlotofinvetions

started to think about ideas that makes him win. These ideas are not
from induvisual/group of induvisuals to a nation/groups of nations

any idea about why the war is been fought. I strongly support the
statetement that ideas with selfish intetions would always demand
2. tisoftensaidthat"Inawarofwordsitisthepeoplewhogetkilled"

light on my opinion in the following paragraphs. On the one hand,
has created menace in almost every nook and corner of the world.
groupideologyof peopledoestakeatollonthepeacefullivingof a
convenience for the citizens, including public transport, highways,
bridges, power stations, research and so on. In crux, I reckon that as
Q 32. (ptea official guide topic) Tobacco, mainly in the form of cigarettes
is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. Over a billion adults
legally smoke tobacco every day. The long term health costs are high for the smokers themselves, and for the wider community in terms of
health care costs and lost productivity.
Do Governments have a legitimate role to protect citizens from the
harmful effects of their own decisions to smoke, or are such decisions
up to an individual?
Ans: Most firms, organizations and companies as well as government impose
restrictions on smoking in public places and work places. Some people

believe smoking should not be banned because it helps people to relax from
their stressful lives. However, it is argued smoking should be banned as it is
harmful to smokers and non-smokers as well.
Smoking is injurious to health. One cigarette contains more than 6000
chemical substances. So, when a person smokes all the chemical substances
get into his body thus leads to harmful diseases like asthma and lungs cancer.
Moreover, Smoking costs government millions of dollars because of the cost
of treatment for smoking related problems. According to the recent report in
india, 20% of people are killed each year in road accidents and 10% of people
die of smoking.
Furthermore, it reduces the lifespan of people, especially, of chain-smokers.
Recent research shows even non-smokers can suffer from health problems if
they spend longs hours with people who smoke. qIn addition, smokers inhale
only 25% and exhale 75% of chemical substances which affects nonsmokers.
Nevertheless, Smoking also helps people to relax from their mental pressure
and strains. It also increases concentration.
To put it in a nutshell, the world would be better without cigarette. However,
the decision of whether to smoke or not is an individuals choice. People
should not smoke in the public places. However, they should use smoking
area for smoking.
1. Extreme sports, sky-diving, bungee-jumping, risky pursuits, the real
dangers of various high-risk pursuits, turning extreme sports into a multi-billion
dollar global industry, parachuting, numerous fatal accidents, daredevils,
scuba-diving, marathon running, Over the past decade, extreme sports have
become extremely popular. And so have extreme injuries. Between 2000 and
2011, more than four million injuries were attributed to extreme sports. and
some kids try to emulate his tricks
Extreme sports bring excitement and thrill. The daring participants say
extreme sports are all about the thrill and the sense of accomplishment they
get. They're climbing higher, jumping farther and moving faster, all in the
name of personal glory. Still, when things go wrong, they pay a heavy price.
Humans aren't supposed to fly
2.Packaging ensures that people can buy and use products when they want
them, in good condition and with little wastage. However, many people think
some goods have too much packaging. Snacks intended to be eaten on the
move are an example of products where the consumer could easily assemble
the components him/herself without the need for packaging.
The packaged goods industry is highly competitive, and packaging
manufacturers, packaged goods producers and retailers are all under
pressure to come up with new and better packaging solutions. No business
wants to spend more on packaging than it has to and the fewer resources the
packaging needs, the lower its cost.

