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Online Ecosystem

American Mindfulness
E-Learning Functional


Project is for American Mindfulness, a yoga and meditation

FR 1.0 Website Look and Feel

Layout of the website needs to be a typical ecommerce
website where users should be able to buy the meditation
classes and merchandise.
Need to utilize WPLMS original theme and layout.
FR 1.1 Front Page

High level layout of the front page will be on lines of peaceful

websites on the market. One of it is chopra.com. WE need to
have creative as below:-

Logo + Main Menu



News Letter Subscription


CopyRight Footer

(2nd Phase)
FR 1.1. Responsiveness
- Website should be responsive. YES
- Website should be compatible with all modern browsers with latest and
previous two versions minimum (TBD - Go back to 2008) YES

FR 2.0 Registration Requirements

FR 2.1 Validation on all fields

- Email Id will be primary key. And it should be used for the login on website.
- Validations on rest of the fields should be logical and correct.YES
(database and text fields should allow for complete middle name, not just

FR 2.2 Negative Validation on Email Id

- If email id mentioned by new user is already registered then error message

should pop up on page with all the field value populated as entered by user on
website at that point. This is on initial login page. YES (Is this on intial login
page? or in detailed form?)
FR 2.3 Successful Registration

A registration will be called successful when users unique id is registered

(describe registered) on website. Following are the activities which should
happen on successful registration:
- Registration email (Welcome Email) should be sent to the users email. YES
- Email should have account activation link for account validation. YES
- On successful registration, message on page should occur Your registration
is successful. Please click on the link in email to activate your account
(Change to what GLEC has right now?) YES
- On click on activation link, account for user should be activated with
message on the page Your account has been activated. Page should be
registration page. YES
- When user put in email id and password for Existing User, then user should
enter into the website and proper page should be opened as per the
workflows. (Need Word flow)
- (It would be nice to have a flow chart showing all the emails we send out in
our workflow. like Welcome Email or Validation Email, Forgot Password
email, Expiry email etc. etc. This will also help when we need to write
content for all emails.. will save time) (Need Word flow)
FR 2.4 Registration Fields

Field Name
First Name
Last Name




Email Id

FR 3.0 Subscribe to Newsletter

- Any visitor to website should be able to subscribe to the newsletter. YES
- If visitor is already registered on newsletter then proper message should come
up You are already subscribed to our newsletter. YES
- When a visitor subscribes to newsletter, email (thank you email) should be
sent to visitor subscribed email id. YES
- Email should have link to unsubscribe as well. YES
FR 3.1 Report extract

- Admin should be able to extract the list of subscribed users. Backend should
generate report/list of all users subscribed to newsletter. (TBD: include in
report - classes registered currently or in the past, date of subscription) YES
- Report should be exportable in excel, also in Mail Chimp, also in Newsletter
plug in. YES
FR 3.2 Newsletter to subscribers

- Admin should be able to send email to all / selected subscribers in one shot
from admin panel. (describe one shot - auto load all subscribers to the
email? template choices? unsubscribe email link also included?) YES

Integrate Mail Chimp into website for Newsletter Plug IN. YES

FR 4.0 Classes Page

In this project, client has agreed to have static page listing the classes. This
should help us to simplify the admin window and addition of the classes into
Moodle and WordPress.( All courses is there to show dynamic listing of all
classes , no moodle integration required in this theme it has its own LMS )
Some of the questions:

- What will be the process to add a new class/course? (Yes We can do that)
- If static page, then will coding be required? (What does the WPLMS template
ask for?)
- If dynamic page as GLEC, then how merchandise will be incorporated?
- Look and Feel of the page needs to be changed completely. How easy and
good it will be with static and dynamic page? Which solution is scalable and
easy to maintain?
- How will merchandise be added? How do we can sell with same workflows?
(Note that merchandise/store will have a separate page)
- Will shipping only method for merchandise work? (?)
- Can we lock the downloading of the vidoes?
- Can we lock the downloading of the PDFs?
- Facility of the packaging of the classes there could be pre retreat
videos/post retreat videos and then documentations.

