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Rhys Vance

Caringbah, NSW, 2229

Phone: 04** *** ***

E-Mail: rhys_vance12@outlook.com

Bachelor of Physical and Health Education

Predicted completion spring 2016

ASCIA Anaphylaxis e-Training


Non Violent Crisis Intervention Course


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Manual Handling Training


Higher School Certificate (Menai High School)


Peer Mediator


Engadine High School Professional Experience


During my seven-week internship I will be teaching lessons that cover healthy relationships, evasion sports,
mental health, striking and fielding games, decision making, cultural games, critical thinking, net court
games road safety, and drug use from the PDHPE 7-10 syllabus and physical fitness from the PASS syllabus. I
will be taking part in the creation of a unit for year seven that incorporates healthy relationships, decision
making, sun safety, road safety, problem solving, communicating, personal safety and harm minimisation. As
a part of my internship I will be organising an excursion for my PASS class, including the booking of venues,
transport, risk assessment, permission slips, and overall supervision of the students whilst on the excursion. Also
I will be involved in the schools weekly sport program throughout the duration of my internship.

Menai High School Professional Experience


Throughout my four weeks at Menai High School I took classes that covered the PDHPE 7-10, PASS and
Sports, lifestyle and recreation syllabi. Teaching invasion sports, cultural games, risk taking, decision making,
healthy relationships, drug education, and sexual education. I was also able to participate in the NAIDOC
week preparations throughout the school, implementing culturally significant aspects to health and physical
education classes. During my four weeks I took on an oztag team during weekly school sport alongside my
supervising teacher.

Gymea High School Professional Experience


During my three weeks at Gymea I had classes from years seven through to year eleven, teaching a variety
of areas from the PDHPE stage four and five syllabus, with a focus on sexual education, decision making,
positive relationships, first aid, rhythmic movement, invasion games and risk taking. I also began teaching
anatomy through the stage six syllabus. While I was there I assisted with the after school homework program
that helped students with class work from all key learning areas, officiated at the combined local high
schools athletics carnival, and assisted with weekly school sport.

Gymea Bay Public School Professional Experience


Whilst at Gymea Bay Public School I taught a fifth grade class one day a week over ten weeks, covering
topics such as drug education and nutrition in health, explored fundamental movement skills through games
in physical education, math, and science. While at the school I assisted in the organising and management
of weekly school sport and officiating sporting carnivals such as oztag and soccer interschool tournaments.

Throughout my university degree I have been able to ascertain a high level of content knowledge of the
Health and Physical Education syllabus along with a plethora of teaching strategies to implement in my
classroom. The time I have spent on professional experience has enabled myself to not only utilise these
strategies but to refine and individualise each strategy to my class and teaching strength through personal
reflection of each class and communication with my supervising teachers and fellow staff members. This
process has been assisted by my lesson preparation, where I could discuss strategies and methods that
would be most effective for each class with my supervising teacher.
Whilst taking part in the peer mediator program in high school I was able to develop many strategies to
resolve conflicts using non-violent and fair measures, adding to my repertoire of skills through the NonViolent Crisis Intervention course and university classes on behavior management. These skills I have
developed enable me to effectively resolve issues that arise in the school environment without disrupting the
classroom or workplace environment in a negative way.

Luke Meagher

Menai High School Casual Staff Organiser


Wyatt Harding

Gymea High School Casual


Michael Findlay

Gymea Bay Public School Full Time