Also, companies see to have gone overboard on packaging they put food in
trays, inside a box, inside a plastic container with with cardboard wrap around
to explain what it is. For instance, MacDonalds is the first to over-package
their food and encourage people to eat while walking hence they throw it on
the street.
Success in any area of life never happens in a complete vacuum. Often it is
just as much dependent on an individuals will-power and intelligence as it is
on their environment and outside circumstances.
To find happiness and success, you therefore need to pay attention and take
some control over the type of environments you are surrounding yourself in on
a daily basis; even the strongest and brightest of minds will find it difficult to
achieve their goals if they are in a completely wrong environment for them.
This is because every aspect of your external life has some influence over
your internal thoughts and behaviors, especially the people you surround
yourself with on a daily basis, and the type of places where you spend most of
your time.
The first main aspect of our environment that influences our success is the
people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.For example, surrounding
yourself with friends who are more self-disciplined can also help you become
more self-disciplined. This is just one of many examples of how our social
network can have an influence over our own behavior and goal-seeking.It fits
well with other research that shows if you hang around people who are obese
and unhealthy, its more likely you will become obese and unhealthy. And if
you hang around with people who are lazy and dont study for class, its likely
youll end up with similar grades as them too.
The second main aspect of our environment that influences our success is the
places we spend most of our time at.For example, one important factor that
has shown to increase productivity and happiness is giving people some
freedom to design their own workplace.Taking ownership over where you
spend your time allows you to choose an environment that motivates and
inspires you. A good environment for success should keep your senses
stimulated and awake while you work on your goals, while not being too
At the end of the day, you cant meet your full potential for success unless you
find an environment that brings out the very best in you.
4.Climate Change/Global Warming
But what really is the proper role for individuals and institutions in addressing
climate change? An immediate and natural response may be that everyone
should do their part
Decisions affecting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, for example, are made
primarily by companies and consumers. This includes decisions by
companies about how to produce electricity, as well as thousands of other
goods and services; and decisions by consumers regarding what to buy, how
to transport themselves, and how to keep their homes warm, cool, and light.
In order to effectively address global warming, we must significantly reduce

the amount of heat-trapping emissions we are putting into the atmosphere. As

individuals, we can help by taking action to reduce our personal carbon
emissions. But to fully address the threat of global warming, we must demand
action from our elected leaders to support and implement a comprehensive
set of climate solutions:
Expand the use of renewable energy and transform our energy system to a
cleaner one
Place limits on the amount of carbon that polluters are allowed to emit.
Build a clean energy economy by investing in efficient energy technologies,
industries, and approaches.
Reduce tropical deforestation and its associated global warming emissions.
1.Television is now playing a very important role in our lives.
2. Television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a
comparative cheap one.
3. Television keeps you informed about current events. It allows you to follow
the latest developments in science and politics.
4. Many television programs introduce people to things they never thought of
before and have never heard of before.
5. Television has been good company to those who do not work, like
housewives, lonely old people, etc.
6. People all around the world are no longer distant and isolated from each
7.It brings most distant countries and the strangest customs right into your
living room.
8. Compared with radio, everything on television is more lifelike, vivid, and
9. Television may be a vital factor in holding a family together.
10. Television keeps people informed of the news and weather. disasters like
floods, winds, etc.

1.Television is a great time waster.

2. Television takes up too much of our time.

3.We no longer have enough time for hobbies, entertaining activities.
4.Other outside amusements like theaters, movies, sports, etc get ignored.
5. People have grown addicted to television, often neglecting the necessary
and more important things like meals, sleep, and even work.
6. The more the viewer watches television, the lazier they become. The TV
glues them to the set instead of allowing them to go out.
7. Television prevents people from communicating with each other.
8.It has done much harm to the relationship between family members.
9. Families sit and watch television at dinner instead of talking with each other
6.Employees opinion
The solid foundation of any successful company is its people. Employees
represent a source of knowledge and ideas, but oftentimes that resource
remains untapped. Involving employees in the decision-making process not
only empowers them to contribute to the success of an organization, but also
saves the company time and money. It also increases productivity and
reduces outsourcing
Improving Morale-Actively engaging workers in the decision-making process
increases overall company morale. Employees understand their ideas are an
important contribution to the company, and gives them the power to influence
the outcome of their work, leading to increased job satisfaction and a positive
Internal Resources-Using employees in the decision-making process, rather
than outsourcing, saves money, time, and offers the company long-term
reliable assistance from those who know the corporation well.
Teamwork-Participation in the decision-making process gives each employee
the opportunity to voice their opinions, and to share their knowledge with
others. While this improves the relationship between manager and employee,
it also encourages a strong sense of teamwork among workers.
Deforestation- Deforestation is a rapidly-growing problem in areas like Africa,
Central and South America. Not only does this mean less trees, less
cleansing oxygen, and the displacement of the wildlife, deforestation means a
dangerous decrease in a natural fighter of global warming
Pollution-Pollution comes in many forms and no matter where you live. The
main reason for why pollution has gotten so out of control is that our desire for
more stuff has led to our old stuff being thrown away at an alarming and

