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RecommendationsSteel Industry has an important role to play in the

developmentOf any economy. The sectors sustained growth, therefore, is
one of theImportant prerequisites for attaining the level of GDP growth
envisaged in the11th Plan. The sectors growth during the 11th Plan,
however, is going to beLargely driven by market forces in a deregulated
economic environment.While the industrys future prospects may be
determined byMarket forces, the Government will continue to play a proactive roleEspecially in areas where the actual achievements fall short of
expectations.At the same time there is also a need to exploit the
industrys growth potentialFully. The on-going processes of global
relocation and world-wide restructuringhave clearly shown that the focus
of the industry will gradually shift to thoseCountries which have raw
materials, low cost labour and technical manpower,High potential of
technology absorption and a rapidly growing domesticMarket as well as
proximity to other growing markets. India has the potentialTo emerge as a
global player during the Eleventh Plan period, if the inherentAdvantages
like availability of quality iron ore, cheap labour, and technicalManpower
and growing domestic demand are leveraged properly. ItsCapability has
already been demonstrated in the last decade and a half whenIt improved
its position from the 11th place in 1991 to become the 7th largestProducer
of steel globally in 2005. As the 11th Plan period is going to beCrucial for
not only maintaining but also improving the overall momentum ofGrowth
in this sector and this for a conducive policy environment.Few factor to be
considered from my opinion to lead with abovementioned steel
manufacturing companies are follow:- 1. RELATED TO PRICING :- JSPL
should look after his pricing factor. It is seen that pricing is one of the
important key factor in field of marketing of product is manufactured. JSPL
should have benchmark with government pricing factor because most of
customers look for lower pricing during purchasing .This is the reason that
customers make enquiry about pricing first of all from all steel
manufacturing company, then they compare the price ,when they find that
2. 28. after seeing the quotation they discuss about other price to the sells
persons which is termed as negotiation .2. RELATED TO KEY CUSTOMERS:According the position in terms of productivity mentioned above JSPL
should increase his productivity capacity, which will help sells person to
keep on his promises with the customers .It is seen that when demand is
high nut productivity is low, his makes bad impact on the company. JSPL
should focus on the expansion plan.3. THE SEVEN C S SHOULD BE
FOLLOWED. I. Consistent Quality II. Committed Delivery III. Customized
Products IV. Competitive Prices V. Complaint Settlement VI. Contemporary
Products VII. Culture of Customer Services4. The company should maintain
good relationship with dealers.5. The company should provide some more
margins to dealers because if it happens then the dealers will be initiated
to sell more and motivated.6. There should be more promotional
awareness.7. There should be maintaining a gap between dealers in the
same region.8. While introducing product JSPL should use more innovative
marketing campaigns.