FR 5.0 Merchandise
Users should be able to buy and order the merchandize as well from the
website. (Phase 2)
AN ONLY SHIPPING COURSE. (Not needed for this client)


Details page will have the information about the course.
- Content will be a mix of text and sample videos. ( Same as GLEC ) YES
- Email me this Info button should be activated. On click the email will be
send to registered user email id. YES coding required
- Register button click should take to the payment module.
- There is no pre-requisite page required ( Like GLEC )
- Content can have multiple sample videos as well. This feature is optional i.e.
some class can have videos and some might not. These videos will be
independent to each class. ie. class A will have videos X Y and Z. and Class

B will have videos U V and W. How do we maintain this in the backend?

- Details page will have an option of Terms and Conditions

FR 7.0 Payment Module

Payment module will have three options: YES
a) Payment By Cash (Not needed for this client) YES
b) Payment by Cheque (Not needed for this client) YES
c) Payment by Credit Card via Paypal YES
FR 7.1 Payment by Cash & Cheque

- User should be able to select the payment by cash or cheque option.

- On successful completion of the payment module, user should be able to see
the entry in My Classes page but deactivated. YES
- Once admin approves payment then only the user should have access to
videos enabled. YES
- Shipping and billing address should be accepted. YES
We need a detailed flow chart / table that shows [workflow event / Woocommerce status / My Classes page status / Enrolment
entry status / Emails being triggered. ]
FR 7.2 Payment by Credit Card via Paypal

- Shipping and Billing address should be accepted. YES

- Orders should be automatically processed and approved. (what does this
show up as in woocommerce?) YES
- IPN should be properly integrated. YES
- On successful completion of the payment module, user should be able to see
the entry in My Classes page but activated. (describe completion? what
action does admin take. the table can include this step) YES

FR 7.3 WooCommerce Orders Information

- Orders should have shipping and billing address. Admin should be able to
view all information. YES
- Information need to be exported into excel sheet. Like Order Id, Order Name
and Quantity, Shipping & billing address, username etc. (This could be
additional plug in with sql Suggestion). Clean up current back end of
Personal Details page. YES
- Search on the orders panel should work properly. I.e. if admin want to search
on user name or order id then search should work properly. YES from user
name only
FR 7.4 Discount and Coupons

- System should be able to generate coupons for discounts. Coupons should be

generated of multiple types. YES
- Coupons should be traceable and have all features possible like limiting the
numbers of usages for a particular coupon, one coupon one time, first 500
users etc. YES
- Coupons should be support for all payment types. YES

FR 8.0 Inventory
- Admin should be able to specify the inventory aka seats at course level.
- Inventory / Class selection will be done by user at the time of registration and
number of seats will be automatically reduced as and when registration for
particular course increases.
- Admin should have ability to manage seats [increase/decrease] from the back
- At any point admin should be able to export details of users along with
names, phone numbers enrolled in a particular class.
- On registration page, inventory selection will contain Month Year Dates
for selection. For e.g.:- December 2015, 15th-16th.
FR 8.1 Seat Reallocation

- Admin should be able to remove a user from a particular class and assign him
to some other class from inventory perspective. (Explain?)

- In case of reallocation, system should be able to manage the increment and

decrement of seats for class automatically.
- Reports should be able to export the names of the new clients at any point of
- Process should be as much automatic as possible.

FR 9.0 Expiration of course

- Every bought course will have a time limit as mentioned by Admin. YES
- Every course can have different time duration before it gets expired
automatically. YES
- Admin will mention time in months at each course level describing time
duration after which course should automatically expire from the day of
buying course. YES in days
- Whenever a course is expired, an email should be sent to the client and
admin. YES for student only
- An automatic email should be send to admin 5 days before course expiry for
any client. Admin then can send an email to client for re-enrollment.
- Expiry should not delete client account on website. Client should be able to
login in to website and when visit on My Classes page, his access to class
should be disabled. YES
- Client should see all course he has bought so far with current status (expired
or active). Not Sure About This
FR 9.1 Reports

- Admin should be able to extract a report for all clients with email id, first
name, last name, and course name, date of enrollment and date of expiry (if
possible). YES
- If above is not possible with date of expiry then Admin needs to be provided
with separate excel implementation. Admin will get data mentioned in above
step and excel will calculate the date of expiry for all clients automatically.