unnecessary rate. This need for manufactured items also leads to the air and
water pollution emitted from factories, which in many countries are highly
Loss of Biodiversity-Each species has a role in our planet, and when one dies
out, it can have catastrophic effects on the rest of us. Currently, many other
animals are in danger of becoming extinct, either from being forced out of
their habitats by man or by climate change.
6. Written assessment
Writing is an essential skill that allows people to participate fully in today's
society and to contribute to the economy. It is a complex process that is
essential for extending learning, thinking and communicating with others
The assessment of writing is central to the process of effective teaching and
learning of writing This, in turn, can enable greater understanding of the
requirements needed to support their learning.
It allows students to effectively convey thoughts and ideas through text is
classroom-based writing assessment. Such formative assessments allow
teachers to gauge the effectiveness of their instructional practices, modify
instruction as needed, and provide students with feedback on writing
strengths and areas in need of further development.
7.Shopping mall
Mall culture has become big business, as shopping malls have evolved into
multi-storied structures housing a large number of stores that sell diverse
products and services. Shopping malls house a collection of retail stores and
Parking is one of the major hassles for people who go into the city to shop.
Shopping at malls eliminates this problem, because parking is provided either
free of charge or for a nominal fee. This makes it advantageous for people to
choose to shop at a mall rather than a single store. Families who choose to
visit a mall on the weekend or holiday for a family outing find it to be a more
convenient option mainly because parking is provided
Visiting a mall is advantageous because of the numerous stores housed in
one complex. Groceries, clothes, shoes, reading material, food courts,
cinemas and entertainment arcades are available in one place. Malls make
great meeting places for friends to catch up over coffee at a caf or a meal at
the food court.
One of the major disadvantages - These include excessive crowding,
especially on weekends and holidays. Crowded aisles and stores make
shopping very difficult; people often end up forgetting items they needed to
buy. Parking can also be a problem when the mall is very crowded.
The temptation to browse is always present, and browsing often leads to
buying things that are not needed. Keeping to a monthly budget becomes

increasingly difficult every time you visit the mall. With all the sales and
special offers intended to tempt buyers, saying "no" becomes very
hard.-----------------------8. Work-Life Balance
If people don't have time to relax and recharge, their ability to do their job
decreases and their performance level suffers.
Work-life balance is about creating and maintaining supportive and healthy
work environments, which will enable employees to have balance between
work and personal responsibilities and thus strengthen employee loyalty and
Todays workers have many competing responsibilities such as work, children,
housework, volunteering, spouse and elderly parent care and this places
stress on individuals, families and the communities in which they reside.
Work-life conflict is a serious problem that impacts workers, their employers
and communities.
Long work hours and highly stressful jobs not only hamper employees ability
to harmonize work and family life but also are associated with health risks,
such as increased smoking and alcohol consumption, weight gain and
depression. Work life conflict has been associated with numerous physical
and mental health implications.
Work-life conflict has negative implications on family life. Their work
responsibilities interfere with their ability to fulfill their responsibilities at home.
A growing number of employers have implemented wellness programs or pay
for their employees gym membership as part of a benefits package. Some
companies invite fitness trainers or yoga instructors into the office to hold
lunchtime sessions.
Companies that have implemented work-life balance programs recognize that
employee welfare affects the bottom line of the business. Finally, selfmanagement is important; people need to control their own behaviour and
expectations regarding work-life balance.

4. Nowadays, the mass media including TV, radio and newspaper have
become the essential part of our lives. What is your opinion?
5. The mass media including TV, Radio and newspaper influence our
society and shape our opinions and characters. What is your opinion?
Newspapers, radio, television, and the Internetincluding e-mail and blogs
are significantly influential on our society, especially in affirming attitudes and
opinions that are already established. The news media focus the publics
attention on certain personalities and issues, leading many people to form
opinions about them.

Mass media sets the news agenda, which shapes the public's views on what
is newsworthy and important.
It is a system used by advertisement agencies and media outlets, such as
television channels and radio stations to "convince" their audiences to do or
act in a certain way. It appeals to the vulnerability of the desired target .

