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Casupanan, Jason S.

Eugenio, Arvin
Jaramilla, Julian
Pery, Roy Christian

Sept. 3, 2016

Proposal #1: E-Loading Service with Accounting System

It is a mobile application that is used by a person who gives e-loading service to
those prepaid network subscribers like a vendor of a small store. In this application, it
provides a user-friendly interface that allows the user to e-load the subscribers mobile
number and account its sales in a single time. It will also allow the user to view his sales
history and print it. With its security features, the user can track those mobile numbers
who received their load and do not. Also, it will use a cloud storage to store its sales
Statement of the Problem:

Time-consuming; it needs time solely for e-loading, for recording transactions

and for accounting transactions.
Low security of keeping of records of e-loads; on risk to loss or inaccuracy.
Accuracy in accounting sales is on risk because of manual computing (use of

Proposal #2: Barangay Health Center Monitoring and Inventory System

Target participants: Doctors, nurses, patients
Introduction: Barangay health centers are operated by the government to provide
healthcare to the patients who dont have enough money to go to a hospital. Many
health centers in various barangays are opening today and starting on the very basic
form of keeping records which is paper-based transaction. In building the system, if
finished and implemented, can help the healthcare officials in keeping the patients
records easily through storing it in a database, and ensuring that those records will be
stored for a long time. This will also cover the officials records as well, because they are
being paid by the government to serve their patients and the health center should
monitor their employees to ensure their service as public officials.
Statement of the Problem:

They are using paper-based transactions that causes difficulties in records

They also cannot monitor the officials employee records, such as attendance,
salaries, etc.
Their available products are not tracked properly if they are available for use, or

Proposal #3: Fare matrix mobile application

Introduction: Commuters are so aware of the fares whenever they are commuting for
work and going home. Some of the operators and drivers often abuse the system by
overcharging the commuters for their extra income. This mobile application will inform
both the operators and the commuters about the fare that is implemented. This will
apply to PUVs such as jeepneys, UV Express vehicles, taxis, and buses.
Statement of the Problem:

Some of the operators and drivers often inflate the fare matrix from point A to
point B to gain additional income.
Some of the commuters still dont know the fare matrix on some locations.
The fare matrices in some UV Express vehicles and jeepneys are not posted.