FR 10.0 Deactivate Register Button

- Register button on Details Class page can be deactivated for selected course
depending on the business requirements. YES coding required.
- Admin should be able to set parameter in back end at course level and get
button activated and deactivated.

FR 11.0 Moodle Some more features Features

Moodle Website is the back bone of the business model. Need awesome look
and feel with scalable features. Below are the list of features which will be
required for this implementation:FR 11.1 Look and Feel

- Look n Feel of the Moodle website and learning environment needs to be

enhancement majorly.very good
- Need a refreshing look as per the modern websites.
A lot of R&D has been already done on this. Need to try and test them out.
FR 11.2 Non downloadable / downloadable documents

- Students will have access to proprietary / non-proprietary documents.

- Students should be allowed to download non-proprietary documents while
he/she should not be able to download proprietary documents at course level.
FR 11.3 Videos

- Videos will be hosted on clients server. YES

- Videos should buffer and execute very fast on the student
mobile/laptop/tablet. YES
FR 11.4 Offline Mode

- Student should be able to execute videos in offline mode.



FR 11.5 Forums

Forums should be activated at each course level.

Students enrolled in course should be able to see the forum YES
Students will be add, modify and delete only own comments. YES
Admin should be able to all forums of all courses. YES
Admin should be able to add, amend and delete any comments of any users.
He should have a all access rights on the forums. YES
- Admin should be able to restrict particular students from the forums as well.
FR 11.6 Certifications NOT REQUIRED

Certifications at each course level should be generated automatically. YES

Condition for Certifications:
User has clicked/seen all videos available on course.
User has clicked/seen all documents
User has submitted Feedback/Course Evaluation Form
Total Time Spent on Videos = 80% of Summation of all Videos Duration.
FR 11.7 Feedback Form/ Evaluation Form

- Course Evaluation form for each course will be made available. YES auto
generated course evaluation is available.
- It will be combination of free text questions and multiple choice questions.
FR 11.8 Evaluation Form Response Extract (need to see this)

- Admin should be able to extract the feedback answers for each course.
- Report extract should be good to make any sense i.e. user name, answer for
each question and free text should be seen in the report.
- Date and Time when the response was submitted will be great.
FR 11.9 Access

- Student should be able to see only enrolled classes. No other class should be
accessible. YES
- Admin should be able to see all classes available in system. YES YES
- Teachers if introduced should be able to see all classes where they have
role as Teacher.


- Students should not have any access to modify content of courses. YES
- Teachers should be able to modify course where they have roles as teachers
- Admin should be able to modify all courses in system. YES
- Admin should have access to backend and all reporting mechanism in
system. YES
FR 11.10 Links in Moodle

- Any links on the Moodle like My Classes should take user to the main

FR 12.0 Existing Moodle Modification Review TECHNICAL

- Current implementation in terms of modifications done to Moodle needs to
be reviewed.
- System needs to be backward and forward compatible.
- Any changes to system need to be moved to either plugin or class path.

FR 13.0 Woo Commerce Reporting


Number of sales/course at week , monthly and yearly basis YES

Order details with course and client details. YES
Enrolled users details YES
Newsletter user details YES
Number of hits on website YES

FR 14.0 One Id One Device

- One Id should be accessible from one device at any point of time.
- If same id is used for accessing system via two different ids at same time
then earlier session should be expired.
- System should be able to save the ip address and date time along with user id
for such scenarios.



a client log into website?

FR 15.0 Moodle Reporting


Time spent by each student on course.

Length of videos watched
Course evaluation forms feedback
Active and Expired users enrolled in a course.

FR 16.0 Shipping Course

- If possible only shipping course will be used to sell the merchandise on
- Whenever status for Shipping Course/Merchandize is changed to Your items
has been shipped then automatically email should be send to Admin and
Client to inform about the same.
FR 16.1 Tracking of Shipping Material


MATERIAL? Going for UPS/Fed Ex integration will be complex and costly.
I assume business would be tracking them manually at the moment.
- On each order, a comment field needs to be introduced. This field will be
used for adding comments and save information like tracking number of
Courier Company of that particular order.

Document attached below contains the website workflows based on different
users actions. Please have a look



Mindfulness Flowcharts.pdf

Create the Email firing list for different events on website

Web Commerce status workflows