For instance, a famous person or persons Who are recognized and admired
by whole communities. These individuals have the "Power" to convince their
followers or fans into taking any kind of action or decision. Therefore, these
famous people usually are linked or work for some media outlet and are used,
to influence the community accordingly./////////////
The media has changed significantly in the past years. Because of the
availability of television and radio all populations and classes have been
exposed to various types of media. The Internet has provided an even newer
media resource. The majority of people live in a very fast paced society. They
have very little time for reading and exploring the truth of information. The
producers of media publication are aware of this and use the media to
influence public choice and opinion. The problem lies in that many people are
gullible and society as a whole is easily influenced by the media
representations. The media also responds to public demand and provides the
information that the public craves.
A positive aspect of the medias bias has been that it has facilitated change in
peoples perception of races in a positive manner, exposed people to other
cultures, made people aware of environmental needs, and the needs of
people far away. While there can also be negative implications the media
also has to reflect the publics point of view. With the growing representation
of Hispanics, African Americans, and other minority groups, the media is
under pressure to present them in a more positive light.

7. Some people think law changes our behaviour. Discuss.

Law is the only way to have control over the public. People usefully behave in
a way that is in accordance with the law so it is true that law changes our
behavior. This is essay will discuss few reasons with examples to prove the
validity of this statement.
14. Some people believe law changes human behaviour. Do you

Can legislation reform human nature?

Can laws change people's mind?

As far as I am concerned, laws can only prohibit people's evil behaviour by
the force of government power, ensure the freedom of its people and help
maintaining the peace and stability of the society. They can not operate on
people's minds.

Moral judgment is motivated largely by avoidance of punishment. Individuals

develop an understanding that rules are necessary to aintain social order, and
are motivated by what they think people expect of them. Thus, people
perceive an obligation to uphold the law to avoid the social disorder that would
follow in the wake of others disobeying.

13. It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies

and getting established in a good job? Do you agree or disagree".
There are numerous disadvantages to getting married while still a student.
[Getting married in college] can create a greater problem when you are
dependent on parents to support you. There is the probability of more tension
on the part of both sets of parents. Expecting your parents to continue paying
your tuition as though you were still a child once you have chosen to take on
the very adult responsibility of marriage can also create tension.
Another reason to wait is the time constraint on enrolled newlyweds.
Balancing time at home, adjusting to a new life and spending time on
academics is a daunting task, regardless of how organized you are. Married
college students are often left with not enough time to do housework, study or
have couple time. Little time is left for each other so theres less time to work
on personal growth and the marriage.
The college marriage often results in restriction of college experiences,
participation in college functions and of relationships of college friends.
Not only that, but she also finds that marriage affects academics. There is
often a drop in grades due to added responsibilities or having to take on a full
time job. The distractions that marriage brings are endless and normal, but if
your current schedule and goals make marriage too much to handle on top of
your college life, then the smartest decision may be taking care of your
college career before saying your vows.
Sometimes the engaged couple isnt actually ready to decide what they want
out of life (or marriage) yet. College is a time of growth and maturing. Getting
married too soon can cut growth and maturation short. Most students need
some time to be self-supporting, living on your own and making decisions as
you mature. An early marriage can prevent students from ever getting that

time to mature.

15. Talk about pros/cons of this era as it is full of daily inventions

In today's world, where just about everything is more convenient and
accessible due to advances in technology across almost all sectors, it may
seem as though it's a misnomer to even mention any disadvantages of
technological advances. However, despite how far technology has taken
humans and no matter how convenient it may make things, there are some
disadvantages accompanying this level of access.
Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and
these processes get results. For example, education has been greatly
advanced by the technological advances of computers. Students are able to
learn on a global scale without ever leaving their classrooms. Agricultural
processes that once required dozens upon dozens of human workers can
now be automated, thanks to advances in technology, which means costefficiency for farmers. Medical discoveries occur at a much more rapid rate,
thanks to machines and computers that aid in the research process and allow
for more intense educational research into medical matters.This results in cost
savings for business owners, allowing them to invest in growth in other areas
of the business, which contributes on a positive level to the economy as a
The more advanced society becomes technologically, the more people begin
to depend on computers and other forms of technology for everyday
existence. This means that when a machine breaks or a computer crashes,
humans become almost disabled until the problem is resolved. This kind of
dependency on technology puts people at a distinct disadvantage, because
they become less self-reliant.
At the same time, human workers retain less value, which is a disadvantage
of technological advances. Because machines automate processes and do
the work of 10 people with one computer, companies find they don't need to
employ as many people to get the job done. As machines and computers
become even more advanced and efficient, this will continue to be a growing
disadvantage of technology and an issue that has a global impact.

