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15 Happiness



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11/16/10 1:08 PM

15 Happiness
Pair & groupwork. Students discuss, compare and rank what
makes them happy.

Theme: happiness.

Photocopy one worksheet for each student.

Hand out one worksheet to each student. Ask students, on
their own, to look at the pictures and choose the ten things
that are the most likely to make them happy. They should
number them in order from 1 (the most) to 10.
When students are ready, divide the class into pairs. Ask
students to compare and discuss their answers, asking
each other for more information especially about why the
things make them happy and what particular aspects of
the thing make them happy, e.g. if they chose sport, which
sport? Are there any things that they both agree make
them happy?
Group three pairs to make groups of six students. The
group now compare and discuss.
Explain that groups will be asked to give a short report
to the whole class at the end. Their report could include
things such as: which things made the most people happy,
which things people put at the top of their lists, which
things only one or two people thought important, which
things no one thought important, etc.
Hold the presentations as a whole class activity. At the
end, discuss if there are any things that make the most
people in the class happy.

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11/16/10 1:08 PM