16. Imitating celebrities in sports and movies good or bad? How

celebrities influence in a good or bad way teenagers?
Now, more than ever, celebrities are extremely influential in the lives of
teenagers. While there are certainly some positive role models for teens
among todays celebrities, there are also many who provide a decidedly
negative influence. Teens who try to emulate these celebrities may fall victim

to several different issues,

There include Drug abuse or drug addiction, Problems with alcohol and
drinking heavily, Eating disorders and Low self-esteem and low selfconfidence.
It seems like every day there are more and more stories and pictures
on the Internet of the illicit activities of celebrities. Teens see these people
partying, drinking alcohol or doing drugs, and they think they should too. This
sends the message to teens that in order to have fun or be cool, you have to
use these substances. Teens may begin to think that it is no big deal, and this
can cause serious problems leading to and including drug and alcohol
addictions, risk-taking behaviors, and even death.
Some of the most common problems that occur are issues with selfesteem for teens, especially teen girls. When a teen girl flips through her
favorite fashion magazine, she is inundated with pictures and articles
revolving around the erroneous belief that celebrities are perfect. The airbrushed pictures, workout and diet tips, and pin-thin models can cause body
images issues for teens. In trying to make themselves look like the pictures
that they see, teens can cause real damage to their bodies. Working out too
much or not eating enough can lead to an eating disorder, such as anorexia or
17. Any recent invention that you think proved beneficial or detrimental
to society
18. In the past 100 years, there have been many inventions such as
antibiotics, airplanes and computers. What do you think is the most
important of them? Why? Greatest invention in the last 100 years,
medicine, sciene or technology?
It is evident how life has changed since technology has been introduced in the
human life. When we think about technology mostly the first thing that comes
to our mind is the image of a computer. Technological advancements such as
computers have been designed and created with the only purpose to help
humans and make their lives easier. Computers have become indispensable
in any workplace where they are basically considered a compliment for people
to help them on developing their activities. In fact, computers are the greatest
invention of all time because they have multi-tasking features that can
minimize your work, they can display and let you manipulate stored
information, and they are used in almost all fields for any purpose.
First of all computers have multi-tasking features that can minimize the work
you have to do. For example, computers avoid you having to calculate any
result on doing math, the only thing you must do is to type the information
needed and your work is done.
Secondly, computers can display and let you manipulate stored information. In
other words, you dont need to use paper in order to store any information on

shelves. You dont even have to rewrite a whole paper because you did a
mistake or you have to add more information to the written form. You can
have as many files as you can in your computer and organize them the way
you like it without having to use any extra material or space.
Finally, computers are used in almost all fields for any purpose such as
entertainment, education, and any type of job. For example, you can use
computers to play videogames, watch movies, listen to music or chat on the
internet for entertainment. In education or any job you can use them for
videoconferences, PowerPoint presentations or just using their basic features
discussed in the first point.
Therefore computers are the greatest invention of all time because they
reduce your time consumption on your activities, you can save your
information and edit it anytime, and they let you do almost everything you
need. Computers have become the most powerful tool ever created.
19. Information revolution has changed the way of mass
communications and had some negative and positive effects on
individual lives as well as on society. To what extent do you agree or
23. Communication has changed significantly in the last 10 yers.
Disucss pros and cons impacts.
IT has not only brought the world closer together. Therefore, we can not only
share information quickly and efficiently, but we can also bring down barriers
of linguistic and geographic boundaries. The world has developed into a
global village due to the help of information technology allowing to shares
ideas and information with each other.
Communication has also become cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. We
can now communicate with anyone around the globe by simply text
messaging them or sending them an email for an almost instantaneous
response. The internet has also opened up face to face direct communication
from different parts of the world thanks to the helps of video conferencing.
Bridging the cultural gap - Information technology has helped to bridge the
cultural gap by helping people from different cultures to communicate with one
another, and allow for the exchange of views and ideas, thus increasing
awareness and reducing prejudice.
However, While information technology may have streamlined the business
process it has also crated job redundancies, downsizing and outsourcing. This
means that a lot of lower and middle level jobs have been done away with
causing more people to become unemployed.
Privacy - Though information technology may have made communication
quicker, easier and more convenient, it has also bought along privacy issues.

Due to website and email hacking, people are now worried about their once
private information becoming public knowledge.
Lack of job security - Industry experts believe that the internet has made job
security a big issue as since technology keeps on changing with each day.
This means that one has to be in a constant learning mode, if he or she
wishes for their job to be secure.
Dominant culture - While information technology may have made the world a
global village, it has also contributed to one culture dominating another
weaker one. For example it is now argued that US influences how most young
teenagers all over the world now act, dress and behave. Languages too have
become overshadowed, with English becoming the primary mode of
communication for business and everything else.

20.Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it

more positive on their future aspect or have some adverse effects.
Agree or disagree?
There are several benefits of learning a new language, the latest being it
promotes a better understanding (and acceptance of) psychology and
1.Bilingualism delays Alzheimers disease by as much as five .
2. Being bilingual can lead to improved listening skills, since the brain has to
work harder to distinguish different types of sounds in two or more languages
3. Babies brought up in a bilingual environment have stronger working
memories than those brought up with only one language
This means they are better at mental calculation, reading and many other vital
4. Better multi-tasking-Bilingual people can switch from one task to another
more quickly. They show more cognitive flexibility and find it easier to adapt to
unexpected circumstances.
5. Learning a new language can literally change the way you see the
world.Learning Japanese, for example, which has basic terms for light and
dark blue, may help you perceive the colour in different ways
People used to think that learning two languages created confusion in the
mind. Some studies did seem to back up the idea that learning two languages
could be problematic; early researchers noted that bilingual people tended to

have smaller vocabularies and slower access to words.

22. In under developed countries, tourism has disadvantages and can be

said the opposite as well.
In recent decades, low cost airfare has made international travel easier and
many countries have, therefore, developed their tourism industries into key
sectors of their economies. While it is clear tourism brings obvious benefits to
the countries that host tourists, it is also true to say it may bring
disadvantages as well.
Undoubtedly, there are significant benefits that tourism brings to a country.
First, a thriving tourist industry implies an increasing need for a variety of
services such as hotels, transport, restaurants, and entertainment. This
results in a considerable number of jobs being created for people who lack a
college education and also the development of the infrastructure needed to
accommodate visitors. Moreover, tourism is a "green" industry that, unlike
factories, generates a low level of pollution. In fact, because beautiful natural
landscapes are often places that tourists come to see, a country will often be
sure to maintain the landscape in order to keep it attractive for tourists.
Despite the benefits, there are aspects of tourism that may prove harmful to a
country. For instance, a country may suffer from the loss of their traditional
culture. This is caused by people in a country changing their lifestyle,
customs, and language in order to more effectively serve visitors or because
they become influenced by foreign countries. This can cause stress in a
traditional society and could even lead to animosity towards tourists. In
addition, because tourists often carry expensive objects like cameras and are
unaware of their surroundings, they make good targets for theft. Crime also
increases as a result of the increases in drugs and prostitution that caters to
some vacationers.
In summary, global tourism is greatly beneficial to an economy and
environment of a country. However, it can be detrimental in several ways. To
my way of thinking, a country should seek to develop its tourism industry
because it can bring steady jobs to many people without their need for higher
education and without the risk of environmental damages.

23. The only thing that interfere with my leaning is my educationEinstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?

Formal education tends to limit the thinking you can do about a subject. For
instance, you know and accept that the Law of Gravity is valid. You've been
taught that in school. Therefore, you are not going to waste your time trying to
get around it.

Most engineers today are taught that something must be done THIS way. By
the time they get their degrees, they can't see simple solutions to complex
problems. That's when you need someone with no degree and not a lot of
knowledge about engineering that you can bounce the problem off of. In
explaining it to them and dealing with their offhand suggestions, you often get
the simple solution you couldn't see.
Einstein recognized that education also limits the mind and felt he learned
more by doing research without the confines of the degree.
Einstein was a genius, which back in the old days many never really
understood what a genius really was! So for him to say, the only thing that
interferes with my learning is my education! He was actually saying, he was a
lot smarter then any education that could be taught to him back in them days!
So he had to more or less, self educate on his own to be able to be smarter
then he already was! Many people saw him as off the wall, sort of speak!
Because of the fact he was a lot more smarter then anyone really knew! So
instead of him being looked up to because of being so smart, he was more
like an out cast to most! Mostly because of his odd behavior, and weirdness
and very much misunderstood! He plainly just didn't fit in!
I guess you could say, very few people tried to get to know him at his level
and partly no one could possibly even think at his level! So he to many was
just a strange person! But the fact was he was a genius and he was
misunderstood back in them days! Geniuses today are honored and almost
worshiped and there is today, way higher education levels in place now for
people that are geniuses!
Could you imagine if education would have been so high level to teach
Einstein to the levels he was urning for! He would have really accomplished
way more then what he did!
And may have changed the world for a lot better then what it is today! Maybe
that's why education is such a high priority in todays world, so that everyone
has a chance to be the next great Einstein, or even greater! If education
hadn't changed from the old days, man would have never made it to the
Education has to always change for the better, may be at times not fast
enough, but if it didn't life will never get better! If education was still the same
as back in Einstein days, Medical wouldn't be where it is today and millions
would have all died every year! Medical is the biggest resource for longer life
and more quality of life! Without it, people would be dieing at younger ages
and from many diseases that wouldn't be cureable without all the medical
education we all have today!
Einstein would have actually fit in better in todays world then he did back in
the old days, you could say he was born in the wrong Century, so it would be

like taking a well educated person today and put them back into Einstein days
of life! The person would feel completely out of place and most likely wouldn't
be able to even cope in that kind of life!
So what Einstein was saying is, he was being taught 6 th grade education
when he was actually like the highest college degree grad in are time of life!
And he wanted higher education then the highest college education! But back
in his days 6 th grade education is all they had as highest education to offer!
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and
write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Education in the 21st Century: The Challenge

'The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be those who cannot read and
write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.' - Alvin Toffler
How effective is the education that your child receives? As one of the world's
wealthy countries, we could reasonably expect that our education system
would rate as one of the world's best, and certainly in terms of spending on
education, Singapore's record is very good, but it seems that our report card along with those of all major developed countries - should read: 'Must do
Around the world, education systems are struggling to remain relevant in a
changing world. Far too often they are failing to prepare students for life in the
'new economies'.
So, what does all this mean to parents, struggling to make the right
educational choices for their children? And what does it mean to a nation like
Singapore at the beginning of the twenty-first century?
For the individual, there is no way to over-estimate the importance of
Many may score well in basic literacy and number skills but performance even
in these areas is often based on the wealth and social position of the
students. And besides, education suited for the new millennium is not the
same as in previous decades. The new economy, brought about by the huge
changes of the communications revolution, means that the skills which will be
valued are far more wide-ranging than the 'three Rs' of the past. Literacy and
number skills are still vital, but the successful person in the future will be the
person with wide-ranging abilities - the person 'able to navigate change and
diversity, learn-as-they-go, solve problems, collaborate and be flexible and
creative.' (New Learning: A Charter for Australian Education - Australian
Council of Deans of Education (A.C.D.E.)
Creative teachers have understood this for decades, but education systems,

are slow to adapt frustrating most attempts at meaningful evolution.

Education suited to our children's needs must help them cope as individuals in
a complex world. Experts predict that today's students will be the first in
history to face the prospect of working at ten - or more - different jobs during
their working lives. They will need thinking and learning skills that are creative
and flexible. Adaptability will be their most prized possession.
In reality, there is a danger, that outside pressures and the time constraints of
an over-crowded curriculum distract us from the traditional purpose of good
schooling, which is to turn out a well-rounded, decent human being.
Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made his intentions clear in 1997, with his
statement of priorities: 'Education, Education, Education.' Only last year
Singapore's minister for education, Teo Chee Hean said, 'education is about
moulding the future of our nation'. He was right of course, but he might also
have said, 'education is about moulding the future of each individual.'
Q. Age discrimination occurs when a decision is made on the basis of a
personss age. In the workplace, these are most often decisions about
being employed in the first place, winning promotions or being unfairly
dismissed. Should discrimination against older workers be made illegal?
Ans.1: Discrimination against older workers is one of the most dangerous
problems facing lesser developed nations today. However, the issue is being
tackled by various agencies to provide equal rights to the employees. I would
like to accord with the given notion.
To begin with, every human being has the right to live equally in this
egalitarian society without any fear most importantly older workers in the work
place. Elderly workers should be given more respect and dignity because of
their age and working experience. If this is done on workplace, the
productivity will be surged up and the company may gain more profit. For
instance, there is a less chance of making an error by older workers than
younger because the older comprehend the protocol well and act being very
careful with due consideration.
Further emphasizing my point of view, older can be a mentor to the young
starter and the young workers can be an efficient worker in future. In this way,
the organisation may not have to hire a trainer and spend money on training.
However, if you think that older workers are not physically as strong as
younger, then they still should be allocated to the lighter jobs and if older are
not as smart as younger in terms of following latest technology, they should
be provided training to command over the latest Information Technology
To conclude, I believe there should be a strict law and order on discrimination
against older to protect the individual rights of the freedom. Government
should focus on implementing policies on workplace that can protect elder
abuse and discrimination so that senior workers nave feels any torture either
mentally or physically.

Ans. 2. Older workers are generally just as capable as the young. Since age
is not necessarily an indication of lower ability, treating a person less
favourably on the basis of their age alone is just as unreasonable and unfair
as doing so on the basis of his or her sex, race or religion. It would also be
inconsistent with the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination,
which are at the heart of the notion of individual rights which most modern
decomracies espouse.
If a specific older worker truly has, say, less concentration or manual strength
than a younger worker, and this objectively makes that candidate less
qualified for the particular job, then employers could come to a determination
regarding the employment decision n the cae, based on relative lack of
suitability for the job rather than merely on age. Age by itself should never
be a determinant.
There is nothing to indicate that older workers are not as productive and
essential to the work place as younger workers. Indeed the contrary may be
the case. The benefits of having a mixed-age work force, which is, better
reflects the wider society may bring a crucial competitive advantage to the
employing organisation. Older workers could take on mentoring role for
younger workers who may not have as wide a range of life skills and
experiences as older workers. Conversely, older workers may be able to
benefit from the technical skills of younger workers who are more aware of
cutting edge technologies.
Ultimately any decision should be based on general principles concerning the
rights of individuals to achieve their true potential, the needs of companies to
meet the economic challenges ahead and the need for laws governing the
rights of individuals to be consistent across all spheres of public life.
Therefore, in my view, discrimination against older workers should definitely
be made illegal.
q. use of television as a channel for education.
Q. Education is a critical element to the prosperity of any nation. The
more educated the people in a country are, the more successful their
nation becomes. Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree
with this statement. Support your point of view with reasons and/or
examples from your own experience or observations.
Ans. It is a universal fact that education plays a pivotal role to uplift the
lifestyle of an individual by providing wisdom, knowledge and skills.
Consequently, a nation will be developed and there will be prosperity and
happiness everywhere in a particular country. Therefore, I completely accord
with the given notion.
Obviously, education is a key to lead a country to the summit of success. It is
seen that most of the developed nations hold the brilliant leaders in cabinet
and they always have plan for the betterment of the citizens. For instance, the
president of the U.S.A., Mr Obama, who has achieved degree in Political
science and he has a great power of handling diplomatic issues effectively.

Thus, education brings not only knowledge but also skills, which are vital to
put forward nation to the peak.
Further, emphasizing my point of view, multifarious developments are
inevitable to be the most successful nation in the cosmos. And educating
people is the only plausible way to invite such development in a nation.
Therefore, educated people always plan with due consideration and act wisely
to consolidate the nation and make the country more successful. In the same
way, a nations socio-economic development is only possible if the countrys
dwellers are educated enough.
In conclusion, education is definitely a prime factor that contributes a nation to
gain affluence and educated personnel always plays a crucial role to lead a
nation on the way to success. Therefore, the more educated persons are in a
country the more success will be achieved.